HIV and AIDS Natural Treatments

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Olive Leaf Extract, Vitamin C   1  0   

Posted by Ricky (Sunshine Coast, Australia) on 08/07/2008

[YEA]  Hi All,
Im a 36yr old male. I have hiv which i am controlling happily with wholistic medicine only NO DRUGS ! for 9 years now. Overall im really healthy and have no major problems. I suffer from really bad staph infection and boils which i also keep under control using olive leaf extract in capsule form(not liquid) and vitamin c in large doses. I recently noticed 2 warts around my anus which became really painfull and started to bleed every time i went to the toilet. I have been using detol antiseptic lotion in the shower and noticed that it helped to bring them down alot. They have started to come back so I am really keen to try the ACV treatment. Will keep you posted to how it works but after reading everyone elses comments have great faith it will work. Thanks all for your feedback, its so good to hear that another NATURAL cure is working so much better than the pharmacutical rubbish they over charge us for. Happy health and life to all of you.

EC: Ricky is referring to the Apple Cider Vinegar for Genital Warts popular cure...

Replied by Alan
Tampa, FL
Thank you for your posting, which in large part equates to hope for many.
Replied by Tinpotman
Stockholm, Sweden
Dear Ricky

I read your post with interest because I have the same 3 challenges as you: HIV, boils, anal warts. I'm recently diagnosed, and would appreciate the chance to ask you more questions or to keep in touch. Willing?

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Posted by Marie (San Diego, Ca) on 02/29/2012

First, the good news: I have used Proalgazyme for over five months and have had some very promising results. I am HIV positive and have seen my T-cell count improve by over 50% - my doctor was curious as to what I was taking and I told him and he was quite surprised. I have monitored my CD4 count for some time and so I am confident the upswing was due to the Proalgazyme, not to mention the fact I am feeling better. Now the bad news: You can't get the product anymore. I am frustrated as this was something that really worked and am wondering if the case if that it worked so well the manufacturer was told to "take it off the market". I have no idea, but the more you look inot it the more it seems this stuff really works. Proalgazyme (also know as Kardiazyme or Liquid MD) is based on what seems to be a pretty basic idea and product. It is a type of "algae water" that has some published research indicating it can be used to treat a number of ailments. Here is one study:

A number of health blogs have people stating they have successfully used it for HIV to Herpes, and have also used it for cardiovascualr health including maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. I discovered this product when looking for alternatives to pharmaceutical HIV medications. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now and disappointed to say the least that I can no longer get the product. Here's the link for the information on the patent:

Hopefully this will help others find out more about theis product and get it back on the market.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
I noticed a news report on this a while back with some testimonials. It showed the lab with simple acquarium like tanks. It looks like an easy home remedy if only one can uncover the method and species of algae. They were charging a ridiculous amount for it as well and I believe multi level marketing which I don't feel should be supported.
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Isn't it interesting that the widely promoted and side-effect prone statins are constantly pushed on people, even with a questionable success rate of between 1-2%(one or two heart attacks will be prevented out of 100 people with high cholesterol taking the statins), while other more promising natural products with zero side effects are taken off the market? I have seen the heart association collecting to prevent heart disease for over 50 years, and if I had a heart attack tomorrow, I would essentially be offered the same path (angioplasty or bypass surgery with statins) that were offered to my parents thirty years ago. I think something is rotten in Denmark and I wonder how much longer we should be expected to accept this?

Posted by Rob (Manhattan, New York) on 06/30/2011

it would be nice to get more feedback on proalgazyme other than these few testimonials, but it looks interesting. What I find frustrating is that if these companies were more interested in saving lives than making a profit they would/ & should be less secretive about their methods.. And not charge a bundle $50 for 8 day supply.. (the price seems to be climging as it gets more popular)... It is just algae water after all and I am sure if the culture and recipe were revealed we could all do it at home... Just a matter of time I hope that someone reveals this information. Here is the company site...

and an independent review from Huffington Post.

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Posted by Acrane (Stonewall, Ms, Usa) on 03/21/2012

While doing research for a book I am writing, I came across a research paper written by two doctors who had been working in Africa treating aids patients and researching the effectiveness of different treatments. During there research and travels around Africa that found that some areas of Africa had little or no HIV/Aids. They started doing a little research to find out what was keeping these people from getting aids or Hiv. They finally discovered that the only real difference between these communities was that the village with the lower HIV/Aids cases had a larger amount of selenium in their soil.

