Natural Cures for Liver Damage: Q&A

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2013

Supplements to Cure a Fatty Liver

03/28/2013: A from India: Hello sir, I am from India. I've got to know about you from EC. You are a God to many peoples as your tips have saved many peoples live.

Sir, I am suffering from many chronic ailments for which I need your help sir. Will you please help me sir.

God Bless you for your noble work.

03/28/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: We will resolve this by looking at your facts:

low WBC count of 5800, Hihg Uric Acid Deposition in Blood, High Protein, High Bilirubin levels, High Iron, Fatty Liver & Mild splenomegaly.

You have low immune system from low WBC count. You have abnormal fatty liver buildup, which is causing your high iron as a result.

Your health issues seem to originate with your liver, which is causing most of the problems, from basic deficiencies that help the liver and insufficient liver function due to a fatty liver.

First you need B6 with every meal between 50 mg to 100 mg. You also need proper acidity to digest food headed to the liver, using lemon juice or hydrochloric acid concentrated at 4 drops mixed in 250 cc of water taken at 10 to 20 cc every 15 minutes so the body can digest. The transfer factor is NOT HELPING because transfer factor is made mostly of a milk product that REDUCES pepsin secretion and therefore you cannot digest the foods. This is central to the entire problem. Once you cannot digest food, liver deficiencies abound, so B50 is taken 3 times a day, vitamin C taken 500 mg for times a day, and Hydrochloric acid 35% concentrated 4 drops mixed in 250 cc of water will help. But to help the fatty liver it needs granulated lecithin, taken 1 tablespoon at least 2 times a day. It takes between 2 to 3 months to resolve a fatty liver.

The low WBC is usually from mostly two problems, low lysine and low zinc. The lysine is needed to repair the acid reflux so the stomach can heal, as well as aloe vera oil 20 drops three times a day. Lysine is taken at 1000 mg x 4 times a day. The preferred zinc supplement is zinc chloride or zinc acetate, taken at a dosage of 25 mg a day after dinner with lemon juice after one week or at least 3 days of B50, B6, and hydrochloric acid, to allow the stomach to function by giving the boost from the liver.



01/20/2012: Debra from Brisbane, Australia: Dear Ted, I am wondering how your stem cell research is going? My fibromyalgia pain that seems to be like no other, chronic fatigue, dysfunctional immune system and severe sensitivities to foods and everything inhaled making it virtually impossible to live on this planet seem to stem from my liver problems. But it is very stubborn to heal. All suggested herbs and supplements just aren't helping.

03/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Stem cell research is this: basically colloidal gold and colloidal silver in approximately 50/50 solution will get more stem cells. The optimal dose is calculated at per kilogram weight at approximately 9 drops per kilogram, now I cannot be exact on the mixture because I know the colloidal gold is 20 ppm and my prepared colloidal silver is with hydrogen peroxide 3%, saturated, using 48 v adapter at 700 ma. Under that scheme, it is closer to 60% silver and 40% gold. As far as other stem cells, lithium 2 mg, will help the maturation of stem cells.

"My fibromyalgia pain that seems to be like no other, chronic fatigue, dysfunctional immune system and severe sensitivities to foods and everything inhaled making it virtually impossible to live on this planet seem to stem from my liver problems."

You really need N Acetyl Cysteine and B50. The N acetyl cysteine is 250 mg x 4 times a day, and B50 taken 3 times a day until your appetite comes back. As far as allergies of all kinds, I found heavy metal poisoning to be the case (mostly) and EDTA 50 to 100 mg low dose taken every day, preferably tetra sodium EDTA or disodium EDTA, seems to help me. Usually Lysine and malic acid will help fibromyalgia, there was this Swiss woman who was on vacation and did not have any energy because of chronic fatigue, once she took lysine every hour for four hours, within 3 hours she was going out for a swim. Methylene blue 0.1% no coffee, 4 drops in morning and before noon will help, less allergy if you do baking soda, and B3 500 mg at evening time.


10/28/2014: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: Ted,

Would a Borax bath (1 C. Borax - the laundry booster) help? I had severe arm pain the other day and did a Borax soak in hot water. I felt WAY better the next day.


Antiobiotics Led to Liver Damage, Candida

11/04/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Dear Ted, I want to ask your advise on my health problem, which is already 1 year now. everything started due to rampant used of Antibiotic last year, first symptoms experienced, itchy skin, eyelid moving close and open, short of breath like lose or not enough energy, till one day I found my tongue coated with white and i had some small blister inside my mouth.

when I found this site, I seek your help but you're busy, but I had Bill who really help me a lot, I even meet him in person currently I have the following symptoms:

  • Coated tongue, it is hard to remove, and also i had this small bump inside my tongue, back area, i was able to get rid of this last time when i keep doing alkalize, almost eliminated but when i take some acid forming food, theyr'e back
  • Lose weight 18 kgs , i able to recover 4 kgs last august but when i got stress due to my fathers problems back to 18 again
  • Liver problem, my urine is cloudy and its a little dark colour, maybe this is the reason why Im not getting my weight back I fell little pain on my left side, 4 inches below my ribs, can I use castor oil on this or Coffee Enema?
  • Itchy skin, especially on my body, especially when im sweating or after taking loguls Iodine
  • Food allergy, sugar, grains, i got outbreak after taking much, how to get rid of this and what to eat with my current situation till when i have to eat veg and fish and whole bread only
  • Constipation, one bowel in a week, itchy anus, itchy ears, chest pain, migraine, forgetful, weak memory low energy, and some other Candida symptoms

Ted, Please give me you guidance on all of these problems, I want to live normal as before, I think the number one problem with me, Im not consistently taking all those instruction by Bill, maybe its because of my current lifestyle, on the run whole day.

promise that ill be following everything all of Bill's and your instruction from now on, Im very serious to get rid of this, I am the Bread Winner in the family, have to stop working abroad because of this, have tons of responsibility please help me Sir, GOD BLESS!

11/08/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your liver is not functioning. So you would take b50 three times a day. Then after meals just a simple sodium bicarbonate first. Yes candida diet may also work, which basically is avoiding the sugar. But the problem I see is liver congestion and acidity buildup.

Also, to resolve the constipation issue, the best natural remedy is potassium citrate, 1/4 teaspoon after meals at least twice a day.


02/21/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: I resolved the constipation issue with coconut capsules. They work great!

