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Last Modified on Jul 03, 2012

Weight Loss and Hormones

07/03/2012: P from Anonymous: Dear Ted; I thoroughly enjoy reading Earth Clinic and most especially your advice. I have found lots of good information there that has helped on various things. My problem now is too much information and not sure what all I can try at the same time.

My History: I am a 42 year old female who is overweight and have been most of my life. In the past I could lose weight but it would come back. Now, I can't lose any at all hardly. I had a heavy bleeding problem due to fibroids a few years ago. They gave me depo-provera shots for 1 year and this helped that problem. I no longer take the shots and it has been almost 2 years since I quit taking them but it is still so hard to lose any weight. I am also under a lot of stress from working and family obligations. I think I could have a hormone imbalance from those shots. I have restless leg syndrome too and taking magnesium helps some with this problem.

I have a lot of things at home I can try but don't know what I should try or if they are safe to try together.

  • ACV
  • Borax
  • Black Strap Molasses
  • Baking Soda
  • Lemon Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Vitamin B12
  • B complex
  • Niacin (just purchased this but haven't tried it)
  • L glutamine
  • Glycine
  • Glucommanon
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Coconut Oil
  • Raw Honey

I have other things too but can't remember them right now. I can also purchase other things you may recommend. I know you are super busy but I was hoping you could let me know what to try and the times to take them. What can be taken together, etc.... Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

07/03/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Well, I am assuming you have a sleeping problem and stress, that is one possible clue. If that is the source, assuming, then the Restless Leg Syndrome, aside from magnesium, is tryptophan taken in the evening 1000 to 2000 mg at night is the usual, assuming again there is no folic acid deficiency, no B12 deficiency (you take 1000 mcg for 4 to 7 days usually alleviates most sleeping problems too). None of my clients use any sleeping pills, they can at least use allopurinol to help sleep due to high uric acid but in long run low dose lithium will help, at 2 mg and that is a low dose taken with some iodine.

Now for the weight problems, well all my clients on the diet reported weight loss, just by following the blood sugar reduction since most of them have blood sugar problems, the average blood sugar must be below 90 mg /dL after meals 2 hours. The average being between 70 to 90 with the average somewhere in between, this way it checks for potential diabetes not permanently diabetes if you do the 12 hour fasting required by doctors, besides that it checks for things that do not agree with your body, and that is what matters.

The rule of thumb that can lower blood sugar is drink water with meals, always, if you don't then take soups (e.g. chicken soup) then the caloric intake and feeling of fulness takes over. This will reduce both caloric intake and reduce the blood sugar by dilution from taking more water. The fat intake is also responsible too, and is very fast on that. Some people can't breakdown the lipase and that makes it very difficult to lose weight, and it often causes fatty liver, and that leads to more complications, detoxification! And if you are acidic, it leads to constipation. The feeling of fullness can also be stimulated with a frequency, square waves of 4 hertz, sound frequency or electrical frequency the same, but electrical can be used as square or sine waves. You can use a sound frequency generator via freeware and do that 4 hertz square wave, which will help and is shown to stimulate parasympathetic frequencies. At higher frequencies it simply gets to the sympathetic and may not be helpful. The time to take food that does not have an effect on blood sugar is small meals with water between 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm. The morning meal is eaten only when you feel like it. The research studies on breakfast are flawed, they don't even allow any water, and if allowed, they don't do on obese people, just normal people. In a way we're not normal anymore, we're fatter by the decade, from high fructose, hydrogenated vegetable oils (none of the vegetable oils are NATURAL), there is not a single vegetable oil that claims that, except flaxseed and unhydrogenated coconut oil. So it is best to avoid anything sugar, especially artificial sugar (excitotoxin aspartame), fructose especially, ribose (is the worse), glucose and sugar. If you are diabetic, using my standard 2 hours after meal must be below 90 mg/dL then consuming most carbohydrates is ok, but if above that then it is no carbs at all.

The number one supplement of weight loss based on trial and error and reading the research I can best figure is 25 mg to 100 mg of DHEA taken at night, if restless leg syndrome then melatonin, and tryptophan. Both DHEA and melatonin reduces the blood sugar at night, as I measure their effects to be true. Gymnema slyvestre keeps your blood sugar normal throughout the day but I wouldn't try at night it causes dry throat, so DHEA and melatonin are preferred. Lecithin 1 tablespoon twice a day would work in getting rid of fatty liver for overweight also. I would stay away from fruits and take only fruit extract without the sugar.

DHEA will also get rid of stress, if too much during the day, it can be like at night and some at day, particularly at around lunchtime. I like 75 mg at night and maybe 25 mg at day, but differences in body and things may make your results different. I prefer the tablet version no timed release and no capsules for DHEA, the capsules somehow become a timed release and I don't like it for a simple reason: I don't want them in the body too long just enough that is needed at the moment seems to cause the least problems. Most people are deficient in DHEA starting at age 25 to 26, so they do need them if there age is beyond that point.

As far as lime juice with baking soda, that seems to lower blood sugar in diabetics in some people and has an alkalizing effect in most people. Most people do fine with that taken 30 minutes after meals and helps the digestion.

Avoid fluoride, chlorine, vegetable oils (nearly all are hydrogenated or altered to increase shelf life) and all forms of sugar, and wheat, otherwise the remedy would not work.


Supplements for Weight Loss

06/08/2012: GR from Anonymous: Dear Ted, I reviewed all of your advice on oil pulling this afternoon, and would like to know what you would advise if my clothing was so tight attending a wedding, that it caused a broken rib (or my floating rib may have caused ) a puncture in my lower ascending colon. I have already increased my intake of lactic acid beneficial bacteria; what is the strongest brand, and where can I buy it?

06/16/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The problem appears to be decreasing your weight, more than the beneficial probiotics. The prebiotics work better anyway, it is baking soda and lime, twice a day. Limiting all your carbs (for now) especially the sugars and sodas are responsible for weight gain. Drinking raw broccoli juice also decreases blood sugar by about 17 points such as 107 to 90 mg/dL, not eating food after 5 pm. and limiting the food before 12pm and concentrating on vegetarian salads in the morning without commercial salad dressing, but use of vinegar instead. The second thing is limiting the fats intake. This should decrease the weight initially at least for the first 3 weeks, Thereafter I think limiting the calories but with higher quality protein such as fish, chicken, etc. But all these times, it you must drinking plenty of water during meals, as it is filling, or eat soups instead.


Will L-carnitine Help with Weight Loss?

01/26/2012: Gemma1992 from Norfolk, United Kingdom: Hi, a few month ago I bought some weight loss tablets and have not took any yet because people are telling me they won't work and I'm scared to be honest, in case anything happend to me. They are called l-carnitine and I would just like some advice thank you.

03/21/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes L carnitine will help some of the weight loss, but by far the best weight loss supplements are DHEA 25 mg, glycine 1000 mg x 3 (by shrinking the fat cells), will be a safe remedy.


Questions for Ted Regarding Hcg and Weight Loss

12/25/2010: Sarah :
Hello, I have read some of your responses on earthclinic and would like to ask you about hCG and weight loss. I am having a hard time finding any unbiased information. What is homeopathic hCG drops and do they work? A diet of only 500 calories seems very low, thereforeI can not tell if people are losing weight from the hCG or just the low caloric intake. Hope to hear back from you.

12/31/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If people eat a 500 calorie diet you may loose an average of 1 to 3 pounds per day which is about the same as taking hcg drops AND having a 500 calorie a day diet. 500 calorie a day is also a potential health hazard. You can faint and fall.

As for whether hcg actually suppresses appetite, think of it this way, if a women were pregnant her hcg levels are high but I don't see that many women pregnant and cannot eat or perhaps she cannot eat when she is first pregnant and we see a women vomiting. Of course if hcg does cause vomiting or emesis then there are plenty other supplement that does that such as taking zinc 50 mg which reduce appetite but too much may lead to vomiting. If we view hcg to stimulate burning of fat then there are other supplements that does that without hormones such as 1 teaspoon of glycine twice to three times a day. Finally the tested hcg is injections not sublingual or under the tongue so that remains to be proven. The most convincing idea from my point of view is cancer also produces hcg hormones to tell the body NOT to attack tumors. This is why mothers immune system don't attack the baby. However if a person has cancer or his immune system is lowered hcg may further suppress the immune system. This is why cancer people don't get fever. They just disabled your immune sysrem. If I were to try any hormone supplements for weight loss it would be taking DHEA or another keto DHEA, depending on different people between 10 mg to 50 mg, with average around 25 mg. Two things to avoid that helps for me for weight loss are no wheat and no sweets. Sweets from fructose, corn syrup and artificial sugar being notorious on weight gain and wheat causes type 1 diabetes, the worse diabetes to get plus a big weight gain.


11/20/2012: Lucygamage from Bangkok, Bangkok Thailand replies: Hi Ted, above you mention the benefits of taking zinc 50 mg and a teaspoon of glycine 3X a day-I am currently living in Watana, Bangkok and would like to purhcase these products in Bangkok-I have tried to look online but am having difficulty finding these products in Thailand. Thank you!!


04/14/2010: June from Darwin, Australia: Hi Ted,

I have noticed that you do not recommend VEGETABLE OILS. Does this mean that OLIVE OIL, COCONUT OIL and FLAXSEED OILS should be avoided also. I always thought that these were the 'HEALTHY' oils!!!

What oil should I cook my food in and what oil should I use in salads etc.????

Also would be most interested to know why vegetable oils are so bad for you.......

Many thanks

04/19/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear June:

All you need to know is the liver has a limited capacity to process ANY OILS. I believe that whenever we consume food, it is the excess oils that damages the liver. It's well known fact that oils accumulate in the body and the body has limited capacity in getting rid of it, such as any oil soluble compounds included, as in benzene, vitamin E and any hydrophobic substances. This is why I used lecithin a lot, it makes oils water soluble allowing reduction in oil. Vegetable oils generally have low boiling temperatures and frying temperatures happens to be close to temperature at which most vegetable oils break down chemically, become oxidized, hardens and clogs the arteries. Oxidized oil stays in your body and becomes a free radicals, which brings to aging. It is generally known at least from the people who do take oil supplements such as omega 3 that they generally increase in weight by 5 kilo, if the dosages were 1000 mg a day, and about 10 kilo increase in weight by one month if the dose is 1000 x 3.

