Mite Infestation Cures: Q&A

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08/20/2012: J from An Old Hotel: Dear Ted... You are my last hope. I came in contact with skin mites (scabies) sometime in late June. I never pinpointed the source of my infection... I stayed at a very old hotel but also went on a shopping spree and tried on clothes. It could have happened in either setting. The problem was exacerbated by the misdiagnosis. By the time I had a proper diagnosis I was suffering from hundreds of bites. I tried pemethrin treatment (topical lotion) 4 times. I felt sick after the 3rd treatment and vowed to never coat my skin with this drug after the 4th application. The pemethrin seemed to halt further bites for 3 days, then the bites would start again with renewed vengeance. I was extremely careful with my laundry, never wearing any garment twice and washing clothes with ammonia and borax plus very hot water and lengthy drying spells. I became physically exhausted after doing this for about 45 days... I slept on a air mattress which I sprayed with insect killer every day. I sprayed my vehicle with bug killer. I sprayed my body with bleach water, windex, peroxide repetitively.

I was desperate. Finally in my exhaustion (by now I had lost $1000's of dollars due to lost work and broke a washer and expensive cleaning agents) I tried Ivermectin. It seemed to halt the scabies for a full 2 weeks. I took Ivermectin 3 times but now the scabies are back. I am nearly suicidal. I have tried every toxic and natural remedy..tea tree oil, peppermint oil, salt bath, bleach baths, windex baths. The worst problem was that the mites seemed to lodge on my scalp... Please, PLEASE help me. I am now taking the borax drink, on my second day. I am a 44 year old female and weigh approx 124 lbs and am 5'6". I believe that I am also struggling with yeast issues as I have been on Minocycline for about 6 years (an antibiotic treatment for severe arthritis) Do you have any advice Ted?

08/20/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are a couple of remedies that can help, but you may have trouble getting them. I will start with the easiest to acquire and go down the list:

1. 3% H2O2 is mixed in saturated borax solution, then dilute the mixture to 1% by adding to the original solution, which is one part 3% to 2 parts water. This will get you 1% H2O2 and the solution is applied on the head. Most scabies and Morgellon's make their living in the hair. That is the source of most of them. Apply as if it is a shampoo daily or wash the head and body daily.

2. EDTA (tetrasodium EDTA) is one tablespoon mixed in 500 cc of water. This can be used as a shampoo, however it can be used as a replacement for all bath soaps. The EDTA will sting on skin opening so rinse them not leaving too long. This may not exactly eliminate them, but it does help eliminate fungus--vital for small insects survival (I also suspect that it is possible Morgellon's so is seen as helpful).

3. Gamma Benzene Hexachloride 1%, mixed in appropriate base cream. There seems to be a worldwide epidemic for this unknown scabies or whatever, and this seems to do a fantastic job of eliminating them overnight (of course the treatment may call for one week). In fact this is THE Remedy I use in Bangkok for these unknown skin insects.

4. D-limonene (or orange oil or lemon oil) 5% ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol 95%, seems to make a great insecticide for the bed. Permethrin causes neurological damage, and they accumulate in the body somehow, causing a loss of appetite and seems to damage the neuroendocrine system. There is no known treatment officially, but I found that plain distilled vinegar taken orally seems to do a good job, for the most low level antidote for this.

There are many things I don't mention in postings because each individual has their unique biochemical situation. If there is anything that will help energy, then methylene blue 0.1% 4 to 8 drops in morning and 4 to 8 drops at lunch time, to help with toxicity, B50, and selenium 200 to 600 mcg per day to help with liver toxicity issues from permethrin poisoning that you may have.

To get rid of tiny microscopic insects in the environment (it maybe Morgellon's, from the your description) you may use EDTA solution (tetrasodium), 1% and borax 2% in a water spray to spray the premises. This may help the problem somewhat on Morgellon's, or Scabies in general. So I am just covering the bases here to cover most conditions. If we are dealing with larger insects, d-limonene (or orange oil or lemon oil) 1% will do the job.

Minocycline for about 6 years (an antibiotic treatment for severe arthritis) Do you have any advice Ted??

As far as severe arthritis, I think Doxycycline works better, but overall, all antibiotics with possible exception of erythromycin, cause side effects and produce neurological damage. I would rather do something really easy, first say DMSO 30 grams mixed with hyaluronic acid 0.25 grams, used as a dropper and applied to the joints first as a quick first aid for the joint. Longer term I prefer to used myristin, but if that is hard to obtain then maybe 1% castor oil in DMSO might do the job, but at less therapeutic value, but anyway taking MSM 1000 mg x 6 may do some good, but that will take a month.


