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Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Last Modified on Mar 15, 2015

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Apple Cider Vinegar   21  1   

Posted by James (Pemberton, New Jersey) on 11/06/2006

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar has cured: varicose veins, weight lose, tendinitis, wrinkles. In April of 2005, I came across a booklet for ACV, at the time I was 50 years old I played sports in high school, a construction worker for 20 years and a mover for the last 15, so I have done a number on my body over the years. My daughter convinced me to start taking ACV... I have taken it everyday since! The health benefits have been many. The first thing I noticed was my hair and nail growth, doesn't seem like much but my hair was white and had no color, but was growing back in blonde! I thought that was amazing! Over all the years of abuse on my feet and ankles I had purple feet from the varicose veins, it really was a severe case, after two months of use my feet started to look clearer to me, but I wasn't sure so I started taking pictures....I now have NO varicose veins on my feet, legs or anything. In April of 2005 I was a size 38 pants, today I am a 32 pants. I have not done any extra exercise to achieve this, It simply melted the pounds away (I also have a six pack again). The ACV has given me a facelift, I do NOT look like I am 51! My wrinkles around my eyes have literally disappeared. My skin is tighter, firmer every where. I feel like a new man. Over the years while abusing my body in my everyday life (working) I developed new and painful body movements, aches where I never had before and eventually the Doc diagnosed me with tendinitis (really painful) in both of my shoulders, being a mover this isn't good for business, it really started hurting my paycheck (then I started the ACV). I really had not realized I stopped taking the naproxen the Dr. had prescribed until I went to see him for my physical. He asked me if I needed a new script, that's when I realized I used to live on those pills everyday and hadn't needed them once since I started taking the ACV, so I told the Dr. about the ACV he was awed, seeing the results for himself he decided to start taking it, in fact my Barber, Boss, Coworkers, Kids, Brothers and sister all now take it with health benefits of there own. I tell you I LOVE ACV it has changed my life and made me a new healthier man. I actually believe I have a long healthy life ahead. The recipe I use everyday is: 2 table spoons of ACV and 1 Tablespoon of honey. Add water to taste. I do this two times a day, everyday. Good luck to all in your journey to a healthier you!

Posted by Charlie (Ft. Smith, AR) on 07/23/2006

[YEA]  I used both Apple Cider Vinegar and MSM to cure a "trigger finger". ' A big knot appeared on the inside of my thumb joint. It was EXTREMELY painful. I couldn't write or do anything with that hand. I didn't realize how important my thumb was. The dr. gave me a cortisone shot in it (ouch) and said if that didn't help, he would have to do surgery and cut the tendons in my thumb to try and relieve the pain. The cortisone shot didn't help. I received a magazine in the mail shortly after this talking about MSM. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying it. After a few weeks of using MSM, ALL the pain went away. (This all happened about 5 years ago). The knot was still there even though the pain was gone (it was a very obvious knot). I then started taking apple cider vinegar tablets and WOW, the knot disappeared!! It is still gone and so is the pain.

Posted by Sheri (Auburn Hills, Mi) on 06/14/2006

[YEA]  I originally tried ACV for weight loss; I have a stubborn 20 pounds to lose. I was pleasantly surprised as to how pain-free I became in a matter of a few days. My knees no longer 'click' when I go up stairs. I can bend and squat to play with my children and no longer suffer ankle pain from the effort. My acid reflux is gone as well. When I run out of ACV, in a matter of days, the pain returns and I'm like an old lady once more. It works for me!

Posted by Cole (Ellensburg, Washington) on 04/08/2006

[YEA]  I'm extremely impressed by how quickly the Apple Cider Vinegar and honey mixture worked. I have told everyone. 3 months ago i tore my rotator cuff and was unable to workout and it was driving me crazy. The doctors told me it would be a long time before i could lift again. Im only 22 and dont accept those kinds of answers when it comes to me being active so i decided to try this mixture within 2 weeks i had no pain when i slept and im benching close to my old weight again. Thank you so much... i think this will be apart of my diet for the rest of my life. Oh, and it cleared up my face.

