Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Last Modified on Oct 10, 2014

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Posted by Phyllis (Baltimore, Maryland) on 11/11/2011

Yea for the distribution of noni. According to the Discovery channel it is the greatest nutritional discovery of our time. Tahitian Noni International has done human clincal trials which is very impressive. Also, it is the only beverage listed in the PDR for over the counter meds with no adverse side effects. I drink 2 oz daily of the Noni Extra which addressed my joint stiffness over a 60 day product experience. I no longer have to shake my legs after being seated for a period in order to stand and walk. The Noni FIT Body Composition system has addressed my slowed down metabolism and restored balance allowing me to burn fat and lose inches(@ 1-2 on each side of my waist over a 60 day period dropping 20 lbs. I became a product of the product and now I am an independent health bioactivist.

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Posted by Alex (Houston, Tx) on 10/02/2013

[YEA]  I've found that 3g of omega-3s daily gets my chronic knee pain under control.

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Posted by Tavora (Brooklyn, NY) on 05/03/2009

[YEA]  Just wanted to say very quickly that after reading several posts about oil of oregano helping with inflammation/joint pain - I decided to try it tonight. OMG!! Let me tell u - the clicking and popping that I have been experiencing the last two months disappeared!!! (My ailments are actually an inner ear problem with a misaligned spine) but when I rubbed the oil on my knees, shins, shoulders and neck - I felt - LITERALLY - instant, instant relief!! I could not believe it!! As I stood up and walked around for a bit - no popping - no clicking!! This gives me so much hope! I will continue to use this as one of my arsenals and though I know we are not allowed to state specific brands....I do want to say the one I bought is ___. I will also take it orally to help with the tension in my spine. Will keep u posted.

Thank you so much EC!!! :0)

Posted by Anna
Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
[YEA]   Wild oil of oregano (ooo) which I diluted by placing 10 drops in about 2 tbsp of grape seed oil immediately stopped my bone/joint pain in legs. Like a miracle! I just rubbed it on the leg.

So now, when my husband's knee hurt I used too-but he did not feel relief... Must be different kind. Anyway I thought that maybe there is something out there that is NOT diluted essential ooo but ooo by itself (like e.g. grape seed oil). Is there?

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Posted by Earthling (Usa) on 10/07/2014

I am 57 and have tried pretty much everything for my joint pain. My hips bother me more than anything else. It interferes with sleep, which is my biggest complaint. My hips don't bother me much during the daytime hours because I'm pretty active.

I'm a side-sleeper and I toss and turn from one achy hip to the other all night, so I have been looking for relief from that, specifically, so that I might finally get a good night's sleep.

I have tried all of the following over the past year or so:


-Fish Oil (Krill oil, Cod liver oil, etc.)

-Borage Oil



-Raisins soaked in gin (didn't work, but I enjoyed that 'experiment') :)

-Fruit pectin

-Hyaluronic Acid



There's not much I haven't tried. I'm sure there are other things that I forgot to include. I've also tried some topical treatments like castor oil, comfrey salve, etc.

There are things I can't try, like baking soda, because I have to watch my BP.

I recently added the vitamin C complex since it was something I hadn't taken before. It's only 500 mgs, though. I could probably take more.

Posted by Sp
Wb, Nj
Hi Earthling, have you tried going 100% gluten free? When I did that I got rid of my full body arthritis. I had no idea I was gluten sensitive. And for getting better sleep, have you tried taking magnesium?
Posted by Sam
Mansfield, Texas
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Wow, you have tried many things. Have you tried magnesium & boron (Borax)? Actually you may be low on all your minerals, have you tried Fulvic acid(lots of minerals)? Do you know about PH & how acidity can affect you? EC has info about it. I take ACV mixed with baking soda. I could not take the baking soda alone... it made my heart palpitate & feel like it wasn't beating right. It also gave me bad indigestion & bloating... but once I mixed BS with ACV it worked great! No bad side affects & it makes the ACV easier to take too. The 2 balance each other out. I have gotten major relief from my joint pain from ACV & BS. I take minerals too though. Oh, I bought a memory foam mattress from Sam's club for like $400 & it really helped the aches during sleep, while I was searching for the cure. Good luck! Hope you find something that works for you.
Posted by Earthling

I can't take baking soda because of my blood pressure. I control my BP w/ supplements but taking BS is just asking for trouble. I am very sodium-sensitive.

