Hypothyroid Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on May 18, 2011

Hypothyroid After Birth of Second Child?

05/18/2011: Anon : Hi Ted,

Earthclinic.com has been one of my favorite web sites for years now. But I have a question. I believe my thyroid had trouble right after the birth of my second (and last) baby, 15 years ago. My whole life, I had been super thin, but after he was born, I ballooned up and looked like a pig. I tried so many diets, including the Atkins diet, but have not been able to lose the weight. Finally, I began fasting on the Master Cleanse routine, which is basically lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup for sweetener. I started out with 10-day fasts, and they were for spiritual reasons. Then one year, I did a 30-day fast, and God answered my prayers and opened my eyes to why I felt so bad: Mercury poisoning. I had eight metal fillings in my mouth. So, over the course of a few years, I got them all replaced with white fillings. At that time, even though I fought hard, I became borderline overweight. I am 5'5" and my weight reached 160 pounds. I went on a 21 day fast, and as I came out of the fast, I bought some scales, and started keeping a food journal. The journal revealed to me that I am hypothyroid, even though the doctor tells me my thyroid is fine. Here is what makes me lose weight: beef, chocolate, orange juice, popcorn, cayenne pepper, chlorella, and magnesium citrate tablets (200-400 mgs daily). Here is what will make me gain 2.5 pounds overnight: soy, broccoli (even cooked!), cabbage, and any kind of vinegar (I guess it removes iodine). And there is a list of 48 things which I have found I need to avoid, in order to avoid weight gain. Some of these things, I don't understand, and am hoping you can tell me why. Why do mushrooms (regular, American, button mushrooms) and coconut oil make me gain weight?

I have given up wheat for nearly 2 years now.

Sometimes my thyroid hurts--especially when I get really stressed or worried. Then the herb, licorice makes it feel better, so I am thinking that part of the thyroid problem is adrenal exhaustion, which is from mercury poisoning.

I googled "thyroid detox" and found some concentrated seaweed called Modifilan. I bought a month's supply, and am currently experimenting to see if it helps. I feel that it is removing a great deal of mercury, in addition to detoxing my thyroid.

Other factors I am wondering about:
1. My mother gave me a fluoride tablet from the dentist, every day, as I was growing up. I wonder why I was so thin? And is that fluoride still in me? I am 43 years old. I've been taking a boron capsule daily for the last 3 years.

2. I cooked in a nonstick pan every day for 7 years, because my husband at that time wouldn't get me another one. That pan was peeling. I know the chemicals in nonstick pans cause thyroid trouble. How do I detox from that?

3. My blood type is O- and both my children are O+, so the doctors gave me a shot both pregnancies, so that my immune system would not attack future babies. I am wondering if those shots made my immune system attack my own thyroid.

In case it helps you to figure out the cause, here are the symptoms which accompany my thyroid problem: I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, my hair was falling out by the roots after my last 2 fasts, until I started taking iron every night. I am losing my eyebrows (they started coming back--and I think it was when I started taking boron again!) I've had some kind of infection since my last child was born, that I haven't been able to get rid of. My temperature, when I used to check, was generally around 97.3, and I have to take a sweater everywhere I go, because I am always cold.

I am sorry this is so long, but maybe you can answer a few of my questions. Especially, how does having a baby cause hypothyroidism?

05/27/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your diets reveal the same thing: thyroid problems. Broccoli, soy, and cabbage blocks thyroid hormones, with different reasons for each. Thiocyanates are contained in broccoli but so do cabbages and all the cruciferous family. Soy also does that but for different reasons, but in all cases they don't reduce thyroid functions, they just block them, but so do all legumes and beans. You could have an overactive thyroid and still feel great.

The worst offender is cassava as it has the highest thiocyanates. For normal thyroid with low mercury, it won't affect the thyroid with that diet. As far as coconut oil is concerned while it is okay for most people, coconut oil has to be metabolized to make use of it but under the condition that you have, it can't make use of it.

Vinegar is great for weight loss provided that your body has plenty of sulfur (methylation). But with thyroid function low caused by a mercury, the body needs plenty of methylated sulfur (TMG - trimethylglycine) to remove sulfur. This is why it causes weight gain with vinegar for people with mercury in their system! But remember, acetylation is also important since nearly all enzymes in the liver are all acetylated, just that they are well known to chelate out mercury and excess acetylation (vinegar) combined with deficiency in TMG and sulfur product, MSM - methylsulfonylmethane, cysteine, methionine, and especially N Acetyl Cystiene is required.

Wheat obviously when you bleach it, goes through bromination, which is the same as chlorine, which competes for iodine. So eating wheat also gets rid of the body's iodine.

Beef is especially interesting issue. In an Italian study, zinc is one of the minerals required for adequate normal thyroid, not just the iodine. Those rich sources include poultry, beef, fish, and shellfish.

Your questions as to why american button mushrooms make you gain weight, again is specific for thyroid again. It contains aromatase, which inhibits conversion to estrogen but also inhibits thyroid functions.

As far as magnesium citrate is concerned, it actually help protects the brain and other organs from mercury toxicity. I remember there was a study in Brazil where they find two groups of people both with high metals, but one is not toxic and one is toxic, The difference with the not toxic group was because they had high magnesium in their bloodstream. As far as chlorella, it is excellent in getting rid of mercury.

Mercury affects different organs, not just the thyroid. It affects your adrenal glands - perhaps DHEA, and licorice will help.

The most interesting thing is popcorn, of course if you don't have corn allergies, is the high fiber, but as with all fibers it uptakes mercury and other metals, hence a weak chelator and the high fiber you loose weight.

The baby's nutrition requirement is enormous. They are magnets for minerals but at the same time deplete the mother's nutrition at the same time, so trace minerals will be the first things to go, iodine being a trace will be it, but also are selenium, molybdenum, gallium (necessary for autoimmune disease), tungsten, chromium, cesium, rubidium, lanthanum amongst them. With rubidium, cesium and lanthanum gone, one can get cancer. With tungsten and chromium gone, you can get diabetes. With gallium gone, you can get autoimmune disease, Crohns disease (but measles viruses is present), interstitial colitis, lupus and others. I think that magnet that attracts other minerals is indium.