10/02/2012: Guest from Cedar Falls, Ia replies: Gamma benzene hexachloride is Lindane. Read about it before you use it.
12/14/2013: Been There from Toronto Canada replies: Mites are a very real and growing problem. Here are some solutions that may help you. First use vinegar and water half and half to wash down all walls ceiling fixtures and baseboards. Make sure you do your furniture and that means removing clothes that you don't wear often and bagging them. You must wipe down the inside of dressers and cabinets as well as the outside. Next vacuum the entire house and pick up Walmart's flea and tick carpet dust and mix this with borax- it acts as an excellent miticide. Sprinkle and sweep this product over rugs (which should be removed and bagged if you can) and leave the product on the floor for two weeks. Vacuum and repeat again. You will need to do this for up to three months!!!! Mites, and it depends on which one you have, are notoriously difficult to kill without an exterminator.

For your body use dawn dish soap, yes you can shower with it and make sure you use a scrub brush and this means your hair brush should be placed into a container of salt and baking soda to ensure the mites won't be transmitted back to your head or be allowed to reproduce. It is important to switch products. Do not bath because it seems to be ineffective from my experience however not knowing the species do what you think is working for you. The next night use a coal tar shampoo like denorex then switch to 1 tspl of baking soda with 6 tablespoons of salt in a one litre container and remember to use that scrub brush also to clean it and let it dry out! If you are in agony after you scrub down rub your body with your hands with rubbing alcohol (do not get this in your eyes but I have used it on my head-works well) It will not be great when you do it but it will pull any mites off your skin, remember your hands are the best for rubbing your skin and getting these things to come loose. Many mites have hooks. Fungus and bacteria can be a result of some of the processes of mites so I use a fungicidal shampoo like nizorol in the mix. Also a product that is all natural called concrobium and has worked well for me. I used it half and half and rubbed it all over my body. I also used it full strength on my face with no ill effects. You must shower every day!!!!!! You can not wear your clothes more than once then unfortunately it must go into the laundry. Borax and hot water or Borax and cold but only if you can hang your clothes outside and in the full sun or freezing temperatures.

So sorry hope this helps.


04/15/2011: N. : Hi there, Ted. I really respect the knowledge that you share on theEarth Clinic website and have learned a lot from you. You're very patient, and thank God you repeat yourself. You're a great guy.

I have mites, I think. My 2 cats show NO signs of mange but scratch constantlyaround their head and ears and they do not have fleas orallergies. Not bedbugs, either. It's much worse atnight, but the days are not very good either. This has gone on for 5 months or more. They've been on Selamectin and Ivermectin for 2.5 months. No sitings or samples of mites. I've seen 2 entomologists, 5 pest control companies, and two animal vets.

I itch, too, especially when I touch the cats! But now, even when they are not around, I itch almost everywhere else too: in bed, sitting on couches, at the computer. I think they're in my clothes! And I've had several bites, mostly around my upper torso, back and arms. I also have patches of dandruff, dry skin where it itches, even when there are no visible bites. I can feel things walking on my face at night and around my nose. Yuk! I have to treat for mites!!

I'm trying to get information regarding amounts for the Borax/H2O2 solution if the CLOTHES WASHER HOLDS 20 GALLONS to fill it up. Do I add HUGE amounts of both ingredients? Do I need to soak the clothes for awhile first?

WHEN I ISOLATE AND DIP THE CATS:Will it kill them if they lick it a lot or should I put lamp shades over their heads while they dry off? Since they have no mange (yet), I'd like to fill a verylarge bucket with the remedy and just dip them (submergethem up to their necks) once a day in it. Can it be used more than once?(If it can, I'll make a huge batch of it to use for a fewdays.) I will spray my mattresses, furniture, floors, andcounters.Wash everything. Even the car now. Me too, of course.

Use the same measurements/ratio in the remedy as the big bucket for the cats?

NOTE: One website said that the life cycle of certainmites, Cheyletiella, is 21 days. Can I isolate the cats (with treatment), move somewhere else (withtreatment), and wait it out??? Will my house be okay in amonth or so? I'm too tired to care sometimes. No help. Running outof money and ideas. I've imposed a self-quarantine so I'm always home now.  If you have suggestions or wisdom, please let me know. I'd appreciate it greatly.

04/17/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You can use it more than once. But I may add 5 tablespoon per gallon of ammonia chloride so this will guarantee it to be stronger. Also H2O2 maybe weak with each application. so it is best to add a half of that. But I think you have to limit it to 3-4 applications as the solution get used up. Since you dont see mange try to use magnesium hydroxide 5% in water or milk of magnesia and apply for 3- 5 minutes and wash it may help.