Magnesium is part of my BP regimen, so yes, I've tried it. I use the spray oil every day. I've taken Magnesium orally before and in several different forms (citrate, oxide, etc.) but all forms went right through me, so to speak.

I also have a new mattress - a memory foam. It's quite comfy but I still get achy hips when I sleep.

I was hoping the new mattress would do the trick, but alas, it did not.

Posted by Prioris
Fl, US
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You haven't mentioned

0) Enteric Bromelain

1) Biocell (not all HA absorbs well)

2) Borax Protocol

3) Minocin (not generic minocycline)

You should also read healing section and consider whether you have other infections like systemic fungal infections that are not being treated if those above don't work.

Also try removing Dairy from your diet for a month. Also Sp has a good idea. Experiment with diet in other ways.

Short term stuff

I would try putting an inexpensive air mattress on the bed like Coleman Air mattress with bubbled coils (don't forget to buy the pump). You may sleep with less pain. You need something to cushion your hips from hitting a hard surface. They sell a cheap one for $25 in camping section of walmart.

The fact you are tossing and turning may be the result of the internal infection or sleep problem. Try adding GABA. Your tossing and turning is just aggravating it.

There is no doubt you have an internal infection behind your hip pain.

One other thing. You shouldn't be treating Blood Pressure. You should be treating your arteries - plaque and calcification.

You should also be aware that two medical group are proposing a blood pressure of 150-160 over 90-100 as normal.

Posted by Sam
Mansfield, TX
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hmmm... EC has BS & ACV as a blood pressure remedy. It actually seemed to lower my BP, but it could have been the magnesium that lowered my BP, not sure & everyone is different. I don't think baking soda is like regular salt, just like epsom salt is not like regular salt, but I'm no BP expert. I'm just saying that it may be something worth investigating further.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I had back & hip pain for years and the hip pain actually resolved first. I went to a Bowen massage therapist & she said my hips were being pulled out of alignment by a really tight & possibly damaged psoas muscle. Once she got it to release, the pain in my hip & Si joint improved quite a bit & my limp was resolved, but still ached when sleeping on my side. I also went to a ND who did some tests & said I had leaky gut caused by candida overgrowth & that was causing inflammation, auto immune disease & inhibiting my ability to absorb nutrients.

So all the supplements that I had been taking were not being utilized due to my compromised GI tract. I started taking sublingual supplements while I fought the candida & healed my gut. I think this is what Prioris was referring to in his post about "systemic fungal infections". It definitely increased my joint pain & interfered with the bodies healing process. If nothing is working then, this could possibly be the reason. Also, he mentioned Biocell HA, it's true that not all supplements are created equal, Alfred swears by purity products HA, but Lisa says Source Naturals joint complex worked better for her and I respect both their opinions.

On a similar tangent, I read how people were saying that iodine supplements were curing them of all sorts of things & I was excited to try it, but had a severe reaction that made my muscles spasm & my pain so much worse. So what works for one, does not work for another. The healing journey seems to include much trial & error. Keep searching & doing research & take advice with a grain of salt.(pun intended) lol

Posted by Om
Hope Bc Canada
Actually, I also had some disturbances and pain and am a side sleeper, too. It took a while to disappear as I knew through yoga practice that when sleeping on the side, the knees must be together and ideally the ankles, too. Otherwise there is a "torque" which affects the ligaments unfavourably. It is also helpful to place a rather flat pillow between the thighs. The legs may be bent slightly. That immediately takes off the pressure. My hips don't bother me anymore.

