Headache Remedies: Find a Cure for Headache!

Last Modified on Sep 03, 2014

Vinegar-Soaked Scarf   1  0   

Posted by Anonymous

[YEA]  An old fashioned remedy for any headache was to soak a piece from a brown paper bag with cider vinegar and apply it to the forehead. Something about breathing the fumes helps in some cases, anyway.

Water   4  0   

Posted by Lucky Mama (Chicagoish, Illinois) on 05/04/2011

[YEA]  Your child may just be thirsty! The first thing I do when I feel a headache coming on (which is almost never as I eat well and stay very hydrated) is drink at least one huge glass of water. It may take several glasses to catch up. If your pee isn't clear you are dehydrated. Often after sleeping all night is when we are most dehydrated. Please try this. I hope it helps!

Posted by June (KC, KS) on 09/07/2008

[YEA]  Almost without exception, if I have a headache and drink a couple large glasses of water it will get rid of my headache. Why? Because the extra water helps eliminate toxins in the bowels! I have been doing this for years and I rarely get headaches. If I do, I drink as much water as I need to go #2 and I almost always get instant relief. A naturepath friend of mine used to say: If you've got problems with your head, start with your tail! I believe in almost every instance headaches are caused from toxic buildup. At work I see many people gulping down otc pain meds when really they are just dehydrated and suffering from toxic overload!

Posted by Amber
Portland, Oregon
[YEA]   This one is so simple, I often forget how well it works. I too, have had success with drinking lots of water upon getting a headache. I've also used it for general aches in the body, or stomachaches. I got the idea after reading about 'The Water Cure' which generally stated that almost any ailment can be helped by drinking lots and lots of water. So far when I've remembered to try this, it has worked.

I've also had some successes with doing just a little bit (5-10 minutes or so) of cardio exercise for getting rid of headaches, although it sure isn't tempting to do it when the pain is on! But you would be surprised. Do not, however, attempt this if you believe you may be coming down with a cold or other illness; in that case, let your body rest.

Posted by Jc (siafulinux)
Savannah, Georgia
[YEA]   I discovered a couple of years ago that whenever I got a headache and I drank a few cups of water, it almost always went away. I've been doing that ever since. I rarely get headaches these days since I try to drink at least 12 cups a day now.

White Willow Bark   1  0   

Posted by Amber (Portland, Oregon) on 03/27/2009

[YEA]  White Willow Bark helped immensely when years ago I was getting intensely-amazing headaches, each afternoon, which I could not get rid of with even the strongest otc med: exedrin, and most certainly there was no end in sight. I was using so many otc headach pills that I developed gastrointestinal bleeding. This was the first time I consulted a health food store owner for natural remedies, and successfully was cured. She suggested White Willow Bark, and peppermint tea. The WWB didn't work immediately, but I believe within a few days that my headaches absolutely vanished, and never came back, at least in those circumstances.


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