Fluoride will affect your iodine levels but what is especially worrying is fluorides accumulates in the pineal and pituitary glands, and competes against iodine. So excess fluorides gets out iodine. This may affect your sleeping, weight gain, and hypothyroid. It is the same with cooking pans with Teflon.
The most damaging of all are the vaccinations to suppress your immune systems which means your immune system is knocked out, and with it comes the virus, which also attacks your glandular systems, not just the thyroid. So obviously your immune system is compromised, so you were lucky the baby was born normal because when your immune gets knocked out, the baby can get cerebral palsy. And then we have to restore the baby's immune system to normal to have a normal life and get that cured!

The only thing I can't explain is iron. Usually iron absorption is low and iron is not one of the supplements to stop hair loss, of course unless you also have low red blood cells than that might be a factor. Boron will help hairs from falling off but not every case.

The supplement I will try is lysine, glutamine, and threonine. Lysine to get virus and bacteria out, and glutamine will get the required energy to do that. Threonine is one the supplements to get your immune systems up. Selenium will displace the mercury. But most important is TMG, MSM, and N Acetyl Cystiene to detox mercury out the system using sulfur compounds. Iodine I used is half strength solution about 2% iodine and 2.5% potassium iodide. It is taken one drops nightly orally or if you want more gradual then it's iodine foot painting. I believe the cause is lack of sulfur compounds necessary to rid of the mercury and the lysine and glutamine, at least to restore you immune system.

It may also help if you take natural thyroid extracts.

Mushrooms inhibit aromatase which converts estrogen. It is an aromatase inhibitors to prevent estrogen conversion from other hormones. Estrogen is key hormone that promotes breast cancer while progesterone does the opposite.


08/25/2011: Sarah from Dallas, Tx replies: Dear Ted, Thank you so much for helping me to understand! I am going to take all of these things. Already, I have been taking N-Acetyl-Cysteine in combination with magnesium citrate, and it does help me sleep and feel less depressed the next day. I have been taking SAMe for years, because it has been the only thing that has helped me to get daily things done with normal energy. But lately, it hasn't been as effective--I am feeling bad most of the time. I am very hopeful to find these new things I can try.

Also, because of your advice, I would not get the vaccination if I ever get pregnant again. The midwife for my second child got me to start reading and thinking, and my second child has never had a vaccination. My first son has had his vaccinations up to the age of 18 months, and that last time, he had a high fever and screamed and cried all night. He now has ADD and scoliosis. What's interesting, is that first son got the mumps, even though he was vaccinated against them, and second son did not get the mumps, even though he was exposed, but never vaccinated. This makes me think that vaccinations really don't work!

09/28/2011: Mizmiriam from Asheville, Nc replies: Dr. Ted, I have been researching thyroiditis for a couple of years and you are my favorite doctor thus far. I have a question: I have antibodies concluding Hashimoto's and TSH and T3/T4 levels concluding Hypothyroidism. However, for the last three years I have been extremely Hyperthyroid, unable to gain weight, my heart racing in the middle of the night etc. So, I am afriad to follow protocols for thyroid stimulation as they seem to make me worse. I am a B blood type, a healthy organic alkaline diet, and would love to sleep for a solid 8 hours.

Any help here would be great. Also, I am documenting stories of people who have recovered from Hypo/hyperthyroidism. I am documenting those who have tested negative for antibodies for at least two years. These stories are being written for publication. Do you have any patients who might be willing to interview? If so, please have them contact me, or you can contact me, via my personal email: mizmiriam(at)gmail.com Thank you so much for your persistent research and for sharing the wealth. Cheers - Miriam

10/04/2011: Jen from Bozeman, Mt, Us replies: I know this question is meant for Ted but I thought I might chime in with some helpful info I have researched and used for myself. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease a few years ago but all of my life I know I have gone up and down, back and forth between Hypo and hyper. When I was actually diagnosed with Graves I was convinced that I was Hypo. I had very few Hyper symptoms and lots of Hypo. Yet my test results (mostly useless tests but... )total T3, total T4 and TSH were all pointing to Hyper. I still was not completely convinced. I had been gaining weight at a steady rate for about 1. 5 years no matter how hard I exercised. Logically this made no sense. If my metabolism is going so fast then how on earth am I not loosing weight instead of gaining. I had put on about 45 pounds for no reason. I had brittle hair and nails, moodiness, no rapid heart but heart palps, headache's, shaky hands, exhaustion. And on and on. I would swing back and forth between constipation and loose bm's. About 6 to 9 months before the weight gain I had lost weight very rapidly for no apparent reason. I lost about 25 pounds in 2 months and could not stop it from happening no matter how much I ate. At that point I wish I had been tested to see what my results were then but I just thought it was stress since it was Christmas time.

Anyhow, when I was diagnosed with graves I was put on methimazole 10 mg. I immediately did not like the rx but kept up for about 6 months in the hopes that I would feel better soon. I quite because I was tired of seeing no results labs wise or health wise and my hair was falling out in clumps. I was way moodier and generally just felt worse. I went to 2 different Naturopaths and found some relief when I started getting treated for adrenal problems and immune system problems instead of thyroid problems. I started actually seeing some of the weight I had gained come off. I stopped getting headaches, no more shaky hands, constipation or diarea, my moodiness was very minimal. I got retested and my labs were perfect. I was exstatic. All of my labs since have been pretty close to perfect give or take a few here and there. If one lab says that my TSH is a little high I know what to do now. I don't have to be put on synthetic hormones. And when I feel myself getting anxious and find it hard to sleep again etc.... I know what helps there too.

For the hypo stages I take: zinc 100 mg, selenium 400 to 600 mg, iodine 12. 5 mg, manganese 5 mg (3 x week), D3 2000 iu, Vit C 1000 to 2000 mg, magnesium 300 mg, tyrosine x 3, chromium 400 mg, Iron 36 mg, desicated thyroid.

For the hyper stages I take: selenium 400 mg, magnesium 1000 mg, copper 3 mg, iodine 6 to 12. 5 mg, lithium oratate 60 mg, manganese 5 mg (every other day), iron 18 mg, desicated thymus gland (to help immune system), vit C 1000 mg, DHEA 10 to 25 mg, melatonin 3 to 6 mg.

