Holistic Therapy: Lupus (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus): Q&A

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Can You Advise Me on Lupus and the Lesions I Have?

03/30/2012: Chantelle from West Hampstead, London: Hi Ted, My name is Chantelle and I was diagnosed with discoid lupus in 1999, I subsequently developed systemic features after 8-9 years. I have a large lesion on the left side of my nostril due to a failed skin graft in 1999 to rectify a small lesion. I was subsequently diagnosed with lupus although not until 2001. I have had the large lesion on my right temple since the age of 14 that was initially diagnosed as ringworm but never went away, but has expanded over the years, which looks pink with dry flaky skin in the shape of a circle. I have a lesion on my nose covering my left nostril which is dry and flaky with a craggy edge. I also have lesion in both ears and a lesion on my cheek and forehead. I have attached a picture to this email.

I have read many of your post with regards to treatments for lupus. I believe that I might have a leaky gut that has resulted in discoid lupus, although I do experience systemic symptoms such as tiredness, swelling of joints, ears, face, stomach aches etc. I have purchased Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide 3%, borax, chlorella, Bentonite Clay and would like to confirm the amounts and whether you suggest something else. I have been precribed vitamin D and am taking vitamin c in powdered form. I have been drinking Irish Moss with linseed for the last couple of weeks. Thank you very much and I appreciate you taking time to help. Bless you, Chantelle

04/13/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: After you do the bentonite clay to suck out the lupus, you have to apply urea 40% solution and 60% water, to help it heal, it also helps if urea is taken internally. The average dose is between 5 grams to 20 grams a day, but I think is doable at 10 to 11 grams, as 2 grams x 5 mixed with vitamin C and some baking soda mixed with it, This will help the healing. Lupus is a simple fungus, and this is one of the stronger treatments to kill this sort of fungus, and it works better than hydrogen peroxide and borax. The urea (it contains double bonds) has nitrogen and this is responsible for most of its antibiotic powers, Not to say that hydrogen peroxide 1% mixed with borax (1 teaspoon) on the skin is useless, but it may be more useful if urea is also added, There are many recipes for lupus, but this will do as a topical solution.

But for internal purposes urea and one capful of 3% Hydrogen peroxide, 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a large glass of water is the dose I will use internally. Some people who have loss of appetite, I suggest B50 taken until appetite increases. To help the skin heal mostly is the aloe vera oil, applied very lightly is enough after the bentonite, but coconut will help. To help healing two supplements will help, such as 1000 mg x 3 lysine and N Acetyl cysteine 250 mg x 2.



08/18/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Dear Ted,

Thank you for your posts on EarthClinic. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with mild SLE and have been helped.
A new Duke University research article sounds like some of the science behind some of your theories.. I am wondering if this validates some of your thoughts about RNA/DNA cell food/ borax and other protocols. And, if some of the more natural supplements that you suggest may replace the polymers that they are suggesting to rid the body of inflammation. I pasted in the press release from Duke below (for your ease) and have linked to the journal abstract of the article in the National Academy of Sciences (US).

I do not fully understand all the chemistry/biology that is being investigated.  I am hoping this may help you help others.  Thank you, and my God continue to bless your work! 

New Anti-Inflammatory Agents Silence Overactive Immune response
By Duke Medicine News and Communications

A new way to fight inflammation uses molecules called polymers to mop up the debris of damaged cells before the immune system becomes abnormally active, researchers at Duke University Medical Center report.

The discovery, published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, offers a promising new approach to treat inflammatory autoimmune disorders such as lupus and multiple sclerosis, which are marked by an overactive immune response.

"Depending on the disease, cells that are damaged drive or perpetuate the immune response," said Bruce A. Sullenger, PhD, director of the Duke Translational Research Institute and senior author of the study. "We have shown that we can inhibit that process."

Sullenger said the idea for the new approach stems from earlier findings by Duke scientists and others that dying and diseased cells spill nucleic acids -- the building blocks of life that include DNA and RNA -- that then circulate at high levels in the bloodstream.

While DNA and RNA inside the cell regulate important functions such as growth and division, outside of cells in the blood, these nucleic acids serve as powerful signals to the immune system that something is amiss.

Once activated, the immune system launches an attack to fight whatever caused the cell damage, whether an infection or toxic substance. Under normal circumstances, this inflammatory response eventually restores order.

In some cases, however, the inflammatory response becomes persistent and out of control, leading to tissue damage and causing symptoms such as fever and pain. Chronic inflammation has been implicated in lupus, multiple sclerosis, obesity, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and numerous other maladies.

The Duke scientists, working to interrupt this cycle, focused on a set of molecules called nucleic acid binding polymers that were designed to infiltrate the nucleic acid inside of cells and deactivate specific immune triggers.

"Then we had a 'eureka moment,'" Sullenger said. "Because the inflammatory nucleic acids are outside of cells, whereas DNA and RNA normally function inside cells, we realized that the polymers could bind to the external nucleic acids without disrupting intracellular functions of DNA and RNA."

It was a simple mop-up approach, and it worked as planned in experiments on mice. "We could use the polymers as molecular scavengers -- sponges to go around and soak up and neutralize those inflammatory nucleic acids so the immune system doesn't recognize them and go into the overdrive of inflammation," Sullenger said.

David S. Pisetsky, MD, PhD, a rheumatologist at Duke and co-author of the study, said the anti-inflammatory approach has numerous potential applications, not only for autoimmune disorders, but also for the acute tissue damage of severe bacterial and viral infections, shock, and injuries.

"One setting to test the effects of the polymers involves acute events such as injuries, where it may be easier to measure the presence of the nucleic acids in the blood and the effects of polymer binding," Pisetsky said, adding that the long-term safety of the new anti-inflammatory approach in humans remains unknown.

Sullenger said patents have been filed on the finding, and the team is pressing ahead to develop therapies. "At some level we've opened up this huge treasure chest of opportunities and now we have to figure out which way to go," he said.

In addition to Sullenger and Pisetsky, study co-authors include: Jaewoo Lee; Jang Wook Sohn; Ying Zhang; and Kam W. Leong.

The study was funded in part by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The researchers reported no conflicts of interest.

08/18/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes it validates some of my research. I used bentonite clay as a substitute for polymers and used the SLE in skin conditions. The bentonite clay is mixed with some water and is applied in the area, and fan dried. This is done three times, in one sitting to suck of whatever toxins in the skin. Normally the liver is on the right side, and it expels the toxins to the arms first, right side usually but sometimes the left side, in in other cases it goes to the forehead. These are photosensitive toxins and it reacts with the Sun, making it worse to those areas exposed to the sun. The bentonite clay has limitations internal use as it causes constipation, therefore less amounts are used, such as 1/8 teaspoon per cup of water should not have side effects. Now there is theory that you can mop up this also in the blood stream, but this can be done by not mopping with the polymers as per article but can be broken down to elemental amino acid where it does no harm, by using digestive enzymes, I used bromelain 10% 6500 GDU (Gelatin Digesting Units) orally three or four times a day. The other component is heavy metals can be chelated using tetra Sodium EDTA, or disodium EDTA also, but I always used a more conservative dose much less then commercially available EDTA, perhaps I used in water solutions, 20 drops twice a day. To wait for polymers should they become available, I believe will cost a lot of money, so my research is directed at using natural materials so people can do themselves, so obviously funding is a problem since no one wants to invest in something like this, there is no return, therefore I self finance, I am not rich. I cannot even afford a car, but it is to the public's benefit is fine enough. As to RNA and DNA being spilled, in the article, certain amino acid sequence are harmful, but if you have RNA from inactivated yeast, such as Brewer's yeast this will also lower the immune response in some people, but mostly it is the 1,3 beta glucan that seems to correct and get the proper immune response too. That is taken 1/4 teaspoon three or four times a day for 1,3 beta glucan, and maybe brewer's yeast for some people, as it does not work for everyone. There are in fact different kinds of SLE, but the borax/peroxide is most common treatment and the bentonite clay is another to remove the offending substance. Therefore, using milk thistle and babbler's bill leaf will detox the liver. The word detox has taken a meaning of its own in commercial world, to mean some herbs of any kind to detox by enema, but in my remedy it is a very specific kinds of detox we want to use, such as chelation, neutralization, digestion and removal of offending substances is the prime way I do detox, not like the detox in the internet world, it's been badly misused and practiced. The major organs will be usually the liver, but can also mean the spleen, or pancreas. But they may be fungus also, in SLE, being the most commonest and most have links to heavy metals, locating their homes near ships or have contacted metallic substances as their occupation, few in fact simply has arsenic poisoning in combination with SLE. And those with SLE must avoid polyunsaturated oils (Vegetable oils), sugar, steaks, hepatitis B vaccines are some of the worse offenders. There may be something to liver's ability to detox that has to do with SLE, but not your commercial detox, I'm referring to digestion (digestive enzymes), heavy metals (tetrasodium edta oral), removal (bentonite clay, granulated lecithin), neutralization (babbler's bill leaf, and milk thistle), and anything that obstruct liver functions (calcium deposits and nanobacteria), hormonal correction (borax) and oxidative destruction of offending material (Hydrogen peroxide), and others. But to keep things simple, since this is not a scientific journal (too restrictive and narrow), I make my remedies simple for anyone to self treatment.


Ted Helps with Lupus

08/11/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hello Ted,

Id first like to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge on lupus. I myself dont have lupus but my girlfriend does, what im trying to do is help her in anyway that i can to battle her lupus. Not only is it her battle its mines as well. Let me start by giving a brief background of her condition. She had hyperthyroidism and has lupus. She was cured of her hyperthyroidism when she went to another country to seek a homeopathic. But unfortunately she doesn't have that kind of to stay there and combat her lupus as well. Initially she went there for both illnesses, In the period of about 2 months the homeopathic doctor managed to rid her of hyperthyroidism but needed more time for lupus. Her stay was cut short do to funds. That is why i am seeking out your help. I know you probably get thousands of emails daily and i hope you reach out and give me some hope along with some knowledge. I read about your borax, baking soda, and vitamin regimen. Is everything taken together or is it step by step (ie. one month borax, one month baking soda)? Is this a permanent thing she would need to keep up with or would in time she would be able to stop the regimen and live a normal life and go outside and etc. I would like to thank you for taking time out to help someone in need. God bless you!

thank you

08/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Well, the homeopathic doctor has a good patient, my clients only stay an hour for enough for instructions as part of their trip, mine is not one on their agenda. The longest time is 2 hours here. So there is not enough time on my side, but some improvement would be seen in 3 days.

Is everything taken together or is it step by step (ie. one month borax, one month baking soda)?

A hydrogen peroxide one 3% one capful in one liter of water and 1/8 teaspoon of borax taken throughout the day. It can be done on alternate day or "on" 5 days and "off " 2 days. It usually start slow and do alternate days, and after a week I will be "on" 5 days and "off" two days.

The baking soda is generally after meals 30 minutes 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.

Beta Glucan, gum arabic, brewer's yeast and oat bran can be a good substitute for RNA/DNA tablets, because they are cheaper and greater quantities can be consumed. Say oat bran, you can eat them 3 meals a day if you want. Brewer's yeast 500 mg x 4 is fine too.

A person with hyperthyroid I seen in thyroid removal and detect the presence of a fungus that is what causes the hyperthyroid. This is seen in horses, sheep, etc. but they put them to sleep and refused to study further, but the answer is their. Lupus is related to fungus and it grows inside the cells making them invulnerable to antibiotic attack, making it seem autoimmune condition. It's not your white blood cells attacking healthy cells, it is already unhealthy, that's why they are attacking it. If immune suppression therapies is used, you are actually allowing the fungus to grow, by blocking white blood cells defense system. The idea is simple: kill the fungus by making their environment unfavorable to them, such as copper supplements, borax, chromium, and B3 niacinamide are some of the anti fungal treatment at the same time it also cured the hyperthyroidism. She must have in the past eaten something very bad (usually) a fungus mold, then that caused hyperthyroid and then lupus, usually.

Is this a permanent thing she would need to keep up with or would in time she would be able to stop the regimen and live a normal life and go outside and etc.

Well, it need not be, but people in general are happy with the improvements and seek do not really seek to cure it. Those who do, are one in 200, and it was to improve their sex life! LOL.


10/19/2011: Anon from Anon replies: Ted, Thank you for providing those of us suffering from lupus with such valuable information. After reviewing most of the comments, I have not been able to find out any infomation on how long your remedies, I.E. Borax, baking sode, etc. Should be taken. After blood work shows no more Lupus markers?? Thank you for your response.

Lupus Diet Helps

08/02/2011: anon from anon: im writing you because my wife has been diagnosed with sle (systemic lupus erythematosus) for 2 years now. from the first day on she refused to take medicine like prednisone and paquenil and so on. we do not believe that the human body fights its one cells and kills its on cells. when you are diagnosed with sle in the netherlands you are stucked up with all kind of heavy medicines that are(we believe),very harmful to your system. her symptoms are: swelling of the cheek,swelling of the eye,extreme fatique,muscle pain, stifness,urticaria on her whole body,itching,swelling of her knies,stomach pain,ear pain and so on!

these symptoms are really thru,her symptoms ,and almost every day she has the urticaria, the muscle pain and stiffnes.

for 2 years im telling her to try an extreme diet but she refused.(when you already feeling terrible you dont want to throw away your precious food). finally she wanted to give it a try!

she started simple: in the evening only rice (a lot to ensure she wasnt hungry). the next morning she noticed that the urticaria was 20 %less. the next day she ate the usual breakfast (non diet) and started eating rice from 1500 till 2000. the next morning her urticaria was 50% of the first day and she begun her breakfast with only bananas(1 kg) and from 1200 till 2000 she ate rice,banana rice and so on. the next morning her urticaria was almost gone and she noticed that here stifness and muscle pain was becomming less!!!!.. she now was able to verify almost directly what foods triggerd her and what foods were good for her condition,because she was in an optimale condition and she was now aware that it might have something to do with food. so she started testing and testing and testing and was becoming more and more able to judge the food she ate. it works like this:eat much of one product ..wait for about 3 hours and sense if there is an reaction like tiredness,itching swelling or urticaria and so on. if there is a negative reaction...turn back to your safe food and start over again in a day or two and test something else. it took about 40 days to get a small lists of good-food and bad-food(and it took a lot of pain and stress) when you use this method there is no margin for error or playing around because testing more foods in one day will set you back for about a week if the foods are negative for you!

my wife is now lupus (symptoms!!) free for more than 70 days and that has never happened befor(never.

my question for you mr ted: we cannot tell this to her doctor because he simply will not accept this event and if he finds out that she never takes his presciption drugs, she wont get tested every 30 days (blood tests). hence lupus is a very dangerous ilness,we are very happy that the doctor takes blood every 30 days. ted... we cannot find a correlation in the good-foods and the bad-foods!! to us it makes no sense.so i will give you the lists of foods that are good and bad.

good foods: mango, banana, pitahaya, strawberry, papaya lemon, ginger, watermelon, pomegranate, eggs, kokosbutter, water(tap), salmon, pangafilet, tongefilet, rice, macaroni(brown), herring fish, courgette, pumpkin, capsicum(green), potato, sweet poato, onions, garlic, aperges, chicory, endive, pepper, salt.

bad foods: cherry, grapes, bananas, kiwi, apricot, figs, orange, all chease, milk, yoghurt, all butters, oils, all bread, mackerel (fish), broccoli, amiss, carrots, rucola, beetroot, tomato, soldiery, champignons, green beens, no meat!!!!! nothing

mr ted:....can you find a correlation or something else not noticed??? why does she react to this foods??? as you can see her diet is very limited but it works perfect and she is still testing every two weeks. when she starts eating the bad foods:100% relapse.....when she commits herself to the good foods...100% no symptoms!! i am not saying that this is the menu for everyone.....no....im only saying that this is the menu that works for her. as you understand this menu is not her cure but it will strengthen her ,and therefore giving her body the strength to fight the lupus we think?????( we assume that when she experiences no reuma or urticaria, here bodys got more energy to fight the real cause??!!

she takes supplements; dhea, vitamine c, calcium, zink, vitamine b, magnesium, sometimes iodine, omega 3, seleen, amino acid complex, vitamine d, multi vitamine. chlorella, and so one. at this time she only takes: vitamine c, calc, zink, manganese, seleen, omega and multi vitamine. she also takes the borax and the soda. soda:30 days on 30 days off borax: 1 day in seven days.

whats you opinion??? she want to fight of the disease. can you please give us supplementary advice??

08/03/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The urticaria is commonly caused by food allergies, notably, meats (overcooked), prawns, nuts, wheat, soy, mycobacterium (which has many species and different people respond to it differently) and other (h. pyloria, streptococcus. An urticaria and go into full fledge SLE, and maybe reduced to urticaria, but in your case it is urticaria being cured and then SLE. The people I see in Bangkok one case has a cold urticaria, and that is eliminated with lysine and threonine, and maybe some andrographis paniculata, which allows immune system to see the invading organism. The process is basically this, there is an invading organism, the cells get inflammed and sends the signals to the cells, say white blood cells to see it. Will what really happens is the cells do get inflammed, but the immune system cannot hear it. The invading organism disables the immune system to respond. It is similar to the Americans disables Scud missiles by damaging the control centers. My approach long been to destroy enough of the invading virus, so they don't have a chance to disables the immune system, is but one way, that's the lysine kills virus by making them grow slowly thus affecting and disabling the system and threonine, which is basically an infrastructure to build the immune system. It's a simple concept. But you can also find things that they are disabling them and protect that. Its the same with urticaria and SLE.

The other concepts is urticaria can be mistaken for itchness caused by fungus, usually mycobacterium. This is a very important concept especially you mentioned the word bananas, it has a lot to do with mycobacterium as to the cause of SLE and urticaria. As I always mentioned, I don't have many cases of SLE, maybe once every 5 years, and skin issues itchness once every 10 years, so I don't have many clients to go on, but those that do are cured. Banana and especially the banana peels, is a powerful anti mycobacterium. And it relieves the itchness. If mycobacterium thesis is correct, it should respond to three remedies:

  1. Banana peels or banana oils. I don't know which ones, so you have to try both.
  2. Mycobacterium antiseptic solutions. It is Propanol 20%, sodium dodecyl sulfate 0.2%, 0.3% Sodium Hydroxide. It comes from the article "Fast, broad-range disinfection of bacteria, fungi, viruses and prions" in Journal of General Virology. And the reason I found it, I was experimenting with propanol as a more toxic alcohol then ethanol alcohol, with the use of potassium hydroxide, since potassium hydroxide is more toxic then sodium hydroxide, and sodium lauryl sulfate (same as sodium dodecyl sulfate). This solution can be applied on skin and do work briefly killing it.
  3. Gallium nitrate (I used a low dose 125 mg per 1.25 liter of water) as an antiseptic cleaner of mycobacterium, I can always add 70% DMSO and applied on the skin if it is deep, but for general a 5% DMSO solution will be ok for most.
  4. Gallium Nitrate very weak solution (125 mg per 1.25 liters) Kills both nanobacteria and mycobacterium.

Since I viewed itchness as caused by mycobacterium, then this interferes with their iron metabolism. They like 3 things, oils, calcium, and iron. That is one you will avoid.

If I used as drinking, to kill mycobacterium (and I don't suggest you do it - legal disclaimer) then it the concentration is halved, so I add 1 volume of the gallium nitrate with 1 volume of water, to kill mycobacterium as a drink for ulcerative colitis, Crohn.s caused by mycobacterium avium.

It somehow is tied (to certain) people with skin problems such as rosacea, acne, and urticaria the same. The same situations apply when immune disorders sets in, and you have acne and take isoretinoin (Accutane), which suppresses the sebaceous glands from existing, when that is done, the body have difficulty eliminating toxins (because) you no longer have sebaceous glands to eliminating them and then you acquire Lupus for a lifetime.

But it does more then that, it also causes not only causes lack of sebaceous glands it also causes less intestinal villi, a term they called intestinal villus atrophy. So you have difficulty eliminating BOTH ways the toxins, when you got that you are NOW vulnerable to getting ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and if not you get Lupus

It also happens that you can be genetically vulnerable if you have both less sebaceous glands and less intestinal villi but that rarely happens, it is always environmental, heavy metals, vaccinations, and isoretinoin.

The intestinal villi actually serves two functions, it helps intestinal absorption of food and it helps intestinal detoxification of waste product. And it required a lot of surface area for that, the surface area is equal to a football field, if you halved that, by surgery or isoretinoin, then you are flirting with disaster.

Not that the inventors of isoretinoin didn't know about this, they well knew it, but is part of on going expenses (lawsuits) since sales exceed by expenses. You can easily make a very effective acne medication if you know one simple fact, acne is caused by toxins.

You can eliminate it by lack of sebaceous glands (causing other problems) or you can make sebaceous glands more efficient in eliminating the toxins by lipase and digestive enzymes and the same to not cause constipation in your intestines. The first way you get auto toxic, the second way you get to detox. The "oil plug" in the sebaceous glands is accumulated fat consumption mostly from polyunsaturated fatty acid found in margarine and vegetable oils. They get rancid rapidly, in fact they get rancid before it hits the supermarket shelves, so the manufacturers use a fragrance mix into these product to neutralize the smell to nothing. Yes you can actually do this, that makes for marketability of rancid oils profitable.

Now for your food allergies that you find good, and bad. Since I don't understand some of the list, because of the English or misspelled I will skip them:

Good: Bananas, Mango, strawberry, papaya, lemon, ginger, watermelon, pomegranate, eggs, cocoa butter, herring fish, salmon, rice, macaroni (brown), capsicum green, sweet potatoes, pepper, salt.

Bad Foods: Cherry, grapes, kiwi, apricot, orange, all cheese, milk, butters, oils, all bread, mackerel, broccoli, beetroot, tomato, green beans, champignons(mushroom) and meat.

So you want to know why that is is simple, the bad foods like bread, milk, butter, oil, bread, and meat are infected with MYCOBACTERIUM. The food you list on bad foods do not have it's own immunity against that. In fact 60% to 70% of the foods such as dairy product and meats are infected with mycobacterium, because the health department throughout the world do not check for this. The present sanitary practices in the industry does not have a means of eliminating mycobacterium. Not that it doesn't exist, it does, but it requires a change the ones I found gallium nitrate, copper chloride, mycobacterium antiseptic solutions are non standards in the industry., and they are not going the change anytime soon.

The good food, especially banana, mangoes, pomegranate, cocoa butter, pepper, and salt are anti mycobacterium, and remember we don't sanitize them.  As for the others such as tomatoes, mushrooms, broccoli and green beans block different things that have to do with your immune system. For example mushroom have pectin bound aspartame (aspartic) which is an excitotoxins. Broccoli, but also the cabbage family such as lettuce blocks the thyroid functions and immune systems play an important role in lupus and urticaria. Mushrooms in general (there are exceptions), are fungus, and fungus is part of the reason for lupus because they are "myco" fungus, they are symbiotic relationship between one and another. There are others I haven't covered by they have to do with very long chains oils that mycobacterium just suppressed their growth, such as cetyl myristoleate, but also other long chains oils that mycobacterium cannot take advantage of.

The reason why I know some of this is I seen a mycobacterium  properties in some of the food product and you happen to hit on the right ones, bananas, but especially the banana peels, this is one of the stronger ones. Rice has some, but is very weak, mangoes has it too. But gallium nitrate in very dilute solutions or mycobacterium antiseptic and be used as solutions to kill these things also in preparing for foods, since the industry isn't going to kill mycobacterium anytime soon, especially dairy and beef, it has the most infected mycobacterium I can find.

There is one extra information, about a month ago (end of June) a woman was making a brief stop over to see me on her way to airport as she was going back to U.S. The woman had lupus, and saw a bruise like condition on her arms. Upon seeing that, I gave her bentonite clay to be mixed with water, and put on her whole body but specifically the arm. It was to be fan dried, to remove the toxins out, and done three times in one sitting, and repeat again overnight. She did it for three days and most had gone in. Luckily that lupus condition is a weak one, if it manifested as a necrosis, I consider to be really bad, mostly from naphtha intake, but cadmium and arsenic notwithstanding. There was one case I recently corresponded yesterday (August 2) that had necrosis of the hands from Pregnan paste (mostly sodium hydroxide and some solvent naphtha) and stopped most of the necrosis with bentonite clay. Same routine, wet bentonite clay, fan dried, do it three times. It works the same. But she had a lingering under the skin that bentonite clay didn't work so well that was because naphtha was underneath her skin, so I suggested to her to do a whole body bentonite clay. To get rid of the rest, it may reduce further, but I didn't suggested DMSO 1% to 5% and water 99% to 95% in bentonite clay at the moment as it will work better true, but it is best to do whole body bentonite clay first, before doing that one. The idea was not a new one, about 10 years ago, I have a friend of mine who had severe side effects from drug she took for her cold, her faced heavily ballooned (really bad) and I knew that the body has difficulty getting rid of the substance she almost died the hospital didn't accept her, left to die, but she responded wonderfully with this and 3 days she's back to work, I suggested whole body bentonite detox, and this is the same remedy I for those with accutane too, (because it causes) the lack of sebaceous glands and intestinal villi. As for bentonite clay from the inside, I don't do but I will first do it externally first. Some people might think naphtha solvent is minor, but if is below the third layer of epidermis, this is why it can cause necrosis. One man (in scientific literature) was trying to commit suicide with this naphtha solvent by injection and the standard solution for that is debridement, which is large removal of your skin and tissues! Easy solution, but it could have been done easily with bentonite clay and deep skin bentonite detox.



08/06/2011: anon from anon replies: "thanks for your reply... I find your explanations and suggestions always very interesting and it will take me a bit of time to absorb your information. im not a doctor, but im always looking for the needle in the haystack to insure whatever she tries in fighting lupus ..it must be something logical. therefore, for me, to understand and absorb your writing ,takes a wile!! what im tying to say is that your information is super!

yesterday we got new blood samples and this is what i would like to show you ...i will only show you the values that are not ok.

hemoglobine=7, 0mmol/l hematocriet=0,35 l/l sedimentation= 86mm/h(was 130 ..30days ago) crp=11mg/l (was 21...30days ago) ds-dna kwan=35 ds-dna=pos as-ssa(ro)=pos as-ssa(la)=weak positive (ch50 titer= 22%!! c3=0,28g/l!! c4= 110mg/l!!! i think this is much to low)

question 1: what is your opinion about these results?

question 2: hence i have read your website completly... im confuced what to follow regarding here lupus... h2o2 borax... soda... mannose ..artisemisa and so on.. borax: time period? h202time period ? soda: time period?"


08/10/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "QUESTION 1:WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT THESE RESULTS .

Hemoglobin is low if you use hydrogen peroxide as hemoglobin is stimulated by lack of oxygen or anaerobic conditions so we use less hydrogen peroxide. But we can use more of the other things. To increase blood cells we take more chlorophyll, much more. If done this successfully, and get to normal levels, we can increase of H2O2, days. So you need days off from H2O2. Histidine, carnitine, ferrous gluconate (only this not other forms), chlorophyll, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, vitamin E, are known to increase red blood cells, as well as herbs such as milk thistle, green tea and beetroot. Use reference range to determine if low, I think it is.

The other figures generally shows some improvement. Take some natural vitamin E, vitamin C, and chlorophyll is needed based on figures. I think some histidine will help, but generally that increases appetite, so if someone has loss of appetite histidine helps.


Baking Soda indefinite period. I take it since 1968, on and off. So this is one thing I take as long as I live, it help my condition. H2O2 period? No time period, but I take it for say 4 or 5 days on, and 2-3 days off, if the lupus is more, I may take 7 days out of a week if necessary. Borax time period, depending on the dosages if 1/8 teaspoon I could take it almost everyday if 1/4 teaspoon I might take 5 days out of a week. It all depends if what I am doing helped my condition. If I don't have the condition I probably won't take it, but only for health reason maybe 2 days a week is fine. If I get negative reaction, then I might discontinue.

There are others such as artemisia, mannose these are natural supplements and I will definitely take them always so long as it is positive.


07/29/2012: Anon replies: Ted, I have contacted you about 1 year ago, and my wife has taken the borax, and the alkalizing formulas plus supplements as you suggested.(THANKS THANKS). She takes the borax 5 days on and 2 days off, for a period of 2 months, and then stops for 1 month. She repeats this the whole year. She has not taken any kind of steroids like prednisolione,and she is not taking plaquenil or other medication. Her energy level is good and she does not have many extreme flare-ups. Her diet is very limited, because her Lupus symptoms are gone when she sticks to bananas ,papayas, pitahays, potatos, kasave, white rice, coconut-oil, and a few vegetables. She has not had an extreme flare like, a big cheek or inflamed joints, or inflamed organs like the kidneys... since she controlled that by diet. The flares she experiences are ...mild... like she has been exposed to the leaves of the Urtica plant. These flares come whenever she tries to eat something not in her diet and when is exposed to full sun (on the beach). So, until now we have ...managed.. her Lupus by diet and your formulas, and therefore gained much more energy and less symptoms. My questions: We want to try the Gallium nitrate (ORAL) and i have bought 1 gram of Galiumnitrate (99,5%). 1: How must we dilute the Gallium nitrate exact? (im afraid)
2:  we want to try... Lactofeinne... to further kil bacteria... what are your suggestion? At this moment she is managing her symptoms, but we are looking for further improvement, and thus killing this horrible disease. Anon"

08/01/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "1:  How must we dilute the Gallium nitrate exact? (im afraid)

Easy you start with the lowest possible dosage and increase from there. For example gallium nitrate 0.01% is best starting dose to try in a liter of water, and maybe go to maximum of 1%. The key I think is to add some sodium bicarbonate to reduce some sourness, and prevent the acidity in the gallium nitrate.

2:  we want to try....Lactoferrin...to further kill bacteria.....what are your suggestion?

It is contained to some extent in whey protein concentrate, or you can try lactoferrin, but much of the lupus issue is a fungus/mold issue, these have limitations. If there is any skin condition that appears like a bruise, that is the fungus invading inside the cells, it may be removed by using bentonite clay paste applied on the skin and fan dried, and rinse and you may repeat the process.

Sodium molybdate may be taken in pinches (1/16 teaspoon) to help further, I found that most lupus cases do not respond to any chlorides well, except sea salt. Magnesium citrate and potassium citrate may help kill the fungus further, but especially the potassium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium bicarbonate is  possible also.

As you are aware by now, fried foods, and all trans fatty acids (vegetable oil use) are to be strictly forbidden. And you are aware that chlorinated and fluoridated toothpaste and water need to be avoided like the plague. It makes the condition so much worse.

As usual I don't have so much lupus clients in Bangkok (1 or 2 a year) and most are going back home and visit me only briefly (1 hour) so my time is limited to test all the remedies. What I do find out is tetra sodium EDTA may help, but not calcium of any kind. The body really has no defense mechanisms against fungus infection that's why antibiotics are so effective against bacterial infection, but it leads to other problem, such as Lupus, arthritis, rheumatoid, etc. What we can find is to make a body terrain in which fungi are not be able to survive but find those elements required by human diets to be necessary, such as molybdenum, copper, chromium, maybe manganese, for example. Obviously sugar is one thing (as well as all sweets and especially artificial sweeteners) to be avoided.

You have to understand that all endocrine organs (adrenal, pineal, parathyroid, thyroid, etc.) are very vulnerable to fungus and molds and semi functional, and that's why you get weakness. You can activate some of this mostly using borax, but also iodine in particular forms, but not chlorides, and especially you don't want MMS (miracle mineral supplement - sodium chlorite), that makes it worse, as they are a form of chlorides too. And good supplements such as 2 hour after meals or before sleep of baking soda helps a lot. Check your urine pH. Ideally it is between 6.8 to 7.2, but if it is below that or above that, you need the same baking soda to keep it in a narrow range.

Your only immune system requires the minerals you are taking, so I am doubtful lactoferrin will help. If you want another suitable one you have better chances getting digestive enzymes that specifically digest them, such as cellulase, etc. But the problem with this is they are expensive. The cheapest is fungicide using natural materials, such as azoxystrobin, but I have to test this, and I think knowing polymorphisms, the fungicide is briefly effective only for a week or two, something such as essential oils is easily something that can be used also, such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc. Again that remains to be tested.


Lupus Flare-up Question

04/26/2011: Anon : Hello Ted,

I have read your posts on lupus treatment and thanks much for them!

I have probably a flare-up now - inflammed bowels (trying to keep a GF diet now, but still), liver/gall-bladder, lymph-nodes around testicles and maybe kidneys (those are the areas, that hurt) - I know you are very busy, but please, could you write me just a short list of most important things to do/supplement now according to your current knowledge (many of Your posts are from 2006, so I don't know what is up to date)?

Hopefully you will be able to respond soon, before the inflammation gets worse... thank you very much! If there's some PayPal donation possibility for you, I would definitely like to do that.

Thanks again,


I have one more question, which isn't so urgent, but I'd like to know your opinion sometime - recent growth of the paleo-nutrition theory and regime confuses me a bit, because they base a lot of the food on (fatty) red meat. Is it true, that it worsens lupus, or do you think this kind of diet is suitable for lupus? (For example blogs at donmatesz.blogspot.com, archevore.com, or high-fat-nutrition.blogspot.com). (Also I was recommended psyllium etc. for a colon cleanse, NONI for supplementation etc. for the initial detox, if it's of any use?)

05/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The update version is as follows:

Borax and hydrogen peroxide is the same as per postings in 2006. As for the other ones:

Beta glucan.   1/8 teaspoon 4 times a day
 Lysine  1/2 teaspoon four times a day.

So certain kinds of lupus may come from environment. So this is to address that:

bentonite clay with water to a consistency of a thin paste. This is applied to face, arms, legs and perhaps torso. It applied and fan dried and wash. Then it is applied again, dried and wash and applied and dried again. So it is done three times. I prefer it is done twice a day that way. The application will dry up the skin so I used a light solution of aloe vera oil.  I think the application should be done for 3 to 7 days and most of the lupus should reduce.

