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Supplements to Speed Fracture Healing

12/30/2011: G from Anonymous: Happy New Year TED! I reread Dr. West's info on how these supplements are all made from organically grown food to provide the living essentials to a person's health. In reviewing that on calcium lactate and other bone supplements (I am STILL trying to heal my fractures because I am sure that the EMF injury has disrupted my mineral balances, sepcially in the spine, and also has crowded my internal organs by stomach, heart (angina) and lungs, restricting heart action.

In Dr. West's info, I read that calcium lactate becomes a form of calcium biocarbonate in one step and is the only form used by the body. Is this the form which one's own body produces when it creates bicarbonate of soda to alkalize? He states, "Do not confuse calcium carbonate (the form fund in most calium products) with calcium bicarbonate. There is no calcium bicarbonate in pill or powder form; it must be made in the body..." (Page 126, The Encycopedia of Pragmatic Medicine, Vol. I and II.

RE this, Dr. West critizes taking magnesium , but JI Rodale solved the deficiency of magnesium in most diets by recommending to take dolomite for it. However DR. West criticises dolomite as being just stone, and difficult to digest or solve physiological problems "without the body having difficulties in doing so."

I hope that in your busy schedule around this time, you will have time to evaluate the above information. Some French scientists long ago said that there is much less cancer in Egypt because the Egyptian people have large amounts of magnesium in their soil, which Europe lacks (mainly in France) Their research verified it and its health benefits. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday for 2012.

01/16/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your fractures will be helped greatly with taking two major supplements: vitamin K2 found mostly in butter, that's the K2 m4 form. Taking 4 slices of butter a day should be sufficient for now. The beta sitosterols are needed to helped healing and is found in aloe vera oil or beta sitosterol, taken about 50 to 100 mg should be more than sufficient, the magnesium chloride, saturated solution or magnesium citrate is taken at 100 mg. to help the bones. Most of fractures and broken hips is due to lack of vitamin K2 of m4 form that is found in mainly grass fed cows, kidneys and pancreas, and raw butter as the major vitamin K2 m4, the problem is nearly everyone (in U.S.) don't eat this any more, but also the rest of the civilized world, But there are some things that may help somewhat, but not significant, is the K2 m7, which is found in some supplements, but it must be mixed with extra virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil, from medical studies to get them bioavailable, you can do research yourself on www.pubmed.org. Then once the K2 is taken for 2 or 3 weeks you can begin to take vitamin D3, say on the third week along with vitamin K2. Now if the body initially is lacking in K2, bone pain after initially taking it may be felt for 2 days, and then subsides, then we can begin the usual dose of K2 m4, made by the brand name Glakay, 45 mg. a day, but before that happens, 15 mg is the preferred for the first week. Boron (borax) may be needed to keep calcium where they are, so the body can form bones, and may be taken at one pinch a day along with Silicon, which is horsetail, and at least sodium molybdate, at one pinch twice a week.


Question About Using Magnetic South Pole Energy to Heal a Fractured Femur

07/07/2011: Anonymous : Dear Ted,

I have been reading your comments on Earth Clinic today, and since an X-ray of May 10 showed I have a fractured femur (right leg), I have been using south pole magnetic energy to strengthen my fracture.

Dr. Albert Roy Davis established the truth that magnetism is not " all the same", but has two parts, the north pole which inhibits (which is used in cancer treatments), and the south pole magnetic energy which strengthens , which I use to strengthen my bone's fracture . It is used much less often, due to the fact that it also strengthens unwanted barteria, cancer cells, etc., and must be used in small increments.

However since I used north pole magnetism years ago to treat my cancer, (including Gerson's diet, which has been improved upon by his daughter), I chose South pole magnetism this year to treat and strengthen my fractured femur.

Dr. Davis and his colleague, Walter C. Rawls, established also that magnetized water "activates the hydrogen atom", and introduced north-pole magnetization of water for drinking purposes, and as Dr. Morris Tischler ( inventor of first solid-state pacemaker) said, "One glass of the Davis-Rawls North pole water gives perfect pH."

Since drinking the water circuates it through the body, in your opinion, does that give one's entire body a pH balance? They say to place a glass jar on the north pole side of the N-1 magnet for at least five minutes, then drink this water to produce the pH balance.

This is fine, and there are pencil magnets where one stirs water with the tiny north-pole end of the magnet for lhis effect. (The stronger effect being water placed on top of the N-1 magnet ( 2' by 6" by 1/2"). (Available throuh Biomagnetics USA in Gainesville, Florida USA.)

My other question is, Wouldn't keeping the water on the strong N-1 magnet a long time overly magnetize the water? I ask this because long ago I magnetized water in that manner, leaving it on foir a rather long time, and when Idrank it, it gave me a pain in my heart. Since that time, I used just the small pencil magnet for magnetizing water.

I am now beginning to use north pole energy on my fractured femur as well as having used the south pole for these treatments since May 10, 2011. I am hoping for a complete recovery and strengthened leg, and will appreciate your view on this form of healing. (I am continuing Dr. B's water cure, but less so because it take a long time to maneuver with a walker or cane. I certainly did not want surgery or a hip transplant, after this recent fracture, because the legs have numerous blood vessels which serve a purpose being connected to bones which serve to bring nutrients, etc to bones which also develop blood cells in their marrow, etc.

