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Last Modified on Oct 28, 2011

Wheat Germ and Blackstrap Molasses Details

10/28/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I have found your posts to be most insightful and have several queries which I hope you may be able to help me with. Firstly, regarding the type of wheat germ for curing grey hair: what form should the wheat germ be in? Should it be the granulated/powder type or the liquid capsule? It would be difficult to take 20 grams of the liquid capsule, and the granulated/powder type seems like it might be too little.

Secondly, the BSM: I have managed to find only one BSM at my local health food store. It does not list the copper content and when I contacted the manufacturer, they were not able to give a specific answer. Is there a test I could perform to measure how much copper is present? It would be a shame to discover after months of commitment that the product was deficient in copper.

Thirdly, can I mix the cocoa with the BSM? Please clarify. Thanks very much for your help.

09/30/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Wheat germ that is best is powdered or granulated, preferably without any capsules as it is more bio-available (there's no capsule to dissolve). Those liquid capsules might be in soybean oils and other oils, and that leads to further congestion of the liver. The granulated or powdered can be added to food, so it makes consuming it easier, without effecting bio-availability.

Other brands might provide you with that information for their nutritional sheet that has copper, if not chlorophyll bought commercially is copper chlorophyllin and that can be taken if you just want copper, and the other ones is left to BSM.


Dandruff, Scalp Odor, Painful Roots

10/15/2007: WH : Hi Ted, this is w_____, i am from pakistan.. i really need your help as i can't find anybody like you in our country.. here, people don't pay attention to ailments, they live with them and don't even bother to treat the disease.. i am writing this letter to you with a lot of hope.. i have been losing my hairs since i was 14.. now 1 am 27.. whenever i shampoo my hair it's like i am gonna shed all of my hair today.. they fall handfuls.. they keep growing and keep on falling but they have become very thin now.. i used to have very thick hair.. besides, i got a lot of dandruff on my scalp, which never disappears, my roots are very painful, my scalp odors and it gets oily after 12 hours of wash, if i don't wash my hair frequently i start falling my hair and roots become more weak and painful..other than that i have got eczema around my mouth which has become very frustrating for me.. i work 12 hours a day and work in the air-conditioned room, i think the air-conditioning has aggravated the eczema because i am applying steriods cream daily but it is not working.. i am really upset because all of this happening to me.. i have been to almost every dermatologist but nothing really worked.. i want you to please advise me and suggest me how to tackle with these problems of hairloss and eczema.. i would be very thankful to you...

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The condition of a dandruff problem in the scalp can usually be stopped through 25-50 mg of manganese sulfate, taken regularly for about 5 days out of a week. The evening primrose oil is taken for 1000 mg, and take that for about every other days. Vegetable oils in the diet and the use of cooking utensils high in metal may aggravate the condition. The oily scalp is sometimes (for me it is often) a sign of zinc deficiency. The zinc gluconate is often 50 mg. taken once every other day, and after two or three weeks, it is then taken once a week. In certain instances, borax dissolved in water, can be used as a hair wash, but not rinsed, left overnight to kill the fungus and mildew issue. The solution can be strengthened if added to a 1% H2O2 solution, and that is kept overnight and rinsed the next day. It's o.k.to towel dry it somewhat, but no rinsing. The borax and peroxide should kill the fungus.

The other issue of hair loss is the problem of collagen and copper and iron utilization which may reduce some free heavy metals, and the vitamin C sodium ascorbate or perhaps vitamin C rose hips 1000 mg x 2 times a day, for about 5 days out of a week should stop hair losses from getting to the extreme. At least it worked for me quite well. If I left anything else, it might be that I will have to increase my immunity and circulation of scalp by taking at least 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day.

However, I would much prefer to take a 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice, plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. The citrate reaction, reduces the serum calcium, which tends to clog body tissues, resulting in poor circulation. One additional remedy that may also help is to reduce certain fatty foods (rich foods with vegetable oils) and sugar, while taking 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin a day.