Oil besides omega 3, in general, tend to increase with consumption of more oil. Hence the limit in oil consumption in general should not even be over 500 mg a day as a supplement and a diet not exceeding 1000 mg for all oils in the food. So if the cooking is prepared in such a way that cooking oil doesn't exceed 1000 mg or 1 gram, this should not cause increase in weight. I had one case of a person who has triglyceride over 1000 and cholesterol over 300, who is only 32 years old, and his diet is basically Pa-tong-ko, which is basically a chinese fried bread, where they used vegetable cooking oil, recycled, for months as the cause of his extremely high triglyceride level. It simply came from the cooking vegetable oils. Flaxseed, coconut oil and olive oil I believe are good oils, but they are still oils and consumption of oils has to be restricted. Case in point, documentary, Morgan Spurlock ate all the menus in McDonalds for one month, his cholesterol went from a healthy one, below 180, to over 200. There was another guy, who just ate Big Mac, but he didn't eat the coke and french fries (and also fried chicken!), his cholesterol was even lower, 140. The difference between two people is the oil consumed from french fries, fried chicken and salads are some of the highest oil food sources. Salad dressing using oil should generally be avoided.

In hospital and nursing homes here in Thailand that I know personally these patients consumed 50 grams of cooking vegetable oils and it keeps them virtually sick and diabetic. You become diabetic by making the liver excessively oily, blocking the liver's function, which in turns causes diabetes. Oils block hormones the controls blood sugar function too.. So basically speaking keep oil out of the cooking as much as possible, but if needed, I would use just the flaxseed, coconut oil, and olive oil in very limited amount and will avoid salad dressing and fried foods completely. If anyone makes cakes and cookies, then most of these foods use a lot of oil and sugar, two of the worse food there is, with possible exception the ice cream, in causing blood sugar and liver problems. Oil and sugar is two of the most fattening food there is, with high calorie consumption being the third. Oily fatty food tends to promote high calorie consumption in laboratory rats and cause them to consume much more then the body needs it.

The principle of high caloric consumption from oily food is simple: oils tend to block hormones and makes some people feel they need more food. Some of these hormones tell the body to stop eating, but if oils blocks the hormone signals, you will continue to consume them thinking you're still hungry. The best way to destroy a liver is always the oily food and sugar, two of these plus alcohol are some of the easiest way to destroy liver function. This is why people usually get fatty liver. The liver can't process oils if too much oils are consumed. During prehistoric time, since when do humans consume vegetable oils? The whole cholesterol issue came along with the introduction (popular introduction) in the early 1960s. Then all of the sudden, cholesterol every where. Then another thing happened, fructose consumption (corn syrup) started being popular in the 1980s, then the childhood diabetes and obesity started. It's the fructose and the vegetable oils. Now in the 1990s, I would expect more brain disease (parkinson's) and brain tumor immunity issues with aspartame. So as time passes, people will get sicker and sicker with these things that didn't exist before the 1950s.

It is now expect children of today will not live as long as their parents.

04/23/2010: Robert from Martinez, Ca replies: Feedback to June regarding vegie oils. Ted states excessive amounts are not recommended.Please read his post as he is not condemning all oils.We need oils,however our diets are excessive in omega 6. Read Dr. Blaylocks' nutrition book regarding oil hazards, & there is plenty of reaearch on the net. An alternative to frying is steaming.Coconut oil is very nutritious & fell into disuse after the 2nd war when conglomerates pushed margerine on the market along with other hazardous oils therby raising cardio disease significantly.If we eat the poisons, take the antidotes. Lecithin, vitamin E & other antioxidants/anti-inflammitories are great supportive measures.Also check out raw food recipies for health & yes cures for various disease states like Dr. Gabriel Cousins' 30 day cure for diabetes which was proved in his clinical studies.
04/28/2010: June from Darwin, Australia replies: Hi Ted,

Thank you for your answer on vegetable oils. You have certainly educated me on this........I was having far too much oil in a day and will definitely cut down on my intake.

Again thank you for your valuable time and wonderful information!!


Question About Mixing ACV with Low Sodium V8

08/23/2008: BDP from College Station, TX: ACV remedy. I'm only able to stomach the ACV when I mix it with Low Sodium V8. Does this denature or otherwise limit the effectiveness of the ACV? I'm worried that the acidity in the V8 will change it.

08/24/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most chemical reactions don't occur under normal eating and cooking conditions especially when organic compounds are involved.

The only instance when a chemical does change, is when an organic compounds are mixed with a strong acid or alkaline or powerful oxidative or reductive chemical process. As such vinegar is actually a 3% acetic acid solution. In fact the use of vinegar is encouraged in cooking and herbal preparations. Many Chinese herbal preparations are commonly cooked, stored with the use of vinegar. It causes the amino acid to be more biologically available in many instances and become anti-inflammatory with a tiny formation of acetyl or acetates organic compound, but basic chemical functions still remain the same.


Yeast Infection After Drinking Weight Loss Remedies

06/05/2008: Onn from Trenton, New Jersey: I been drink honey and cinnamon for weight loss two days, but I have very bad yeast infection. Can you help me pleas what should I take to cures that yeast? thank you.

06/07/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It should be noted that my remedy is somewhat different from other people's recommendations because I rely a bit more on Tibetan, Traditional Chinese medicine, and my own follow up on urinary sugar information as well as it's effect on the body's pH, new findings in electronic food intolerance testing, and private email feedback from close friends.

A yeast problem is usually a sign of too much sugar and metabolic acidosis. Whether the sugar is honey, molasses or fruits, it's still sugar. However, a small amount of honey maybe o.k. but in some candida problem, all sweets may need to be avoided....except stevia and perhaps xylitol. However, xylitol causes some metabolic acidosis and hence baking soda is needed before taking them. Most polyol sugar can also be used, such as d-mannitol which is a form of sugar from cranberry juice. Bacteria cannot ferment with xylitol, stevia, and perhaps d-mannitol, but xylitol and certan polyol sugars prevent bacteria and fungus from attaching and forming colonies. In general, if sweets is needed, then I think stevia is generally good, I also suspect with proper alkalization first, xylitol also reduces candida too.

Now, back to sugar! The worst sugar in order from worse to bad is ribose sugar, glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Complex carbohydrates is least affected. Artificial sugar is the most dangerous because some chemical sugar degrades into formaldehyde from aspartame, causing metabolic acidosis, which in the end susceptibility and immune systems are down, leading to a yeast infection.

In a given weight loss certain foods triggers our brain to stop eating from feeling satiated, common foods includes fish, whey protein, fish oil and amino acid supplement. Quite often it is always the  high protein diet that is the key. Drinking plenty of water is another one. Sometimes people are born with obesity from the vaccination when they were first born. These vaccines that sometimes hospital inject contains monosodium glutamate, which in laboratory studies, are used to create a lifelong obese rats when they are first injected when first born. The MSG attacks and destroys key hypothalamus which controls appetite. Therefore one additional remedy that may help is the amino acid taurine. When people reach a certain age, usually in the mid-30s, the DHEA level for example starts getting lower and the facial features appears more moon face, and causing weight gain in some people as hormones become imbalanced.

As to the condition of yeast infection, most of the problems come from any sweets, including honey. Cinnamon depends on the kind of cinnamon, sometimes it is sold as a cinnamon sugar, where they add sugar to the cinnamon. A real cinnamon should be boiled cinnamon bark.

One key cause of obesity is the sugar the second is the fat, and diet fats will concentrate on glycemic index. The problem about glycemic index is they avoid acid forming foods that can also cause obesity also. Therefore the key is to control sugar and acid forming food. Blood sugar is controlled by many elements, including chromium, vanadium, tungsten and maganeses being the common supplements. The other is the B vitamins, in particular in controlling blood sugar is the thiamine B1, in the form of thiamine mononitrate, B3 niacinamide, and the B6 pyridoxine. Major weight reduction I have noticed are seen from taking DHEA supplements 12-25 mg, but also it is helpful to take taurine 2000 mg, chromium polynicotinate 2000 mcg (more like 2 mg) that I find the most helpful. Glycine along with niacinamide, and glutamine for example taken before sleep also help increase the body's production of growth hormones that lead to weight loss.

Therefore, I would avoid everything that is sweet, including the artificial sweeteners, and certain free radicals from cooking vegetable oils as oily and fatty foods generally blocks hormones function that leads to weight gain. Certain habits such as eating early dinner helps. Some people cheat by taking zinc gluconate 50 mg to cause a loss appetite, although I won't do that unless there is a zinc deficiency.

Generally speaking a candida can occur anywhere of the body and certain areas sometimes indicate which alkalizing remedies that is needed. If urinary pH is acid where it is below 6.5, then baking soda and sodium carbonate is generally helpful on controlling extracellular fluids. If the salivary pH is acid, where it is below 7, then potassium bicarbonate and potassium citrate with some mixture of sodium bicarbonate is generally helpful, but also magnesium since it's is an element in the intracellular fluids.

Candida fungus grows in sugar rich acid medium environment, but also low protein environment and low amino acid environment. In other words when urinary urea levels are below average, improper protein digestion such as lack of bicarbonates can also happen to support candida overgrowth. Certain low minerals of copper, boron, chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum can also cause candida too. However, in my own observations, I found the best point to begin in reducing the candida issue is always the alkalization, lower sugar, and lover fats. This is further helped with higher protein lean food, such as fish and chicken.  Inflammation and lowered immunity can further support candida overgrowth. In which case supplementation of fish oil (omega 3 of DHA and EPA) - it shard to make mistake when the statistics are on your side, where most American diets has a 20: 1 omega 6 to omega 3, where an ideal ratio should be 4: 1 or even 1: 1. The other is some
ocassional evening primrose oil, as it contains GLA.