N. responds, "Ted,

If it is Cheyletiella mites, will the H2O2/Borax treatment work? You have said that it does not work so well on the larger mites. Is this Cheyletiella a larger mite?

I'd hate to use it if it's the wrong treatment or an ineffective treatment. I plan on dipping my cats once or twice a week for 8 weeks, along with using it around the house and on myself. If I should, I'll use the lime-sulphur dip, but I want to use whatever is the best for this situation.

I've been taking 1/8 tsp per day too.

What do you think?

Thanks again."

Ted replies, "You just have to use more of borax and H2O2 to work with larger mites and also spray the premises. It maybe necessary to do it at least once a day dipping and spraying.

05/25/2011: Diamond from Salisbury, Ma.usa replies: Cheyletiella is called a walking dandruff.

I wrote several messages on my kittens progress, she was a great trooper weak in size and physical being, but mentally strong, I had to do these borax and peroxide treat. every other day for close to four months because she was so very infested & malnurished because the mites take all the nutrients from the animals, these mites are just like vampires. I then found the baby mites were not ready to die or leave these treatments no matter what I did, so I went to the drug store and bought some lotion for head lice;do not leave it on any longer than four minutes, if that does not completely work try it again later on in the week, but it worked that one time for my kitten thankfully. If you can give her rich cat food, I was giving her Paul Newmans can cat food, number one best food, she is so fat now when she goes to jump up she falls off, but she is only fat because she was fed ten to twelve times a day, being way too thin etc. Good luck


09/18/2007: A from South Lake Tahoe, CALIFORNIA: Reading some of your e-mails, i am trying to find out what really works to kill/control/repel ear mites. Since there are so many kind of these mites, does anyone know of zoonosis? Not only does the pet get them, but some people like myself (documented proof at UC Davis on file), how do you try to live a normal life with your pets? Anyone out there know the answer? I have tried all the above, or have heard of them, but chemicals are dangerous, so I'll pass on the vets opinion, use natural products, or stuff like mineral oil, Not nice to Lice shampoo, another thing that works is DermaTechRX also. That is my arsenal, any suggestions?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Zoonosis is a disease that can be passed from animals to humans happens very often in mites. The one that works well for for me on mites tested is the borax solution, or a more stronger borax dissolved solution in 1% hydrogen peroxide, using cotton swabs.

I will add enough borax until it no longer dissolves itself and use only the liquid portions. Other ones varies in effect such as neem oil, boric acid solution, for example.

Problems After Dining at Seaside Restaurant

09/06/2007: J from West Palm Beach, FL: i ate dinner on sat nite at a seaside restaurant, outdoors . the bugs got me . . good !!! got home monday and notice many many red spots all over my feet, calves, and now they're up and down my arms . the itching is driving me nuts . i've tried a peppermint oil foot rub that i had , ,and it helps only for 10 min or so . i have been taking acv and bkng soda for several wks now .. tonight i put acv directly on the red spots. . this afternoon, i tried putting h202 directly on them . . no affect at all .help . .a friend suggested that there might have been bedbugs in the hotel we stayed at . tho my husband hasnt' had an itching problem . . just tried licking some sea salt off m y hand , and drinking some acv and bkng soda water .. . no help so far. .PLEASE .. SOMEBODY !!! H E L P ....

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The remedy for mites infestation is a topical application of saturated borax in a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. Plus I would add 1/4 or 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a one liter of drinking water. Or if some people have difficulties, 2-4 tablespoons of borax in 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide solution. I would allow a couple of minutes for the solution to dissolve as I stir the solution and will apply to the area of the skin.

This is the only one remedy against that has worked for me well and it also worked well with the dog mange. Originally the dog mange remedy was actually a remedy I used for mites infestation in the past. There are other remedies that may work just the same, but this is the simplest one.

Help Needed to Remove Mites

08/22/2007: B : re: Skin mites (Demodex mites) on human skin. Need help desperately. Dear Ted, Is there any way / remedies to remove, preferrably KILL all these mites especially eggs on my skins? My scalp is fine - no problem there, but my skin all over my body is not (except my face which is consider no problem now). Normally it's the other way round where peeps got on both their scalp and face. The little sting and itch and crawl can be unbearable at times. I tired boric acid (we don't have Borax oevr here) bath with sulphur...just so-so. Pls help. Thanks in advance!!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The best way is to neutralize the boric acid with baking soda, until the pH paper indicates alkalinity of the color blue. Then this is mixed to a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution and applied to the skin area. The KEY IS THE hydrogen peroxide, which attacks the eggs to by blowing them up while the borax acts as a insect stomach poison.

Applying orange oil 30% in alcohol solutions can also kill the mites insect just as effectively. Both alcohol and orange oil are insecticidal anyway.