The other is magnesium chloride solution is applied after the above finish. It may me taken internally also at 8 drops before meals and twice a day.

 Your question:

Is it true, that it worsens lupus, or do you think this kind of diet is suitable for lupus?
(For example blogs at
donmatesz.blogspot.com, archevore.com, or high-fat-nutrition.blogspot.com). (Also I was recommended psyllium etc. for a colon cleanse, NONI for supplementation etc. for the initial detox, if it's of any use?)

My experience has not been so good. It causes flare up for a whole months on just one meal. Psyllium may help yes.


Questions About Bloodroot for Stage 4 Lung Cancer

06/12/2010: Palomino2 from Thamesville, Ontario, Canada: Hi Ted,

I honour you for the selfless work you do for so many.

My partner was diagnosed with now stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis in the spine, shoulderblades and ribcage. He has a 4-4.5 cm mass inside his left lung and I would like to know if bloodroot can be nebulized to reach it and if so, in what concentration, or just drinking the straight drops in water, which is what we started doing today. We are presently in Switzerland doing the Simoncini intravenous sodium bicarbonate treatment and the bloodroot that I have states on the label that it is a mother tincture, 30 ml. drops, TVA 2,10% (don't know what that means)so I want to make sure that we have the right stuff. Impossible to find azoxystrobin or BHT here but I have e-mailed family members who were able to find them in Canada where we live so we will have them on our return. My partner will be receiving intravanous EDTA in a couple of days to prepare for the return trip. Today, he also started HCl (5 drops in water, 2 X/day) as he does not want to eat. I gave him clove oil (5 drops in water) as well as he is in constant pain. He is also on the med Dilaudid 2 mg. every 6 hrs. but that doesn't seem to help much. Is it compatible with the clove oil? The other supplements he's on is:

Potassium chloride 600 mg. 2 X day
Detox-Chelator 2 X day
Magnesium 400 mg. 2 X day
Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg. 2 X day
Coenzyme Q10 30 mg. 2 X day

You mention Omega 3 also, how much of that does he need?

He is also nebulizing sodium bicarbonate 1 X day and doing coffee enemas 3-4 X week. Is there anything else we should be doing? Please guide us in making any necessary changes to make this protocol as efficient as possible. If anyone is interested in the Simoncini protocol in Ontario, Canada, please know that there are now several naturopathic doctors in the Toronto area that do it so you don't have to go through the expense of travelling overseas. I found out by calling the Ontario Naturopathic Association and they gave me 3 names of doctors who do this. They will not however, put in the irrigation catheter, strictly IV. Hope this is of help to someone... Many, many thanks for your wisdom and generous spirit, Ted. Namaste

06/13/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: For lung cancer, I believe the best remedy that was tested on lung cancer is the lysine and threonine, and the methylene blue. In stage IV cancer, the use of alkaline substance, in the bloodstream may be counter productive, they tend to accelerate cancer cachexia, the inability to digest the food, if taken orally. The toxic blood from cancer comes mostly from the excessive lactic acid, or lactate if they are reacted with bicarbonates. The reduction of lactic acid to reduce burden on liver to reconvert may prevent liver from working causing the cancer cachexia. Hydrochloric acid is taken to bypass this. Two critical remedies in cancer, is likely to be tannic acid, perhaps some sorbitol to prevent constipation, and the amino acid lysine, especially. Lysine is taken hourly at 1000 mg with the HCl drops mixed together for about 4 doses.Vitamin B complex, preferably B6 in there must be in form of pyridoxin hydrochloride, will correct the liver issues and reduce the cachexia. THe condition is due to inability to digest protein as stomach acid is lacking. The tannic acid is taken at 1/8 teaspoon per 1 glass of water with some sorbitol say 1/8 teaspoon too at twice or three times a day. Importantly lysine is taken 4 doses at hourly doses at least, but I much prefer 6 doses hourly if possible, but issues of cachexia may prevent them from taking them, unless sufficient HCl was taken for the first two or three days, with methylene blue 0.1% hourly dose 2 drops only during the day time before 3 p.m., this will give the energy. THe lysine if it can be taken will help sleep and relaxation, but may bring about some fever as the body's immune system is able to mount defense against the cancer, and ibuprofen may needed to be taken whenever there is some fever or low grade fever. As for using bloodroot to spray into the lungs, I would try a 50% mixed with water, and use fine spray, for a couple of times each dose and 4 or 5 times a day. I generally don't like EDTA, as IV form tend to add calcium and promote blood clot and is counter productive. The most important remedy in cancer therapy I believe is to completely avoid all sugar and fructose, coming from milk, fruit juices and other products. They tend to promote cancer growth quickly especially the immune system destroying radiation to the chest area.

The use of baking soda in killing off cancer still is very limited in results as they get neutralized to easily. I tend to use a sodium/potassium carbonate, or the trisodium citrate and tripotassium citrate, and that's only if the person do not have cachexia, so HCl is the prime remedy. The tannic acid denatures the cancer so that the white blood cells can see the cancer cells, while lysine supplies the raw materials needed to defend against cancer, and most cancer, especially metastatic kind and those that spread quickly are generally non fungus in nature and tend to respond much better using the lysine at 6 hourly doses, plus the use of bromelain to digest the fibrin in the cancer. I used a 20% bromelain 6500 GDU, in 80% glycine at 1 teaspoon three to four times a day to slowly digest the cancer tumor, slow but sure, and won't kill you with the toxicosis. To further help appetite, the use of digestive enzymes also help in later stage after HCl has worked, to help digest the protein. HCl is needed to convert pepsinogen to pepsin to digest the protein. Without sufficient amount, the body will digest it's own protein from muscles and you get atrophy from the cachexia, is very similar to kwashiorkor, and hence the treatment are the same, but due to different approach. Starving african's don't have the protein, while a cancer cachexia's liver isnt working and prevent stomach from digesting the protein. In both condition you have a protein deficenty and may help with amino acid supplements, but not the protein as it requires less energy to digest amino acid, but again only after HCl is taken and digestion is restored, then I would go for vitamin B50 and amino acid supplements with possible emphasis on alpha lipoic acid with l carnitine, or perhaps acetyl l carnitine which detoxes the liver. In my remedy I don't use coffee enemas since HCl alone will normalize the digestion anyway. I even have a stage IV cancer and she found she don't need the coffee enemas and just the HCl actually worked better.

The alkalizing remedy if can be handled can only be taken only after meals, but never before, and only if cancer cachexia is controlled with HCl and vitamin B complex. The liver issue is effected, regardless of what kind of cancer. The pain causing lactic acid is quite toxic to the cells, especially the liver, and hence yogurt is strongly contraindicated.

I also don't use any form of EDTA IV as these are usually in calcium form. What I did found is if I added Magnesium chloride to the HCL, this generally works better. A Magnesium chloride solution 70% is added at 20 drops per dose. Magnesium tends to reduce cachexia symptoms by normalzing electrolytes and is antagonist to the calcium, hence I can't use calcium EDTA, I only use tetrasodium EDTA, and that's only orally and when blood clotting or flow is restricted. The calcium EDTA is likely to worsen cancer.

As calcium promotes blood clotting, something that seems to help cancer to spread and cause more pain by restriction of circulation.

Had Lupus for the Past 20 Years

08/12/2009: M. : Hi Ted. i have been reading your responses and my god why have i not found your page before?!!!!! anyway i hope you will beable to help me.i was told i had Lupus when i was 14 i am now 34. i really dont feel like i have Lupus or anything wrong with me most of the time. i jog i exercise i dont have any pain i eat what ever ,i do what ever. when i was 21 at uni, Lupus flared up really badly which required me to have chemo, then i had a stroke, from that flare up it affected my Kidneys i was on the dialysis machine for about 3 months for the past 10 years it was about my kidneys but now the kidneys is ok and i my left eye is affected, it is hazy.i have had tests done and i was told it is not Lupus but the Prednislone, which i have been on for a long time. i am currently taking 3 500mg cellcepts twice a day and 5mg Prednislone, i take other supplements such as fish oil capules, biotin, and a product called EnerGfood capsules available in Australia. i dont want to take any more man made drugs and i dont want Lupus. is there something i can take or do that will get rid of this?

also Ted, due to previous late dosages of Prednislone when i was first diagnose my skin i think you can say has strecthed is there something i can do to get rid of it? i would so love to hear from you.

Thanks heaps

08/14/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: In another email you mentioned about regeneration of kidneys. This is only possible if the body does not have excessive calcium, which seems to block cell to regenerate normally. The other thing is to helps cels repair itself is to make sure the kidney pH is around 7-7.35. Which is close to the pH of the blood. Normally if a urine pH is acid, it tends to digest the kidneys, which is about the same thing that happens when we eat food. I usually treat the lupus approach as if it's a fungus condition since they tend to respond to fungal remedies the best. Most important about kidney to heal therefore requires equal amounts of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate and some potassium citrate. The remedy requires 1 teaspoon of baking soda, plus 1/2 or 1 teaspoon of potassium citrate twice a day for tough lupus cases. The second important factor appears to be some borax is needed, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a liter of drinking water to 1/4 teaspoon, once a day. Usually it's taken 5 days a week, but some people feel they need to take it everyday. The weakening energy is mostly helped with a weekly or in some cases daily dose of vitamin B50, or B complex. The lysine seems to be helpful in some regeneration, along wtih vitamin C, such as 600 mg x 4, of lysine plus 500 mg of vitamin C sodium ascorbate. Some aloe vera oil drops taken daily seems to help and in some cases bloodroot tincture drops 1 drop or 2 drops 3 or 4 times a day also helped. I prefer the alcohol in a bloodroot to be ethanol alcohol which is like vodka as opposed to the more toxic methanol used in some tincture solutions.


Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Causing Toxic Overload?

02/27/2009: Bibi from Nashville, TN: Removal of Toxins - toxic overload?

My concern is about removal of toxins and an overloaded burden to my kidneys. Although my last kidney function test was normal (because of lupus, I am concerned), after taking ACV and BS for a week, I started having pain in my mid-to-lower back on either side of my spine when awaking in the morning. My blood pressure went up, but after reading that sodium bicarbonate (BS) does not cause high blood pressure, I'm wondering if it was an overload of toxins being removed. I know ACV/BS should be five days on / two days off. Has anyone tried one day on / one day off? Would that be too little to be effective?

I have SLE/RA/diabetes mellitus - and, of course, metabolic acidosis. I'm planning on using the borax treatment twice a week, too. I've read about the herx effect for lupus, so I'm expecting that. Just wanting to get feedback on how to avoid overloading my system with toxin removal, especially after reading the Mycoplasma Fermentans page (questions) about cellular debris. Thanks for your feedback.

03/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: 03/01/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "Dear Bibi:

A lupus issue with kidney problems and diabetes on top of that, along with high blood pressure isn't toxin's being removed too much. Kidneys needs a balance of sodium to potassium ratio and the pH must be monitored. The problem therefore appears not to be the kidney's detox effect, I rarely encounter that, but that the kidneys simply isn't functioning efficiently from high blood sugar, low potassium, magnesium and vitamin B complex. The kidneys need nutrients too. The other issue is if the blood pressure did go up after taking apple cider vinegar with baking soda. Some modification may require to reduce this pressure and instead 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate (or potassium bicarbonate) in 1/2 glass of water should quickly aleviate it. The consistency of baking soda or the use of baking soda and apple cider vinegar in the use against lupus, isn't so consistent without the use of borax remedy in addition. In fact diabetes and low potassium goes hand in hand. As a result the need to control blood sugar and the taking of potassium is a required remedy for those with a diabetic lupus condition.

It should be noted that kidney is especially sensitive to low potassium, while it is true that a baking soda won't lower a potassium level, a presently low potassium and high blood sugar wouldn't allow the remedy to work either.

In which case, if there is a problem, the standard remedy for lupus is not being used, which is why there is problem. A standard lupus remedy (without a diabetic condition) (the very basic) requires at least 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, plus 1/4 teaspoon (for most men anyway) of borax dissolved in one liter of drinking water. The addition of diabetes condition requires the addition of both potassium, chromium, magnesium and lecithin. The riding of toxins we tend to think of is kidney. However, kidney is just only part of the mechanism of removal, however the bulk removal is done through a 20 plus foot long intestines. So if intestines isn't functioning, causing constipation, it will cause undue pressure to the kidney to work hard, causing kidney overload. Therefore the addition of 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate (technical name tripotassium citrate) or potassium bicarbonate to the baking soda, would reduce both the kidney overload and the constipation of the intestines. The lupus is also supersensitive to accidity as well as steaks and meats, that has to be reduced by a large margin. The lecithin 1 tablespoon before meal is required to clear the liver of congestion, which is common for people with lupus and a liver congestion can create a condition of high blood pressure. As to how an apple cider vinegar would have cause a high blood pressure. That comes from the fact that the body is sensitive to acidic pH, even a slight acidity would create problems for a lupus and diabetes, and hence apple cider vinegar is not the remedy I used for lupus as a result. So simply a basic lupus remedy would do, but if diabetes is present here is the following remedy in addition to the basic remedy:

1. 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin before meals
2. 1500 mcg of Chromium (most chromium works)
 3. 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate or tirpotassium citrate twice a day dissolved along with 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. Potassium is a required one for diabetes, and high blood pressure.
 4. 500 mg of magnesium citrate (or magnesium chloride)
 5. Vitamin B complex, in form of B50 at least once or twice a week.

It should be noted that the above is for diabetes and blood pressure issues, which goes hand in hand to the kidney's health. No apple cider vinegar should generally be used at least for the first 3 or 4 weeks is my own observations for many people. This is because some people will have low bicarbonates to begin with and it needs at least 2 weeks to replenish the bicarbonate before starting on with any ACV with baking soda.

I have also further modified the lupus remedy to work better, one of the newer remedy that needs adding is the bloodroot tincture. However, the bloodroot tincture I prefer, I do not like the use of any methanol alcohol, where the common names listed is "grain alcohol". The safest alcohol is an ethyl alcohol or ethanol, which is the same alcohol found in vodka, beer in general. A conservative dose that's needed for a bloodroot to digest the pathogens responsible for the lupus is 3 or 4 drops taken at 3 or 4 times a day in 1/2 glass of water. It can be mixed, in a baking soda and potassium mixture, so that these don't have to be too inconvenient when taken separately.

Whichever the case the bare minimum for a lupus (with a diabetes) remedy are baking soda, borax and potassium WITHOUT the use of apple cider vinegar. Watch what you eat, as this is often the cause to a high blood pressure, such as aspartame, meats, fried food, common table salt (using sea salt is a better substitute). A kidney pain would generally be reduced for this condition if apple cider vinegar are removed, and potassium is added, almost immediately in most cases, assuming the body is already low in potassium electrolytes to begin with.


P.S. A colloidal silver may help certain lupus and the dose is about 1 teaspoon 4 times a day.

Is Borax Safe?

02/22/2009: Carol from Burgin, Kentucky: Ted, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions. I am a 32 yr. old wife & mother of 2 who got diagnosed with Lupus a little over a year ago. I have no organ involvement yet but deal daily with major flare-up's, facial redness& rash, joint pain & lesions that appear all over my body. I have been on Plaquenil for 8 months & have major side effects so last week I just stopped taking it. My doctor wants me to go on Prednazone & I will not. It has about killed my grandmother who has Giant Cell Arteritis (an autoimmune disease). I can't hardly function some days now & I just want to be able to raise my family & not feel 100 yrs. old.

I have started the baking soda (1/2 tsp. in half glass of water 2x's a day), Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D3 & Magnesium. But, when I went to the pharmacy to but borax, they told me I could not injest it. I need something to help me deal with this horrible situation that won't kill me. I am willing to try it but need to know that it is ok. It's not like I really trust what the doctors tell me anyway. It's all about their bottom line, they don't care about my life.

I will write back in a week or so to update my progress or lack there of. At this point, I am so hopeful that it will work. I don't want to live my life in misery b/c of the medications I have to take. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my digestion problems and constant bowel problems. I would appreciate it.

03/07/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Carol:

Borax is safe in diluted concentration. The dose I used is 1/8 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon dose dissolve in 1 liter of drinking water. It should be noted that earthclinic readers actually use larger doses then this when doing the borax and doing o.k.

A lupus is also reduced with a couple of other remedies. Namely bloodroot tinctures 2-3 drops 4 to 6 times a day dissolved in 1/2 glass of water seems to digest them thus reducing the pain within the day.

A colloidal silver is also helpful and I am looking into colloidal copper to see whether it's helpful or not.

In any event the big three for lupus that I have found to be safe, is borax, bloodroot and baking soda. Those are the major remedies so far and I believe it's essential.

The weakness is helped mostly with 10 drops of H2O2 3% in a glass of water every 2 or 3 hours.

These are the clear remedy that has worked the best so far. Other people who post at other places not of this website, I tried. and it didn't work, and mostly are for some reason or another commercial products so they are also expensive too.


Lupus Since 1993, Looking for Further Advice

02/21/2009: Cathy from Wheelersburg, Ohio USA: Ted, I just found Earth Clinic this week after going to see my doctor she told me about this site to check out. I was diagonis with Lupus Sle with Kidney involvement in 93, My kidney shut down and had about 30 lbs of liquid on me . Before, that in 1980 they thought I had I Rheumatic fever. I have taken 3 doses of cytoxin pill form , an 8 week course,and high doses of predisone since that time.About every3 to 4 years I go out of remission. I am Now in remission and It was inapril of 2005 I had my last bout of it. When I start getting the yeast and the skin breakouts I know to watch out. So Please give me some insight or good news so far I am doing good..

I have been taking supplements such as Msm,betine,Multi,vit and mineral supplements, I get yeast infections quite often. I am still on a maintance dose of imurne 50mg once a day and a B/P altace 10 mg once a day.I take laxis when needed. What would you add to this? also I get anemia bad when I am out of remission. I get skin break outs in the T zone(forehead,nose and chin) lately really bad since I have done the washing with the borax it has cleared up quite a bit.

I stated taking the borax and peroxide mix in 1 pint of water. I am on my first week, 3rd day of it, Plus the baking soda plus Lemon in water 2 times a day.How long will it be before I see anything. Today I felt very sluggish, brain fog, Tired. So When will I feel better energy wise and rid myself to the yeast and when will the bugs come out, How long do I take this borax soultion,and baking soda?

Also, My husband had a high psa count last year it was5.5 and had a benigned bisopy on his prostate, now a year later his count has gone up to 6.8, He has bad lose teeth and some bone loss in his jaws, he seems to always have infected mouth for the last 3 years and has quit smoking for 2 years.He does have reddness on his face and did have many face breakouts then when he quit smoking his face cleared up. He probaby has yeast too. So what would he need. Thank You Cathy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cathy: Sorry for the delay. I am struggling from answering email, which is an enormous energy drain for me and hence, the slow response. Quite a few of my emails request privacy so can't even post them from concerned family members. Therefore, it helps to remind me so I can answer them, if I am getting too slow.

This is the first time I have heard of earthclinic being recommended by a doctor. So I guess earthclinic is doing something right.

As to your questions:

A kidney shutdown can occur from too much yeast. too much blood protein from dead cells for example.  A hydrogen peroxide drops is needed to both clear up the blood of pathogens, reducing the the congestion on the kidneys as well as energy drain. Too much pathogens can drain energy levels. What is interesting is too much prednisolone can cause a kidney shutdown just the same, which is why people become swollen from long term or large dose of the prednisolone. The best way around that problem is to reduce the dose by about 1/8 the origina dose and just take them more frequent or some people just go medrol, which is another one used for lupus on inflammation in some parts of Europe.

The dose is 10 drops 3% H2O2 food grade in 1 glass of water every 3 hours. If water retention is there sometime a laxative will do. Remeber, the body can get rid of liquids a couple of ways. By sweat using the sauna method. The sauna methods works by killing off lupus from heat, and fluids retention is loss by sweat.

The use of laxative can help but I am old fashioned and prefer the milk of magnesia, without the aluminum, and I would follow as directed as per bottle instruction. Then once the fluids are out, I will replenish the loss fluids with electrolytes, which is basically a small pinch of sea salt and some potassium.

Regular bowel movement is important to prevent breakouts, and hence it has always been consistent with me to get regular bowel movements with potassium. But to prevent any sodium and potassium imbalance, this is the dose I used: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate (or potassium citrate -technical name tripotassium citrate) in 1/2 glass of water taken twice or three times a day. I prefer twice, and this reduce inflammation by alkalization to skin with reduced redness.

Now a yeast infection is interesting one, at least for me since I have been in war with fungus for a long time. There are spectrum of mineral deficiency that are generally deficiency of selenium, chromium, manganese, copper, and tungsten. Lack of sleep can also bring about weakness in some people with lupus. I have found 1-5 mg of indium sulfate to help sleep too, as is sodium thiosulfate drops taken before sleep and some vitamin b complex taken in moderation.

In any event if a virus is the cause of weakness, as some opportunities doe, a single dose of 1500 mg of lysine should see energy level rising if it's just the virus opportunist is the cause. A fungus major weakness is the hydrogen peroxide drops, 1500 mcg of chromium to lower the blood sugar - if some blood sugar is a problem - and this can be seen after a person eats his meal at noon and become really weak in the afternoon. Most people are weak to some extent and it helps to drink plenty of water before during and after meal to prevent blood sugar spikes which causes the weakness and a lupus breakout.

A husband with high PSA, a simple remedy is always the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day to increase the alkalinity. A cancer cells may be easily digested by 1/2 within a matter of days using a bloodroot tincture, preferably in ordinary alcohol such as ethanol alcohol. Personally I never like methanol and they do cause blindness and the antidote for me is apple cider vinegar or vinegar 1 tablespoon maybe with a bkaing soda can reduce the side effects within about an hour or two.

In any event, bloodroot tincture 3 drops at least 3 or 4 times a day dissolved in a glass of water is my conservative dose. Holistically I will take baking soda and potassium, but to prevent enzyme depletion I much tend to lean toward a raw vegetarian diets as a larger component of the  diet as opposed to meats because it's the meat where yeast, lupus, mycoplasma feeds on, especially a nice well done steak and leave a person sick with lupus for weeks on weeks.

Other problems with high PSA count is the selenium supplements 200 mcg a day also helps.


Lupus with Nephritis 2

05/12/2008: Anonymous : Thank-you so much for the information...I wanted to give you more back ground info...I am from Venezuela ..our diet as a child consisted mainly of vegetable, lentil, garbanzo, potatoes & carrots soups, white rice, lots of chicken sides & some thin steak w/ onions but rarely peppers, spaghetti with fresh red sauce, bread and lots of milks. Out of my whole six siblings, my father, my mother & their 20 grandchildren my two kids are the only ones with autoimmune problems & my husband. My husband is from champagne Indiana, so was his mother (whose mother had RA), my husband mother had the join issues also & psoriasis. However, I think you are right about the environmental factors. I am over weight, & it was recently that I started eating more fresh fruits & vegetables & less pizza & saturated fats. My husband still craves the can foods, frozen lasagna & pizza. He is not over weight, but at 43 has high cholesterol & blood pressure like his mother. However, he has more energy then me and is very productive. My daugther takes, lisinopril 20, prednisone 20mg, baby aspirin 81, valtrex 500 mg to suppress shingles, lipitor 10mg, had 17 tx of cytoxin... they want to do Rituxin (again had two or three txs) Weds with a dose solumetrol for the kidney inflamation. I'am so worry ...If you can give more inside.......oh, they want to change the Lisinopril to Losarten 20 or 30mg

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most shingles are effectively suppressed using zinc gluconate and baking soda remedy plus a small pinch of potassium bicarbonate. Viruses generally cannot grow in an alkaline environment, but they have difficult growing in mostly zinc, but also coming close is magnesium, and chromium. A topical application I gave to my aunt, just the 2% zinc chloride solution with a 5% magnesium chloride, with frequent application every hour for the entire day stopped the shingles completely.

The common diets you mentioned, as follows: vegetable, lentil, garbanzo, potatoes & carrots soups, white rice, lots of chicken sides & some thin steak w/ onions but rarely peppers, spaghetti with fresh red sauce, bread and lots of milks.

It should be noted that 70-90% of non-white people have problems digesting cow's milk what is referred to as lactose intolerant. Thai people here are 90% lactose intolerant. The information came from the Nutritional survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

It should be noted that most children have trouble with potatoes, but bean rich foods are generally acid forming, mostly from oxalic acid, which often leads to skin problems. The food that should generally be avoided is the potatoes and steaks. The foods not mentioned that I find important for children's reduction in allergy are the fish diet, which is high in omega 3 and one of the remedy I used to reduce skin problems. But in addition whenever bean diets are high, this indicate the child's need for vitamin C sodium ascorbate, usually for me a child's dose is around 100-250 mg. while an adult is 1000 mg. This should allow the body to neutralize the skin problem due to excess oxalic acid buildup which is what is CAUSING the kidney inflammation and other problems. Some supplements of omega 3, twice a week or three times a week will help. However, whenever the diet is high in oxalic acid which leads to kidney problems due to excessive oxalic acid buildup, needs also some
 vitamin B complex, but also a remedy that may be most helpful in reducing a calcium form of oxalic acid, often called calcium oxalate which may cause the problems too therefore a lemon and baking soda is one remedy that may reduce this condition. The remedy is as follows, assuming the child is 1/2 the weight of a 100 pound adult:

1 tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/4 glass of water, taken twice a day. Once in the morning and about 1 hour before bedtime.

Fruit juices in excess, where I think whole fruits twice a week  is more than sufficient contains fructose which leads to insulin intolerance via glycation (action of sugar on body's proteins - such as neuron and nerve cells and other proteins) leading to overweight and diabetes. There is actually a study to show you that fructose or corn syrup, leads to overweight, but with recent addition of aspartame, this is one product that can cause a more morbid conditions on learning since it burns the brain cell as what formaldehyde do whenever the aspartame breaks down inside the body.

The major cause of obesity in today's woman is the sugar from the fruits and the saturated fats. It requires no rocket science or Atkin's diet to realize that, but there is a pecking order of dangerous sugars, from worse to less worse: ribose sugar, glucose, fructose, and sucrose (common sugar). So the fact that fructose are has a higher glycation- which leads to insulin resistance, can result in diabetes, but it needs the addition of saturated fat to block the body's hormonal control for weight too!

My own observations and fellow researchers who wished to raise blood cholesterol in rats is rather easy: processed food. Especially, fried foods, vegetable oils in high heat for example. Assuming you eat oxidized oil, which exists in high amounts in canned food, frozen foods and other mass distributed packaged foods. These oxidized rancid oil goes into the blood stream an form a plaque or become quite sticky, which leads to heart problem. One recipe for a heart attack is to eat processed food and lead an over stressed life. In this arena, avoidance of processed food in favor of freshly cooked foods, preferably boiled foods to avoid heated oils will help prevent oils from oxidizing, plus vitamin C and alkalizing baking soda since processed foods are very acid froming, high in aluminum content and high in carcinogenic benzene. So where did those benzene come from? It comes from food preservatives such as sodium benzoate or benzoic acid, and degrades into carcinogenic (leading to liver problems) in presence of acidic foods. So obviously, acid forming leads to skin problem.

Kidney inflammation don't come from the thin air. Sometimes they come from doctors medicine themselves. I remember a patient coming in for a medicine to treat sinuses, and he ended up with a kidney and liver problem. So he took certain medicine for kidney and liver problem, and had a side effect that lead to a heart problem and died of a heart attack.

Fish are anti-inflammatory foods, as is alkaline forming foods, but not fruits, mushrooms, wheat products, potatoes, tomatoes, or cheese, for example. Most of the foods we like are 90% acid forming food and are pro-inflammatory. For me wheat is worse, causing high blood pressure. But ordinary salt can cause high blood pressure and ordinary salt are acid, with a pH of 5. The practices with modern processed food uses ordinary salt which are acid forming while alkaline forming salt such as sea salt is not use. So anyone who eats processed foods will have high rancid oil (oxidized oil) leading to cholesterol and table salt, leading to acidosis, high blood pressure, psioriasis and arthritis. Most rheumatoid arthritis comes from lack of dietary magnesium, too much wheat products, and processed foods which lowers the immune system. In case some might argue why processed foods lowers immune system, the benzene hydrocarbons, fructose (corn syrup) and aluminum for example, suppresses the immune system. Peppermint toothpaste should generally be avoided where I tend to favor salt and baking soda toothpaste, with a small pinch of potassium added, if possible!

As to why I make no mention of doctors medicine the good points. That's because I managed to cure myself of that without the need to use any of them and without the side effects and it also worked well with me, and hence I have no need to find something better.

A good milk in my opinion is usually the soy milk, and the whey milk. Soy doesn't have lactose, and most Asians are lactose intolerant. Whey milk is good because it raises the immune system the body against bacteria and viruses.

Lupus with Nephritis 2

05/10/2008: Anonymous : I have a child who was diagnosed with Lupus with Nephritis 2 and half years ago. My child still showing a great degree of inflammation after 13 cytoxin & prednisone tx as well as daily predinose. She basically is spilling about 2+ protein & 1+ blood (FYI....I am Spanish married to an American, in my husband side of the family (mother side) his grandmother had severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, His mother had psoriasis & joint pain, My husband has psoriasis & my son vitiligo...all autoimmune disorders. My son about three years ago started body building, he was taking protein supplements, No2, etc... and he started to regrow pigment). Please let me know what you think and if you could help me! Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: In a condition of a Lupus with Nephritis, the common approach is to take care of the kidneys first. Usually the best remedy tor reduce some kidney problems is CoQ10 but the dose they use in commercial arena is usually too low. I find that for an adult dose it requires about 5000 mg per day, so in a person with at 1/10 the weight of a 100 pound human adult may require just only 500 mg, which these softgels may be squeezed and put in teaspoon for convenience.

Most inflammations are often reduced with just baking soda, and a pinch of potassium bicarbonate, so in a mild adult dose of 1/2 teaspoon taking three times day day in 1/2 glass dose of water, the dose is again reduced accordingly on the basis of weight. This will usually reduce most of the condition. Magnesium citrate ( or magnesium chloride and magnesium gluconate as substitutes) are very helpful in reducing the inflammation also.

Interestingly, arthritis might remotely NOT run in the family, but dietary habits lacking in certain nutrients can give way to rheumatoid arthritis. While there is no cure for that, I found magnesium supplements to be one that is most helpful against such a pain, especially if I'm talking about the pain between the joints, where the source is the ligaments. To some extent bacteria may be introduced into the body usually frequent brushin of non fluoridated toothpaste, especially in the far back of the teeth is quite often the cause for excessive pathogens that gets into the bloodstream, especially if intensive brushing of the teeth is not done before sleep.

There are actually many theories as to the cause of rheumatoid arthritis, but most Mexican diets in my opinion are lacking in certain B complex, such as niacinamide, and magnesium. Usually an adult dose is vitamin B complex, in form of B50, taken twice a day, which is a 50 mg dose for most of the vitamin Bs, and a magnesium, which is often 500 mg of an adult dose. For a child of 10-12 for example their dose is 250 mg, so a child of 5 may be 100 mg still.

A psioraisis, eczema and allergy and internal inflammation of the organs in my opinion are the same in which certain foods may trigger such as condition. Assuming it is a Mexican diets, so peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, diet coke, sugar free products, milk, cheese, peppermint toothpase, all fruits, sugar, glucose for example are often the trigger. A newer alkalizing remedy can be effective against these condition, but much of the problems is people simply can't get the ingredients I need. Therefore I will have to settle for 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate (or potassium bicarbonate) as twice or three times a day in 1/2 glass of water as a way to slowly reduced the condition. Personally I used other more effective one, but this is something that is easier to find, so some cannot even find potassium, so if that can't be found than baking soda alone will have to do.

A skin condition can easily be reduced of eczema, only superficially by applying the skin with milk of magnesia, where there is no aluminum added as the one remedy I found most effective.

In my personal experience, the best remedies for psioriasis and eczema for adults and a very limited extent rheumatoid arthritis is the 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, once in the morning and 2 hours before sleep. The alkalization  has a broad effects in killing off bacteria, but especially fungi which I often view it as a common cause of this condition. It should be noted that I have received many private feedback with results, although it simply can't be posted due to privacy issues. For this to work effectively, I find they have to be taken for about 2-3 weeks. It should be noted that the dose has to be adjusted by individual differences, so common sense applies.

A lupus condition, is often resulted in spilling of protein due to the pathogens often digest the body's cells, resulting in that conditions. In Mexico I found the that certain sources of contaminant resulting in lupus came from contaminated water usually from waste water where initial sickness from drinking water, is often the trigger. In other instances of life long eczema and psioriasis it comes from past living in a house high in fungus count.

A powerful simple remedy, but only superficially to reduce extreme itchiness, at least my newer remedies, is a mixture of milk of magnesia one TABLESPOON with one TEASPOON of ammonium chloride (or ammonium bicarbonate) in 1/2 glass of water for TOPICAL external application to the effected area. It will cause the stinging (killing off the fungus) then the itchiness and irritation will go away.

In the long run, adding some borax to the drinking water is helpful for many conditions such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis since boron (found in borax) is an essential mineral. A general dose that I use, a more conservative one may be 1/8 teaspoon of borax per one liter of water as a source of drinking water. It should be noted that drinking this may result in detoxification and result in loose stools if it is taken along with meals, but it won't cause loose stools if taken on an empty stomach, so if it is not taking immediately with meals than its ok. But there is a twist to this issue, if they are taken to cause  a loose stool and along with food, the detoxification results and most of the inflammation, whether they be skin, kidneys, or joints are reduced within an hour or two after going to the bathroom by reducing the pathogen load the body has to carry. Usually these are taken 4 or 5 days out of a week.

Interestingly spirulina dn chlorella, taken once every two days, is a metal chelator, and  so is cilantro (U.S. calls it that - but in some parts of the world is called chinese parsley or coriander - it's the same) If they are taken alone or in combination once every two days, or once every other day, the free metals is reduced, which starves the fungus, mycoplasma and other pathogens of their protection from food source and these tend to hide behind the heavy metals rendering antibiotics completely ineffective. They also hide in calcium shells, but that's another matter. A lemon and baking soda remedy such as two tablespoon of  lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass ofw ater taken twice or three times a day will reduce the calcium shells used to protect these organism. In a few cases artemisia is helpful in some cases of lupus, often called wormwood too, but I find the borax/baking soda to be of most help for the lupus.

