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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil  
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Posted by RICHARD BAYOC (TORONTO, CANADA) on 02/22/2008


EC: No remedy specified! We presume you mean the most popular cure, olive oil and lemon juice?

Posted by B (slc, ut) on 02/19/2008

[YEA]  I never post much online, but something like this, I felt better weigh in. With my stone, I was willing to try just about anything other than go back through the lithotripsy. I read this a few months ago, and gave the remedy a whirl, didn't do much right away, but after about 4 days of doing the recomended doses, I had virtually no pain or burn while urinating. :-) A few months later, after suffering a couple aftershocks of pain, including one on the golf course, and I could do nothing about it, I started back on the sauce regularly. One evening last week, I was whizzing away, when my whole body jumped and jolted, I was startled as to what had happened. Then I looked at the bottom of the toilet and saw a rock-looking thing.Still have not had it anylized, but I feel better, no pain, no irritation. I dunno, but I think the concoction works, it sure helps if nothing else! Thanks for the help! You can post this if you want.

Posted by Jeanie (Portland, OR) on 02/18/2008

[YEA]  I wanted to thank you for your recipe of Lemon Juice and Olive Oil. My husband had this terrible pain in his right flank. He knew it was a stone because he had one 10 years ago.

He also has diabetes. We went to emergency where they did nothing.

We were scheduled for a CT scan -- but wanted to try this. The pain was horrible for him. I had him drink it at night and then again the next night. Pain was gone!!!! And he has not had a reoccurence. We are not sure if he passed the stone or not...maybe it was very small! Thanks again.

Posted by Jordan (Providence, RI) on 02/17/2008

[YEA]  I recently struggled with the pain associated with the movement of a kidney stone for 4 days before coming across the Lemon Juice and Olive Oil remedy. At first I was a bit skeptical, but this was my second time having a stone. The remedy was said to work favorably for calcium oxalate stones, so I decided to give it a try. Day 5 I drank my first dose just before going to bed (followed by 12oz water). Day 6 I experienced the first full day without any pain or medication. I was unsure of whether or not I could drink the mixture two days in a row so I only drank water and juice. Day 7 I drank my second mix some time in the late afternoon (followed by 8oz water). Again, I had no pain or need for medication all day. Day 8 I passed the stone while using the restroom after waking up. There was no pain involved in urinating to pass the stone.

Posted by Lindsey (Portsmouth, NH) on 02/16/2008

[YEA]  Last Saturday morning I felt like I had a UTI, went to the ER because I was very uncomfortable and there was blood in my urine. Initial culture indicated no infection, but I was prescribed the antibiotic Bactrim. The Bactrim provided no relief from my symptoms (constant feeling of needing to urinate, very uncomfortable pressure in what felt like my urethra). Quickly developed mild allergic reaction to the sulfur in the Bactrim (canker sores in my mouth),' and asked for another antibiotic at the Dr. s office. They took a second urine culture, which was also negative for signs of infection, but had trace amounts of blood. I was prescribed Cipro and asked to to to the hospital for an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed a 1cm kidney stone at the very end of my ureter, just at the junction of the ureter and the bladder. The Dr. called quickly thereafter saying I would likely need to undergo some type of procedeure to have the stone removed. I then found this site, spent a long time reading the posts and decided to try the lemon and olive oil.

At 10:00pm on Thursday evening I drank 2 oz of lemon juice and sopped up about 1.5 oz of olive oil with some bread. At 6:30am the following morning I noticed the pain was gone in what felt before like my urethra, but now that I have a better understanding of where the ureter meets with the bladder, I knew it had been coming from the spot where the stone was seen. They are extremely close together! Ten minutes later I had, with some serious trepidation, peed out a stone that was 5mm in width. I was thrilled, felt significantly better, and continued taking a few oz. of straight lemon juice and some olive oil (always with bread) throughout the day.

Nothing else visible has come out, but I feel 100% better and can't wait to get the reaction from the Urologist I'm scheduled to see Monday morning! Thanks for this site- I feel as if it saved me from enduring more pain, and a medical procedure to eliminate the stone (not to mention the money it would have cost).

Three month ago I began taking supplemental calcium at the suggestion of my Doctor. I have since read in a number of studies that supplemental calcium (opposed to dietary calcium) is correlated with a higher incidence of kidney stones. If the results from the lab indicated that the stone I passed is the Calcium Oxylate variety, the mystery will be solved!