They started giving the aids patients selenium supplements and found that the production of the aids virus was stopped while they were on this supplement. When taken off the selenium the aids/hiv came back immediately. Although this paper was presented in Britian, only a small blurb was mentioned in the American Medical Associations publications, it said that selenium had been found to be helpful, in conjunction with other treatments of aids. One of the Doctors was Professor W. J. Serfontein who lives in Africa. Doctor Harold Foster who lives in Canada has done trials and his information is easily found on the web. So, If you are HIV or have Aids go buy you a cheap bottle of Selenium and start taking it.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
... And if those overpopulations are deficient in Selenium, it's almost a certainty that they are also deficient in many other minerals as well as vitamins. Which throws the entire HIV/AIDS treatment protocols in the direction of PREVENTION, not "treatment". Throw some clean drinking water and living conditions in there also and what do you get??? Low HIV/AIDS rates. Of course I may be stating the obvious, but personal, social, economic, and political factors also jump into the arena and blur the truth of this fundamentally complex illness into the gray, subjective, and speculative where it all ends up in a whatever. It's anybody's call and the battle between the separate schools of thought and theory wage on in their endless dualisms. No consensus, finality, no authority, no "cure".
Replied by Grzbear
Phoenix, Az
One can find specific chronic diseases and illnesses prevalent in areas that have too much, or too little of specific nutrients causing deficiencies, excesses and imbalances. We can also add to that, any number of specific environmental pollutants, that cause metabolic disruptions, such as those contributing to obesity in the U.S. and other rising industrial nations. Science has known this for a very long time... medicine ignores it.
Replied by Dud
Up The Creek In, Wv, Usa
In reply to : 03/21/2012: Acrane from Stonewall, Ms, Usa: "While doing research for a book I am writing........ "

Acrane; in your aids research; did you find out what happened to a William A. Lamb, who wrote a book on how he cure himself of aids with vitamins and ultra-violet lite?..... Rumor has it that he died in 1996, but I can find no information to confirm that.

To test his cure: In 1995 he proposed to be a test subject, who would be injected with aids serum, then cure himself a 2nd time. But he fell off the face of the internet in late 1995 and was not heard from again. Even other persons ceased bringing up his name, or his cure. There now seems to exist a William A. Lamb blackout in the aids community.

Do you know what happened to William A. Lamb? Was he assassinated? Is he still alive? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Maembe
Where to get these selenium supplement in Tanzania?
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Maembe, if you can find Brazil Nuts (Coco de Brazil) in your country, 1 or 2 a day will give you all the selenium you might need.

Posted by Alice (Stonewall, MS) on 02/28/2009

Selenium Stops Aids Virus from Replicating

Prof Harold Foster of the University of Victoria in Canada as well as research by scientist in Africa, etc. has proven a direct connection between depleted selenium, three amino acids, and Aids. LINK:

Foster is currently treating dozens of HIV/AIDS patients in Africa using a protocol of the four nutrients - selenium, cysteine, glutamine and tryptophan. He says that the treatment of HIV/AIDS with nutrition is similar to "curing" type-1 diabetes with insulin. When high doses of all four nutrients are administered to patients, deficiencies dissolve, as do the symptoms associated with AIDS. Patients have been able to return to work within one month of receiving nutritional treatments. Treating primary nutritional deficiencies with selenium and essential amino acids costs approximately $10-$15.

Science Daily Nov. 29, 2008 article states the same, citing a blockage of the viruses ability to replicate.

It was stated if you are HIV Positive, the addition of these supplements to your diet could prevent you from developing Aids.

There are many research articles. This information has been published in an AMA Medical Journal.

You can find out more by doing a search on Selenium +Aids.

Stem Cell Therapy   1  0   

Posted by Richard (West Hollywood, California) on 08/23/2012

[YEA]  Hi all! Regarding Stem Cells. I did in Feb 2010.

I have medication related neuropathy for over ten years. So I found a clinic in Pheonix Az. from Dr. Peace.The basic cost was 5k, plus 2,000 more for injections in my feet and nasal (for my tinnitus). Sadly the minor relief in my feet was short lived. No releif on the Tinnitus.

HOWEVER I did get an unexpected benefit. I've had HIV for over 20 years with T cells in the 300 range. My first blood test showed and increase to over 500. The last count in April came in at 820! While I was thrilled to have higher t count, that's not why I paid 7K. My t-count was not why I did it. It did not work for my neuropathy or tinnitus....

FYI: I just started ACV (again-3day) so far not much change.

Best wishes! Richard

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 01/11/2011 | 1022 Posts

I've discovered some interesting research by Dr Harry Foster Phd (not a Dr of medicine or drugs), who describes himself simply as a 'geographical researcher'. What he has done is to first look at areas or regions in the world where there is a high prevalence of HIV AIDS and compares it to another equivalent demographic region with a low prevalence of AIDS. Then he looks for differences in soil, food, diet and water regarding minerals, vitamins and amino acids in the diet.