Namaste Om

Posted by Timh
1293 Posts
Take MSM w/ the Vit-C for a much more effective joint remedy. A Mangetic bed pad will help very much w/ infection, pain, and inflammation.
Posted by Earthling
Funny you mention the air mattress as that's what I used for close to six months until I finally broke down and bought a new mattress. Just as you described, I put it on top of my old mattress and had an electric pump to fill it. It was 'just okay'. It helped my hips but didn't offer enough support for my lower back, despite having it inflated to its capacity.

My newer mattress doesn't have the hard surface you mentioned. It's a memory foam mattress. It's a firm memory foam, but a foam mattress nonetheless, so it has a cushiony top. You mentioned giving up dairy. I gave up dairy over a year ago. Once in a while, I add a few drops of light cream to my coffee, but that's about it, and that's only occasionally. I used to eat yogurt every day, cereal with milk, etc. I haven't done that in over a year, but unfortunately, I haven't noticed any benefits to stopping dairy in all this time. I also eat very clean. I cook everything from scratch and use nothing that's processed. I start every day with a green smoothie and I also drink lots of water every day. Re: GABA - Prior to tossing/turning from hip to hip, I did sleep relatively well. I work nine hours a day so come day's end, I'm pooped and fall asleep fine. It's the hip pain that wakes me and keeps me awake as I shift from one hip to the other trying to get comfortable. I've tried sleeping on my back many times, but I would just lay awake and stare at the ceiling all night. I will definitely give Bromelain a try, for starters. That's something I've looked into before but haven't tried yet. Thank you for all of your input! I appreciate it.

Posted by Prioris
Fl, US
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The air mattress won't help the lower back that much. Lower back problems are spinal column problem.

Aging or infections can be the cause behind spinal degeneration. You need to get nutrients into your spinal column. Namely Hyaluronic Acid.

I would consider trying biocell HA. Make sure you take it on empty stomach. Research another different kind if that doesn't work.

Other short term relief may be to go to a chiropractor a couple times and see if that brings some relief. You may have already done this. This may also protect you from getting herniated disc.

Posted by Mother Earth
Kansas, US
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Wondering if 'oil pulling' with coconut oil would help you. Some people have found it useful for their hip pain because the pain can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection and the "oil pulling" pulls out the infection. Even rubbing the coconut oil on topically may help you.
Posted by Earthling

Too late for the herniated disc prevention. I've had two bad discs for years. I've had steroid injections in my spine (OUCH! ) and was on pain medication for years, but I decided to go off of them on my own and just tough it out.

Years later, my lower back pain isn't too bad, provided I don't overdo things. It also didn't bother me when I slept, except when I slept on the air mattress. I traded one pain for another. The air mattress made sleeping on my sides more comfortable, but it made my lower back hurt.

I ordered the Bromelain yesterday, so we'll see how that goes. Fingers crossed. I am currently taking 500mg's of the vitamin C-complex I mentioned in a previous post. The directions say to take one a day, but do you think I could (or should) take more?

Thanks, again!

Posted by Earthling
@Mother Earth

I tried oil pulling with coconut oil years ago and for whatever reason, it caused my blood pressure to spike for hours after pulling. It was scary!

I haven't tried coconut oil topically, but I'll start that today. I've tried many, many other things topically, but wouldn't have thought of coconut oil topically for pain when things like castor oil and comfrey salve didn't work.

It certainly can't hurt to try though, so try I shall!


Posted by Prioris
Florida, US
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Hope you try the bio cell brand on empty stomach. I had herniated disc also. Took 6 weeks to heal. If it works, you should know in first two weeks.

Posted by Esprit64 on 12/29/2012

I have periods of severe stiffness and some swelling in my hands. I am trying to determine what I'm eating/doing that is causing this? Does anyone have any remedies? Thanks.