For my liver, I took milk thistle with artichoke. Artichokes scrub the liver!

Remedies Needed for Fatty Liver Disease

03/05/2009: Liana from Mississauga, Ontario, Caanda: Hello Ted in Bangkok and everybody from EARTHCLINIC!

Could you tell me what folk remedies there are for someone who seems to have fatty liver disease? This friend of mine is in her late fifties, had her gall bladder removed around 10 years ago and is on the slim side. She is energetic and has a good appetite. She was once diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

All my relatives from my mother's side died from something to do with the digestive system. So I am anxious not just for my friend but also for myself.

Thank you!

03/07/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A fatty liver can start if gall bladder is removed. The gall bladder functions is emulsifcation of fats and regulation of electrolytes, so something has to do the function in place of gall bladder. One of my favorite fat emulsifer is the granulated lecithin, taken at 1 tablespoon before every meal. This should reduce the associated fats that the body has difficulty of removing as lecithin is a fat emulsifier. The other one, although I don't use that much because of the cost due to its popularity in weight loss, but is not helpful in insulin resistance is the CLA - conjugated linoleic acid, which has fat solubility properties. An apple cider vinegar has some properties of fat dissolving but the baking soda and some potassium should be added to neutralize the acidity.

So a remedy for this appears to be 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin (should be stored in the refrigerator) well sealed, otherwise moisture comes in), taken before each meal.. A baking soda and potassium bicarbonate, such as 1/4 and 1/8 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water is taken 30 minutes or more before meals to help the digestion. A deficiency from selenium can induce fatty liver also, hence a reasonable dose is 200-600 mcg of seleniumis helpful also. Selenium is an antioxidant for the liver, as is some vitamin E 200-400 i.u. perhaps taken once a week should prevent a deficiency and is synergistic with selenium.

If there is anything that clogs the liver, it could be cholesterol, if they are in excess, so the use of high temperature cooking oils should reduce this problem. Two high temperature cooking oil I am aware of that does not oxidized and hence becomes hardened, and therefore clogs is the coconut oil (my favorite) and the olive oil, which has limited ability for oxidation to some extent. The worse ones are those vegetable oils which smokes at high temperature cooking, making them easy target to oxidation and hardened upon becoming rancid. It's this reason why vitamin E is seen as protective. However high iron accumulation of excess free heavy metals can lead to rapid rancidity of oils and hardened and hence, taking chelation such as chlorella or cilantro may further reduce these free radicals from being a catalysts in oxidation.


06/12/2009: Brandon from Newport, TN replies: Ted, Can you use lecithin in pill form too or does it need to be the granulated lecithin. I found lecithin pills at a local pharmacy that are 1,200 mg. Thanks!

Stage 4 Cirrhosis

10/16/2008: M. : Dear Ted

WOW, you are the only one that understands this. I had a blood test done by Spectracell Labs a month ago. My suggestions for supplements by blood were, selenium, lecithin, NAC and zinc E. I have read up on what I am losing through urine from water pills and zinc is one of them. I have always wondered about chlorella for me. I have stage 4 cirhosis and so it's hard because I cannot over load my liver. I don't even take supplements daily. I was taking a cal/mag every night because calcium was low. Then I did this test, the spectracell one and it never mentioned take calcium. I didn't understand that. Through the last few years I have had bouts of this skin issues but only very slight. Like once I thought I left conditioner in my ear because the skin was dry and cracked. But now, something I need or something I am doing has caused it to run rampant. I put Manuka honey oil on my ankles and legs last night and began to itch some so I got up and put pure Manuka honey (not the oil form)on them and the result today is amazing. THey are not all red, very calmed down. As far as metal toxicity are concerned. along time ago my DO did a test for that I had loads of cadmium and others. Very toxic. I tried Chelation, IV but it made me itch something awful. I've talked to certain so called authorities in this field and they have told me chelation doesn't make you itch. I disagree. However, I think it was a kidney issue and not liver this time. I smoke cig. Bad. I have cut waaay back however. One pak to less than a pak. When my skin flared like this I stopped the added supplements. It seems as if each time I get on a roll to really bare down on things, it's too much for my liver and I become very tired or like this skin thing will happen. So, I am just not taking quite the right things I would guess. By the way, for future knowledge for you, that shampoo was wonderful. However, time will tell. L'Occitane Aromachologie Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 300ml / 10.1oz If this link you can't use it's Everyone else was out. Read the ingredients. The major part of my skin problems started when they gave me RAI to get rid of thyroid. Thyroiditis. Didn't know at the time I had hep C. (whitch cause it, no one i family ever had it) Found out a few months later. I also wanted to tell you what I am calling follicutlitis, there is no infection. Bumps hold mainly sebum and blood. The drier they get from shampooing, the bigger they get. Then there is of course the residual dandruff, thickened as well. I am sure I probably have a sugar imbalance due to liver. That can cause skin stuff. I will re-read all of your advice and I surely thank you. I had never been sick one day in my life until they removed my gland and everything went downhill from there.

I paid a man in CA. well, I've tried two of them at a very high cost (phone consult)to help me with thyroid as I do not convert T4 to T3 in my shape. I have even tried aqueous T3 as cytomel made me itch and bloat. Well, so did the liguid. So, I try to eat the best I can but I think I should juice as it seems, the more nutrients I can get from food rather than pills help me the most.

OH, I also threw in a bunch of Neem tea bags in the shower last night and let my feet soak. That may have been some help too. I love your advice. You know your stuff. Oh I do take vit E but bought the wrong kind. I have to get more. I bought an amino acid complex but will introduce EPO once again into my plan. I bet since here as of late I have been eating more meat. The reason being, my red blood cells are a little low and meat helps. I am anemic. Now on a b-12 50mgs supp and that is helping alot! Even with fluid retention. But meat creates ammonia. So I will read again your advice on that and also get some chlorella. I've asked several people including Dr. Mercola on line about that for my condition and I never get a straight answer. Thank you very much. I'm all on my own here and have been for over 10 yrs. I've done a lot of reading. Spent tons of money. But I am still here and still can out work most kids. Course, I hit the wall after a few days though. ")Thanks again.