Here is a link to an interview by Dr Foster:

In this way he has discovered that diets which contain high amounts of Selenium and amino acids -- glucosamine, cysteine and tryptophan -- helps to prevent/cure HIV AIDS.

All his theories are well backed up by research, as well as on-going research trials in Africa, in a book he has written called "What Really Causes HIV AIDS" which is a free PDF download from here:

Dr Foster also mentions in the book that taking the correct amounts of Selenium, Glucosamine, Tryptophan and Cysteine will also work against defeating similar viruses like Hepatitis B and C, Cocksackie C, HIV-1 and HIV-2.

Dr Foster has also written other books where the research has been handled from the same dietary demographics perspective. These are "What Really Causes Schizophrenia", "What Really Causes Alzheimers" and "What Really Causes Multiple Sclerosis". I'm still reading these, will report back on them later...

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines
The interview transcript link for Dr Foster is incorrect. Here is the proper link:

I was rushed and was trying to multi-task at the time... LOL. With apologies.

Replied by Otterley
West Palm Beach, Fl, Usa
My Current Regimen

Planetary Formulas Andrographis Full Spectrum: 400mg 3x's a day
Vitamin C: 1000mg (2-stage, timed release) 2x's a day
ROEX Oleuropein: 1 gram in a. M. , 500mg middle of day, 500mg @ night
Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder: 3 grams 2x's a day
Jarrow Formulas N-A-C sustain: 600mg 2x's a day
Vitamin Shoppe Liquid Vitamin D3: 5000IU 1x a day
Olive Leaf

Since being off med's I've tried many different supplements. And the one supplement that I can say has truly worked is Olive Leaf. I've changed my regimen many times, but have never taken out Olive Leaf. I've used OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) along with other natural supplements that claim to have antiviral qualities, and seems I can never get my viral below 29, 000. But keep in mind OLE brought my viral load down from 200, 000 to the lowest of 29, 000. And has kept it around that for 4 years now. So that shows it does work... If you were to read up on the benefits of OLE for HIV, you would see that HIV can not become resistant because of the manner in which it works. And not only can OLE reduce your viral load, it has also been shown to boost the immune system. But with using OLE, you need to make sure you buy a brand yielding 17% to 23% pharmaceutical grade Oleuropein. 17% to 23% is the highest I've come across.

IP6 with Inisitol
I recently found another supplement that has made a significant impact on my T-cell count. Between July 2010 & April 2011 my T-cell count dropped from 850 to 599. I began to panic and started researching. I then came across an ultra strength powder form of Cell Forte's IP-6 & Inositol. I had used IP-6 & Inositol in the past, but in a lower dose pill form. So, on April 21, 2011 I began using Cell Forte IP-6 & Inositol Ultra Strength Powder. On June 20, 2011 I went for my lab work and found my T-cells went from 599 to 845. I was ecstatic! ... So I'll be keeping IP-6 with Inositol in my regimen and hope that my numbers from my lab work was not just a fluke.

(Sambiloto/Andrographis Paniculata). I was real surprised after Googling so much these past years I had never ran across it. After researching more on it I became very excited.. One article I had found stated: "Sambiloto was shown in a laboratory testing in California, USA to be effective in preventing HIV virus from reproducing. In 2000 work with human volunteers in Washington USA showed that the bodies natural defense mechanisms were enhanced when Sambiloto was administered, in the absence of the retroviral drugs usually used in HIV patients. The patients showed no increase in HIV virus during the trial, indicating that the virus was unable to multiply. More research is continuing, but we believe, in line with the antiviral benefits that Sambiloto has shown in trials and over hundreds of years in traditional medicine records, that it will prove to be a valuable inclusion in the fight against AIDS. "

Moving on to the N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) supplement. My alternative medicine doctor had put me on it for oxidative stress. "Oxidative stress has emerged in recent years as a suspected component in the pathogenesis of HIV disease. ". Make sure you read up on NAC, it seems to be very important. And has been shown to be immune enhancing as well as suppress HIV replication.

Vitamin C
Well, this one is a given.. I think vitamin C is the 1st thing we think of when wanting to boosting the immune. But if you were to read on what effect vitamin C has on HIV, it's pretty interesting. In high dosages (more than what can be taken orally) it's been shown to kill HIV.. Well, in too high doses you get Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, indigestion, Intestinal cramps, Flushing (redness of the skin), Diarrhea, etc... Fun! Fun! ~ So since we won't be having none of that, I only take it to keep the immune up. At the moment I'm taking C in capsule form. But I would say if your positive, to take Buffered Vitamin C Powder (my opinion). Buffered C allows a much higher dose in an easier manner. I'd rather drink a 6oz cup of vitamin C than swallow 4 capsules... I'll be switching back to buffered powder once I finish my bottle of capsule form.

