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Genital Warts & HPV: Home Remedies for STDs

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Posted by Susanne (Chicago, IL) on 08/13/2008

[YEA]  After living with genital warts since last October (my doctor removed some in March, but they came back), I've been suffering the humiliation, etc., that everyone else speaks of. Two days ago I found this site (I didn't want to have to go spend money/pain at the doctor again). I tried the ACV (which I use for my hair to make it shiny and soft) and can't BELIEVE how amazing the cure is. It really illustrates the backwards health system when doctors don't suggest simple solutions, but expensive pharmaceutical options. I tried the cotton ball method and at first there was no sting, but on day two and three there is some-so it's a little more painful, but worth it. After the very first treatment some of the bigger warts dried off. I'm hoping they'll all be gone in a couple of days and then I'll try some healing ointment for the skin. Thanks so much to all the posters!

P.S. I'm drinking ACV for my cholesterol too, so I'll post in a couple months my findings. Seems like ACV is the cure for most things?
Good luck to all! And keep sharing your cures...I'm going to educate my doctors too!

Posted by James (Paris, France) on 08/12/2008

[YEA]  Well I am trying to ACV for removal of anal warts--I was diagnosed with them recently (though it was obvious to me what they were). Because everything shuts down in France for the month of August, I couldn't get a laser removal appointment until 3 weeks from now! Forget it! I was not waiting that long to get these nasty things out of my a--!

I started the treatment yesterday and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! 4 of the warts are now black and crusty and they look like they are about to fall off! I have a bigger one that goes slightly into the anus and that one seems to be taking longer to burn off....but I will keep at it! This is definitely working. I hope a few more treatments will do they trick.

Warning: for me it did not sting too much yesterday on the first treatment, but today the pain has been actually pretty intense. I am bearing it because I am incredibly motivated to remove these gross things. Some people it stung less, for some more. Either way, it is worth it!

I will update in a few days!!

Thanks everybody for the great tips!

Replied by James
Paris, France

Well I am on my 4th day and last!

I am soooo thankful to everyone here for the advice, the ACV worked better than I could have ever imagined.

By day 2 of treatment the warts were black and by day 3 after taking a shower in the morning they were gone, except for one wart that was large and protruding out of my anus. However, that wart was much much smaller...on day 3 I started applying the ACV with a Q-tip right on that wart because my anus was too sore for the cotton ball...and as of tonight on day 4 I can't see anything!! It is gone...even the inside part is gone!

Just to make sure the whole area has been treated I reapplied the ACV with a cotton ball to the entire area for 10 minutes (enduring pretty strong burning!) It is my last treatment...and I couldn't be happier.

Instead of waiting for 3 weeks for an invasive procedure, some apple cider vinegar took my warts away in 3 days. Unbelievable. Granted, it was pretty painful vis-a-vis the stinging and burning....but what a small price to pay to get rid of your warts for super cheap and without invasion of privacy and in 3 days!

I will now apply emu oil and neosporin to the anal area and I'm sure in 3-4 days I will be back to normal!

Bon courage everyone!

Replied by Oh_yeah
Queanbeyan, Nsw, Australia
[YEA]   For those suffering with Genital Warts, ACV is the key, and I have no medical reason as to know why.

After spending hundreds of dollars on creams, drops, tablets - none of them working, a mate suggested aldara. HA! This stuff seem to have 'feed' the warts and made the bigger, and invite their 'friends' for a party on my bum.

After reading the many review on earth clinic's web site. I thought, what's the harm is giving it a go, even though I was highly sceptical.

My treatment consisted of the following items:

1. Dry (not wet) Make up remover pads (I'll explain why later)

2. Cotton Bud / Q-tip

3. Vitamin E Gel Caps (optional), and of course

4. ACV!!!

Total price: $11. 50 ($6.50 minus the Gel Caps)

Now the run down, taking into account, I'm a GUY and these little white headed friends of mine we multiplying on my bum just on the outside, and a few on the inside. (sorry for the description, but after reading the site, I wanted to let everyone know how I went about it to help others out there):

I did my treatments prior to going to bed.

