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Posted by James (Seattle, Washington) on 11/04/2007

[YEA]  I am not sure I had pseudogout (I.E. not tested for calcium pyrophospate' crystals). But I sure had all the symptoms for pseudogout Asymmetrical throbbing pain in the hands and feet and all the symptoms of acidosis. One of the other major symptoms of pseudogout is "acidosis that does not respond to bicarbonate". Which means that the apple cider vinegar or baking soda cures, as related on this website, just don't work. In the midterm for relief I used hydrogen peroxide. After the enzyme catalase breaks down the H2O2 2 to H2O and O2, The super oxide anion (O2) raises the PH of the cells. 1/2 a cap of off the shelf 3% hydrogen peroxide cut the pain. But the minute I drank a drink with sugar in it the throbbing would come back (imagine a world without deserts, soda pop or any fruit. Not acceptable.) I played around with this for six months. I used the Borax and it did not help. I did get a Borax poisoning rash on each palm and on the sole of each foot.May have overdone the Borax. So I switched to tamarind concentrate. Tamarind concentrate is available at oriental food stores. Weird that the lable calls is tamarind soup and then on the back gives instructions to make a "refreshing tamarind drink". Only costs $1.49 per 14 oz. jar. I do 1 table spoon mixed with cold filtered water a day. After a month and a half (and 7/8's of a jar of the tamarind concentrate) I can now eat as much sugar and citrus fruit as anybody without any throbbing pain in my right foot or left hand.

Pseudogout plagues more than 50% of people over 80 years old. Doctors give some pain relief medicine and that's about all. Otherwise it sounds like they just waite for the suffer to die. But, pseudogout is spreading to people as young as just over forty years old and doctors have no cure. I think that pseudogout is caused by low intercellular PH as regular gout is caused by low extracellular PH. Tamarind water is used in India and China in high fluoride areas to chelate fluoride out of the body. Fluoride has a very negative PH effect on the body. Most of it's work is done inside of the cells (intracellular). What I was amazed by is that I took only a table spoon a day of the concentrate tamarind and within a month and 1/2 I could eat as much sugar as I wanted (to test I ate 1,000 calories a day for three days of chocolate). Sugar has a very negative intracellular PH effect on the body. I am cured. But then I was never diagnosed with pseudogout I kinda self diagnosed myself. So what do I know? On the other hand. I have scoured the net for pseudogout cures and have not found any options. I think this tamarind cure (1 teaspoon with water once or twice a day) should work to help pseudogout and raise intracellular PH. Even if it doesn't the cost is low ($1.49 for less that than the whole cure), the risk is low (no side effects from tamarind water reported)and tamarind water has a pleasant taste. Please post this. Our pseudogout friends are in so much pain and are not getting any direction to turn to. This may not be the final cure for pseudogout But, it is at least something to try that might work. And I hope it works for them like it has for me. Cheer;

Replied by Dkay
San Diego, Ca
Help! I would love to see more solutions for pseudogout. My 39 year old son had it in one knee, then a year later had it in the other knee and a lump on his foot which turned out to be the same thing. I will tell him about the tamarind concentrate. I have read that it might be related to a Vitamin D deficiency--but there is not very much information about it anywhere.

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Posted by Kingq (Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand) on 02/26/2012

[YEA]  First, I very much want to thank Ted in Bangkok for his always helpful suggestions and recommendations. I have met Ted in person and he is an absolute wonderful source of information. I love watching Medical Doctors squirm uncomfortably when I state that I wish to use a natural remedy. They hate it! Must be money taken out of their pcokets by not pushing the big pharmaceutical company products.

I suffered from what a supposedly renowned Rheumatoligist told me was Wegener's Granulmatosis. Ha! It turns out I have tophaceous gout. I have been using Ted's Alkalizing formula for 6 months now and my gout symptoms, the tophi and pain are almost gone. I also suffered from very severe bile reflux. My bilirubin levels have always been very high. Ted suggested that I take 1 teaspoon of granulated lecithin per day. My bilirubin levels are now within normal range and I no longer suffer bile reflux.

I am about to embark on an H2O2 regimen to see how that goes.

Thank you Ted and Earth Clinic.

Ted's Remedies Reader Feedback   1  0   

Posted by Earl Of Marquette (Marquette, Mi, USA) on 09/16/2012

[YEA]  "We don't know what more we can do for your father" stated two doctors standing at the foot of my father's hospital bed. "We're going to take him off all his medication and just let him ride it down. He may live two days, maybe as much as ten days. Keep him as comfortable as you can." The gout in his legs was so bad, he was on morphine multiple times a day. We took him home, but kept him on the coumadin because of his artificial heart valve and a diuretic to keep his kidneys going. Lo and behold, he got a little better without all the pills, but his gout was still bad. He couldn't get out of bed because of the pain and swelling. Then my sister came up with a formula she found on earthclinic.com.