Assuming the alkalization is needed to reduce the candida, at least for me I will start with, assuming the urinary pH is acid, which usually is the case, but it helps a lot of measure it. The remedy that best worked so far is the carbicarb remedy, which is the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) plus sodium carbonate. It is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water, usually taken three times a day. The effects of irritation due to candida can be almost immediately be felt within 30 minutes after taking this remedy. It is my most powerful remedies so far. However most people find getting sodium carbonate hard to find, which is more or less, is called washing soda. However, as reality would have it, a simpler remedy would do if they can't be found, so it is going to be 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in at least 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day.

If on the other hand the saliva pH is acid, which is usually below 7, and if it is below 6.5, it's even worse. This indicates the lack of potassium buffers and magnesium, which is an intracellular fluids. The remedy for that one I used is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate in at least 1/2 glass of water, preferably 1 glass of water as some people cannot drink even one glass of water in some cases. If potassium citrate can't be found, then it's potassium bicarbonate are sufficient. This is taken at only 2 times a day instead of the usually 3 for remedy without  the potassium because the body can accept only a limit amount of potassium without disturbing the extracellular fluids that reduce electrical potentials of the cells. Usually within a day or even a couple of hours after taking them, the saliva and urinary pH should change. So the body is fairly responsive. Baking soda or bicarbonates also help digest protein better in converting into urea, which is also anti-candida in its properties.

As to the supplements that were helpful for reducing candida, it is the B3 niacinamide 250-500 mg, B1 thiamine mononitrate 250 mg, drinking some cocoa to increase manganese, and unsugared soy milk were helpful too. Chromium polynicotinate 2000 mcg, and sodium vanadate 1000 mg (I don't think this can be found - but very helpful in weight loss) are the major ones I will be looking into controlling blood sugar, thus starving the candida problems. These were also helpful in weight loss, but some whey protein taken in the morning without sugar or artificial sugar can also help increase protein thus increasing urea as well as amino acid supplements to further increase anti-candida problems. Molybdenum, usually in the form of sodium molybdate at 25 mg were helpful, but I find it difficult for a supplement company to sell these. Finally boron or borax remedies have anti-candida properties, but also helpful in increasing hormone levels, which in turn lead to some weight loss. Now I don't take them everyday, what I like it is it is an essential mineral (boron) and my dose is usually for woman assuming is 1/8 teaspoon of borax dissolved in liter of drinking water taken for about three days out of a week until the condition is gone, which is usually within 2-3 weeks.

Therefore there are many approaches to treating candida. One supplements that I have found important in reduction of candida is the the manganese, in form of manganese sulfate, that is mixed with food or even taken alone - 25 mg taken only a couple of days were extremely helpful in non-responsive candida. While most people wouldn't able to find manganese sulfate easily an suitable substitute is soymilk, which is high in manganese anyway.

In other instances a candida can be initiated by food intolerances from acid forming food. The newer information I have noticed is excessive use of peppermint oil and eating wheat products, as well as mycotoxins found in peanuts can initiate this problem, but especially on high processed food and vegetable oils used in cooking. Therefore it helps that coconut oil, which does not have to be virgin or not, are used in cooking. The coconut oil has low absorption into the body's system such that it the oils does not inferfere with liver in processing as vegetable oils do, causing fatty liver problems.

Finally I have found granulated lecithin 1 tablespoon taken before meal, once or twice a day over the course of a month reduces weight, and also reduces LDL cholesterol too. It reduces fatty liver and allow for better liver detoxification.


Weight Gain After Having Gall Bladder Removed

05/25/2008: T : I had my Gall Bladder removed in October of Last year and it seems like every since that Day, My Weight has been Down hill. When I was Pregnant with my boys I Never gained as much weight as I have now on my Body. Nothing Seems to cause me to Loose Any Weight At All. I see all of the Advertisements about the Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda, but it doesn't say what they did or how to do it, so I was wandering could you Please Help Me with Some Weight Loss Information that WILL WORK please? I was also told that I have Under Active Thyroids and I was put on a pill for  that, but that pill also Increases Weight Gain so I Stopped taking it. Again Please Help Me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Gallbladder functions is an important one actually one of them is to control weight by producing emulsifiers which help get rid of certain fats, but also absorption of vital nutrients and also produces certain electrolytes and it connects the pancreas, where pancreas' function is to control blood sugar, and thus control weight. Much of the body's organ are all related. Personally I won't like any of my organs removed and try to find the cause.

Usually the cause is often simple issues where the organ is damaged from inflammation due to metabolic acidosis, in simple words, acid burns the organs, but bacteria, fungus also grows in such an environment, and the imbalances in diets, such as excessive omega 6 and lack of omega 3 causes inflammation (20:1 instead of 1:1), as well as excess calcium to magnesium ratio, which leads to calcification of tissues and organ, which obviously lead to organ damage. It is this reason why some older American are overweight. Now for children who become obese the situation is a bit different.

When they are born, usually within 1-2 days (it used to be to wait a couple of months as in Japan before injecting them), they inject vaccinations, without parent's consent, the government made sure of that, but also there are certain changes being secretly changed that people are not aware which they add monosodium glutamate, and mercury which damages the hypothalamus that controls their appetite.

In morbidly fat rats, the scientist inject a small amount of monosodium glutamate much like monosodum glutamate added to the babies'  vaccines) in newly born rats which leads them to a lifetime morbid obesity.

Interestingly during term pregnancy mothers are allowed to drink fluoridated and chlorinated tap water, which causes accumulation of fluoride (fluorosis) within the embryo that that lead to lifetime problems of obesity too for that person. Monosodium glutamate works by destroying they hypothalamus again. There is a way to prevent or reduce by taking extra supplement taurine in pregnant mothers, which is amino acid that protects the damaging effects of MSG.

So we have to thank U.S. pharmaceuticals to create a multi-billion dollar weight loss, diabetes, and ADD industry, even as lows as 1 ppm of fluoride, damages agricultural growth within only a week, but it also effects human. Inflammation is a common problem and chlorination and drug pharma's drugs and antibiotics creates catastrophic synergy to the human system.

To make the matters worse (if that's not worse enough!) our tap water now have many drugs that are not biodegradable that pollutes the river and our tap water, in catastrophic synergy combination with chlorine and fluorine it becomes even more toxic.

Even more interesting is that while fluorides is shown to be toxic and causes obesity too, the fluoride that is used for the study was sodium fluoride, but a more toxic form of fluoride, fluorosilicic acid is being used in tap water and there's no study to show how damaging it is.

Fluorides accumulate in the brain throughout adult life, which is used in Prozac (fluoride containing drug), that reduces brain function, which in turn controls hormones and blood sugar. If those aren't minimized or reduce, it leads to obesity in susceptible people.

I am sure authorities know all about this, including aspartame products, found in diet coke, diet pepsi, which causes brain damages and causes metabolic acidosis, leading to high blood sugar which in turn, leads to obesity. We have to thank Donald Rumsfeld (who was the head of) the company that owns aspartame and Ronald Reagan to approve (by changing FDA officials who are more favorable towards aspartame) despite most of the lab results show brain tumors and obesity, by overuling all previous studies.

There IS  an easy way to prove aspartame is dangerous without the fake rat studies offered by "officials". It's quite easy. Check for blood methanol and blood formaldehyde after ingestion of 2 liters of coke, eat sugar free gum (that has aspartame added), and take children's vitamins (that ALSO have aspartame) as well as other interesting diet products.

You can also murder someone just by taking creatine (a supplement to help brain function and muscles in muscle builders) plus aspartame products such as Gatorade product that had aspartame too. One U.S.  woman went to jail 50 years because she was accused of murder, which in fact the truth is her husband was a muscle builder thinking those foods were safe. Even fat free, skim milk, low fat are potentially dangerous that can cause children on a rampage for murder. It's quite simple, the brain needs an omega 3 fat, and blood cholesterol HDL have to be within normal range. If they are low, they either become suicidal or a mass murders. Of course the numbers is not a lot, but they are the starting point, and the child once they have this tendencies, the doctors will prescribed prozac so Kip Kinkel murdered his parents and many of his fellow students that very day. The system I think were probably designed that way because all these phenomenon only occurred in just the United States. I hardly hear any stories of mass murderer students. When you check the SPECT brain scans of Kip Kinkel, obviously the brain function is mostly destroyed through these drugs, especially the left temporal lobes, in the male population. Now we have microwave to cook our brains which can cause violence by damaging that very same area. In fact, it may be theoretically possible to cause aggression in soldiers by playing aggressive music in soldiers, which the U.S. army does that, when they go to war with Iraq. The funny thing is (at least in the eye of a foreigner like me) is most of the U.S. citizens aren't aware of all these things that occur in their own home country!

I can go on and on with the causes, but a simple approach is to avoid processed foods altogether, I try to invent my OWN home remedies to substitute pharma medicine altogether and have avoid drinking tap water direct. One example is to use reverse osmosis water, with added 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and 1/16 teaspoon of baking soda per liter of water in per liter of drinking water.

So hopefully I did explain how obesity is caused. Brain controls the key blood sugar which in turn protects against obesity, but also toxins, and even operations of removal of gallbladder can lead to worsening condition, primarily because it plays an important process in normal digestion, but surgery can also introduce mycoplasma, fungus and other pathogens, especially fungus which LEADS to hypothyroidism. These fungus or mycoplasma, usually exist (they are found even in horses) in the thyroid glands, which blocks the production that controls metabolism. Iodine removes hard fats and quite often restore thyroid function, but not at a dose being used in many supplements. They are usually low, because even nearly 150 yearrs ago, they didn't need to remove the thyroid. All they did was simply give a iodine supplements, such as 100-250 mg. I personally used 10-25 mg now and then, and some readers of earthclinic take sodium iodide at 10-12 mg a day that I personally knew.
 However, this is NOT to support sodium Iodide. Another earthclinic reader I know (they have an unwillingness to post) so I guess that just leaves me to tell you, that they take Kelp supplements to help with her thyroid conditions. Her dose was about 10-20 of kelp capsules a day necessary to raise her energy levels to normal. An capsule is about 250-500 mg. but I can take more by eating seaweed too in my soup. The amount of iodine supplements are 1/1000th of the dose I mentioned here, which is of no surprise why iodine doesn't work for some people. Even if Iodine supplements are not available, a lugol's solution such as iodine foot painting once every other day about 3-5 inch square will help by making iodine through transdermal absorption.