1. Take the Make-up Remover pad and dip the pad half way into the ACV, leaving the other half mostly dry.

2. SQUAT on the floor (sorry guys but this is the only way to get it to stay in place) and with a hand mirror on the ground - so you can see what you're doing, gently separate your bum with one hand and then using your finger push the wet end of the pad into your bum hole, squeeze ya butt cheeks together and stand up - this will keep the ACV soaked pad in place and in contact with the affected area. The dry part on the outside of your bum will act as a barrier to absorb any 'leaks'

3. Leave in there for 30 mins (or as long as you can, depending on how much discomfort you may feel). I wouldn't exceed an hour though.

4. After the time, take it out and throw it away. Don't wipe your bum, or wash. Leave as it. Sure you will smell like a pickle, but believe me it's worth it.

OUCH! So my bums a bit sore on Night Two. But stick with it. Had a shower, and gave it a good scrub down there.

All my warts have turned a bright white, however there appears to be more than I first thought. The ACV has exposed even the smallest hard to see ones.

I repeated the Night One treatment on the second night, however this time before the pad, I used a ACV soaked cotton bud / Q-tip and brushed the warts with a bit of pressure.

Alright, Night Three's treatment there is some progress, the smaller ones have turned black and when I wipe a makeup remover pad on my anal area, the black ones fall off. There are a few stubbon ones, that are either layered or just tougher to move. But I stuck through it. Night Three, I repeated the treatment process.

OH DEAR GOODNESS!! My bum is super red, and raw. I gave the treatment a rest and just focused on the Vitamin E gel caps.

I gave the treatments a rest for a few days, and I have noticed when I wipe my bum area after a shower, little black dots / warts are falling off. After having a look with the mirror. The only ONE that's left is the larger layered one. WHOO HOOO!

Night Six's treatment, I just used a Cotton Bud soaked in ACV to wipe firmly but not aggressively the larger one, sitting the cotton bud on the wart for a few minutes.

And we are done. After tonight's shower, the larger one has gone, it's a little red from the ACV but I gently wiped the anal area with a pad soaked in ACV, stung a bit but and used a cotton bud on the area that had the larger one - just to be sure.

I kept this process up every second night until I was happy with the Vitamin E gel caps soothing and restoring the areas, while the light ACV wipe keeps in all in 'check'.

So my recommendation. Give it a try. It's cheap, and while it can be mighty uncomfortable it's worth it. All up the process took about 2. 5 weeks - maybe a little longer for the larger layered one but it give me the most amazing feeling knowing they are not there anymore.

Replied by Gal429
Ottawa, Ontario
whats acv? is this anal wart removal remedie? So I went to get checked at the sexual health center yesterday, I showed the doctor what I thought was an STI, she said it was a common wart? So she froze it off, was pretty cold and not painful at all. She told me to use Polysporin (Heal fast formula, nongreasy cream it was 6$... A yellow and red , it says clean the area, apply polyspori then put a banddage... On my genital? Do I apply it to my genital wart? Is it safe? am I using the wrong product? How do I treat a common genital wart?PLEASE any help out there... Are common warts even possible? how do I treat it?

Posted by Jonathan (LA, USA) on 08/12/2008

[YEA]  ACV has worked for me. First noticed two warts about 2 months ago. Within days they were gone. But a few more came back recently. I once again used the cotton ball wrap method (they are on the shaft of my penis, just under the head). One has turned black, so it will be gone soon. The others are gone, but in their place it looks like I have a chemical burn. The skin is gone in some areas, and the skin immediately surrounding that area is white and moist. It doesn't look too pretty. Any idea on how I can heal this burn? Because of where this area is, the burn doesn't get any air. It's covered by skin...

Replied by Jay
Cleveland, OH., USA
I'm glad I found this site..I just hope that this works. But first...

