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Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Soniata (Acworth, Ga) on 11/02/2014

I have never been to this site before and I don't know how I missed it. I am in dire need of a cure for follicuitis. How do you use the borax and peroxide for it? I have been on antibiotics for 2 months now and this is my second try with them. It is against what I believe in but I am desperate! I have been dealing with this for a year.

Posted by Teresa (Sumner, WA) on 12/30/2007
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re: dermodetic mites on face. BORAX and PEROXIDE. Thank you Ted for your wonderful postings. You are truly the answer to peoples' prayers. I have been to many doctors and was told that what I had was acne and' folliculitus. I read your cures and decided to try it since nothing the doctors gave me (antibiotics, steroid creams and even Accutane) have helped. I thought it couldn't be that simple but it was. So to all the skeptics give it a try (borax and peroxide) You are truly an honest man and compassionate. Thank you

Replied by Jb
San Diego, California Usa
I would like to know how to use the borax and hydrogen peroxide. How do you mix it? How much do you use, and how often? Thank you.

EC: Please see the rosacea section for more details:

Replied by Ingrid
Rolla, Mo.
Thank goodness, it's working already
Replied by Ingrid
Rolla, Mo.
5 out of 5 stars
I have picked at my skin for several years I thought that I had eczema all this time. I discoverd that it may be follicalitis. I felt like a crack head on meth picking and picking up at the wee hours of the night. Ihave noticed it drying up within hours alreAdy. Now I can sleep tonight with ease knowing that ive found a cure. It does burn and itch a bit but I know that burning means healing. What a relief. Thank u thank u thank u. Just put a spayer on the peroxide bottle. Its working its working as I type this. Thank u thank u. Do it several times a day as possible.

Calamine Lotion  

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Posted by B (Illinois, US) on 08/30/2014

This worked for me. What you need: lots of prayers, white sheets, white towels and washcloths, XL white cotton t-shirts, cotton underwear, Clorox bleach, Lysol disinfecting wipes, anti-bacterial handsoap, ANTI-BACTERIAL bar soap, pack of disposable razors. I used Dial bar soap and Target brand UP and UP handsoap. Change and wash your sheets DAILY with bleach and detergent. I used Lysol wipes to clean my plastic mattress cover every day. Shower DAILY with lukewarm/cool water and antibacterial bar soap. I used Suave shampoo for hair. It sounds extreme, but use 4 washcloths per shower: wash face and neck with hands and use a different washcloth for different areas of body. Use washcloth for clear skin areas and different washcloth for folliculitis areas. Use a new razor every day and pitch it. Dry off with several towels by just lightly pressing towel to wet skin; don't rub towel on skin. I washed my comb and brush with anti-bacterial handsoap daily. Wash towels, washcloths, white t-shirts with bleach and detergent. Stay cool, clean and dry at all times. DON'T ITCH EVER. Wear loose, comfy clothes (no workout gear, skip bras when home). I slept in oversize cotton t-shirts and sweats. Showering at nite instead of morning helped too for some reason. I know this seems like a lot to do each day, but clear skin is worth it! I was allergic to meds the dermatologist prescribed and prayed for God to help me figure this out. I hope this info. can help. Best of luck!

Posted by Michelle (New York, NY) on 07/16/2013
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Calamine lotion will help to reduce swelling/pain, and redness from folliticus. It is also said to have antiseptic properties which should help to minimize severe follicitus from become further infected. I have used it in the past for boils/ severe follicitus and it really makes a difference. Good luck!

Posted by Juan (Los Angeles, California) on 03/23/2011
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Id been suffering with Folliculitus on my scalp for five months. In the beginning of it I had confused it with a pimple. So I popped it and continued shaving my head like always since 1997. Days went by and more of them would come out. I would pop them and would continued with my normal routine. Until I notice that these bumps on my scalp were not pimples but something else. The more I would shave the more it would spread. Did some research on webmd and bam Folliculitus. I was hoping that it would go away on its own but no luck. I would aggravate it more when I would go to do my MMA classes.

On the Fourth month of the curse it got to the point where the itching was unberable and by scrachting it, the bumps would get bigger and the pain was intolarable. My head was looking horrible embarrassing sick. Went to urgent care and told me to stop shaving, stop the MMA classes and take antibiotics Doxycicline and use an antiseptic for cleaning off all the pus that would come out. It work for about three days and came back worse than before. The itching was hell I could almost feel the bacteria moving around my scalp and then the pain was so bad that it would wake me up from my sleep. I was not able to rest my head for a long time in one position because it would create pressure on the bumps. I became very desperate for some kind of relief. Checked out some sites on the internet stumble on this one and tried EVERYTHING!!!!