 For bath, it is best to add dechlorinator, using bathtub or if shower, the water system somehow has to remove them first. Even fishes die if you use tap water. It is deadly to fishes if the water has chlorine and fluoride in  high amounts, at least it happened to me when I was living in U.S.

Many gallbladder people removed are often due to excess calcium diets, excessive vegetable oils, and lack of electrolytes too. Since bicarbonates are produced by gallbladder in large amounts, the body also needs the bicarbonates in protein digestion. If bicarbonates are low, protein digestion is impaired, reducing the bioavailability of amino acid for the body, but especially the brain and certain brain function does control NORMAL hormones, which in turn regulates control all glandular systems in BALANCE. The brain needs amino acid to rebuild and maintain the system, but the brain also have high levels of omega 3, which U.S. diet are lacking as mentioned 20: 1, omega 6: omega 3, while other Asian diets, their food sources are 4: 1 or 1: 1 on omega 6 to omega 3 ratio. Omega 3 controls inflammation, but if there is not enough of this, a brain and glandular system cannot work leading to a cascade of systematic breakdown leading to obesity. Just me alone, I take fish oils, of type two omega 3, the safest and most effective form. These type two omega 3 are called DHA and EPA found in fish oils. I take at least 500 mg to 1000 mg of salmon fish oils a day. But that's on the low side and may take more if i have inflammation problems, such as skin condition, or hypothyroidism, since glandular functions also are inflammed and if too much they get enlargement, not just the deficiency, as in thyroid.

So hopefully I did explain how surgeries lead to obesity, by introduction of the mycoplasma and fungus (these same fungus toxins are also found in antibiotics since they are MADE from fungus) that lead to hypothyroidism. There are many cases of the entire family living in a moldy house that resulted in sinus problem and after they left the moldy house, obesity sets in, chronic fatigue, sinus problem and even lack of energy. Obviously many people report hyphothyroidism, which was helped greatly with 10-25 mg of sodium iodide, or many tablets of Kelp supplements. Eating bread made by bromine process simply drives out iodine, despite adequate iodine intake, leading to iodine deficiency still. So for weight loss I might try once every other day 10-20 tablets of iodine supplement and try to normalize the omega 3: omega 6, since dietary omega 6 is way off balanced from industrialized farming such as industrialized chickens, where omega 6 is way off compared to traditionally grown chickens.

The remedy for the lack gallbladder I used is

One liter of drinking water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in at least 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day.
One tablespoon of Granulated lecithin before every meal

To reduce weight, the simplest ways:

Dinner before 4.30 p.m. no food after that period
Whey protein before 12..00 p.m.

To reduce blood sugar I might use:

Fish Oil (will have EPA and DHA) 1000-2000 mg a day
Chromium polynicotinate 1000 mcg
vanadium supplements
Cinnamon added to food frequently

Certain foods to avoid:
tomatoes, aspartame, low fat products, diet cola, sugar free gums, vegetable oils not used with HEATING and reduced vegetable oils intake, tomatoes (contains methanol attached pectin), cheese, not too much fruit juice, no fructose, no sugar, wheat, potatoes, dairy products, table salt, cheese, yeast made food, peppermint in toothpaste.

Acceptable food
Complex carbohydrates, fish, chicken, rice, rye, millet, sea salt, kelp, seaweed

Important supplements
Taurine amino acid, vitamin B1 thiamine mononitrate, niacinamide B3.

Certain foods to add

Coconut oil is used in cooking instead, such as heating, if need be, since they resist higher cooking temperature better. Reduces constipation as is baking soda and sea salt.

I would use 10 mg of sodium iodide, or once every other day iodine foot painting over a large area of the sole of the feet. or Kelp supplements that I found works best around 10-20 capsules taken every other day, to lessen the effects of acne from the detox effect. There IS increase in energy level from taking these supplements such as kelp is what I have experienced.


05/26/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: A deficiency of B vitamins is another cause of underactive thyroid. A good stress tab (B complex + C & E) at meal time and bed time will soon tell you if this is the problem. The bottle will say l tab per day, but if your thyroid is that sluggish, you want to raise your vitamin levels quickly. You may even find they take you off the thyroid supplement or greatly reduce it. I recommend that anyone having weight gain problems read "The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program" book by the Heller's & Vagnini. There is no magic wand, pill or surgery for weight loss that does not create other health problems. Forget about diet and think about eating to improve your health & this is what this book is about!
05/26/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: To T who had gallbladder removed, wt. gain and underactive thyroid: T - I should have mentioned this earlier but since Ted had touched on it, I omitted it. Your wt. gain is probably is more related to what you eat & drink, than it is to your gallbladder removal. I urge you to google both monosodium glutamate and aspartame, as both of these are connected to gross obesity. You may even be able to pull up a picture of those mice & rats who got so fat after being fed one or both of the above, you couldn't even tell they had legs. To get some realistic idea of how much of the above you are getting, print out the list of names they are hiding MSG under and to to your kitchen and read the ingredient list of everything in there to eat, drink or chew. If it says "diet" you can bet it's loaded with aspartame and salt. You cannot rely on names like "Healthy Choice" or others making the same claims to be free of either of the two above toxins noted for causing wt. gain. Even in health food stored, you have to read ingredients on the labels. I have seen processed foods, whose ads touted both " healthy and organic" that had one or both of them in it. Even worse on the diet foods, including Dr. Phil's diet candy bars. Hope this is also helpful.

Combining Remedies

01/02/2008: Harry : Hello Ted, Thanks for your fantastic input and advice on
earthclinic.com. I have the following questions:

1. Can one take the AVC Baking Soda Remedy + Coconut Oil with Lecithin + Black Strap Molasses + Oil Pulling?

2. If you can do these 4 remedies, how should one go about it for the best result.

3. Is there an order in which you should take the remedies and at what times?

4. My aim is weight loss and increase in energy and fitness levels. Are these the correct remedies I have selected?

Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Harry: The remedy can often be combined together of ACV, Baking soda, coconut oil, lecithin, oil pulling but this doesn't occur at the same time. The coconut oil is used in cooking, or added to the food. The lecithin is taken along with foods. The ACV plus Baking soda is taken twice a day. The oil pulling occurs between brushing. The black strap molasses should be dilute in a liter drinking water, so this won't effect the blood sugar spikes. Hence for best results, it is placed into the daily routine as mentioned.

The order is already mentioned, but ACV and baking soda, schedule might be moved, in case it causes drowsiness in some cases during the morning hours. Generally it won't but if it does, it can be taken in the early evening and late evening, which is still twice a day. It should also be noted that the 2 tablespoons of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water are minimum dose that can be started. However, if pH meter is available it may require 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/2 teaspoon, usually for men might require larger doses since larger build and weight is linked to larger dose.

The other addition to the remedy is some vitamin B complex (B50) and sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 is at least be taken, at least once or twice a week since people quite often is deficient in water soluble vitamins.

If the intention of weight loss is the objective, sometimes this won't achieve it, and for a good reason: certain dietary changes and eating habits are important too.

In some cases doing the above remedy may result in short term weight gain from increased in appetite. This has to occur because the body's chemistry is messed up and the body tries to deal with other problems, but weight may reduce later on.

Most weight loss program are quite dangerous if caloric restriction is only considered, which often results in vitamin B deficiency (in particular B1 Thiamine) and vitamin C, leading to heart attack. Many celebrities die this way too. Karen Carpenter (Stillman Diets resulted in anorexia bulimia from B3 deficiency), Paul Lynde Comedian (Weight Watchers, Thiamine B1 deficiency), Mammas and Papas, Maria Cass Elliot (don't know which diet program, but sodium/potassium imbalance and vitamin B deficiency), Laurel & Hardy - of Oliver Hardy (sodium/potassium imbalance, possible B deficiency).

As you can see in many cases the death is caused by water soluble vitamin deficiency and electrolyte imbalance.

My remedy for various sickness usually deals with electrolyte imbalance and pH, which is the most common sickness in Western diets, followed by water soluble vitamin supplements.

The newer weight loss program also have its share of death and sickness, Atkins (death from high cholesterol heart attacks), Hallelujah Diet (death from electrolyte imbalance, low sodium), Paleolithic Diet (no death yet, but kidney stones, some similarity to Atkins Diet), South Beach Diet (problems of related Alzheimer from use of polyunsaturated fats at high temperature cooking, metabolic acidosis, electrolyte and balanced amino acid issues) but I much rather refrain from going further to avoid conflicts, but I just wanted to say only that health prevention first and weight loss second.

If weight loss is given prime objective, provided, that health problems are handled where a deficiency of vitamin and electrolytes are already taken care of, then certain dietary habits should be considered before supplements are considered. Most of the post 1990 obesity are actually related to fructose (corn syrup), monosodium glutamate (without sufficient taurine to offset hypothalmic damage.

While the post 1980s obesity were more related to dietary chemical sugar substitute, such as aspartame, causing sugar control to be out of whack, by damaging the ability of the body to control blood sugar. And even more demeaning is the post 1960s which came from monosodium glutamate, fructose, Bisphenol-A estrogen found now in nearly all canned food and packaged foods leading to obesity.Hence the avoidance of those would help. Henceforth it is best to eat a very early dinner.

Assuming all those were considered, I believe the cause of obesity, after considering the above cause, is due to hormonal and amino acid imbalances. Just avoid the bad fats and sugars or high glycemic food. Protein, amino acids and certain hormone supplements seemed to work the best. For me it was DHEA 25 mg x 1 or 2 times, 100 mg alpha lipoic acid x 2 times a day, 2000 mg of taurine, 1 tablespoon of l-carnitine before exercise, 1-2 tablespoon of L-glutamine. The weight gain will be from the muscle mass, while fat portions will be reduce. So using weight as an objective is a poor measure if we don't consider muscle mass in relation to body fat.