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Try DMSO. Dimethyl sulfoxide. It is a solvent and carrier so make sure your hands are clean. Pour out a half teaspoon of DMSO from bottle (I use the pure liquid, but you could try the gel). Rub all over hands and joints. It will absorb in quickly. Do it again in two days. If you want less "sting" add purified water with the DMSO. In the fifteen times I've recommended this to those suffering with hands as you described all fifteen were "cured. " I was one. My dad another. He came by my office one day holding his hands complaining about the pain in the joints. I had DMSO on hand (ha)... And had him rub some in with instructions to put more on two days later. I gave him the obligatory warning about how DMSO would effect your body odor (like you just ate a clove of garlic) and that odor would last a day or so. Two days later I asked him how his hands were doing. "My hands don't hurt. " (He'd been suffering for a few years with dementia. ) "Do they hurt now?" I asked. "My hands have never hurt. " There you go. Another satistied customer. If only he could remember how satisfied he was.

Posted by Anto (Dublin, Ireland) on 12/06/2012

Hi, Im a 35 male and have been suffering from joint pains for the last 4/5 months, it started in my neck, moved to my lower back and then to my knees. Over the last month it has been mainly in my thumbs, fingers, wrists, toes and the soles of my feet...

My doctor did blood tests and x-rayed my hands with all tests coming back clear for arthritis.. He told me that it is arthralgia and gave me anti inflamitory tablets.. These tablets are not what I would like to be on long term and are not dulling the pain enough for me.

I been taking Apple cider vinegar, Omega 3 and muti-vitiman tablets without any noticable improvement. Has anyone come across similar joint pains in so many different joints and have any advice for a possible remedy? Thanks, Anthony

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Anto, I have found relief from MSM which is sulfur. Many people are helped with joint pain from it. I discovered it about 16 years ago when my dad introduced me to it and before many people knew of it. It was amazing and since then I have had many of my friends find relief from it and many of my ballet students as well.

Two other suggestions which I also find relief from are lypospheric vitamin c, which you can order from amazon. I use this a lot. And also, drinking baking soda in water. About an 1/8 of a teaspoon is what I use, sometimes a bit more. I hope this helps. Lisa

Posted by Momo
Seattle, Wa
Hello Anto, try removing dairy in your diet. Eat and drink fresh juiced vegetables and fruits. Take vitamins, minerals and omega oil.

Also, eliminate all animal protein for a few weeks. If that works, you can slowly eat the animal protein you prefer. You have to stay away from any sweet and processed food while you are on this strict diet.

Posted by Wendy
Columbus, Oh/usa
Please see my post on the coconut milk/turmeric/cayenne pepper remedy for osteoarthritic symptoms AND gout.
Posted by Lisa
Maple Grove, Mn, Us
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Anthony, You may want to get tested for Lyme disease. Joint pain is a common symptom of Lyme and I believe you have cases in Ireland.
Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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If you take root ginger everyday for a week, you will find about the fith day, surprise! No pain. About a square centimeter, a cube about half inch, if your not into metrics. After that if you forget, the pain will jog your memory and it works straight away. The science says its as good as iboprofin, but too cheap to get much press. My lower back pain has gone after years of putting up with it. Definiatly recomended!
Posted by Momo
Seattle, Wa
Hello Anto, try removing dairy in your diet. Eat and drink fresh juiced vegetables and fruits. Take vitamins, minerals and omega oil.

Also, eliminate all animal protein for a few weeks. If that works, you can slowly eat the animal protein you prefer. You have to stay away from any sweet and processed food while you are on this strict diet.