There are other ways to deal with this such a solution of tannic acid can practically denature all of the mites just as effectively. The solution is seen as 1 tablespoon of tannic acid in about 1 cup of water, would be diluted enough that it won't be too drying to the skin, but will kill the eggs as tannic acid attacks the protein of the eggs by transforming them to leather like substance much like the tanning leathers.

09/22/2011: Jan from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma replies: I just sent you a message concerning microscopic ticks on my scalp. I don't know if it went through. I need help to get rid of these things. I have check with 2 or 3 drs. And they don't see anything. But, they are deffinitely there. The itch for them is very bad. I have tried different things on my head, nothing gets rid of them, but my hair is falling out by the handfulls. I thing I got them from my little dog who slept with me, and picked us something black on her belly, I thought it was just dirt and brushed it off. I think it turned out to be ticks, because I have tried lice treamtment andthey don't even phase the itching. It's really a big serious problem. Please help immediately. Thanks.
12/20/2012: Ann from Umm, Mn. replies: Not that you have scabies, , , (microscopic ding ding)but these essential oils kills them, , essential lemon, orange and tea tree oil and lavender oil mixed together. 40 drops each of lemon, orange ande tea tree and at least 60 drops of lavender oil essential of course. Add 30 - 40 of essential lime oil and oooo! Um um um, , , after a shower, but its the citrus if you are wearing it do not go out into the sun, , , it WILL give you brown spots.

Tea tree oil, essential lavender oil and eucalyptus oil kills dust mites. I have read lemon oil does also but I dont think it is as effective s the above.

01/13/2013: Bill T from Jacksonville, Fl replies: Ted, my wife and I have been suffering with mites of some nature for the past 3 months. Cant see anything but can feel them crawling and have very small red bites, they are driving us nuts and now I am scared of MD now that I have read about it.

I read about your topical spray, ... is that straight Hydrogen Peroxide and borax mixed together? Then sprayed on your skin? Thats what I have done tonight, how often should I put that on?

Also, what is your internal recomendation? I have started drinking 1/4 teaspoon of Borax and Baking soda.

Please let me know what I can do. My wife, daughter and Parents all have this now. They came over for Christmas and they all have it now. Since they just started symptoms in the last week is there something they should do?

Thanks so much for your help.


Diaper Rash Cream, Borax

07/18/2007: Molly from Kenai, Alaska: Re: "folliculitis"/mite infection in scalp/skin--using borax solution with some success. About 6 months ago, 5 out of 7 members of our family came down with a couple of strange red bumps. They seemed like flea bites or something similar. I wondered what they were, treated the bumps with tea tree oil, and they all disappeared. ...Except, that is, for mine, which were on my back so went unnoticed for a couple weeks. Soon, my back was *covered* in these weird red bumps. They were like large zits, except that they never formed an actual head (and if you tried to "pop" them, you would only get blood). At first, I thought maybe we had a bed bug infection, as the bites did itch and were painful. Then, I wondered if it was MRSA.

I tried EVERYTHING I could possibly think of on my back (ACV, raw honey, tea tree oil, Thieves essential oils, sea salt and epsom salt baths, anti-fungal creams, even a round of antibiotics for MRSA! I mean, I tried all the natural remedies I know of (quite a few!), as well as an all raw diet for 4 weeks, a juice fast...I mean, you name it, I've tried it, including a parasite cleanse (from which was very effective in every other way, might I add).

I felt great from doing all the cleanses, but the bumps STILL were there. :( The bumps simply did NOT respond to all my remedies like a fungal, viral, or bacterial problem would...I mean, anything viral, fungal, or bacterial should have been LONG dead. I was absolutely STUMPED.

I finally discovered that medicinal strength Lavender Oil worked and so did Oil of Oregano, and so smothered my back with that and the bumps FINALLY (and very slowly) stopped coming and began healing up.

But...then, worst nightmare, they began sprouting in my scalp!!!!

What worked on my back wasn't possible for my scalp, because it is VERY difficult to "smother" a scalp in medicinal strength essential oil without going through an entire (expensive!) bottle of essential oil at a time! All the hair gets in the way and soaks up the oil, and so one $30 bottle of oil is gone in no time, and I don't have the ability to afford that kind of cure! I was at a real loss for what to do aside from shave my scalp (which I still might end up doing, if I can't find a cure any other way---though as a woman, this will be ONLY if I can't cure this any other way). The bumps began appearing on my face and neck too, making me want to freak out even more.