Posted by Tina (Portland, Oregon) on 02/10/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I tried the lemon juice/ olive oil remedy 4 oz each and did get pain relief from the olive oil it also made things move in my digestive tract. I haven't got rid of my stone tho. I want to say that some people that are prone to getting kidney stones really need to watch out for sodas and foods that contain phosphoric acid for some people it makes them form stones faster. I have to stay away from it, I forgot once and had a couple rum and cokes and not even a week later I was in a lot pain and trying to pass a stone. I believe that my dr told me I form oxalate stones.Not sure where I am gonna go from here.

Posted by Brian (Palmerton, PA) on 02/06/2008

[NAY]  I tried 3oz of Lemon Juice and 3oz Virgin Olive Oil to help pass my 5mm kidney stone. It stayed in me for 2 hours until I threw it all up. Not trying that again!

Posted by Athena (Chicago, IL) on 02/02/2008

[YEA]  WOW! I used 3 oz of fresh lemon and 3 oz of EVOO and followed it with a quick 12 oz of water every hour. In 20 minutes the pain subsided. In 2 hours I could feel the stone moving down through my side without pain. Very strange feeling but not at all painful. Then in a total of 3 and a half hours total, I felt a strong urge to go and two huge stones came out one after the other. Also, I must have had a lot of fluid because I really kept going. Then I puked a couple of times from all that stuff but it was well worth it. I lost 4.5 pounds of fluid in those few hours. It is not the best thing to drink but when you guzzle it down it goes much better. I will never try anything else ever again and I tried everything. The doctor told me my stones were too big to pass, but either mine broke in two (there were lots of small particles as well) or I passed two or more. My stones were calcium.

EC: EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Replied by Charlena
Hamilton, ON
Hi, for this recipe, is it necessary to use just lemons? Could limes be used as a substitute also?
Replied by Marty
Normal, Il
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have been in pain for almost a month. The initial kidney stone problem led me to a the ER and I was given pain meds and a "good luck on passing it". The pain continued and I found this page. It is now a month later and I still have the stone (probably hung up on scar tissue from where I had a stone removed a few years ago by surgery)but I swear the lemon and olive oil helped the pain. Maybe it was in my head, I don't know but it helped the pain. Even though I may still have to have surgery this time, I will, the next time I get one, start lemon juice and olive oil right away. It also didn't taste as bad as the vinegar and water did either.
Replied by Joanne
Battle Ground, Wa
What has worked for me and many others for kidney stones is hydrangea root. I buy it in the capsule form. They have it at most health food stores. There are many articles on the internet about kidney stones and hydrangea root. It's an old Indian remedy. It works for gall stones too. I have personally used it as well as my husband after being diagnosed with kidney stones. The hydrangea root dissolves the stones within days. I now take a few capsules monthly just for maintenance.
Replied by Bob
Tampa, Fl
[YEA]   I agree, Hydrangea is the way to go! I had 9 stones spotted by tests, so I always have a bottle on hand for when I first feel it.

I bought the first one in to my Dr's office, a 6mm stone, and everyone wanted to know how I passed it with little pain! I told them Hydrangea and always little, or no pain! The stone seemed smooth, easier to pass, maybe the hydrangea?

I tried that stonebreaker liquid once with Hydragea, that stone came out falling apart, so I would suggest trying that combo with a larger stone. I also try to drink more then 100 oz of non caffeine liquid a day.

Replied by Richard
[YEA]   O yes, I have been suffering for 2weeks with kidney stones so I tried the Olive oil and lemon juice "nasty taste" 6 times in all and it's unreal how it works. No pain!!

Posted by Todd (Sacramento, CA) on 01/28/2008

[NAY]  NAY, Olive Oil Lemon Juice. Unfortunately, this didn't work at all on my kidney (ureteral) stone, which was first discovered after an agonizing ER visit 3 months ago Stone 8mm was stuck just before the bladder which required Lithotripsy. I was very anxious about the procedure, but it was actually a walk in the park. They put me to sleep for 45 minutes, pulverized the stone and woke me up. No pain or awareness that I even had a procedure. First urine after procedure was very bloody which is mentally difficult. I was in and out of the outpatient in just' a few hours and am glad to be home.