A newer addition of the supplements, chromium picolinate is helpful to these general conditions, of lupus and in a limited way, eczema and psioriasis by their very mechanism in reducing the blood sugar, which starves the pathogens of their primarily food source: sugar.

It's really difficult to cover every aspect of the sickness, but the primary trigger in decaying of organism or a person who is sick is metabolic acidosis, often trigger by acid forming food. The primary trigger for these are quite often wheat, white bread, meats, sweets, coke, pepsi, and all sour foods.

p.s. Sorry for the slow response, due to weather problems which knocked off internet access for a couple days!

Pregnant with Lupus

04/10/2008: JT : I have lupus with weak positive ANA. I had contacted you regarding the same last year and had been on the supplement regime that you had advised. Now I am 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby, I had stopped taking the supplement regime for lupus as I wasn't sure if all that was safe for the baby. Please advice me what precautions do I need to take for the well being of me and the baby. Currently I am taking prenatal vitamins and DHA supplement. Please let me know what additional supplements I can take which are safe for the baby. You early response is highly appreciated as I am really worried about the pregnancy because of my lupus.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Generally, a pregnant woman often take pre-natal vitamin and mineral supplements, alkalizing remedies such as baking soda, and a much smaller amount of boron, such as 1/16 teaspoon mixed in one liter of drinking water once a week, which is about the same amount of boron in some drinking spring water of the same amount. Magnesium is still important and usually a low dose of 250 mg is needed to prevent a deficiency and certain diets should be avoided against yeast and fungus infection since lupus seemed be initiated by fungus and certain foods that causes this caused a flare up. These include avoiding sugar, fructose (found in fruits) and vitamin C can be used instead, and glucose is not helpful. Mushroom, cheese, tomatoes, and steaks, wheat, white bread causes a flare up in lupus and are generally avoided because the seem to support fungus growth. One essential mineral I have found that might have some' anti lupus effect is a supplement that have some molybdenum which are available often in mcg amount, which is relatively a very low dose, that will prevent fungus toxins from attacking the body by means of autoimmunity. The mcg dose of molybdenum (usually sodium molybdate), is done to prevent a deficiency, which is relatively free of side effects, but at the same time reduces lupus toxins too.


04/01/2008: Kathy : Hi Ted, I just found your lupus cures on earthclinic.com. Wow! you are so kind to answer'so many questions!  I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE and was put on Plaquenil and Arthrotec for pain. I had so many complications and allergic reactions to the treatment. I cannot even explain how hard it was. My son was 3 1/2 at the time and I was in so much pain and using a wheel chair. I was scared and so tired and depressed. A friend told me about Dr. Mercola in Chicago www.mercola.com 

Dr. Mercola gave me a dietary plan _ after testing my nutritional type, I am protein type so I should consume more protein, some vegetables little carbs in the form of vegetables and no sugars, no grains especially corn, no wheat and in my case I am also rice intolerant. Everything needs to be organic or pesticide free, grass fed beef, etc. I have to admit that his program made great improvement on my health and I even lost a lot the weight gained by the allergy shots I was given while taking Plaquenil.

However, the diet I need to follow is expensive and hard to do when I travel or when I don't feel like cooking as every meal need to be planned ahead, fresh and organic.  I am thankful for Dr. Mercola and even though I try to follow his treatment the best I can I am very interested in your methods. I stopped my diet for a few months and I am feeling aches and pains and fatigue. No rushes just pain in my back and joints and a cold I cannot get rid of.

So, you mentioned beef is not good for lupus patients but Dr Mercola told me to eat grass fed beef, that it was even better than fish for me (?)

I drink a lot of whey protein for breakfast almost everyday. Is that OK? Should I cut it off?

Where do I buy borax? I went to Whole foods and they asked me if I meant the detergent? They don't sell any supplement called borax....yes I probably sound dumb! but I am new at all this. I was born in South America and have MD's in the family :) this whole natural approach (which I believe in) is all so new to me. I have to say America is great for their technology but their medical system sucks and Drs only care about the big money they make and don't let me start with pharm companies...

Also the baking soda in water.... should I add 3%H2O2, apple cider vinegar or lime juice to it? I am confused!

You also mentioned RNA/DNA? Vitamin B12? Chlorella.....

I thank you in advanced for your answer. I also thank you for posting your findings and for caring enough to share these with the world. Thank you so much!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The lupus issue is due usually a mycoplasma problem, which is a fungus like organism, and in some cases nanoinsects issue, as evidenced by some people who reported them during the initial stages of the SLE. It is the nanoinsects being the carriers the aggressive mycoplasma continues to cause inflammation and pain, especially around the joints. Most of the flare ups in pain comes mostly from acid forming food, so certain proteins can cause the flare ups, such as steak, but also cured meats, and processed foods. I don't also classify people by what diet they should eat because each foods or diets I consider them as nutrients and also are used to treat the conditions needed to reduce the symptoms instead of being born into that diet. The protein I used as a source, is often whole chicken and fish, being the safest. So my approach are somewhat different from Dr. Mercola. The lupus issue require a four point plan: One is to avoid certain foods that causes flare up for those who do have lupus. This includes aspartame, tap water, sugar, corn syrup, glucose, steaks, margarine, vegetable oils used in cooking, processed foods, white flour, and white bread. Second is alkalize. This involves alkalizing. Alkalizing will removes much of the redness and inflammation, but some of the pain. The simplest possible remedy is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. That's the simplest one. But the more effective remedy I found out is to add H2O2 3%, which is often 10 drops of 3% H2O2 plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day. The most effective remedy, if I can get washing soda (sodium carbonate usually Arm & Hammer) is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. The sodium carbonate and baking soda is often called a carbicarb remedy, but I have modified as a simpler home remedy. This last one is most effective in reducing redness that and inflammation being more complete. Third is to kill off the Nanoinsect. This is the borax remedy. The borax remedy is what killed the organism that is causing a constant problem of pain and pus in some cases. For a woman's dose may require about 1/8 teaspoon of borax plus 30 drops of food grade H2O2 3% in one liter of drinking water taken throughout the day, usually five days out of a week. The fourth and last one is to reduce heavy metals, which requires chlorella and spurilina once every two day or once every other day, the dose is quite often 250-500 mg. Removal of heavy metals is required since most mycoplasma (also found in many vaccines) tend to cause the body to accumulate more heavy metals.' There is another addition that may help lupus, which is artemisia, or wormwood, which also chelates metals and also kills off certain mycoplasma too that might help. SLE is somewhat infectious, but not contagious, but I have seen entire family who do have lupus, so there is some communicable nature, but it is not nearly as contagious as a cold virus. Generally speaking, some other supplements are in order to reduce pain too which includes magnesium gluconate 250-500 mg, vitamin D3, RNA/DNA, vitamin E, and vitamin B complex, and especially zinc gluconate 50 mg, that can further help recovery of the condition, but as I have found out, it is always the baking soda, borax, chelation, and H2O2, that will see most of the improvements. The plaquenil may cause eye problem and generally speaking the taking of those should be reduced if the body's condition is improving as it causes other problems too. In my personal opinion, plaquenil might be substituted with artemisia or artemisin, or worm wood, because both plaquenil and artemisia were used to treat malaria, but I think the mycoplasma we are dealing with here might be respond similarly somewhat with the lupus, since I am somewhat suspicious with medical drugs. It is the side effects that killed the patients in most pharma drugs. The borax I used I get from chemical supply store, usually food grade, but if I can't get them, I might get them from 20 mule team borax, and other detergents that clearly label as 100% borax. P.S. Whey protein, B12, chlorella, and others you mentioned are part of the SLE remedy, especially the chlorella and B12. However whey are generally taken only during breakfast and light meals or eating an early dinner are important. Eating late dinner lowers the immune system. By early dinner, it is around 4.00 - 5.00 p.m.

Discoid Lupus

02/07/2008: R : Ted, I have attached some before pictures. I haven't yet started the daily regimen but will start tomorrow. I will keep you posted and send pictures when I improve. Thank you so much!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Thank you, it takes about 3-4 weeks to notice improvement. It's a gradual process but you should notice some minor improvement on the first week. The old remedy is o.k. as it is, but I try to improve them, with some of my own observations too.

In case you wondered what is the newer remedy and its rationale, I have refined the remedy somewhat to include sodium citrate (which is a mixture of baking soda and citric acid at 2: 1 ratio or 4:1 ratio), or the use of sodium carbonate mixed with sodium bicarbonate as a more effective methods of alkalization. The reason is the formation of carbon dioxide is minimized using citrate or carbonates. It works like this, when citrate encounters a carbon dioxide or acid, its convert to bicarbonates, before it gives up carbon dioxide. For the sodium carbonate form, it meets carbon dioxide to form sodium bicarbonate, then it generates carbon dioxide when it encounters more acid. Hence citrate and carbonates are more powerful buffers to acidosis and maybe useful in the long run.

So if we have a baking soda already assuming we used 1/2 teaspoon, then 1/8 teaspoon is sodium carbonate, or another citric acid 1/8 teaspoon can be used too in 1 glass of water. This one still needs some work, but I believe it is more effective from recent research into carbicarb in resolving metabolic acidosis, which has a tendency to cause suppressed immune system, but a metabolic acidosis can also aggravate a lupus just the same.

Still borax is always used, but I have made some changes in the alkalizing issue. A d-mannose and/or xylitol should also be considered as are other things as per previous remedies.

I hope some of these information are helpful for you, if not please inquire.

01/17/2012: Marie from Houston, Tx replies: Hi Ted. I am hoping you can help me out please. I've been suffering from extreme photosensitivity, mainly on my face for over 10 years. I can't be in any type of light for more than 30 minutes without burning but I do not get a sunburn, my face just has a burning feeling, swells up and hurts. I'm pretty much disabled at work because of it. I'm desperate for help as I don't want to lose my job,

I thought maybe it was Discoid Lupus as a few years before the photosensitivity started I developed a lupus like rash on my torso and back. I scoured the net looking for the rash all the discord pix looked just like mine.

My sensitivity is mainly on my face. I've been tested for antibodies but the doctor said I had to have an active lesion in order to test positive for discoid. My lesions left and never came back. from time to time I get tiny one's on my arm but they always disappear. So I'm not sure if it's truly lupus or if these two things are even connected.

I also have really bad pigmentation on my face, probably because my face always feels like I'm burning when exposed to light I'm sure it's causing damage - I do wear a mineral makeup with titanium dioxide that helps a little bit.

However, I can't use any type of lotion, - the worst offenders are vitamin e, olive oil, coconut, emu, any type of natural oil makes me burn even more in the light - even vaseline.

I've been to several doctors explaining my problem, nobody seems to know what I have.

Can one have discoid lupus but still test negative for antibodies? I don't know what else it could be.

Does drinking baking soda alone help? What about combining that with a Bentonite clay facial mask.

Thank you immensely for any guidance you may have for me!

Does Neem Extract Have Any Negative Effect on Lupus Patients

02/06/2008: H :

Hi Ted, I discovered your earth clinic postings tonight and loved the information and hope you have given to people. I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions..

Does Neem extract have any negative affect on Lupus patients (my natropath has me taking some for intestinal health) I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2002 after display over several years of mild symptoms, headaches, joint pain, fatigue, slight reddening over the cheeks, occasional 'brain fog'.... I was given plaquenil at 200 mg / day and ibuprofen as needed. Long story short is that I no longer display symptoms other than some very occasional joint pain, I no longer require any ibuprofen, and take plaquenil sporadically - perhaps twice a week - because I am afraid to stop taking it all together). Am I doing myself more harm than good with taking plaquenil on a non regular basis? It is very important to me not to risk a flare, as my job requires a very high degree of fitness (police riot team), and my specialist said that plaquenil can stay in my system for months, which is why my symptoms aren't deteriorating with the lower dose. If I have lupus at all, I think my symptoms are also much better because of diet (dairy and wheat free) and stress management..... After all that, in short can I safely stop taking the tablets?

Many thanks and kind regards.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Neem may have limited usefulness for some lupus people. However, some people do take it to reduce certain symptoms, but only for major flare ups. Because of this problem in some lupus, I decided to change the remedy with somewhat more consistency on the outcome by using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and borax remedy. Both Xylitol and d-Mannose is very helpful in reducing flare ups, and I am following up on this issue to see its effectiveness. Apparently mycoplasma has more difficult time attaching to healthy cells as well as mannose are converted by the liver as mannose bound lectin (sometimes called mannose bound protein), which acts as tagging devices on various pathogens in the body so that the white cells can direct its attack more directly consuming the invading pathogens. The reasons for my interest is biological military research in U.S. are doing studies on d-mannose against the ebola viruses, but it seems to work quite effective against lupus flare up also.

Plaquenil taking long term may lead to eye problems (sometimes a permanent one), such as macular degeneration. I had a case of a 15 year old who has that from taking plaquenil, the dose given by today's doctor appears to be too much for most people. What I find important is borax and baking soda should be taking with ocassionally discontinuing 3 days out of a week for example, just to keep it under control.

Hence most people who is into taking natural medicine find it best to take the bare minimum, in one case 1/4 of the dose, in another case only sporadically, depending on how mild the case is.

Lupus is seasonal where flare ups occur during winter if they dont take regular multivitamin and mineral supplements. However, if they take them, the lupus is within control.

It's very helpful to take chlorella/spirulina as chlorella removes heavy metals, but spirulina also remove toxic metals, such as arsenic. Reducing the heavy metal buildup allows the immune system to be normal thus reducing the lupus problem.

If there's any additional question feel free to ask.

Discoid Lupus

01/20/2008: R : re: Discoid Lupus. Ted,' Would it be possible for you to post a daily regimen for those of us that are suffering from this condition. I have read the posts but find myself confused as to what to drink daily, apply topically daily and also which supplements I should be taking daily. I think this would be a great help and I would appreciate it tremendously! Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Thank you for your suggestion.

The daily regimen short form as best as I can, if there is any problem here, just tell me.

Assuming I have a lupus, this is what I will do:

I will need to alkalize first with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, once in the morning and once before sleep. Some people find it inconvenient and take 1 teaspoon in the late afternoon in 1 glass of water all at once. I think that's too strong for someone, but that's how it is done.

The vitamin B complex regimen is needed here. A minimum of B50 taken every other day twice a day.

A borax 1/4 teaspoon is mixed in one liter of drinking water for men. If possible 10-20 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade I may add to increase the effectiveness in the killing power of the mycoplasma. A woman seems to need a lower dose, and it seems 1/8 teaspoon is for them, but if they can handle the 1/4 teaspoon it seems to work itself best, still a 10-20 drops of H2O2 3% is still added here also, depending upon individual tolerances. This is taken ideally for about 5 days out of a week. In some cases the nanobugs are in existence so the bugs will come out of the skin causing irritation, usually on the third or fourth day. But if the nanobugs are dead, there is still and unknown mycoplasma that is still present, but usually effectively suppessed with borax. I personally suspect addng xylitol to the one liter of drinking water such as 1/2 teaspoon at the very least would further help prevent the unknown mycoplasma from attaching to healthy cells and further the kill. A larger dose of 2 teaspoon I think of xylitol is needed if it is added into the 1 liter of drinking water, but I don't use it to prevent possible laxative effect, and hence I will initially start with 1/2 teaspoon. If there's no problem I may add the xylitol dose more to 2 teaspoon to increase some killing effect.

A magnesium citrate is taken at 500 mg, and is taken for 5 days out of a week. A zinc gluconate 50 mg is usually taken once every three days, to increase the immunity.

500 mg of sodium ascorbate vitamin C is taken 5 days out of a week.

A chlorella/spirulina is taken once every three days, seems to be quite fine for most people. The body has a limited capacity to detoxify and hence why it is needed to be taken once every three day. This will chelate heavy metals out and help increase the immunity.

d-Mannose supplement 250 mg three times a day to further prevent lupus cell from attaching to healthy cells and reproduce may be helpful and therefore optional. If a mannose can't be found, I may consider drinking 1/2 cup in 1 glass of water x 4 times a day of cranberry juice, which is high in d-mannose. In my opinion I like to dilute the cranberry juice with plenty of water to prevent sugar spikes, which I think 1/2 cup in a glass of water would be sufficient. More d-mannose is needed so I might increase the dose to up to 1000 mg x three times a day later, if there is no laxative effects from d-mannose.

I would take a once or twice a week multiple vitamins and minerals are needed to prevent a deficiency should cover most potential problems.

Amino acid supplements to prevent general deficiency is taken twice a week, it's usually available in many kinds but the one single amino acid that I am most interested in addition to that is the 250 mg of N Acetyl Cysteine and the glutathione supplements taken once a day to help liver detoxification.

It should be noted that most benefits I found from lupus comes from the baking soda, borax, hydrogen peroxide, and d-mannose and quite possibly xylitol. The other is needed since energy and overall health is important to further fight against the lupus I have seen to be helpful.

No drinking of tap water as I have seen the metal contaminant from the tap water to worsen the lupus. Most bottled water I may use, such as spring water as a drinking water. It seems to cause the least problem and further the recovery.

Overall immunity were seen to increase by me from taking some flaxseed oil, usually one teaspoon mixed with one tablespoon of granulated lecithin taken at least once a day. If granulated lecithin can't be found, perhaps cottage cheese might help emulsify the fats of the flaxseed oil for further bioavailability. If cottage cheese or granulated lecithin can't be found, I will mix the flaxseed (cold-press) one teaspoon with the food. The flaxseed is I will take once a day taken only 5 days out of a week.

There is a missing link to the lupus remedy that resulted in a complete cure which came from the addition of a herbal tincture remedy that I have not yet found out, but perhaps some experimentation by me of black walnut tincture, olive leaf extract, or other preparations may help too. One unconfirmed case that was helped seems to be help by black salve, but I doubt its effectiveness as it also causes side effects gastrointestinal and bloating stomach.

Those are the major regimen, updated to some extent that I have found to be helpful.

If there is any points unclear please feel free to email me.

Discoid Lupus

01/10/2008: olive from pasadena, nl, canada: Hi Ted, thank-you so much for your time and dedication. You are a God send. I wrote to you before about my discoid lupus. I have it only on my face, around the top of my cheeks and on the bridge of my nose. Sometimes my face is swollen in these areas with pusules. I'm starting today for the first time the borax remedy, 1 litre of water with 1/8 teaspoon of borax ,drinking the quanity in 3 different intervals. I will do this 5 times a week as you said. I am testing the alkalinity of my urine with the paper test strips as I was unable to find the pocket PH meter. I believe that my urine is alkalined enough as the testing paper shows an almost deep blue color, which there is no indication on the chart of that color to indicate the alkaline value but I have been drinking the ACV remedy with baking soda twice daily and been avoiding acid forming foods as much as possible. My concern now is when I start killing the nanoinsects , if my body isn't alkalized enough to eliminate the "black spots " down the tiolet, excuse the expression, they will be seen on my skin . How do I iliminate them there ? What will I expect , itching ? I look foward to your response because I would like to be prepared in case this should happen since I don't live so close to the city to rush out to buy the nessary creams or oils to soothe the skin. Thank-you for your most generous help.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Olive:

When you eliminate the bugs, there will be lots of itchiness, many of these (thousands) of little black dots (nanoinsects), most of the killing is done by the borax. And those are rid of it by wiping them when they die off on the surface of the skin with alcohol solution of cotton balls.

These won't generally appear until the fourth or fifth day. But it should be noted that some have no more nanoinsects and they have died off, leaving some sort of mycoplasma in two cases. One case apparently they killed using a topical and taken internally black salve, which lead to other problems of gastrointestinal problems. In another case the when lupus appeared after nanoinsect, it was killed with some unknown medication leaving a black dots scar around the face area.

The baking soda, if sufficient amount is taken, will handle the pustules and swollen face synergistically. The itchiness is reduced mostly with alcohol cotton balls, lavender oil solution, and aloe vera lotion to prevent drying of skin.

The baking soda and apple cider vinegar even if the litmus paper showed blue may sometimes mean acidosis still if the kidney problem is indicated, especially if the alkalinity is too high. This happens too, whenever the body breaks down urea to form ammonia, for example, when the body is deeply acidic. The only way to know if that is the problem is that the body becomes LESS ALKALINE, when MORE BAKING SODA is taken, such amount I might try is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day.

When nanoinsects do come, in some case they died, but there is lingering effects, yours seeme to be still there anyway, but they will come out their hiding where the bright red spots surfaces to become many tiny black dots, which must be cleaned with cotton balls in alcohol solution.

The alcohol solution will cause some stinging pain but the itchiness will reduce. Some weak lavender solution is applied to handle the itchiness and some lotions will be used to handle some skin dryness.

As a further update, I have found adding 10 drops of 3% H2O2 in 1/8 teaspoon ( or 1/4 teaspoon) of borax in one liter of water improves the effectiveness of the killing off the nanoinsects, as peroxide are a penetrant.

A SATURATED borax and H2O2 1% might be prepared AS A TOPICAL external application for skin areas also, but may cause drying to further kill, but this is generally limited in such use, and therefore is optional.

Chlorella or Chlorella/spirulina also helps reduce the symptoms connected to lupus, but it helps to drink a bottled water, as some case the relief was reported after the contaminated water sources and the white bread were completely eliminated from the diet. Alloxan bleach in the bread, even in small amounts may have caused lupus flared up in one cases. In another, eating barbequed steaks lead to an even worse case.

Maintenance dose of zinc and vitamin b complex are quite important in the lupus recovery. The remaining lupus that don't die may kill all of it with a yet to be found herbal remedy. However, I suspect adding some xylitol (such as 2 teaspoon in the 1 liter of water with the 1/8 borax with some hydrogen peroxide 3% of about 10 drops minimum) may have help loosen the mycoplasma from attaching itself preventing pustules too. However, I prefer to do this separately and find out whether this indeed help at a later stage. Some other nutritional supplements such as fish oil and flaxseed also is helpful in raising normal immune system as well as quickening the mycoplasma die off found in lupus too. It is especially value if there's a deficiency already indicated of essential fatty acids.

Heartbeat Weak and Irregular

12/24/2007: A : Dear Ted, my wife is the youngest of 6 sisters. 4 have died of Lupus,-- from ages 34 to 40. One sister is now 52 years and is fine. My wife had her first bout of Lupus in 2004,when she was 42 years old. Then she had Low Platelets. She was prescribed the fol. med Deltacortil Plaquenil Danazol After about four months she was back to near normal. She developed a lot of weakness in the legs. The doctors said it is drug induced myopathy and would go away once she leaves the medicines. She has bean on a maintenance dose of Danazol 200mg daily and Plaquinel 200mg daily till July 2007, when she had a re-lapse. This time in July 2007 it was Mild Low Platelets and Albumin in Urine (Nephrotic Syndrome) She was started on the fol meds;- Deltacortil 70mg/day -----For the last 20 days, after gradual reduction it is 5mg/daily Plaquenil 200X2/daily Danazol 200mgx2/daily CellCept 500mgx 2+0+1 Neodipar 500mg 0+1+1 Amaryl 2mg 2+0+0 Tritace 5mg 1+0+0 Inderal 10mg 1+0+1 Zantac 1+0+1 This time again she had severe weakness in both legs, and it started about 15 days of starting the medicines. It is a little better now but she cant walk without support, cant climb stairs etc. Her heart beat becomes fast (80 to 104) even if she is resting, mostly in the mornings and at night. Since a few days she is complaining of weakness in the knees. Has lost a lot of hair----started with the first bout. Ted, can u make out something of this? I dont like to give the above meds but there is no way out. Please help. God be with you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Meh: Thank you for reminding me.

The general problems of weakness and heart beat appears to be an electrolyte imbalance. The lupus remedy is clearly mentioned in many of my postings. And the common treatment of remedy was to at least take prednisolone with a slow wean off while other seemed to worsen.

In one case of a lupus, the first day began with  the remedy began with just taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day, plus vitamin B50 taken twice a day and Magnesium Citrate 500 mg plus, 250 mg of potassium citrate taken AFTER the baking soda remedy, or 1/4 teaspoon of potassium can be added along with the baking soda remedy.

The condition of one case he did continue with the conventional medication, but he only took just the plaquenil, only in that case the dosage was halved. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate of about 1000 mg was taken in 5 days out of a week, were to treat the leg weakness, but vitamin E were taken too 400 at 400 i.u. Leg improvement were reported after the second week mostly from the vitamin C and vitamin E.

Irregular heart beat can be corrected in some cases from electrolyte imbalance by using 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water taken in the afternoon or other time would be o.k.

The second day the person felt much better, more energy but the lupus or the nanoinsect were still there causing pus and damaging the organs. Apparently the nanoinsect eat the organs up, if not treated soon leads to death. Therefore, on the second day was the day to kill these, using the 1/4 (men's dose) or 1/8 (woman's dose) of borax in 1/4 teaspoon and hydrogen peroxide 3% is added to about 10 drops in one liter of water taken for about 5 days out of a week. This was to be continued always.

On the third day, the vitamin E can be discontinued, a zinc gluconate was taken 50 mg for only 2-3 days out of a week for about 4 weeks. However it was the chlorella supplement that needed to be taken every two days to remove the free heavy metals that was fueling the condition.

The baking soda and potassium citrate was to be continued for 5 days out of a week, using the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water that must be taken throughout.

On the third day the person reported to me large improvement and with continuing improvement mostly from the baking soda and borax.

After a period of about 3 or 4 months, he reported almost completely normal, but apparently all the conditions of lupus were cured with the addition of an unknown herbal remedy he took.

In this case I mentioned, he only used medrol and prednisolone, but at a reduced dose.

Discoid Lupus

12/17/2007: olive from pasadena, nl, canada: Dear Ted, I'm 44 yrs old with Discoid Lupus , 3 mts ago. I read that I should stay away from eating red meat. Does that apply to wild game such as Moose meat? The moose eat on their natural habitat and shouldn't have any harmful chemicals. Also should I stay away from eating corn starch , a gravey thickner ? Does yeast affect my condition too ? If so , I guess I should stay away from consuming beer and breads ? White flour is harmful because it is bleached therefore if I can buy un-bleached white flour, can I eat it? What can I substitute for yeast to make bread? Is small amounts of tomatoe sauce tolerable for my condition? There is a type of Italion sausage made with tofo instead of meat that I can buy, would that be o.k to eat? I look foward to your suggestions since I don't know what I should eat anymore. I've lost about 15 pounds in 2 months. I know that this isn't helping my immune system either. Thank-you for your so valuable advice.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Olive:

Meats can be eaten, but not too often, high fats is what should be mostly avoided. Most of the problem I encountered comes from overdone or overcooked steaks high in fat.

It is the fats that is a problem. Fish are quite good and this can be taken, either boiled, in soup, or others. Chicken in generally is o.k. but an ocassional supplements of omega 3 and fish oil at least twice a week important as chicken today are grown too quickly and does not have sufficient omega 3 like the chicken we eat 40 years ago, due to industrial agricultural practices. Evening primrose oil is needed as it has Gamma Linoleic acid. once a week at least is also helpful, usually between 500-1000 mg.

Whole wheat bread or unprocessed bread, no white flour would generally be good, and brown rice is relatively safe. Most foods can be eaten, with exception of any canned, packaged and fast food. Home cook foods is safe, but you cannot use metal pots and pans, or at least avoid it, using boiled or steam is safer. Chelation therapy using chlorella helps as it remove the free heavy metals from the system.

Canned food and all packaged foods is a real problem as most of the lupus flares are initiated by pseudoestrogen coming from bisphenol A, plastic lining as the food causes the plastic lining to degrade into estrogen.

One other major flare up is the drinking water, usually tap which is high in free heavy metals, and should be avoided, especially from old pipes, despite "new development buildings". A dangerous flare up has occured on aspartame and sometimes monosodium glutamate and that can be avoided.

There is a lot that you can eat, the issue becomes the portion of food that can be eaten. A meat is 10-20% (not more), the rest are fish and vegetables, generally low fat in their natural form but not COMMERCIAL LOW fat product, which tends to add more sugar and cause the person to consume more, adding to the problem rather than reduction. Fish eaten early before a meat is eaten can trigger the brain to stop eating early as the high protein causes the body to be satiated relatively faster. The meats I prefer is chicken meat and possibly wild meat, but fish should be taken, that is relatively free from harmful heavy metals.

Most fruits can be eaten, but only whole fruits, and not too often. Vegetables, fish, unprocessed white flour, are o.k. Replace cooking oils with coconut milk. To help increase appetite and increase some energy level an ocassional vitamin B complex B50, usually taken twice or three times a week, plus some sodium ascorbate vitamin C usually 1000 mg, perhaps during the same time as vitamin B is taken. This should restore appetite, increase weight and energy level, mostly from what I suspect is B1 and B6.

In the course, the remedy that withstood the test of time is the borax, baking soda and peroxide remedy, which is 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water plus 10 drops of 3% H2O2 added. The borax remedy is just to prevent the lupus from attacking the body's organs or that the DLE won't advance to the stage of SLE. However, it is my observation that DLE for a year or more will advanced itself to joint pain and most DLE can be suppressed, enough to lead a normal life if the baking soda were taken but protection from organ damage using a small amount of borax were seen as helpful even with the skin rash improvement were clearly seen to improved after two or three weeks, or course the borax remedy I may use in 4 or 5 days out of a week with 2 or 3 day break.

The baking soda is taken 1/2 teaspoon twice a day and it is this alkalinity that can help most of the skin problem. However, avoiding too much Sun is important, some amount of Sun is still critical as it raises the body's immune system from the Vitamin D4 being produced which during summer the body can manufacture about 10,000 i.u. However too much can lead to worsening of DLE in the area where sun is exposed. The DLE has its ability to move around along the face, whenever lavender oil is applied and tries to change their location, and hence, if it is lightly applied it can avoid the face completely to other areas instead. In my opinion lavender oil 50% with some alcohol mixed seems to work the best, and perhaps a solution of borax in hydrogen peroxide 1% applied to the area, before a lubricant of vitamin E is applied can help kill the skin problem but works well if the body is sufficiently alkalized.

It should be noted that DLE flare ups occur mostly during winter and this is why vitamin D3 or D4 (or a cheaper D2) is most needed, which is around 10,000 i.u., but if not available 1000 or 2000 i.u. will do.

It should also be noted that cell death of monocytes and neutrophils and other white blood cells tend to be high in people with DLE and SLE are reduced if an unsweetened BLACK chocolates (made from 100% cocoa) or just pure 100% cocoa used for baking is eaten now and then, a favorable blood test of lupus might be noted because of the flavanoid rich chocolate, but it is somewhat synergistic with ocassional iodine mouthwash as the theobromine tends to reduce iodine and hence iodine is seen to offset some of the negative effects and the flavonoids my help kill the lupus. Supporting documents of its protective effect is reference below. The amount needed appears to be about at least 2 tablespoon or above of either black chocolate or cocoa, where I haven't quite calculate correctly the exact effective dosage yet, but I do know it is around 2 tablespoon which can be used as a starting value, and some tweaking may be necessary as my results are yet preliminary.

The same can be mentioned with possible ocassional cranberry as it is high in D-Mannose and some natural sodium benzoate or benzoic acid found there, and those quite cheaply without spending a lot money can help too. However, because of the lack of feedback on cooking unsweetened chocolate and cranberries, I can't say for certain at the moment its effectiveness, but has seen some major improvement and hopefully will update as information becomes available from my own personal sources.

As to your other questions:

If so , I guess I should stay away from consuming beer and breads ? Only white bread are ignored. The lining of beer may have estrogen bisphenol A plastic lining which further agravates lupus.

White flour is harmful because it is bleached therefore if I can buy un-bleached white flour, can I eat it?

No white flour is used, unrefined flour is better.

What can I substitute for yeast to make bread?

I might just eat rice or brown rice. It is a lot easier than to make a dough all you do is just boil it.

Is small amounts of tomatoe sauce tolerable for my condition?

Tomato sauce found in cans seem to agravate from the estrogen ones. Hence if this be taken only tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce packaged in glass bottles are safer.

There is a type of Italion sausage made with tofo instead of meat that I can buy, would that be o.k to eat?

Sausage is processed meat, and most dangerous kind. Tofu is o.k. and can replaced instead of meat, made from soybeans are a lot safer than packaged food packed in estrogen rich canned food from the plastic containers that breaks down in presence of acid and even neutral water.

If any additional questions just email me!.


12/13/2007: O from Canada: Hi Ted, thank-you for your time. I wrote to you before. I'm 44 yrs old with acute discoid lupus. After going on site, I've discovered a natural drug called Lupazol tm. Do you know anything about this drug ? I am taking 250mg of plaqunil daily. Would taking the lupazol with the plaquinil have side effects. Do you think it would help my condition?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Olive: Most known lupus that people are familiar with is the use of lyconutrients, in which Lupazol is one of them. However, my experience has been that it is quite helpful, at least initially, but the lupus is not cured. The only known information of a cure was the use of borax, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, with an unknown herbal remedy tincture that I am looking into that had a complete cure. Someone has used black salve, dissolved with plenty of water may have killed the rest of lupus, although I don't recommend them as it causes gastrointestinal problems (bulging stomach), and the curing of lupus is not 100% confirmed. As to the plaquenil, it is a problem that seemed to cause partial blindness and prednisolone might be a bit more benign, but a slow wean off is helpful in the long run. Whatever I do, the single most important element is to get the body to be alkaline first, with added hydrogen peroxide and borax. And if a herbal remedy is added, such as black walnut tincture, licorice extract or some other anti parasitic herbal medication is the best bet, at least for me to find the complete cure. Therefore, some use of plaquenil or prednisolone may help, but in the long run they needed to be discontinued somehow.