For my adrenals I take Relora, milk thistle, theanine, siberian ginsing, valarian, licorice root.

Others that I regularly take are calcium, ACV, VCO, H2O2, probiotics, B-complex.

I am currently coming from a hypo stage (TSH 5.0/ T3 and T4 low normal) but can feel my energy coming back up. I haven't fallen asleep sitting at my desk for a while now:) I hope someday I won't have to take so many different things just to feel normal but I will take this any day over the way I was feeling. I feel I have better control over my health now. I am still struggling to loose the weight I gained but I know with the way I eat and exercise I am healthy I just don't show it yet.

Need Natural Cure for Hypothyriodism

05/07/2011: Richardj from Pretoria, South Africa: This question is for Ted if he has a moment. I'm a 37 year old male and have the following symptoms:

1) Cold hands and feet, especially at nights

2) Irritability

3) High insulin levels - prediabetic

4) Very low sex drive

5) Severe bloating and indigestion beginning a few minutes after a meal and lasting for several hours

6) Reduced appetite. cant get hungry until late morning

7) Severe sneezing allergies to pollen, especially early in the mornings.

8) not satisfying sleep - always feel I could sleep more but cant. Mind racing as soon as my eyes open

9) Constant shaking legs

I have been reading a lot of posts on earthclinic and decided to try some things. I started taking:

1) Ashwaganda for my adrenals

2) ACV for the acidity

3) Magnesium 600mgs a day

4) selenium 200micrograms per day

5) zinc picolinate 50mg per day

2) Iodine: 1 drop of lugols once a day. I tried 2 drops in one day and felt like my head was going to explode. I have noticed an immediate difference to my sleep at night (i can get more than usual) and slight decrease in allergies. I do feel more nauseas than usual. My hands and feet are definately warmer than usual and I love this. my sex drive has really picked up and so has the strength of my erections so I'm very excited that the iodine has impacted this aspect of my life after spending much money on many other herbs.

One very worrying side effect of taking the lugols is that my symptoms of high insulin have returned with a vengeance. I have severe thirst and have to urinate very frequently (every hour or 2)

My question is should I continue taking lugols? I tried kelp and wakame seaweed and that seems to have helped with reducing the high insulin but will it be just as effective as lugols?

Anythign else you can recommend to cure

I did the iodine patch test and the yellow had vanished in about 5 hours.

Your advice is very much appreciated and thank you for helping so many people with so many of their problems on here. this website empowers the human being to take control of his/her health instead of handing it over to someone who professes to know everything based on a qualification when he could very well be very wrong about his diagnosis.


05/08/2011: Diamond from Salisbury, Ma.usa replies: Richard; I too have the same problems, and yes I would say go with the kelp/seaweed I do, just see how things work out for you. I'm quite sure it cannot be any worse than what doctors had me on. It's great that you shared your information because it was very hard for me to find thyroid suppliment in natural vitamins & after many searches I did find what I needed to know, I'm quite sure this info. Will be a great help for others as well. I found the cold hands and feet were from poor circulation(bad blood flow) and the kelp/seaweed will help with this problem. Also eat loads of and as many greens as possible its great for the blood circulation. I also found that millions of people with low thyroid gain larger amounts of weight, and as for myself I have hyperthyroid where I was jumpy, too active and never could put on a pound of weight until my thyroid was treated. I learned about a great juice drink, its great for cleaning the system, I use apple cider fresh ground garlic, use the liquid only(I strain my garlic 1st) use a small amount of real lemon juice only once, and its a great cooling cleansing drink. I drink the cider and garlic all day with out the lemon// lemon is one of the best cleansers but tends to lower your blood if used too often.

Thank you for sharing, good luck.

05/08/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are two things you can do. The lugol's should be half strength or one fourth strength and do one drop of that. Another way is to take wakame and kelp. The prediabetic is best treated with N acetyl cysteine, but it cannot be the effervescent kind, as they contain aspartame. It must be in capsule form. N acetyl cysteine is taken about 1000 mg x 5 for at least three weeks to get the some results.

If you happen to be taking iodine take the vitamin C 1000 mg it reduces some of the side effects because iodine is oxidizing. Vitamin C is anti oxidants so it will neutralizing the effects.

For sleep just take 500 mg of niacinamide is usually works in most cases but the alkalizing sodium bicarbonate with some potassium will help sleep too. A simpler one is to try sodium bicarbonate 1/2 teaspoon before sleep being the simplest sleep formula and will help in some cases.


P.S. Zinc picolinate may make you jittery. Take zinc gluconate or zinc acetate.

05/10/2011: Richardj from Pretoria, South Africa replies: Dear Ted,

Many thanks for your reply. I just want to confirm regarding the dosage of N acetyl cysteine. Did you say 5 x 1000mg? Thats 5 grams a day. Is that correct? I have looked on the internet and cant find anythign that says that it reduces the symptoms of high insulin levels. I actually found some negative press saying that it can damage the heart and lung muscles. I would love to find a cure for this condition as it makes me urinate up to 20 times per day and drink over 4 litres of water per day. Anything else I could take along with this? I read that vanadium, chromium, lipoic acid and panax ginseng are also good for this but I dont want to overdose on so many minerals. What do you think would be the most effective for this condition? PS: my sugar levels are in the normal range, its just the insulin levels that are very high. I also have numbness in my feet after excercising that lasts for about 3 minutes after I get off the stepper.

what can I do to help with the sex drive? I've tried borax (1/4 teaspoon to a litre of water) and ACV but I had absolutely no effect

many thanks for your help and advice.


05/13/2011: Richardj from Pretoria, South Africa replies: Dear Ted,

Thank you very much for your reply on Earthclinic. I wrote a follow up email asking for some clarification regarding your recommendations and I can see you must be having your hands full replying to all the emails. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your response to the question I posted. You can respond directly here if you like or on earth clinic.

05/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The N Acetyl Cysteine is correct but they were intended for people to cure diabetes within a week or two. So it's not taken long for any length of time. However I do treat diabetes with this dose for a month or more and see no lung and heart problems. The N Acetyl Cysteine produces glutathione which helps break out mucus too. Most long term care patients need N acetyl cysteine of 2-5 grams a day just to control their breathing not to have mucus block off their breathing passages during their sleep. The other supplements that's might be needed is glycine and glutamine which helps further their synthesis of immune system. Also at this amounts it kills H1N1 effectively within on the average of 2 days maximum. One little known feature of N acetyl cysteine is it regenerates the pancreas beta cells with allows to produce insulin to control sugar.