1 - How do you "file back" the wart? Do you file down the caulliflower top or around the diameter of the wart, filing at the area where it meets the skin?

2 - I've been using Aldara for just over 2 months.

Two of the original three warts that I had are gone, the last one is just about 1/8 inch in diameter, but very stubborn which is why I'm considering the ACV.

How long should I be off of the Aldara before starting the ACV? The area around this wart is irritated from the Aldara but the wart itself has been minimally impacted by it.

Replied by John
San Sebastian, Spain
Hi Jonathan ........... you could try aloe vera gel ....... rub it gently on the sore, irritated areas of your skin as much as you feel ..... better if you can get a fairly developed plant in any nursery (leaves should be about a foot long) and scrape a little gel from the inside of the leave with your finger and apply it on your skin ........ rather than buying the processed products in the market (more expensive and less effective)
...... it heals and soothes the acid burned skin...

Posted by Dan (Christchurch, New Zealand) on 08/10/2008

[YEA]  Noticed recently that I had some strange little bumps under my foreskin and around base of the head of my penis, they were very small. At first I thought they were just skin tags and I scrubbed them off with pumice BIG MISTAKE! Because when I found this site days after and started treating with the apple cider vinegar, I had infected a large area of skin in two places. Have to say though that the cider vinegar works amazingly. One area has gone black and is in the process of falling off, the other area got quite burned by the ACV and I had to stop, its spread a little more, but Im going to let it heal completely and then attack anything that grows there later. Originally I was putting my penis into a small jar of ACV and leaving it to soak for a couple of hours, then I heard about medical tape and band-aiding, this is much better option, you can expose the virus for a far longer time. SO YES, it works, so thankful I found this site.

Replied by John
Chiang Mai, Thailand
[YEA]   Hello. Just started the Apple Cider Vinegar technique and after 3 hours can see differences. I have a depressingly large number of warts, and after this time period I find I have even more. I am Pretty sure this is a good thing to see. Just before I tried this I had a go at just wrapping my gent in stickytape which is another new one I found. I think it might have got rid of one (it's like a blood blister which i'm sure you all know means one deed wart), but then again it could be just a spot from sweating under the tape!

I have tried pretty much every technique of getting rid of them; all through the doctors. It seems to me that doctors in general do not have a clue about genital warts! The first was being given a dose of Aldara. 6 petite packages. The instructions read "apply a thin layer of Aldara cream onto the treatment area and rub it gently into the skin until the cream vanishes. Do not use more Aldara cream than is needed". Well my doc didn't give me any idea of how much and the instructions give you less. When I went back to that doctor with a serious fungal infection eating away at everything he told me 'you used too much but I think we have cortorised that wart". Hmm? There was another hundy bucks down the drain. Even I knew that wasn't how Aldara worked.

And so (I've been travelling) I got to the next doctor. This guy was actually good; he told me STRAIGHT that what I have will take a while to get rid of, if at all. He tried freezing them off and I'm sureyou all know by now that when you do that in patches, after a couple of days you see more pop up in the surrounding areas. I tried to get him to just do my whole gent in one go, however I (and I can put up with a fair amount of pain) let him stop when he thought he was done due to the agony. Wuss.

Then the next place I went to just wanted to give me Aldara again! Even after telling him that it didn't work and gave me fungal infections. He insisted that it would if I tried a more gentle aproach. He actually gave me instructions that wern't in the aldara packet. "Apply a tiny bit to the whole area over night (6-10 hours), wash and repeat everyother day". Well, I just had to use antifungal cream everyother day!

The next place and perhaps the most rediculous gave me a vaccine jab against it and said I should take another 2 at $100 dollars each! I was that depressed that I didn't want to tell the useless bastrd that a vaccine only works before you have it. Oh, and he prescribed me more Aldara.

I've gone on long enough, but will keep writing for my own need elsewhere. Also do you all notice the difference in statistics that are written all over the internet and articles in magazines?