Lupazol and Plaquenil

12/08/2007: O from Pasadena, NL, Canada: Hi Ted, thank-you for your time. I wrote to you before. I'm 44 yrs old with acute discoid lupus. After going on site I,ve discovered a natural drug called Lupazol tm. Do you know anything about this drug? I am taking 250mg of plaqunil daily. Would taking the lupazol with the plaquinil have side effects. Do you think it would help my condition?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Olive: Most known lupus that people are familiar with is the use of glyconutrients, in which Lupazol is one of them. However, my experience has been that it is quite helpful, at least initially, but the lupus is not cured. The only known information of a cure was the use of borax, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, with an unknown herbal remedy tincture that I am looking into that had a complete cure. Someone has used black salve, dissolved with plenty of water may have killed the rest of lupus, although I don't recommend them as it causes gastrointestinal problems (bulging stomach), and the curing of lupus is not 100% confirmed.

As to the plaquenil, it is a problem that seemed to cause partial blindness and prednisolone might be a bit more benign, but a slow wean off is helpful in the long run. Whatever I do, the single most important element is to get the body to be alkaline first, with added hydrogen peroxide and borax. And if a herbal remedy is added, such as black walnut tincture, licorice extract or some other anti parasitic herbal medication is the best bet, at least for me to find the complete cure.

Therefore, some use of plaquenil or prednisolone may help, but in the long run they needed to be discontinued somehow.

Chemotherapy and Hospitalization

11/24/2007: K from Mexico: Dear Ted, I have been doing research on lupus cure and found EarthClinic which I think is amazingly interesting. My 44 year old sister was diagnosed with lupus 10 years ago and has recently had a crisis. She went to see her doctor because she was feeling ill and her doctor put her on chemotherapy because the lupus was damaging her kidneys. Needless to say, she has not been out of the hospital since (October 15). She has been in the intensive care unit due to complications with her heart and lungs because according to doctors she has liquid in both organs or an infection. She has gotten better now that she no longer needs an artificial respirator but doctors say her body has not yet responded to treatments being that lupus is still active and there is nothing else they can do. She started eliminating 3 grams of protein, then 6 grams and last time I was told, 13 grams of protein through urine tests. She is very swollen and although she feels good, she can't stand up because she is extremely swollen. What can I do to help her?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I was happy that you contacted me through messenger services mentioned to me that the "bugs" eat up the organs. While a person rarely survives on the 5th chemotherapy, a much safer remedy against lupus that I have tested to work fairly well as follows:

1/8 (woman's dose) to 1/4 teaspoon of borax, plus 10 drops of 10 H2O2 in one liter of drinking water, usually taken twice a day. Plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/8 teaspoon, if possible of the potassium citrate, in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day. Depending on how well a person tolerates the borax, the common ways is to start with 1/8 and in certain cases of lupus, some improvement further was possible as dose was slowly increase to 1/2 teaspoon in some cases. The key is to find a good comfort zone of the dose. H2O2 I have found to be the key to allow the borax to work much more better than the old formula of just borax.

I have also noted that people with lupus have crawly feelings, much like a nanoinsects eating up the organs. In fact my friend of mind the nanoninsect liquified the entire reproductive system before she died.

To help some organ recovery and regeneration some vitamin B50 and vitamin E is needed, plus a some aloe vera juice. An allantoin helps the cells regenerate better, while chlorella will help remove the free heavy metals which I have found many people with lupus touch or played with mercury, drink from old water pipes, live near a shipyard, or work with metals. Hence, it helps that chlorella supplements is taken to remove the heavy metal.

It is most important that the urinary pH be maintained at 7 for a quick recovery, which the major key to lupus improvement. But to get rid of bugs nearly complete or even completely is the use of borax. It should be noted that there is a possible cure by strengthening the remedy by adding the penetrant H2O2 drops to the one liter of drinking water to work best.

Discoid Lupus

11/17/2007: O from pasadena, nl, canada: HI ted, thank-you for your time. I wrote you yesterday but I feel that I didn't give you adequate info. to correctly acess my condition. I am 44 yrs old . I have been diagnosed with discoid lupus a month ago. It all started with blemishes on my right cheekbone area. I thought that it was just acne whick I usually got. I had been diagnosed with rasacea a few yrs back and my face would always seem red . Going back to the blemishes, when they started I was on holidays in Portugal and I guess with the over exposure to the sun , it made them worst. The blemishes or flare-up spread from the right cheek-bone area over the bridge of my nose and over the left cheek-bone area. The blemishes are very tender, pus filled but aren,t itchy. I am taking 200 mg of plaqunil, 1 tablet daily and have been taking them for 12 days. This doesn't seem to be controlling the flare-up's, in fact , it seems to have gotten worst. Before starting the plaquinil,upon waiting for the test results from the skin biopsy, the Derm. had me taking a oral antibiotic for 10 days ,applying a topical antibiotic, bactroban,twice daily and prednisone tabs for 3 wks. This seemed to have a better result but when the test results came back the Dr. said that the hair folicles in my face were being attacked by my immune system. He said the results were Discoid lupus. I don't feel any joint pain. I do occasionally have little sores behind my ears, occasional mouth sores and lip sores but my main concern is the blemishes on my face. Are there any foods that I shouldn't eat to avoid more flare-ups and what foods and vitamins can I take to help my problem. I've read that I shouldn't eat white or whole wheat bread then what type of bread can I eat. Alcoholic beverages in moderation, can I still have the 1 glass of red wine with meals? I read about the apple cider , baking soda and boric acid remedy. Would this be benificial with my problem ? I have started taking 2 seal-oil capsules a day since I don't eat much fish to get the needed omega 3 . Will this help ? should I increase the dosage? I really look foward to hearing from you as I am so imbarrased to leave the house with the condition that my face is in. God bless. Thank-you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually some people who are diagnosed lupus, either has a SLE (systematic lupus erythematosus or a DLE (discoid lupus erythematosus), that being I have seem some photos of skin of the entire cheeks being torn off and leaking with pus, steaming.

The major problems were certain dietary food, which seemed to be cheese, steaks, bacon, milk, pizza, white bread, and bad water that tastes bad, if left overnight.

The remedy was to drink a clean bottled water as that person were used to drinking from tap, which were found to be high in heavy metals. The other was taking enough of the baking soda (either that or mixed with lemon or apple cider vinegar) to get urinary pH of near 7. A urinary pH of 5-5.5 seemed to be the average pH for a person with lupus, so raising the pH seemed to do the trick to cause the skin to heal or noticed soem healing the next day.

If I shouldn't eat these foods what food s would be benificial to my condition? I read about the apple cider, baking soda and borax remedy. Would this be something that I could try?

The foods that can be eaten appears to be fishes, baked, boiled, vegetables, nuts and some fruits. Chicken can be eatened now and then, but mostly steamed or boiled chicken soup. The worse flare up were from steaks, fried foods, and sugar.

The best remedy and simplest remedy possible is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day, plus 1/4 teaspoon of borax mixed in one liter of drinking water, for men. Women seemed to require 1/2 of that dose. This will result in almost near normal condition with some small red spots.

Plaquenil seemed to cause blindness in many people I correspond with and medrol with lower dose seemed to be best in containing the condition, but no plaquenil is taken.

As to whether a complete cure is possible, I have seen a couple of cases, when taking with other herbal tincture extracts. Although personally I suspect those tincture extract may come from both the alcohol and the natural insecticidal properties from the chrysanthemum or neem taken internally. There are certain shampoo that contains pyrethrins that can be used externally that may help, but this is just a guess of mind since many cases of these lupus seemed to behave and respond in some ways like an insect, or technically a nanoinsect. But I am not striving for these discovery, but more of I getting a cure of lupus, which is close at hand, if I can identify them what exact element resulted in a complete cure of lupus. It would seem that once the herbal remedy were used, no doctor's med were needed.

Generally speaking, some vitamin B complex, some vitamin C, and magnesium should help improve the condition, although the B complex I think should be generally taken just once or twice a week to generally give strength to some people who felt weak from doctor's med.

The key to improvement is an electronic pocke pH meter is needed to monitor the urinary pH to be near 7, and take just enough the the baking soda (or preferably sodium and potassium citrate) to alkaline enough for the body to heal. Borax seems to be the second important key to the condition. I am presently exploring the third key at the moment. In the meantime, heavy metals seems to worsen the condition, and hence chlorella or chlorella spirulina, if from a good source, seems to help the condition too. But it should be noted that most cooking utensils are metal. The worse seemed to be the metal, such as iron. Oil based cooking seems to sop up heavy metals from cooking utensils like a sponge, and we eat them, further worsening the condition. Even boiling tea in an aluminum container or metal container is quite dangerous. Tannins seem to uptake a lot of metals during the boiling. Hence, if tea or coffee is needed, boil them in a glass jar, never a metal container. The metals fuels the lupus. Many people who work around metals seem to be susceptible to lupus, such as housing near a shipyard, drinking tap water from an old pipes, working near metal pipes and valve, or even working for years near a heavy machinery.

Would this be benificial with my problem ?

Yes, the baking soda & borax remedy will help a lot. But it has to be taken sufficiently for the baking soda for the urine pH to be near 7, and this will help the most for the skin.

Plaquenil rarely helped the condition. Certain antibiotics seems to work well such as the ones you mentioned.

The DLE can be quite scary at time, but the reversal can be quite quick if sufficient alkalinity is done such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day. A more effective remedy seems to be one whole lime dissolved in 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water two or three times a day. Some skin improvement will be noticed, at least reduced them. Although a 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water a still needed for 5 days out of a week and it takes about well through the second week to notice a tolerable improvements and some makeup can cover a minor rashes.

The best food to eat are generally boiled, steamed, fishes, rice, some chicken, ocassional chicken, and sometimes fruits, plenty of vegetables in salads. Rice is generally better than bread since most white flour were bleached using bromine and has not been helpful. It is important to generally avoid all fried, oily, sugar, steaks, and white bread. Aloe vera drinks, without sugar is quite helpful as well as the chlorella supplements.

Boric Acid Vs Borax

10/17/2007: Lisa : Ted: I have had Lupus now for just over 10 years. I have refused any and all medications for this disease and refuse to put them in my body. Of course, my doctors keep telling me that I will die if I dont get on something. I went into the hospital because of what felt like lactic acid buildup, I guess experimenting with copper, i was detoxing way too fast. Dr's got a hold of me, drugged me up, pumped me up with over 1000 mg of steroids, given I dont know how many antibiotics. because of the steroids my heart was only beating 5% of its capacity, had stage 4 kidney failure, temporary diabetes, and hepatitis A, everything that could go wrong did. I felt raped. I was comatosed for 2 months. Could not believe they nearly killed me. Now I feel worse. On my own, I'm on Nystatin, 1tsp baking soda, and 2 tbsp of acv. I just now got my hands on boric acid, I'm not sure but I think that is the same as borax. Can you confirm if it is? And how much is a safe dose. Anymore suggestion or advice for me would be greatly appreciated

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A nystatin is a reasonable remedy, not a perfect one. Lupus has myocplasma and behaves like fungus, but in other cases a lupus can be misdiagnosed, when it is really Morgellon's disease. One easy way to tell if if lavender oil was applied to the skin, the red spots would run away to a new location within about less than an hour. Some people describe this as moving red spots and some told me the insect bites seems to be located in the same area. Certain essential oils are somewhat insecticidal, especially orange oil, which comes from an orange peel. The dose I might use is 5-10 drops mixed in 1/2 glass of water, but a skin application requires that it be diluted down to below 5% in an alcohol solution (more like 1%) and applied to the skin to rid of insect under the skin. However, a more effective remedy is the saturated borax in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution applied to the skin might be helpful too.

As to the boric acid, it is not exactly the same as borax. Boric acid is an acid form of borax, and the boron contents are much higher in a boric acid. Hence, if boric acid is used, although I won't use it, the dose is roughly 1/2 of whatever borax were if I were desperate enough. Then I would still add baking soda to neutralize the acid, such as 1 teaspoon of baking soda per liter. One example I find of extreme necessity is 1/16 teaspoon of boric acid plus 1 teaspoon of baking soda, to allow the baking soda to neutralize the acid. If a borax were use, things would be a lot easier, such as 1/8 or 1/4 teaspoon of borax and that's it.

In the long run, I would much prefer buying a B.P. grade Borax, or USP grade borax, or even an Analytical or Technical grad from a chemical suppliers and use that. The best grade is the food grade, but I don't think they have that in the market.

A lupus is most important remedy is the borax and the baking soda, if I have nothing else to work on. It has becoming important that 6 drops of H2O2 added to the 1 glass of water can also return some energy back to the system.

You were got the right idea on the copper as being toxic to the mycoplasma. But their use is relatively difficult. Actually when they are given as a livestock feed for example, they will use a less than 1% concentration of either copper sulfate or copper chlorde and only a small fraction of that is use, such as a 1 tablespoon of the 1% solution. That's just the

technicality, but the copper chloride can be converted into a safer copper peptide by adding 0.5% solution of copper chloride to a soy sauce. At least that is how science laboratory does it when making a simple copper peptide, since the soy sauce is rich in amino acid. One peculiarly well known amino acid is the Bragg's amino acid.

Essential oils are also antifungal, such as adding drops of it from vetiver, thyme, clove, cinnamon, are some of the possibilities.

The key getting lupus in control (just the foundations) actually is to raise the pH urine to 7, through the use of 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid. The dose may be increase or decrease necessary to raise the body of the immune system. The second is the borax, as I have described.The third that is optional is the 35% H2O2 6 drops that seems to get a good feedback whenever weakness is indicated.

Hope some of this information is helpful for you!

Suffering From Lupus Since 30 Years

10/10/2007: Tracey from Australia: i do have a question i have i have lupus and i have never taken the medication. i have S.L.E my face is red all over not like a butterfly rash but just very red looks as if i am sun burn the only white bit on my face is under my bottom lip. i have recently start dying my hair and having streaks would this affect my face to be like this i am under a lot of stress i must tell u that my marriage broke up as a result of my depression and mood swings i am 41 and have had lupus since i was 30 years old and have taken nothing at all. yours faithfully, tracey in australia

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Tracey: Sorry to take some time to answer as I was checking up on another person with a similar condition to you and finding which remedies will most help your condition! I think I have found it. This is your condition:

I have S.L.E my face is red all over not like a butterfly rash but just very red looks as if i am sun burn ..

It is the mycoplasma, and can simply be eliminated by about 90% just taking about 50-100 mg of zinc acetate. Here's the catch: the person who had similar condition was taking zinc supplements for many months and no relief. So I suspected his supplements were simply not working, so I sent him my own zinc acetate in powdered form and let him put them under the tongue for at least five minutes taken twice a day at 100 mg, once at 11 a.m. and another at 3 p.m.

Within ONLY ONE day his red spots was reduced by 80%. Further taken it resulted in further reduction and completely stopped the red spots. However, I suspect that cotton bud application of some H2O2 3% apply very lightly on skin, or lower dose still can also reduce the red spots. Mycoplasma have a peculiar weakness: oxygen.

It must be remembered that if you want to take your own zinc supplements, zinc chloride or zinc acetate is the preferred form, but never zinc sulfate. You need to chew the zinc supplements in your mouth and leave it under the tongue for at least 5 minutes otherwise the body will not absorbed. The red spots attack often occurs between 12 p.m to about 5 p.m. at time when the body immune system is lowered.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The spots on face can also be stopped with an external application of a 50% vinegar and 3% H2O2, applied lightly to face using cotton buds, about 4 times a day. Both vinegar and H2O2 are strong penetrants and both of these at the same time will kill the mycoplasma which appears on the face. It will reduce by at least 30% within the course of 24 hours, and will further reduce in size over several days along with supplementation. In fact you can add a small amounts, such as 5% for example of the following will further kill them to if applied externally: manganese chloride, zinc acetate, and some borax. Manganese and zinc is what the body uses to protect the body, but in salts form they are toxic to the mycoplasma, while borax prevents the sugar from being utilized by the anaerobic organism too. And as a reminder, the lecithin of course will cut off the sterols (cholesterol) food the organism required. So taking plenty of granulated lecithin 4 times a day on empty stomach at about one tablespoon, and one or two tablespoon of it mixed along with the food should reduce some excess fatty sterols circulating in the blood and thus starving them. Sometimes the mycoplasma, not often, causing the red streaks are due to heavy metals, another food source, can be remove by oil chelation, what is commonly referred to as "oil pulling". For my own methods using plenty of sunflower oil with swishing around the mouth for 5 minutes then spit it out, and do it several times will remove heavy metals as heavy metals are oil soluble. Oil chelation works because your mouth is the only organ that has internal fluids constantly re circulating back, so in a fish tank analogy it makes for a nice place where you can add some filter or absorbers to suck up whatever pathogens and free radical heavy metals from the body.

Currently I am examining the possibility of using bentonite powder mixed with water as it has a very strong electrical charge to pull bacteria, or possibly mixing a small amount of bentonite and vegetable oils to improved the removal process. Of course primitive equipment in my house, necessitates me to find ingenious way to get the answers without the use of expensive laboratory equipment, and this requires time. So if you don't want to wait you are also free to try it since it is also quite safe. As a reminder you must spit this out and do not swallow as they are sucking up toxic substances out of the body. Other possibility exists such as activated charcoal etc. that you can experiment also. Good luck!

10/29/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Wish to tell you some results of reducing red spots of lupus. The application on skin with cotton buds of 3% H2O2 food grade or H2O2 free of chemical stabilizers worked very well in reducing spots to almost zero. Lupus in many ways, but not everything acted like a fungus. I found that adding borax plus hydrogen peroxide or just hydrogen peroxide alone applied thinly on the skin with cotton buds on the skin 3-4 times a day will almost eliminate most of the lupus spots. As a result, taking about 6 drops of H2O2 in a glass of water also helped reduce this from the inside out. In some cases eating some oranges with some orange peels also help, but most people find distasteful but seems to work in cases where H2O2, or borax is unavailable. In Thailand we have a delicacy of eating salted dried orange peels which seems to help certain skin conditions and it is much more tasty.
11/05/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Tracey: Update on latest finding on red streaks. I have found that the use of lavender oil (100%) applied to red spots or streaks stops it almost instantaneously. You may obtain the lavender oil from any aromatherapy shops or nature shops. You can apply it as often as possible. Do not apply near the eyes or too much as this will cause the eyes to water too much. Just apply enough. Frequency of application is important.

Mother with Lupus

09/30/2007: R from Canada: Hi Ted, My mother was recently diagnosed with Lupus. The doctors say there is no cure. The doctors had first assumed that she suffered from an unknown type of arthritis. They kept switching her medication yearly, but her pain never lessened. She has suffered from this pain for approximately 6 years. She has severe flare ups, they occur at random. The wellings are very red, painful, and ususally occur in the joints of her hands, elbows, knees, shoulders, wrists, etc. It is very difficult for her to move her limbs when these flares occur. After a recent visit to the rheumotologist, it was determined that she has Lupus. While researching we came across your page on Lupus on the earthclinic website. We are hoping that you will be able to provide us with a way to help our mother. Many people seemed to have benefitted from your assistance. She is in her late 40s, average build, not overweight, but she does have high blood pressure. Her skin appears to be pale, and she is very weak. After reading your page, we have decided to start providing her with baking soda and borax as you consistently mention. What dose should we give her? What other types of vitamins should she take? Can you please provide us with some recommendations as to what steps we should take, and what medications or remedies we should use to help her and eventually make this Lupus dissapear.

Thank you soo much for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The remedy posted, in a more serious cases which is about 1/4 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water is drank usually everyday for about 5 days out of a week. (Usually starting small such as 1/8 for a couple of days is usually best so the body can get used to it.) The baking soda basically is taken 1/2 teaspoon taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water on an empty stomach.

For woman's dose the need for borax appears less than men in some cases, but those age groups are usually 50 or 60 age or above. Other supporting remedies were just as important, which is dietary control. Basically fatty foods must be avoided, vegetable oils of all kinds, steak, cheese, white bread, and other acid forming food. Although fish is o.k. There seems to be heavy metals involved in all this and some have actually benefited from taking chlorella supplements just to remove the heavy metals, which I find were usually mercury, but sometimes cadmium.

The chlorella supplements are often taken only 4 days (or possibly 5 - I could never figure that out) with 2 or 3 days rest period. Borax needs two day's rest, and so is the baking soda. Most of the pain comes from the mycoplasma which thrives in mercury and high metal environment, hence the need for removal of heavy metals, anti-fungal remedies such as borax, and the dietary fish and salads (NO VEGETABLE OILS, maybe some coconut oil mixed in food, but not too much).

The other source of sickness comes from acidosis, where the urine pH I found to regularly be below 6 (actual figures are lower) and the optimum urinary (and salivary pH) is seen to be around 7. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate are also helpful, frequent zinc gluconate supplements (50 mg, 2 times a week, and then pare off later in the month). Magnesium citrate 250 mg taken 5 days out of a week with plenty of water should reduce the pain, or joint pain. Both the boron and the magnesium are synergistic.

Most of the pain are sometimes opportunistic bacteria hidden in the ligaments. Magnesium, zinc, and boron (from borax) will usually handle most of the problems. It is important that calcium be avoided, otherwise the condition get worse. If weakness is indicated I will usually add 3-6 drops of 3% H2O2 in one glass of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. However if baking soda were already taken, then just 3 drops of 3% H2O2 in a glass of water should suffice. Autoimmunity is a misnomer, at least for lupus, the problem is really the mycoplasma or the mycobacterium, they usually have their existence from the vaccinations, or in some cases from atmospheric contaminants, which some people call it "chemtrails".

Many people I found were working near metals, such as shipyard, mechanical engines, valves, and or even water with very high heavy metals, such as mercury that I have found to be quite high. So high the tap water practically goes bad overnight in room temperature. People ecovering from lupus quite continue with the remedies. Other remedies helpful against the lupus is selenium (displaces mercury), kyolic garlic, and other similar anti fungal natural therapies.

Still, the basics are borax and the baking soda, as an emergency measures.

As a sidenote, the most effective alkalizing remedies may be the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid, in 1/2 or 1 glass of water taken twice a day. Citrates are actually a more effective form of alkalizing, being more compact and longer lasting on alkalizing of the body,and it also reduces excess serum calcium that is responsible for some of the joint pain.

p.s. most softgel or liquid multivitamins will do. However twice a weeks should be enough since they tend to be acid forming. Starting does is usually 1/8, the buildup to 1/4 if no problems. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate is very important and I think I would take it 5 days out of a week. It has antifungal properties. Green tea reduces free iron metals from the body. I might consider 500 cc green tea (no milk, no sugar) twice a day at least. It's quite diuretic, if you got a good quality one, should have catechins.


08/29/2007: S : I am a 39 yr old woman who was diagnosed with Lupus 19 yrs ago. I am currently on 10mg of Prednisone daily and 200mg Celebrax daily. I have been taking the Prednisone from day 1, needless to say I have had to have my left hip replaced. Due to the Prednisone. I have cut out all sugar and most dairy products. I exercise 5-6 days a week And I eat mostly red meat and vegetables. I have been in remission and not had a flare up for the last 7 yrs. I do not have any rashes or the butterfly rash , never had. I can go out in the sun too. I will always have to take the Prednisone at this point. I have tried not taking the Celebrax and my hands tend to ache. So I am wondering if I was misdiagnosed? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A lupic cell count can reveal whether there is lupus or not. Usually the lupic cell should be nil. If they done that through the blood tests then this is one simple way of being sure. Sometimes people can go through remissions and had not have a flare up with proper dietary control, which means avoiding sugar, white bread, oly foods, and acid forming foods in general. Normally people with lupus migh have this sun exposure problem and hence skin reaction in areas exposed to the sun.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Lupus

08/09/2007: T : Ted, Do you know about apple cider vinegar and lupus? I am seeing a Rheumatologist on the 22nd of August to try and determine what kind of autiommune disease I have. Possibly Butterfly Lupus or drug induced (high blood pressure medicine). I am taking 2.5 pednisone (Once daily in the AM) I have started using 2 T. spoons of apple cider vinegar (with water) in the AM and PM on an empty stomach. Then I was reading on the internet about adding soda. I was interested in knowing what apple cider vinegar and prednisone would do. Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Basically the acetate portions is detoxifying to the body and reduces the inflamation, while the malate might allow the body to increase its resistance by giving energy to the cells on immunity, but most of the recovery is seen when adding baking soda to the apple cider vinegar. In case the apple cider vinegar is applied in the case of lupus, the baking soda portion needs more than the usual dose needed to obtain a higher alkalinity to fight off the lupus. The remedy therefore appears to be 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, in 1/2 glass to 3/4 glass of water, taken twice a day, on an empty stomach, or apart from eating meals one hour or more. Because the lupus, in my own observations relates more to fungus, two additional remedies I believe is responsible for getting people with lupus to at least have a normal life, which is the borax and the chelation, such as the use of chlorella alone or chlorella with spirulina in case chlorella is not sold separately. Fungus tend to have a weakness which most people (even the doctors!) are not aware of which is the effect of alkalinity and the effect of boron has on antifungal or anti mycoplasma initiated by the lupus. Parasitic form of lupus (which is part of the cause that made it worse) are also killed with the borax too.

I was interested in knowing what apple cider vinegar and prednisone would do.

Both prednisone and apple cider vinegar are anti-inflammatory but it is the apple cider vinegar in itself that is anti-inflammatory by detoxification in the liver, which comes from the acetate portion of the apple cider vinegar. However, the anti-inflammatory actions of apple cider vinegar is pretty much limited without the additional benefits of alkalinity that is also anti-inflammatory, and somewhat anti-mycoplasma when alkalinity of the sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda (NEVER BAKING POWDER!) that is used. However, it is still limited, without the additional supplements of borax, at least in my opinion, where the remedy seen is 1/4 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water usually taken at least once a week or twice a week. Other people dose varies, this one mentioned here is just the minimum frequency. Woman seems to require 1/2 of the dose, which is seen at only 1/8 teaspoon of borax per one liter of drinking water.

My own experience has been that not much benefit were derived that much from prednisone, if we compare against the more natural remedies.


08/03/2007: Cheryl : thank you so much for answering my email.!!! i felt honored. i hope you get my email from yesterday on the site.

TED you deserve the nobel peace prize of humanity. for your humanitarian efferts here. i wish i could repay your kindness. i was in so much pain. it hurt all over my body. but infection is slow occuring and it slowly covers body undetected by the brain. untill its too late. then when it is detected there is no help. only drugs for profit. thank you, i owe you my life. i feel so much better now. it has been 12 weeks of your remedys. i look 5 years younger. i went fishing for the first time in 5 months. i caught 3 trout fish, cleaned them and ate till i was full. then i ate pineapple. (then drank my apple cidder vinegar with baking soda). i am young, 44 years old. i used to look like i was 60. i have my real body back. i am beautiful again. thanks to you. i am happy. it is hard to know the truth though. the melevalent nature of things. but it was much harder living with the disease of the epithial cells. it was sooo very painful. as you can imagine, these cells cover all the internal linings, including ducts in the body. it is labled "lupus" in serious stage) (very inervated areas that are very sensitive.) horrific situation here. but i am strong. i am going to fight as hard as i can. i did not deserve this pain. a am almost pain free now. my PH is in better range. i am going to add the zinc glucanate and magnesium gluconate as soon as i can. i am going to get PH strips since this element so very important. i dont have much money. i am nurse out of work due to illness. but i will find a way. i am going to get PH in range of 7.5 and keep it there untill i am well. then let it go to 7.0 and see what happens. there is a old saying in literature that says "physician heal thyself" i think it was by father of american medicine hippocrates. i am not sure but i am going to see who said it. but this is so true in reality of this life. trust needs to be shifted to own brain to heal ourselves.if logic is followed, the answers are there. thank you TED, you are a beautiful human being. with a beautiful mind. i want to read everything you write. is there more somewhere? i wish you love and happiness always

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cheryl: I am happy to hear of your feedback on the lupus/mycoplasma being gone! Zinc need not be taken too often just enough so that the body can function smoothly.

It is important always to keep the pH in alkaline and most people I have seen can lead a normal life. It is important to especially mention that certain food contraindicated for lupus are usually the steaks, white bread, sugar, vegetable oils and cheese. I am very much anti vegetable oils as we are consuming too much when I think I should concentrate more on essential oils.

I believe always keep the eyes on the ball, in this case it is the baking soda (alkalizing pH close to 7) and the borax. Two of the most critical remedies for lupus.

It would make me much happy if more people know about the lupus remedy.

Niacin and Niacinamide

07/26/2007: Tatiana from Vancouver, Canada: I noticed that on the lupus cure pages 1 and 2, Ted recommended taking Niacin on the first page, and recommended taking niacinamide on the second page. I'm sure one is a typo...but which one?! Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: No, not typo. Niacin is used whenever capillary circulation is needed. However, for most B3 related deficiency and problems, I would generally used niacinamide as it does not cause flushing. For really tough cases of reducing cholesterol, an aspirin and niacin is used. Aspirin prevents the flushing, but has to be taken 30 minutes first. For most condition not related to microcirculation then a niacinamide is preferred.

Borax to Kill the Fungus or to Detox the Flouride

07/25/2007: cheryl from corpus christi, texas: i am writing about ted`s remedies for mycoplasma infections. i am a 44 yr old registered nurse. i do not believe our medical system is for healing. i have seen too much. it is only to make money, not help people. its sad. i believe i have a vaccine induced illness.(which lowered my immunty) i thought i had aspergers syndrome, but on closer inspection this is all over my body, not just my brain. i have systemic candida, chronic bladder infections. kidney pain,foggy brain. sensory problems. so i am guessing that whatever this is it is , well everywhere.i think it is fungal and viral in nature. my condition worsened 2 years ago when i moved to the coast with a higher humidity and higher fungal count. immediately i started having severe chronic bladder infections. allergys, and overall poor health. i went to my doctor, he gave me antibiotics (i was programmed). the antibiotics helped, but it would come right back. i even went to a urologist who dilated the urethra. he told me i had a stricture. it was all wrong. i finally went to a neurologist. he told me i had systemic candida. finally the truth. but then he ordered diflucan 200 mg, which made me very sick, with headaches,fatigue and kidney pain. so i stopped taking it cause i felt so bad. then 5 days later it came back worse as ever, my bladder hurt so bad i thought i was going to die. so i started taking the diflucan again. then i came to this site and saw the coconut oil rememdy, and i read everything Ted wrote. i think he is right. as i do have a medical background and i do know what doesn`t work. i have seen everything that does not work. i think it is americas worst scam on the american people. i would rather be exterminated by a concentration camp than forced to suffer a long slow death while the medical system profits. i have seen it all my life at work, not understanding what was going on.i knew something was wrong, but i couldnt figure it out because the "system" has all its bases covered. but then i figured it out. i wanted to know why i was so sick. so i did my own research, and stopped being a follower as i was trained. if i am going to die from something, i want to know why. i always ate well, i dont drink or do drugs. i got plenty of exercize, but i still got sick all the time. it made no sense. so here i am, sick, unable to work, and angry that i was decieved by my own counrty. but i do not give up easy, i am not going to lay down and die without a fight. i am doing the remedies i can afford, ACV +BAKING SODA 2 times a day, i take msm, dhea,garlic,fish oil,vitamins. thats all i can afford now.

i have a comment and question for TED: comment-thank you for your help, i know you are right,and also thank you for your time with helping me. question: can i start taking the coconut remedy now, so i can stop the diflucan medicine? is the borax to kill the fungus or to detox the flouride? i just started the borax treatment today. it was scarry but i did it. and i am going to do it for the next 4 days. then rest for 2 days, then i will start again. 4 days on borax,2 days off. i hope thats right. i am having some mild kidney pain, i think from the candida in the kidneys (i dont know) i think the candida may be growing in my kidneys. maybe you will know why they hurt. my urine is normal color. so i guess the main question is how can i stop the diflucan without having a huge growing of the candida? i was thinking that if i start the coconut oil, i would be able to stop the diflucan? i do have the brown spots on my skin, it is on my forearms,hands,face,shoulders.oh and one more thing, i did do a detox diet for 1 week before i started anything. the doctor that ordered the diflucan said i needed to take valtex (antiviral) in 2 weeks. he wont say why, (i do not have the condition it is usually prescribed for (genital hepes). so i figured he is prescribing it for some "other virus" maybe the stealthy one. sorry so long, but there is no help here. i am on my own. it is scarry and hard. thank you for any help you can give.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cheryl: Sorry about late response so many email! And thank you very much for your email!

In response to your questions:

Can i start taking the coconut remedy now, so i can stop the diflucan medicine?

Coconut oil and coconut products are considered to be food and can be taken anytime, with diflucan or without diflucan. People usually stop taking medicine whenever they feel better as a general rule. This is how we can know. I believe eating fishes (they are high in amines) have somewhat antifungal properties also. Amines generally decompose into a weak ammonium compound which have antifungal properties.

A couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% such as 3 drops in one glass of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda may also help. Is the borax to kill the fungus or to detox the flouride? The borax does both killing the fungus and detoxing fluoride.

i just started the borax treatment today. it was scarry but i did it. i am having some mild kidney pain, i think from the candida in the kidneys (i dont know) i think the candida may be growing in my kidneys.

Usually 2-3 times a week should be more than sufficient in general. Magnesium may also help.

It is important to monitor urinary pH to get it near 7.0 at the very least. Fungus generally dies off nearly completely when pH is fairly high such as pH of 7.5. To get those numbers, I would generally prefer a lime and baking soda remedy. It's 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken two times a day.

Antiviral zinc and magnesium, in the form of zinc gluconate 50 mg and magnesium gluconate 250 mg. helps in case I suspect it is virus.

Borax Is Toxic

07/18/2007: B : Hi Ted, I am learning so much from your advice and recommendations on lupus and I hope it's ok to ask questions as they come up (sent one earlier today as well , wanting to know whether borax is TOXIC and not to be ingested, as we were taught). It seems that the correct diet is crucial for success to limit or eradicate lupus symptoms and you being such an expert in microbiology, I need to ask a few food questions, as I am confused on some issues of food avoidance.