With best wishes and looking forward to your reply.

07/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: People don't respond to north pole and south pole the same. Much emphasis has been to overemphasize north magnet pole. The body wants a balance of both, but not at the same time! Certain cancers actually regress in north, but then certain cancers regress in south pole, all cancer's are not the same, but mostly they do respond to north and that's why they are used.

Gerson's diet is useful, but the element which makes them so effective is the blood sugar. The blood sugar is reduced in presence of coriander which causes the sugar to decrease. It is also the iodine which kills them from the inside out. The butyric acid found in certain barley but also in beta glucan converts cancer cells to normal cells and must be taken throughout the day is not emphasize in Gerson therapy, similarly oat bran is preferred in that respect. Apple and carrot juice lowers the blood sugar (in Gerson Therapy) but the effects are only temporary, you need coriander for that. The reason why enema or detox makes you weak and not resolved by Gerson Therapy is the fact that they avoided the short chain fatty acids altogether and is actually part of the anti cancer remedy and it get washed out and too much emphasis on that. The primary energy source the body needs is the short chain fatty acids (propionate, butyric, etc.) so as you can see I have a lot of criticisms for Gerson Therapy, to improve on, because you can't achieve a higher success rate if you are missing these. But never mind, it works fine for young people (because of their naturally low blood sugar) anyway!

You cannot rely on magnets alone for alkalinity they are not permanent. The baking soda, and others has a more effects on alkalinity. It may be that your heart responds to south magnet better, as north overstimulate the system or that yes you took too much magnetic north. To determine what agrees with you, you know north too much is bad, try a strong south magnet treated with water, would that hurt you too? That will determine for certainty whether it was too much magnetic power or you have been using wrong magnetic poles all this years.

I for one, sleep best facing south and couldn't really sleep that well facing north, as it is stimulates, but it can also stimulate cancer cells too. All cancer are not really the same, including bacteria, some are oxygen loving, such as mycobacterium, some are oxygen hating, etc.

Hip Fracture and ACV or Lemon

07/29/2007: GR : Dear Ted, Thank you for your concerned response! I have been taking too much B complex (sometimes three tablets a day), but it was causing me to be so warm in this summer weather that I stopped taking it, but use brewer's yeast (1 tablespoon per day.) It is true that I once took too much calcium (without magnesium), because it almost immediately relieved the pain when I had pleuresy and could hardly breathe. But after reading your maxims I stopped taking it except one calcium lactate several days apart. I did not want to stop taking calcium, because in 2003 I suffered a fractured pelvis which is now healed- but will too much apple cider vinegar or lemon juice (which I used today instead of ACV) deplete the minerals in my healing pelvic fracture? This has worried me because I always try to refuse harmful x-rays, and there are too many x-rays now being given by dentists and orthopedic doctors. What should I take to bolster my minerals for healing the fracture when I take this amount of lemon juice or APV?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Pelvic fracture are often due to long term acidosis where the slightly acidic blood leeches out of the bones into the surrounding tissues causing the calcification. The inability for the body to utilize calcium is that magnesium is often needed twice more than the calcium. Now I have found in more instance than I care to remember that magnesium has helped the bones more than the calcium. The ability to utilize calcium is actually the vitamin D and magnesium that is most critical. To prevent long term acidosis, a good buffering remedy is the 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with baking soda ideally taken 3 times a day, but at least 2 times a day, once in the morning and once before bed time. Its pH initially, its pH is about 7, but if well reacted, it is closer actually to 7.4 or 7.5 which is as close to the normal blood pH. The baking soda will be protective of the acid which causes leeching of the bones resulting in weakened bone integrity, much like acid rain on Greek Statues. Therefore I would much prefer that the apple cider vinegar is always mixed with the baking soda. Its the baking soda that is protective against acid blood that leeches the bones of calcium. A body simply can't utilize the bones without twice the amount of magnesium and sufficient vitamin B.

Taking too much vitamin B can also result in acidosis, as the B6 Pyridoxine Hydrochloride is an acid form so I prefer to take them less, such which for general supplements can be once or twice a week. If I should be taking something like three times a day, I better take plenty of baking soda and will likely take it the next week or at least a couple of days.

This has worried me because I always try to refuse harmful x-rays, and there are too many x-rays now being given by dentists and orthopedic doctors.

Doctors today now used euphemisms such as CAT scans, mammography, and other things but they are still X-rays under many different disguises.

What should I take to bolster my minerals for healing the fracture when I take this amount of lemon juice or ACV?

A good mineral supplements are o.k. but they are generally poorly absorbed because of the wax the covered in tablets. This is why I chew them or powdered them and mixed them in water. If the tablets don't dissolve within 15 minutes, it is probably not good. A good sea salt will generally provide some micromineral also and can be mixed in regular drinking water at 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water also. A common remedy for radiation poisoning is aloe vera oil taken internally or sometimes aloe vera extract. The body doesn't need that much. Also allantoin supplements (if you can get them!) helps heal the bones and this is why folk remedy sometimes use comfrey poultrice applied topically to help heal the bones. I prefer to take about 100-200 mg of allantoin powder and mix into aloe vera oil about 5 cc and take them if I feel the need for it course!



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