That was when I stumbled on an accidental cure... I was out of lavender and oil of oregano, having used them all up on my head, so on a whim, I put some diaper cream on the bumps around my chin (I have one child still in diapers, hence the diaper rash ointment) and after a few applications, the bumps WENT AWAY! This was amazing, because the only thing up to this point that worked was the lavender and oregano oil, BUT those took a couple weeks to do the job!

So I looked at the ingredients in the baby diaper creme and it had zinc oxide and boric acid in it.

Googling boric acid is actually what led me to this site, where I discovered a thing called MITES (which sounded just like what I had!) and how they are killed by using boric acid in the form of borax. Walla! A whole lot of unanswered questions about my strange problem started getting answered. So the first thing I want to say to you is THANK YOU. :)

My second question is this. I've been using the hydrogen peroxide and borax combo for a couple months now. I notice definite improvement, but I'm still dealing with the mites.

I also began using Ponds Cold Cream on my face, since that slowly suffocates the mites, as well as giving my face a borax/peroxide rinse once a week (only once a week since it is so drying). I haven't had a bump on my face since I started that, however I did start getting them inSIDE my nose! Talk about nuts! I guess the mites ran there for cover. I started putting the borax/peroxide solution in my nose, just rubbing it in with my finger, and am noticing improvement, though if I'm not diligent, I still get bumps there. In fact, the first time I realized they'd gone into my nose, I just put the diaper cream up my nose...and about 3 hours later, had the itchiest nostrils ever! I swear I could feel them running out of my nose, as I felt these itchy slow trickles following trails out of my nostrils and going various directions OUT of my nostrils. It was SO weird! I killed the "trails" quickly with an orange cleaner spray I have--I sprayed it onto my hand and rubbed it all around my nose, wiped it off about 5 minutes later and didn't experience any more itching or "trails" exiting.

As far as my head goes, my scalp is feeling really tender from the drying effects of the borax/peroxide, so that's a real bummer. I currently use the borax/peroxide solution 2-4 times a week. Specifically, I mix about 3 Tablespoons borax with 1/3 cup (3%) peroxide and 2/3 cup water. Using a large bowl as a basin, I soak my scalp thoroughly in this, and also run it down my neck, ears, nose, forehead and the top part of my back, just in case.

Half of the time, I'll sleep with the solution in, and half the time I'll rinse it out after an hour or two. When I sleep with the solution, I usually wake up with my scalp feeling like it's burning, hence why I don't sleep with it in all the time.

Since learning that orange oil also kills mites, I've tried using Orange TKO on my head, as per someone's recommend on a mange page on your site, but it doesn't seem to help nearly as much as the borax does...though maybe I'm not using it right.

ANYways, I have a hunch that we somehow got into some weird mites from somewhere... The rest of my family doesn't appear to be infected with them like I am, as the bumps never really came back on any of them. I seem to be the only one that the mites decided they liked. I was just wondering if it's safe to continue doing the borax soaks for this long? It's been 2, almost 3 months now, and I'm hoping that I'm not poisoning myself! I'm having to do the soaks so often that I'm afraid to take the Borax internally, too, worried that I may already be overdosing just from what my skin absorbs.

I was also wondering if you had any words of wisdom or have had any experiences with anyone dealing with a mite infestation like this...meaning, how long is "normal" to get rid of them???? I'm so jealous of the *dogs* who get mange---I mean, it sounds like their mange clears up fairly fast. :)

THANK YOU so much for all of your help. The medical community gave up after their anti-fungal and their antibiotics didn't work, and told me I must be allergic to something and to just learn to deal with it. Argh~~! I'm so thankful for people like you and those who write in, people who share your knowledge for the rest of us to benefit from. Keep up the good work!!!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Molly: First off there are many other people who have bumps like yours (all over their body but without the acne head) and when they apply lavender oil the mites run for cover by moving themselves to other areas. The mites are loosely called Morgellon's disease, but I prefer to call them mites or nanoinsects, due to its size being peculiarly smaller than a dog mange.

This is why if a mites were present that an aroma oils (lavender oil) set up a barrier to prevent them from spreading to the head (by applying lavender oil a ring around the neck), or if they reach the head, a barrier oil is drawn around the eyes (ring around the eyes), noses and ears, before they are applied to the TARGET area.

The mites infestation manifests themselves like lupus, rosacea, or lyme. They can take the form of a synthetic superbug (man-made) if there were fibers (

One interesting thing about these "unknown mites" is that if they stay on the skin, they are relatively easy to kill and will never come back again.

However, if they get into the bloodstream they manifest themselves into more serious condition of lupus, lyme or a relatively benign rosacea. So the fact that foundations are set up to deal with these problem separately, the conditions from my own trial and error were all related and all responded quite well to the borax remedy. I have as yet to wait from other places for their remedy and they don't seem to have any solution, but it is likely earthclinic will be the first to post them anyway!