11/02/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Skin condition is especially with bacteria and fungus in the leg is that the body is metabolic acidosis. So I would at least take sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate (or a better tripotassium citrate. a.k.a potassium citrate). The baking soda is 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/4 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate in a 1 glass of water, taken twice a day is the common remedy to increase the alkalinity thus reducing the bacteria and fungus issue. A drinking water should ad 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Cadmium is a relatively difficult one to get rid of, but green tea and tannic acid are my favorite way to get rid of it. I will drink on bottle a day (250 cc) of green tea, unsugared no artificial sweetners no honey. A tannic acid is an similar analogue of green tea and the mix is 1/4 teaspoon of green tea dissolved in one liter of drinking water. It removes the cadmium and lead. It should be noted that taking water pills also lowers the potassium too and hence potassium is added to the alkalizing remedy. Applying honey or even Manuka honey doesn't solve the cause and the conditon may come back. Therefore, alkalization is a more direct remedy in preventing long term outbreaks. A lowered magnesium can initiate staph infection too.

Living with a removed thyroid is very difficult since the entire body's immune system is reduced so roughly 5 years of life is lost that way from removal of any glandular functions that protects the body's immune system. Therefore a support of thyroid function is needed such as l-tyrosine supplements and kelp supplements for example.

The issue of anemia is a simple one. Chlorella powdered, 1/4 teaspoon dissolved in water and take for about 2 weeks the anemia should reverse itself, without the necessity of reverting to too much meats. There's more then enough iron in the body, but heavy metals prevent the body from utilizing more of it. Sometimes obstruction of intestines lead to difficulty of absorbing nutrients and only 1/4 teaspoon of castor oil, taken only once can relieve some of that problem, if conditions of anemia still persist.


11/02/2008: M. replies, "I bought some Lugols Iodine. I was afraid to use it but you are saying I should try it. My calcium is low because of stage 3 kidney disease I suppose. Just paint some lugols on?"


11/03/2008: Ted replies: "Painting would be fine, but kelp supplements are also high in iodine, although more is needed, usually 500 mg a day is the common dose for kelp to get the iodine. A kidney issue is helped greatly with the baking soda and potassium bicarbonate mentioned in the last email. A vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg and CoQ10 taken 5 times a day should reduced this general condition. Long term acid urine is one common cause of this.

The issue of low calcium is not the issue of not enough calcium, it's the issue of the parathyroid glands that is damaged from the Hep C, a common issue I know, but may Dr. Mercola might not. Therefore to raise calcium level a more sensible method is the vitamin D3 20,000 i.u.  This dose is a therapeutic dose and sometimes doctors give 60,000 - 150,000 i.u. per day to support some issue of hypo parathyroid problems. Hep C generally infects the thyroid and parathyroid, not withstanding the thymus too.


Liver Disease, Issue with Dryness Inside and Out

10/15/2008: Anonymous : Here goes Ted. I have liver disease and now kidneys aren't liking it much either. I am very dry inside and out. I shower with oil and constantly rub the best lotions I can find. I've done much research. Ive had something on my scalp for over ten years and now scalp is showing through and I had a huge amt of hair. Been to several doctors to no avail. It's built up crust, or dandruff. My scalp is very dry and also have some folliculitis going on. THey got rid of my thyroid gland as well 10 yrs ago and that is not helping. Recently I got some PH test strips. I have no acid in case that's of help to you. Very high on the PH side. I take water pills, thyroid med and a little bit of BP medicine and that's it.

Ok, here lately, I got what I would call seb derm on my face. Skin cracked around my nose, eyebrows, ears etc. THen I got that all cleared up and my legs are covered now with what I think is ecxema. I don't do Dermat. because they prescribe cortisone and I can't take it. Too weak. I tried the ACV rinse and it made my scalp even drier. I tried putting Tea tree pure oil on sores on my scalp to no avail. I remembered reading about boric acid on your site. I bought some today when I just happened to see it at the store. I don't know how to use it exactly. I have my face cleared once again but my legs are red, inflamed and not covered in scales like Psoriasis but when you scratch, the skin just comes off. My scalp will not really flake it's so stuck on there unless I scartch that off too. Maybe excema of the scalp? I will go get a DX and then get back to you unless you have another suggestion. I have tried, zinc, because I tested low in it, also in shampoo, and every other dandruff shampoo there is. Most of them only irrate and make me drier. There are patches on my scalp here and there without sores that are just dry and thick. But the whole scalp is dry. Dusty dry. But using oil only seems to make the crusty stuff stick worse. Am I making sense here? Tonight I took about a Tbls of boric acid, c of water and poured it o my head. My hair felt like hay. Then I shampooed with yet a new product that is not typical and if it helps I will tell you about it. Made by LOccitane I think. More of a herbal that a dandruff shampoo but is for dandruff. I am so tired of all of this and have been on a transplant list for over a year. I jsut need to get a little more confortable and am hopin you can give me some help. I would be forever in your debt. I even bought Manuke honey oil for my feet, ankle and legs for the peeling red hot skin. I do use all natural stuff. Once in a while I use salon shampoos just to feel normal and for my hair to feel and smell nice. Let me know if you have time please. Thanks so much.

PS. Sorry this is so long... I drink water water water all the time. Also, the liver isnt processing the thryoid meds very well any more so that may be my biggest problem. Not looking for a cure just some relief. It's gotten to where my hands are in my hair constantly. Not a good thing. Oh and I take plenty of probiotics but I'm sure this is yeast of some kind.

10/15/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually thyroid removal would worsen the skin condition, and reduces the body's iodine stores. Most thyroid are actually of fungus in nature which either cause hyper or hypothyroidism depending on whether the pathogens are irritating or blocks normal thyroid function.Whichever the case, I don't use boric acid. I used only borax because it is none acid. The other issue is dry skin is often an essential oil imbalance. It is a common condition that if essential oils are imbalanced a skin problems does occur. For example lack of GLA found in evening primrose oil but also borage oil, may help reduce flaky skin. Evening primrose oil, fish oil with EPA and DHA, flaxseed oil, vitamin A some vitamin E, and weekly or twice weekly use of aloe vera oil applied to the skin thinly will help.

Most of the dry skin coupled with very alkaline blood is a pathogenic condition. It helps to lower the pH within normal parameters of 7, excessive means dead cells and decaying cells producing excessive ammonia gas or ammonum compounds which is cellularly toxic, causing a dry skin. To reverse this excessive ammonia gas, drinking more water is going to make conditions worse, as it lows the body's chloride storage. Chloride is related to acidity in the stomach, namely hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid reacts with free ammonia to produce ammonium chloride which is safely rid of by the body's elimination systems faster. Hence, the mineral that may reduce excessive ammonia may be plenty of molydenum supplements such as sodium molybdate. I doubt supplements companies make the required dose but I like the dose at least -10 mg.