Posted by Anna Denise
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Try this remedie: 35 gr. (1. 23 oz) of Magnesuim chloride (MgC12) disolved in 1 ltr (33. 81 fl. Oz) of water. Don't confuse with epsom salt which is Magnesium sulfate. Do not use metal utensils, use plastic or wood spoons to mix, prepare and keep in preferably a glass bottle or plastic. Drink a tequila glass (shot glass) every day in the morning. It tastes a bit bitter but does wonders for your health in general. Take it for 3 months and rest one month. I personaly got rid of my joint pain in about a week. Gives you lot's of energy and it is good for asimilating calcium, good for your heart and for your mood, it is also used to prevent cancer etc. I sugest you read the following article.

Remedie # 2: Aside from taking Magnesium chloride, try to drink a "green juice" every day, drink at least half an hour before eating as it is the best way to assimilate nutrients. Here is my "blender recipe". I do not know if you can get all of the ingredients, but it is good for you whatever ingredients you can find. 1 celery stalk, 1 large slice of pineaple, 2-3 slices of an apple, a handfull of parsley, alfalfa and spinach and if you can find fresh Aloe Vera add a little piece (with out the skin), also optional and very good for you, add 1 tablespoon honey and 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds (that you previously soak, it forms a gelatin, and keeps refrigerated for 8-10 days), when I have a chance I add the juice of 1 or 2 oranges. Blend and drink.

Remedy # 3: I am an Homeopath, and would recomend for you to take 6-8 granules or drops of Rhus tox 30c, 3 times a day for 6 days.

I hope you get better, and please let me know if any of this remedies helps.

Posted by Vijay (Kolkata, West Bengal) on 08/06/2012

Dear Sirs, I have joint pain in left leg which needs knee replacement (Initial stage) age- 64, minor dibetic and 90/140 B/P. Kindly suggest remedy. Thanks

Posted by Janie (Monmouth, Oregon) on 11/02/2011

Mine just started about 2 weeks ago with first the middle finger lock up and now the thumb. I am 71 year old female. I have always been into healthful living exercise, meditation, etc. I take vit. B, magnesium, do not fry food. Eat plain and simple foods. I can't imagine a more heathy diet and reasonable supplementation. I rotate foods and supplementation. I have no pain with this. I have for many years off and on again finger numbeness and blockages, due to having done massage for over 30 years, but quit massage work 15 years ago. I don't think I have missed anything you have mentioned. I am also a hypnotist, so I think I will use my self hypnosis and "talking" to my Inner Physician, and not put too much attention to it since there is no pain involved.


Posted by Shaun
York, Uk
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Mix 1 cap full of the following: 1/3 DMSO, 1/3 Castor Oil, and 1/3 Aloe Vera - as per Ted's directions and apply it with a Qtip. Leave it on for about 30mins (it will totally absorb into the skin). Do this about three times a day for a couple of days. This has worked wonders for my Mother-in-Law (80 years old). You should find good progress after the first application.
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
You said you take magnesium, but tablet form is not easily taken up by the body so you may still be lacking.

You could try some magnesium oil sprayed on your hand each day or buy some magnesium chloride and mix 50/50 with hot water until dissolved and you have your own magnesium chloride.

Posted by Janie (Monmouth, Oregon) on 11/02/2011

OK, after my last comment, I am going to try the rescue remedy, essential oils of lemongrass and lavender as was suggested by one person and will report back as to how that works for me.


Posted by Tom (New Brighton, Mn) on 04/23/2010


I first felt a looseness in my right hip 8 years ago while on an ellyptical machine. It felt like my hip came out of the socket, then back in.

A G.P. Dr. laughed, said a dislocation was impossible-concluded I had arthritis and prescribed lots of painkillers and said to wait "til I was a bit older (I was 44) to get a hip replacement! I ignored him-but soon developed issues with my left hip also. Then-4 years ago both hips completely cramped/seized up-and I began using a cane-and doing almost nothing due to the pain and weakness. After lots of wasted visits to chiro's, acupuncturists etc. I discovered an egoscue therapist last year-who observed that both my femurs were rotated to 4 and 8 oclock rather than pointing straight at 12 oclock. Many of my muscles (glutes etc.) had ceased to function properly-and my hip flexors were shortened into permanent tension.