Turmeric 6 tablets a day didnt work, Apple white vinegar daily wash relief for some minutes but nope didnt work, mupirocin antibiotic oinment nope, clotrimazole antifungal cream nope didnt work, Lamisil nope, Alcohol nope, Witch hazel nope, until a memory ran through my head of a time I rubbed against poison oak. Calamine lotion!!! When I had poison oak rash on my forearm the itching was hell and the oozing was disgusting and contagious.

Bought the Calamine CLEAR lotion, got home washed up and rubbed that Calamine on my scalp. It work like Heaven. The itching stop instantly and the next morning my scalp was looking wayyyyy better. I still have some bumps but the relief from the itching and that thumping pain is gone. I also order Terrasil its on its way but for now the Calamine Clear lotion is good very good the only thing that has work for me. The Clear one because I dont want to be walking around work with the pink Calamine on my head. Folliculitus is very embarrasing to have. The pain and itching is hell. Im ready to get rid of it im doing everything right to stop it from living on my scalp. Hopefully this advice will help those who suffer from it!

Replied by Joe
Charlotte, Nc
you have pityrosporum/mallassezia folliculitis. its caused by the same fungus that causes foot fungus. Mallassazia furfur. If you shaved your head before mma class and "rolled" on the mats the foot fungus would easily get into your pores/hair follicles. standard clotrimazole wont work and antibiotics will only make it worse. go to a dermatologist and get a prescription for diflucan and ketoconzole cream. the longer you wait the more systemic it will become.
Replied by Karlene
London, Uk
Try oil of oregano and go on a yeast free, sugar free diet for awhile. This means reduced carbs as well. It was not easy but this is how mine got cured.
Replied by Maryherb
Visalia, Ca, United States
I am not a chinese doctor or even asian!! GO SEE A CHINESE HERBALIST THEY CURED ME!!!!!!!
Replied by Honeysuckle Flowers
San Jose, Ca
Thank you to Maryherb from Visalia, Ca. I went to a CHINESE HERBALIST in San Jose, CA. He told me that I had to take 15 days in order to see the results. I only finished the 9th day and my scalp has been clear. I'm so happy now. Thanks again!
Replied by Tommy
San Jose, Ca
Hey honeysuckle. What Chinese herbalist did you see in San Jose? I'm in the area and I have folliculitis.
Replied by Benshamil
Hello Juan....I hope you are doing ok...Hows your battle with Folliculitis disease? Do you see any progress? I am not very strong I get very upset dealing with this mess...You mentioned you were going to order a product for your scalp....Did it improve your condition? Please reply to my post. Best Regards

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Cath (Brunswick, Georgia) on 09/14/2010
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I was so scared I had a staph infection I went to a dermatologist in June. Yes, folliculits! And, I said, WHAT! I was put on Cipro which is what they give for anthrax! So, I guess it killed any staph. But the ugly sores dot my chest, arms and legs. My health food store guy researched and said Coconut Oil was now being recommended. You put it all over your body twice a day and take a tablespoon. Taste is kinda blah. Seems to clear up the scabs and starts the healing process. Compared to what you all have written I must have a minor case. You have some real horror stories. So I'm gonna up the treatment with some of the stuff mentioned here. Screw these medical sites that say it goes away soon!

Colloidal Silver, Sulphur Tablets  

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Posted by David (Florida) on 10/25/2013
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In response to:

03/26/2013: Ryan from London, Ontario: "Hello, my name is Ryan and I've had 'acne keloidalis nuchae' for a few years now, about 5 bumps on the back of my neck. Would you be able to add this as a section so people can contribute remedies for this disease? Thank you!"

I have had folliculitis on my inner and outer thighs for about 2 years. It is a very embarassing skin ailment. It made me afraid of having intercourse with girls because I didnt want them to see the disgusting red rashes on my legs, and so I would like to share what worked for me so that you do not have to suffer like I did. I think my biggest mistake was not treating it right away and letting it spread and grow stronger.

I have tried everything.

First I tried mupirocin. I applied it directly to each rash for many nights. It worked for some of them but not all. Furthermore, the rashes came back eventually. My dermatologist told me to put it in a Q-tip and to put it in my nose 2 times a day for 5 nights as well. She said that is where the bacteria lived if you are a carrier of it in your blood. It did work, but not enough

Then I tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar and White Distilled Vinegar to a Q-tip and applying it to each rash, and then letting it dry for 10 minutes. This was completely unsuccessful.