I actually think this Apple Cider Vinegar might work! Have had genital warts for 3 years. Don't know who I got it from and don't really care. Apparently it can pop up years after sleeping with anyone and with me it popped up a year after sleeping with anyone.

Wish me luck!

Posted by Al (Somewhere, USA) on 08/08/2008

[YEA]  ACV is really a miracle! I had several small warts and one about the size of a dime. I was to embarrassed to see a doctor and was looking on line for a cure. This really worked! I applied the first ACV with a gauze pad and kept the application for 24 hours changing the pad several times. The next day I did the same. The third day I applied the ACV over night only. By day four all the small ones had fallen off and the top of the large one had turned gray and was pealing off! The larger one was the most difficult and by day five I was irritated but changed my application to simply dabbing ACV on 3 times a day only to the one area. (I used A&D ointment on the surrounding area to get rid of the irritation and allow for healing.) Day six everything was gone! I have no scars and thankfully no warts! THANK YOU for your help!

Posted by Nicole (Rego Park, NY) on 08/07/2008

[YEA]  ACV is a life saver!! at least so far. im on my second day, third treatment and i can SEE and FEEL it working!!!! at first i didnt feel any stinging or burning as everyone had mentioned so i was dissapointed, but I applied it again and noticed one wart had turned white and the other black. i was sooooo relieved because after reading all the other posts i knew this meant it was working! the third application burned, but its soooo relieving because you know they are going to be gone in no time!

i would suggest using medical tape instead of bandaids because i tried using bandaids the first time and after the soaked cotton ball touched the bandaid it lost it's stickiness. it was quite frustrating. with medical tape you can kinda pin down the soaked cotton ball in place.

i cannot tell u how happy i am to have found this cure. i had been using aldera for some time with NO results. do not spend your money on anything else but ACV!! you can find it at any supermarket for only $2!!!!!

it's nice to know that there are so many others out there like me. i felt soooooo disgusted when these warts appeared because of HPV. i've only had 3 sex partners and i couldnt believe i was a victim to this!!!!

good luck to all :)

Posted by Jeremy (Uptown, USA) on 08/07/2008

[YEA]  This is the first review I have written, ever. For me I noticed bumps around the anal region. After some research realized they were indeed anal warts. Scared me to death! I am not very sexually active and have been abstinant for a long time. I had no idea how I had gotten them or when. At first I looked online for a remedy and ran across a somewhat expennsive oil. I had every intention of trying it once I got the funds. But without it I still kept looking til I found this site. I tried the acv remedy and it worked like a charm. You wold never know now that I had a wart in my life.

I used the cotton ball method of soaking it in ACV then just placing it on anal region and leaving it. I did this during the day since the stinging would've made sleeping a bit difficult. After 3 days, maybe 2-4 hours per day all the warts just fell off while i was talking a hot bath! Yes It does sting a little bit, but nothing compared to the relief of having them gone.

Also i have an idea for the removal of them if they are a little ways inside the rectum. I think that if one was to insert a cotton tampon, then remove the cardboard thingy and soak the cotton with ACV it should still work. Havent tried that but sounds feasible.
Thanks so much for peace of mind J

Posted by Kara (New Bedford, MA) on 08/06/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I don't want to speak too soon, but I think this is actually working. I am on night two of ACV treatment-- a couple hours of holding cottonball to affected cluster, and pieces of the larger ones have already fallen off and there is new skin underneath. It doesn't burn as much at all, it's just the smell that gets to me. But I'm hoping in a couple more days they will be completely gone. I also treated them a bit this morning. I make sure I sure before or after and I use aloe vera after every treatment. I was just diagnosed yesterday and was so afraid I would have to pay a large amounts of money, not to mention they could not see me for another THREE MONTHS at the OBGYN. I will update in another couple days to let you all know how it's going.