Basically it is the body builders who actually solved most of the problem of obesity, quietly away from all the hype. Most of these supplements can be found in a body builders store and then some. I can't quite possibly covered everything, but lecithin is an important component that's not covered by these people, in relation to weight loss.

Questions About Apple Cider Vinegar

08/11/2007: K from Italy: dear ted, i just saw ur mail in the morning and to my surprise there were tears on my eyes! how can i ever thank you and repay this....? I am so grateful to you for REPLYING to me. There is just one more question about how to take the ACV/BS 3times a day. (2 tbsp ACV & 1/4 tsp BS in 1/2 glass of water) this mixture has to be prepared once and taken two times or prepared differently three times? Sorry for disturbing you,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It's best to prepare each time it is taken so that it remains fresh and free from spoilage. Once the ACV's acidity is neutralize its shelf life is reduced considerably and hence I always prepare it each time I need it.

It is usually sensible when taking acv and baking soda the first time that it is taken just twice a day instead of three times a day. Once the body gets used to it a couple of days, then it maybe increased to three times a day.

Questions About Apple Cider Vinegar

08/09/2007: K from Italy: Yersterday i visited ur website and found so many thanking you for ur precious remedies.... I am K____(indian) fm ITALY, 29years and a mother of two boys. The first is 3 and a 1/2years and the second is only 8months.I had to undergo c-sections for both the babies. After the first baby my stomach was so bulgy and kept exercising ( moderate ) and by time passed reduced a little. After the second baby i started jogging followed by some excercise in the morning, but my stomach is so big that people ask me whether i am 7 months or 8 months pregnant! my upper tummy ( above the navel is pointed and big whereas the lower tummy is bulgy and big ) I am also a lot overweight. i wanted to start with the ACV plan. what my questions are as follows:-

1. how should be ACV used in my case to lose weight and stomach?

2. i'm breatfeeding, is ok to use ACV? 3. how soon can the first results be seen after taking ACV?

i hope you would take my mail into consideration and expecting your PRECIOUS answer for all my dream to come true! PLEASE!!! thanking you in advance.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: As to your questions:

1. how should be ACV used in my case to lose weight and stomach?

Apple cider vinegar has to be mixed with baking soda where the dose is 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day.

Apple cider vinegar and baking soda works by alkalizing the body, reducing the constipation and therefore reduced bloating in the stomach from reduced constipation.

The remedy is generally mild and ideally it should be taken 3 times a day, but most people have problems on three times a day due to work schedules and therefore two times a day is also acceptable.

During pregnancy a mother's biggest problem is the excess toxin buildup due to waste that the body cannot get rid of a quickly whenever the baby grows inside the mother's womb.

As a result certain detoxifying toxin removal such as apple cider vinegar and baking soda will at least restore the body from excess acidosis, which is quite common (haven't seen one who is not!) during term pregnancy. The acetate portion of the vinegar (sodium acetate, after reacting with the baking soda) is also detoxifying much like how natural acetylation by the liver in detoxifying substances.

2. i'm breastfeeding, is ok to use ACV?

Apple cider vinegar is considered as a food and if mixed with baking soda will at least reduce the excess acidity created by the apple cider vinegar. If taken as a drink or added in salad, it can therefore be considered a form of food, but a modified form where it helps modify the body's imbalances of excess toxicity and acidosis.

3. how soon can the first results be seen after taking ACV?

It takes generally between one to two weeks to see some improvements, but mostly the constipation problems even a mild one should be noted through improved bowel movements, and hence greater toxins if it is unloaded, the body's excess retention for water is generally reduced as well. f you are observant, whenever a person has a bowel movement the body also gets rid of excess urine. Therefore more frequent bowel movement the body also tends to unload excess water retention at the same time. Apparently the extra amount of water the body retains is to neutralize whatever is in the bowels, once the bowels clears up, excess water retention reduces and any stomach distension is hereby reduced.

In case weight loss is a real problem, I would probably avoid eating during dinner hours, since this is the time when the body doesn't do any activities and the fats and sugars get stored. As a result eating only very light meals, such as apples, or salads (with apple cider vinegar and some baking soda - to reduce excess acidity) are some of the things that can be substituted during the dinner/supper period. Sleeping late is also not helpful as the later you sleep the more food is actually consumed during late hours causing the liver to store more fats resulting in congestion. Ted

Fucoxanthin and Oolong Tea Benefits, If Any

08/02/2007: K : Hey Ted! It's been another month or so since I last checked in with you and I am happy to report all distension is gone!! After five miserable months (and for the second time, I might add) my tummy is finally normal! You are my hero! I don't have the money for the expensive DNA stool testing that discovered the E. Coli and Candida (and other fat bugs) to prove I am healed, so I am crossing my fingers that they are under control. I have kept on with the ACV/baking soda, and occasional lemon juice/bs, and still add some sea salt and bs to my drinking water occasionally just to be safe. I started the glutamine and ALA, and also lecithin and DHEA for weight loss, but I never found B5 which I know you said is important so I am going to check with a compounding pharmacy. Haven't weighed myself recently but pretty sure I have lost a few more pounds, but it's not fast enough for me! I am assuming it takes awhile for the supplements above to actually take effect and cause actual fat loss? Well, no letter of mine would be complete without a question or two....what is your opinion on fucoxanthin and it's ability to burn fat? It's being heavily touted here in the states as the new miracle supplement. And, what about oolong tea? I think that is it for now. Thanks again for EVERYTHING, you saved my life!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I feel very happy to hear that distension is gone with the remedy!

Weight loss is a difficult issue and worthy of long discussion. As a result I posted a long topic on obesity on earthclinic that you might visit.

assuming it takes awhile for the supplements above to actually take effect and cause actual fat loss? Well, no letter of mine would be complete without a question or two....what is your opinion on fucoxanthin and it's ability to burn fat?

While they do result in some weight loss, most Asians don't know they are fucoxanthin, but they do add the brown seaweed in soups. I do it often myself. But the weight loss I see is not so great when compared to avoding sugar and avoiding fats and alkalizing the body.

If you are a good observers why Asians don't get fat, they eat when compared to the Western counterparts more protein (fishes and soy protein), more vegetables, and more complex carbohydrates (rice). If you have difficulty remember them, just picture a rice porridge with fishes and vegetables with a soy milk next to them or perhaps some tofu. Italians are not that fat either if we compared against U.S. of course, since their complex carbs consist of pasta which is actually less acid forming than bleached white bread and salami. Cheese in my opinion is the worse of the bunch and pizza are not generally helpful because of the white bread and the cheese. French also eats higher portion of protein despite higher portion of fats then do U.S. but they have the advantage of consuming LESS high glycemic simple carbohydrates.

The Western fast foods are more on high fats (bacons and salami, and cheese), less vegetables and more simple carbohydrates with high glycemic index (cola). The other I found is 90% of all foods we eat are acid forming as well. So at least my theory behind obesity is actually a very simple one that everyone seem to overlook (vegetable, complex carbs and fishes) or that no one sees it coming (the acid forming foods)

There is three basic groups that helps with weight loss. It is the protein, vegetables and complex carbonhydrates.

Basically it is mostly protein rich foods and amino acid supplements are more likely to burn the fats, especially foods we eat that comes from fishes, such as sardines, tuna, etc. The portion of protein rich food can also come from soy protein and some whey protein as well.

A high protein foods requires vitamin B complex supplements even if the B5 is not found. Most amino acids and protein supplements causes the body to burn fats and control sugars. It is the sugars and fats that blocks the liver uptake of amino acid which is required to burn fats, detox the body and control the sugar for example. Most amino acids are like that. DHEA and lecithin are the simpler ways of loosing some weight, and it is also true of alkalizing the body. I found that sometimes boron supplements (in form of borax) taken only 1/8 teaspoon in one liter of water and taking plenty of baking soda, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day, will also resulted in weight loss fairly quickly. The actions of boron has some ability to control metabolism as it is found in the parathyroid system, as well as raising some metabolic system I have noticed. Some people might be more sensitive and can take only once a week, some are more enthusiastic and take them 4 or 5 days out of a week. So I can't say what's the best, but one boron does cause some losses in appetite, but the same can be said for taking zinc gluconate supplements and certain amino acids such as L-phenylalanine, or even bee pollen taken as a food, either once a day or twice a day or whenever hunger pains are there seems to reduce appetite also.

Alkalizing effect of both baking soda and boron is causes more frequent bowel movement is probably why weight loss is seen since it stays less time in the body the body can therefore remove toxins faster.

In general, if my budget is limited in getting weight loss, I would rather concentrate myself on eating tuna salads, avoid cheese, take lecithin and baking soda. DHEA and alpha lipoic have helped me greatly.

There are certain mineral supplements that have shown the body to burn fats faster using sodium tungstate (which can be several hundred grams), and there are in fact many amino acids and protein supplements that cause weight loss. The issue is protein and amino acids increases muscle mass while reducing the fat, so while weight loss might be seen, a weight gain is possible from muscle mass as well from the higher protein from fishes. It is still important to get a good source of fishes relatively free of contaminants of course. In fact I quite often feed my dog with sardines to help weight loss and reduce the dog's constant hunger. Apparently fish diets triggers the brain to stop eating faster than a meat diet because the brain don't count calories, it counts the completeness of the amino acids. Amino acids get short cheated if sugar was added since the amino acid uptake is quite often reduced by 1/3 with the usual cafe diet or cafeteria diet and as a result people eat more.

being heavily touted here in the states as the new miracle supplement. And, what about oolong tea?

The only miracle weight loss thing I have seen is actually the human growth hormones and amino acid supplements. But HGH are like playing with fire, and they are way to expensive for a lot of people, including me. However amino acid supplements and high protein supplements from fishes, and vegetables and complex carbohydrates are affordable and more realistic.


If I forget any other questions, just email me!

Blocking Fat Absorption


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Usually when a person wishes to lose weight, my observation has been to avoid eating large meals after 5 p.m. The apple cider vinegar remedy is usually 2 tablespoons, plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, in 1/2 glass of water taken once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Personally my problems of overweight is an acidosis problem and hormonal problem. Generally fatty and oily foods tend to block normal hormones and this may create overweight, especially when normal human growth hormones are blocked by the oily food. Since the body generally have difficulty getting rid of oily foods, for me I take 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin x 2 times a day.