Last year I had the ALCAT allergy test done, which is supposedly the gold standard (cost a lot and not covered by my medical aid):

1) Dairy: Is it necessary to avoid whey protein too, or only milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Is goat milk protein ok? My tests show an immune response to goat milk but not whey. This is so strange, because I NEVER consume goat products.

2) Grains: Is spelt ok, or is it considered a wheat, even though it is an ancient grain and not GMO? My tests showed no immune response to wheat, rye, oats, gluten or gliadin. I have my own rye sourdough starter, started from scratch with just flour and water and no commercial yeasts, and bake whole spelt bread with it. I also sprout spelt seeds, grind them up and bake essene bread. What about Rejuvelac, a naturally fermented drink from sprouted spelt seeds, in place of yogurt?

3) Yeasts: All of the above will have some sort of natural yeast involved. My tests showed an immune response to yeast and soy, but negative for candida. I love tamari and miso, but they are yeasty, so can I not eat them? There is a lot of hype about soy, but new research shows that it is beneficial in its fermented form, which destroys the harmful phytates. Sushi is just not the same without tamari. And what about lecithin? Is there a difference in natural yeasts and commercial yeast?

4) Sweet things: Is honey ok or must all sweet things be avoided? Coffee and chocolate is taboo for me, but some honey, for which my test was ok, would be nice in some herbal tea. What about xylitol?

Questions not food related.

1) I use topical bio-identical estrogen and progesterone in a liposomal base according to a cycle recommended by Dr Wright. It has made a huge difference to all my menopausal symptoms. Would this worsen the lupus symptoms? I tried all sorts of herbal phyto-estrogens, with no success.

2) If my PH is ok in the morning, do I still need to take the buffer drink in the morning, maybe to keep me alkalized for the rest of the day? Is it possible to be too alkaline? Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication. You are heaven sent and your remedies may just save my life.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: An immune response even if you don't consume is due to the body's inability to adjust with an unknown protein of microbial origins and has not adjusted it.

Generally borax is an ESSENTIAL mineral in mammals and plant. Excess fluoride, which is really not essential because I have seen stunted plant growth and development problems in pets, (that and chlorinated water!) and the only known antidote against chlorine is the sodium thiosulfate drops added to drinking water often sold as dechlorinator used in fish tanks, and boron found in borax to chelate and remove fluoride that accumulates in the pineal gland, accelerating the aging process (and death!) by disrupting melatonin levels and body's natural cycles of circadium rhythm that controls sleep. Doctors use fluoride and calcium accumulation as a "biomarker" to aging" and melatonin and pineal gland is involved in the body's antioxidant as well as immune system.

Therefore, allergy tests while good, I can tell you that the it won't reveal that certain foods block the body's immune system (oily fatty foods always does that), such as cheese, fried foods, and snacks, especially potato chips. Steaks has made lupus condition a lot worse due to the oiliness of the food. It is therefore important that fat emulsifiers and food surfactants are used to rid of oils and other fat soluble RANCID fats that causes the liver to become cirrhotic and enlarged liver. One obvious thing is while it is true that taking too much vitamin A being a fat soluble vitamin is not good for you because it accumulates in the body, people do not have given much thought to eating oily and fatty foods ALSO accumulates in the body too and the body has limited ability to rid of them without sufficient fat emulsifiers, which bile does to some limited extent. Baking soda remains essential because it basically does two things, it has limited surfactant capabilities (fat emulsification) and it alkalizes the body (bicarbonates) reducing the bile stress that can occur and indirectly reducing liver problems.

The two critical remedies are borax (taken only two months and usually a couple of days in a week) and baking soda (taken always) will keep lupus at bay. The third issue is to avoid oily fatty and sweet foods, cheese, fried food and steaks(Bar BQ no exceptions!) is on the top of my list!

Without the complicated 300 page diet plan this can be easily summarized in one sentence: a good healthy meals (and weight loss) would consist of only high protein low fat food with complex carbohydrate and fiber.

An example of that would translate to fish, rice and vegetables. Spaghetti are also complex carbs too. Take enough supplements, but not too little or too much! Moderation is the key.

Lupus and Ana Test

07/13/2007: J : Hi Ted, I am a 35 year old Asian female. Recently I have had very bad joint and muscle ache all over my body. My family doctor did blood work and said that I might be having LUPUS and the ANA test came out borderline positive. The other symptoms i am having are sores on my tongue and red patches the size of a dime on my body which will turn greenish-purple and then vanish. My doctor asked me to take NAPRONEX 500mg twide a day for a month and asked me to come for blood work again. I have been losing hair more than normal for past few months. I have been diagonised with positive ANA in the first week of July 2007 and I am on NAPRONEX for since 5th of July 2007. I have a 20 month old son after battling infertility for 5 years. I would want to be healthy and live to see him grow up. I was taking steroid injections for keloids for quite sometime. I don't know if that triggered it or the hair dyes I have been using for long. Please give me a remedy. I was so overwhelmed looking at your website. Please help. -- Regards.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: As a summary, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken 2 times a day once in the morning and once in bed time. This should almost always be taken, usually 5 days out of a week.

Chlorella supplements taken 5 days out of a week.

And 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water 3 or 4 days out of a week and drink that throughout the day. The boron should kill most of the bugs in 1-2 months.

The baking soda should allow the body to maintain a steady urine pH of 7 and other supplements should also be taken and just look at the website.

Most of the improvement should be noticed within the second or third week and blood should begin to normalizes within 2-3 week and possibly near normal within 2-3 months. However, it is still necessary to maintain a urinary pH of 7, being the key. Other remedies should also be used, but those are the main issues.

Borax Treatment for Lupus

06/30/2007: Michael from Lakewood, NJ: Borax treatment for Lupus: I am on day 5 of my 1/4 tsp borax & 1/2 tsp baking soda w/ acv treatment for my Lupus & it is Working!! I have severe skin problems, butterfly rash, redness on farhead, etc., it is really getting less noticeable each day. Still have alittle brain fog & head pains, some joint pain but all lesser, I did camphor 10% alcohol rub (couldnt find powder), with eucilyptus, and it did help. Im wondering if after 2-3 wks all symptoms are gone if they come back again??

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Great to hear you treated the lupus successfully. Some people I know won't even try and then they just die.

I'm wondering if after 2-3 wks all symptoms are gone if they come back again??

It takes about a month to get rid of the bugs, but baking soda should always be taken to prevent a recurrence, but only 5 days out of a week.

For men, borax can be used like you mentioned, however a woman's dose appears to need less then a men's dose, or at least frequency by about 1/2.

It takes about a month to kill what I loosely call the nanoinsects. Whatever is left after a month's period is the mycobacterium and certain fungus like organism, which require a bit longer.

Those can be avoided indefinitely, if a baking soda remedy dose is taken about 1/2 teaspoon once in the morning and once before bedtime dose for people with a lupus condition.

In my own experience, lupic cells should no longer detectable (after about 2-3 months) but baking soda must maintain a urinary pH of about close to 7 so that it can never come back. Baking soda in in opinion should at least be taken for either 5 or 6 days out of a week.

In some instances a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda is o.k. if the 1/2 teaspoon is too much for some people, which might lead to slight dizziness.

What you are doing, dose, and frequency in my opinion appears to be a bit agressive in the treatment for some people, especially woman.

I would like to reconfirm, that so far most important remedy is still the borax and baking soda, after endless trial and error. I have as yet to improve on that, but most people seem not to care anymore with their dramatic improvements. The third most important remedy I found is daily chlorella supplements (only 5 days out of 7 please!) that people might consider also. Of course general health and other supplements should also be considered too.

Weight Training

05/31/2007: Philippe : Greetings Ted, I am a male of 37yrs. who was diagnosed with SLE at the age of 17. I am now in Lupus Nephrotic stage but the kidneys seem to be under control right now. I take 10 mg. of Prednisone and 3000mg of Cellcept daily. The Cellcept seems to work some wonders. My question is what would be a good supplementation routine for me considering that I have been also training with weights since I was 17. I am starting to suffer some cartilage problems and can no longer go as heavy as I used to. There are lots of bodybuilding supplements to help with the weight training but I have no idea which ones might cause a flareup. Also, my mental acuity is not quite as sharp as it used to be so that is also a concern. I guess I am needing you to restate the PH normalizing formula for a man of 37 yrs. at 6ft., 200lbs. with about 14 percent body fat with a bodybuilding and mental proficiency benefit. I also have never suffered any discoid outbreaks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Philippe: Most flare ups of SLE is often the result of sugars and fats. Not withstanding, I have found a clear pattern of people with SLE, to have use metals or deal with metals that gets into the blood. One woman worked with metal valves, another one with industrial machinery, and you are handling metals from weights. Therefore you would be most helped, and I recently found that most companies have improved the quality of supplements that I can now recommend such use, of chelators to remove heavy metals responsible for SLE. One that can help is chlorella supplements taken between 1-3 times a day, coriander (chinese parsley) taken 3 days a week, any amount you think is appropriate, depending on toxicity of the buildup. The more you have the smaller you will need to prevent Herx effect. So this would be about 10-20 leaves. pH would clearly help the most, so baking soda is 1/2 teaspoon taken twice a day, whenever there is exercise or constant work out, but should be added with 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Your dose is a bit larger since you exercise. If you can get the urinary pH to about 7, most of the symptoms of SLE should not get in the way. A small amount of borax, a tiny pinch of about 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of water may help, but I think once a week until the condition is gone after about two month to three months should be more than sufficient. This is optional if the other remedies not helping but in my experience this seems to be important factor too.

Borax and Lupus

05/22/2007: B : Hi Ted, I read your recommendations regarding lupus with much interest. My cousin recently died of lupus and I have been experiencing many of the lupus systems for quite a few years now. However, I have been diligent in taking my supplements and most of them correspond to your list of recommendations. I think this might have saved my life thus far. However, lately I am constantly sick, with severe allergies, aching all over and now my muscles, especially in my legs, seem affected, also my heart and lungs. I also have sharp, stabbing pains intermittently in my head. The joint pains are almost gone since taking the baking soda and MSM. I would dearly love to kill off the bugs causing this, but I am SO AFRAID to take the borax, and this seems crucial. We were taught that borax is highly poisonous and should never be ingested. I researched the internet extensively, and all I can come up with is POISONOUS. Please advise me and set my mind at rest regarding this, as I would like to add the borax to my regimen, as you stated that this is very important. I know you are very busy, but I'm sure other sufferers might also have this question, so please reply asap. Thanks for your hard work, dedication and the willingness to share with us. May you be richly rewarded. Many thanks,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Water is also poisonous if taken in large amounts: one woman drank 5 glass of water in a radio program, if I remember correctly and died a couple of hours later.

And if you read some supplements, of mineral and vitamins lately they use "sodium tetraborate" or another word for it is borax. I was brainwashed just like everyone else, but fortunately I was trained as a biochemist and found that the body needs them in small amount and boron or lack of a better name, borax, is crucial to a lupus recovery.

There is currently no reported deaths from borax use, although there is plenty of deaths from lupus, more than I care to remember, including my own friend who believed in the best of conventional medicine (she was rich and believed money can buy everything). The lupus dissolved her entire reproductive system into a bucket jelly blood when she went to the bathroom, and died shortly afterward.

Whether borax is safe or not appears to be the dosage. Let's see, flouride is at least ten times more toxic than borax, but yet many people use it everyday in toothpaste. How can you explain that? Its toxicity is a bit less toxic than cyanide, and arsenic toxicity is close to flouride. Not only is fluoride NOT an essential mineral, but yet boron or borax IS an essential mineral. Take for instance drinking water in Israel, is several milligrams per liter of water. Most fruits are about 1 mg/liter of borax.

The issue is the toxic dose of Borax is between oral rat LD50 2000 mg - 3000 mg/kg. The salt (sodium chloride) toxicity is 2000 mg - 3000 mg/kg. LD 50 by the way is the amount of dose necessary to get a 50% chance of a rat dying on a per weight basis of the animal.

I am not going to push you to try anything including borax or your decision to do anything. But you must come to realize a point in time where your logic rules, not what is been taught but what you think works for you.

It must be understood that the "system" doesn't like to see you cured, suffering is a lot more profitable to both drug system and "the system" and it only pleases the "system" that population control, which is the primary goal of today's system be enforced, stealthly.

I can never go directly against them, they are just too powerful. And yes, I get hassled, threatened more than I care to remember, but I am doing the best I can to get the information out as gently as I can imagine without ruffling too many feathers. The best I can say "this is this" and "that is that", but if I go any further, I get into trouble too.

All I can say is in my own experience getting alkaline enough and even a small amount of borax has the similar toxicity to salt in terms of LD50 and remains the key to getting lupus recovery. Those who do get cured, don't post them directly they also fear because of so much "publicity against" borax use.

The ONLY published death against borax use is NOT borax. It is boric acid from accidental poisoning as the baby accidentally ate the boric acid. The baby more likely died from acidosis (from the strong acid of boric), rather than the boron, in my humble opinion. Boric acid is in fact much more toxic than borax.

You decide. So far everyone I know is benefiting, but that's just my own experience. I am out on a limb more than I care to remember when I post earthclinic. And believe me, I know a lot more than I care to post because there so much information pollution out there, including wikipedia. The war stories of me is just too overwhelming even to scratch the surface.

If in deep doubt I will always take much less say one tiny grain borax dissollved in a swimming pool of water just to make a fool of myself. Or perhaps, with little more confidence, maybe just one grain in one liter of water, which is a bit less ridiculous, then if need be maybe just 1/10 of whatever I think I used might be someday, safe. It's the same story ten years ago about hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver, during the early heydays of the internet, when remedies were first introduced. The reason why we CAN'T CURE ourself is we are simply too dependent on a system which we believed to be benign, but personally I believed to be malevolent, and once you begin to realize this then you will know that what you have been taught is either all wrong, or our own mind has been divorced from ourself.

It takes only a simple observation and some basic rules of chemistry for me to write up hundreds of remedies in earthclinic and the reason why I can do that, is simply we have been conditioned not to think, but to follow rules. Some people spent their whole lives following rules, and the world they live in looks nice, and it is tempting when you are offered the "blue pill" or the "red pill" as in the movie Matrix. Once again, you have to decide, which do you want, the blue pill or the red pill?

p.s. Try to consider taking chlorella or chlorella/spirulina supplements at least 5 days out of a week. You may have forgotten this one. However the bugs won't die if borax is not used, sorry to say.

Chlorella and Spirulina

05/13/2007: J : Ted, i am grateful to have found this website. i am in very serious stages of systemic lupus( in my organs with severe raynauds phenonmen) also with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and i also have "mycoplasma fermentin" from gulfwar illness. i have already started the 1/2 teaspooon of baking soda twice a day and applying clove oil. (i already feel better) and i am going to try the "oil pulling" with sesame oil starting tomorrow morning. BUT --i was not understanding your other mouthwashes--i didnt see the recipe for them--how do i do them? also you mentioned BORAX for mycoplasma but didnt go any further--can you help me with that?? i have found that food based/home remedies and proper diet and rest help me more than anything that western medicine has ever offered. PLEASE- i am desperate--any suggestions you can give i will appreciate.!! oh- i also started the hydrogen peroxide 3% inhaling and emailed land rights for clarification since i have a nebulizer i can use already. i tried i.v. peroxide for the mycoplasma and i found that it really only affected the blood stream and not the tissues. mycoplasma crosses the blood barrier into the muscles, bones and brain and organs.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: J: Some people find taking chlorella supplements, or chlorella/spirulina most helpful in the beginning stages of a severe lupus. Heavy metals is the big issue to lupus and the pattern is always there. However, chlorella supplements varies in quality, but you should see results within one day. If it works for you it is often taken between only 4 or 5 days out of a week. The body needs between 2-3 days to relax and sort itself out in ridding of the toxins without too much buildup in the body as it chelates and remove the heavy metals.

Chronic fatigue condition, a magnesium citrate (or chloride or gluconate) 250 mg. and some vitamin E helps. Clove oil is up there on the list in helping this issue also.

BUT --i was not understanding your other > mouthwashes--i didnt see the recipe for them--how do i do them.?? also you mentioned BORAX for mycoplasma but didnt go any further--can you help me with that.???

A mouthwash recipe is simply some hydrogen peroxide 1% with some borax. Specifically in 1/2 glass of 1% hydrogen peroxide, I would add 1/4 teaspoon of borax, to do the moutwash. And throw away the unusued portion. This is the ones I use.

Borax is the only know mineral I know of that is effective against the mycoplasma, and other fungus like condition that can be used. It is basically 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water taken throughout the day, and for me just one dose a week should be sufficient.

A mycoplasma exists in the tissues and it is true that peroxide can only get as far as the bloodstream especially if the body is already overloaded with the mycoplasma. It must be understood, that if it IS NOT, then the tissues and other organs can be removed. But in your case it is overloaded. The best ways to reduce this overload is to remove the food source of mycoplasma, which is the heavy metals, which can be done all together such as oil pulling, chinese parsley, and even chlorella. N Acetyl Cysteine is an especially useful chelator of mercury which is generally safe. While I do not generally support peroxide IV, I do think oral peroxide is generally safer.

One of my observations about mycoplasma in tissues is that they act as a tight glue on the body's tissues, organs, and glands, where most antibiotics are rendered ineffective since they are protected by a calcium shells (removed with lemon and baking soda formula - 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day). The calcium serum once removed, and chelation heavy metals once removed, fungus growth is limited, but still very much attached to the issues, to reform the colonies. To unglue this mycoplasma, I have found after some experimentation to be any of the following or in combinations, such as iodine supplements, granulated powdered lecithin, aspirin, niacin (always taken with aspirin 30 minutes before to avoid flushing), and perhaps unsugared cranberry juice. In some instances, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of water helps too.

Granulated powdered lecithin is taken one tablespoon once a day. Niacin B3 250 mg, if taken, should be taken AFTER 30 minutes of taking aspirin, otherwise it will cause flushing.

The most useful ungluing of mycoplasma in my opinion is the iodine, and the best form is a 50/50 sodium iodide and potassium iodide for example taken internally at about anywhere between 5 mg/day to 50 mg/day, but not everyday, but usually twice or three times a week. The formula is not a perfect one, but I do know that an iodine foot painting is definitely the safest which you can paint every other day on both of the feet, but it takes a little time to see results.

The ones I do know worked the best you have just done it, with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day needed to get urinary pH to about 7. But this is not perfect, you are still missing the chelation side, especially chlorella, if the quality is good, can make for good improvement and recovery also. Borax is obviously the third most important one and I find it about 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water to be drank throughout the day for at least once a week, to be the major areas to start.

Deep chelation can only be done somewhat with the help of malic acid or sodium malate to get through to the blood brain barrier, which in that case you might use apple cider vinegar plus baking soda already mentioned.

This is the simplest remedy that I can possibly come up with at the moment. I would like to discuss more, but I think getting down with the basics often is the most important issue at the moment.

Supplements to Cure Lupus

04/02/2007: S : Hi. I was tested a few years ago for lupus and both my ANA and ENA test came back positive. I was going to a specialist that did not do anything for me. I have not gone back. I get skin rashes on my body, bad pains in my bones all over my body, I'm always tired to the point where I don't even want to move, I have a heart mummer and get palpitations (I don't know if it's related or not but started having that problem about the time I started getting joint pains). It has gotten worse over time. What supplements should I take for this?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The pains and rashes are caused by a tiny insect like organism (nanoinsects) and the mycobacterium (fungus). Once these are gone, there is another yet unidentified organism that I still need to determine, but the condition should appreciably be reduced that most people are quite happy, if baking soda and borax is at least used.

Usually for men the dose is around 1/4 teaspoon of borax mixed in one liter of water, and divide this in 3 equal doses. These should be taken for about 3 or 4 days initially to kill the bugs. If bugs will die, and may cause some black spots on the skin in some case and should be taken, in my opinion twice or three times a week for about 2 months. The pain should reduced.

However, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda is needed also taken twice or three times a day mixed in 1/2 glass of water. This is critical and the dose should be increase to achieve the targeted urinary pH of about 7. If you don't have it, usually 1/2 teaspoon baking soda taken twice a day helps.

Vitamin D3, is about 20,000 i.u. is taken for about a month or two, plus magnesium citrate for example 250 mg. This is important since I noticed seasonal variations of lupus worsen during winter of people living in areas where there is less sun.

Lavender oil will reduce most of the rashes, but remember, these rashes move around trying to avoid lavender oil when applied. They are active organism since it kill them too, but borax does most of the killing along with baking soda to reduce the pain too.

Some people with lupus used medrol and plaquenil. A natural substitute for medrol is DHEA 25 mg, and a natural substitute for plaquenil, I think is artemisia.

Heavy metals seems to be the food feeding the growth of the lupus condition, and fresh coriander (chinese parsley) is taken if possible.

It is very important to avoid white flour, sugar, soda pop, pizza, meats, and focus on eating light salads and light meals during the dinner. Gluten free food is ideal, but in practice, they are hard to do.

Taking borax after the second or third day should see improvements. If so the borax and baking soda you can add anywhere between 3-12 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% in 1 glass of water to strengten the kill and further reduce the pain. Most of the pain I think is due to mycobacterium which exists around the joints and borax has consistently helped in many cases, but sugar must always be avoided as they provide food.

Sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg. and some zinc acetate 50 mg taken once a week also helps. Eating orange peels, also helps, but most people don't seem to like the taste, but this is optional. It seems to kill the nanoinsects.

Many people were cured mostly to manageable levels that there is no lupus, or small amounts that they are now happy with.'

Remedies to Cure Lupus

02/27/2007: Albert : I'm a spouse of a newly diagnosed lupus patient, I've read your advice and remedies. And i'm so concerned for my wife, and her health! She recently has been suffering with pain on the arm (left)From the fingers to the elbow. Our doctor has only advised to take tylenol extra strength. Is there something I can do, or prepare for?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Albert: Tylenol strength temporarily relieves the pain, but in the long term will worsen the condition. The possible treatment based on lengthy trial and error is 1/4 teaspoon of borax per liter of water taken throughout the day along with zinc, selenium and vitamin b complex, and plenty of orange oils.

Of course the bugs will surface on the skin in some black dots but die off fairly quickly after continuous taken for about a week or two. It will lead to skin irritations when bugs die off and lavender oil is the best remedy plus quite a bit of alkalizing such as up to 2 teaspoon of baking soda to neutralize the toxins in 1/2 glass of water taken at least twice a day. The detailed protocol of this is beyond what I can answer in this email, but you need to wipe off these superbugs or nanoinsects with an alcohol solution (stings quite a bit) to relieve of the itching, but vinegar can also help too. The joint pain is really much due to symbiosis between the nanoinsects and the mycoplasma or fungus. The pain is very much coming from the mycoplasma toxins. Eucalyptus, lavender and tea tree oil all have anti mycoplasma properties, but it is the borax that kills off both the nanoinsects and the mycoplasma.

Of course if you are looking to be temporarily relieved pain can be done with frequent topical application of pure lavender oil mixed with tea tree oil, at least every 15 minutes for 20 times. The pain should reduced, if not, eucalyptus oil plus lavender oil is another alternative.

I would much prefer regular aspirin as the chemical, acetylsalicylates tend to kill the bugs that is causing the conditions. Usually taken 2 tablets per dose maybe once or twice a day depending on the pain. It is relatively more beneficial as it kills the bugs that is causing the problem.

One other possibility is the 6 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 glass of water taken every 1 hour for at least 5 times can also kill the fungus. However it is the frequency of application that is needed to at least reduce the pain. To effect a cure, I think the frequency is needed, but of course I think with some sea salt added such as 1/4 teaspoon of natural sea salt in one liter of water, THEN adding 6 drops of 3% H2O2 will work better.

Borax Mycoplasma Remedy

12/30/2006: D from St. Paul, MN: I am writing to give you a kind of follow-up on the borax mycoplasma remedy - you asked for some response in this regard? In response to your suggestions for treating beet red facial skin/rosacea/lupus, and-to the extent that I could find ingredients- I decided to try and flush out whether or not my beet red facial skin was indeed some kind of a bug or not by trying the borax/h202 and then alternating with lavender/camphor/tea tree and golden seal since I couldn't find any of the chlorides you mentioned per se.

The first few days the redness started to die down but suddenly, I found that my middle and lower back had begun to break out in patchy rash, then quite extensive and very very itchy and painful. I decided to brave or stupid ahead and continue with the topical treatments and also began taking the fulvic minerals and increasing magnesium, baking soda, vinegar, etc. (many of the things you suggested to alkalize, support and boost immune system). What I see and continue to see are millions of little black spots (mycoplasmas?) coming off on the cotton balls every time I wipe. It's kind of scary -- if these are mycoplasms (are they?) it almost seems as though I've opened a pandora's box. Each time I wipe the skin it becomes very inflamed then cools and feels good. I continue to get these little tiny black dots on the cotton balls but am wondering if I've waded in to water I shouldn't be into. I would be happy to give you more information if you'd need it. Many blessings Ted. Very truly,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Alcohol dab will do fine, no water. However, borax seems to do a better job killing. Adding a peroxide seems to cause drying, so just get a saturated solution of borax apply the skin WOULD stop them from finding ways for this little mycoplasma to survive.

Getting a diarrhea by taking magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) without other nasty ingredients such as aluminum compound would stop the black spots almost immediately.

The body is ridding itself of an awful amounts of mycoplasma, but I prefer it goes down the toilet than on your skin.

Over the long run you need to understand the major issues of pH. The reason why it came back was that the body's pH was not sufficiently alkaline.

Most of the problems I see are in establishing certain priorities. The required treatment does open up a pandora's box in detoxifying the system. BUT there are two priorities that are needed to set things straight:

1. Never underestimate the power of pH. This means take the urinary pH measurements seriously. It must be within 6.5 - 7.35. When this is done, the detoxification goes down to the toilet, instead of the skin. As usual you may need to increase the baking soda up to 2 teaspoon per day twice a day. But it is hard to tell, only your urine measurements will tell you a complete story. As usual, when you take baking soda (with lemon or acv), the urine pH will be reflected within 2 hours of the dose.

2. Borax. A pinch of borax with a huge glass of water and possibly lemon juice. Normally someone cannot stand the 1/4 teaspoon per glass, so this is dosed throughout the day, using the same amount.

3. Drinking water: Sea salt 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of water.

As for the skin treatments, etc. You are doing o.k. You seem to be MISSING an important ingredient, the zinc. So when you cannot find it, try zinc gluconate, zinc citrate, if you can. It is the key towards immunity.

As usual, feedback would help you toward doing the right thing in reducing the problem. Yes, skin issues do happen and THIS WILL BE LESSENED when sufficient baking soda is added! The key to good control of this condition is to understand almost an absolute importance of eating alkaline forming foods and the rules after a lot of trial and error, I found that 70-80% of the diets must be fresh green leafy vegetables and whole fruits.

Absolutely NO bread, pizzas, coke, cake, cookies, candies, meats (rarely), chicken once or twice a week, NO FRIED foods, for example. These are all acid forming foods.

I thank you very much for posting this feedback. And some other things, such as artemisia(wormwood) seems to respond well with this treatment too. Certain supportive treatments of licorice extract also helps. In some rare instances, DHEA will help, but can't be for certain because few number of cases to conclude.

Again, please do not forget the pH and borax, they remain the biggest factor towards this cure. Priorities need to be established!

Scientists today don't seem to interested in finding out a cure as they are obviously financially supported by drug companies. It is therefore necessary to find them ourselves and post these feedback and exchange of information.

Discoid and Hypoglycemia

12/24/2006: J from Rochester, NY: Hello. I am so delighted to have found your website. Thank you for restoring my hope! I am having all sorts of problems and after going to the ER repeatedly and many doctors with varying symptoms over the last three years, I have been recently diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and hypoglycemia. I suffer with terrible hives anywhere my skin is bumped or touched. My toes are reddish/purple and these spots itch like mad while hurting intensely if they are bumped or scratched. I have intolerable fatigue and scaly brownish "lupus spots" above my mouth, in both of my ears and on one of my eye brows. I also suffer with nearly constant nasal congestion, sinus infections and allergic asthma. I have dramatic mood swings and shake all over if I am not eating every hour and a half to two hours. I am told there is nothing we can do for the lupus spots and that they will disfigure me horribly and should they begin to come on my scalp, I will eventually go bald. I am beginning to feel like a non-human. The doctors are not helping and I do not want to take their harsh medications. There has to be something I can do to feel like a human being again, to get my life back. I am praying you can suggest something to help me. Thank you for your time and any suggestions you may have.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear J: Your condition seems to be a simple fungus issue. But the way doctors look at it, looks like mountains out of mole hill.

The best way to normalize your condition using the simplest possible remedy is baking soda, sea salt, lemon, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C and borax.

The other supportive supplements are molybdenum, zinc, manganese and some magnesium. Chromium, selenium, tungsten, and vanadium are the other ones if you can find it, and is also helpful too.

I prefer to ignore the whole gluten issue altogether, not because gluten is not the cause, but the fact that avoiding the acid forming foods will obviously avoid at least most gluten foods out of the equation anyway! To me it appears to be all, but I can be wrong.

So just avoid completely, bread, white flour, pastries, cakes, pizza, cookies, milk, sugar, soft drinks, fried foods and oily foods.

Make sure 70% of the diet is green leafy vegetables and the rest are mostly fish, some chicken mostly and some meats taken not too often.

Considering the condition to be extreme, taking a bath or soaking your body or using a wet towel solution to apply to your skin, a saturated solution of borax.

Soaps in general often make the conditions worse, so borax WILL help. Taking baths, applying to skin, using borax will help. I don't know why these soap companies underestimate the importance of borax has on your skin!

The common remedy for this appears to be 1/2 teaspoon (if possible 1 teaspoon) of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water at least. However I prefer a lime or lemon, if you can get it, and use one whole lemon (lime is often better, but you need 2 lime to equal to one lemon which is actually better). Then add baking soda until the fizz stops. To that add water to 1/2 glass. This is to be taken for twice a day on an empty stomach once in the morning and once in the evening so the meals has to be away from lemon thing by at least 1 hour.

Adding a pinch of borax will help, but I prefer this be added after this has been taken for at least 3 days, then you can add a pinch of borax. I have often see people eating food within 5 minutes after taking this remedy and this will cause a diarrhea, which is o.k. for internal cleansing, but it does get in the way when we need to go to work. So just refrain eating the food after taking this about 1 hour and this should be o.k.

At early evening, you can consider taking 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda just once, on empty stomach also. You can take sodium ascorbate during this time also.

It is not necessary to add a pinch of borax everyday, but perhaps just 4 days out of 7 or until the conditions of your problem is no longer there, but most condition should be gone within about 2-3 weeks.

During your this period, 25 mg of zinc acetate or zinc citrate or zinc gluconate will help. Check labels carefully, since zinc sulfate have real problems causing vomiting and zinc oxide are totally useless. This is taken only 2 days out of a week once a week or until the skin begins drying, and that is time to stop. Manganese is taken only once or twice a week too at similar dose of 25 mg. and this is hardly an overdose either.

The hypoglycemia will be helped greatly by taking granulated powdered lecithin one tablespoon with every meal and some even taken on empty stomach. Granulated powdered lecithin tastes o.k. so there is no problem taken it alone. Chromium and selenium supplements should help, but selenium is 200 mcg, taken 3 days out of a week. Sodium molybdate (molybdenum) 25 mg/day taken once a week not exceeding a month is quite helpful in stabilizing sugar and pH issue also.

As to the chromium issue, there is some debate, but I think chromium nicotinate 200-500 mcg has the least problems.

Of course chromium chloride would be better, but they are much harder to find. Chromium chloride I tend to favor because they have anti-fungal properties too. Quite often drinking water might be high in heavy metals. Since there is no way to prove that during the sickness it is best to drink Reverse Osmosis water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt added with every 1 liter of water to remineralize the water. If you want immediate itching relief, quite often vinegar will work but miracles do occur with borax solution on many occasions.

These are some remedies you should see results within about two weeks and during that time it is not even needed to take them everyday. Maximum I can think of is 5 days out of 7, with possible exception of a serious disease.

One tablespoon Licorice extract per day on alternate weeks, DHEA of 25 mg. for not more than one month, and possibly some weekly iodine painting are also helpful, but not necessary, unless the other mentioned remedies don't work out as expected.

For the weakness condition, 6 drops 3% H2O2 in one glass of water should relieve some tiredness for about 2 hour, thereafter this should be taken for every one hour until the conditions are gone. The tiredness and fog brain should go away.

Antibiotics can only worsen the condition during this time and I often avoid them altogether.

You should get better within 3 weeks or faster, that is my experience.

Symptoms for Lupus

12/10/2006: A : Dear Ted, I read your posts and i think you are doing such a great service!Thanks - you have given me hope! I am a 42 year old Asian female and was recently diagnosed with Lupus by my rheumatologist (one month ago). About 1.5 years ago I started having many painful mouth sores on my tongue and inner lips and cheeks - my general practitioner thought it was herpes simplex 1 and prescribed acyclovir (did not do any tests) - i think acyclovir helped with severity and number of sores but cannot be sure- i noticed i had more sores when i was stressed or around my periods. I have been taking acyclovir on and off for the last one year. When i stopped (once several months ago) and once last month (since i had no sores) - i noticed hip and leg pain while sleeping and general stiffness in other joints. I told my doctor this last month and she ordered blood tests where my ANA count was 167 - she sent me to Rheumatologist who ordered many other tests - all my vitals are great, lipids, sugars, proteins, urine, stool, chest x-ray, pelvic x-ray - everything is normal. the only additional thing he found is high ss-A antibody (249). He does not think it is Scogren's since i do not have dry mouth or dry eyes. he thinks it is a beginning case of lupus and wants to start me on Palenquil - i think that since i have hardly any symptoms it may not be lupus and even if it is i would rather cure it by natural means than by drugs. I read about the alkaline diet and started on that and also restarted my acyclovir and my symptoms have greatly reduced (mouth sores and muscle/joint pains). Do you think this is lupus? What should i do? I eat very healthy and walk regularly (unless i am in pain). Thanks.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear A: Certain sectors of Asians are having conditions of lupus. Common medicine for lupus is plaquenil and medrol. I have direct experience and found that lupus is greatly helped with alkaline diet. But this word has been so broad that I have to tell you specifically what to avoid. The key issue is to avoid all bread, white flour, pastries and sugar. All sweets should be regarded with suspicion, with exception of whole fresh fruits that do not taste too sweet. Mostly green vegetables, and WHOLE fruits are o.k. BUT NOT fruit juices. The best seeds to eat are pumpkin seeds, you can eat whatever amount you like. Sunflower IS ONLY second place and supportive of pumpkin seeds and helps now and then. People who are on alkaline diets with lupus in practice DO NOT take getting alkaline as seriously, which prevents their lupus from getting any better. The optimum dose I found for lupus condition I found to be of 2 teaspoon of baking soda in the morning on empty stomach and 2 teaspoon of baking soda before sleep. The baking soda is often mixed with water. If you can afford it, please try to by a pH meter to measure your urine and MAKE SURE the urine pH is between 6.5 - 7.35. This is true whether you do lemon/bicarbonate or even ACV/bicarbonate. They are all good and modify the body's electrolyte in different ways. You must also stop using common table salt as it is acid forming. Only a sea salt is alkaline forming.