Replied by Bops
Reading, Pa, Usa
[YEA]   I am soo happy I found this site. I had these for almost a year now and had two acid treatments at the gyno that didn't really work. They got smaller but never went away. I tried the ACV yesterday. For two or so hours I had cotton balls soaked in ACV on the spots where I had the warts. Minimal burning and discomfort, just as much, if not less than what I had with the acid treatments. After sitting for a couple hours, the warts turned white and a couple of the really small ones just basically wiped right off. This morning, one of the bigger ones came off in the shower. Right now I'm sitting with Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton balls applied where the remaining warts are. There's a little more burning and discomfort today because the skin is sensitive from the treatment yesterday, but it's not bad at all. The rest of the warts are in a sort of cluster and are noticeably smaller than they were yesterday. I am so happy that this worked I absolutely had to leave word on here and add to the people saying it works.
Replied by Mary
Sacramento, California
How do I soak little bumps without affecting the surrounding skin?
Replied by Beedee
Durban, Kzn
I read this forum yesterday after endless trips to the doctor and 2 months of aldara which only made the genital warts worst. I got them in June 2012 and since I've been to different doctors who've not succeeded to remove them. I tried ACV yesterday at night for 2 hours, soaked in a cotton ball and secured with a pad. It stung a lot, can't stand pain... I did the treatment again this morning for 4.5 hours and when I removed the cotton ball it came off with a small one.

After the first treatment though, a few more appeared which I didn't know I had. I'll do the treatment again this evening and aim to leave it overnight as I have 1 big wart that looks like multiple growths in one area. The other small one left should disappear by tomorrow.

ACV works but you have to bear the pain.... Stinging and burning

Posted by Pete (San Diego, CA) on 08/01/2008

[YEA]  This is a follow up on my October 13, 2007 posting.

After I tried garlic/ACV the warts disappeared but about a month later they reappeared, with old ones and new ones coming out, and lots of itching. I was desperate, and was ready to go to the doctor again as I thought the home remedy was not being effective after all.

But I decided to give it another chance. I left out all vitamin supplements, and the garlic, and ONLY use ACV. I soaked a piece of cotton in ACV, and left it in place where the warts were, for a full two days and nights, which was painful and had to take a couple of days off from the treatment to allow the place to heal. Then I did again two more days, but this time the area became too raw and painful, so I stopped the treatment. The superficial layer of skin peeled off, and the warts literally came off. A dark patch where some warts had been cryogenically removed some months before (and where the warts had come back too) came off also.

It is very important to keep the area as dry and clean as you possibly can. Remember that the ACV is an acid, and it will cause a chemical burn. Depending on how long the ACV contacts your skin, the ACV can damage the skin, so be careful not to push it too much. Apparently, the tissue the warts are made of is more susceptible to acid attack that the surrounding skin, nonetheless, the surrounding skin will definitely be affected as well, so be very careful.

It took about two to three weeks for the area to totally heal. No scars were left whatsoever, and the area that had been darkened by the cryogen treatment was regenerated to normal skin. So no marks of any kind anywhere.

I have been symptom-free for more than 8 months since that ACV treatment. Am so happy I decided to stick with the ACV, which saved me from embarrassment at the doctor, and from some very expensive bills. I feel better about myself not having these darned warts that made my life miserable and made me feel ashamed. I know, however, that the virus may still be in my system, but I know how to treat it now.

Best of luck to all.

Replied by Bret
Phoenix, Arizona
I had been trying to stay on oxygen therapies for chronic prostatitis. I use how I feel as a measuring stick. I also use a wart on my finger as a measuring stick. If it grows, I am missing something. Lately, I tried olive leaf extract, as I substitute oxygen donors from time to time just to test their effectiveness.

Adding olive leaf to my protocols and calcium citrate and this started my wart shrinking almost withing 12 hours. 48 hours into the olive leaf/ citrate my wart is 50% less in diameter.

I use whole aloe, coq10, molasses, low dose vitamin c, mangosteen as part of my everyday protocol, this keeps me pain free, symptom free, but the wart on my finger slow to shrink, unless I go with hand- fillet, whole aloe.(To Drink)

My next move is to take away either the olive leaf extract or the citrate and see what happens. Trying to see if citrate is doing the trick instead of olive leaf.