Vitamin D
My doctor had checked my vitamin D levels 8 months back & found I was a bit low. So I started taking it in liquid drop form. I was told it takes a while to build up in your system. And I guess that's true, because it took up til' now for me to reach a normal level. They're really focusing on vitamin D right now. Every doctor I've gone to ask's if I'm taking a D supplement. And you see commercials pushing it as well. Seems vitamin D does many things. It regulates calcium and phosphorus, is essential to a healthy immune system, a potent anti-inflammatory, helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps lower blood pressure, and benefits, or helps prevent a huge list of diseases...

I pretty much take a multivitamin to make sure I'm getting all of my vitamins and minerals. But I make sure the multivitamin I am taking has at least 200mcg of Selenium and good percentage of Beta Carotene. A few years back I took a Vitamin Deficiency Test and found I was low in Selenium, Beta-Carotene, and B-12. The test then told me the proper daily dosage to take of each supplement to correct the deficiency. It just so happens Selenium & B-12 are two major ones HIV positive people are deficient in. I highly suggest getting a Vitamin Deficiency Test...

Ted's Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) | 685 Posts

It is not legal to sell these herbs (Immuno QR) which is why the formula was given at this website as the makers of herbal medicine is prevented from selling them by the authorities. However many herbs you can find them locally. Some that are not found that are also antiviral includes, clove oil, oregano, thyme oil, and most importantly tea tree oil. Pine oil is a possibility. Lavender also have some antiviral property and you can always apply on the skin as it is absorbed transdermally.

Additional herbs/supplements:

First, take lots of selenium supplements, or Brazil nuts as they contain selenium.

Secondly, take N-Acetyl-Cysteine in the order of 2000 mg. per day. It has been shown that AIDS patient can extend their life at least 2 more years with this supplement.

Third make a solution of Apple cider mix in about 25% of H2O2. Take 2 tablespoon mixed with water - say 1/2 glass for example. Increase the dosage if you have no problems taking large dose, but do it every 2 hours until the symptoms are gone.

Fourthly, take the recommended dose of Germanium Sesquioxide.

Fifth, eat fresh olive leaf (fresh) as your salads as part of your diet. Olive leaf is strongly antiviral and perhaps the most strongest antiviral properties known.

These are the basics of an emergency relief for AIDS. If you have aloe vera oil then take about 1-2 tablespoon with each meal or mix them in your salads.

Finally, when you take baths, try soaking your body in vinegar (mixed them with some H2O2 3%, but don't use them pure. Mixed them with water. Find appropriate dilutions yourself say 25% in water for example.

An interesting information is that people with AIDS have a dead viral AIDS protein in their urine which is sometimes used in certain places as vaccines against the virus.

AIDS virus have a cloaking protein which I think can be exposed or dissolved with use of vinegar (major component is malic acid and acetic acid). But vinegar alone is not enough as you should mix them with H2O2. Apple seeds and apricot seeds contains many antiviral chemicals including, laetrile, etc.

Oxygen therapy is valuable when you have AIDS and this will also buy you enough time. Maximum H2O2 dose concentration in water is about 0.5% do not exceed beyond this when using peroxide therapy.

To get this regimen to be successful it is necessary to continue even when virus no longer exists and continue them for at least 6 months.

Some people reported that very weak HCl plus EDTA and vinegar is of some benefit, but this is for your information only. EDTA for some reason have an ability to dissolve AIDS proteins also. The use of tetrosilver tetraoxide given intravenously have been reported to be cured of AIDS also - in one dose!

Take lots of dark cocoa drink to soothe your condition. Cocoa, spinach, parsley are very high in potassium oxalates which are strongly antiviral or colloidal silver with a couple of drops of H2O2, and allow 3 days for reaction. Take a lot of it. There is a documented cure on tetrosilver tetraoxide with one single IV drip in killing of the AIDS.

Ozone, hyperbaric and H2O2.

Go here:

You can buy lots of time with MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) and N-acetylcysteine. Also vitamin D3, or D4 at 50,000 I.U. per day. It prevents atrophy of the body and raises the immune syste, Of course I am not telling you to take it. I am just telling you what it does.

Some patents on tetrasilver tetroxide. Colloidal silver with 0.5% H2O2 is a great alternative.

Studies showed that genetically modified foods (processed foods, soy milk, corn products) are deadly for people with virus conditions. So avoid G.M. and margarine and eat lots of real raw butter as it contains some immune enhancing effects against your

Take a lot of brazil nuts, if you cannot find selenium supplements. Kelp, limu, aloe vera oil, are very helpful.