In fact, try to add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in 1 liter of water. It really helps to alkalize the body and kill of the lupic or even non lupic that causes the joint paint. It works the same whether you call it lupus, streptococcus aureus, or even mycoplasma. They respond similarly to alkaline in getting killed nevertheless.

Secondly, I have found lupus/rosacea/joint pain to be related and greatly helped by taking at least 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of borax B.P. grade added to the drinking water. The dose that I have found to be useful was 5 days out of 7. From then on it is taken only once or twice a week. It tastes terrible, but the condition will reverse itself very quickly.

Some people do not like taking borax so I think starting even smaller dose still is workable such as 1/16 of a teaspoon. It is the key element needed to kill the lupus. The only solid proof whether you have lupus is lupic cell count tests.

Based on my own experience just following the alkaline diet (mostly green vegetables and fruits, ABSOLUTELY NO SODA, COFFEE, OR FRIED FOOD, BAKERY PRODUCTS) And eat some orange peel (an chinese delicacy sold here in Thailand or just some fresh orange peels) greatly helped. The lupic cells count went from 400,000 to about 100 or nil within one month period. You might need certain doctor's med now and then, but you need not take them regularly at all.

Raising your immune system helps such as iodine foot painting once a week or zinc supplements and iodine supplements. But the key element in lupus after a lot of trial and error, was alkaline diets and borax.

Lavender and eucalyptus applied to the joints will help kill some the lupic cells and stop the pain. It must be applied for every 15 minutes at least 4 times. But it will not completely kill it without the borax supplements. I don't want to get into how I thought up this treatment or how I did it since authorities are not that friendly to see me giving out too much information.

Sometimes putting a "labels" to your disease is not helpful to the cure since the current practice of medicine is "incurable", while alternative medicine are making headway in treating "incurables" even without the need for expensive diagnosis since it uses natural therapies or therapies that has been used for so long. So making mistakes in natural therapies are not much of a problem since they are often food for the body. Some people admittedly are boron deficient (bone condition) and borax would help, but at the same time they are also an antibiotic. But borax, amazingly enough is anti-lupic, which I found after painful trial and error. No, I don't have lupus, but it took me a lot of effort to find the best ways to find the treatment and on my own money - both of which are painful for me!

If lupus is too severe a combined therapy would work the best, but natural therapy in general is the best ways to start and food is your best medicine. So if this simple treatment works, than doctor's med is not needed to be relied upon.

Other minerals which I think will be helpful to the condition are chromium, silicon, molybdenum, vanadium, and tungsten. Xylitol in pure form is helpful for conditions of lupus too. I have as yet to try them all, but alkaline food boron (borax) remains the foundation to this treatment. The preferred form of chromium is chromium chloride, silicon is silicic acid, molybdenum is sodium molybdate, vanadium is sodium vanadate, and tungsten is sodium tungstate. It is the salt forms of mineral that kills the lupic rather than the absorption or mineral issue per se in killing of these lupic cells.

Please vary your dosage according to how well your body respond, we need not put a square peg in a round hole.

Suffering From Lupus for 42 Years

11/23/2006: Donna from Waterloo, Iowa: I have had lupus for 42 years and was treated with 8 Bufferin and prednisone everyday. I got along okay with my stomach until my doctors added the maximum dose of ibuprofen 3200 mg a day. This caused gastritis and a lot of intestinal problems and later on I also got acid reflux. I have been searching desperately for a remedy as Nexium helps somewhat, but not enough. I have a chronic cough and it is getting worse. I have suffered with GERD for over 20 years and I know it is going to kill me if I don't find a remedy. It is daily misery! My LES valve has weakened like worn out elastic according to my doctors. They say it won't get better. My rheumatologist at the university hospital said that people with Raynaud's disease seem to have more problems with GERD, but they don't know why. I have also had that problem. I would really like to find an answer to GERD. It is awful to live with.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Donna: If you want to get better because of GERD, you must at least get your body's chemistry to normal first before you are going to get better.

You mentioned you have lupus for sometime now. Lupus and GERD are interrelated and all the theories as to whys, ifs is not going to cure you. I will only discuss these when you do get better, which is a better approach.

Two things will be helpful, to get the body's biochemistry in order. Get the pH and ORP (antioxidation to normal levels)

This can easily be done by taking a more comprehensive approach as follows (I know how difficult it is to kill lupus).

1. In the morning take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda on 1/2 glass of water. Before bedtime do the same thing

2. Take one whole freshly squeezed lime/or lemon and add baking soda until the fizz stops. Add water to 1/2 glass and take this on empty stomach two times per day.

3. Taking zinc acetate at 25 mg/day for at least 4 days a week, continuously for at least a month or two.

4. 1/4 teaspoon of borax (in 1 glass of water) ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. That means after meals by at least 1 hour, or before meals by at least 1 hour. The borax seems to be an important component in killing off the lupus.

5. Take bath using borax only, no soap. It is ideal to soak your body in this solution.

6. Take magnesium citrate 250 mg/day and selenium supplements of about 200 mcg. In 3-4 days out of a week. Take chromium and vanadium supplements if possible! It is important that they are bioavailable or chelated amino acid for both chromium and vanadium.

7. It is helpful to take some licorice extract only 2-3 days out of a week. Try taking drops of orange oil internally and if you like it add them in your food. Orange oil will help your conditions in many ways in destroying whatever organisms that is causing the GERD.

8. Avoid completely all sugar, no exceptions for at least two weeks. This includes fruit juices, bakery products, etc.

9. No fried foods. Only boiled or oven baked foods. No microwave and no pastries!

10. Taking aspirin is o.k. but you need to dissolve them in a glass of water, before taken them. The acetylsalicylic components seems to kill the organisms that causes GERD, while the borax seems to kill the organisms that causes lupus.

You should noticeably improve within about two weeks of most of your lupus conditions and the GERD should too. You will not notice much improvement two or three days but after the fourth or fifth day things will, you will notice gradual improvements on a day by day basis.

Any Thoughts About Severe Exhaustion

11/18/2006: E : Do you have any thoughts about severe exhaustion?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The exhaustion issue can usually be resolved quite quickly doing three things:

1. Vitamin B complex (it is the B5 and B8 that is mostly responsible, but the other Bs is necessary for sugar metabolism to energy) Usually 100 mg.
2. Magnesium chloride/magnesium citrate 250 mg.
3. Baking soda 1/4 teaspoon + 1/2 glass of water once in the morning once in the evening.
4. Vitamin E 4000 IU
5. A yet to be identified virus is often the main cause of extreme exhaustion. Consider adding clove oil in your drinking water say, start easy 1 drop per liter of water. More drastic method is clove oil 10% 90% ethyl alcohol, and apply to the extremities (arms, legs, the spinal column) every 10 minutes, do this for about 10 times. It is unlikely the research scientist will ever identify it so just forget looking for literature surveys. The exhaustion issue should be noticeably gone the next day.

Daughter Diagnosed with Lupus


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Louise: I have had private conversations of the so-called "butterfly rash". And I have seen real cures without the use of medicine, or minimal use of it from your said conditions.

This "butterfly rash", which I call it personally double spots (on the cheeks of opposite sides) are commonly misdiagnosed as a vague disease called lupus. Yes and they have lupic cells test to prove it, but we will discuss this theoretical consideration later.

The cause I found was, a possibly misdiagnosis of the condition of lupus but it is more closely overlap in line with another condition called rosacea, for which happily there is a cure (although the authorities) are not going to admit that there is a cure unless everyone knows about it. Then they will grudgingly admit that there is possibly an unproven treatment that MAY work. However, I have as yet to perfect a complete cure of this condition without wasting weeks on end to cure it. I need a faster way. So far it takes for me less than a week, to see clear improvement anyway.

Even if it was lupus and not rosacea, it doesn't matter what you call it. The treatment at least from a natural therapy point of view is the same thing. They might be correct in calling your condition a lupic cells as evidence. Yes I am aware of this! But had it occur to them that lupic cells exists in symbiosis with a nano insects? If that is the case than the nano-insects are much easier to kill then the more vague lupic cells. However for me these vague lupic cells can be reduced by at least 90% about one month, just taking zinc acetate, selenium supplements, some magnesium, garlic, and plenty of vitamin B complex. Major improvements I have noted, within the next day even if doctors med were stopped cold turkey. That is my experience, but you don't have to accept my word for this.

The most important clue is that you need to record the daily urinary pH as an alkaline between 6-7 throughout the treatment and after treatment even if they were indeed cured. Most people with your said condition, can be greatly helped in warding off much easier if the urinary pH were in alkaline condition. These lupic cells, seem to love acid, but hate alkaline. The simplest alkaline substance that is within reach for most people is the baking soda. Normally the 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, with 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day is hardly enough for people with this condition. Therefore, you add the dose (after 30 minutes of taking this) if the pH were not within the range you desire. For children usually between 12-18, it appears to be about 1 teaspoon of it, but you have to do this by trial and error and find the exact dose yourself needed to get the ideal urinary pH.

In my opinion, based on the behavior of the rosacea or lupus (butterfly type), I do not wish to get into any long debates. I want to express my opinion that this condition is one of what I call nano-insects. Whatever the argument, there IS a cure. You just going to have to try a little harder.

The method of treatment, after some perfection for the last couple of days are as follows, after you do proper alkalization, and supplementation.

To kill the nano-insects, you need to find camphorated lotion (e.g. 10% camphor) or get camphor powder and mix this with orange oil.

Orange oil kills all kinds of insect, regardless of what kind. The problem about such use is that the orange oil causes skin irritation.

To stop the skin irritation you need camphor mixed into it. Assuming, for most people, they WILL not find the raw materials.

The best way out is to find some "ready made" products in your local drug store and aromatherapy shops and improvise. Therefore, in one tablespoon of 10% camphorated lotion, you add 5 drops of orange oil and possibly 3 drops of lavender oil.

Before you actually do this, you need to apply in unimportant areas as a test. Usually this "butterfly rash", will have red spots in your hands or arms. Apply that area FIRST. If the redness and irritation is reduced, then apply a small dot in the face. If that causes no irritation, then you are ready to go to the next stage.

Apply this around like a "ring formation" around the eyes (like a guy with the glasses, and a ring formation around the ears.

This is done to prevent the nano-insects from movement in these vicinities to cause pus that I have noted or cause eye and ear irritations, whenever you apply the said topical treatments in other areas.

They do go and cause major eye and ear irritations and sometimes pus. Of course pus can be dried up almost instantly if that should happen by taking milk of magnesia, or on crystal of sodium thiosulfate, or even 1 teaspoon of baking soda + 1 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water.

Apply the said lotion about 4 times at 15 minutes apart. That should be enough to kill most of them. The next step is they do release what they call endotoxin or bacteria, in which case a topical application of another product, (any product) that have neomycin sulfate and zinc antibiotics (e.g. zinc chloride, zinc acetate, zinc bacitracin) and another antibiotics which you can take temporarily that seems to work well is either ampicillin or a stronger amoxicillin (one or twice is o.k., of you are not allergic to it of course).

The next day most of this butterfly rash will be gone. The only medicine you might need to stop the skin irritation, but not every time, but you will in the beginning for 1 or 2 days, in my opinion is plaquenil. Others don't seem to help - again my opinion. I hope this information helps.

Zinc Regimen Suggestions?

11/07/2006: Nicole : Hello Ted, My mother has just been diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 57. Her symptoms are primarily muscle/joint ache, foggy memory and fatigue. I have two questions for you: 1) She has been swimming at her gym for exercise, as running and aerobics are no longer an option due to the pain. After reading your Q/A's, I am concerned that the highly chlorinated pool water may not be good for her because it is being absorbed through the skin. She is considering building her own pool, but if this is more harmful, then I think it would be a poor decision - unless, of course, there is a product to keep your water clean w/out chlorine?!? What do you think about this? 2) She is going to start taking your recommendations, however, I don't really have a good idea as to the proper regiment. ie...Is the zinc meant to be taken for a short time or everyday for the rest of her life, should some vitamins be taken with or without others and some on an empty stomach or with food etc... Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. Your help is greatly appreciated! All my best,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Nicole:

Her symptoms are primarily muscle/joint ache, foggy memory and fatigue.

A nice fast temporary cure is to use camphor powder 10% mixed with eucalyptus oil and apply to her arms and legs for 4 consecutive times at 15 minutes interval. It kills the pathogens and hence the pain is lessened.

This will lift her fairly quickly from muscle/joint ache, foggy memory and fatigue within minutes. There are some newer formulations, I am currently experimenting, but simply never got around to improving the formulas. The last tested formula that I found that worked very well, is the one I mentioned here, which was formulated only on November 5, 2006, after that there are several other formulas in my head I need to try out that should work better!

She is considering building her own pool,

Hydrotherapy or a small sauna spa's upkeep are easier since you don't keep the water when your done. If you are considering a pool there are many alternative ways to use non-chlorinated pools using copper and zinc ions generated by a small electrical device which certain companies in U.S. makes especially for swimming pools. Both zinc and copper ions are quite healthy and do kill lupus if it occurs in large amounts. Of course salts of copper chloride and zinc chloride as another easier way to up keep the swimming pools using non chlorination.

Of course, I haven't done experiments on that, but I suspect a three way mixture is ideal to contain the fungus: copper chloride, zinc chloride, and chromium chloride, at appropriate ratios of 4: 8: 1, as to the concentration they should be around 0.1% add some borax, should further help reduce algae buildup. You just have to try it to know.

In my opinion, her lupus condition should be greatly helped with a pool with copper, chromium, zinc chloride and borax solution. Since I know the lupus Achilles Heels, not all of them of course!

Adding plenty of sea salt on top of that, could further contain such growth of algae and fungus too. The amount to use is a much as you would like, either you want it as salty as a Salt Lake in Utah, Dead Sea, or just as salty as the Pacific Ocean.

A non-mineral salt method is to simply just used hydrogen peroxide to the swimming pool, but they will create certain dead organic floating on swimming pool, which you might have to get rid of now and then, but they are entirely clean in general. Hydrogen peroxide and copper chloride don't mix well, so don't consider using this solution together, it turns into a black copper oxide. Also, the hydrogen peroxide are deactivated in presence of high metal salts. This is where incompatibility exists between a salts solution and peroxide solution.

Other systems used include ozonation, ultrasound and silver copper ions as a method to control algae problems. The swimming pool technology has not advanced to another stage of using a copper/chromium/zinc/selenium/vanadium alloy yet, but this would be in theory the best ones.

It must be noted that getting yourself wet all the time also encourages fungal growth so and lupus, which is a form of mycoplasma is a close relative. It might be beneficial to do some nice hot sauna (not scorching hot) to kill the lupus organism, at least temporary remission would be helpful too.

The most popular method, at least for me anyway, the least expensive, the least upkeep, is the ozonation and filtering system. The water keeps pumping in and pumping out, while it is ozonating continuously and filtering out organic residues. This is most convenient and it wont costs you a cent in chemicals.

You just have to decide which is best for you. I just present you with the choices. Of course depending on how serious the lupus condition is should be the major factor in deciding what system of pool/sauna she prefers. A sauna, you can also add mineral salts, peroxide, etc also. So a pool/sauna depends on the budget. What disinfection method depends on lupus condition. If it is serious a minerals salt might be better, if not serious but upkeep is important then maybe an ozonation system.

Ted adds: Nicole: One more thing. The concentration of the mineral salts (e.g. zinc, copper, chromium) in my own use is between 0.01% to 0.1%. You have to figure out which is the ideal concentration on you. I use maximum figures since my own use relates to local application such as small scale. Larger scale, I think a lower concentration is better. I prefer people to start with the minimum one and work slowly up that way, you will find your own best concentration depending on use.

Lupus, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure

10/25/2006: Tammy : I just recently started juicing with organic vegetables and taking a very strong liquid Omega #3. It Hasn't Cured anything yet, but it has definitely relieved alot of my symptoms of my severe Lupus Sle I'm hoping to go into remission soon.' My real concern is that my husband unfortunately has given me the herpes simplex virus when we first met almost 10 years ago. I've gotten worse fatigue and chest pain an irregular heart murmur has gotten worse. any recommendations to kill the virus or at least . I believe my symptoms had gotten worse because I had unprotected sex with my husband because we both have had the virus for a long time I thought my immune system had already accepted the virus. I will not have unprotected sex with my husband any more, could the virus be making me sick again?I feel like I have the flu symptoms and I'm afraid I only made my situation worse , when I was finally getting better. I have Lupus, Heart disease , High blood pressure Ans herpes simplex What do I do? Do I detox my body a colon cleanse and then a parasite cleanse I,m concerned the virus is causing my illness on top of having LUPUS pLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE I'M AFRAID THAT BECAUSE MY HEART CONDITION iMIGHT HAVE A HEART ATTACK OR STROKE!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Tammy:

Herpes simplex virus when we first met almost 10 years ago Iv'e gotten worse fatigue and chest pain an irregular heart murmur has gotten worse. any recommendations to kill the virus?

You need to know that zinc, baking soda, magnesium, malic acid (Apple cider vinegar), and selenium should help especially the zinc. For you to gain confidence that zinc is most effective against this, and there are many studies, but this is one on herpes simplex, attached below. Basically what the researchers is say is zinc gluconate is effective in killing the herpes simplex virus to 98% then using zinc lactate which is effective to 97%. My experience has been that zinc acetate, zinc gluconate, and zinc chloride were equally effective. I would much prefer the acetate form since they have the ability to dissolve the protein protecting the virus. Usually common dose is 50 mg/day of zinc acetate. But the real issue is to get your body's zinc level high enough throughout the day so dividing up the dose to 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg afternoon, should get the blood zinc high enough throughout the day necessary to kill them.

The other is just simply taking some baking soda to alkalize or at least get your urinary pH to 6-7 so the body will function better to remove the virus. By alkalizing more you can raise the blood oxygen thus killing the herpes virus.

The last one is a bit of a surprise to some people, but I have often noticed the herpes virus often acts up after a big meal. It gets much worse if the food is laden with sugar and fats. So to kill the herpes, we do the opposite, take less sugar, eat less fat, but at the same time emulsify the your food. This is simply done by taking 2 tablespoon of lecithin eaten along with your food. By taking this lecithin, the liver fat clogged function will be removed and the virus protein is safely removed. I have seen some people with herpes get much better after taking lecithin. Years ago, there was an anti-viral compound whose really active compound was actually form of lecithin. So in fact lecithin does have some antiviral capabilities.

Also taking apple cider vinegar and some baking soda, such as 2 tablespoon of it plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda might help too, since malic acid is a component of the Krebs cycle allowing or facilitating the muscles, such as the heart for example. Magnesium supplements will also help, but must be in the form of magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate. I much prefer a powder or liquid form since they are better absorbed and much quicker acting. Most tablet don't even get dissolved after you take them and still stay like that even after it goes right through your body the tablet form still take shape even in the septic tank.

This is just the basics.

Supplements for Lupus

10/17/2006: Tim : Ted: Hello my name is Tim I'm 21 yrs old and was diagnosed with lupus about a year ago. I got your email from earthclinic.com and I was wondering if you'd be kind enough to share to insight on my problems. My symptoms are mild joint pains basically all over, reynoids, possibly hair loss and possibly fatigue. I say possibly because it is hard to determine whether they were from the lupus or not. I have gone to 3 different doctors so far and pretty much everyone says the same -- nothing. I was put on procardia for the reynoids and plaquenil for the joint pain and to stop the progress of the disease. None of these treatments seem to treat anything. Do you have any advice on what supplements I should look into and behaviors I should change as far and what to eat/drink.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Tim: It must be noted that I will not repeat some things I posted on lupus case, but will describe specifically for your conditions only. Based on your conditions, hair loss, fatigue, and the following is recommended:

1. Zinc acetate 50 mg/day should take for more than a month or until the lupic cells are no longer with your or if you experience loss of appetite, whichever comes first.
2. Vitamin B Complex 100 mg for each, except the B12 at 100 mcg.
3. Manganese sulfate 50-100 mg./day (taken on empty stomach) Take it only for one month if you are using this form.
4. Vitamin E 4000 IU/day
5. Magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride 250 mg/day
6. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 500 mg/day

You should feel much better the next day. The joint pains might will be relieved, by some vitamin B5, vitamin B8, borax 50 mg/day, lithium citrate 5 mg/day. Your hair loss will stop within the maximum of 3 days, worse case scenario.

Again if you can't find manganese, then just take soy milk, preferably the unsweetened kind if you can find one. They make great manganese substitute. Speaking of soy, the earthclinic's web page on soy has been subjected to a lot of attack by readers. However, it is part of the regimen to needed to raise your manganese to a level acceptable needed to raise your immune system. If you are a purist anti soy, then you must get the manganese sulfate in powder form, taken only on an empty stomach. Sodium ascorbate vitamin C is taken at different times to enhanced vitamin C absorption. Once your immune system are raised, hair loss will stop, usually within 3 days at the most.

For the fatigue,

1 drop of clove oil mixed well or shake it in one liter of water. Some complained this amount as being too hot. I doubt it, but just a warning.

The lupus has certain peculiar weaknesses, namely hydrogen peroxide 3% food grade 6 -12 drops per glass of water. Some improvement should be noticed within a hour or two. Continue to take it until the fatigue is gone. An alkaline form of ACV or malic acid will work for you quite well, just keep adding the baking soda, slowly until it tastes like water.

Lupus should be somewhat cured, well lupic cells anyway, will be reduced by about 99.999% based on my latest figures compiled after taking most of my recommended supplements for only a month. Still it is not 100% I would like to hope within one month, but a longer period, the figure should be 100% eventually.

Taking some disodium EDTA powder of only 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water should help speed things up especially on the immune front.

It is important that you measure your urinary pH and keep it within the 6.5- 7.35 range. Most people the fact that they were not cured within one month as I always hope is that they do not keep their urinary pH within the range recommended and let their urinary pH running from anywhere from 4.5 to 5.0 which is not a great way towards killing those lupic cells and mycoplasma.

To quickly raise your urinary pH, just get one whole freshly squeezed lemon plus one glass of water, and keep adding the baking soda until it no longer fizz, at which point it should taste like water. That level is close to about pH of 7.4. Take it 3 or 4 times a day on empty stomach, if not, you might have a bad case of diarrhea, in which case it is a great way to detox the lupic cells, but socially an embarrassing event nonetheless.

The simple "lemon trick" as I always called it often normalizes both the pH and the Oxidation Reduction Potential values. Of course to succeed in this lemon trick requires the ingenuity of the baking soda. I haven't done the study on Apple Cider vinegar whether it can pull the same trick, but taking this along with added baking soda will definitely help. Other little things to normalized your basic body's biological terrain is the lecithin food emulsifier. SO just take two tablespoons of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal of food you take.

The cure is difficult to prove but living a normal life after supplements is usually a more practical approach. I have plenty of things to say about lupus, but time is limited due to the many emails I have to answer. Therefore if I missed any points, which I do often, just email me another one!

Lupus/kidney Issues

10/04/2006: Candice from San Jose, CA: Ted, I have read with great interest some of your theories regarding lupus. I am 29 years old and have had systemic lupus since 1998. I am currently on four medications (prednisone, imuran, plaquenil, enalopril). Do you have any suggestions for lupus/kidney issues. I had a kidney biopsy five months ago and it showed minimal damage, creatine levels are normal, but I continue to leak a lot of protein in my urine. I' m currently experiencing swelling around the ankles. My doctors are concerned and want to put me on a drug called cytoxan. I really don't want to take this drug because of its side effects. I also suffer from redness on the face and back. The supplements I'm taking are milk thistle, acidophilus, msm, alpha lip acid, hemp seed oil, multi - vitamin, rna/dna, chollera, and sea salt.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Candice: I also had a relative with this similar condition, where the protein kidney was leaking, while creatinine was normal and also her urine was bloody. She was scheduled for surgery within only three of days.

While I may have recommended my mother's older sister of this treatment long long time ago, she waited until there were only three days left. The recommendation, actually was very simple: take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda again before going to sleep. At the time she was desperate, so I have no idea whether she took more than I used or not, as I have a tendency to recommend usually less just to be on the safe side, and allow them to decide on their own whether to increase the dose.

The protein leak is due to very acid urine digesting the kidney. So alkalizing the body with a simple baking soda normalized all her kidney functions within only three days

Symptoms of Lupus

09/27/2006: Barbara : About 13 years ago, I was dx with Lupus. I am taking the following meds: Plaquenil 1 bid 200 mg/tab Daypro 1 bid 600 mg/caplet Coreg 1 bid 12.50 mg Isosorbide 1 day 30 mg/tab Benicar HCT 1 a.m. Tab 40 - 12.5 Ambien 1 p.m. 10 mg Vicodin 1 every 6 hours 7.5/750 Glucophage 2 tap a.m. 1 tab p.m. 500 mg/tab Allegra-D 1 every day 24hour tablet Cymbalta 1 bid 30 mg/cap OTC Similason Earache Relief ear drops as needed/pain Lorazapam 1 as needed 10?/mg Paxil 1 as needed ?/mg Flexiril ? Cortisone as needed for knee joint pain Nitroclycerin pump spray as needed (no longer needed) I have been on prednisone; naprosyn; etc.

Current and past symptoms: Chest pain radiating to left arm
Lung collapsed (3 times)
Severe knee pain (difficulty manipulating stairs/cannot sit or stand for long periods of time because of severe pain and stiffness; cannot walk on uneven pavements)
Lazy leg syndrome joint pain - wrists; sides; arms; legs; (all over)
severe cramping in feet; ankle; muscle in mid thigh
shortness of breath
vertigo (swooning) balance problems
hoarseness redness of throat
change in vision bruises (w/o trauma) discoloration sensitive to sun mouth sores head sores (oozing sometimes)
nose sores tiredness fibromyalgia alopecia sleep apnea acid reflux ( this symptom has dissipated)

must have plenty of rest -- can no longer go shopping for hours cannot hold/lift slightly heavy items arthritis severe ear pain/aches ear ringing ear sensitivity severe migraines (Vicodin does not help; so doctors give codeine) dry feet - peeling heart murmur memory

For the past month, I have been seeing a N.D., CNC, CNHP. He recommended that I try Novavit for three months. It is very very expensive; but I decided to try it for one month. I experienced severe muscle cramps in both my feet, ankles, and mid thigh. The CNHP recommended that I take 1/2 dose of the Novavit at night and the a.m. Since I was still experiencing the cramping, but it was not as severe, I decided to take only 1/2 dose a day.

I have experimented with Black Strap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar and noticed a significant amount of weight loss (13 pounds within three weeks) However, just two days ago, my rheumatologist called to say that my recent lab work revealed that my blood sugar was "way too high" and that he was going to prescribe another medication; and if after two weeks if my sugar was still high, he recommends that I go on insulin. I checked my blood sugar and it was 404!!! I was very disappointed because I thought that the Novavit was a "cure-all" according to the CNHP! Please advise as to how I can lower my blood pressure and specifically my sugar! I have stopped taking the Novavit; but would like to know if I should continue taking the Black Strap Molasses and Cider Vinegar. (Yesterday, I informed the CNHP of my rheumatologist recent findings. The CNHP asked that I e-mail the specifics -- which I did -- and stated that he would get back to me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Barbara:

Please advise as to how I can lower my blood pressure and specifically my sugar!

Just take vitamin B complex B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 at 100 mg. each 3 times a day. B12 at 100 mcg 3 times aday Use aspirin as a painkiller as this is synergistic with vitamin B. The vitamin B and aspirin will help manage your sugar down to a level considered reasonable within the second week and joint pain.

However you need to take granulated lecithin powder 2 tablespoon with every meal every time you eat. This will normalize most of your liver function.

Pare down all the meds by spacing them further when you take vitamin Bs, and others. You should not know the difference.

Increase your immune system by taking 50 mg/day of zinc acetate or zinc citrate. Other zinc will not be acceptable to your body. Selenium and brewer's yeast should further help that area, if you can get it.

Finally, stop taking the black strap molasses, the sugar is too high. Just take the ACV but you NEED to add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and some 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin C (in form of ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate is o.k.) Allow the powdered vitamin C to react with the ACV, and baking soda so you can get the resultant ascorbate. It is important to take on an empty stomach only 1/4 teaspoon of magnesium hydroxide with some water only once a day. Since most of the people have trouble finding any magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, etc.

Most drug stores will have magnesium hydroxide, but not at THEIR DOSE, it is way too high and used for other purposes. I used it as an antioxidant to restore your blood oxidation rather then get diarrhea from you. Get the kind where they have only magnesium hydroxide and water, and no more. Peppermint and other flavors are usually o.k. They are also very cheap.

I have stopped taking the Novavit; but would like to know if I should continue taking the Black Strap Molasses and Cider Vinegar.

Any medicine that sounds space aged to you is never going to cure you. Common sounding names, such as parsley, corn, and other things that we have been eating for the past 1000 years is very likely to be safe for you and for me is a miracle cure all. Provided of course we used them properly. If you do the above your sugar should be within normal range in about a couple of weeks. It is not perfect given the limitations I must consider so you can get the required supplements locally.


09/26/2006: Kate : Sorry it took me so long to respond to your email. I have a few questions about your email. I was wondering, should I treat the symptoms I currently have or the symptoms that I had originally? - As I wrote earlier, I do feel much better than I did. I doubt feeling better is due to the Plaquenil however. I have a feeling that it is more to do with being careful with the foods I consume and my thyroid medication. My teeth seem to be better. I had a rash of cavities and root canals between the ages of 14 and 18. It has been 3.5 years and I've had only a few dental fillings done. My stamina is incredibly better as well. I also no longer of menstrual problems. At the moment, I would say that my main problems relate to indigestion. I believe that my stomach doesn't digest food properly. I've found that much of one of my medications actually goes through me undigested. The allergies also play a large part in how I feel. If I stick to an extremely strict diet, I feel a hundred times better. I also was wondering another thing. The test that uncovered my gluten and other significant food allergies was an IgE test. Usually, these allergies are considered permanent. Wouldn't that indicate that gluten might be part of the original problem and not a product of suppressed immune function? How do I approach my history of lupus like symptoms and then the current situation? best,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Gluten will always be part of the problem and strict diet will definitely help. Once your whole body normalizes, you will find in the future that the need for strict diet might no longer be necessary, as I have seen in many cases. However everyone heals at different speeds.

Suppressed immune function is also part of the problem. As best as I can described, there are many causes and we simply just have to cover as much as possible needed to get you to recover.

However, gluten problem was nearly non-existent decades ago, until unhealthy diets starts getting into our body, such as omega 3 deficiency due to changes in farming practices where a chicken's growth is accelerated causing an excess Omega 6 while omega 3 is lacking. Even raising cows have changed from eating healthy grass to feeding a more unhealthy grains which causes lowered conjugated linoleic acid. So the fact that businesses are pursuing bigger profits, also mean we are killing ourselves quietly.

So to argue this academically there will be no end. We just simply have to be cautious, get ourselves cured and leave the debate to the professors.

Identified with Lupus in March

09/12/2006: Susan : Dear Ted I have Lupus.It was identified only in March. The doctors put me on methyl prednisolone and plasmaquine. My problem is they have said my urine has got protein and my face is red with rashes, What should I do??

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Susan, When a protein is identified in urine, it means your body is digesting itself, roughly speaking.

Prednisolone is supposed to help with your red face and rash, but apparently it is not working. Plasmoquine is usually used to treat malaria, that doesn't seem to work either. What I have found to work well against lupus and rashes, is that one person who contacted me stopped immediately with the medrol and prednisolone. He too had terrible rashes. I don't know, but I have seen rashes greatly reduced with just applying on your skin using simple vinegar.

Aspirin as an anti-inflammatory conditions in place of prednisolone, at least for me is safer since the aspirin itself have certain properties that also destroy the pathogens in your body at the same time, thus also eliminating the cause, and not just the symptoms. You see acetyl salicylic acid (scientific name for aspirin) dissolves the protein lipid of the viruses and pathogens, thus killing them directly.

At the time I didn't have enough patience to see which ones stopped the rash and told him to take 50 mg of zinc per day, take about 200-300 mg. of the major B vitamins, in particular B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. While the other Bs, such as B12, were about 200-300 mcg, and other related B's such as inositol, and choline barbitrate.

The specific vitamins related to skin problems were especially found to be B5 and inositol. I also requested him to take plenty of brewer's yeast, which is high in pangamic acid and rare vitamin Bs you can't get over the counter. Also I asked him to take plenty of garlic, magnesium (from sunflower seeds - eat by the handful everyday), selenium supplements (400 mcg per day).