Usually a borax is used both externally and internally as way of treatment. In some cases eating orange peels might help too.

Yes the borax and hydrogen peroxide is drying. The way to resolve this dilemma is to use to apply lotions after the application UNRINSED. Another possibility is to use MORE frequently (as much as you like) a simpler solution of just borax without rinsing by using hydrogen peroxide mixed to borax less frequently.

Neem oil would also do it but a lot less effectively as they are also insecticidal but an orange oil CAN be mixed with some borax in event the drying effect of hydrogen peroxide is causing the problem.

DMSO if mixed in low portions with a borax solution can be another substitute, but I prefer a fairly low concentration so that it doesn't cause stinging, such as always below 50%. I would have to try it myself to know the exact concentrations.

People have really different tolerances for DMSO (which are also penetrating) and I guess the exact concentration that has the least irritation and still have some effects is between 10% to 25% DMSO in a borax. I have no way for sure since the numbers I tried are too small. What I do know is my own arms, I can easily go 50% concentration since that area is less sensitive.

The reason why dogs are relatively easy to cure with their mites infestation are two reasons I can think of, firstly the mites species do not go deep into the bloodstream, the second reason is the size prevents them and only exists exclusively on the skin of the dogs.

The human forms of mites are much more smaller and can reside in the bloodstream if action was not taken soon enough to kill them, giving them a CHANCE to survive deep in the blood, which can result in pretty bad joint pains and terrible skin pus.

I was just wondering if it's safe to continue doing the borax soaks for this long?

Borax can be used externally just like soaps. Although I tend to think soap at least for me are actually more toxic for me as soaps have pseudoestrogens from all those perfumes they are using, and it just modifies my testosterone, which I don't like.

A borax is more ideal for me since it is unscented and have no dangerous pseudoestrogens. Some sodium lauryl sulfate contains traces of dioxin which I do not like and it is the borax that removes the body of excess fluoride due to popular water fluoridation and chlorination which seems to destroy all my plants by stunting its growth.

Many people worry of taking too much borax. Taking too much borax manifests itself by if they were taken too much, it will cause a diarrhea, being the most frequently cited problems. The other, which is less prevalent is sleepiness as borax may cause sleepiness, if of course you happen to be already sleepy, but has no effect or little effect if I was not sleepy. Although tit does have calming effect. The other thing is borax, if taken too much and I don't mean poisoning myself by taking a tablespoonful - can lead to some loss of appetite, which is great if I happened to want to loose some weight. Although the practice of taking baking soda and borax (a very small amount) does lead to weight loss as the borax seems to cause my body temperature and metabolism to go up, and hence weight loss and also chelates out fluorides which my body don't want after all.

One commonly cited borax toxicity is the issue of LD50, which means a dose that can kill half of the mice often expressed as mg/kg. For example a borax or boron is actually a essential mineral needed for bone metabolism, and boron are found in thyroid and parathyroid, which influences metabolism and remove fluoride from the pineal gland which tends to accumulate over the lifetime. Fluoride therefore accelerates the aging process while borax reduces the fluoride buildup, which is a common biomarkers for aging used by scientist. The LD50 of borax is about 2000 mg/kg and the LD50 of salt is about the same as borax. Therefore for a borax to have a LD50, a 100 kilogram man would have to take 2000 mg/kg x 100 = 200,000 mg or 200 grams of borax. So a small person, whose weight is 50 kg his LD50 toxic dose would be 100 grams of borax, or 1/10 of a kilogram!

In practice taking that kind of a huge dose is not possible except for accidental poisoning. In practice I would be more concerned about taking low dose for especially sensitive people or make minor errors in taking too much as opposed to taking it ridiculously too much.

So taking borax in that instances would lead to the problems of weight loss, diarrhea, loss of appetite (I like this one!), then the borax can be taken by me as long as I like. In fact I take them for weight loss and joint pains (cause is mycoplasma or mycobacterium).

I find the skin also gets less irritated as mites die if I take 1/4 (men's dose) or 1/8 (woman's dose) of borax mixed in 1 liter of water taken throughout the day. Depending on peoples's sensitivity I have noticed some can take it for a long as they like to some people who have low tolerances and can take it for no longer than 2-3 days out of a week. The only way to know anything is for me to just try it. I also take it for my joint pains. The key to all this is if the boron is maintained at a steady level in the blood long enough all mites eggs would die and it shouldn't take that long but it does take at least 1 month of continued use, assuming proper usage. However most of improvement is seen for about 2-3 weeks.

I believe that taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, once in the morning and once before bedtime to help with the mites infestation, and then an hour or thirty minutes after I take the baking soda I will likely take the borax drinking water.