As for your conditions the only known cure I know of reduces urine to normal levels is humic acid I used. I have cured a couple of people within a week. One Thai secretary had to pee every half an hour literally. I identify the cause as aspartame poisoning even if she did stop taking them over a year. The cure is humic acid powder 1/8 teaspoon until the conditions goes away.

As for your insulin being very high it could be a couple of things. I think the obvious is insulin insensitivity. But I have to look in further for this and you have to contact on that one because the causes are many. But I suggest you do at least the humic acid first.



03/21/2010: Rhonda from Lakewood, Ca: Dear Ted,

I trust in your remedies more than I trust my own doctors as they as they seem to be so confused when it comes to my thyroid condition. Between the two thyroid doctors I am seeing, one put me on T3 40 mcg and the other took me off and put me on Armour 1G (60 mg)for my hypothyroidism. Aft being switched to A, I started taking coconut oil on my own and ended up in the ER w heart palps, so dr switched me back to T3. Now, I have no appetite and am losing more weight even though blood tests say I am hypo. Today, I plan on not taking it to see if my appetite comes back. I also started taking sea kelp even though my dr was against it, saying that it might cause goiter (520 mg 4x/day every 3 days as recommended by u) & started oil pulling again this am as it seems I still have candida since I have tongue coating. By the way, the olive oil I use never turns white but does become bubbly & watery. At any rate, my doctor has told me that I have some suspicious looking nodules on thyroid & may want a biopsy. I tried the meridian machine, which indicated prob areas to be thyroid & breast (numbers are in the low 40s). So, I am concerned w both thyroid & breast cancers as possibilities. What further advice can u give as I am terrified of this disease & even more frightened of my doctors?

03/31/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Rhonda,

A hypothyroid may be a condition of an unrecognized zinc deficiency and magnesium deficiency. Copper is tricky and is taken after the electrolytes gets balanced especially the magnesium. Calcium will worsen the condition. The magnesium I prefer are of two kinds, the magnesium chloride, since I used this regulary and the trimagnesium citrate, as it is most soluble in water. The magnesium is taken at 100 mg dissolved in water three times a day. The loss of appetite is easily dealt with just taking some b complex to restore the appetite. Once the appetite and energy is restored, whichever comes first, B complex is taken only once or twice a week. Once a perso feels better after a week or two of supplementation, then some zinc supplements is taken but only twice a week. You simply can't zinc first when a person have hypothyroidism or it causes loss of appetite. This is why B complex is taken first to restore them. The zinc supplements I prefer is zinc gluconate or zinc acetate, at 25 mg to 50 mg but is taken only once or twice a week. Once a person feels better to a certain level and if zinc is taken too much either vomiting or loss of appetite, then the zinc is discontinued and maybe taken only once a month or twice a month at similar dose. The thyroid supplements I prefer is a more natural Amour thyroid, but not at a regular dose, a person may take it but not too much to cause a thyroid shutdown, but enough so that the energy level is sufficient. It should be noted that much of the thyroid problems, from my own experience is the fungus that infects the body, primarily causing a shutdown in thyroid function. Taking a thyroid supplements is a temporary measure but a necessary one, and is gradually pared down once the deficiencies is dealt with until the thyroid is restored to normal. Copper may be taken together, preferably with zinc, preferably copper chelate amino acid, but only after a week or two after the body acquires sufficient levels of zinc. Fungus is relatively difficult to get rid in the body which leads to autoimmunity, and the fungal toxins from mycoplasma other sorts such as black molds produces aflatoxin, which are cancer causing. The simplest of all remedy to reduce such fungus in the blood, as in candida, yeast, is the hydrogen peroxide. A mild dose is between 1/2 capful to 1 capful of H2O2 3% per liter of drinking water. All drinking water will have this. If the condition of the person feels better, a tannic acid maybe added to the drinking water. The best dose after some weeks of struggle as well as being unable to answer earthclinic in trying to cure liver cancer and breast cancer (which required about 3 days to reduce the symptons) is 1/8 teaspoon of tannic acid per 250 cc of water, plus 1/8 teaspoon of fulvic acid powder (if you can't get it, then it is not critical, to that 250 cc of water, DMSO is added at 20 drops. It is drank at two times a day, once in the morning and once afternoon, preferably 30 minutes or 1 hour before meals. This is the minimum dose, without the side effects, which is usually a constipation if taken at much larger dose. The DMSO acts as a carrier to go deep into tissues, the required tannic acid and fulvic acid necessary to deactivate the fungus, causing them to be denatured, at very low doses, it will effect only the tiny microorganisms as the virus, prions, bacteria, and mycoplasma, but has nearly no effect on large healthy cells. DMSO causes invading microorganisms which is anaerobic and forces them to become aerobic, as DMSO is a delivery for both oxygen and nutrients, thus killing them. In any case it is wise to check for thyroid function, but is is just as important to check other figures, as well, such as liver function through blood tests. Candida maybe causing the hypothyroid as they are fermentative, anaerobic and their favorite food as they don't use oxygen is the sugar, especially the glucose and fructose, two very simple sugar that fuels fungus, bacteria and viral growth. Fried food, oily foods from salad dressing and simple sugar from fruit juices are the major culprits, but also white bread (from yeast fermentation), as well as other acid forming food as in eating too much overcooked meats. Getting a hair mineral analysis may reveal other minerals overlooked that is found amongst hypothyroid, such as iodine, manganese, and chromium. The only form of iodine that has the least side effects to help with hypothyroid is the potassium iodide, perhaps once or twice a week at 1/16 of a teaspoon, about the tip of the knife dose. Kelp sometimes work and sometimes not. The reason for its varying performance may have to do with the fact that they are also high in bromine, but this also prevents excess iodine when bromine and iodine is present. The only way to know for sure whether kelp works or not is simple. Do not take a lot of kelp when starting on a kelp. Take the smallest possible dose, allow some rest period notice for improvement in condition, once it plateaus, take another dose. So a simple plan may be 100 mg of Kelp, two or three days no kelp then start another one on third or fourth day. It's still important to alkalize, as alaklaize reduces fungus in general as in candida. The simplest possible dose is just baking soda, taken after meals 30 minutes at 1/4 teaspoon per fcup of water after each meal, which means three times a day. Eating apples which contains malic acid or baking soda with apple cider vinegar, or taking malic acid 500 to 1000 mg, and added with baking soda so it won't upset the stomach from excess acidity may also relieve some brain fog associated with both candida and hypothyroid. It should be noted that some people with fungus infection has high urinary tartaric acid, which blocks normal citric acid cycle in mitochrondria, by blocking malic acid production. So when we take this it bypasses this and energy level is restored. Killing off the fungus by alkalization, but avoiding sugar and oily foods is the basic to getting out of the woods. This is just a primer on getting out of hypothyroid. Vitamin C maybe helpful also, but always start with low dose of 500 mg per day and if it is good, then the dose can be increased slowly until the body adapt itself.