Hopefully this should solve some of the cause. The others that I have not covered but may be relevant are molybdenum (anti-fungal), lack of iodine, and the nasty habit of eating cassava derived foods, which causes iodine deficiency since it is rich in thiocyanate, and hence can result in other symptoms, of lowered immunity resulting in hair loss too.

06/28/2008: Mario from Chihuahua, Mexico replies: Ted from Bangkok, I have seen native people in Mexico that at the age of 70 barely have gray hair the, I agree that our diets have something to do with our health, but I do not think that these people have a good diet. Could you send a photo of people before and after? Regards

Reducing Irritable Bowel Syndrome Bloating?

07/31/2007: Paul : Hi Ted.....Paul here again...Durham, England.......I havent found a thing to better the flavour of the brewers yeast...Boy ,it tastes Foul! though im percervering! Any ideae on this? im currently taking it on bran flakes and milk.....Also any good ideas for reducing irritable bowel syndrom bloating? Best wishes...

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: To best handle gray hair, I would likely to concentrate on vitamin C (plenty of them, it might at the time I wasn't measuring the exact dose, but it appears to be something closer to 1000 mg 4 times or 5 times a day, along with 4 times a week vitamin B complex. Cocoa and manganese is the other things, as well as the black strap molasses. I was taking lots of vitamin C at the time, it seems people here don't like my gray hair. That gave me an extra incentive to take more too. However where I live the water here has a very high copper contaminants which also helped as the vitamin C increases copper bioavailability. However other people may not be lucky so cocoa appears to have the copper. The reason why black strap molasses can restore gray hair in some cases is the copper and manganese.

Therefore, brewer's yeast don't need to be taken as often, since they are supportive of gray hair. The other things, are more important.

As to the brewer's yeast, the ones I used are debittered so it should not taste foul. In case it is a problem, I might just add some small amount of honey into the brewer's yeast.

While I don't know how widespread gray hairs are due to fungus. I do know that fungus, seems to eat the melanin and cause gray hair. Therefore a constant shampooing or my leaving borax solution overnight might also help, if of course they have fungal in origins. Interestingly, vitamin C also have antifungal properties, but then so does copper as well.

12/26/2012: Vince from Toronto, Ont replies: regarding the use of vitamin C I assume that it impacts histidine which is implicated in both hair pigmentation and allergies. So food allergies, leaky gut, might be something that increases gray hair.

Family with Premature Grey Hair

07/19/2007: R : Ted our family suffer from premature grey hair. My daughter is only 13 yrs and have a few. I have tried few things but it hasn't reversed the grey. I make fresh juice and add BSM in it. I have also been reading about ACV and the benefits. How can I combine it all so I can help them to reverse the greys. Also my husband is Thaleseamic. Should he be having BSM. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. I am desperate to cure my daughters hair. regards

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: How can I combine it all so I can help them to reverse the greys.

Just add one tablespoon to 2 tablespoon ACV and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda remedy, but when adding them together, I would much prefer to increase the 1/2 glass of water to about 1 glass of water to further dilute them to minimize the concentration so that it it minimizes negatively effect the blood sugar. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg in an adult dosage (or rose hips) can be taken anytime. A child dosage is proportionately taken less based on a weight of the child. So if the child's weight is 1/2 of an adult for example, the dose is halved.

Also my husband is Thaleseamic. Should he be having BSM.

For me the condition would be best if some simple chelation of iron, where green tea unsugared, no milk, no fructose is taken about twice a day.

Gray hairs are usually helped with vitamin C and vitamin B complex. Therefore vitamin b complex should be taken at least 3-4 times out of a week while vitamin C sodium ascorbate is taken about 5 days out a week.

There may be other minerals that caused gray hairs such as lowered antioxidant levels of vitamin E, molybdenum (yes it's an antioxidant), and zinc (which is also an antioxidant).