09/19/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: In addition to Ted's lecithin recommendation, try Chitosan. Chitosan is shellfish fiber, which is positively charged and fat molecules are negatively charged so it binds to fat in your digestive tract. Here is an academic (university) link regarding how Chitosan works. http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/psychology/health_psychology/chitosan.htm

Question About Carbs

04/10/2007: Lynn from Albuquerque, New Mexico: Besides sugar and wheat, you mention that one must cut carbohydrates to lose weight. By 'carbohydrates' I assume you do not mean fresh vegetables and fruits, even though they are technically carbs. So when you say 'carbs' are you referring to all grains? And what else?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lynn: Only simple carbohydrates and acid forming foods need to be avoided, not carbohydrates across the board. Check the glycemic index of foods below 50. The higher ones 51 to 100 should be avoided.

There are simple carbohydrates and there are complex carbohydrates as measured on a glycemic index. You won't avoid all carbohydrates, you merely be choosy about what kinds of carbohydrates. The ones to avoid are the simple carbohydrates.

In other words there are good carbohydrates and there are bad carbohydrates, just like good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol, good fats and bad fats. But the bad and the good is not black and white. For example you need a lot of minerals in balance, but obviously some minerals are toxic generally and should be avoided, such as mercury, cadmium, and lead.

On the glycemic index, you will generally choose those that have minimum effect on blood sugar. Therefore, the foods that have low glycemic index are desireable, since it needs a lot of time for the body to break them into simple sugars.

The ones that is most dangerous to us are the simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, fructose, glucose, for example. Those are high glycemic index which is between 51 to 100. Pure sugar is about 100. Therefore those that affect your blood sugar the most should be avoided. However for whole fruits there are some differences as their glycemic index could be low or high depending on the sugar content.

It is quite possible to actually loose weight just eating complex carbohydrates. There was a book out called "The Rice Diet" which was developed in 1939 and consisted basically of eating rice, low fat and low salt. Actually though, common table salt is acid forming. The pH is about 5, while sea salt is about 8. Taking too much sea salt and baking soda can lead to diarrhea. So sodium retention do not occur in any event when what you are taking has an alkalinity where its pH is 8 or above.

Asians have been eating rice for centuries and obesity is still low, until of course they switched to western fast food, such as fried chickens, french fries and avoided eating local dishes. Of course, some people are fat even when the were a child, but that may not be the genes either. Since baby vaccinations contains, besides mercury and aluminum, is the monosodium glutamate. In laboratory rats of weanlings, if you inject them with monosodium glutamate the rat will always be obese. So practically speaking, vaccination with MSG may cause obesity by destroying the appetite center in your brain, the hypothalamus, which they do and that's why there's food binge whenever you eat potato chips and other processed food. Most processed food have them and it helps with their sales and market share a lot. One of the best selling fast food, at least in Thailand is the fried chicken, and they also have the highest amounts of monosodium glutamate added. So to reduce weight, avoid all MSG food.

Fruit juices causes the blood sugar to go up quite fast, and should be avoided. When you take them, it causes the blood sugar to go up in spikes after you eat and this can readily be seen by urinary sugar using Brix, or on a microscope looking at the blood. If you do this, you will find that too much simple carbohydrates is not good, too much fats in general is not good, being the most important ones.

On the other hand whole fruits are high in fibers which luckily fibers act as buffers that causes the body to absorb sugar rather slowly and hence is acceptable depending on the sweetness or the sugar content of the fruits. Obviously, fruits that are less sweet such as guava, apples, for example are o.k. while fruits that are very sweet such as pineapples should be avoided. So in event you ate something sweet one easy tip is to drink plenty of water to dilute the sugar so the sugar spikes is minimized into your blood. How much water to drink to dilute them, for me is simple since I have a brix refractometer. However, if you don't have it, there is a way to calculate. The body has 20 grams of reserved sugar. A human has approximately 5 liters of blood. So the sugar concentration is about 20/5000 x 100 = 0.4%. To be fair, let's just say about 0.5% sugar concentration to keep things simple. This is only a ball park figure.

Therefore in event you are drinking coke with 10 grams of sugar, you need to drink about 2.5 liters of water so that body's blood sugar is not affected, or you walk for 7.5 minutes necessary to burn the 10 grams of sugar out. I would much prefer not to cause the body to spike the sugar, than burn them, it still causes havoc to the body. So a reasonable amount of sugar that I think is safe is when you add sufficient dilution to about 0.5% concentration, roughly speaking! If you are wondering about me, if I were to eat something sweet I will keep drinking the water until the sweet after taste or sweet tongue disappear to make sure the blood sugar is effected minimally. Therefore when eating don't horde, if you do, reducing weight is difficult because biochemical mess occurs everytime you eat. To prevent that, whenever you eat, drink plenty of water before, during and after. I can present all the calculations to determine how much water to drink at a meal, but I think this would merely confuse you. Just keep things simple first.

In general eating fruits along with vegetables will buffer the body or reduce the body to uptake sugar reducing the sugar spikes in the blood. Vegetable fibers kind of act like a sponge when the body tries to absorb sugar. It is the same when you add food thickeners to all your drinks to lower sugar uptake such as agar, apple pectin, gelatin, for example.

However, weight loss requires somewhat of a three dimensional chess. You need to avoid the high glycemic index food, but at the same time avoid acid forming foods being just as equally important. Acid forming foods do have high glycemic index, but acid forming foods are also are high in halogens, low on alkaline metals. One example is white flour. A good flour should be whole wheat flour, but still they are somewhat acid forming still.

Avoiding them, and strict dietary controls are obviously difficult, but you can avoid certain obvious ones, such as fried food, french fries, fried chicken, excess fats, cola, and fruit juices.

Also supplementing with baking soda, apple cider vinegar to further keep the pH in control are most important, at least for me. The second most important once the pH is in control is the drinking enough water and getting a good balance of electrolytes.

However in a weight loss, just concentrate on the basics:

1. Avoid sugar generally
2. Avoid fried food
3. Take baking soda and apple cider vinegar
4. Achieve the targeted urinary pH of 7.0
5. Drink plenty of water
6. Avoid all MSG food, which means processed foods, which obviously means fast foods.
7. Be careful of vaccinations with MSG added.

Doing those you should generally be sufficient. One other thing that helps is granulated powdered lecithin one tablespoon, and try to add food thickeners to protect changes in blood sugar spikes that generally occur after eating. The most important ones to consider are the sugars and the fats. There are others, but the topic here is beyond this email discussion.


Side Effects From Apple Cider Vinegar

03/04/2007: Pen from San Jose, Costa Rica: I came across this site and decided to try the ACV for weight loss. It's too soon to notice weight loss effects, I think. What I would like to ask about is a certain stomach discomfort that comes and goes. I don't know if it is because I'm taking too much of the ACV. I started off with teaspoons but then I thought I would take more so I started taking 3 Tbs 1 of honey. The night I took the 3 tablespoons I didn't feel a certain discomfort... I was in pain until I drank a glass of milk. Today I feel fine, except for the occasional discomfort which I have found subsides a little when I salivate and swallow more. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and add the baking soda. I'm confident, because of what I have read in this site, that it won't alter the effects of the ACV. I would like to get some information on this. Thank you very much for all the insight I've been able to find on this site. Pen

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The milk tends to neutralize the acid buildup of the ACV. You would get much better results just taking 2 tablespoons of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and then add about 1/2 glass of water. Allow the fizz to settle down, and often taken on an empty stomach 3 times a day or before meals by 1 or more hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Blood Type

01/11/2007: Shelly from Singapore: I have tried ACV for quite a while and like some readers, never lose any weight while my friends lose quite a bit. Then I read Eat Right for Your Type by Dr Dadamo and found out that ACV is only beneficial to those who are O blood type. I did some checking up and found that those who got results and benefited from taking ACV were all O blood types. No wonder it did not help me at all. I am an AB type.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Shelly: The problem about the theory of blood O groups being more fitted to eat meat, the A blood group are more fitted to eat vegetables, B blood group does well with dairy, while ABs maybe vegetables are fitted for possibly dairy and vegetables is based on the argument that our ancestors who were O blood group were primarily hunters who eat meat, while the ancestors of A group eat vegetables were adapted to do that is problematic. There is no link between blood group and a specific diet. The only link I can see is the supposition of what our ancestors was eating. If you do biological terrain and eat what is right type, the blood samples drawn 30 minutes will show you it's not working in practice. The blood once dried on a microscope slides will clump. The only way to allow the blood to exist in colloidal solution and not stick with each other is not to eat too much oily foods, regardless of the blood type. Fast food is hardly healthy even for blood O group or any other blood group. Can you tell me what blood group can eat french fries, cokes and hamburgers all day will be healthy?

The other argument is that it counters plain common sense. Most Western developed countries are of O group, but then most of them are fat from excessive meat consumption.

The people at least at earthclinic are primarily O group people anyway, yet I would eat 70%-80% green leafy vegetables and whole fruits to treat many strange conditions from candida to lupus to bird fever, for one reason: they are alkaline forming. Bacteria fungus, and viruses thrive in one environment: acid environments. Sea water are quite sterile and the world's sea water, is not a coincidence that its pH is between 7.5-8.5. If the sea water was within your urine of 5.5, I am sure it will be teeming with candida, fungus, bacteria and other deadly viruses. Most sewer water are usually acid and high in heavy metals.

The urine samples indicate that our diets is too acid forming with 90% of the people's urine pH is below normal, where the normal pH is between 6.5- 7.35. If the acid forming food exists, the kidney digest itself from too much acid and you get kidney disease. In fact my relative who was scheduled to get kidney removed had apparently gone into complete "remission" after taking 3000 mg of baking soda tablets (here we call it soda mint) for three days only.

Therefore, if you want something more basic than our ancestors than how about our first ancestors that existed for billions of years (instead of a couple of thousands on the ancestral argument) that first existed in sea water, where the pH of ancient sea water resembles our own blood at about 7.35? So it would seem that the best diet for all groups is alkalinity and sea salts rich with minerals straight from the sea.