United States Patent 5,676,977
Antelman October 14, 1997
Method of curing AIDS with tetrasilver tetroxide
molecular crystal devices


The diamagnetic semiconducting molecular crystaltetrasilver tetroxide (Ag.sub.4 O.sub.4) is utilized for destroying the AIDS virus, destroying AIDS synergistic pathogens and immunity suppressing moieties (ISM) in humans. A single intravenous injection of the devices is all that is required for efficacy at levels of about 40 PPM of human blood. The device molecular crystal contains two mono and two trivalent silver ions capable of "firing" electrons capable of electrocuting the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. When administered into the bloodstream, the device electrons will be triggered by pathogens, a proliferating virus and ISM, and when fired will simultaneously trigger a redox chelation mechanism resulting in divalent silver moieties which chelate and bind active sites of the entities destroying them. The devices are completely non-toxic. However, they put stress on the liver causing hepatomegaly, but there is no loss of liver function.

Inventors: Antelman; Marvin S. (Rehovot, IL)
Assignee: Antelman Technologies Ltd. (Providence, RI)
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This application is a continuation-in-part of patent application Ser. No. 08/310,859 filed Sep. 22, 1994, now abandoned Claims

What is claimed is:

1. A method of treating AIDS-afflicted humans comprising injecting a multitude of tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystals into the bloodstream of the human subject.

2. A method for increasing white blood cell counts in AIDS-afflicted humans comprising injecting a multitude of tetrasilver tetroxide molecular crystals into the bloodstream of the human subject.

3. Methods of treating AIDS-affilicted humans according to claims 1-2 where the concentration of said molecular crystals is approximately 40 PPM of the total blood weight of the human subject. Description


The present invention relates to the employment of molecular crystals as anti-AIDS devices, but more particularly to the molecular crystal semiconductor tetrasilver tetroxide Ag.sub.4 O.sub.4 which has two monovalent and two trivalent silver ions per molecule, and which through this structural configuration enables intermolecular electron transfer capable of killing viruses and binding them to the resulting silver entity so that a single intravenous injection will completely obliterate acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) in humans. Furthermore, said devices are capable of killing pathogens and purging the bloodstream of immune suppressing moieties (ISM) whether or not created by the AIDS virus (HIV); so as to restore the immune system.

The present invention is based on concepts previously elucidated in applicant's U.S. Pat. No. 5,336,499 which discloses the destruction and inhibition of bacteria, algae and the AIDS virus in nutrient life supporting systems by using said silver oxide devices. Example 3 of said patent discloses that 18 PPM of said crystal devices could totally suppress the AIDS virus (page 6, line 5). Subsequent to the filing of the aforementioned patent, further testing revealed complete 100% destruction of the AIDS virus in vitro at 20 PPM, and the fact that said devices were harmless when ingested and inhaled, being non-toxic.

Encouraged by these evaluations and successes, applicant obtained permission to evaluate the crystals in vitro against murine acquired immune deficiency syndrome (MAIDS). Only one facility in the State of Israel is licensed for these evaluations, namely, the Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot, Israel, which is affiliated with the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School where said evaluations were done.

The initial evaluations entailed experimenting with various silver moieties cited in applicant's aforementioned patent, concentrations, non-reactive buffers and modes of administration. After about 18 months of judicious efforts and initial failures, success was finally achieved in destroying the MAIDS virus in C57BL mice with a single intravenous injection. The results of this test program comprise Example 5 of U.S. Pat. No. 5,336,499. After success with mice, the inventor was able to test the efficacy of said devices on two select etiological groups of terminal AIDS patients in a clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America.

The AIDS patients comprised the etiological subgroups, Candidiasis and Wasting syndrome. Current indicator diseases for diagnosing AIDS which have been expanded
by the CDC, fall into the following five major categories with the approximate percent distribution among AIDS patients:

1. P. carinii pneumonia 51%
2. Wasting syndrome 19%
3. Candidiasis 13%
4. Kaposi's sarcoma 11%
5. Dementia 6%

This invention concerns itself with the treatment and cure of candidiasis and wasting syndrome AIDS patients with Tetrasil*. These two groups account for approximately one third of AIDS cases.

*Trademark of Holipharm Corporation (of Israel) for Ag.sub.4 O.sub.4

Stedman's Medical Dictionary (Williams & Wilken's 26th Ed., 1995) defines wasting syndrome "as a condition of 10% weight loss in conjunction with diarrhea or fever
. . . Associated with AIDS (p. 1744)."


The main object of the invention is to provide for a molecular scale device of a single tetrasilver tetroxide crystalline molecule capable of restoring the immunity of AIDS afflicted humans of the two AIDS etiological subgroups, candidiasis and wasting
syndrome. Another object of the invention is to provide for immunity restoration in said AIDS afflicted humans through a single injection.