ACV on cotton does burn for genital warts, the acid will peel the skin. I don't know the consequences of doing an acid peel on mucous membrane but I would be uncomfortable recommending it to others. Personally, I would drink the ACV with an alkaline buffer to try and prevent or shrink papilloma. Warts on mucous membranes are quicker to respond to oral medications than those on feet or hands.

I personally would also take 10,000 mg of buffered vitamin c daily if I had wart on a mucous membrane. But if you can take the pain and you don't cause injury to the tissue, and it works. Hell, why not apply acv externally.

Posted by Jane (Charlottetown, Canada) on 07/31/2008

[YEA]  After having weird bumps around my vagina that felt like ingrown hairs, I found a bunch of little genital warts inside my vagina almost all the way to my cervix.

I read about using apple cider vinegar on this site, so I thought I'd give it a try before going to my doctor who is always booked for weeks.

At first I tried diluting it and using it as a douche, but that didn't seem to work (about 2 tsp in about a cup of water). So then I tried putting straight ACV on cotton balls and putting them directly on top of the warts. I used the cheapy ACV from the grocery store and left the cotton balls in place overnight. This worked perfectly - they started to disappear within 12 hours and are now almost completely gone.

It definitly burns when you first put them in (especially if you get any on your labia etc.), but it goes away after about 30 seconds and is totally worth it. The whole area also gets a bit tender after its been exposed to a vinegary environment for two days, but I'm thinking that will settle down when I stop using it. I'll report back when they're all gone.

Also, I tried using ACV on the ingrown hair-ish bumps, but that doesn't seem to do anything. They seemed to start going away when I just left them alone.

Replied by Kara
New Bedford, Massachusetts
I started using the ACV tonight on a few warts located between my vaginal and anal region. They seem to have gotten bigger as well. They definitely turned white and looked inflammed-- it stung a little too. It worries e that they are larger. Is this a normal reaction the first time ACV is used?

Posted by Cathy (Middletown, New York) on 07/31/2008


Replied by John
San Sebastian, Spain
Hello Cathy, ...that could be because they are reacting to the ACV,...... are they turning whitish ?... do they burn when you apply the ACV? I'd be patient and keep on the ACV treatment. Two times a day, just take your time....... it might take longer depending on different people's systems.
Replied by Cathy
Mtdn, NY
Thanks for the reply. Yes they did but now they are pinkish again. It does burn but I have put a and d ointment around the surrouding skin because that is turning white with burn marks! I will keep trying but have cried because I felt like I was doing more harm then good.
Replied by John
San Sebastian, Spain
Try using a Q-tip soaked in ACV (squeezing the excess) to carefully spot the wart and so keeping the surounding skin from coming in contact with the ACV as much as possible........ it depends where you have the warts...... if you have them in front it's much easier than if you have them in the anal area, which is harder to see what you are doing, in such a case you could use a hand mirror and squat on it, that might give you a better perspective to work.......first they turn whitish, and if you keep treating them, they darken and fall off.........the burning is the acid working on the wart...... use your ointment or aloe vera gel to soothe the area............'s uncomfortable, but it's worth it.
Replied by Cathy
Mdtn, NY

Posted by Sarah (Norfolk, Virginia) on 07/26/2008

[YEA]  I was recently diagnosed with Genital Warts..about 4 days ago..The warts were mostly around my anal area and the health dept wouldnt treat me with the TCA? stuff..because of the tissue in that area so after going to 3 different doctors in a matter of 2 days trying to get rid of these things I finally made an appointment with a general surgeon but it was gonna take 2 weeks just to get a consult..I decided that I would try to see what the internet had to offer..I was so excited to find this site..after reading how quickly using ACV had gotten rid of other peoples warts I said why not and decided to try it...I started the treatment yesterday about 2pm and by this morning most of my warts were gone..I just soaked a cotton ball in ACV and placed it where the warts were and left it alone for about an hour or 2...Yes, I will admit it did have alittle of a sting to it the 1st couple of times I did this..but its well worth the pain just to have them gone so quickly!...Thank you guys so much!