05/05/2010: Debra from Brisbane, Australia replies: what if you have hypothyroidism but your hair analysis says your tissues have magnesium toxicity. Should you avoid the mg? Or is the hair analysis off?

Elevated Tsh and Antibodies

10/29/2008: D : Hi Ted. How are you? I hope very well! It is a longtime I haven't written to you. But I have thought (and talked) a lot about you and earthclinic. I am back in the USA. I had been in Europe to visit my family the whole summer. I have been very sick there. I was so busy in the last months that I thought I was dying! I finished my Ph.D. in May while taking care of my two children all by myself. It was insane. The day after I deposited my dissertation (probably my adrenaline stopped sustaining me) I just collapsed. It was May15th. After that I felt horrible. The blood tests showed that my Thyroid was producing almost no hormone at all. The doctors insisted strongly, almost ordered me that I took the hormone substitute. I refused and I was left to my resources. I didn't even had the energy to write you. Thank to the always merciful God that never puts on our shoulders too much weight my brother arrived to help me take care of the children. I started taking tons of supplements, and since my stomach had an hard time digesting all the pills I started opening the capsules and mixing it with water. It turned out it was a bad idea. I guess I messed up my stomach so bad that for months I would get often into gastric crisis: if I ate someting just a little heavy I would get very bad heart problems (my heart skipping beats and being totally messy) and I would feel like fainting. I had to stop taking all the supplements. Often I couldn't eat at all for 1 or 2 days. Once I had to stop eating for almost 4 days while keeping breastfeeding all the time. It was a nightmare. Then I got several heat strokes. The first one during my graduation (I was several hours undert he sun with a heavy gown and cap) after that the heat stroke were recurrent and frequent with tremendous headache and vomiting etc. Then I felt depressed and always fatigued. But still I refused totake the synthetic hormone. Now I am better, I started feeling better again in August, with some set backs once in a while. My tests look better, but a month ago I still had an elevated TSH and a lot of antibodies for the thyroid. As soon as I got in the states though I felt worse, and my thyroid started looking swollen again. I have the fluoride filter in the faucet but maybe it is not working enough and I will drink the borax. Do you think if the definition "cosmetic grade borax" means that is pure enough for internal use? Another question, I have read that there is aparticularly ugly flu this season, called the"australian", with 3 brand new viruses. I felt like crying when I read that. Here flus are monstruous. And I can't take anymore of being constantly sick. It is horrible the idea of being sickall by myself with two sick children to cure. I bought the BHT as you suggested should I take it when the flu strikes, at the first symptoms or later? Thank you so much Ted for being there for us!

10/25/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I had an entire family fell victim to hypothyroidism, the cause is quite simple: the shower produces chlorine and fluorine which displaces iodine completely. People get headaches and high blood pressure after they shower. Most pastas, bread, white flour are processed with bromine, which displaces iodine. The remedy was relatively simple, 10 kelp supplement x 250 mg, taken once every three days, and tyrosine amino acid supplements.

The heat stroke is a deficiency of vitamin C, magnesium, sea salt and water. In nursing mothers, most deficiency is going to be the iodine, magnesium, vitamin C and b complex. Sometimes trace mineral come to play sea salt will eventually help most of that 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per 1 liter of drinking water. Most borax in my opinion are ok such as those mentioned since only a small amount is used and its temporarily anyway. I however prefer B.P., or USP or food grade borax.

New York environment is not really healthy with all the chlorine, fluorine and bromine. 90% of medication is actually acid forming and they are generally halogens of non-iodine too that reduces the body's iodine again.

A hormone replacement causes the body's own glandular function to become atrophy. Sometimes a hormone only a small amounts help the body reboot in producing its own hormone. However, if they are used as replacement, the body reduces its ability to produce hormone and is at the mercy of conventional medicine. How that works is simple, when excess amount of synthetic hormones or injected hormone is introduced into the body the brain sense a sudden spikes and orders a shut down that can last for weeks even after the hormone replacement is not used. I had one case of a person injecting some sort of adrenal hormone which caused a complete shut down. Generally speaking a thyroids stops to function because of all the chlorinated showers we have. In Thailand, I have a tank of water, so the chlorine evaporates, besides I can add a dechlorinator and shower by just pouring a water from the tank directly. That's at least how the third world country uses it so it is least effected by excessive chlorine toxicity. In one cases a woman became obese, but a man became very thing, but both had a love for swimming where the pools are heavily chlorinated. In both conditions they had hypothyroidism from the chlorinated water.


10/29/2008: D replies, "I have a question. Do you know a web site where I can get food grade disodium EDTA or tetrasodium EDTA? I have an hard time finding them."

11/21/2008: D replies, "Two links:



In the second link there is mostly calcium disodium EDTA and I don't know if it is right. The magnesium EDTA doesn't look food grade. I asked one seller of Disodium EDTA (no calcium no magnesium but just disodium) and he told me that the one he sells is "technical grade" maybe it is all right anyway. Ted should know. Thank you so much! This substance is precious I wish it were easier to find."

11/22/2008: Ted replies, "Yes. Either disodium EDTA or magnesium EDTA would be fine.