Posted by Nathan (Seoul, Korea) on 02/04/2006

[YEA]  I've had knee joint problems for several months. One day I decided to try apple cider vinegar. Within a day or two, my pain was 90% gone! Soon I was exercising regularly, and my knees have been getting much stronger. Apple cider vinegar made the difference between living with constant pain and being healthy.

Replied by Dezerae
Wolcott, Ct
what if u dont have apple cider will apples b good? Please reply soon my grandpa is in real great pain! Also do u drink it?

EC: Unfortunately, no one has ever reported eating apples for joint pain. However, one person has reported success with apple pectin.

Taken internally, 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water is the typical dosage for joint pain.

Posted by Tim (Elizabethtown,KY) on 08/16/2005

[YEA]  I have been in sports all my life and now at 40 I suffered very bad joint problems in knees, shoulders,and back.I have tried everything I could think of after 4 months on apple cider vinegar "tablets" my shoulders and back are as mobile and pain free as when I was 20. My weight training and karate is now pain free.

Posted by Flo Clark

[YEA]  I've been drinking 3 TBLSP. in 2 cups water every day for 2 years now. My joints don't squeak anymore and I have never been so healthy. I've been informing everyone from my town and they too now drink the same dosage. I usually buy _______s. I've tried all brands and I like _______s the best. God Bless organic apple cider vinegar!

Posted by Ken (Rocheport, MO)

[YEA]  'Yes, I have a story that will amaze you and your readers.......I have had 2 knee operations on my right knee within the last 7 years. The last was in December of last year, and without any success, I might add. My knee hurt terribly "every" day. It hurt so bad. It literally felt like I had been walking on a 4x4 strapped to my knee, and it felt like the 2 outside bones in my leg were going to shoot out of my leg with any step....Well, a good friend told me to get unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and to drink a teaspoon in about 4 ounces of water every day. I didn't really believe that it would work. Not as good as he said, but I've been drinking it now for 2 weeks, and oh my god,......"it works" really works. The last three days was so hard on my knee, & i was forced to use a crutch, but I woke up this morning, & I had very little pain,.....I was able to walk without pain, & I have no limp.....i haven't walked without a limp in over 2 years....I am definitely a firm believer in apple cider vinegar, and I will drink it every day from now on. I feel so energetic now, & I'm cheerful. The apple cider vinegar really helps with so many things.

Posted by Georgiana

[YEA]  My father had just retired. A very active man all his life, he found himself suffering with bursitis in the shoulder joints. After taking honey and cider vinegar twice am and eve. for approx two weeks he felt relief and better mobility. After 30 days he could do windmills with both arms. He was so grateful. Thanks for the site, love the generosity and sharing.

Posted by Cathy (North Carolina)

[YEA]  I have been suffering for 2 years with bursitis and osteoarthritis in my hip. I have been on all kinds of medications for this, and it feels better as long as I don't stop my meds. I have been in so much pain that I could not hardly walk. I started taking ACV for 2 days now and my legs are not even hurting. I have so much more energy than I had before. This is so much better than medications.

Replied by Rosie
Strongsville, Ohio
What is the recipe for ACV for hip bursitis? Thank you

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda   2  0   

Posted by Suebee (Lansing, Mi) on 07/06/2013

[YEA]  I've had hip joint pain for 6 months or so now and in the last week my left hip had become much worse so that my walking and sleeping were being affected. First day I tried rest, which alleviated a lot of the pain but the next day I jarred the joint again and the pain relentlessly returned. So yesterday I took 2 Tbsp ACV + 1/2 tsp Baking Soda + 1 Tbsp Agave nectar (it's easier for me to drink this way). Took this again at night before bed IN ADDITION to 2 Tbsp CHERRY JUICE CONCENTRATE for inflammation. This morning pain is back at a 1/10, complete range of motion and ready to stretch those tight muscles. I'll still rest today and keep this "med" schedule up for a week or so. Wow.