After six months-I am close to straightened out-but still experience severe pain after a therapy session-and am still dealing with weakened muscles-although I can now walk without a cane-after only about 50 yards I cramp up, have pain and need to sit and rest-I have a lot of cracking etc. still-I assume from loose/lax ligaments. Do you have any suggestions to eliminate/reduce pain, develop strength, tighten ligaments/hip etc?

Posted by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
Suggest you investigate Prolothearphy via internet. There are only about 500 doctors who do this in the U. S. The procedure is to inject your joint ligaments with Dextrose which causes the joint to begin rebuilding itself. I just had a procedure on my knee by Dr Johnson of Brentwood Tn. A famous Orthopedic Surgeon in Chattanooga examined me last November and declared only a slight case of arthritis and gave me a cardisone shot which lasted almost a week. Otherwise, start eating pineapple every day for the rest of your life.

Posted by Nonni (Cleveland, Oh) on 07/04/2009

I have been suffering with a swollen hand for 6 or 7 weeks due to repetitive use after joint became sore. Ice seems to do nothing for it and now fingers are not bending much and wrist has lost some range of motion. My message therapist said i have to soak the hand in hot water several times every day and bend my fingers with my other hand and keep turning wrist. But after doing this once my fingers swelled up worse and now the joints are inflamed. I have castor oil on it right now but not sure if using castor oil alone will bring back use of fingers and wrist movement. Also worried about applying any more heat. I keep trying to open and close fingers but everything is very stiff and swollen. This is very scary so if anyone has any answers please respond. Also I am unable to drink apple cider vinegar so I can't try that. And soaking in it seemed to make hand burn. Thanks for any help you can give.

Posted by Debbie
Punsutawney, PA
I wonder if you have a blocked lymph vessel, or something like that. You might want to try gently massaging the hand in the direction of the heart a few times a day, and try keeping your hand/arm elevated when a rest...anything to encourage fluid to leave the hand. I would also keep using ice and keep doing range-of-motion exercises, but it sounds like you might want to cut down on the heat treatments. And make sure you are getting enough Vit C. Vit C is critical to the integrity of connective tissue and in a very good anti-imflammitory/anti-histamine.
Posted by Isabel
Tampa, Fl USA
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MSM for pain on my hands, I have arthritis, my hands are really swollen, I had used different products and nothing works for me, epsom salts help me with the flexibility on my fingers, but still my hands are very stiff and I can't close it, I am using 3,000mg of MSM a day and is helping with my pain, I tried 5,000 but I had problems with my stomach, since September I had been taking ACV with baking soda, it helps with the pain on my knees, now I am seeing an accupunturist and it helps.
Posted by Jitzky
Dallas, Tx
My mom (75yrs old/asian) used to take prescription drug for her feet to bring down the swelling. But not anymore! She swears on lemongrass tea. She's been growing lemongrass in her backyard simply because she just loves plants and loves the smell of it, and also uses it for her cooking once in awhile. Then I told her all the other benefits & uses of lemongrass that I read in other sites and suggested to start drinking it as a tea since she has an abundance of it, that way it's not wasted. Wow, we were both amazed that the swelling went away completely within 24hrs and all the wrinkles on her little feet were back. (lol) It gets rid of water retention and the only draw back for the first few days of drinking it is that you are constantly having to pee. She used to drink about 4 cups a day and has now tapered it down to 1-2 cups a day or sometimes every other day for maintenance. Simply cut up 20 leaves about 2-3" long and boil in about 2 cups water for a few minutes. Add more lemon grass if you want it stronger. I also use it myself, twice a week I steam my face while I'm boiling it for my tea. The left over tea I put in the refrigerator and transfer some in a small spray bottle to spray my face during the day while I'm out. It's so soothing especially during this hot weather here in TX. My skin looks clear and lovely. Hope this helps and please give it a try.