Assuming to reverse the problem by increasing the hydrochloric acid in the body through addition of chlorides. In this case the preferred mixture is 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per on liter of water at least. However, in event a person who drinks excessive water, I think the level of sea salt may have to be increased to 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt.

Baking soda will also help reduce excessive ammonia levels even if the body is alkaline, by neutralizing the excessive acidity. Much of the skin inflammation such a eczema and dry skin here might be a fungus although most fungus in nature either are very hygroscopic, or if it is drying eats up the oil as a source of food which causes the skin to be dry. When this happens using borax as a shampoo, may help.

The condition you described seems to be a chronic condition where the system is very deeply rooted in organ dysfunction. In this case a besides 1000 mg of fish oil once every day, 1000 mg of evening primrose oil once ever 2 days, and flaxseed oil 1000 mg once every 2 days, along with twice weekly 25,000 i.u. of vitamin A, 200 i.u. of vitamin E twice a week should help much of these condition. Since liver detoxification is limited, it seems liver is impaired somewhat, two additional supplements such as selenium yeast 200 mcg once a day, plus 1 tablespoon of granulated lectihin twice a day should help the liver congestion problem.

To reduce the level of excessive alkalinity I think the preferred remedy is 2 tablespoon of lime juce plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water instead of the apple cider vinegar. The reason why lemon juice is preferred is it reduces the calcium in the blood, which is food for the yeast and fungus which tends to cause skin problems. Certain foods may also cause drying of the skin and psioriasis, in particular I think is the whte bread, white flour, wheat products, mushroom, and perhaps eating too much beans and spinach which results in excessive oxalic acid. Hence, taking vitamin C supplements such as 1000 mg is likely to help reduce this along with twice a week B complex B50 supplements.

Right now the most important organ to protect is the liver. Also because thyroid was removed, I think iodine supplements will help, in particular in the form of kelp. As a tip, the skin conditions appear to be excessive heavy metal toxicity, maybe too much copper, which also resulted in skin problems, or perhaps other heavy metal toxicity. Therefore I would likely to get a more detailed hair mineral analysis to find what specific metals is off the charts that is causing the skin problem. In any event of metal toxicity, regardless of the metal green tea, no sugar no fructose, no artiificial sweeteners is taken twice a day. It is high in tannic acid, or tannins and are also good metal chelators, that along with chlorella and cilantro taken once every two days should also improve the skin problem. If every was done right some improvement should occur within third or fourth week.

Raising the body's immune system is another problem that I have noticed, and I think the addition of kelp supplements or iodine panting, or iodine supplements will help the skin issue in this case. Excessive levels of calcium can also cause thick blood which reduces circulation in capillaries causing dead skin from choked circulation and hence the addition of magnesium citrate 250-500 mg, should also help reduce excessive levels of calcium by raising the magnesium to a more noral ratio and using the citrates found in lime juice or lemon to displace too much calcium. Excesive levels of cacium is actually food for the fungus which brings down the body's immune system too.


Liver and Kidney Congestion

09/06/2007: Anthony : Hi Ted, I am a 39 year old male. My liver reached a pointof severe congestion atage 35 or so and I started a series (12) of liver cleanses which helped tremedously but left me very weak. It was also recommended that I get on an essentially vegan, no dairy ayurvedic diet which left my diet very limited.I developed, not suprisingly, a lot of food sensitivites as well as candida issues. I beleive these came from weakness as well as high grain intake. I am now challenged with regaining my weight and strength and getting out of the vicious cycle of allergies, candida, fungus and returning liver congestion. Meat and dairy are much more soothing on my intestines and I tend to have a hard time with grains.

I recently started taking apple cider vinegar which is helping a lot. How does it raise your ph if it is acidic? I don't understand this. Also, I very much want to try mixing with baking soda but was told that baking soda kills your friendly bacteria - is this true and if so do you suggest supplementing with friendly bacteria while you are taking baking soda frequently.

Do you have any suggestions for leaky gut as well?

Last, I read in one of your posts that liver congestion with fungal implications (which I have had on my skin for over 20 years off and on due to high antibiotic use and alcohol intake) is generally helped by copper peptides. Is copper almost always low with candida or can it be high? Is there any way to check without a hair anaylisis or blood test?

I am currently about 144 and almost 6 foot so I would very much like to gain 10lbs or so.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated, thanks for being out there and helping!

Anthony, Los Angeles

P.s. I no longer drink alcohol for over 7 years and take no drugs or coffee, etc. I feel my main issue is just giving my body enough strength to rebuild but allergies are greatly limiting my intake and absorption.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Anthony:

How does it raise your ph if it is acidic? I don'tunderstand this.

Simply, the apple cider vinegar reacts with the body'sbicarbonate to form acetate, while other parts getoxidized (digested) to form an alkaline compound.However in practice the scientist studying thisphenomonen still haven't even have a good reasonanyway. The original explaination to determine whetherany compound digested is when you burn the food to itsashes (oxidized) and determine whether this is eitheralkaline or acid. The ashes or carbon components formost organic compounds can be alkaline. However inpractice this explaination is still inadequate, so thescientist's NEW definition is simply to eat anyproduct and measure your urine's pH! The problem aboutthis explaination is that apple cider vinegar DO NOTbecome alkaline but often become more acid. The reasonfor that is simple: the body simply doesn't havesufficient bicarbonates, and carbonate (from magnesiumcarbonate and calcium carbonate) for example toneutralize the apple cider vinegar and become alkalineenough. It is this very reason why scientist suddenlyswitched to doing a study on alkalinity effects ofpotassium bicarbonates and how it helps in certaindisease or sickness. Still they forget that the bodystill needs a balance of sodium and potassium ratiowhere the sodium portion should be more, and theystill haven't found a suitable explaination for otherforms of alkalne buffering such as citrate, acetatesand malates that I often used in remedies, which areextremely important in restoring the energy levels.Even the sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) is anotherinteresting more alkaline solution of vitamin C asopposed to the ascorbic acid. Basically an ascorbicacid can be converted to sodium ascorbate in presencebaking soda. Yet chemically speaking a sodiumascorbate is the antioxidant form while the ascorbicacid is more like a prooxidant form. Hence you proveyourself with an Oxidation Reduction Potential meterpocket kind, where the sodium ascorbate is stronglynegative over -200 mV, while an ascorbic acid ispositive. The negative value reflects its antioxidantand a vital one at that since most foods andsupplement we take aren't even anywhere close tosodium ascorbate. it is here that when we sick thatthe antioxidant status of negative millivolts is notstrongly negative and I can get sick on many occasion.For instance if my urine ORP is over -50, I wouldlikely be sick.