Both zinc and magnesium are important, and the form of zinc I always recommend is zinc acetate, 50 mg, and magnesium gluconate or magnesium chloride at 150-250 mg. Lupus for some reason or another is simply a deficiency of zinc, magnesium and selenium. For rashes, it is also a deficiency of vitamin B5 and Inositol, roughly speaking. Other vitamin Bs also help too, so we just need to cover all the vitamin Bs and not just what they give us.

It seems lupus is treatable as I never seen rashes coming back if they just simply continue with the supplements. Apparently an autoimmune disorder is due to suppressed immune where one of the many cause is zinc, selenium and magnesium deficiency.

The other vitamin B I would use is vitamin B17, which is found in apricot pits and apple seeds. Taking one or two a day is what people usually take. Vitamin C (100 mg/day), and baking soda (1/4 teaspoon in a glass of water) taken before bed time, will alkalize your blood and reduce the protein in your body.

Of course in the long term, you need to build up your immune system. There are two ways for that, taking indole 3 carbinol (usually found in broccolli and some in cabbage) will build up the thymus. The other one is taking melatonin before bedtime, they also raise your immune system quite safely.

Taking all this you should wake up fresh and strong the next day. It doesn't take that long to know that the supplements do work.

Sister in Law Suffering From Since She Was Teen

09/12/2006: Ericka from Cleveland, OH: Hello my name is Veronica and my sister in law has lupus since she was a teen and she is now 24 yrs old.. anyway, the doctor's have not even her any more hope and sent her home to die.......that to me is very sad!!! she is still strong at times and has hope of beating this disease. she has a bad heart and about 25% of use of her liver. My question is if she does follow all the instructions on how to cure lupus, could it make her organs worse then what they are right now or will it rebuild her organs better...I ask because the doctor's told her she cannot take certain vitamins because it could damage more her heart and liver........please reply asap....this is very important.. Thank You Sincerely Yours Veronica

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Erika:

Could it make her organs worse then what they are right now or will it rebuild her organs better...I ask because the doctor's told her she cannot take certain vitamins because could damage more her heart and liver

In this case you start with treating the liver first. Start with eating granulated lecithin (two tablespoon with every meal) mixed with food first in your diet. The lecithin is well know for getting rid of toxins in the liver while increasing or promoting healthy liver functions.

The next step is to take water soluble vitamins, in particular the vitamin B complex, 200 mg. each of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and 200 mcg of B12. The other B complex you may acquire from just taking plenty of brewer's yeast. The dose can be divided at twice a day if you wish, anytime would be o.k., such as once in morning and another in the early afternoon.

Take some lemon juice without sugar or anything, but you can add water. Lemon juice is also well known in supportive liver function. If you see improvement which you should do, then you can move on to the other things such as selenium, kyolic garlic, zinc acetate, manganese sulfate, which are important in normalizing the immune functions.

Supplements Needed in Lupus

09/11/2006: Kate : Ted, I've been reading your responses to peoples' questions about lupus online and and I have one of my own. Was my doctor's diagnosis of lupus correct?

I was diagnosed almost six years ago at the age of seventeen with "mild lupus." Apparently, I had enough symptoms (fatigue, missed menstrual cycles, indigestion, tooth decay, some joint pain) and a few of the blood markers (low white cell count, positive ANA, low compliments, etc.)

I was immediately put on Plaquenil and at the time I thought perhaps it made me feel better. I've been on it ever since.

The reason I ask if I actually have lupus is because the following changes have nearly eradicated my lupus symptoms.

1.) After researching thyroid problems, I pursued investigation of my thyroid and found that it was quite low (nearly out of range). Thyroid medication has been incredible. I got my doctor to treat both T3 and T4.

2.) I had allergy testing completed and found out that I am allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, potato, almonds, cashews (to name a few). I feel tremendously better on a diet of buckwheat, quinoa, vegetables, fruit and meat. My bloating is almost gone. My tendency to become lethargic after meals is gone.

My doctor had me tested for celiac disease but my blood tests came back negative. I'm fairly positive that I must have the disease. I think the fact that I have been not eating wheat for the last year has contributed to the negative blood test. I have experienced far too many symptoms that are in line with celiac disease: thyroid issues, dental problems (four root canals and over 37 cavities by the age of 20), menstrual problems, IBS, vomiting (no connection with dental problems which started at the age of 13), many allergies, constipation (excruciating stomach cramps), diagnosis of lupus, etc. I also used to be ravenously hungry all the time--a low blood sugar feeling if I didn't eat every two hours.

My lupus "symptoms" were never extreme in the first place. At seventeen, my main complaints were indigestion, tooth decay, brain fog, and tiredness. Nearly all of those are gone with my current lifestyle and a great homeopathic doctor who managed to get my menstrual cycle back with some herbal remedies. At the moment, I'm the healthiest I've ever been and I think it should keep on getting better. I still struggle with fine tuning my diet. I don't digest food well enough and I'm pretty convinced this is due to all the allergies and the resulting leaking gut syndrome. Hopefully, a allergen free diet will help to heal my intestines. Every time my doctor ups my thyroid medication, I feel better. My quality of life is quite good. I workout four days a week. The only times I find myself having problems is when I accidentally eat something I'm allergic to.

So, how do I get myself off Plaquenil? Did I really have lupus in the first place or was it misdiagnosed gluten intolerance? Is it possible all of this started with gluten intolerance that built into lupus? What is Plaquenil doing to me right now? Is it helping, hindering? Should I stop cold turkey or gradually taper it off?

Honestly, I'm really curious to see if my bloodwork can be changed. I'm willing try and see if I can be "cured." You've listed a variety of supplements in other responses to emails. Would you be willing to fine tune your list of supplements and dosages to my specific case? I've already changed my diet so now I just need to start addressing the supplement issue.

Thank you for your time and patience with my lengthy email. And thank you for putting information out on the web about lupus. It makes a lot of logical sense to me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kate: Before fine tuning your conditions, let me list your "mild lupus condition" first:

fatigue, missed menstrual cycles,indigestion, tooth decay, some joint pain and a few of the blood markers low white cell count, positive ANA, low compliments, etc.

Missed menstrual cycles is often an imbalance of the fatty acids or oils. I have had a friend who have been missing her menstrual cycles for ages. It stopped with supplementation of evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, and fish oils. You need omega 3, gamma linoleic acid in your diets. These oils are needed for normal cellular metabolism.

Tooth decay? A tooth decay is a severe form of molybdenum deficiency. I have seen people with lupus completely cured of lupus just taking molybdenum. Molybdenum is an important element in protection of cavities, not fluoride. The best form is sodium molybdate, about 50 mg - 100 mg. It NOT ONLY controls your body's pH from acid to alkaline in your mouth, but also prevents cavities. Why? Bacterial growth eats up your teeth by producing acid. So taking this should stop the problem. But the fact that your body is already acid means your lupus is unique. The body's bicarbonate which buffers your pH against acidity is depleted.

A common symptom for bicarbonate deficiency often matches certain symptoms of lupus too. It is therefore quite possible that you maybe misdiagnosed. If your body's bicarbonate is lacking, I have seen tooth decay, constipation, and fatigue. When your body is acid, your tooth decays faster, the body have problems with constipation, and since your body is already acid, the body holds less oxygen and therefore, become fatigued easily.

Low white blood cell counts? Try zinc acetate, magnesium citrate. These two will help normalized the number of white blood cells since both of these minerals alone is responsible for most of the biochemical synthesis in your body. Zinc is an important nutrient especially for the white blood cells. Magnesium works best with vitamin B6. So you can never ignore that.

I pursued investigation of my thyroid and found that it was quite low (nearly out of range). Thyroid medication has been incredible.

Most problems with low energy and a majority of people are now suffering from subnormal form hypothyroidism . Where the thyroid work is in subnormal range, but not necessarily considered sick. In this case, I prefer to find nutrition which will allow the body to produce normal amounts of thyroid itself. So where do I start? Thyroid functions often get suppressed because research has shown that a majority of Americans have below normal iodine consumption. The best form of iodine SHOULD NOT come from salt, it should come from non-salt sources. The best source is eating seaweed and kelp regularly, which is an organic and bioavailable form of iodine. Japanese eat them regularly. During my last visit in Japan I was surprised that the such "fatigue syndromes" are almost nonexistent, until I found that they eat seaweed almost everyday.

However you must also understand that thyroid, adrenal and many glands in your body are quite sensitive to chemical toxins and especially heavy metals. You would be surprised to learn that they come from your everyday cooking! For example, I recently visited a very clean restaurant and they had turned on a deep fryer all day without frying. I asked them why the vegetable oils looked gray yellow, they said, that it was probably the metals coming off the deep fryer.

When I do heavy metal test preparation, I always added a chemical which turns into various color spectrum whenever your urine is tested positive. In order to get the color more "concentrated" I always add vegetable oils so that the heavy metals or the urine gets collected into it and the colors become more concentrated. This is why using cooking oils for your food whether it is a deep fryer or something as innocent as frying an egg is dangerous. These heavy metals accumulate in your body and destroys your glandular function.

A remarkably simple way to rid of heavy metals is to take lecithin, cod liver oil, and fish oil. Both of these allow body to rid the heavy metals much quicker, which I prefer to call non-chelation therapy for heavy metals removal. Right now I am investigating the use of flavorings to remove heavy metals, which works just the same.

The other issue of fatigue is pathogens. I was once had a virus attack that I was so weak I can barely lift a finger. To cure myself of it I asked my friend to apply clove oil to my arms and feet. I was so weak I could barely move this is why it had to be done that way. Within 30 minutes, I was normal, but to maintain that I had to apply clove oil and take it internally throughout the day and frequent enough to kill them completely. I was normal the next day. For some reason, certain viruses eats up your energy so much that this was the cause. Of course, I later found out that raising your immune system would also eliminate this problem also, which is taking about 50 mg of zinc acetate would also help. Apple cider vinegar with its malic acid content also helps out with the body's metabolic process too through as a nutrient in the Kreb's cycle.

So, how do I get myself off Plaquenil?

Take plenty of vitamin B complex 3-4 times per day. Where B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 are at 100 mg. per tablet and B12 are 100 mcg. Other vitamin Bs are also important, choline barbitrate, inositol, etc. you can get them easily by just taking plenty of brewer's yeast. Take plenty of garlic oil (Kyolic), selenium 200 mcg, zinc acetate 200 mg, magnesium citrate 250 mg, and it is very likely your lupus would not be acting up. However, you need to be aware that you need to take some 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 glass of water twice, once before bedtime and once in the morning to raise your body's buffer.

Did I really have lupus in the first place or was it misdiagnosed gluten intolerance?

It might be misdiagnosed as lupus AND gluten intolerance too. Sometimes it is a comedy of errors. For example, I have seen one child who was allergic to everything. So what the parents did was to avoid everything he was allergic too, to such an extreme case that the only thing he can eat was three different kinds of food. I told them that this kind of recommendation by the doctors were similar to curing allergies by malnutrition. So what I did was recommend that the parents simply give the child some baking soda and citric acid two times a day, some zinc supplements, magnesium and vitamin B complex. Within a month, the child was able to eat most of the food they were told to avoid. The problem was when the child was diagnosed as "allergy" was a symptom of that the body's immune system was suppressed and this reaction, was in fact a zinc deficiency. So raising up the body's immune system with magnesium and zinc, while killing the anaerobic organisms by raising the child's pH to semi alkaline, killed most of the organism. Vitamin B, in particular B1, was actually a cure for certain children who are allergic to sulfites since sulfites reduced the body's vitamin B1, causing a body to react in presence of sulfites, but perhaps other type of food as well that we don't know of as yet. Still, common sense dictate that we slowly add the more food as he becomes well when we raise nutrition rather than to eat everything all at once.

Is it possible all of this started with gluten intolerance that built into lupus?

It is more like your body's immune system is suppressed an unable to take the gluten anymore. Raising the body's immune system and vitamin B complex, as well as taking anti-pseudoestrogen or dioxin like compounds out of your body, such as indole 3 carbinol should help the body reduce the allergy and intolerance.

What is Plaquenil doing to me right now?

Whatever it is doing, this is not a long term solution and your body probably doesn't need it since it is not found in your body anyway. We are simply ignoring the cause and covering up the symptoms. It is like taking a speedometer off your car to avoid knowing that you are in fact going beyond the speed limit.

Is it helping, hindering?

Hindering. I have never seen anyone cured of plaquenil, but I there are so many people cured of lupus through proper nutrition and raising the immune system as being the best approach.

Should I stop cold turkey or gradually taper it off?

I have seen one case of a boy stopping cold turkey despite the fact that his lupus is still active. So when he took garlic, selenium, zinc, vitamin B complex, lemon juice + baking soda (he didn't have citric acid), and also took some sunflower seeds (magnesium source), the lupus (or red spots on his face) never came back.

I suggest you do this: just take the supplements and if you feel better you can just space them out further and further apart until you feel there is no need for it. The boy that went off cold turkey can do cold turkey because he contact me regularly so I can monitor his progress. To be honest with you he need not be monitored anyway. It simply just disappeared overnight when he started taking supplements the very first time!

Would you be willing to fine tune your list of supplements and dosages to my specific case?

I just did. With evidence that your tooth decay, the body's or your mouth is peculiarly acid. Acid is the only medium that can cause tooth decay. Molybdenum controls the body's pH, as well as taking baking soda and citric acid regularly. Just remember when your body is acid, you will get constipated. It is obvious that you have a buffer deficiency, and the body is obviously acid. You need to alkalize.

Your thyroid may not be the only thing that is not working. You have also adrenal issues, where vitamin B5, inositol and niacinamide would help you greatly and give you lots more energy.

Haven't you every wondered why those energy drinks always contain niacinamide, vitamin B5, and inositol. The big secret from these energy drinks companies(along with caffeine to get you addicted!), is that these specific vitamin Bs increase your body's energy levels.

I couldn't possibly answer all aspects of your question, but what I do know is lupus is quite simply treatable and often these meds people been taking just delay the body's natural healing process. I have given you as an example of a boy who just went cold turkey off plaquenil and medrol who had been taking it for years without a cure in sight. So I guess the body is still and amazing mechanism provided we don't throw a wrench into the delicate machinery too often. All the body needs is just a good oil for the squeaking wheels and cogs.

Helicobacter Pyroli Ulcers and Lupus


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Simple cure for Helicobacter pylori is pure fulvic acid (liquid 5% about 1 tablespoon) added with couple of drops of sodium thiosulfate taken only a couple of days at 3 times per day.

A mild Lupus is often a mild condition of immune suppression and plus an invading mycoplasma. Often taken zinc, selenium, magnesium and vitamin B complex will stop lupus within days. I am of course assuming it is a mild form of lupus. A very serious ones will demand much more supplements as per posting at the website. Surgical equipment can sometimes have mycoplasma which may cause lupus

Scarcoidosis-an Autoimmune Disease

07/14/2006: Pat : Ted, I have read the info you have given on lupus on the Earth Clinic website and have a question. My husband has sarcoidosis which is an autoimmune disease - when people don't know what it is, I usually just say it is a lot like lupus - can affect different organs... his is in the lungs and he does have fibrosis. So.. my questions is do you want to suppress the immune system or improve? I have never known if I should have him take NAC and vitamins or would that do more harm. I realize you may not be familiar with sarcoidosis but it is an immune disease. It really upsets me that all they do is prescribe predisone I wonder why there are no answers for immune problems...... Any comments you have would be appreciated. PS(his dr. is totally against any "Herbal" (that's what he calls it) help - I had asked him about some clinical trials they had with retonic acid?(vit A) and he knew nothing about it.) Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Pat: You need supplements to dissolve the fibrosis. More details will explain later in this email.

So.. my questions is do you want to suppress the immune system or improve.

You will NOT suppress the immune system. You will try to improve it. The reason why the body attacks its own cells, is NOT what it seems. It is attacking the mycoplasma. However they are so tiny that most light microscopes cannot see it. Mycoplasma have a tendency to stick to cells walls and these is what is destroying your body. Basically the myocoplasma are just digesting your cells much like Ebola is eating up your system. It has nothing to do with white cells eating up your body. The white cells are simply digesting the DESTROYED cellular tissue and it just don't have the energy simply to destroy all the mycoplasma and becomes overwhelmed.

The reason why my lupus treatment works quite often is that we raise the white cells strong enough to attack the mycoplasma directly/ or weaken it directly so that the white cells can rid of mycoplasma. We weaken them by increasing certain biological terrain NOT favorable to them, for example, such as high selenium, zinc, magnesium, fulvic acid, artemisia and sometimes sea salt!

By SUPPRESSING the immune system, you are actually ALLOWING the mycoplasma to SPREAD throughout the body while you are forcing the white blood cells to go on a holiday. This was what I learned when I was taking college level microbiology. (Don't know why doctors have such a short term memory).

There is nothing wrong with herbals as there is nothing wrong with eating cabbages or lettuce. Many herbal preparations are eaten almost everyday here in Thailand, such as chicken curry (which contains a powerful immune boosting curcumin). Should one day doctors hail the use of herbals being illegal, we can just claim we want to add them as a flavoring for our pizza.

You don't need clinical trials for retinoic acid, since we know that it is natural, safe and dosage level is not within toxic level. If they are safe to use as you eat apples, it is best to take them and see whether it works for you or not. The key is whether it is natural and the dosage level is safe. Retinoic acid may dissolve the fibrosis, but then on the other hand, carnosine might do it also. It must be remembered that carnosine and carnitine are not the same thing.

A simple way to stop further increase in fibrosis and kill the mycoplasma in the lungs is to breath sea salt mist. Make a 10% solution of sea salt and put it in a humidifier or aerosol spray and just breathe it. Of course, you can vary your concentration, but make it high enough to make it serilized - by the salt of course. So more then 10% such as 20% is a possibility.

Lower than 10% I don't recommend as it is too weak.

Yes treat your autoimmune as if it is lupus. They tend to attack different organs, depending on which organs are the weakest. This is how it works.

In fact autoimmune is a misnomer, the mycoplasma is eating the cells not the white cells. The white cells is just eating up what's left over and it is too weak to attack the mycoplasma directly. So I guess, we tend to blame the innocent bystander too quickly. This is what I learned in the lab while taking college level microbiology. For some reason or another this information are just not out their for the public.

Mycoplasma has been in existence since the dinosaur age, it is only recent that advances in medicine and toxins which is what caused lowered immunity that we actually invited mycoplasma to eat ourselves inside out by actually suppressing our own immune systems.

You might disagree with me, but I have never seen anyone cured with a suppressed immune system in autoimmune condition but I have seen people cured by strengthening the immune system, or to cause biological terrain to be VERY UNFAVORABLE to the mycoplasma. Even if you think your white blood cells are "guilty", let's assume for the moment, but assuming I increase the blood zinc, magnesium, garlic oil, selenium and hydrogen peroxide level - the first thing that get's killed is not the giant body' cells, but actually the tiny fungus mycoplasma.

If you understand this philosophy of autoimmune (misnomer!!!!) the treating is rather straightforward and then a cure suddenly becomes a possibility.

Questions About L Carnotine

07/06/2006: Adrian : At the moment I am taking the following:

Complete B + B complex
MSM 4g
DGL Licorice around 760g
L-Carnotine 500g

MSM 4g
DGL Licorice 760g
L-Glutomine 500g before bed

Regarding the L-Carnotine is this the same thing as L-Carnosine? You mention RNA/DNA supplements. I am not sure what these are / and where to get them.

This is my local health store: hollandandbarrett.com --Would you be so kind to take a look to see if they sell a suitable RNA/DNA supplement that I could use? Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Re L-Carnotine as L-Carnitine it is probably a mispelling. No, L-Carnosine and L-Carnitine are not the same thing. L-Carnosine is harder to find, and it works better. You can take L-Carnitine, and it might be helpful also, but they are different amino acids.

Usually, L-carnitine and L-Alpha Lipoic acid are taken together so that the mitochrondria can detoxify the cells better, but they are not the same as L-Carnosine. Of course, you can take L-Carnitine.

A cheap source of RNA/DNA supplements is Brewer's Yeast. It is the yeast the beer company throws away, but supplement companies buys it and repackages as Brewer's yeast.

Yes your link does have it, but they don't label as such, but it is the same thing. Here is the link:

It is brewer's yeast powder and they are quite cheap. The company would have sold for a much higher price if it was relabeled, RNA/DNA, but in fact they are the same thing. Brewer's yeast has about 50% RNA/DNA, which is quite high.

Yes, I see your regimen. You ought to add baking soda+citric acid, magnesium zinc, selenium and garlic oil at least so that it can kill of the mycoplasma.

If you are tight on budget, I suggest just take baking soda, magnesium citrate and zinc acetate. These three are very important. Everybody needs these three essentials for proper immune system repair. MSM, licorice and L-Glutamine that you take is quite important and you have already added that.

Do You Recommend People Stop Medication Before Using Natural Treatment

06/22/2006: Lu from Hesperia, CA: I have been diagnosed with lupus for 3 years now. I have been on many medications and tried the gluten free diet. I was on the diet for about 7 months and ended up in the hospital because my lupus turned from attacking my joints to attacking my muscles. I was then diagnosed with polymyositis with arthritis, my muscles broke down and I could barely walk or raise my arms. In the hospital they started me on a mega dose of Prednisone and I slowly recovered over this past year and a half. I am now off prednisone but take 15mgs of methotrexate each week. (I call it my poisen) It seems to be working ok for now but I would rather use a natural method. Do you recommend for people to stop medication before using natural treatments first? Or can they use vitamin therapies and natural treatments and stay on their medications? I will admit I am a bit of a sceptic because my last try at a natural cure ended up with me hospitalized.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lu: The secret to success is to try different kinds of natural therapies on different weeks and see which ones work best for you while you are still on your medications. Then once you found what works for you best, should you try begin SLOWLY reducing your dosages of the other medications.

This is at least how I did it over two decades ago and I only take these medication at least once every 5 years. The reason I used it once every 5 years (about) is that sometimes natural therapies may not work every time.

Question About Intestinal Cleanse

06/15/2006: Kate from Palo Alto, CA: Hi, I'm rather amazed by your advice. I was diagnosed with mild lupus when I was 17 years old. I am 22 now. I have been on 200mg of plaquenil since then. I'm not even sure exactly what it's doing anymore. I think it did help my symptoms. Originally, the doctors thought that I had Sjogren's disease because I had over 36 cavities and 3 root canals. However, after some speculation they pinned me with the lupus label. I'm currently addressing a low thyroid with medication as well. I assume this is another symptom of gluten intake and disruption of the system. I'm amazed at the amount of articles in the general medical community addressing the connection between lupus and gluten. Maybe they're coming around to it very slowly. Maybe... I've also suffered for years with a form of bulemia as well. It's as easy for me to vomit as it is to swallow; food comes up on its own. I can essentially vomit at will. What I didn't realize was the reason this was possible was because of food allergies. I had become allergic to nearly everything. On a diet of only meat and vegetables (particular ones I'm not allergic to) I am incapable of vomiting. On my own I started cutting out foods and testing which ones made me sick (paying close attention to headaches, heart palpatations, stomach upset). Nearly everything affects me except for the foods that are on your list. Recently, I decided to get tested for celiac disease and am still waiting for the results. I do think there is a tremendous connection between the intestines and this disease. This is what I was researching online when I stumbled on this site.

My question is as follows: I would like to do an intestinal cleanse--a fast of about three days. I think it would help clean out my system and give me a fresh start. It's called a Master Cleanse (you can read up on it online). The drink that is recommended for the three days is a concoction of lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup. Combined with a laxative tea it is supposed to flush out the whole system. Is this a bad idea? Do you have any thoughts? I'm sure I will have plenty more questions for you. Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Kate: Your condition of Anorexia Nervosa/ Bulimia could actually be cured by doing the following things in steps:

1. Completely avoid milk and replace this with fresh fruits. Gorillas have bulimia too, and they managed to stop this in zoos by stopping feeding them with milk.

2. Get an injection shot of vitamin B12 FIRST.

3. Take plenty folic acid. In private circles this is actuall used as a cure for Bulimia.

4. Taking some vitamin K might help. Usually K2 vitamin is better.

5. Take molybdenum supplements on an empty stomach.

6. If all goes well, take vitamin B complex!

7. Do the detoxification, but NOT MASTER detox. I have a detox plan, especially for bulimia, read on. You might laugh at the molybdenum suggestion, but I have found that certain bulimics sometimes have a lot of cavities. Usually a lot of cavities is a sign of molybdenum deficiency. Molybdenum is poorly absorbed and it can only get through your system if you just take this alone on an empty stomach. Usually sodium molybdate is an ideal form if you can find it. If you can get a molybdenum supplements, ground them to a powder and take them. This is why I postulate that bulimia have this deficiency, it is difficult to absorb into your system. A wild card to restore your body's response is to add MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) it will restore cellular meltdown by increasing cellular exhange of nutrients and removal of toxins quite quickly. You SHOULD notice an improvement in your condition within a week. Again, you STILL need to avoid gluten, nevertheless.

As to your suggestion for Master detox, you are compounding your problem. Don't try this. What you need to detox is to remove chemicals rather than go on a hunger strike which just compound the problem.

Your body needs to supplement indole 3 carbinol and try Creatine monohydrate. These two should remove the last remaining chemicals that is causing your conditions.

Oh one last thing, men don't get bulimia because testosterone neutralizes certain pseudoestrogens. Women usually lack this and pseudoestrogens just overtake their system. This is why indole 3 carbinol should neutralize whatever dioxin TCDD or pseudoestrogen you have.

The other thing I suspect is the formaldehydes and related chemicals which destroys nervous system, causing this condition. So what you need to do is just take creatine monohydrate. Again, if my recommendation is not working for you complain! It is just my personal observation and I don't have much to go on when you compare with the like s of those scientist who have all the diagnostic equipment on their fingertips!

Lupus or Thyroid Related Problems

06/14/2006: Adrian : Hi Ted, The following link describes the problems i've been having for the last 5 years...


I don't know for sure, but my gut feeling is these problems may be Lupus and/or thyroid related. Just recently I have been supplementing with: MSM 6000mg per day Complete Vitamin B complex DGL Chewable Liquorice 2280mg daily Mastic Gum 1000mg daily before bed (I started taking the DGL and Mastic Gum as I read that a bacteria known as H. Ployri was a possible cause for Urticaria) I have been taking the MSM very recently, all the other things I have been taking for 4 weeks. I have only just noticed a difference in my skin. My bloody vessels are not as inflamed, skin is smoother and my face looks alot clearer & moisturised! I have only been on the MSM for 3 days but noticed this massive improvement! So I shall continue what I am doing.

What do you make of this? Does this point the finger at Lupus being the culprit of all my problems?! Can I start adding other supplements to further my healing? My dream is for the Urticaria to clear up so I can start playing sports again! I havn't done for over 5 years now and it has made me very depressed. BTW I started taking the MSM just in the off chance it may help me, i'm so glad it has and only today I found the Earth Clinic page which has some very encouraging ideas! I'm very keen to know your views on this? and any possible guidance you can give me. Thanks,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Adrian, Your conditions appears to be lupus. Urticaria is a milder form, the most severe form can resemble something like ebola, and believe me I have seen it! I cannot stress the importance of MSM and DMSO as being so important as water, salt and air! You might be astonished as to why it so important. For one thing most of the vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, minerals, even when they ARE ALREADY IN THE BLOODSTREAM, simply can't make it to the inside of the cells because they are either too hydrophilic, or too hydrophobic, or even that the cells are blocked off due to circulation problem. Whenever you take MSM, for example it causes any nutrients in your body to be bioavailable. At the same time it also removes efficiently many toxins removed from the body. This also includes dangerous heavy metals.

A nice standby to MSM, is the fat emulsifier, granulated lecithin, which makes a nice complement to allow the body to remove toxins, and put in nutrients inside the cells much easier. Alternative medicine should concentrate on this aspect as it is forms the foundations of bioavailability for all nutrients that your cells need. Because of such importance, whenever I mix ANY supplements, including amino acids, that I MUST ALWAYS add DMSO or MSM to it to allow it to reach the target cells. And from time to time, I must also take granulated lecithin.

In chemistry or in medicine, they tend to make it very complicated doing the same thing I am doing by converting for example, L-Cysteine into N-Acetyl-Cysteine, because most amino acids tend to be hydrophobic. N-Acetyl Cysteine is hydrophilic. In fact you don't need to change molecules, you merely add MSM and lecithin to any nutrients and it should get right inside the cells. For your lupus to improve, it ONLY takes 3 days to notice an improvement, if you are doing the right thing! You don't have to wait for weeks or months! There is one additional supplements which should further restore your condition by taking L-carnosine. This little known amino acid also helps remove a lot of toxins also, just like MSM and DMSO. Handling thyroid issue directly is a difficult one, but taking amino acids that helps regulate rebuilding of the entire body's is a more practial way by way of the use of secretagogues. These secretagogues increases your body human growth hormone naturally through the use of L-Glutamine (2 grams) and L-Glycine (approx 2 grams also). The niacin you have to be careful, but it also works, just that its main problem is skin flushing and itchy skin. Most of which can easily be aleviated with taking aspirin 20-30 minutes before taking 200 mg of niacin. Research has shown 2 grams of L-glutamine, raises your body's human growth hormone by about 400% within approximately 4 hours. Provided that you do not eat high fat diets or food during that period. It works best when you take these before you sleep, because it is your own circadium rhythm which tends to be influenced by producing growth hormone while you are in a deep sleep. I suspect melatonin will by synergistic on your immune system, but the ideal dose should be about 0.5 mg, as opposed to 2.5 or 3 mg the sell in the market. Licorice extract you mentioned is interesting, because whenever you are sick for so long, you have adrenal exhaustion. Licorice extract is cortisone like and works like an adaptogen (allowing the body) to reach equilibrium. The other thing that will help with the body's adrenal exhaustion is DHEA. Echinacea taken regularly should help restore your body immune system somewhat, so consider that also. A scientist found that giving lifelong echinacea to rats actually extended their lifespan over the controls, even if the control rat were always healthy!

Can I start adding other supplements to further my healing? My dream is for the Urticaria to clear up so I can start playing sports again!

Yes, you are encouraged to add each supplements one by one until your conditions is healthy enough to begin sports. I suspect that L-Carnosine is another powerful substance right next to MSM and DMSO that should help relieve your skin condition of urticaria. Adding citric acid+ baking soda 1/4 teaspoon each to 1/2 glass of water, twice a day on an empty stomach, once in the morning and once before going to bed is important. It is anti inflammatory, and at the same time chelates out free radical metals out of your body.

Help Needed

06/08/2006: TK from Annapolis MD: I have lupus. I only take plaquenil per Doctor. I get these red dots around my ankles and on my legs after sitting long, doing anything strenous or wearing the wrong kind of shoes-which is every kind . Then it swells if I don't get off my feet. It happens every day. I can't stand it anymore. Anything I can take for this? I think they call it vasculitis. The sun breaks my skin out terribly also. All the doctors do is take blood tests and my money. HELP.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Not much information to go on about on your dietary prefereences and elimination problems, but most problem skin reactions are usually due to toxin buildup in the body to such an extent that your skin reaction comes usually in the late afternoon or whenever your body's level of antioxidants (taking extra vitamin E, C will help) are unusually low from what information you give me. Often toxicity is due to heavy metal accumulation, chemical toxins, elimination problems (constipation & not drinking enough water), food toxins, mineral deficiency, protein deficiency and of course, oil imbalance (evening primrose oil & omega 3 & fish oils). It looks like a lot, but not really. So I will give you the list of things to do that should reduce most of skin problems:

Alkalize the body and chelate them. This is done simply taking 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to about 1/2 glass of water taken once in the morning on a EMPTY stomach and before bed time. If you plan to eat within 30-60 minutes, it is best not to take this in the morning and just take it only in the evening instead. Sodium citrate is the chemical byproduct from the reaction of citric acid and baking soda. What this does it it chelates out the heavy metals, buffer your body's pH, balances your body's electrolyte, and finally reduce your body's skin inflammation issues all at once.

Assuming that your skin breaks out at 3.00 p.m. That means you can take this about 2 hours before this happens on an empty stomach of course.

A modified formula, which is a more complete formula, that is an improvement over the above formula is to add a pinch of potassium citrate plus magnesium citrate, if you can find them! A good substitute for magnesium citrate if you can't find one is magnesium carbonate. The carbon dioxide liberated during the citric acid - sodium bicarbonate reaction will form a magnesium bicarbonate, which is an available form you are looking for. This newer formula should work best for you. Of course, if you just can't find ANYTHING, then I guess, baking soda will have to do. As you know there will be much more advanced formulas I have in mind, but considering obtaining all these raw materials can be quite a hassle, so I am keeping things as simple as possible.

As usual, when you have a skin problem, it is BEST to avoid artificial sweeteners, glucose, fructose (corn syrup), fried foods, all vegetable oils (except olive oil and coconut oils), microwave cooking, ANY high glycemic diets, frozen dinners, french fries, cookies, pastries, cow's milk, and other similar toxins.

Taking L-carnosine, or acetyl-l-carnosine (if you can find one!) will help a lot with your skin problems and reaction. Preferred dosage is between 100 mg -200 mg./ day. Sulfur diets, such as MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) with plenty of water will also help. The other complementary mineral whenever you take magnesium is of course, zinc. Zinc acetate and zinc gluconate is the preferred form that I never have problems with.

This very short list should help most of your skin flare ups, based on the information you gave me. Of course there may be surprises, such as your body is overloaded seriously with heavy metals. IN that case you may take 200 mg. of disodium EDTA orally. DO NOT TAKE paracetamol, it destroys your liver and the ability to detoxify your body. If you did, you may have to detox your liver from paracetamol with a good dose of N-Acetyl Cysteine. Of course the safest way to reduce this skin flare up as a complement to all the above suggestion is just to take aspirin 250 mg -500 mg./day for at least one week

More Suggetions Needed on Natural Cure for Lupus

06/08/2006: Shabnam : Thank you for replying back. You have guessed right. I am a young indian woman living in canada. I donot eat beef but I do eat chicken a little bit but not a whole bit. Lately I have started to use Olive oil for cooking. I am taking Vit C 500 mg and Wild Salmon and fish oils 1000mg having EPA180 mg and DHA 120 mg.I am also taking CLA 2-3 times a day ( conjugated linolenic acid) for my weight control. I am not taking any ca or Vit B supplement at all. I am taking my cholestrol and my bp medicine along with my plaquenil and my arthrotec medication. I am sick and tired of taking all of these medications. But I will do what you have mentioned. Please e-mail me back with more suggestions. I like my blood work to come to a normal level for lupus. Rest I will let you know the results. Thank you very much. Bless you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You mentioned a high bp, and needs to get blood results to normal.