Note that each person is different. it may work for you or it may not, but I pray for you.

Good Luck. David

Replied by Shashi
Are these still working for you??
Replied by Michelle
Ma, US
I second that. Is the treatment for folliculitis still working? Any specific site that you might recommend buying those items. Thanks and I am very happy for you. I personally have suffered from this for 10 years, it is now a full body rash. I have tried everything. White finger helps but does not get rid of it all. Once again David, Congratulation!
Replied by Trina
Phoenix, Az
Question- How bad was your folliculits AND where did you buy the colloidal silver and sulphur tablets? Thank you!!!!!
Replied by Folu
You did not state how you used the colloidal silver and sulfur tablet. Is it topically or orally? Please let us know.

Colloidal Silver, Witch Hazel  

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Posted by Reem (Annandale, Va) on 01/12/2013
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I've always had skin issues, and used to suffer from folliculitis and other ailments related to the hair follicules. However, I think the current condition I have may be different. I have folliculitis-like pustules on my thighs and bikini area, but it was on-set, I believe, by taking a Bikram Yoga class or by the beginning of the Fall season (which coincided with each other). Last year, a similar episode happened to me around the same time of year. I went to the dermatologist, who prescribed antibiotics which I reluctantly took--it healed the condition, until I decided to try bikram again this year (almost exactly a year later and during the same season). It's come back. This time, I tried to treat it by ingesting Colloidal Silver and using Witch Hazel topically, which seems to help but not heal. I also noticed that the pustules go away completely while I'm on my menstrual cycle, but resurge as soon as I'm done. That is why I think it may not actually be folliculitis. I'd really rather not have to go to the doctor again because I feel like he'll just give me the same antibiotics as last time without actually diagnosing the problem. Any advice or help?

Replied by Colette
I read your story. It sounds like you may have possibly caught a staph infection at the yoga studio. These bugs are serious. Good luck.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Bats (Perth, Wa) on 10/13/2012

I have had what I believe is a form of scalp follicultis for about 12 years. The only thing that I can relate it to was starting at a gym and therefore sweating more than normal for an hour 3 or 4 times a week. I still gym about 6 times a week and also sometimes work outdoors in the heat of summer, so sweat ALOT!

Having had acne is my teens/twenties, I assumed it was just a side effect of a greasey skin/hair. I noticed that the only time it ever cleared up was when I went on a course of antibiotics. I am susceptible to sinusitis and bronchitis in the winter. Some years I can get away with no colds, but if I catch a cold and it hasn't gone of its own accord in 3 weeks, antibiotics are the ONLY thing to clear it. The infection could last for months otherwise. And the side-effect of taking the antibiotics was that the folliculitis went away.... usually for about 4 months.

More recently I was put on antibiotics after a tooth extraction. I hadn't had antibiotics for well over a year. The folliculitis went away but only for two weeks. I mentioned this to my doctor who put me on a course for a month - this time specifically for the spots. Spots went away after a week but came back before I'd finished the course. This had never happened before. I have been referred to a dermatologist now and am due to see him later this month.

I recently had a case of sinusitis which had the usual effect of laying me low for 4 weeks. Got tired really quickly. 1st batch of antibiotics started to work, then the sinus infection came back before I finished them, so I was put on a combination of amoxycillin & potassium clavulanate. The 2nd ingredient is meant to help antibiotics overcome resistant bacterial strains. It worked on both the sinus infection AND the folliculitis and I find myself free of scalp zits once again. It remains to be seen how long that lasts but I think I'm going to put the dermatologist visit on hold until the problem returns.... which I'm guessing it will.

Other remedies I have tried.... Medicated shampoo, T Gel.. Tea tree shampoo... Keeping pillow cases and towels as clean as possible. Cutting out wheat, alcohol, dairy produce from my diet. None of these had the slightest effect.

I'm sure my immune system is below par. I had glandular fever when I was 20 and, ever since, some colds can easily turn into a sinus or chest infection and lay me low with flu type symptoms for weeks/months when most people would recover without any real problems.

I'm loathe to take any antibiotic long term, even though it is the only thing to work... Albeit the problem has, so far, always returned. It is BLISS when it goes away!!

I'll try a few of the remedies suggested here. Turmeric? Well I eat curry regularly so get alot of this already. Not sure I want to smell of vinegar all day and, being on the scalp, creams/ointments are not easy to apply.