I very much want to try mixing with baking soda butwas told that baking soda kills your friendly bacteria- is this true and if so do you suggest supplementingwith friendly bacteria while you are taking bakingsoda frequently.

I don't know how this urban legend start, but if youare familiar with microbiology the range of pH inculture dishes whenever unfriendly bacteria are grownthe pH will most often be below the pH of the thehealthy cells and aerobic bacteria. Anaerobes oranaerobic bacteria exists and fungus exist in anacidic states. Their major form of nutrients come fromsugar, glucose and fructose, while it is the oxygenthat kills them. In an acidic environment the oxygenhas to be low since carbonic acid are high, which issimply carbon dioxide. If you have played with sodawater before and you need to lower the carbon dioxidein water, and hence, its acidity, you simply addbaking soda and all the gases of carbon dioxide getsremoved while oxygen levels in a solution thereby isincreased. Hence, whenever this occurs, aerobicbacteria, which are more friendly than anaerobes,thrives driving out the unfriendly bacteria.Therefore, baking soda will reduce unfriendly bacteriaby alkalization. It is this reason why a solution ofmagnesium hydroxide or milk of magnesia that i used toas an antiseptic solution against unfriendly bacteria,especially the flesh eating staphylococcus whichcauses toxic shock syndrome in woman. Even a simplebaking soda will kill off an unfriendly bacteria butit won't kill off the aerobic friendly bacteria. It isthis same reason why a very weak solution of hydrogenperoxide is used to kill off unfriendly anaerobicbacteria.

Do you have any suggestions for leaky gut as well?

This is when baking soda will be most helpful. A leakygut syndrome based on my own experience is wheneverthe body's ability to neutralize the acidic stomach ofdigested food has insufficient amounts of bicarbonate.As a result the stomach acid digests the intestines,causing a wound where an unfriendly bacteria entersthe body causing sickness. As a result, if the drinksof baking soda are added at least in sufficientquantities, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twicea day in 1/2 glass of water, the bicarbonates willstay in the intestinal tract so whenever the stomachdigest any food, the body will have sufficientbicarbonates to neutralize the acid digested foodinstead of digesting the intestines itself, leading toleaky gut. However a magnesium supplements such as 250mg - 500 mg of magnesium citrate, plus plenty of wateralong with it or mixed in a glass of water is taken sothat the magnesium will kill whatever unfriendlybacteria that exists. A staphylococcus which causesbed sores exists the same as a toxic shock syndromewhenever the body's magnesium levels are low and itbecomes flesh eating, which more or less digest yoursystem the same. As a result the remedy appears to bemagnesium and baking soda all of which are alkaline innature.

The single biggest problems I encountered in killingoff friendly bacteria comes from the use ofantibiotics, which are of yeast in origin, and causesthe body to be acid, and yet causes the body's heavymetal retention to increase. Heavy metals are a freeradicals, and most unfriendly bacteria make use ofthis in decaying organic matter, but at the same timeif that exists in a healthy human, it begins to decayyou!

Last, I read in one of your posts that livercongestion with fungal implications (which I have hadon my skin for over 20 years off and on dueto high antibiotic use and alcohol intake) isgenerally helped by copper peptides. Is copperalmost always low with candida or can it be high?

Its not just copper, its a lot of other things.Liver congestion is the buildup of fatty liver whichis common in case of people who use alcohol whileheavy metals that comes from antibiotic use generatesfree radical further killing the liver.

A simple solution to this one would be for me to takeone tablespoon of lecithin twice a day along with foodor on an empty stomach. The rationale to this is theemulsifying effects of a lecithin would remove therancid fats buildup by being water soluble andallowing the body to rid of it, freeing of the fattybuildup. I have noted weight loss to occur mostly fromthe lowering of fatty buildup of the liver.

Copper peptides is not the real solution but copperpeptides does kill the fungus, but so does boron(borax), zinc (zinc gluconate), amino acidsupplements, fish diets (which breaks down into ureaand ammonium compound to kill the fungus candida justthe same), or even the molybdenum.

While I can't even afford to do hair mineral analysis,I would eat for fish diet (to about 50-80 of the foodbulk) take 50 mg of molybdenum supplements three timesa week (from sodium molybdate), take zinc supplements(50 mg zinc gluconate), and make sure I am alkalinewith urine pH is between 7 to 7.3 by taking lemon andbaking soda (2 tablespoon of lemon juice or lime juiceplus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass ofwater taken twice a day). Getting the body properlyalkaline works this way: ammonium compound breaks downto kill the fungus whenever the body is properlyalkaline from the urea protein that is digested. Ureacomes from high protein, but also low on fats is anecessary, and hence fish such as salmon and otherfishe will help rebuild the body's cell. Both theprotein and the amino acid supplements is what isneeded for the cell to begin repair itself.

>Meat and dairy are much more soothing on my>intestines and I tend to have a hard time withgrains.

Carbohydrate diets might fuel candida, especially thesimpler carbohydrates. However, the higher proteindiets that I prefer as it is higher in omega 3 andtaurine and lower fats in general is what makes a fishdiet (uncontaminated of course) and you can add somechinese parsley to chelate whatever heavy metals thatmay be introduced into the body from excessiveantibiotics used. I for one don't use antibiotics fora couple of years now and if I do, it is as part of anexperiment, which are rather ineffective in killingmost of the bacteria anyway since they are quite oftenresistant. However, I have found my own way outthrough alkalizing and the use of magnesium and zincsupplements as an alternative form of antibiotics. Seasalt is always a good antibiotic, but then so is ozoneand hydrogen peroxide therapies.