Lecithin for me is very important (granulated kinds) taken everyday along with your food will stabilize your blood sugar and help lower some b.p. Taken DHEA of only 12.5 mg/day will help you reduce your weight. DHEA is synergistic if you try to take oral EDTA supplements. EDTA is somewhat anti-lupus in killing mycoplasma. So this will help.

To get your blood results to normal with lupus consider taking Indole 3 carbinol especially, this will help you restore your immune system especially the thymus. Supporting foods will be kelp and seaweed.

To get your HDL up and reduce LDL, consider eating semi cooked boiled eggs. Eggs are actually good for you but the doctor's misinformation has got people on the wrong course of health. Aspirin taken every other day, for some reason or another also with chromium supplements will help restore the blood sugar and help absorption of the chromium. Aspirin also restores liver function. Avoid paracetamol. Take silymarin (milk thistle)to further allow liver functions to normalize, and thus your blood. You can eat foods that have as much turmeric as you like as this is very helpful with your blood and liver and it protects against free radicals. Otherwise most of recommendations to lupus I post at Earth Clinic still stands. Your problem is unique on b.p., blood pressure, weight issue, and dietary foods you need to change.

Natural Remedies for Lupus

06/06/2006: Shabnam from Canada: Dear Ted, I was reading something on the internet and your experience with lupus treatments. Please tell me , are you a doctor or a chemist? You have such good knowledge of lupus patients and their treatment. I have had lupus for six and half years, after my son was born. I am now 36 years old. I am now on plaquenil and arthrotec for my arthritis and lupus. I also have high cholestrol and high b.p now controlled and on treatment. I would like to get off half of these medicines and try the natural way out. Please help me by kindly sending me your suggestions. Occasionally I do get athritis but I have no noticeable symptoms but my blood work seems to be high. I will be grateful.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I have not much information to go on you except of course you have high cholesterol (high b.p is obvious) and that you an Indian living in Canada I presume. If I am wrong please forgive me. On the basis of my understanding of the Indian diets and how it effects your lupus there is certain specific recommendations that I can recommend that is different from most other people that your body needs more than most other people around you:

1. You need far more vitamin D. Take plenty of cod liver oil if you have trouble getting those 20,000 I.U. vitamin D kinds. Asians living in countries lacking in sun is a big problem and vitamin D is seen to cause immune issues, thereby causing lupus. Just take a tablespoon or two of cod liver a day plus fish oil.

2. Most indians generally won't consume beef, so certain dietary changes and supplementation from soy product rich in proteins is needed. Try find a good source of bioavailable source of rich protein supplement foods, especially L-Carnosine and L-Carnitine which is an important source to restore the immunity.

3. Vitamin Complex and especially taking vitamin B12 is the basis since Indian diets and Asian diets whose diets are usually lacking.

4. Most Asians do have lactose intolerance, and the avoiding of lactic acid rich foods, so try to avoid milk for all practical purposes. Whey protein is the preferred choice and I do take Whey protein quite regularly.

5. Take lecithin granulated along with your foods regularly and also some phosphatidylserine as well. These things will emulsify the fats and help maintain your blood sugar and lower blood pressure over the long run. Usually high blood pressure is often linked to high carbohydrate rich foods and high glycemic foods. This is confirmed information as to why Indian population get fat quickly (mostly woman) usually from low protein diets, high carbohydrates, and a common vitamin D which is quite prevalent amongst Indian woman population. Higher protein diets can be found especially from eating more fish, more whey protein as a recommended protein source. Just go to bodybuilder's nutrition they have a complete selection there. 6. Adrenal exhaustion seems to be common amongst lupus, but this maybe more prevalent in Asian population. So taking DHEA helps. The preferred dose I generally recommend will be on a low side of 12.5 mg/day. Which is usually 1/2 of most DHEA supplements they sell in the market. If you just follow these six issues that is unique to Asian diets, plus those listed needed to treat your lupus condition, you should see some improvement within a matter of days. I must stress again that carbohydrate foods, flour, rice, overcooking, should especially be avoided. Western countries are very different from Asian countries in that common toxins in these countries is high in heavy metals as the Canadian health authorities recently found out in the food they eat. However, the Canadian health authorities fail to explain the high pseudoestrogens and some dioxins in their food. These toxins can be neutralized by just eating, partially cooked brocolli or taking indole 3 carbinol. I must stress again that you should try to avoid as best as possible of overcooking foods of vegetables and meat products. Raw vegetables, higher fish diets, low glycemic diet will really help your recovery. These are the foundation you need to begin your treatment against lupus before directly treating the lupus itself as mentioned. Vegetable oils is not to be use especially stay away from fried foods and microwave foods.

If you do cooking cook only in coconut oil (NEVER hydrogenated vegetable oils) or just simple LARD is most safest to avoid trans-fatty acid common in margarine, cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. Again, I am making certain assumptions here that about your habits that, if I am wrong, about this, please ignore my statements

Lady Diagnosed with Mctd

06/05/2006: Agatha from Cape Coral: Ted, I have a mixed connective tissue disease. I'm on plaquanil, cymbalta, and synthroid for a hypo condition. In reading all your information, it is overwhelming.. I take a juice called mangosteen, it has helped me with my fatigue;however the pains in my joints and muscles are on the rise again.., a flare up. I have been miss diagnosed for years, 10 to 12. About a year ago I was diagnosed with MCTD. Within a short time I lost my job due to the fatique, soreness, irratiablity, consentation lost etc. I truly think of Lupus, unfortunately, they name it MCTD. It's all the same autoimmune. Please help to simplify the vitamins, and amounts to take, and are the available in health food stores in Florida. I love life and have a very healthy attitude to adversities in life..just another road to cross..I'ld like to cross this road and pass my experience and knowledge of the joys of life on to others. I feel it's important to guide others in life and show them that it is the greatest passage one can take. To continue your help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Agatha

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Agatha: Most allergies and inflammation is a serious issue if it not just attacks the skin, but your internal organs such as kidneys, liver, heart or brain. So the fastest way to deal with the flare ups is to take aspirin and vitamin B complex, plus an extra dose of thiamine, vitamin B1. This should reduce most of the flare ups. Most inflammation issue due to immune problem can be a number of souces so taking extra boron, glucosamine sulfate, silicon, vitamin C for example will provide an extra boost.

however the pains in my joints and muscles are on the rise again..

One common way to deal with the pain quite quickly within a couple of days, if it is non-arthritis, is to take magnesium. Take the more bioavailable form, or soluble form such as magnesium chloride, magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate or even magnesium ascorbate. Usually 250 mg for me will do fine and most will disappear. We cannot assume anything, so taking it will prove whether you have a deficiency or not without the need for analysis since the treatment is the diagnosis itself since treatment is safe.

Within a short time I lost my job due to the fatigue, soreness, irritability, concentration lost, etc.

Some of the concentration problems should return just taking common vitamin supplements, especially N Acetyl Cysteine, and other amino acid supplements. Get a protein drink should help restore most of it. Usually vegetarians will have the problem of protein issue from concentration. Reducing any high glycemic foods, such as sugar, pastries, cookies, will help. It is important to realize that vaccination destroys concentration since aluminum and mercury levels in the blood can even exceed over one hundred times higher than even what environmental or EPA even allows it. So taking some oral edta supplements will reduce that. If you have a full-blow lupus, just follow up my previous postings for complete information. I am just covering additional information you need concerning the other issues you are experiencing.

Note that if lupus is mycoplasma caused, taking H2O2 3% food grade, between 3-6% should restore this. Many people I know experiences fog brain and this can be helped quite immediately, within 30 -1 hour the foggy brain issue. Furthermore, taking vitamin B complex, lecithin, and high protein supplements - NO SUGAR, NO ASPARTAME, NO ARTIFICIAL SUGAR, should help deal with the longer term issues over a period of 1-3 months, where you should be near normal by 3rd or 4th month. A quick relief is often seen as no sugar, fried food, and just take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda before you sleep. You should feel better the next day. If not or just in case, you can add a small amount of potassium (from sports drink) if needed be.

Want to Know Top Ten Supplements for Lupus

05/30/2006: Jeannine : You are so kind to write me back-- thank you. I went through the emails and made a list of the supplements. There are so many, which ones are the most important? Can you recommend the top 10 or 12?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If you want the top 10, here it is:

1. Magnesium
2. Zinc
3. Selenium
4. Garlic (Kyolic)
5. Lecithin
6. Kelp, and Limu (they are high in glyconutrients)
7. Licorice extract (adrenal exhaustion is common)
8. The antioxidants vitamin C, A, E (liquid form of multivitamins and mineral is o.k. too)
9. Vitamin B Complex
10. CLA (conjugated lineoleic acid)
11. (just in case you can't find those top 10) I add this as an extra: RNA/DNA supplements or suitable substitute of Brewer's yeast is o.k. For me, it's a tie between CLA and DNA/RNA supplements.

During treatment, a majority will have a pH buffer problem so you can try the following plus a newer formulated buffer solution that I find worked the best (I always update my formulas):

Older Buffer formula (to alkalize body & increase oxygen) 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/4 baking soda, on an empty stomach in the morning and once before sleep. In other words twice a day.

Newer formula (alkalize body, increase oxygen, extracellur and intracellular) This is the easiest formula I can think of: 1/4 teaspoon citric acid plus 1/4 baking soda plus 1/16 potassium citrate or potassium chloride

The above you take it twice a day. There is a some recent observations that taking 2 teaspoon of sea salt on on empty stomach without the pH buffer (must be at least 2 hours away from each other otherwise it will cause diarrhea) plus 1 glass of water ONLY once a week will help destroy the mycoplasma bug which what is causing your lupus. Just try this sea salt idea and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, you can stop it. I am not asking you to take a lot just only once a week. You should notice the effect of feeling better within hours if it works. If not, well, its worth a try.

Alkalizing helps increase the body's oxygen, thereby oxidizing the mycoplasma, which is causing the lupus.

There is a wild card treatment in case you might look for dark horse cure. For example, sodium perborate Hydrate. I found that my dog's lupus was cured just using this. Take about 1/16 teaspoon of sodium perborate hydrate dissolved in water for a couple of hours and take it. My dog which ways about 8 pounds was helped. Of course, this is just a wild card. Sodium perborate hydrate is simply another form of boron supplements but it has the added advantage of having a built in hydrogen peroxide which can also neutralize the mycoplasma caused lupus. Boron also balances out the hormones.

Besides supplements, dietary factors of eating food rich in silicon is a must. That means eating horsetail or possibly oats (without the sugars) and without the GMO foods, and NO vaccinations, MSG, or the use of any aluminum cooking utensils including teflon coated cooking ware.

Avoiding aspartame, milk, and yogurt is a must. Neutralize the dioxin, chlorine and fluoride exposure by taking broccoli and cabbage (for dioxin), dechlorinator from petshops in your drinking water (for chlorine) and borax or sodium perborate (for fluoride). However don't use any fluoride toothpaste and most shampoos tend to have dioxin so using plain unscented soap is preferred as a shampoo. They tend to compound the problems. Hope this helps.

01/13/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Lupus is not about the white blood attacking your body's system, it is about a tiny unseen nanobacteria and mycoplasma that virtually infiltrates your entire cell system causing your cells to be "foreign" and thus the blood white cells attack in protection.

What the vitamin therapy basically do is that it tries to get your immune system up and also certain minerals are anti-pathogens (mycoplasma), such as selenium or garlic for example.

When these mycoplasma get killed, the white blood cells will no longer attack. Chiefly, the secret to a successful vitamin therapy is to be choosy of the brand or try different kinds of brands that work for you. Mostly the best vitamins are the softgels as body can absorb them easier. Ones in tablets have fillers which are usually calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, which prevents absorption of key minerals. One way to help absorption is get a mortal and pestle and make the vitamins in powder form and dissolve them in water. I have seen many instances that certain brand of vitamins don't even dissolve in your stomach. How do I know? do this test: if you put a vitamin in a glass of water and it doesn't dissolve in ten minutes, you are in trouble.

Besides the vitamin idea, I strongly you also take limu, which is a brown seaweed and I have gotten some good feedback from that too. The other ones that had good feedback are glyconutrients. So add up these two also.

The vitamin therapy is nothing new, AIDS have actually been recorded to completely cured several people and they are now HIV negative and symptom free.

04/26/2006: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Taking CLA (Conjugated Lineoleic Acid), while well known as a weight loss supplement, along with GLA (Gamma Lineoleic acid) may also reduce the symptoms of lupus.

Here is an interesting finding: Lipids. 2003 Jan;38(1):21-4.

Related Articles, Links Dietary

CLA decreased weight loss and extended survival following the onset of kidney failure in NZB/W F1 mice.

Yang M, Cook ME. Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin 53706, USA.

In an earlier study, we showed that feeding CLA immediately after weaning prolonged survival of NZB/W F1 mice after onset of proteinuria. In the present study, the feeding of CLA was delayed until mice had developed proteinuria. Thirty NZB/W F1 mice were fed a regular rodent chow after weaning. Urine samples were collected to detect proteinuria. Once a mouse was proteinuria positive, it was then randomly assigned to a 0.5% CLA supplement semipurified diet or a control diet (supplement 0.5% corn oil). The next proteinuria positive mouse was then assigned to the opposite diet to which the first mouse was assigned. Mice fed the control diet lost 25% more body weight (13.0 g) than mice fed the CLA diet (9.7 g). Moreover, CLA-fed mice survived an average 1.7-fold longer (148 d) than mice fed the control diet (89 d) after the onset of proteinuria. This follow-up study confirmed that dietary CLA had a beneficial effect in the autoimmune NZB/W F1 mouse. In summary, the cachectic symptom of systemic lupus erythematosus was decreased by dietary CLA and survival days were increased over control group.

PMID: 12669815

[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Natural Ways to Cure Lupus

05/29/2006: Jeannine : I will pick up some acetyl l-carnosine also. You asked about my condition. I believe I have SLE lupus. I was diagnosed almost 20 yrs ago. I am generally not bothered. I had been taking the Plaquinil 200mg/ day, Prednisone 2mg /day and Sulindac 200mg /day up until recently. My left hand has begun to turn (sideways) at a fast rate of speed. I also experience some fatigue and lethargy, but I still have a good quality of life. I'm very motivated to stop my hand from looking like a hand of a 89 year old lady!

A couple of months ago I changed my diet to incorporate more alkaline reacting foods (no beef, no pork, no sweets, low dairy and lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and some fish and chicken. I also take iodine supplements, hot Epsom salt baths and peanut oil rubs recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings.

The diet made me feel much better, but now I'm getting the fatigue and joint stiffness again. My goal is to get off the pharmaceuticals (for good) and find more natural ways to cure or manage this condition. So, now, I'm layering on the supplements to help me along. I do appreciate your knowledge and sharing of information. I looked at the web site you recommended for the acetyl l-carnosine. My only concern about supplements is those with lupus have difficulty absorbing good nutrients/minerals in foods. Hence, I'm concerned that all these supplements will not be absorbed by my body. I really respect what you do, but I'm curious. How did you become so knowledgeable about lupus and lupus cures and where/how did you get you information?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Jeannine: Fatigue of joints if often the Carnosine, magnesium, boron, vitamin C, collagen, vitamin K2 and vitamin D4 issue. Vitamin D3 would be o.k. too. If you are tested for high vitamin D4, then you need a little bit phosphorous in the diet. A quick cure for stiffness of muscle is magnesium chloride, others are a bit longer term, but if you have a deficiency this will show. It is important to take magnesium chloride on an empty stomach. Do not take any alkaline drinks. They must be apart by at least 2 hours. Otherwise they might cause diarrhea. However, other magnesium will fare better, but this one is faster. 250 mg. of MgCl would be o.k.

The absorption issue can be handled by eating along with food, or take vitamins tablets and ground them to a powder or remove capsules. The reason is that capsules and tablets may not dissolve within 15 minutes while it is in the stomach. Therefore if taken in powdered form will help. Certain conditions of leaky gut will prevent absorption but taking magnesium chloride will often restore the condition and cause body to absorb.

Eating vitamin and mineral along with supplements is the best way. Addition of aspirin for certain supplements will aid absorption especially chromium. Fulvic acid also enhances food absorption of minerals.

Why am I knowledgeable? I have fear of old age when I was only 6 years old. My first exposure to medicine was Reader's Digest Family Medicine Encyclopedia (don't remember the exact title). I read the whole book nearly 5 or 6 times and that was when I was only in the 7th grade. I read a college textbook on Human Psychology the entire book in the 8th Grade, and my first exposure to alternative medicine was when I was in the 9th Grade, the magazine was called Prevention Magazine. You can probably guess I have been at this for the next 30+ years! I was deeply influenced when Linus Pauling's book was first out in the 1970s on Vitamin C and the Common Cold, it was an excerpt of his book by Dell Publishing. During that same period I read books on Edgar Cayce (circa 1971-3) which had to do with alkalizing, so I took it that sodium bicarbonate is very important so I took that regularly! It was only in U.S. college that I learned that sodium bicarbonate is very extensive in human physiology that I knew it was important along with zinc to be resistant against the dreaded flu I had way back in 1970s.

Discoid Lupus

O : Dear Ted,thank-you for getting back to me so quickly. I will try the apple cider vinegar remedy but there are a few things that I want to clarify first. I will start drinking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed in 1/2 glass of bottled water ( which I always drink) twice daily for 7 days out of the week along with 1/8 teaspoon of borax (please explain what chemical that is and is boric acid the same thing if not where can I purchase borax) mixed in 1/2 lt of bottled water for 5 days a week. I should buy a electronic pocke ph meter to monitor the urinary PH to around 7? You said that a person with Lupus has the urinary PH to about 5.5, how many days do you think of drinking the remedy, I can expect some change in the urinary PH ? Once the urinary PH starts to increase, is 7.5 the highest I should let it go ? How long after the urinary PH is up to 7, would I start to see some improvements in my face ? How many days maximum should I drink this remedy ? I went to a health food store and I purchased brown rice pastas, sprouted whole grain breads . Hopefully this will not add to my problems. I am also starting to take a nutri multi vitamin featuring the benifits of vitamin D which also have the benifits of all the other important vitamins and minerals. It also has 2 mg of boron (borax) , is that the same thing? for every 15 ml tablespoon. the nutritionist told me to take 2 tablespoons daily but the instructions said to take only 1, what do you think ? If this already has boron or borax and I will be getting 4 mg daily, should I still be taking the 1/8 teaspoon mixed with the 1/2 lt of water for 5 days out of the week while I am drinking the apple cider vinegar remedy? I will also be starting to take a hi potency B complex capsule and the Nutritionist told me to take 1 daily but you said maybe only 1 capsule 3 or 4 days out of the week? The nutricionist also told me that 2 sael-oil capsules daily wasn't sufficient and I should take at least 8 daily for the first week and then after 6 daily She said that seal-oil capsules were't the best source of omega 3 , and 2 wasn't enough since I didn't eat much fish and my skin needed the oils. Sorry to burden you with all these questions but you seem to be the light at the end ofa long dark tunnel. God Bless and thank-you so much.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: 1/8 teaspoon of borax (please explain what chemical that is and is boric acid the same thing if not where can I purchase borax) mixed in 1/2 lt of bottled water for 5 days a week.

Borax is chemically different from boric acid. It is a lot easier to deal with borax as boric acid is an acid form and I prefer not to use boric acid. The dose were used and tested is borax that has worked the best. Boric acid has never been tried and is not used because we want to get the body to be more alkaline, not more acid.

I should buy a electronic pocke ph meter to monitor the urinary PH to around 7?

Most pH paper seems to be off on its reading in the alkaline side, and a pocket pH meter is more accurate. Increase or decrease dose in achieving is needed to get near 7.

You said that a person with Lupus has the urinary PH to about 5.5, how many days do you think of drinking the remedy, I can expect some change in the urinary PH ?
It takes about a week or two to notice improvement that we can go outside with minor cosmetic makeup for cover. A pH change will be noticed within 1 hour after taking it.

Once the urinary PH starts to increase, is 7.5 the highest I should let it go ? How long after the urinary PH is up to 7, would I start to see some improvements in my face ? How many days maximum should I drink this remedy ?

The highest urinary pH can only be obtained with a sodium and potassium citrate, 1/4 teaspoon each. It's difficult to get beyond 7 with just baking soda. Will answer the other questions later in the day.

Fibromyalgia, Skin Lupus, Reynauds

Ilona from Canada: My doctor told I have fibromyalgia, skin lupus, reynauds. He prescribed prednisone 10 mg for 15 days and antibiotics for 2 weeks. I finished all, but now I have bad cold , red face and pain all over my body, especially my knees and burning skin on my legs and face. I think I felt better before medicine what he gave to me. Ted what do think what I should take in my case? Thank you

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Ilona: Your lupus was not cured. The pain on the joints is obvious. The common medicine for your condition is often medrol and plaquenil, which in practice WORKS THE BEST WHEN NOT TAKEN EVERYDAY, but when you do need it and ONLY when you take supplements FIRST, or just one month. Normally a doctor will perform a lupic cell counts to see, but whatever the argument, I found :

taking vitamin B complex taken ONLY once or twice a week, sodium ascorbate vitamin C,

taking 4-5 days out of a week of sodium bicarbonate 2 teaspoon with water in the morning and once before bedtime will help a lot. It IS IMPORTANT to monitor your urinary pH to make sure it is BETWEEN 6.5-7.5

Strict avoidance of all sugar, and white flour products, which includes, bread, pastries, buns, pizza bread, etc. I am not strict about the other things, but oily foods really worsen the condition, so no fried food. It must be stated that I am not very strict on being specific about what food you eat, I am telling you the ones that causes the MOST problems in PRACTICE! You can replace the avoiding of white flour with brown rice. 70% of your diet should be fresh green vegetables and whole fruits. In practice I found eating plenty of pumpkin seeds and sunflower helped.

Finally, the one thing that seemed to make or break a lupus like condition (which obviously includes Reynauds and fibromyalgia) after a lot of trial an error is actually the boron and quite often molybdenum. I will always as usual start with the bare minimum of 1/4 teaspoon of borax in a drinking water of ONE liter, and add some lemon juice to cover the taste and smell of borax. This is taken only 2-3 days a week and on second week may just one day a week and if cured, no more is needed.

Some people simply don't like it. The borax are usually sold in drug stores which are of B.P. or U.S.P. Grade. You should notice an improvement within 2 days. The other thing I found is sodium molybdate, which I do take is around 25 mg./day for only once or twice a week. Zinc acetate or zinc citrate or zinc gluconate of 25 mg/day as well as vitamin C sodium ascorbate at 500 mg./day, is important and BOTH is taken at 4 days out of a week. The body needs a vacation weekly of between of about 3 days per week to work most effectively. Selenium and kyolic garlic is taken only 2-3 times per week. The above remedies should have the least problems in practice. Your colds and flu will be most helped with sea salt 1/4 teaspoon, zinc supplements and sodium ascorbate. The joint pain should reduce mostly from the borax, but other supportive minerals includes chromium (chromium polynicotinate), manganese (manganese sulfate), tungsten (sodium tungstate), and vanadium (sodium vanadate), which you can take once a week - so mistakes in overdose are nearly impossible since you won't take it everyday. For fibromyalgia taking Apple cider vinegar plus baking soda should be helped, but adding some magnesium citrate should help a lot too, so that is taken about 250 mg/day for 4 days out of a week.

People tend to be overly enthusiastic so this is a failsafe method I put into all remedies to prevent that, by either putting them into drinking water of one liter or taken not everyday - which actually has other advantages.

Remember, I think four key factors are: pH control, white flour avoidance, zinc, and boron are the most important. Molybdenum is quite supportive, but the dose they give you is too small in practice since I take it in milligram doses rather than micrograms.

Now and then YOU MAY need plaquenil for the pain, and medrol for the redness, but overall you won't need much doctors med nor taken every day either. The doctor's med, I observed, works best only as SUPPORTIVE of alternative medicine and when it fails to work as well or as fast as expected - not the other way around!

If you follow the above remedies, your condition should be NEAR normal by the 8th day.

My Blood Test Results Are Normal Should I Continue with Vitamins and Supplements

Hi, I just wanted to know now that my blood test results are normal should I continue with the vitamins and supplements? or should I continue taking them and stop after a certain period of time? because I have asked a lot of people and I get different opinions.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The pathogens causing your lupus is still there even though the lab tests do not show it. ANd even if the pathogens is not there, it will still enter the system. Even if everything appears normal they will come back. I have seen many times that they do. If you have a budget problems, you can consider reducing by half or supplementing on alternate days. If you are going to discontinue, you must take the lab tests regularly.

Today with the vaccination and chemical toxins (especially fungicide, fluoride, and pesticides) leads you to an immune suppression, quite often a permanent one. The nationwide vaccination in 1918, was what killed a lot of people, at the time they called it the Spanish flu which killed many millions. Now we are facing the same issue with nationwide vaccination, yearly flu vaccinations, leading to an immune suppression.

The supplements I would use are what gives you a secondary immune system that your body is currently not capable of handling. Under this theory it can easily be seen there is a chance your lupus will come back, not a high probability, but a possibility. You cannot completely discontinue it, otherwise the lupus will be untreatable conditions because they will now be more resistant. Prevention is best.

Even though lupus is a treatable condition, I currently have no cure at all to allow the body's immune system to be normal. This is one area I am still having problems.

Of course, you must understand that my recommendation will err on the safe side.


Deb from Georgia: This is my story.. About 3 months ago I started having hair loss only one spot so I went to the Dermatologist who gave me cortisone injections and said to see him back in one month. Within 2 more weeks it went from one spot to the whole right side of my head, went and had blood work my ana was 466, so I saw an internist I was also a little anemic ( iron). So the internist did some other blood work and my sjogren's antibody was 422 and so I was positive on that test as well, she said I did not have Lupus and I should see a Rhumatologist. I tried to set up an appointment with one in her same medical group and the first available appointment was 8 weeks later. I was floored because one week after the internist visit I had lost all the hair on the left side of my head. I called her to see if she could get me in any sooner with the Rhumatologist and she said she would present the case to him, but because I did not have protein in my urinalysis, it was not life threatening. She called me yesterday and said she spoke with the Rhumatologist and he wanted to put me on Plaquinil and see me in a couple of weeks and that I did have sjorgren's syndrome. I have done some research on sjogrens and I have indeed been having those symptoms for quite some time..dry eyes (eye doc said I had extremely dry eyes) and to use eye drops 3-4 times a day, but at the beginning of the summer I had some things happen before the hair loss. Everyone kept asking me if I had a sunburn on my face. (Or across my nose and cheeks -like a butterfly) I kept having rashes on my arms (like whelps) and they would move around one arm to the next and them my back and I would use cortisone cream on them. The rash is gone but some days I feel heat in my ears and then I see a slight rash across my nose and cheeks. I have been excessively tired some days. I still don't know if I have lupus or just sjogren's syndrome. How do you feel about Plaquinil? I have been reading about something called glyconutrients (8 essential sugars) for this condition..What are your thoughts? I already use some of the supplements you spoke of. I am a fitness/martial arts instructor who works out on a regular basis and 3 months ago was in very good health. I'm not sure how this all came about

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Deb, I don't like most over the counter medicines including Plaquinil since they don't cure the cause. It only treats the symptoms. I prefer to give a full try on various supplements and I have seen cures, but not with over the counter medicines. You can spend your entire life hooked on these drugs without a cure in sight. Plaquinil is used for lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis too.

It is best if you try glyconutrients, but I also recommend you also take some limu or brown seaweed, which is also very good in the treatment against lupus. I also prefer a natural form of cortisone, such as licorice extract, this is my favorite whenever I get sick. When hormonal is imbalance it is not just the cortisone that sometimes get problem but the entire adrenal hormones, including the DHEA. For thyroid, an armour thyroid might be a starting point too. These are not hormone replacements in my view, I used it to allow the glands to relax from its own exhaustion giving them time to recover.

Agonizing Itch

O : Hi Ted, thank-you again for your time. As I already stated , I have discoid lupus. Around this time of the year , I guess my skin is drier, and I experience a agonizing amount of itching after taking a shower. The itch usually lasts about 30 minutes after . I've had this problem long before I was diagnozed with Discoid Lupus. I guess it must be just a winter problem for me when my skin is drier. I can't remember this being so bad in the summer. I heard that I can purchase a filter that attaches to the shower head that softens the water. Maybe this would help. What do you think ? Also my Dr. recommends reducing the water temp. to lukewarm and only using soap, fragrance free, only on parts of the body , armpits and groin area. I also read that applying Aveeno, rich in oats will alleviate the itch. I also read that 1 cup of apple cider vinegar into a tub of water will help too but I rarely take a bath, only shower. What are your thoughts on this condition ? I am in agony with this itch. And I dread to shower anymore. Please help me be normal again

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Olive: Lupus usually spreads the worse around winter time and it gets better, do not flare up during the summer. While dry weather is one thing, the body's immune system are down during the winter as the body's metabolism were geared on heating up the body rather than fighting would be invaders. The other reasonable explanation is lack of sun exposure which will cause much lower levels of vitamin D3 (vitamin D2 is cheaper, in case it is unaffordable). Since the body regularly produces about 10,000 i.u. of vitamin D a day during the summer, a supplementation of a similar amounts during winter may also help, assuming the sun exposure is not possible.

A quick easy way to relieve the itchy skin, assuming it is bacterial origin, will be the milk of magnesia, but the application of borax saturated in hydrogen peroxide will relieve the itchy, it leads to drying of the skin and hence, some simple lotion can be applied after those were applied first for a couple of minutes. Those are the best two remedies I found that were helpful for itchy skins. Shower or bath is possible for both cases to stop itchiness, even if you don't bathe often. However, the borax and peroxide remedy applied externally is helpful for lupus on the skin too, although the concentration used are different. All three remedies can also be added using milk of magnesia (without aluminum), peroxide, and borax but I haven't tested this, but is expected to be synergistic.

It should be noted that certain fungus seems to flourish much worse after taking a bath too and may lead to itchy skin. If a borax is substituted for shampoo and soap, the itchiness should not be happening as the borax is also antifungal, amongst other benefit. Vitamin K2 or K3 are also synergistic with vitamin D2 (or D3 and D4) that further help in reducing the lupus problem, at least for the skin.

Chlorella and Spirulina

J : Ted- thank you for your additional help you emailed today. i've got just about all the ingredients ordered/ or already have them here. i've started on the sea salt and baking soda in water, the clove oil, and oil pulling with sesame oil -and already was doing iodine tablets and chlorella/spirulin (but not regularly-will start). it's interesting that you mentioned toxic METALS because i didn't mention that to you in the beginning. i ALSO have "mercury toxicity" and i went through about 50 EDTA chelations in 1999 only to have wasted my money-it didnt work; i guess what you are saying is true: the combination of Lupus and Mycoplasma and metal toxicity is making it hard to get rid of any of them. but -yes i will look for the chinese parsley to add to the chlorella and the rest of my regimen. i have "white thyme oil" on order and will go to store for iodine paint and borax and limes. my doctor is western and holistic and says to take selenium and vit-D to help rid toxic metals? i think it was you that said Lupus patients get worse in winter and to take vit-D----i dont know about the vit-D but probably a big reason Lupus patients get worse in the winter is the Raynaud's phenomenon--the circulation is SO bad with Systemic Lupus and the cold weather or wet weather makes my condition very bad --i cannot be cold. but also i've been doing far-infrared saunas recently and the far infrared helps give the healing part of the sun without the rashes the sun can give us with lupus.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: J: Even if you didn't mentioned it, I would have guess the high heavy metals as this is a common pattern for lupus, especially mercury, lead, iron (free radical) and other similar metals.

My personal experience with people's feedback is the IV EDTA chelation suprisingly don't work as well as the oral or suppositories.

The funny thing about EDTA chelation based on my own observations is that it also doesn't chelate mercury out very well. The truth is, it is the N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg/day, chlorella, chinese parsley and perhaps selenium as you mentioned. However, I tend to keep the selenium a bit later and take on chlorella first to at least remove the toxic metals out first, otherwise the chelation may interfere with the selenium you are taking. Selenium, by the way is also a heavy metals too, but the advantage is it displaces mercury and the disadvantages is it interferes with the heavy metals.

Infrared, especially far infrared works best, which is why summer lupus is lessened, but the lupus tend to flare up with the presence of UV.

If you take vitamin D3, make sure you take magnesium so the calcium/magnesium remains undisturbed.

Keep simple first. Alkaline, boron and chelation. Alkalinity dilates the capillaries and reduces the Raynaud's phenomenon, but doctors seem to ignore this approach.

Weight Training

Philippe : Thank you for your guidance Ted. I know that you are very busy indeed. I will try this regimen along with the high quality Siberian Ginseng, DHEA(200mg) and MSM(2-4grams) daily that I am taking. I will let you know how this works out. I am sincerely trying to get to the next level in my career but am worried about leaving the relatively safe govt. sector to pursue what I know I am capable of.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Phillipe: 200 mg of DHEA may be too much for you. Usually a safe dose for most men lies between 25 mg to 100 mg. MSM may cause drying of the mouth. Most improvement of lupus is seen from taking chlorella capsules in 5 days out of a week. Heavy metals often leads to bad lupus. Getting urinary pH of 7 is all important and please buy a pocket pH meter. Usually for non active jobs 1/2 teaspoon 2 times a day of baking soda is needed to get lupus on a remission and must always be taken. Green tea, I found help reduce inflammation cause by lupus, BUT only without sugar and milk.



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