Another object of this invention is to destroy ISM in humans manifesting AIDS diseases of said AIDS etiological subgroups irrespective as to whether said ISM was HIV induced, since it is known that humans may manifest AIDS and still be HIV negative, and thus restore the immune system in said humans.

Another object of this invention is to destroy the AIDS virus when present in the systems of said AIDS afflicted humans.


This invention relates to a molecular scale device not only capable of destroying the AIDS virus, but of purging the human bloodstream of pathogens and restoring immunity to AIDS patients of the candidiasis and wasting syndrome categories. Said molecular device consists of a single crystal of tetrasilver tetroxide (Ag.sub.4 O.sub.4). The crystal lattice of this molecule has a unique structure since it is a diamagnetic semiconducting crystal containing two mono and two trivalent silver ions, which in effect are capable of "firing" electrons under certain conditions which will destroy AIDS viruses, other pathogens and immune suppressing moieties (ISM), not only through the electrocution mode, but also by a binding process which occurs simultaneously with electron firing, namely, binding and chelation of divalent silver, i.e., the resulting product of the electron transfer redox that occur when the monovalent silver ions are oxidized and the trivalent ions are reduced in the crystal. The binding/chelation effect occurs at active sites of the AIDS virus, pathogens and ISM. Because of the extremely minute size of a single molecule of this crystal, several million of these devices may be employed in concert to destroy a virus colony to purge a life support system of ISM and pathogens with the consumption of only parts per trillion of the crystal devices. Thus an optimum of 40 PPM of the devices by weight of human blood was found to be sufficient to completely obliterate AIDS. This concentration is slightly over double of the optimum concentration recommended in applicant's aforementioned U.S. patent for the destruction of the human AIDS virus in vitro.

Other details concerning the structure of the crystal and its mechanism against pathogens, the AIDS virus and ISM would analogously hold here, and have already
been further elucidated in said patent. The actual destruction of pathogens, ISM and the AIDS virus is effectuated by injection of a suspension of these devices in distilled or deionized water with a non-reacting electrolyte directly, i.e. intravenously, into the bloodstream. A single injection is all that is required under these conditions. Accordingly,
humans injected in this manner, upon being inspected after three weeks or more had elapsed and compared with similar humans that had been given placebos, were
completely cured of AIDS. The control group still manifested AIDS. Accordingly, the tetrasilver tetroxide device performed in concert with and in full conformity with the ultimate objects of this invention. Furthermore, three out of four wasting syndrome terminal patients and four out of the five candidiasis terminal patients were still alive in 1995 after a year and a half had elapsed from their initial injection. By that time all the AIDS patients had been released from the clinic and allowed to return home. Other objects and features of the present invention shall become apparent to those skilled in the art when the present invention is considered in view of the accompanying examples. It should, of course, be recognized that the accompanying examples illustrate preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not intended as a means of defining the limits and scope of the present invention.

Five patients afflicted with AIDS of the candidiasis etiological category were segregated for Tetrasil treatment. The rationale for selecting them was based on facts presented in an article by Peter H. Duesberg and Brian J. Ellison entitled "Is The AIDS Virus A Science Fiction?" (Policy Review, Summer 1990 pp. 40-51). Only the factual presentations of the article were utilized and the hypothesis of the authors was ignored. The facts presented in the article related to the method of selecting AIDS patients based on the five aforementioned etiological subgroups targeted by the CDC, and the evidence presented, that there is AIDS without HIV as well as with it so that an anti viral agent in most instances will not necessarily restore the immunity system.

Evaluations with Tetrasil were conducted on AIDS patients at Lucha Contra el Sida, Comayaguela, Honduras. The patients two weeks prior to inoculation were removed from their AZT, AIDS therapy. Tetrasil was administered at approximately 40 PPM of blood volume per patient as a suspension in a proprietary buffer solution (pH=6.5), supplied by Holipharm Corporation.

The results of evaluations with candidiasis are tabulated in Table I under its disease category. All patients evaluated were terminal. Some, however, were in moderate (m) condition and others in poor (p) as designated in the Table. The I and F designations refer to initial and final values as shown. WBC indicates white cell blood count. The H column, following CD 8, indicates whether hepatomegaly occurred. This was an unfortunate consequence of the treatment which resulted in enlarged livers in all patients except the second one. Despite hepatomegaly, there was no interference with liver function.

The onset of hepatomegaly was not spontaneous and varied from patient to patient, being in the range of 4-16 days.