And I also get quite deep pernicious spots on the face - the cheek area specifically. These spots take months to clear and are much deeper in the skin than the scalp spots. Worst of all, they often leave a pock mark scar. These also go when I take antibiotics. They are also more prevalent in the winter. As with acne, UV does help to keep them at bay. When a teenager, I loved sunbathing because UV ALWAYS killed the acne. It was the only time it went away! I'll probably get skin cancer but as any acne infested teenager will tell you, it'd have been worth it!

Replied by D M
Orlando, Fl
If your folliculitis responds to antibiotics, it is probably caused by one or more types of bacteria. Try applying a mixture of aloe vera, turmeric, charcoal (studies show definite gradual improvement when charcoal is used on skin ulcers caused by staph), and if itch is present, powdered cloves. Charcoal adsorbs bacteria, but stains fabric, so you may wish to apply the mixture at night and protect your sheets with a towel that you do not mind staining. The charcoal and herbs will not be effective if applied dry; apply in a moist application like aloe vera, a wet poultice, or water. A squirt (i.e. , from a spray bottle) of pure water can keep your application moist and effective for a longer time. Eat a diet low in sugar, with plenty of fruits and vegetables (including onions/garlic and raw produce). Get lots of water and rest. Your hygiene regimen sounds perfect. Best wishes! :)
Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Bats, Reading your story, I would venture to say that candida is most likely at the root of your problems. You have taken an awful lot of antibiotics throughout your life and they have destroyed your gut flora and candida becomes out of control when this occurs. Instead of just trying lots of topical things that don't seem to eradicate the problem, you may want to start with ridding the candida and re-introducing good bacteria back into your body's ecosystem. I suggest reading "The Body Ecology Diet". I have seen this help many people and have given this book as a gift to friends who have seen their health turn around. You'd be interested in the author's story too because her health spiraled downward because as a teenager plagued with acne, she was constantly put on antibiotics. This led to the demise of her health and she began doing some serious research on what exactly was going on. As a result, she has been a speaker all over the world on candida and how to eradicate it and restore one's health.

I am including a link to her candida quiz:

Anyway, I hope this information helps. Lisa

I think Lisa is dead on with this one. I have had recurrent folliculitis for over 10 years. I was an over user of antibiotics for years and didn't counter act the antibiotics I took with a pro-biotic, huge mistake!

I am eating better, however, on bad eating day or 2 - (when I eat candida growing foods, I pay for it), this time so bad that I am forced to get back on an antibiotic to clear it up again... sigh), but this time I am taking a STRONG, HIGH quality pro-biotic along with Garlic Extract pills, 4 drops of Oregano Oil (2 x day under tongue - push tongue down for 30 seconds and swallow), Oregano pills 2 x day, and I am increasing my water in take to 4 or 5 x 18 oz a day.... this is key to flush the system.

My main areas were on my scalp, chest and around my beard. lastly, I am using Coconut Oil to help fade/eliminate the scarring.

I know it seems like a lot, but 1 week into things, I am better, and off the antibiotics - hoping that they folliculitis will stay away by keeping my candida until control by eating the right foods and taking a strong pro-biotic.

Replied by Bats
Perth, Wa
Thanks for the replies -

DM your concoction sounds intriguing but I have to say there is no way I'll be applying it to my scalp! I'd have to wear a turban. Some remedies are just a step too far for me. But I'd agree that the problem is clearly bacterial given the response to anitibiotics.

Which brings me to candida that Lisa talks about. Well a girlfriend I had about 10 years ago was convinced that candida was the cause of all of her health problems and, indeed, the cause of everyone else's too. I did an awful lots of reading on the subject and couldn't see anything in it as far as I was concerned. My tiredness (at the time) was due to stress and working long hours. I do neither now, and don't have a problem. I also went on the various health regimes that she tried. All to no effect. But it is the reason why I am loathed to take antibiotics long term. I don't see it as 'healthy' for the body.

In this case though, the bacterial infection option sounds far more plausible than the fungal infection idea.... Or is Lisa suggesting that once the candida is removed from the body the body's own immune system will be better able to reject the bacterial infection on the skin?..... And the sinuses too?

I'd like to add that I have never had antibiotics for acne. But being prone to bronchitis and sinusitis, however, probably have a 1 week course every other year (on average) over the last 30 years. I simply cannot get over the infections without them.

Antibiotics certainly aren't causing the scalp problem, as others have suggested. I have been taking antibiotics over the last 30 years and the problem only started about 12 years ago.