Therefore to restore weakness, I might consider takinglemon and baking soda, or apple cider vinegar andbaking soda. Certain amino acid and vitamins can helpwith restoration of energy such as L-taurine,glutamine (detoxifies), vitamin E 400 i.u., vitamin Bcomplex and getting a normal antioxidants levelthrough taking sufficient amounts of vitamin C sodiumascorbate usually 500-1000 mg/day for only 5 days outof a week. The amino acid will help build the cells.Some electrolyte drinks, once a week will help restorethe natural electrolyte level, but these electrolyteare yet missing the magnesium, which needs to betaken. Since the electrolyte drinks are high in sugar,I woul consider at least adding plenty of water, andtaking a long walk to burn off those sugar, such as a30 minutes - 1 hour walk should be more thansufficient to keep the sugar down by burning themafter consuming it. It's the electrolytes that I need.However a better electrolyte without the sugar, atleast for me appears to be the 2 tablespoon of lemonjuice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass ofwater taken twice a day. The resultant reaction of thecitric acid from lemon juice and the baking soda isthe sodium citrate. The sodium citrate is needed bythe cells as citrate is part of the Kreb's cycle whichcreates energy for the cell to rebuild from thesimpler amino acid supplements or the higher proteinsupplement from fishes, or in Asia, they take the soyprotein supplements just the same. Whenever there's asufficient quantities the cells begin a repair processto claim back the healthy cells.

Sea salt can also keep the candida at bay beside justthe mentioned above, and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt canbe added. However my experience with fungus is thebody also looses vitamin B complex, where that I wouldtake at 100 mg of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 where B12will be 100 mcg, taken three times a week.

I don't place much restrictions on the diet other thanto avoid the obvious fatty foods, fried foods, fastfood, cheeses, MSG, sugar, vegetable oils, addictivesubstances and don't really promote too much grains,but I do believe that protein is needed but at thesame time alkalinity is needed also to rebuild thecells and diets are often lacking and the cells don'teven have a chance to have enough nutrients to rebuilditself. While plants need nitrogen from ammoniasources, we humans need amino acids from proteinsources for growth and repair. The problem about thisis in a human nutrition this is not well promotedsince it is more profitable for doctors to make surewe get sick all the time as it is good business.

One interesting effect as to why a citrate or anacetate (2 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar plus bakingsoda 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken twice aday) is the energy increased noticed after takingthat. One cynical explaination from a biochemicalviewpoint is that the energy of the cells loses quitea bit of energy whenever calcium is high in the cellsand it takes many times more cellular energy just toget rid of it and as a result energy levels are lost.Excess calcium and lack of magnesium are very much dueto most diets are like that and as a result thecitrate form helps to some extent reduced serumcalcium levels so that the cells can remove calciumeasier and yet the citrates is also needed by theKreb's cycle and the citrates alkalizes theintracellular fluids. A combination of carbon dioxideform in the body can transform the citrate back tobicarbonate again, which is basically a baking soda.Hence citrate is a more compact form of baking soda,while sodium bicarbonate can buffer the body's serumto maintain its alkalinity it is the sodium citratethat can do both as citrate is intracellular, whilethe sodium is extracellular, but yet the reaction withcarbon dioxide converts back to sodium bicarbonate.The citrate form resolves the logistical problemswhenever baking soda is taken, the intracellularfluids releases more stored acid as waste, but cannotobtain the needed bicarbonates directly, while thecitrate form can be utilized more directly. You mightwonder why a potassium citrate is not used and why Iprefer the magnesium citrate form. The answer issimple: most diets such as fruits are already high inpotassium. A potassium deficiency is relatively rare,while a magnesium deficiency remains unrecognized, andthe magnesium diets is notoriously deficient and hardto obtain. The cells are respond better to magnesium,but remains very sensitive to excessive levels ofpotassium. Excessive potassium levels are dangerousand it is this reason why a potassium injection isgiven to kill people on death row. Hence it would be areasonable assumption to concentrate on magnesium andsodium citrate form in restoring energy, but also Iwould consider vitamin E, vitamin B complex, but alsocertain amino acids such as glutamine, taurine andother amino acid supplements are just as important.

ACV and Baking Soda

04/01/2007: Leo from Georgetown, Malaysia: First of all, I really found this site to be very helpful and informative. I have just started on the ACV and baking soda solution, though I am not too sure of the quality of the ACV, as the one I got does not have "the mother" in it. Will it work just as well or a little less? Also, while reading through some articles on cleansing, I came across one on Liver / Gall bladder cleansing or flushing. I would like to know what earth clinic's view on this topic... cause I find that this site gives really good information and reasoning. Thanks again. Thank you!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Leo: The detailed description of the liver flush for Hulda Clark is a long one.

But briefly, the remedy for liver flush is:

1/2 Cup Olive Oil Extra Virgin (= 1.25 dl) 1 Big grapefruit (2 small) (Or 3 lemons) 4 tablespoon EPSOM salts = ( MgSO4 + 7H2O)

Basically the formula attempts to increase the secretion of the bile and to remove the stones that maybe in the liver/bile area. That is basically its purpose.

So let's look at each of the components:

Olive oil provides the lubricant needed for the stones to slip out.

The big grapefruit or lemon basically is a citric acid which causes the stones to be dissolve somewhat the calcium stones.

Epsom salts basically can cause diarrhea, and also increases the liquids in the intestines, thus also increasing the bile secretions, furthering the ridding of the stones.

The problem I see is in a liver flush there are different kinds of stones, basically the hard ones such as calcium stones for example are a bit easier to detect using x rays. The more difficult one, such as excess cholesterol or softer stones are the ones that is a bit more difficult to dissolve.

Basically the olive oil has a better chance of dissolving the cholesterol, but not that well, being an oil also, it is not water soluble, which is actually a larger component of the intestinal makeup.

The best component to dissolve cholesterol soft stones found in the liver is actually a fat emulsifier, the powdered granulated lecithin. Excess fats in the liver may even bring the liver into cirrhosis, in my opinion. That is the basic weaknesses of the Hulda Clark. While I can easily redesign Hulda Clarks liver protocol, time limits me from doing so.

To modify a better Hulda Clark's liver flush, what I can say is the stones needs to be dissolve first, or reduce in size before a lubricant of olive oil and a bile stimulation is done first. While the results are more dramatic if you do the olive oil and the epsom salt, it does not increase in removing more if the size is not decreased.