It should also be noted that shortly after injection of Tetrasil there were indications of fever (symbolized by T in the Ag.sub.4 O.sub.4 column), sometimes accompanied by fatigue (F). The body temperature was invariably C. ( F.). This was indicative of restoration of the immune response of the body, since normally the body will destroy pathogens when the immune system is functional by raising the temperature. The patient who died; first responded favorably to Diflucan, which previously gave no response. He was cured of his candidiasis, but unfortunately succumbed to his previous body damage. All the other candidiasis syndrome people who previously did not respond to the indicated medications subsequently responded after the Tetrasil treatment. Further evidence of the recovery of the AIDS patients manifested itself 30 days after the initial injection when white blood cell counts were taken. They are shown in Table I under the WBC column, which gives the initial and final WBC. All candidiasis patients showed a dramatic increase in their white blood cell counts, indicative of the restoration of their immunity systems.


The above protocol of Example 1 was repeated with AIDS patients exhibiting wasting syndrome. The results of their treatment are tabulated in Table I under the disease category of said syndrome. It should be noted that two of the four wasting syndrome patients showed improved white blood counts. The female patient, whose condition improved from poor and terminal to be among the living, showed a decrease in the WBC. However, she showed an increase in body temperature which was indicative of immune response. The test results indicate that one cannot rely on a single factor to indicate the demise of AIDS. The usual HIV marker CD 4 initial and final are irrelevant. ISM suppression appears to be more critical than the destruction of HIV. AIDS was suppressed, any permanent damage that had been done to the patients in the course of their succumbing to AIDS was not obviously cured or corrected by said crystal device treatment, rather said injury persisted and the patient was improved with respect to AIDS but still suffered from said permanent injury or impairment previously inflicted.

As this invention may be embodied in several forms without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof, the present embodiments are therefore illustrative and not restrictive, since the scope of the invention is defined by the appended claims rather than by the description preceding them, and all changes that fall within the metes and bounds of the claims or that form their functional as well as conjointly cooperative equivalents, are therefore intended to be embraced by these claims.

Replied by Sunshine
Buffalo, Ny, Usa
Doesn't excess selenium levels cause halitosis, brittle hair/nails, and a few other (yes, minor, if it cures or treats hiv) symptoms? Can people who are diagnosed with hypertension take vinegar? I have been diagnosed with hypertension (atenolol, hydrochlorothiazide) for over 12 years and I notice that whenever I take vinegar, diluted (other products, like COCONUT exacerbates my symptom) my pulse races. Ironically, I read that my blood type should avoid consuming vinegar, coconut and some other foods. Ironically, I CAN bathe with vinegar, but NOT ingest it..... strange, I guess.

Tetrasilver Tetroxide   0  0   

Posted by Chaste (Miami, Florida) on 09/22/2009

I am 100% confused about tetrasilver tetroxide. Can someone please explain what it is, where it can be purchased, and proper dosage/usage. It appears to be something very valuable but with all the confusion around it I am lost to say the least.

Replied by Cc
Slc, Utah
Tetrasilver Tetroxide is now called Silver Oxide numerous studies have been done on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses and fungi with very positive results. If you read the studies done in Honduras and in Israel you will see. The company is located on the eastern end of the USA. The problem is that they use this product more for Skincare products / solutions. It has had such a positive effect on so many illnesses that it's also the reason why it's not being used or pushed - it can cure too many things.
Replied by Chaste
Miami, Florida, USA
Thanks so much! Do you know where/how to purchase it? Most of the 'Silver Oxide' searches lead to a powder that seems to be used for mechanical purposes or to Collodial Silver (which I'm ASSuming is very different)
Replied by Cc
Slc, Utah
I will send an email/info to your yahoo address that might further you in finding the information your looking for. I would say that I have not been able to find where one can purchase (Ag4O4) for the purpose your looking for. But maybe this will give you a little more information then you had before.
Replied by Ron
Manhattan, New York
it is difficult to get sound information from the web...most often it is all repetition from one faulty source. There are claims that Boyd Graves was cured from a single injection of Tetrasilver only to read, later that he died from pnuemonia, a complication of aids. Perhaps this compound is effective at killing viruses, but "curing"? Healthy skepticism is prudent in all claims for cures.
Replied by Bill
Annapolis, Maryland
Common baking soda taken in small daily doses in water will keep your body in an alkaline state. An alkaline body will resist disease of all kinds. Dr. Otto Warburg won the nobel peace prize in the 30s for his discovery that all diseases are anaerobic, meaning they cannot exist in oxygen. 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed properly in water will flood your body with oxygen. Selenium and amino acids also appear to be very beneficial in combination with the above mentioned products in combating HIV.
Replied by Djproto16
Kirkland, Wa, Usa
Heres some information I have been collection for this source:

When administered into the bloodstream, the device electrons will be triggered by pathogens, a proliferating virus and ISM, and when fired will simultaneously trigger a redox chelation mechanism resulting in divalent silver moieties which chelate and bind active sites of the entities destroying them. The devices are completely non-toxic.