It is necessary I think to take a bath in borax and wash all clothes and bedspread in a borax AND hydrogen peroxide solution. However for clothes and bedspread to prevent further REINFECTION is the key and it is why borax should be used as a cleaning solution in the house and the use of laundry. It is best to mixed the borax, in a detergent when doing laundry or cleaning floors if at all possible.

Most people who get mites get it from being outdoors, bungalows, and now the mites infestation seem to exists in hotels and motels. This is why borax should be used not just for household purposes but in business establishments such as hospitals and hotels, where people often get them due to being a public facilities.

Hopefully you do not need to get jealous of dogs' mange. They got different mites species altogether, too large to go into their bloodstream. It is us humans who get a more menacing species, the one that can exists in the bloodstream if they were not quickly treated and can manifest itself as Morgellon's, lyme, lupus, or even rosacea.

How to Use Borex to Cure Mites

07/18/2007: Chris : Hi Ted. I wanted to ask you a quick question, but first let me fill you in as to why I'm here.? I'm 27, and have been researching different types of cleansing since I was about 20 in hopes to clear up my skin... I've had severe acne since I was an early teen.? I was on Accutane 4 times... at first it worked, but it always ended up coming back, and the last time it barely worked at all.? I've done liver cleansing, bowels, parasite, zapping, fasting, colonics, hypnosis, totally changing my diet, adopting a great workout schedule... and it would seem after all this time I'm getting nowhere. People who know me think I'm the healthiest person alive, but if I were to ever take off my shirt and reveal all the acne on my chest, shoulders, and arms, they might think otherwise.?

Recently it has started spreading down my forearms, and this is just unacceptable. Now, very recently someone had suggested I may have skin mites, and pointed me in the direction of Earth Clinic, and mentioned trying some kind of Borax mixture to apply to kill them.? I've read through a bunch of?your posts and about the properties of Borax, and I'm a little curious... maybe it could work for me.? I was wondering, do you think it is something that is safe for someone in my position to try, and also I didn't see a specific "recipe" of how to water it down so it is safe to wash my skin (arms, chest, and face) with.? It is very posible I overlooked it, but I was wondering if you could tell me a tiny bit about what to do in order to try it out, and to know if it is actually working.? If this works, I would be SO happy.? Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Chris: If you are a healthy person, there is a way to check it (assuming you are the most healthy person on earth) and this is a good Checkup lists to find out what's causing the acne problems:

Urinary pH and Salivary pH is about 7.35 equilbrium All hair mineral analysis will reveal your minerals are ALL in an acceptable range. Hormone diagnosis remains at normal level

An acne can occur when the body is acidic, hair mineral analysis indicates something is entirely missing or in way excess of it and hormones are imbalanced, sometes due to calcium blockages from excess acidity. Organ-wise, liver remains blocked or too fatty to detoxify.

Boron is an essential mineral and it works by helping the body maintain the critical magnesium and calcium. Usually the body have great difficulty in minimizing calcium, and not enough magnesium. Boron also works by normalizing the hormones.

Mites, nanoinsect and man-made synthetic superbugs ( are virtually indestructible and in many cases are effectively dealt with using borax (a boron supplements always use this, often called sodium tetraborate and other similar synonyms).

A stubborn case of acne is often due to hormonal imbalances, which borax does and kills tiny parasites, which still needs to be "discovered" by scientists and you can wait until your next life to find that out what that is or you just trial and error without the wait.

As to borax, the toxicity of any substance is determined by the term LD50 which means 50% of rats get killed at x dose.

The LD50 for borax (which are now being quickly deleted over the internet when this news is out) is between 1500 mg/kg to 2000 mg/kg, oral rat, which is nearly equal to that of taking salt, where its LD50 is about 2000 mg/kg.

This means if an organism is extrapolated on the basis of weight, and weighs 10 kilogram, the value of toxic dose is 10 kg x 2000 mg/kg = 20,000 mg. (20 grams).

In practice, the dose of borax is NEVER anywhere near that, and the dose is about 1/8 teaspoon (in woman) and 1/4 teaspoon (in men) DILUTED in 1 liter of water, taken throughout the day, which is roughly equal to about only 50-100 mg taken only a couple of days out of a week.

In general the cause of acne, which need NOT be taken everyday are (a small checklist for you):

1. Zinc - antibiotic potential 2. Magnesium (needed by the body in many enzyme reactions) 3. Manganese (antioxidant) 4. Molybdenum (antioxidant) 5. Lecithin (rids of excess fats, and support liver function and detoxification)

If you want to know what you are missing out on that is causing the acne (most people seemed to have this pattern), it is blocked liver function, molybdenum, acidosis, and borax that was not figured into the equation.