As to the weight loss issue, just measure your urine pH it will tell a complete story. Your urine pH is quite likely below 7.0 (there is a near 100% probability). So raising your urinary pH from ACV AND baking soda to an optimal theoretical 7.35 would in fact reduce the weight by reducing the time it takes for the food to spend too much time in the stomach, reducing excess formation of harmful bacteria and excess sodium retention. Sodium is alkaline forming which is WHY, the body need to retain them, to stabilize the pH. If on the other hand taking more sodium but in the form of baking soda, and a pinch of potassium citrate would in fact lower the sodium retention since the bicarbonates level will displace the sodium so that the body doesn't need to retain them to stabilize the pH.

A much easier way is a good natural sea salt. The best ones are light brown and quite sweaty and those pH when mixed in water averages about pH of 8. If you think sea salt does nothing, it does, just go here:

SO it would seem the pH issue is more basic then just the blood type. Ted

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

12/04/2006: Maha from United Arab Emirates: hi ted, i read everything about ACV and the use of baking soda with it.. But what i'd like to know is it suitable for me for a weight loss as i tried every pills for weight loss and also i think i wont be able to have ACV alone without baking soda,as once i had plane lemon juice with half a glass of water i got terrible pain and felt burning sensation in my stomach. I also suffered from severe constipation and am scared to take anything that would further worsen my stomach. As to what detailed explanation you've given about ACV with B'soda, i think it will help me too?.M i rite?what do u suggest please help me.M fighting hard to lose weight but all in vain .I really feel sad about it.Also i've become very lazy to work.What do u suggest?.Should i go for it?.how long should i continue its use once am cured?.Is it also suitable for my mother as she's having terrible joint pain specially her knee?.is this safe for her or should she can just have ACV alone in food?.Her stomach is fine though. Please answer me .I'll be grateful to u. Maha

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Maha: You want weight loss?

First, stop eating all bread, white flour plus anything sweet. Never eat after 5.00 p.m. for at least 2 months. Now watch your weight go down. Drink 1/4 teaspoon of REAL sea salt in ONE liter of purified water. The sea salt I found was very alkaline forming, while table salt is very acid forming. If salt is acid forming, it causes weight gain.

once i had plain lemon juice with half a glass of water i got terrible pain and felt burning sensation in my stomach

Doing that will never work. You need to neutralize the acid with baking soda.

Also i've become very lazy to work.What do u suggest?

I get more diligent every time I take vitamin B5 500 mg, and B8 500 mg. They cause the body to produced its own adrenal hormones thus stopping the "burn out issues".

Is it also suitable for my mother as she's having terrible joint pain specially her knee?.

It is quite safe. But apply geranium oil to the joints EVERY 15 minutes for 8 applications, generously. Then take glucosamine sulfate. The pain will be substantially reduced. Sorry, not much time in explaining the theories behind all this. Ted

Dieting and Exercising Without Losing Weight

11/21/2006: Katherine from Longmont, CO: i really am desperate. I experience extreme pain during my period and am never normal after it or before the next one. i am stressed and depressed, angry, miserable, etc. i gain weight despite dieting and exercise. my face looks horrible! i eat organic foods and a lot of fish and take vitamins. not only are my periods hell on earth, but lately i've been dieting and exercising and losing absolutely nothing and if i eat literally one hundred calories more than normal, i gain and i gain up to 10 pounds before my cycle. can anyone help? please??? i am so desperate; it's no fun living like this. thank you for your time.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Katherine: First you need to stop with all sweets. This includes all fruit juices, including cranberry, apple juice, and sweet tasting fruits. One possible exception is apple cider vinegar.

Secondly you are going to have to modify the apple cider vinegar formula. Take 2 tablespoon and add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water. You can take twice a day. The other formula that is helpful is to take one whole freshly lemon and add baking soda until the fizz stops then add the water to 1/2 glass of water. You can add an extra baking sod for good measure. This is always better.

Third, avoid all foods that are fried foods.

The reason your body has uncontrollable weight is you need to control the pH and the ORP. Nearly all foods you eat, are oxidizing. Many vitamins and minerals don't work because it doesn't dissolve in your stomach within 15 minutes. You need to find vitamins and minerals either in liquid form or softgel capsules. The other problem is you need to avoid calcium. Take magnesium supplements instead. The body has problems metabolizing them.

Fourth, eat plenty of kelp or seaweed. This will raise the body's iodine level and increase the metabolism.

The above simple recommendation should normalize most biological parameter to normal.

The next step is to reduce your weight. To do this, take 200 mg. of alpha lipoic acid with about 5-10 mg of biotin, plus vitamin B complex everyday. Sometimes glycine supplements 2000 mg and 12.5 mg. of DHEA taken per day (as opposed to 25 mg) will help for certain people. However, you can take another safer better substitute that does almost the same thing as DHEA for weight loss: vitamin B5 (I prefer the panthenol kind, non-calcium, but I am sure you won't find easily either, so maybe a suitable substitute is in order) The vitamin B5, is preferred at 1500 mg/day. Glycine and niacinamide B3 (200 mg) increases the body's growth hormone and it taken during the night. Melatonin can also be taken during the night and some people may like it, but I prefer it be taken once a week, the bare minimum!

Finally for protein source of food, just stop eating meat and take it only once a week and eat fish instead.' Ted.


P.S. Your weight should be normalized in first month and the weight loss will be noticed on the second month following this simple recommendation. One important factor I forgot, in addition, do not forget to take zinc acetate/zinc chloride/zinc gluconate 25/day supplements three days per week as well as magnesium 250 mg/day also three days per week. They are necessary to get the body to normal. The chromium, vanadium and tungsten are important for sugar regulation and it helps if you can find it!

Skin on Stomach and Arms Loose From Weight Loss

11/20/2006: Lee from Palm Harbor, FL: Hi, I have a question that I haven't seen addressed, so I thought I would ask. Maybe some readers would have some suggestions on it. I have been going to the gym and dieting. In the last couple of months I have lost over 30lbs, still have another 50 to go. My problem is the skin on my stomach and arms are all loose and flabby now. I know it will take time for the skin to somewhat catch up to the weight loss, but I was was wondering what I can do to help it along. I have tried some creams and that, but have broken out in rashes from most of them. I am taking ACV three times a day as it is now. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lee, When you do exercises, it would seem like the fat was not replaced with the muscle buildup which may lower the flabby skin, or that the body becomes dehydrated. Whatever the condition, a quick weight loss as this one will cause the release of both heavy metals, and toxins buildup which the body have great difficulty in getting rid of as it is a fat soluble toxins. Heavy metals tend to be hydrophobic and also stays in fat cells. The liver therefore accumulates both metal and toxic oils, usually chemical compounds, as such your skin breaks out in rashes.

Apple cider vinegar will detoxify some toxins in many ways reducing some rashes, but you may need to take plenty of lecithin, a fat emulsifier to allow the body to rid itself of both heavy metals and toxic fat soluble chemicals easier. The preferred lecithin is granulated powdered lecithin, taken 3 times a day at one tablespoon on empty stomach, to help remove toxin buildup in the body. Some oral EDTA will help remove some heavy metals too. Do some oil pulling to help pull out the metals, but you need to add one drop of peppermint oil before doing oil pulling to help remove extra toxins.

Finally, most people who do exercise, in some cases, because of taking too much proteins, then taking some sodium bicarbonate with a little potassium bicarbonate (10%) will help alkalize the body as exercise tend to cause acid buildup from lactic acid. Therefore, take about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water three times a day or since you are already taking Apple cider vinegar, you can take 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to buffer the acid buildup. Taking some protein supplements to help build up muscles will reduce some flabby skins such as glycine, glutamine, and some vitamin B3. These three is known to increase the body's human growth hormone and may help build muscles. Creatinine may also help reduce the flabbiness as well. Always when taking B3 that you take the vitamin B complex.

The vitamin B5 pantothenic acid and B8 inositol, vitamin C sodium ascorbate will help improve the skin and hair and therefore may reduce some of the flabbiness by helping the body build thicker skin. Silicic acid, or oatmeal are rich in silicon and have been known to keep the skin thicker, thus reducing the flabbiness. Ted

Question About Apple Cider Vinegar Dosage

10/18/2006: Monika from Las Vegas, NV: I have been taking 2 tablespoons of acv 3 times a day since last 1 week as i am willing to lose weight but i am not losing weight. I will like to know should i continue taking the same strength of acv or i can increase the dose. As in some recipes they say 1/2 cup of acv can be consumed in a day. I will like to know, Mr Ted, if this is safe to be done. Also i wish to get pregnant and if continue to take acv during pregnancy is it safe to do so. I will be grateful if you can help me with my queries. Thanks a lot for your help. It is very nice of you to help people with there problems and will be grateful if you can solve mine problem as well as i am not happy with my obesity

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Monika: The best ways to reduce weight is usually not eating in the evening or before you sleep, but you can substitute this with a low calorie meal such as a salad. The second thing is to reduce sweet food in your diet by at least 50%.

ACV does reduce weight to a limited extent by dissolving some fats, but its limited ability necessitates me to recommend other food source to better emulsify and thus dissolve fat, which is the use of granulated powdered lecithin taken both on an empty stomach, 2-3 times a day with one tablespoon and taken along with food with one tablespoon too. To take more ACV, I prefer you add some baking soda to increase buffer the body and increase the eliminations by reduction of constipation and thus water retention. The new dose at near neutral pH, is 2 tablespoons of ACV plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. So if you want to increase to large dose, simply double each in similar portions and the body's pH and buffer should be affected the least with increased dose. Ted

100 Pounds Overweight, What to Do to Get Healthy

10/02/2006: Shirley from Kentucky: This is a question for Ted. Ted, I am 42 years old, over- weight,hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and was a heavy smoker. As of February8, 2006, I have quit smoking, but I have also added another 30 pounds to my5'10" frame. I'm at least 100 pounds overweight. I was always healthy until the birth of my son 13 years ago(they believe that is when my thyroids became the way they are. My question to you is: Where do I begin? How do become healthy again? I know I need to exercise, so I am planning my exercise routine, I know I need to take supplements, but what, and how many? I have NO energy, depressed have the time. I am on Synthroid meds,200mg. I take 2 tbls of ACV 3 times a day (Straight) no mixing. I want to thank everyone at this web sight. I love to read the work that is being done with natural cures. Thanks again.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Pregnancy often causes the mother to be deficiency in many nutrients. This is why a mother is very sick after having a child.