Sacroiliitis   0  0   

Posted by Melody Ziko (New Westminster, Bc) on 12/01/2013

Hi there, I'm looking into natural remedies for Sacroillitis. Does anyone know of any? So far, I've tried a massage, the chiropractor, yoga, youtube videos for stretches. It doesn't seem to be helping. I am going to try acupuncture and foot reflexology afterwards. I imagine physio is just stretching exercises, I will still try it just in case. After all this, I still feel intense throbbing up my spine, around my tailbone, my buttocks and shoots down my leg. This is making it really hard to walk. Any advice of herbal medicine or what you may have done yourself would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Melody Z

P.S. I should mention that I have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I am currently on Prednisone and asacol. I hear that gluten free diet helps with Sacroillitis relief as well.. thoughts?

Posted by Steve
102 Posts
You may be able to find a chiropractor or physical therapist who offers cold laser treatment in your area.

Supplements   1  0   

Posted by Candy Moss (Ofallon, MO) on 05/04/2008

[YEA]  I have used L-Glutathione for years for stiffness or joint pain of any type. I works great. I am told it is the key to allow calcium and vit. D amd mag. into the osteoblasts. Without it very little gets in to keep them working properly and it works really well. It also detoxifies the liver. Also I use a product called colon tone by Dr.Eskeland. It is an oxygen based cleaner and one of the great things I noticed it also does is help with yeast infections which I have often, I am guessing the xtra oxygen in the colon kills bacteria. All I know is its great not to have to put up with those yeast infections constantly. I suppose you can find it on the web. Otherwise e-mail me and I can tell you where I get it. Also the glutathione is a very inexpensive supplement.

Swollen Knuckles   0  0   

Posted by Pam (Marlborough, Ct, Usa) on 09/29/2011

I have written in before about my problem with swollen knuckles. I have tried AC vineager and other things witch seemed to help somewhat but did not last. This problem has been going on for almost two years. I finally went to arthritis doctor who took $1,300 of tests and xrays of my hands and he still does not know what is the problem. He wanted to put me on some pretty strong drugs that have bad side effects and I decided not to take them. My knuckles never get unswollen, sometimes they don't bother me that much and other times like now they are really stiff and burning. I am wondering if this could be something to do with gout. If anyone has heard of this problem any help would be appreciated. Pam

Posted by Maria
Gippsland, Australia
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Hi Pam, Have you had your iron levels checked? If there is no arthritis and your iron levels are higher than normal then the iron can deposit in the joints and look inflamed. This is usually due to the person having hemochromatosis or even being a carrier of it. If your iron levels are a bit above normal but not high enough to have some blood drained then you could try donating blood. Also taking Ted's borax water remedy helps, 1/8th of a teaspoon of borax (1/4 for men) in a litre of water taken for 4 days and 3 days off and keep repeating. Just remember that they did not appear overnight so they will not disappear quickly. Magnesium is also good as it helps with the boron to balance the calcium.

Alkalizing would be worth doing especially if you suspect gout. Check out EC's page. All the best..

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Posted by Joyann (Hemet, Ca) on 12/28/2012

[YEA]  I just want to let everyone know that the tumeic powder has helped me. I have been suffering from joint inflamation severly for 5 months and I exercise in pain 7 days a week. The lord directed me to this website and I even believe he saved me a whole lot of pain. I give god the glory. My menstrual cramps are much improved as well. I consume 6 teaspoons a day in the powder form. And I also got a lot of energy. I hope this helps someone else. I tell all my friends about it.

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
43 Posts
Turmeric is an age old remedy for a number of conditions, especially for joints, ligaments and skin. One tablesp. divided twice a day with a teasp. of simple whey powder and half a cup of water in the blender will be a balanced dosage for long term usage. It is beneficial for lung and heart, a blood thinner and natural antibiotic.

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