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Last Modified on Jul 05, 2010

Does Ted Have a Treatment for Anal Warts?

07/05/2010: Teru from Paris, France: I have being reading this site for an answer to my anal warts....Being in operation room for 3 times already and the warts always come TED have some idea how to finish with warts? I try the vinegar but internally it's really painful and I'm worry to make things worse.I was thinking maybe to treat it as an herpes with the lysine, vitamin C protocol...HELP!!!

07/16/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Warts are viral in nature. The incidence in warts will be reduced if you just take a sufficient amount of lysine as well as prepare a lysine lotion/lysine cream preparations. The lysine lotion/cream is done manually, which means you make one for yourself. Using any standard cream or lotion base, you just prepare a 10% lysine and mixed them as best as you can in the lotion, which are a bit easier to do, if you add the lysine directly. However, it works somewhat better if small amounts of water was added before a lotion base is prepared. The lysine supplement I prefer is the non calcium added into those lysine. Calcium tends to block circulation and reduces its effectiveness. The lysine is taken quite frequently for the first two weeks, but especially so for the first two to three days, preferably three days. It is taken as an hourly dose for 16 hours at least 1000 mg, preferably 1500 mg. Before bedtime it's taken a 4000 mg to make up for the lost time for the 8 hours of sleep, without the lysine. Vitamin C is somewhat synergistic and that's taken at 1000 mg x 4 and if you still not confident it's working, I would likely try 500 mg of aspirin, dissolves in a cup of water taken hourly for 4 hours just for two days only. As far as the lotion of lysine is concerned, it's applied to that are about 5 or 6 times a day, if DMSO is added to that lotion at 5% concentration that should help the absorption, otherwise its slow to go into the skin area. Zinc acetate, preferably is taken for justtwo days at roughly 10-25 mg dose should be more then enough to resolve the deficiency. The lysine thereafter is just taken at maintenance dose hourly dose for 4 hours for 2 weeks. Thereafter it's taken at 1000 mg 4 times a day as maintenance. This should help reduce the warts, if not get lugols solution and applied to the warts area. It helps again if you add a little DMSO to it 5%, but not required. It is to be applied about 5 to 6 times a day. I haven't experimented with lysine and lugols' added together in a lotion, but you can well try to see if that works.
07/19/2010: Teru from Paris, France replies: THANK YOU SO MUCH TED! I got already the lysine in power, I also got the zinc but it's not acetate but gluconate, I hope it's OK too. I will try to find the DMSO. 1. - I tried the aspirin vitamin C for the colds and it's work very well for me and all my friends so far. 2. - I tried the HP and borax for my rosacea. First I thought it not work. Then I used vinegar and it worked better. Then I used some days vinegar (apple) and some days HP and borax; for months my face looked. . . Well, like a fish , peeling and peeling. . . Then stop, now usually look normal skin but it took me like two years to really start to feel OK. I'm suspicious of candida so I'm doing your protocol for candida now. 3. - Will love to invite you to a diner in my next trip to Thailand.
09/11/2010: Teru from Paris, France replies: I started the protocol suggested by Ted on July 29. I couldn't find DMSO. I have warts outside the anus and inside the rectum. I waited to have only good news to report but so far seems to be a long, painful process to go for. At first I had only one wart outside the anus(I thought)then after I tried the lysine, vitamin C and also the two days aspirin all as suggested by Ted. And the lugol I have many more coming out. To this day the big wart that was in the anus is gone!! But I still trying to destroy the others wart that come out! I will start again next month if I can get the DMSO. But I think the lugol is the trick to kill this warts! It's burning and it's painful, very painful. And don't even put inside the rectum yet! I couldn't find Lugol here so I did it myself. I bought all the ingredients and follow the instructions from someone in You tube and I think I made a 5% to 7% lugol.. Something curious, I also have hemorrhoids and it's seems they are getting smaller... I will continue and feedback later on.

Single Bump That Takes Weeks to Disappear

07/16/2006: Jared from Laval, Quebec: I think I have a cyst or Genital Wart. That pimple looking bump that won't burst. Hello, I saw your website and have questions before I buy this. Since Spring 2004 I get a single bump every 2-3-4 months. It always happens at the penis mid part or below the testicles or on a testicle or on the perenium or near the anus on the perenium. Again it is always a single bump like a cyst or a genital wart. When this happens I just put Polysporin antibiotic and it takes weeeks-almost a month to go away. Right now I have this tiny bump at low part of RS Testicle. What do I have? Do you have anything to cure this? Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jarod: Garlic might be too mild and you may takie it quite often enough to see the difference. Usually the best ways is to prevent their occurence by staying away from sweets which often includes, bakery products, such as donuts, cakes, chocolates. Also next in line are the sweet drinks, cola, coffee, and even fruit juices. Taking zinc supplements often, will really help stave off the problem. The form of zinc I use is zinc acetate and is quite good and free of side effects. Sugar seems to be a major issue in such a formation of wart that really gets under the skin. Lack of sleep and eating before sleep doesn't help either.



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