One thing is clear... There are many causes of this ailment and possibly as many cures. Everyone is different and I seriously doubt that there is one 'cure all'. In some cases there may well be no 'cure' at all.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Bats, Yes, I am suggesting exactly that. Once you have cleared your body of the candida the body will be able to take care of itself. Both the scalp and the sinuses. Our bodies are governed by how we treat them and what we put in them. Once you clear the candida, you will see lots of changes for the better. Also, you will want to continually replenish your gut with fermented foods or drinks which is the ideal way to get the good bacteria into your body. One can take the probiotic supplements but you don't know how much is actually surviving the stomach acid and also it is expensive. I also suggest, you work to continually detox the body. I do this in many ways such as far infrared saunas, herbs, sodium thiosulfate, etc.

And I understand you never took antibiotics for acne but you did for both sinusitis and bronchitis. Well, antibiotics are antibiotics. It doesn't matter what you used them for- they destroy the good bacteria allowing the candida to run amok. Right now, because of your condition, it appears the only thing that takes care of these two issues are antibiotics but once you heal your body, that will not be the case. I helped my own daughter when she was 22 with this exact issue and now at 26, she has not had to use antibiotics ever again since then. Hope this info helps. Lisa

Replied by Bats
Perth, Wa
The bottom line is, Lisa, that I tried all this stuff about candida years ago when both myself and my then girlfriend suffered from chronic fatigue symptoms. She was obsessed with the subject! It made no difference to either of us after 2 years... Which I reckon is a long enough trial. What DID make a differenece was to find a less stressful & more interesting job and a better climate to live in! Hey I only get fatigued now when I try to do too much! Now there's a surprise!

I took the test on your link and basically I am nowhere near a risk for candida. I scored low. Very low! Most of the supposed symptoms pretty much anyone will have had at sometime. I wasn't impressed.

Then they tried to sell me some product, which is where I lost interest. Without proper clinical trials I am unlikely ever to be convinced of something that relies heavily on anecdotal evidence & hearsay.

Bottom line... I don't have candida, even if I believed it was a problem. I am not the sort of person to believe in something just because someone wrote a book on the subject or has a website. Unfortunately too many people believe coz they want to. It may well have worked for some people (such as Lisa)... It may just be psychosomatic. Well good for them. But having researched the subject I came away not believing much at all. Especially when the person concerned has a vested interest in making money out of it.

I mean, I have never taken the cycline type antibiotics, only basic amoxycilin. I have never taken AB for more than 1 week at a time (let alone a month or more) & I have never taken more than 4 courses in a year (like 1 every two years at most, as I've said) so, even by their own measurement, I am not a risk.

I'll happily try turmeric if the problem recurs. It's cheap and easy to administer (orally I can do! ) and there is medical evidence to show that it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. But covering my head in a mixture of charcoal and aloe vera other stuff? Well, no, sorry DM, that sounds like a quack cure to me... Though I'd be less sceptical if the problem wasn't on my scalp!

Some things are just a step too far!

Replied by Bats
Perth, Wa
Cured - after 12 years I've actually found something that works. After referral to a skin specialist, his conclusion was that is was definitely folliculitis, BUT that there was NO KNOWN cure for it. It was probably caused by a bacteria, given that there was some response to antibiotics and that I could have a test to find out which one. I declined this, as knowing what it was wouldn't actually help any.

He prescribed some anti acne medication, but I never used the prescription, as it was over $100. He also suggested I try Selsun Gold shampoo. As it's actually an anti dandruff shampoo (I don't have dandruff) I guess that there is an anti-bacterial componenet that also kills the bacteria that causes my problem.

I started using Selsun once every 2-4 days using other shampoos in between (I shampoo at least once a day, due to strenuous outdoor work & gym visits). There was a marked improvement.

I now use it pretty much daily and the problem has gone completely. It remains to be seen if this is a long-term cure.

Replied by Bats
Perth, Wa
I see I posted on here about 2-3 years ago.

I've had scalp folliculitis for about 15 years. The only thing that ever got rid of it was antibiotics I'd taken for other complaints - sinusitis, bronchitis. The spots would disappear for up to 4 months but always come back. Clearly a bacterial problem, in my case.

The last I'd reported (in 2012) was that a course of anitbiotics had worked, but as ever the problem returned after weeks or months.

I went to see a specialist about 18-24 months ago.

First word of advice from him was - there is no cure for this condition. Only treatment.

He offered to test my scalp to see if he could identify which bacteria (or fungus) was causing the problem. I didn't bother as I figured it probably wouldn't help.

His only suggested treatment was a shampoo called Sulsun Gold. It says on the bottle - For problem dandruff and other complaints. Active ingredient is Selenium Sulfide 25mg/ml. Cost about $10 for 200ml here in Oz. I looked for it in the UK last year but couldn't find it at any pharmacy. You can buy it on ebay.