I have a lifelong acne when I was in my 30s from aged 30 to 40 near my jaws which exhibits itself with constant acne and dark spots. I was apparently cured with baking soda, zinc, silica (from sodium silicate supplements) and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide 3% at around 0.1% to 0.25% (1/4 of 1%) helped so much in clearing my skin that I took for more than a year (I think it was two years!). Apparently I had liver toxicity from eating too much oily foods that becomes rancid and could not get rid of it. However, the likely supplements I would likely to use NOW appears to be zinc, molybdenum, lecithin, vitamin B complex, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, borax, magnesium, tungsten, vanadium and chromium.

Two common foods that cause me acne (scientist could argue until the cows come home on causes) are chocolates, fried foods, ice cream, ice cream sundaes, sweets, toxic unknown chemical, and zinc deficiency.

Most people who do have acne that I am aware of, have low zinc, low magnesium, non existent tungsten (which controls blood sugar), and low vitamin B complex. However, it is not possible to ascertain blocked liver function except a good observation and this is why I found hydrogen peroxide and lecithin to be helpful. Certain amino acids may increase cellular oxygen (killing the acnet) such as taurine. Whenever urinary sugar exceeds 2% (Brix refractometer over 2) is possible as excess SUGAR lowers the body's immune system.

It should be noted that lower zinc levels causes excess sebum production which can cause acne. But inability for the body to have good elimination can lead to auto toxicity, where a optimally healthy person should have 3 bowel movements a day, coinciding with the number of meals a day. Dogs do have bowel movement almost equal to the number of meals they have, we humans choose the food we like, which leads to constipation since the foods we like are acid forming, delicious foods such as potato chips, french fries, steaks, and other All American foods. The traditionally health food are actually fish, complex carbs (rice, spaghetti, whole wheat), and vegetables.

Sometimes excess free radical either in the body's rancid fats and oils (where the known remedy is lecithin, BHT -usually single dose, and vitamin E) or serum free radical (where vitamin C sodium ascorbate and baking soda alkalinity handles that).

A skin problem is a reflection of acidosis, inability to tolerate sugar from various causes, inability to tolerate fats from free radicals or due to oils being rapidly oxidized causing a clogging, or that the body's serum has too much debris circulating, usually rancid fats or calcium.

What I do know for sure is if the body can rid the body of toxic substance relatively quickly through normal bowel movements, alkalinity to help perspire or sweat more and help reduce some of them. The other is certain diets may initiate the acne due to impaired liver function.

Your condition is an unusual one, which might be an unknown bugs of some sort (throughout the body is an unusual case), and perhaps borax can help. However there is no need to worry about taking baths using borax to replace soaps and also adding saturated borax to a hydrogen peroxide 1% to be applied to the skin can deal directly with a mites problem as this can easily be done without the worry of toxicity.

03/07/2014: Cher from Ny replies: I have mites on my hair, scalp, and body. Someone please help- It has gotten out of hand

Black Flecks on Scalp


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Rose: Frequently if the fungus is dead, new hair will comeout. In some instances, iodine can also help you withthe scars as well as hair growth also.

Tea tree will not cure the demodex mites, but thebest remedies is 1% hydrogen peroxide with a saturatedborax solution will help for that condition. It shoulddone daily.

Tannic Acid

B : Dear Ted, Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I'll try it then let you know. Btw, where do I find pure Tannic acid for sale. I googled a bit..they (those chemical co) usually sell like in bulk form...aiiishh! God bless.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most chemical companies sells in bulk, true, but the prices are sometimes not as expensive. However, borax in general works best by if it is taken also internally only for a couple of days out of a week most of the mites goes away in about a week or two. The usual dose I take if I have that problem is 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water should help the most based on my experience and its result should be seen within about 2-3 days.
05/29/2011: Bergerac from Bath, England replies: regarding mites I had two large lumps come up in my scalp. And also developed acne like pustules on my face and in my hair eventually found lyeclear which I put on to any pustules that come up and they disapear within couple days I.E. permethrin. Still had the lumps in head which I had tried everything oni. E fungal steroids and insects related. am only now trying the borox for smaller insects. saying to try permethrin for the pustules which may not be acne but a manifestation of some sort of insect .
11/09/2014: Brian from Uk replies: Use permethrin poweder on your scalp.

Yes, some people say it's toxic but it isn't. See

After 10 minutes wash your scalp well using lots of shampoo. I did this for the first time 4 hours ago and for the firsts time in years my scalp is lump free. Incidentally, when I looked at the bottom of the sink after I let the water out I could see the dead critters.

Kind regards, Brian



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