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Last Modified on Feb 16, 2012

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Be Used for Internal Hemorrhoids?

02/16/2012: Gracie from Cities, Mn: I have been dealing with painful internal hemorrhoids for 3 weeks now. I have tried herbs and over the counter medication but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Can you use ACV for internal ones? How? Thanks so much. I need some hope.

02/17/2012: Deborah from Chino Valley, Az replies: Hi Gracie, Yes, have hope! Internal hemorroids do not have to be difficult to get rid of. It just takes the right solution, as with most things.

The thing I've seen help folks with hemorrhoids the most with is coconut oil (extra virgin if you can find it). This is to be taken internally on a daily basis. Start with just a tsp going up to 2 per day (morning and evening) mixed into warm liquid like tea or put on warm food. It will melt slightly which is normal. It is also available in capsules if that would work better for your life.

Some folks don't like the idea of using this rectally, so just know that internal use can help as well. May take up to a week or so for you to see the difference but stick with it. It will also help many other areas of your body from the inside out.

The herb Blessed Thistle is also an excellent support for the systems of the body that contribute to hemorroids when they are out of balance. Very easy to find this in capsule form at most health food stores.

The vegetable Okra is also wonderful for hemorrhoids and constipation. Very easy to add to soups and hot dishes. If you can't find it fresh or frozen, you can purchase okra supplments which are very helpful.

Watch caffeine intake as it is a dehydrator and will make bowels more difficult to pass in general. There is some good dietary information under 'ailments' on this site as specific to hemorrhoids. Might be helpful to glance there as well.

Exercise ~ this is an often overlooked ally to getting rid of hemorrhoids. Even walking several times per week can make a tremendous difference to the frequency of developing hemorrhoids.

Good luck!

Needs Remedy for Rectal Burn

05/13/2008: Jeffery from Dallas, TX: I have tried bathing in apple cider vingar, baking soda, witch hazel and peroxide. I got temporary relief for a short time. Can someone help me with another remedy because I have a bad odor with this burn?

09/10/2009: Mountaingirl from Asheville, Nc replies: Good information stated as the differences between hemmerhoids and perianal hematoma (PH) but no info on the latter, though in my experience many of the hemmorhoid remedies aid for PH. Does anyone have different info specific to this ailment? Thank you.



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