Manganese and copper are the common minerals I see missing due to gray hair. But some people who do hair mineral analysis I see other mineral missing just as well in addition to copper, molybdenum and manganese, such as magnesium, lithium, boron and iodine.

Of course, if someone was really serious about gray hair, a more complete hair mineral analysis should reveal others too, since the cases of people providing those information are few so and research are extensive, but not many is posting those key information that i would like to see.

Most of the problems about supplementation is that the minerals are poorly absorbed in a great majority of people (more like 80%!) after taking it for a full year. The reason is the supplements don't dissolve in a glass of water within 15 minutes. Therefore, it is generally helpful to grind them to powder and mixed them in a water. Manganese is a strange one where it is best taken on an empty stomach, and the body's vitamin C level should relatively be high in aid in manganese, iron and copper utilization, or its bioavailability.

11/01/2008: Andiatmika Manuaba from Bali, Indonesia replies: apple cider vinegar, dear ted..i really confused about the vitamin c sodium ascorbate and vitamin c calcium ascorbate, i coud'nt find vit c with sodium ascorbate in my place, can i use the vit c calcium ascorbate, they say the calcium ascorbate are more save in the stomach.please let me know. thanks
11/02/2008: Mark from The Woodlands, Texas, USA replies: I have had a reversal of graying hair in the last two months. The only thing I have changed is taking 5 to 8 grams of Allergy-C Caps (a buffered Vitamin C from Sago Palm - ea tablet 1500g C + 100g Calcium + 50g Magnesium). My life stress level is higher so it has to be the supplements.

Question Regarding Bsm

05/05/2007: Camara from Washington, DC: Regarding BSM, some people commented that the Copper in BSM is what causes gray hair to return to its natural color. I purchased Plantation brand BSM, but the Nutritional information on the bottle lists Copper as 0%. Should I try and find another brand that has Copper in it or is this a misnomer?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Camara: Copper and Manganese are two most important element to getting hair color back. It is best to find the black strap molasses with at least copper and manganese, as being a standard. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate helps bioavailbility and absorption of vitamin C too."

How Long for Results?

05/01/2007: Larry : Hello, Finally a cure for graying hair. Hello and how are you. I have been taking blackstrap molasses for about a week so my email may be a little early. I would like to say that in a week my feet are looking revitalized as well as my hands. It does seem to be doing something. I am 40 either it's my imagination or I am beginning to look a little fresher. I take a spoonful in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. Since this seems to be the bodies medicine that I know I am on the right track. What I want to find out is will the molasses turn all hair back to it's original color I'm speaking of mustache as well and facial hair also? How long should I take it before I realistically see some results?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Larry: It takes about 3 months for the colors to start coming but or at least be noticeable, and yes 1 spoonfuls x 2 times a day is the dose. Generally it will take more than a year to get all the colors black. Still, I won't generally recommend blackstrap molasses for diabetes, but it seems to work quite well for most people.

Ingredients for Cure of Gray Hairs

04/02/2007: Hi, i am a 30 year old male and have a lot of gray hair .i got hold of the earthclinic site and read about black strap molasses,brewers' yeast and wheat germ that if taken together they can reverse the greying to it's original color.i live in virginia USA and was wondering where can i get all three of them and how to take them daily in what dose? i'd appreciate if you reply back with the info.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A reasonable dose for black strap molasses is about two teaspoons, with plenty of water. Brewer's yeast about 10 grams/day, wheat germ about any amount, but minimum is about 20 grams.

It is important that sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg x 3 times a day is taken. It takes about 3 months to notice clear improvement. Vitamin B complex is taken too, but I think once or twice a week is more ideal.

Two or three tablespoon Cocoa powder mixed in drinks is helpful and should be taken everyday as it is high in copper and vitamin C will help its absorption. To prevent imbalances of copper and zinc taking 50 mg zinc gluconate once every two weeks should be sufficient.

I have as yet to perfect this, but then my white and gray hair are barely visible now. Bangkok the drinking water is quite high in copper, so merely taking vitamin C would do the trick, but in other areas cocoa may need to be added.