Anyway, I tried it and it worked. I cancelled the next specialist appointment it had worked so well. From 10-15 of these awful, painful spots at any one time, to none within a week or so. And two years later, still no spots.

Instructions recommend using twice a week. Now I wash my hair at least once daily as it is fine and greasy. Sometimes up to three times daily as I work outdoors in the heat and also go to the gym most days.

I did downgrade to Sulsun Blue about 4 months ago, which is a weaker mix. 1% selenium sulfide. Cheaper at $6 a bottle. In between all uses of Selsun, I use a perfume free shampoo - Simple.

I would occasionally get the odd pimple even during this time. No more than two. I'd up the usage of Selsun Gold and they would go away again.

Last week I had the worst outbreak in over 18 months. I hadn't used Gold for some time, preferring the use of Blue every other day as an alternative. No idea why they came back with a vengeance. 15 spots on my scalp again. Painful too. Chocolate, maybe, the day before, but I'd had that at other times without a reaction. That Old Wives' Tale that chocolate causes acne?

I returned to S Gold and a week later all spots have gone again, even the very deep ones. My scalp is completely clear.

So I'll be on Sulsun shampoos for life, but it's a small price to pay. I know that if I stop using it, the condition will come back but it genuinely works for me.

As part of a general health check, I have been tested for all kind of potential problems (Vit D, diabetes, insulin, iron, etc) and the only thing that showed up was slightly high on 2 types of cholesterol. I am not anaemic.

Now I'm not saying this will work for everyone. It may well be that there are many different causes of this condition. All I'm saying is it works for me.

I'm sure some people will shy away from this as this is not a herbal remedy, it is a chemical. My attitude is, give it a try. It might just work.

Good luck.

Replied by Bj
Thank you for the update. I have been suffering for close to 15 years from what I suspect was caught from middle school gym. Mine however is on my thighs butt and back.

I think I will try selsun gold to see if it works. I am not overly hairy but enough that it would lather up well.

My doctor pretty much took at look at mine and told me folliculitis and that there is no cure for this, only treatment. Nice to know she was upfront about it and your specialist was too.

Keep us in the mix if anything changes!

Posted by Save Us All (Abq, Nm) on 02/24/2012

Been suffering from scalp folliculitis for a few years now. I clear when I am on anti-biotics but it returns shortly after treatment. Tried ACV internally, tea tree oil shampoos, all natural shampoos, t-gel etc.

I wanted to post an update as of 1/11/12. I've stopped using shampoo altogether and just used the water from boiling guava leaves (they have medicinal properties look it up on the web). Let it cool put it into a bottle and then use it to rinse the area on my scalp for a few weeks every day until the sores go down and then every other day. My itchy scalp and sores have all healed up and I no longer get breakouts like I did with every other treatment I've used. It turns out that my itchy sores were caused by some sort of allergic reaction to the chemicals in the shampoo.

Okay as of 2/24/12 I have been getting some spots on my scalp and the itchiness has returned. Scalp folliculitis is an odd ailment. It comes and goes but never goes away completely. It is downright disgusting and an irritating ordeal. I pray we find a common solution once and for all.

I will continue to experiment to see. Gonna go see a Chinese herbalist too.

Posted by Dolphins7 (Youngstown, Ohio, United States) on 06/17/2011

Ive been including turmeric in my diet, and Apple Cider Vinegar and peroxdie and borax in showers, what I find is that in the mornings scabs formed over the pimples.. is this a sign of progress? Iodine also has helped a particular stubborn zit scab, is this a sign its healing underneath? Whats the best way to really get under the skin and open the pores to cleanse them with the borax acv peroxide? How long will it take? and once its gone whats the best way to keep them from reocurring.

Healing Clay  

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Posted by P1nk_fl0yd (Serbia) on 11/18/2014
4 out of 5 stars

Finally I found out what is working for me. I have folliculitis on my scalp for 2-3 yers now. I have to mention that it is not as bad as I have seen but non the less its not good, especially bcs I work as a trainer in the gym, so you can imagine.

I've tried everything. First I tried to cure it with antibiotics, first round vibramicin + aknefug oxid wash, which worked only for the time I was on them (20 days).. then year later I tried augmentin (called panklav in my country) for almost two months, same story. Then I took it in to my hands and started exploring my options. I found out on the internet that bactrim + topical antibiotic ointment work and I tried that. After the therapy I was clear for one month, but then it came back.

So I gave up on antibiotics and everything that modern medicine is using to "cure" us and started exploring alternative ways to cure it.
I didn't mention that after the last antibiotic therapy I was topically treating my head with mix of lemongrass oil, tea tree oil with the turmeric oil for base.