The ones that dissolve the stones can be done by just taking plenty of ascorbic acid vitamin C, citric acid, lemon juice, grapefruit is a bit weaker and less effective. While citric acid is a weaker form of acid that dissolves calcium stones, a stronger solution I think is the use of disodium EDTA, not the calcium EDTA. You can prove that to yourself when you use this as a bathroom cleaner to get of those difficult to remove calcium that forms on sinks and bathtubs. It removes them like a miracle. Of course this is not designed for kidney stones, but more like a liver flush and taking too much disodium EDTA alone can bring on the diarrhea without the epsom salt's help. Again disodium EDTA I think is not needed here unless the original protocol doesn't work.

Once the stones size is reduced after sometime, than both a lubricant, olive oil and the bile stimulator, such as epsom salts are bought in. To push the reduced size stones out.

Again, that liver flush is not even finished. Once the hard stones are removed, taking at least 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin for about 1-2 months, will further reduced the cholesterol stones that are needed to be removed still, by dissolving them. So you won't see them out nice and round, it just get liquefied or dissolved. I have seen one case where the person who took lecithin had the same waistline before and after the lecithin, but reported a weight loss of several pounds. The weight loss was from the reduction in the liver's excess fats, some which may be the cholesterol portion. Obviously, the bad cholesterol were reduced is normal when lecithin is taken. Granulated powdered lecithin is generally the safest since there is no oil portion or rancid oil you have to worry about. Most reported side effects comes from the oily liquid lecithin, but none from the granulated powdered lecithin.

A liver flush here is actually a misnomer. I avoided creating my own protocol of a liver flush because it requires a lot more than just ridding of the stones, and fats.

It must be remembered that throughout your entire life, the body have PROBLEMS riding oil soluble compounds and tend to accumulate in the body is they are not used.

Those oils I am referring to are chemical oils, found in so many cosmetic products, especially perfumes which causes acne and skin problems well into the 30s. The chemical oil toxins accumulate that the liver has no way to rid off.

The way I did it, one way was lecithin, but that alone was not all. I needed to take hydrogen peroxide with baking soda for example (it is synergistic). That dose, was between 3-12 drops, of 3% H2O2, with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water, taken first thing in the morning.

Mine averages 6 drops, but most people seem to prefer between 3- 6 drops, 3 is the better for people who are sensitive to it. As mentioned before I liked it so much and my skin complexion cleared, more energy, that I took it for more than 2 years before stopping.

I stopped simply because there were no more improvements and now only use the H2O2 for example as a mouthwash would be sufficient anyway. The mouthwash concentration acceptable to most people appears to be 1% concentration. This does not mean I stopped the hydrogen peroxide completely. If I have a colds, or a virus coming, or even weaknesses, I will take it.

After the hydrogen peroxide, which can be done on alternate, the water add other detoxifiers, such as apple cider vinegar, 10% sodium thiosulfate drops, clove oil. Those helped the liver function in detoxification too. It won't perform technically a clear flush, but it does rid of the toxic substance accumulated in the body.

06/21/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: I used the liver flush (searching on Chris Gupta gallbladder cleanse). It was just like Ted described, only I drank 1 quart of apple juice a day for 6 days leading up to the cleanse. Or, if you can't drink that much apple juice, I suppose malic acid supplements would work. This softens the stones first. The Epsom salts expel the stones with the help of the olive oil and lemon juice. The grapefruit juice should be on hand to eliminate the bitter taste of the epsom salts. There are some dietary instructions to follow the cleanse which I believe consist of eating a baked potato, pineapple and oranges for breakfast with a big leafy green salad at lunch. Potassium supplements as well as acidophilus should be taken for 60 days (at least that's what another cleanse instructed.)

Need to Know About the Cure for Lichen Planopilaris

03/26/2007: Faima : Dear Ted I have been reading your about your remedies and I have to say, I am impressed. I hope that you will be able to help. My teenage son (18) has been diagnosed with Lichen Planopilaris (biopsies were inconclusive but LP was seen to be the likely outcome). He has been losing hair and has a tender scalp on the crown and vertex. He has been on Planquenil and Dermavite topical lotion and has seen some improvement. However, he does frequently complain about tenderness in the scalp. I have read that Tea Tree Oil and Lavender may help this condition. Doctors are unable to treat this condition as they are not sure what causes this. It is an autoimmune disease which attacks healthy follicles and replaces them with scar tissues. They say that suppressing the immune system may be the only way to halt this disease. There is currently no known cure. Please can you help.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Faima: Basically the so called "autoimmune disease" in your conditions in my opinion appears fungus microbe grows on the cell walls and the white blood cells attack out own cells instead. It can be treated, and I have seen people get better from akalizing with baking soda 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, (with 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar if possible), vitamin D3, and borax. Other supporting supplements are chromium, zinc, and vitamin E. I have as yet to further improve on this protocol, but clearly the best so far for internal purposes. External purpose is lavender, tea tree oil, and borax with hydrogen peroxide. I am currently looking at possible use of magnesium, iodine and vitamin K2 as a possible way to further loosen the grips of these microbes from the cell walls.

The treatment is basically simple, antifungal remedies, such as tea tree oil, or lavender oil. Tea tree is more powerful, but lavender oil is more fitting to reduce the itchiness. Use the tea tree first. Hydrogen peroxide 1% and borax saturated solution (1 teaspoon borax in 500 cc of hydrogen peroxide) can be applied to the scalp 3-4 times a day should help.

Suppressing the autoimmune only worsens the condition by allowing the fungus like organism to expand inside the body.

A good remedy for internal purpose is perhaps vitamin D3 10,000 i.u. per day (it is antifungal), and 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water, divided doses over the course of a day. Borax is a powerful antifungal, but at the same time an essential mineral.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Faima: The current dogma is suppressing the immune system is hardly considered a cause. The body immune system has been with us since the early days of evolution. It doesn't make easy mistakes.

Most instances I see people with a "normal immune system" and when they get fungus or similar organism, then they get autoimmunity. When given a supplements to kill off the fungus, such as borax, the autoimmunity simply disappeared. There are several supplements I found to have helped get rid of them, such as borax, vitamin D3, vitamin K, lavender oil and tea tree oil, but the most important basics toward improvement is to alkalize.