Posted by Steve (Victoria BC, Canada) on 12/06/2007

[YEA]  Hi everyone at earthclinic! I am a 60 year male. I found your site after a search for arthritis and natural cures. I started taking the ACV and BS two months ago. It has significantly reduced the pain and swelling between my knuckles. My hips and knee pain are getting better and the food taste better as well. My energy has increased and I am not napping as much. I don't feel as cold anymore and no more shivers in bed. It has also helped my wife with her knees. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful natural cure. I almost got sold on the Swedish joint pain formula but I' found your site and I am now saving my much needed money. Now I am going to start using the H202 inhalation method and I will let you know how that turns out.You are on my 649 list and you can hold me to that.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Arnica   1  0   

Posted by Sarah (Ns, Can) on 03/02/2015

[YEA]  I suffer, as most, from occasional joint pain/inflammation. The other morning my neck was severely inflamed, limited motion. I took a cloth dampened it with warm water then some ACV and almost immediately felt improvement. There may be slight discomfort, this is temporary. I would also like to suggest arnica cream. This greatly improved jaw function after surgery and is a great source of minerals necessary to healing injuries. May God bless.

Apple Pectin   1  0   

Posted by Lad (Bel Air, MD) on 10/13/2006

[YEA]  Apple Pectin cured Asteo-Arthritis and ganglion cycsts in the small knuckles. The hot-water/ACV soak recommended on Earthclinic was the most helpful topical treatment I ever tried for my painful knuckles. But when I started taking Certo (liquid citrus pectin) I noticed more lasting improvement during the day. When I later added apple pectin pills, the pain relief neared 100%. I read where pectin revives stiff, damaged synovial tissue - which is the culprit in ganglions. Doctor's only recommended Gluc./chon./MSM, gloves, or surgery! I've tried just about EVERY arthritis supplement out there over the years, (including some fairly exotic and costly ones). But these very cheap, simple and widely available food-based home remedies did the trick for me. It's a shame they aren't more widely known.

Replied by Charles
Kuantan, Non Us/canada
Natural Remedy for Joint Pain natural-remedy-for-joint-pain

Replied by Patty
Medford, Oregon
My 80 year old neighbor told me he used pectin to cure his arthritic knuckles. But I tried putting it ON the joint and it didn't work. Now I will consume it and see if it works, as this reader suggests. Will add pectin capsules too.

Autoimmune Issues   1  0   

Posted by Lee (Australia) on 07/14/2013

[YEA]  To all those people who suffer from continuous joint and muscle pain. Have you been tested for autoimmune disease?

I suffererd for years, the doctor told me it was old age, I was 45 at the time, I thought to myself if I feel like this now what am I going to be like in 10, 15 or more years. A few years later another doctor tested me for autoimmune disease which showed my Antinuclear antibodies was high which looked towards lupis. my vit d was also low.

i now had something to work with instead of guessing and trying hundreds of dollars worth of health products which did absolutely nothing because I was not treating the right symptom.

Now I see a chinese doctor who specializes in auto immune disease and is treating me naturally.

Something to think about.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, USA
Lee: thanks for sharing your experience and do please inform us on your progress! Question, did you per chance try 7-keto DHEA in your previous nutritional protocol??? I have read that the 7-keto form of DHEA is preferred over the regular DHEA. Anyway it seems as if auto-immunity is more prevalent and disease causing than what we otherwise know.

LDN or (Low Dose Naltrexone) is gaining much acceptance in the prescription pharmaceutical category. The "low dose" factor makes it quite safe and free of bad side effects BUT packs a good punch for regulating immunity.

I am currently researching other options like Opiates and Cannabinoids.

Replied by Lee
timh, I haven't tried the 7-keto DHEA.

do you recommend this supplement for autoimmune disease? I have just started the chinese medicine treatment but will post any progress that I make.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, USA
Lee: There is a good bit of literature in favor of DHEA and particularly 7-keto DHEA for many types immune disorders. At one time I personally experienced noticeable benefits from both. In the nutritional category there are, to my knowledge, only two more nutrients with specific benefits for autoimmunity and they are Colostrum and DMG.

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