Overweight is usually due to hormonal imbalances. Which hormonal are causing the imbalances is another issue. However, before going into the hormonal route, you need to remove heavy metals, raise your body's antioxidants. Sure it sounds vague, but here is more specific plans:

1. Add 1/4 teaspoon of dead sea salts to one liter of water. It have some trace mineral that will correct whatever imbalances the body have.

2. ACV one tablespoon 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. This will correct buffers the body needs to achieve a pH balance.

3. Take some antioxidants, such as alpha lipoic acid 200 mg, biotin, vitamin B complex.

4. After taking the above for about 3 weeks, then try to correct hormonal imbalances, such as 12 mg/day of DHEA and see if it works for you. If not then try licorice extract, which have certain hormonal like qualities Evening Primrose can be taken on indefinitely and will correct some hormonal imbalances, usual dose is 1 -2 gram/day. Cod liver oil should help.

If the hormones are balanced, then weight loss should be helped. However some people experience weight loss just taking only ACV, and some after taking B5, but for me I got weight loss from taking DHEA and taking plenty of Alpha Lipoic Acid and biotin.

Lecithin is most important. Take one tablespoon along with every meal. It will remove the fats easier and I have seen weight loss, initially anyway. I have also experience weight loss from lecithin, alpha lipoic acid, DHEA, bee pollen, while taking B5 have given me energy levels higher. But some people energy levels get higher on just taking vitamin E also.

Heavy metals can block you weight loss program if you are already high in it. So take a urinary test for heavy metals. If it is there, a simple way to stop this is simply adding 1/4 teaspoon of EDTA per liter of water instead of putting in the dead sea sea salts.

How to lose weight does not work for everyone, and exercise is obviously true. However, raising your thyroid can be done by taking more organically available iodine as in kelp, zinc acetate 50 mg/day, and melatonin every night I have seen often causes weight loss, especially those who have difficulty sleeping.

One obvious ways to lose weight besides taking supplements is to do the fasting, on weekly basis, of course. Not to lose weight as an objective, but to detoxify the body. And by detoxification, you will in the end lose weight. Ted

Apple Cider Vinegar Question

09/28/2006: Meena from Lindley: I am taking 2TBLS of ACV three times a day with lime juice and a pinch of salt. I have been taking this for more than one week to reduce weight and for glowing complexion. But i have not noticed any change in my weight and skin. I will be grateful if you can help me and tell what i am doing wrong and should i continue with ACV?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Meena: I don't know what you are doing wrong. For one thing, you are taking lime juice with a pinch of salt. The other thing is you are taking ACV. Given that I am not really an avid ACV drinker in its pure form, your body's bicarbonates, potassium and magnesium levels may be low. Also, your level of antioxidants may be low. When taking lime juice properly, you should not use salt. You should use a large pinch or 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.

The most cheapest locally available magnesium that you can find at your drug store magnesium is magnesium hydroxide, in the form of "milk of magnesia". Often in sold in 450 cc bottles of 8 grams of magnesium hydroxide, while this is not that bioavailable and well absorbed, just take about 1/4 teaspoon of it in 1/2 glass of water and add about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.

Finally add some vitamin C (in sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid to raise your level of antioxidants). You can add ACV also if you want, to the mix but only 1/2 tablespoon to the mix. Just be careful of the bubbles as ACV tends to produce a lot of bubbles. I sometimes mix this in a pitcher. You may drink electrolyte water, which contains potassium only once a day. It takes an average of about one week to get your bicarbonates level up. Your body just simply have other problems which needs consideration because ACV don't have everything.

The common consideration that you need:
1. Level of antioxidant
2. Level of bicarbonates
3. Level of intracellular elements (magnesium and potassium are major candidates) ACV won't work if your body's antioxidant, bicarbonate and intracellular is insufficient. This is as simple as I can make it. Once the body is alkaline, the capillaries dilates, and therefore flushes out whatever obstructions causing it.

If you want better results then get a towel and apply ACV on your face every night. If this is too weak for you, then use plain old vinegar. At least it will remove toxins on the face too. If this doesn't work for you, assuming of course your complexion is not that good, is to consider oxygenation therapy, such as using a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% in a glass of water. This will not solve your weight problems using just ACV. It would be amazing if it does that, but if you just cover the three points, this raises your chances of reduced weight. These are just the common problems for most people.

Urinary and Saliva Ph Questions

07/31/2006: Clay from Nash, TN: I am concerned about acids and toxins. My wife, my sons, and I are overweight. We have changed our eating habits for the good over the past few months. we have begun a family exercise program that we do every night. My concern is acids and toxins. We all test at approx 5 on urine pH and around 6 or 7 for saliva pH. Could an unbalanced body be keeping us from losing weight.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The body needs to get the electrolyte and pH in order. Electrolyte means a balance magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorous and especially the baking soda! My experience is that, what keeps you from losing weight is that once the body gain weight from bad diet is that the body's hormones can no longer control your body. Scientist can reduce the potency for hormone in getting your body in equilibrium by adding fatty acids or oils into your body.

I have reduced weight to such an extent that I am normal, by doing some simple things. Take plenty of granulated lecithin along with your food. It will emulsify the oils and allow the body to reduce the oils, increasing the effectiveness of the body's hormones in managing your weight. Try 1 tablespoon along with every meal you take. Pectin taken at other times where you don't consume lecithin will block out body's absorption of oil. Most important is to try to take DHEA supplements. Don't take too much beyond one month, then you can take it by spacing them apart further. The DHEA I take is about 25 mg/day. It is also necessary to take vitamin B complex. The bright yellow urine comes from riboflavin B2, in case you are wondering. You must try to reduce the OILS IN YOUR FOOD. Oils is what is reducing the effectiveness of your body's hormones in weight control. Two more supplements you should take, alpha lipoic acid and biotin (usually it is in the B complex). I take about 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid. However, 100 mg should be o.k. 200 mg. might be too much for some people. Alpha lipoic is the antioxidant to the DHEA oxidant. DHEA reduces the weight and so does the alpha lipoic acid through different mechanisms. So it just balances out the ying and yang of it. Melatonin taken at night time is another one in case of sleeping problems and also an antioxidant.

Certain tips that helped me reduce weight: no MSG, no fructose, no corn syrup, no glucose, no dextrose, and finally sugar. Avoid sugars with fancy names and artificial sugar should be avoided like the plague. No bakery products, microwaved foods, no cakes, cookies, chocolates, etc.

Also do not eat after 6.00 or 7.00 p.m. The body tend to store them as fat.

No milk. They have hormones in them and will make you fat instead of the cow. They inject them into a cow to grow fat, but you ended up taking it also. Certain cow's hormones will make you fat. Therefore try to avoid cheese and all milk product. Soy milk is o.k. despite the anti-soy million dollar misinformation in U.S. The best is soy protein, they increase your HDL, and lower your LDL cholesterol. Drug companies that manipulate your cholesterol know that their biggest competitor is the simple soy protein.

You should notice a significantly reduced weight within a month following this simple advice. It is one of those things that scientist know for a long long time and the information is virtually unknown to the public. As to the oily foods, avoid vegetable oils and unsaturated fats. They get into your body and interfere with hormones ability to control your weight. Fructose, corn syrup and glucose does the same thing too. Chlorinated water blocks the actions of your thyroid by competing with iodine. Dechlorinate your water and take plenty of seaweed. Fluoridate water also causes hypothyroidism and decrease your body's metabolism. Defluoridate your water by adding a medium size pinch of borax per liter of water. Ted

12/30/2007: Sharon from OKC, OK replies: Response to Jacques in England..I would recommend she get checked for Candida (yeast) as well at gluten test..If they have LIVE BLOOD CELL TEST that can check for yeast& lots of other things and do either a stool or saliva test for gluten..of course as long as she hasnt been feeling well a GI doc should be able to do a colonoscopy and see if her small intestine is damaged from the gluten..worth a try..good luck..I'm still battling my condition as well..dont give up!!
09/25/2011: Emma from Utica, Ny replies: First of all I want to say that I love this website. Some of the remedies here are ones that my grandmother and mother have used and they work! I had a baby 4 months ago was 170 lb after birth came down to 140 lb and need to loose the 20 last pounds. I did two different very strict diets which helped. Then I read that with rapid wt loss, toxins are passed to the baby thru breast milk as im breastfeeding. can you give me any advice?
09/28/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Basically, any chelation agent that is used in extreme weight loss is for the common metals to be excreted by the body. Those that are responsible for our concerns (such as in the breast, urinary and fecal tracts) will contain high amounts of heavy metals. As the metals are chelated out of the body, the issue is not very serious as it is chelated metals and so it doesn't generally react with the body, but the concern is chemicals such as bisphenol A, and other hormonal like chemicals that are found in fat cells. As your body gets rapid weight loss, the fat cells get smaller and release these harmful chemicals (can even be carcinogens), and there is no agent that neutralizes this (mostly) but what we can do is neutralize a majority of these by oxidation. The hydrogen peroxide (3%) is one capful in a liter of drinking water, and use that say every other day, will neutralize this safely by alternating days, so we can go from oxidation one day (to neutralize) and antioxidant (for health purpose) that way. Basically our body can get rid of harmful chemicals mostly by making our internal body "soapy" with proper alkaline measures and that will get rid of it. The problem appears that if mother is alkaline in nature but the baby is acidic, these harmful chemicals will transfer to the baby, but if the baby is also alkaline, and the metals are properly chelated there's no concern.
06/21/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: Is organic dairy OK? Organic dairy doesn't have hormones added to the animals, no GMO feed, no antibiotics etc. I have cut way back on dairy but still eat organic yogurt.



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