The crystal lattice of the Ag. Sub. 4 O. Sub. 4 molecular device operates against pathogens by transferring electrons from its two monovalent silver ions to the two trivalent silver ions in the crystal contributing to the death of pathogens by traversing their cell membrane surface. This in effect "electrocutes" the pathogens. The electrons are forced out of their balanced crystals by such labile groups as NH, NH. Sub. 2, S--S and SH comprising pathogen cell membrane surface. However, normal cells will not be affected because they do not proliferate fast enough to expose these labile bonds.

look at these United States Patents

US Patent # 6, 258, 385
US Patent # 7, 135, 195
US Patent # 5, 223, 149
US Patent # 5, 211, 855
US Patent # 6, 485, 755
US Patent # 5, 571, 520
US Patent # 5, 098, 582
US Patent # 5, 089, 275
US Patent # 5, 078, 902
US Patent # 5, 073, 382

they all involve Tetrasilver Tetroxide (Ag404)

I don't think this is something the govenment will allow to be sold, you would have to make it...

4AgNO3 2Na2S2O8 8NaOH = Ag4O4 4Na2SO4 4NaNO3 4H2O

"A single intravenous injection of the devices is all that is required for efficacy at
levels of about 40 PPM of human blood. "

PPM is also expressed as milligrams per litre (mg/L). from this we understand 40 ppm is40 mg/L.

"of human blood" refers to the total amount of human blood in the body, which is about5 Lt.

To achieve Tetrasil (Ag4O4) concentration "levels of about 40 ppm of human blood" you would need 40
mg for every Lt of blood, 40mg x 5 = 200mg

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
Did not Boyd Graves claimed cured by this procedure eventually die from aids complications?
Replied by Freddo
Baltimore, Md
I'm dumbfounded by all of these suggestions! I think it's irresponsible to tell people that a simple solution of this or that will "cure" HIV/AIDS. There has been no proof that HIV can be cured as yet. This not to say that people should not try alternative treatment to relieve some of the effects of the disease, some do work to a certain extent. However to claim a cure is just not true.

I have worked as a social worker in the field of HIV/AIDS, and have seen this many time. A person convinced that they have found a cure for their disease through herbal treatment. I always thought the statement to be overly declarative, as if they were trying to convince themselves more than me.

I have also seen many of these same people eventually succumb to the virus, many of them die. There is no cure for HIV. I repeat, there is no cure for HIV. There are ways to relieve symtoms, some of which are natural. But those whom rely soley on alternative treatment, to stay healthy, will eventually progress to illness, and die.

Please be responsible with what you are saying. This is very dangerous information to offer. A newly diagnosed person, may read this and choose to go this route, and may end up very sick, and possibly die, if not put on medical treatment immediately. I've seen happen with my own eyes.

This is just as bad as the folks who believe that HIV does not really exist at all. Please everyone, do all whom are living with this disease a great justice, by adding to your testimony that natural rememdies may help relieve some symptoms, for some time, they are no permanent solution.

There are many people that are long-term survivors of HIV, and although many discoveries have been made along these lines, and the investigation continue, again, none of these people are considered cured. They have a chemical advantage, in their bodies, that has stopped the virus from progressing.

A cure for HIV is becoming increasinly possible with all of the new information that has been collected over the years, and the climate in research has turned from dismal to promising, giving hope both to researchers as well as patients. In addition, of course, current treatments, although admittedly toxic, are very effective and millions of people are being treated successfully. Living very healthy and happy lives.

I am not suggesting that alternative medicine is not viable, it has its place. However, total reliance on it, is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Mass.
Freddo; I don't think any one says that alternative meds. are a cure for any given disease but a lot of us do have high hopes, however if a person is in charge of their own faculties I would say it's their choice to believe what ever they choose or to even try alternative meds. I found in my travels that being in a positive state 24/7 does help one's condition(s) don't give up hope, I will keep you in my prayers. God bless
Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Mass.
DJProto; Thanks but no thanks: I don't do needles very well, however I found a better & quicker way and thats with L-Lysine and colloidal silver, it's great and works well.
good luck
Replied by Teru
Paris, France
Living very healthy and happy lives??? where did you see such a nice movie?
Replied by Anonymous


Buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Dilute it 11 parts distilled water to 1 part 35% FGHP. Then buy a nasal spray product. Empty it and clean it. Fill the spray bottle. And do 10 sprays while inhaling at a time in the mouth. 5 back to back if weak breather. Do that every 2-4 hours for up to 2 months then reduce every 4-6 hours for 4 months after.


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