So I tried pretty much everything from vinegar, turmeric orally and topically, baking soda orally and topically, lemon grass oli, tea trea oil, oregano oil locally and topically.

After all of that I said forget it and I started detoxifying myself. I stopped eating dairy and lot of other things that I wont go into right now.. bottom line I tried applying healing clay on my head. I was mixing it with half a lemon juice and little cannabis oil (industrial). I couldn't leave it over night bcs of a itch a head when I lay my head down, but I was using it over the weekend in the day time for about 6 h. After only two times applying it it was much much much better.

Now I'm doing the same thing not with clay, but with zeolit. It is amazing. I use it orally and topically, and now I can leave it over night bcs it doesn't itch like clay. I've been using it for only couple of days but I can see it's working really god.

I will post again in a week or two, but I wanted to let you all know that you can try this.

So for everyone who doesn't like to read everything, HEALING CLAY AND ZEOLIT ( which I think its better (stronger)).

Hope this helps..

Replied by P1nk_fl0yd
5 out of 5 stars
Definitely Zeolit!

After 5 days of applying it on my scalp, and drinking it, everything is clear. I was making paste with zeolit, canabis(industrial) oil and lemon juice, and was drinking 8 espresso spoons (little plastic ones) a day.. it goes something around 1 e.spoon per 10km body mass.

You should put paste on inflamed area for as much as you can (day, night) I was changing it on around 6 hours.

Good luck!


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Posted by Lola1978 (New Orleans, La) on 03/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I have had severe folliculitis on my butt area for over 5 years. I have tried everything, including multiple trips to the dermatologist. For several years I thought I had acne, but after lots of research I have determined it is folliculitis. I've taken oral anitbiotics, used apple cide vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, tumeric - to no avail. But finally, I've found something that is working - hibiclens. Its an antibacterial wash that can be found at the drug store. Doctors use it before surgery. You should only use it once a week, and you need to make sure to mositurize. My dermatologist reccommended CeraVe moisturizer daily, to protect the skin. Also, she prescribed an antibacterial foam called Clindamyclin which is working. I have stopped using my scrubber in the shower, as it is a bacterial breeding ground and only use my hands to wash with no. Also, she said I should never re-use a towel. So far this process has worked incredibly well and I'm completely clear.

Replied by Canon
Asheboro, Nc
5 out of 5 stars
I also have had pretty severe foliculitus on my butt for around 4 years and recently tried Hibiclens to my benefit. The stuff really does help, however, it still doesnt clear it completely up for me. I use it twice a day in the shower. Nonetheless, Im still trying to find other remedies to completely clear it. Let me know if you find anything else as well!
Replied by Eh
New England, US
5 out of 5 stars
I also thought I had acne and tried so many treatments, peroxide, Salylic acid, tea tree oil, retinoids, etc. Hibiclens hasn't cleared it up 100%, but the difference is amazing and almost overnight.

Honeysuckle Flowers  

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Posted by Honeysuckle Flowers (San Jose, Ca) on 05/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, I've been having this problem for more than 5 years. I've seen 3 different specialists. Also, I've been to the best dermatologist in the Bay Area... First, he gave me terracyclin for 2 months. Around 2 weeks after I finished the medication and the pimples came back more on my scalp. Then he gave me Doxycycline for another 2 months... The symptoms were worst.

I finally went to see a Chinesse Herbalist. My scalp has been clean. Please find one herbalist in your area and ask them to give you honeysuckle flowers.

Do you make tea out of the herb and drink it? How long does it take to see results? Are the results permanent?
Replied by Honeysuckle Flowers
San Jose, Ca
Yes, you have to make tea out of the herb. It took me 2 hours to boil it because you have to use 4 cups of water and boil it until it becomes 1 cup. They were mix with 5-6 types of herbs including honeysuckle flowers, but they told me the honeysuckle flowers was the main thing.

They told me that I had to take it for 15 days to see the results; however, I just finished the 9th day and my scalp was clear. Now, I only need to boil the honeysuckle flowers by itself. Please try it. I'm really happy with the result.