"After the first day, I noticed the pain was significantly reduced. Within five days, my pain was completely gone. I swear by this stuff, " my father said. I asked, "Do you mean your gout pain?" He answered, "All my pain, even in my joints. " Then he danced a little jig to prove it. My father is 94. That was four and a half months ago and my father is now walking around and enjoying life again. Here is the recipe for what he is taking three times each day, morning, noon, and night:

  • 1/2 tsp of Baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp of raw honey plus 1 tablespoon of water
  • 3 tablespoons of ACV
  • 1 shot glass of either pure pomegranate juice or unfiltered apple cider.

Combine the baking soda, honey, and water. Nuke the mix in a microwave for 12-14 seconds. Stir to completely dissolve the baking soda. Very slowly add the ACV to keep the fizzing down. Slowly add the juice.

Replied by Bess
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
What a great story about your father, Earl of Marquette - very inspiring! He is very lucky to have children like you and your sister. I've copied the recipe and will be prepared to use it for any pain I or my family members might encounter. Thanks for sharing and best wishes to your family. Cheers, Bess

Posted by Rowman (Muntinlupa City, Philippines) on 07/23/2012

Hi Readers, It's been 4 months since my last visit here... I continue to do my daily regimen and so far I've been really happy I am for sure I found my Gout cure. It's been tested to work well for me. I can enjoy eating almost anything but I learn to do it in moderation, best of all there has been no attack. The only drawback is I am gaining my weight since I can eat everything now but I know how to work this out so not really a big deal. My regimen... 2 tablespoon of ACV 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 2x a day keeps the gout away.

Regards, Arnel

Replied by Jheng
Kabul, Afghanistan
rowman, bro im filipino too can you suggest what is the exact level of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in to water. Right now im doing 2 tablespoons in. 5 liters of distilled water. Is this correct or do I need to add more. And also is this normal I feel full when drink this Apple Cider Vinegar after 15minutes. Please advise.. I want to heal my gout.

Posted by Rowman (Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila Philippines) on 03/27/2012

Hey, I am back. It's been 7 days taking the ACV baking soda concoction and I am fully cured from my gout attack. Actually in my 5th day the pain and swelling were gone but decided to make this my daily regimen. I am at my best health today, I decided to continue my diet and the ACV and BS, I lost 4 pounds and my BP goes normal ( 110/80 ). I am dropping the BS for my daily sustenance but have it available on the shelf in case an attack. I feel great and indebted to this site. I am trying to share my findings with friends and families.

Posted by Rowman (Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila Philippines) on 03/20/2012

You have to hear this and believe this. I am a gout sufferer for 6 years now and had been hit every now and then. I've tried medication for as long as I can remember and got hooked to it everytime and the medication effect weaned down until it has no effect on me. I am into strict gout diet during an attack and it feels really being deprived but I choose diet rather than the horrible pain and suffering of a gout attack. Despite the diet it is horrible that I am still prone to an attack. I became desperate and willing to try anything...

I tried all kinds of cherries and berries, celery, seaweeds, procosa, supplements and at lot more but nothing really works for keeps until I ran to this website. I never had a second thoughts of trying ACV with mother ( at first I am quite at a lost with the "mother" term and realize this is the organic type of ACV ) and goes out of my way to seek and find this ACV with mother. To cut the long story short I got it tried it. I don't know what's the miracle behind it, I can feel the effect after 3 hours, I am 80% better in 24 and I am positive that in 2 days my pain and swelling will be gone. I am on my second day and really feeling good. I am really happy because of my new discovery. It's really unbelievable, a miracle cure. Thank you for all these information, it will help a lot of people who had been suffering from this ailment.

Before I forget, the concoction is the same 3 tbspn of ACV and 1/2 tspoon of baking soda and spruce it a bit with organic honey. Take this 3x a day and you'll see the miracle.

Regards, Arnel

Vitamin C   2  0   

Posted by Rhonda (New York) on 08/05/2013

[YEA]  Vitamin C works extremely well for gout. I get the vitamin C packets. Mix it with as much water as you like for taste. More water, less taste. Less water more taste. Your body can only absorb so much vitamin C at a time, so spread it out over the course of the day. Gout pain is usually gone within 24 hours. This helps the put the uric acid crystals in a solution so that the body can remove it. I also gave up red meat which has helped alot!

Posted by Thomas (Oxford, Uk) on 11/10/2010

[YEA]  500mg of vitamin C, (i use the slow release type) taken for 2 months really does help. It increases the effectivness of the nephrons in the kidneys in removing uric acid. The only down side is that you do need to take for about 6 weeks before it starts to work.... But it works!

Posted by Jared (Portland, Orego) on 10/06/2010

So I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice and Baking soda and all have had mediocre results for gout relief and uric acid reduction. With that said I have found the cure for me. I found a few reports that found a daily intake of 1000 mg of Vitamin C helps the body expel Uric Acid. For 6 weeks now, I have been taking 3-4 1000mg of Vitamin C and have never felt better on my joints. I had one flare up due to dehydration on a camping trip where my left knee was the target. Increased water intake along with the Vitamin C, flare up was gone in 24 hrs. ACV never did this. Pass it along. Vitamin C is the real deal for Uric Acid reduction as it helps the body expel excess uric acid.