Disodium EDTA is available at technical grade, reagent grade, analytical grade, laboratory grade, USP grade, Personally most of the issue of contamination is due to heavy metals, which is why different grades are used. However since EDTA chelates out metals, the description of different grades is not a major issue anyway. So in practice I don't really worry about the grade. I often buy food grade, but it is not available I may buy other grades. Right now I am presently investigating the use of 0.1% concentration methylene blue (often sold in aquarium shops for fishes) for CFS and hypothyroidism. Fungus seems to be the initiating factor and this is an antifungal remedy. It's safety can be seen by the fact that this methylene blue 0.1% concentration taken at 3 drops 3 or 4 times a day have normalized one person with CFS and hypothyroidism, from past exposure of fungus as the cause. To test its safetiness, the remedy is used against malaria and Parkinson's disease. In fact it is one of the very few supplements out there, besides carnosine, that exceeds the Hayflick limit, which is like a sound barrier that no one can live beyond this age. It's an antiaging medicine, and this fact is reflected in the patent here - although I used this for tuberculosis, skin infections, and to reduce chronic fatigue and weight loss (along with taurine):


Hives and Hypothyroidism

12/23/2007: N from India: I am suffering from hives (also called urticaria) from the past 1.5 years and have read somewhere recently that Acv+ bi-carb soda+ water drink (thrice a day), iodine painting of heels (3 days continuously) and oil pulling (daily) aid in the cure of hives. I am on thyroxin supplements from the past 5 months as I also suffer from hypothyroidism. I take thyroxin tablets on empty stomach once in the morning everyday. Doctors say my hives could be the result of my underactive thyroid. Can you tell me which is the best way to combine the treatments for hives and hypothyroidism so as not to negate the effects of each other? I read that ACV actually dilutes the affects of thyroid supplements. Am new to Acv and have been following the below routine: 1 Thyroxin tablets on empty stomach upon rising 2 20 min later 2 tbsp Acv+ 1/4 tsp bi-carb soda+ 1 glass of water mix twice a day (morning 20 min after I take the thyroxin tablet and evening at around 6 pm) for 3 days of a week continuously. The next 4 days I give a break. 3 30 min hence, breakfast. 4 Evening at around 6 pm (that is when I am back from office) do oil pulling (I am unable not pull oil early in the morn, neither can I swish for more than 6 min!) and follow it up with the acv drink. I have finished 2 courses of the acv drink - First course on 9th, 10th and 11th of Dec07 Second course on 15th, 16th and 17th of Dec07 I have finished 1 course of the iodine painting - I painted betadine (povidide iodine) on my heels for 3 days now starting from 14th of Dec07. Is my routine right (except the oil pulling par of course!). Appreciate your help.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It should be noted that iodine painting is the one that caused hives. The iodine chemically prevents bacteria, or other microbes from forming colonies, and are released into the bloodstream releasing more toxins. Hence, using three times a day in a row is excessive for some, and in many people seemed to caused acne, as the microbes are once no longer attaches itself to the tissues are released in the bloodstream, which ends up on the skin pores causing either acne or hives.

Therefore, if hives is peculiarly heavy, I would forego the use of iodine and use seaweed or kelp supplements instead, but instead of using three days continuously, which is not good, should either be done iodine painting with a 3 day break, which means for example one on Monday and another on Thursday. If iodine painting is too strong, then, once a week iodine painting or kelp supplements taken one on Monday and another on Thursday. The body needs a break so that it can remove the microbes out of the bloodstream.

To aid in faster removal, I believe 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 3-6 drops of 3% H2O2 taken in the morning. The peroxide should help, AFTER the iodine painting was done say, 6 hours ago.

As to the hives, did you measure the urinary sugar? Usually its the sugar that caused the glandular functions from not working properly or prevent a regeneration of the glands, whenever the blood sugar is high than usual. I don't measure the blood sugar directly because it is invasive and blood infection is possible, so I used a brix refractometer to know, which the readings for a normal person is 2x, while a person with hives nearly always are above 3x with averages above 5x. In general, nearly everyone, usually in their 30s have higher than average blood sugar anyway. As a result the sugar reacts with the protein to from cross-linking, hence the protein gets glycated and becomes almost useless, more like denatured. Therefore to prevent the sugar from reacting with protein, hives won't occur as the body's immune system is stepped up since the glands proteins won't react with the high blood sugar present. I therefore used 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter drinking water to resolve the hives, skin allergies, and fungus related problem of the skin, which leads to extreme itchiness, usually of the foot since the blood circulation in the extremities are low.

If the hives tend to occur more frequently (due to) blood sugar (being a bit higher than normal), then a borax remedy seemed to help me, especially if taken for a couple of days (such as 3 days out of a week).

However, if hives were caused by certain supplements, I expect the cause are usually from the using continuous (3 days is too much!) in the use of iodine. Therefore in case of hives, I would at least consider temporarily discontinuing iodine, or perhaps, not use the iodine for three days in a a row, but only twice a week that is spaced about 3 days apart, such as Monday and Thursday, or use Kelp or seaweed supplements instead, but still using the same 3 day apart rule.

Applying vinegar to the area where a hives occur may in fact stop the hives too, but I prefer to use a simpler cheaper vinegar (apple cider vinegar where I lived is expensive).

Hypothyroidism exists when the body's glands cannot function or the cells cannot regenerate itself. There are a couple of factors that seemed also to bring other glandular imbalances, not just the thyroid. If the blood sugar are higher than average, not necessarily diabetic (that is an extreme circumstances), but more like hyperglycemia, most of the source of the problem came from high heavy metals, high fructose diet (too much corn syrup or fruit juices) and high fat diets, which prevents the glands from regenerating.

Over the past couple of weeks, I was trying to find ways to regenerate the glandular function. Iodine was one of it, but the body (especially if high blood sugar) and high toxemia (high microbial count in the blood stream), then glandular functions can be impaired. One commonly ignored facts, especially by me is the unusually high levels of pseudoestrogens found in nearly all canned foods, packaged foods, and certain plastic containers, are known to be high in bisphenol-A, which degrades to estrogen, and causes hormonal imbalances which reduces the thyroid and thymus, lowering the glandular function of the other ones, leading to hypothyroidism.