08/13/2008: Marsha from Bangkok, Thailand replies: hey, am from bangkok, i would like to know where i can get all that ingrident, i had been asking BLACK STRAP MORASSESS, most of the pharmacy in bangkok they had no idea:(pls someone guide me where to get all that
04/28/2013: Narinja from Kaunas, Lithuania replies: I have a question about the amount of Brewer' s Yeast dosage. I bought it and it is 500 mg each tablet, do I really have to take 20 tablets per day totally 10 grams to have any effect for reversing gray hair? And for how long it should be done?
04/29/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: There are some warning with using brewers yeast because of purines>>> kidney and gout >>>> some things of that nature....anyway

I know two people with copper toxicity whose hair does not grey and they are over 60 with dark hair. Too much copper is not good but try a multi mineral with trace minerals and a good multi vitamin supplement to get rid of the grey and also some hormone imbalances or absorbtion disorders cause grey

Causes for Why Gray Hair at Young Age?

01/31/2007: Carly from Windsor, NH: Hi, I have been reading all the information about taking blackstrap molasses along with wheat germ & brewers yeast to help turn gray hair back to original color. I too am way too young for gray hair. I just turned 29 and I have tons of gray underneath & it keeps coming to the surface. My siblings also have gray hair at such a young age(none of us are even 30 yet) What does cause gray so young? We are all frustrated to the hilt with having to deal with this. I think everything is just a scam and makes people go crazy so just do what everybody starts doing once the gray starts coming.... start going to Miss Clairol, that will help a whole lot better than having to use all these things and just hoping that it will work a miracle. C'mon, its just normal food.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Carly: Wheat germ, molasses, and brewers yeast (vitamin B13) are classic home remedies for gray hair, but so is fulvic acid, sodium ascorbate and manganese.

The cause of gray hair is a deficiency of certain vitamin B complex, along with B13 from brewer's yeast, manganese and vitamin C.

A much simpler remedy is sodium ascorbate vitamin C, which helps the body increase manganese absorption and taking vitamin B complex as a supportive measures works. Just remember, 10 years ago, I had gray hairs and I am now 49 years old and now hardly have any gray hairs. No secret. Just taking plenty of sodium ascorbate, vitamin B complex and manganese when I need too. My personal theory is that dogs don't get gray hairs like human because their liver can produce as much vitamin C as they want. Besides, most people I know with premature gray hair hardly eat any fruits either. Gray hair doesn't run in the family, I think it is the bad diets that does.

How Long for Results?

Larry : Oh one last question will this also thicken hair?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: No, black molasses will not thicken the hair. But if you want normal hair to come back some sodium ascorbate vitamin C helps. The thicker hair is helped with 5 mg of biotin, 200 mg of vitamin B5 and 200 mg of B8, for example. Whey protein may also help with the hair by at least giving the hair the needed protein for growth.
01/08/2011: Janhavi M from India, Bangalore replies: Hi Ted, I am 36 and I had grey hairs from early age. Now I have nearly 80% grey hair, I have started taking the following. Could you pls let me know the dosages are correct? Thanks for your valuable postings.

1) 1 tablespoon(20-25 ml) of BSM
2) vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg, 3 times a day
3) 50 mg zinc gluconate tables, 1 time a day
4) Vitamin B complex, I am not sure of the dosage of this, pls advice.
5) I try to take 2/3 tablespoon cocoa powder once in a week

Thanks, Janhavi

01/23/2011: Kishore from Sandton, Gt replies: Black Lustrous Hair

Treatment One tablespoon (20-25 ml) of Black Strap Molasses

One tablespoon Brewer's Yeast with One Litre Yogurt

Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg, 3 times a day

50 mg zinc gluconate tables, 1 time a day

Vitamin B complex, Four times a week Two/Three tablespoon

Cocoa powder once in a week

Wheat Germ, about any amount

Whey Protein, About any amount



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