Posted by CRAIG (TAMWORTH, UK) on 01/26/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I had a crppling pain from my kidney to my groin about two weeks ago, later that night my wife rushed me to hospital,after a xray that night they found a whopping large stone about 12mm wide, the doc gave me some pain killers and sent me home to await a hospital appointment for another' xray and scan, not bieing able to put up with the pain much more and the pain killers not working (i also have a massive phobia about hospitals and definatley operations) i decided to look on the net for natual remadies, i found this site then gave the drink a try, first time was nastie, but it did seam to ease the pain, the next day you get a little more used to the drink and the stone was still there so i upped the doseage to 3 oz, boy did i know about it, it rumbled through my stomach untill it hit the pan at hiper speed, but this time it had no effect on the kidney stone, i tried this drink four more times, but after this i just could not stomach the drink any more, i am not saying this method does not work, its just not for me, but, still with the thought of the hospital deep in my mind, i surfed through the net after other remadies, i found uriflow, i ordered a tube of tablets and they arrived five days later, after great hesiation i gave them a try, but only on half dossage, and whoopee, three days after haveing my first tablet, the little bugger shot out, pain gone, on tueday, i will go for the scan just to be sure there is no more stones left, but ill keep the dosage up untill then just in case,

relief from pain is a YA

disolving the stone is a MAYBE

Posted by Byron (Arlington, Texas) on 01/24/2008

[YEA]  Last night (1-23-04) was my second day of severe pain due to kidney stones. This is the first time I have had them and let me tell you...I am so happy that I found this lemon juice - extra virgin olive oil remedy. I am not sure if I have passed the big stone, but I have passed a lot of small crystal like stuff and the pain is gone completely at this point. I will update as the this evening and the next day goes by. Thank God for the person that figured this out.

Posted by eric sosa (Kissimmee, FL) on 01/19/2008

[YEA]  GOD Bless the person who discovered this remedy. I suffered from kidney stone pain for 48 straight days. I saw 5 different doctors and had to make 3 visits to the ER. I was put on so many different medications....... it was a nightmare. I read the post on this site and I immediatly tried it....... OMG, 12 hours later a passed a huge (3mm) jaged stone.... it hurt but at the same time felt like heaven, becuase I knew that the remedy worked..... thank you... pure lemon juice and olive oil.

Posted by Debbie (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 01/08/2008

[YEA]  I had kidney stones in 2002, the surgery was terrible and painful and I almost died from backup when the docotrs removed the stents too soon. The stones returned in June of 2007. The doctors give the run around while trying to get them removed, all the HMO crap with referrals and required tests. Anyway, last night at 9:15pm I drank the 2oz olive oil and 2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice mixture followed by 12 ounces of water. At 7:15am I passed 4 stones. Meanwhile I felt a lot of pain and movement so I think there is more in there. As the day went on the pain subsided and the bleeding came to a stop. I think they are finally all gone. I am sore but probably in a few days I should be fine. I will now drink the mixture once a month since I am now a believer. It is easy to drink and it reminded me of something you would put on a salad. All in all, it sure beats the pain of the stones and the surgery that doctors perform. Pass the remedy to all and keep people from having surgery.

Posted by Rick (Flagstaff, Arizona) on 01/07/2008

[YEA]  Having alot of bleeding and pain, no luck with the Doctors I decided to try the Lemon juice and Olive oil. The mix used was 3oz concentrated lemon juice and 3oz extra virgin olive oil. The bleeding stopped within 2 hours. The stone passed within 12 hours. The pain meds did cause constipation

Posted by Tress (puy, wa) on 01/06/2008

[NAY]  I have a 2-3 mm stone that I have had for 5 weeks now. Popped it out of my left kidney in the ER on Dec 1st. I finally saw a urologist last week who wants to do surgery on Tuesday - Jan 8th. I have a CT Scan at the ER which showed a 3mm stone in my left ureter. I had a CT Scan - IVP on Dec 19th which showed the 2-3mm stone was now at the opening of my bladder but I just can't rid myself of this darn thing! I tried the lemon juice, oil mixture Friday night and all day Saturday. Today is Sunday 10am and NOTHING! NADA, still have this darn stone. I guess I will move on to try the coke/asparagus thing and then maybe celery seed tea...pray for me, wish me luck, I do not want surgery