Some regeneration were shown from the use of ephedra (chinese called it ma huang), were shown to regenerate the glandular function. But a more safer one is just the B complex (B50 or B100) taken three times a week, plus in addition 200 mg of B1 and B3. These should help support glandular regeneration. It should be noted in major research they used far larger dose than I mentioned here up to 3000 mg, per day for a full year. I prefer a milder approach, albeit slow method.

I believe lowering blood sugar from B complex may also help to allow thyroid to work, but lower fat and fruit diets maybe needed too. Certain supplements along the way were seen helpful too, such as sodium vanadate, or vanadyl sulfate, where in rat studies, to normalize the sugar they use between 10-55 mg/kg. In my case, I thin the dose is too high, but I used sodium vanadate (technically they called it sodium metavanadate), about 100-200 mg/day for only a couple of day (3 days). Plus some borax remedy to prevent sugar from reacting with proteins, I have noticed on many occasions that general hormonal levels increased as borax were seen as protective against sugar's negative reaction to the body's glandular functions. Twice a week or once a week unsweetened cocoa chocolate bars used in cooking about a small square, which is about 1/2 tablespoon or 1 teaspoon are high in flavonoids seemed to also helped reduce the blood sugar and promote greater hormonal activity too. The key in my opinion (after a lot of trial and error) seems to be moderation and doing too much may backfire, but doing too little may defeat its purpose. It is this problem that I have in trying to find the best dose to make the remedy more effective, and it should be noted that human greed, taking too much of anything is the real problem, not too little.

In summary, reduce blood sugar through vanadium (others are acceptable too such as chromium, and manganese). If manganese deficiency, irritation, hair loss dandruff, are some of the signs I noticed that might indicate 50 mg of manganese sulfate (taken only a week, then stop) should generally be sufficient, or if you noticed slow improvements. Borax seems to help prevent sugar from reacting negatively with glandular functions, and reduced fats and fructose seems to caused it too. Also high heavy metals, especially from drinking wells in Bangladesh is high in arsenic, may also lead to dome thyroid problems too. Certain countries eat high cassava diet, which is high in thiocyanate, resulting in hypothyroidism too. On the other hand eating highly bleached food using (which is high in bromine) from white flour and white bread, will cause the body to rid of iodine too much also.

Need Natural Cure for Hypothyriodism

10/19/2006: Bazzy from Bristol, UK: hypothyriodism - have u got a natural cure for this condition? cheers bazzy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Bazzy: I am trying to find the cause hypothyroidism or its opposite hyperthyroidism, whenever I come to this topic, it has always been people with heavy metals in their system being too high which is causing the problems, especially, cadmium, copper and other free radical heavy metals. And for some reason or another mycoplasma, fungus, nanobacteria have a habit of fluorishing them at the same time suppressing both immune and thyroid functions.

Along with the added fluoride and chlorine in the drinking water, since they are both halogens they also compete against the iodine your thyroid needs.

It is therefore important to neutralized both the chlorine and the fluoride found in your drinking water. The last time I heard, the entire UK water is now fluoridated, and possibly chlorinated. So this might be causing the iodine deficiency that bought on the hypothroid condition. While increased iodine might help the amount of chlorine and fluoride ingested daily is not going to help.

Therefore you need to reduce the chlorine by getting dechlorinator and remove them from your drinking water. A couple of drops (10 drops) of 10% sodium thiosulfate per lite should help and 1/16- 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter should prevent the fluoride from further accumulating in your body.

The other issue is the increasing amounts of heavy metals you need to reduce. The simplest way is to do two things. One is to eat chinese parsley along with food or on empty stomach so it will remove the heavy metals from your body. The second way is to do oil chelation, since most vegetable oils are well know in soaking up heavy metals anyway, it might as well be used as a mouthwash to remove the heavy metals. The method is simple, just take one tablespoon of sunflower oil or olive oil and swish around in your mouth long enough for it to become white and spit it out. Most heavy metals will get dissolve in that and the saliva recirculated should be at least reduce of heavy metals by at least 1/20 of the amount each time you do it. It is often done once in the morning and once before bedtime. Taking plenty of cod liver oil and fish oils, such as 500 mg a day will reduce the heavy metals also.

It also important to take some lecithin when you eat food, so the fat emulsifier ability will allow the heavy metals to be water soluble and the body can rid of itself via the feces.

What else can the body remove of toxic substance intefering with glandular functions? Most people have high chemical toxicity which tends to accumulate in the liver and since it is oil soluble the body have no way of getting rid of it. One way is to take hydrogen peroxide 3% about 5-6 drops per glass of drinking water. My skin cleared up within a matter of weeks following this regimen and improved my liver function by removal of chemical that has been in my body for so long. The other possibility is to do some breathing ozone maybe once a week to detoxify them too.

Once the body is removed of most of the toxic substance the best ways to raise the iodine level is to take kelp and seaweed regularly. Drinking water with added 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water will help since a small amount of sea salt does contain minerals. As for me I only used a local sea salt. The quality of sea salt is easy to see, it is aways wet looking and it is wet, and the color is never white, always gray or very light brown.

Taking borax, interestingly enough will help the body balance the magnesium and calcium ratio, but it is still necessary for you to take some magnesium supplements. In a very few case, sometimes taking chlorophyll supplements help thyroid condition which I suspect might have some metals chelating properties also.

Because of the nanobac and mycoplasma that seems to fluorish in presence of heavy metals, killing them directly through taking some zinc acetate I found have always helped. In once case a person is having the chills, but without the fever. This is unusual, normally the body's temperature should rise, but it didn't and this strange disease is common in Europe but not recognized as of yet by many people.

In this instance I found it helpful to take 50 mg of zinc acetate, plus 250 mg of Mangesium chloride or magnesium citrate and some fulvic acid. If you can't find fulvic acid as suitable sea salt added, maybe 1/2 teaspoon should stop the strange Chill disease that is getting contagious lately. I have as yet to know what that bug is, what I do know is this bug blocks the body's metabolism from heating up necessary to kill them as well as blocking the immune functions necessary to kill them too. I call this an intelligent superbugs. I think the bugs are learning or is it bioengineered?