Posted by C.S.M (VERO BEACH, FL) on 03/19/2009

New Study: Vitamin C May Prevent Gout in Men


The authors summary is:
"Given the general safety profile associated with vitamin C intake, particularly in the generally consumed ranges as in the present study (e.g., tolerable upper intake level of vitamin C less than 2,000 mg in adults according to the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine), vitamin C intake may provide a useful option in the prevention of gout," the authors write.

Here is a new study paid for by Tap Pharmaceuticals company. They do not manufacture vitamin C or gout medicines according to their web site.

Thanks for everything, Deirdre! Love your site!

Water   6  0   

Posted by Charm (Woodinville, Wa) on 08/16/2011

[YEA]  I've read so may of these posts and most talk about baking soda, cherries, or ACV as a treatment. This has been great advice for me but my MD gave me the best advice I've ever heard for preventing gout. It may not work for everybody but when I'm diligent about it, it works great for me. Drink a lot of water. It's free. It's good for reasons other than just gout prevention, and when I have a flare up, I can always trace it back to dehydration for an extended period of time. Drink more water folks. It helps move the uric acid through the body and keep it diluted. Staying hydrated keeps fluids moving through the kidneys which keeps them working well. Did I mention this is free prevention? For those that bad mouth MDs as always after the almighty dollar, keep in mind this advice came to me from an MD.

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hi Charm I believe in the water cure for gout. I have believed gout is caused by dehydration ever since reading one of the posts on this site where a seismologist said he always got gout whilst out on the field. He put this down to being dehydrated. I told my son who suffers from gout and he started drinking more water and it seems to help, but he loves the baking soda now also. Cheers Lily.

Posted by Jared (Portland, Oregon) on 10/05/2007

[YEA]  After my last gout attack and starting my self on a PH balancing regiment with ACV and Baking Soda. During the summer months, I tend to buy a lot of filtered bottled water (not distilled). One day I was reading a label very closely and they state that this water has added potassium and sodium bicarbonate to replace the minerals lost through sweat. As a benefit, the ph is 9. So for those looking for a portable bottled water to help with disolving uric acid, Essentia touts increased alkakinity for health. The same ideal that Ted preaches. It helps me maintain a healthy PH when I can't added Baking soda to water. For more info. http://www.essentiawater.com/info.html

Posted by Al (Calgary Alberta) on 07/14/2006

[YEA]  Hi, I also have Occasional gout. For many years I tried several different medicine pills. Only one worked novomethicine and the pill is worse than the gout! I found a natural cure to gout thru a friend. Drink gallons of distilled water! The distilled water works like reverse osmosis on the gout and within a few days of drinking only distilled water, the gout symptoms disappear. works for me, wonder if anyone else might want to give it a try! Thought I might pass this on.

Replied by Cheryl
Ny, Us
[YEA]   I agree. Distilled water DOES help immensely! It's the only thing that I drink when having a gout attack!
Replied by Steve
London, UK
hi there. I've just been given this website address, by a work colleague. I, too, suffer from gout (mine usually flares up - once, in a blue moon! )..and working, as a computer engineer, I'm on my feet a lot!

I've been reading some views - regarding water, as a cure. I'm interested..cos, I drink a lotta water (bottled ). when you say "distilled" - what do you mean, exactly and also, where would I get it from??

thanks, Steve.

Posted by John (Bakersfield, CA) on 11/26/2005

[YEA]  I've had some bad bouts with gout. Anyone that has never had it, can't understand the pain associated with it. The best way for me to describe it, is it feels like you just broke your foot, ankle, or BIG TOE and now someone has put it in a vise and is tightening it in a slow torturous fashion. Most of the time before I get an episode, I will get an ever so slight "twinge" of pain, warning me that I had better start drinking copious amounts of WATER and lay off some of the things that have caused attacks in the past. But after its been a while between attacks, I'll sometimes forget exactly how excruciatingly painful it really was and not heed the numerous warnings, and before you know, it sneaks up from behind you, taps you on the shoulder and hits you right between the eyes!! (or should I say Big Toe) And says I told ya I was com'in. So all in all, listen to your body and drink plenty of WATER.

Posted by John (Duluth, MN) on 08/22/2005

[YEA]  I am a field geologist, and a few years I started to develop severe gout-like symptoms in my foot. These symptoms generally occurred after working in areas where I tended to get overly dehydrated (desert or tropical environments). I have found that massive hydration (drinking 2-3 liters of water over an hour or two) tends to almost immediately (within a few hours) reverse my symptoms. Hydration generally keeps me gout free, and when gout does occur (very rarely now), it is the gout "cure" for me. It sounds almost too simple (and cheap) to be true, but it works for me.


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