Replied by Tommy Guns
San Jose, Ca
Hey honey suckle which Chinese herbalist did u see in San Jose? I live here and I am trying to get help. Let me know. Thank you.
Replied by Adrian
Encino, Ca
that tea really sounds promising... Do u have the number to that herbalist... If so... Can u post it
Replied by Adrian
Encino, Ca
that tea really sounds promising... Do u have the number to that herbalist... If so... Can u post it
Replied by Tommygunz
San Jose, Ca
The number to the place I went is 408-972-8811 according to yelp. Its called thien hung on senter rd in san jose ca. I think the guy who was working is Viet. I couldn't really get across to him what I was looking for so I said F it and just grabbed the most expensive honey suckle flowers he had. He had 2 different ones and one cost $17 the other was $27. It's a pretty big bag too. Bag says 16oz and they are just brownish dried up honey suckle flowers. I'm also taking bactrim anti-biotic and shampooing with ketoconazole and a 2% zinc shampoo. I lost a lot of hair but my hair has stopped falling out so now I just need to figure out how to get it to regrow. I'll let u guys know how the honey suckle tea works but I also changed my diet. I eat less fried foods and more salads and veggies. I'm also over dosing on probiotics as well. I'm definitely better now then I was a month ago but far from cured.
Replied by Rhebs
Washington, Dc
1 out of 5 stars
I did try honeysuckle but it did not work... the taste is awful. I throw away the rest of the organic honeysuckle I ordered. I know that dairy products specially cheese makes me flare up. So I avoid pizza or anything with cheese. Also, pets like dogs makes my folliculitis inflamed too. After work I will buy the African black soap... I will let you know.
Replied by Alice
Huntington Beach, Ca
1 out of 5 stars
When I got folliculitus this was the 1st thing I tried b/c my mother is Chinese and she got me a whole bag of this from the Asian market. I was drinking this by making a tea from this dried flower every day and it did nothing for me.
Replied by Valentino
San Jose, Ca
Where did you exactly go to get the herbs I also live in San Jose and been suffering with scalp folliculitis since a few years and tried all the above remedies and it's now spreading to my face back neck arms and chest. I feel like my life is over plz help!! You can email me at valsmilezz(at) gmail(dot) com
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Valentino;

Re your folliculitis...

If you google "folliculitis causes" you'll see that folliculitis can be caused by bacteria, virus or fungus.

Or a combination of them all (BVF).

I recently had a "live blood microscopy" performed on my blood and the evidence showed more than normal fungi present. I make and take colloidal silver but the microscopy technician suggested I needed the CS THREE times a day on empty stomach to kill the fungi.

I don't have folliculitis but if I did, I'd not only be on three doses of CS daily but would be applying CS plus Echinacea topically twice daily. There are also some good anti fungals as OTCs. Lamisil is one that is good. To apply the CS topically I use DMSO as a solvent and penetrant. Good google site; "DMSO sixty minutes Dr.Jacobs youtube" and you'll find a three part series on DMSO. The DMSO by itself might help.

The point is; consider finding a live cell microscopy center to confirm what it is that is causing the infection. If you have a GOOD dermatologist s/he could do a scraping and determine if a fungus is the cause; however, there might also be a virus accompanying the infection and so an anti fungal may not be enough to finish off the infection.

Also I mentioned Echinacea. The WONDERFUL Echinacea. I've found "Vitamin Shopp" has the best brand...a dense, black kind that is powerful...apply topically and ten minutes later reapply to worst area. (It's the Vitamin Shopp brand of Echinacea that I like so much.) Re apply every hour for eight hours. Wash off and start over. Do this for three days. Also take five drops in glass of water and drink. Repeat every three hours. Eight times in a day for five days. Echinacea enhances the immune system. But applied topically is a wonderful killer of microbes.

A good live cell microscopy worker might also be able to suggest what foods you could be having problems with which could be feeding the might have a carb metabolism problem for instance.

If you ask around at numerous health food stores if they know of a live cell microscopy expert, you should be able to find one in most metro areas.

Don't give up.

Note I've suggested the following...Using CS internally and topically; Echinacea; and Live Cell analysis to SEE what is going on ... on the cellular level. I've also used anti fungal crèmes topically with success. I killed "microsporum canis" (ring worm) after my dermatologist failed to even ID it correctly.

Also note LIVE CELL Microscopy is not a blood analysis will be able to actually SEE your blood on a screen real time from a drop of your own blood. I first saw this demonstrated 30 years ago and it was truly amazing then and even now. You can get a sense for this from numerous youtube sites..."live cell microscopy" and look at many examples of what blood is looking like under the microscope.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Dolphins7 (Youngstown, Ohio, United States) on 06/13/2011

I know the peroxide will bleach my hair.. , but I found that when I did use it, it cleared the problem up, even tho it eventually came back. Is there a way to dilute the hydrogen peroxide so it wont turn my hair red? Or should I continue using Ted's 1:1:10 with Apple Cider Vinegar and hydro and water?