P.S. One more thing, it is important for you to take some vitamin B complex, of 100 mg. for most of them, but most importantly to take larger than usual dose for vitamin B5, such as 250 mg. For some reason or another the B5 also helps stabilize the body's hormonal system especially that of the adrenal gland naturally, instead of hormone supplements. It has helped my many times whenever I am low on energy. However, the benefits of taking B5, the form which I take is panthenol, rather than calcium panthenol, seems to take effect the very next day, so you need to observe your energy level the very next day.

10/31/2010: Focused On A Cure from Staten Island, New York replies: I read somewhere that Kelp helps with hypothyroidism. After my mother passed away I went into depression and from that point on I thought I was dying. I couldn't get off the couch, my muscles ache to the point I thought I had cancer of the skin and my shins felt like they were deteriorating daily. My joints were in agonizing pain and I always felt like my brain was in a compass of water with no light at the end of the tunnel. I was constantly irritated and I was sweating as if someone was ringing me out from my feet up and if that wasn't enough I felt like someone pushed the microwave button on high inside my body while the outside was clammy and sweaty. Finally after all the tests for my thyroid and they all came back normal I thought to myself this thing is playing games. So I had to wait till I was at my dire worst to pick myself up and drive myself to the hospital where they were able to draw blood. I do not suggest anyone driving anywhere if they feel the way I did, which was totally foolish. Sure enough my Doctor came back the next day with an answer and a much needed prescription rushed to my pharmacist that my thyroid was in fact shutting down. I still do not feel well and I've gained a tremendous amount of weight, I do not wish this problem on my worst enemy. I am sure there are other illnesses that top this one but this illness has a chain of effects towards other vital organs. I also thought it was an ongoing problem with menopause so you can understand I didn't know whether to cry or wind my watch.

Questions were, how much vitamin B to take.. Do I take magnesium, Calcium, and Iodine since this is suppose to help the thyroid, and if our bodies caused the thyroid to shut down.. There HAS got to be a reverse button. The pancreas thing totally upsets me along with bad liver functions.. And to top it all off I have a totally bum stomach and high acid levels. Right now the only alternative is to go back to the gym and try to heal my body naturally along with eating less but proper because lately it has now cause my hypoglycemia to kick in full blast... So my body is on turbo without me doing a thing and you would think I would be a size 4... NOT... I struggle with this daily and I do not like the side effects this has on me and my body.. And the depression it causes.. As if women don't have enough troubles between menstruating, child bearing, menopause and God knows what else. So I'm thinking weight loss is where I should begin but if you have any other suggestions... By golly feel free to let me know because the signs I'm seeing now are "Dead End" Thanks

04/20/2011: Pauli from Fresno, Ca replies: Focused on a Cure, it sounds like you were hit with the loss of your mother (and the necessary grieving of that) and greater than usual menopausal hormonal disturbances at the same time. I know all of that is really scary. Ted gives such great information on the hypothyroid issue and using some of his advice has helped me a lot, but I will just comment on the menopause part.

My menopausal hormone changes caused many unusual and scary problems that doctors did not see as related--quick-descending deep depressions and food binges (mercifully these were brief), states of mental confusion that were so upsetting they caused depression, other body systems going haywire, like debilitating whole-body pain, inflammation, weakness and fatigue (I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Lupus in the past although I don't really have much in the way of symptoms of Lupus). Anyway, all of these problems were alleviated by taking some supplements for menopause; first I took Dong Quai, later I found an over-the-counter product called Estroven tablets and used it for many years, now I use some creams from a company called Life-Flo (one cream for Estrogen and another combination one, Progesta-Care Complete which contains Progesterone/ Pregnenolone/ 7 keto DHEA). The Estroven (tablets) was a wonderful soy-based product with added B-6, Vitamin E, and other good things to help with sleep, etc. , but they changed the formula and added a lot of other vitamins and iodine; then I had a slow-building negative reaction to the new "improved" product (woke up every morning feeling like every cell in my body was on fire) and had to stop taking it. But, the creams are wonderful too, and I use them now and supplement the other vitamins.

I think Ted's advice is very good about not taking too much of the vitamins and relaxing a bit on the frequency. This helps too, when you have a negative reaction to something, to know which is the culprit. Also, to heal, one must attend to the basics: plenty of good air, deep breathing (especially while giving the muscles a good slow stretch), enough exercise to work up a sweat every day--these alone will give one much better sleep; simplify the diet, real food without added chemicals (try not to eat anything in the market that comes in a box). Most of us need to cut way down on prepared sugary foods and unhealthy fats which are so omnipresent, and both of which squirrel bodily systems. Once in a while I like to do a fruit or vegetable semi-fast for 3 days; it restores my energy and I feel like my body resets to normal. For me, simplifying has always been the best route. I have sympathy for your grief--when my parents died I felt orphaned even though I was in my fifties. I wish you the best in your healing.

06/04/2012: Ryan from Fort Lauderdale, Florida replies: I have begun a sort of regiment to cure my hypothyroidism, or at least I hope I've begun to get it sorted. Here's what I'm currently doing.

5 drops of 2.2% Lugol's Iodine in water daily, sometimes with ACV. The bottle recommends a maximum number of 4 drops every other day, so I'm a little concerned about going up to 20 drops as a chart posted above mentioned to do so in order to obtain 50mcg? Obviously that was for 2% so it wouldn't be 20, but more like 18/19 drops. That still worries me. Not sure if that should be done daily, as I don't want to kill my thyroid, just fix it.

I've also been taking 3 tablespoons of coconut oil/day, and taking 200mcg of selenium a day as well.

I was taking arginine for quite sometime, but feel like I might've overdone that and backed off that completely.

As far as my synthyroid dosage goes, I'm on 100mcg/day from my doctor. I had bloods done this past friday, and I'm hoping a little progress will show. I know I've been feeling better here and there, and it's kind of like my symptoms have switched between hypo and hyper-thyroidism. It also feels like my synthroid works for maybe a couple hours after taking it until my shoulders get that dull tired weighted achey feeling in them, and I lose all motivation. I try not to mix coffee or milk within the first couple hours of the dosage, so I don't feel that is the problem.

If anyone has any insight, tips, or other ways to try and fix this disease, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been a depressed mess for the past year, at the cost of a relationship. I'm a 27 year old male, so I would like to enjoy my youth a little, but this disease is putting a damper on things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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