Posted by John (San Sebastian, Spain) on 07/21/2008

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar for genital warts: When I read in this site that in three days you could get rid of genital warts using Apple Cider Vinegar, I thought it could work, but not in such a little time... this is what I did:

.- First day I applied a small cotton ball soaked in ACV in my anus (two or three small warts were growing there) for about 1 hour after showering. It didn't burn at all.

.- Second day I applied a medium cotton ball soaked in ACV for more than an hour. It burned just a little. Later in the day, after showering at night, I applied a bigger cotton ball soaked in ACV for about 2 hours. This time it burned for the first 5 minutes or so but it went gradually decreasing.

.- Third day applied a big cotton ball soaked in ACV between my butt cheeks in the morning. It really burnt (the whole area had become very irritated). I kept it in place for about 45 minutes (the burning decreased but not as fast as the day before). After I decided to rub some Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant to soothe the whole area. It works just great !. That evening my anus was so sore that I couldn't apply any more ACV, instead I kept rubbing Aloe Vera Gel from the leave and did it for the next four or five days without using any ACV at all .... and the warts were GONE. Just three applications of ACV !!!

ACV works great on the warts ! ..... but I would advice people not to use cotton balls soaked in it as I did, because in the same way it burns the warts, it burns the sensitive skin around them......... instead I would use a Q-tip soaked in ACV to spot the wart and use a mirror if you don't have someone to do it for you.

Anyway, Thanks a lot for the help ! ACV really works! (and for the burning don't forget the Aloe Vera Gel).

Posted by Jonathan (Saskatoon, Canada) on 07/21/2008

I have genital warts and have had the freezing to no effect am now trying the acv as we speak. will keep updating from day to day
day one: applied acv on small piece of paper towel a little larger than the area affected. squeesed towel gently so not to have it completelyy soaked. duration of application one hour. warts are white and look inflamed, small burning for the first half hour nothing bad at all.

Replied by Jonathan
Saskatoon, Canada
OK, this is day two last nite i applied the acv for thirty min. so thirty min twice a day. once in the morning and once in the evning.
This morning there was a definate change in the look of the warts. They have turned slightly brown. By evening some of them have definately started to scab over. when i appplied tonite the stinging was worse maybe a 3 out of ten but still tolerable. warts still went white and inflamed. will keep an update as we progress.
Replied by Jonathan
Saskatoon, Canada
[YEA]   ok day three. I have definite scabs on most if not all warts. This looks very promising i applied the acv for thirty min in the morning and once again whit and swollon the warts became, but the scabs are very prominant now so at nite i put on the polysporin. Did the same thing in the morning. So in conclusion if this has worked as planned three days of treatments and about a week of healing to get rid of ALL the warts vs. one freezing wait ten days do it again.... and it might not work. This way is much better safer and faster. Will keep updating from time to time but unless somthing happens drastically all will heal and i will get back to a normal loving life.

Posted by Beth (Fremont, California) on 07/11/2008

[YEA]  I used to treat my genital warts with the stuff that doctors give you : Aldara Creme. With Aldara it took me 2 months to completely get rid of my warts which to me is way to long. I had genital warts break out twice and my second time I decided to try the new remedy that I found on this website: Apple Cider Vinegar. I put Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton ball every night before I went to bed and believe it or not my warts were gone in 3 days!!! The only problem I had when they fell off was that the parts of my skin were exposed and were bleeding. I had to keep rubbing neosporin to keep it from hurting. Other wise, I HIGHLY recommend Apple Cider Vinegar! It's quick and easy to do! :)

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
To Beth from Fremont: Hello Beth, You might want to try A & D ointment instead of neosporin for rapid healing after those warts fall off.

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