The mechanism of the so called autoimmunity works this way. The white blood cells attack your own body. The problem is the fungus, viruses especially attaches to the cell walls and in cases of HIV, it causes the nucleus of your cells to manufacture more of the organism. The cells no longer become the same since the DNA, is altered. The white blood cells recognized the change, and therefore attacks the cells. I found that licorice extract, and colorless iodine prevents these organism from attaching to healthy cells and then borax supplements kill them mostly. The seem to work whenever the body is slightly acid condition in order for them to multiply. Suppressing them merely worsens the condition by allowing temporary improvement, but at the same time causing the microbes to expand territories.

The best remedies I found is 1/8 teaspoon of borax, diluted in 1 liter of water, taken over divided dose over the course of a day, vitamin D3 between 2000 i.u. to 20,000 i.u/ day, possibly vitamin K2 (has antifungal properties), and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day diluted in 1/2 glass of water, once in the morning and once in the evening on an empty stomach.

Eating chinese parsley (please!), or coriander removes heavy metals which are quite often linked to autoimmunity as heavy metals produces free radicals preventing normal glandular functions necessary to kill of the invading microbes.

Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg taken at least 1 or 2 times a day should help reduce the problem of hair loss. Taking some manganese supplements, once a week should also help.

It should be noted that when shampooing the hair, a borax solution in 1% hydrogen peroxide is a more ideal way to remove the lichen planus, or at least weaken them. They grow in an acid environment, which is why alkalizing is so important.

These are the bare minimum remedy for hair problems from autoimmunity.

06/21/2012: Lou from Tyler, Tx replies: The book Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight claims that all autoimmune problems stem from eating grains and wheat products. Cut out the wheat too. See if that helps.
06/19/2013: Liliana from Montreal, Canada replies: Hi Ted from Bangkok, any new cure for Lichen Planopilaris on the scalp? You mention to shampooing the hair with a borax solution in 1% hydrogen peroxide how long we let it on the scalp ? and how often once a week is enough ? we use shampoo after this? Please specify, thanks in advance.

Cirrhosis of the Liver

12/06/2006: LEE from San Diego, CA: Last year my husband was diagnosed with 'Chirrosis of the Liver which some of the top doctors say was caused by a bacterial strain which may have been lying dormant in his body for about 40-50 years". They do not know the strain of that bacteria. He does not seem to be responding well to the medical treatment he is presently receiving. Can this condition be treated and possibly cured naturally? I am so grateful to have found you

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The cirrhosis liver, regardless of the bacteria cultures are generally get easily killed in presence of chromium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and alkaline pH medium. The best forms that does kill are zinc ions, salts such as zinc citrate, zinc acetate, for example. The selenium are often sold in 200 mcg dose and can be taken are often taken once a day or as prescribed by the bottle. Magnesium are synergistic and usually magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, are my favorites, usually 250 mg/day taken only 4 days out a week. I prefer chromium salts in form of Chromium chloride, which are amazingly safe even in larger than usual dose, however, in our present market circumstances chromium nicotinate would do. These all have antibacterial as well as antiviral activities. Also olive leaf extract and black walnut hulls might be helpful as they are useful antibiotics, where often they have olive leaf fresh leaves or dried extract, but black walnut hulls are often sold in tinctures because they are quite powerful.

Eating spicy foods here in Thailand, often is helpful with liver problems such as clove, thyme, oregano and cinnamon along with the food. Those are the most powerful spices I can think off. For tea tree oil, I think rubbing to the area of the stomach will allow the oils to go through transdermally helping the liver problems.

Often liver have to take a lot of toxins from our food and it is necessary to help its function by drinking 1/4 teaspoon of natural sea salt to 1 liter of water.

For most people 1/4 teaspoon baking soda works nicely but in extreme cases, one whole lemon juice plus adding baking soda until the fizzing stops plus 1/2 glass of water will restore many organs much better in alkalizing the body much quicker as it has both citrates, and bicarbonates which allow the body to normalize the pH.

However the most important supplements I have experience was one case of cirrhosis to take 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal.

The person continued to live for almost another 15-20 years (can't be too exact and this is not really needed at the moment).

The reason why he died was that he stopped taking the lecithin telling me he was healthy and it was not because of lecithin. He died within the year, from obviously the liver condition.

Apparently he has always been a heavy drinker anyway and stopping the lecithin worsened the condition. If he just took sodium ascorbate plus plenty of vitamin B3, niacinamide, that alcohol addiction would not have been that severe or possible. Even Naloxone, is a cure for most addiction.

Of course the most difficult disease to cure, is not the disease itself, it is plain human stubbornness.

08/01/2013: Anna from Chicago, Il replies: Hello Ted, You are wonderful person helping people online with their problems, are you a herb specialist ? I am (45 years old) having problems and my husband (47 years old) also with drinking alcohol many years but our health is starting to fall down I mean our livers are having bad symptoms, fatty liver and pain under ribs and in the back and needle pinching, stabbing pain, sharp pain after food feel like stone even without food, we don't eat much because the huge pressure. Also I had 8 surgeries for diverticulitis (2005), adhesions (2006, 2007, 2013) abdominal hernia (2010) and gallbladder removed (2011). Last surgeries were this year for adhesions May 6 th and May 10 th. want to mention that I cleaned my liver 15 times by Dr. Clark book and my husband cleaned liver 12 times. I visited some chiropractic doctor she is doing blood test by science and preparing some diet etc. She wrote that I have some possible hemochromatosis (it was almost a year ago) iron deficiency. Now after again drinking I can imagine that my condition maybe gets worse I didn't check yet. Please recommend something for me and my husband. We stop drinking 3 days ago and we wanted to stop forever. After cleaning liver I don't understand why my liver still working bad, my triglycerides always high. Thank you so much in advance. I am waiting for response. Anna

P.S. I just forgot to tell that we are having craving for sugar after stop drinking then we are eating ice cream and we have pore pain after. All of this is very frustrating.

08/01/2013: Anna from Chicago, IL replies: Dear Ted, this is second email to you since yesterday, I am thinking that I having stomach issues also, last October gastroscopy shows gastritis but now I think stomach and liver together makes problems, I don't feel good today feel tired and feel my eyes burning or something (when I always felt this that was inflammation in the body) just drink today 2tbs. apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water and 1/4 tsp. of baking soda if I have stomach ulcer it probably help like people saying on this website then if I don't have any ulcers this drink will not hurt me I think. Any suggestion.

Anna from Chicago, IL



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