Natural Fibroid Treatment: Q&A

Last Modified on Sep 15, 2013

Large Uterine Fibroids and Herpes 2 and 1

09/15/2013: Anonymous from San Diego: I have large uterine fibroids and Herpes 2 and 1. Ted, if there was one thing I can try to get rid of my herpes and uterine fibroids, what you recommend? Please help! I have tried many things without results.

10/04/2013: Andrea C from Wales replies: Hi I just posted this link for some one else, incase you do not see it, I am posting it to you as well. Love Andrea C xxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Colloidal Silver will banish Herpe's 1 and 2. There is a lot of information about this here on E.C and the web.

Can Sexual Activity Help Break up Uterine Cyst?

04/26/2012: Jen from Kennewick, Wa, Usa: Hi. I have a small fibroid in my uterus that is continuing to decrease in size. When it was discovered eight months ago, it had bursted/ degenerated and was about 6cm and now it's just over 2cm. During my recent menstrual periods, although they're not heavy, I sometimes have large blood clots more so than I used to. My questions are as follows: Could these clots actually be part of the cyst coming out? And also (more importantly) can sexual activity and/or orgasm cause the cyst to degenerate faster? I currently don't have any pain associated with the cyst. I was curious if the movement of the uterus muscles during orgasm could possibly help my body expell the cyst.

10/20/2012: Dm from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca replies: When I was 49 I started having heavy bleeding and clots every other month. At that time that my husband and I were separating, stopped having sex, and only occasional self masturbation. Over the next six years the bleeding progressed to 7-8 days a month and 2 of them frightening hemorrhaging. I gave up hoping it would end with menopause and went to the gyno. They did internal ultrasound and biopsy and said my uterus was 4 times the size it should be because of fibroids but no cancer. I was given a prescription for transexamic acid to stop the bleeding and told that it probably would not permanently stop without a hysterectomy. I only took the med. When the bleeding was heavy, it caused cramping.

Then at 55 I reunited with my high school sweetheart and began having sex again, with orgasms 2-4 times per week. At first I had some bleeding after orgasms and intercourse and was afraid it would cause me to bleed even more days a month. But it was not painful, he was understanding and so we continued. After 5 months my bleeding had lessened and by six months it had almost entirely stopped. I am turning 56 next week, have not needed the med. for months now, and at most have a slight dark discharge for a day or two. Perhaps it is all just a coincidence, perhaps the bleeding would have stopped on its own, but I don't think so. I think the contractions of orgasms 2-4 times per week made the fibroids shrink.

Many women around the years of menopause have little or no sex for many different reasons and doctors are quick to only recommend surgery. Orgasms may not be a cure-all for every woman with fibroid bleeding but they can't hurt, and are sure worth trying before going through surgery. Many women don't feel comfortable with their own bodies and think masturbation is "dirty" but orgasms have been shown to be important for men's health, why wouldn't the same be true for women? I think our bodies are trying to tell us we should not stop having orgasms simply because of menopausal symptoms or lack of a partner.

Where Can I Find Blackstrap Molasses in Indore, India?

04/07/2012: Sonal, Indore from Indore, Mp, India: Hi, I am from Indore and suffering from a big fibroid ~14 cm, though I dont have a very heavy bleeding excpet a few times in a year.

I want to try out the blackstrap molasses and ACV for shrinking fibroid, But do not know where to get in Indore, India. Could you please suggest me where to buy these in Indore.

Thanks in advance.

Does ACV, Baking Soda, Blackstrap Molasses Cure Fibroid?

04/04/2012: Ken from Lagos, Nigeria: I got through ur site and found people giving crediting does acv, soda, bsm as a cure for fibroid, i have being trying it on my wife, but i have not seen any result yet, should i tell her to stop it??

Apple Cider Vinegar Use for Fibroid Is Causing Constipation

03/08/2012: Kkb from Sacramento, Ca: Hello, I have large a fibroid outside my uterus, but my symptons are a little different. I don't have heavy bleeding during my period but my doctor wants me to undergo surgery. I would rather not undergo surgery so I began taking 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar, and a 1/4 tsp of baking soda twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. This caused me to have constipation. Am I taking this the correct way?

Do Zoladex Injections Work to Shrink Fibroids?

02/24/2012: Dawn from Oxford, England: Hi Everyone, Just joined today, I have enormous fibroids (they said I have 18cm womb instead of 8cm), experience nightmare periods and pain and distended abdomen and the gynae has suggested the best route is to take Zoladex injections for three months to shrink fibroids and then have keyhole hysterectomy leaving behind ovaries and cervix, taking out uterus completely. I am 48, so don't want to get pregnant so that is not a worry. I suggested waiting for menopause for them to shrink but she said that even if they did shrink during menopause they would still be huge as they are so very big, my left foot swells up because of the pressing.

They want to start injections next week (once a month for three months). Does anyone have any advice, anyone had these injections, any alternative suggestions?

thanks so much, dawn x

02/24/2012: Deborah from Chino Valley, Az replies: Hi Dawn, Just came across this book last week. Haven't read it myself, but thought I'd keep the link in case I ever had need for it (or if anyone in my life had need for it). Maybe it can be of help to you?

Healing Fibroids Doctors Guide

02/27/2012: Atu from New Delhi, India replies: Hi, I haven't tried Zoladex injections but my brother in law is doctor and he told me never to take any kind of medicines in injections for fibroids as they can give you hormonal problems... So my advice- go for a surgery or HIFU or get all your tests done. Take 3-4 opinion before starting on any medication. Hope it helps.
03/05/2012: Stephanie from Boston, Ma replies: My GYN did not recommend the hormones. She suggested the surgery as two Fibroids were causing painful throbbing. I am now 3 weeks post op and I have been exercising for the past week. I am so glad I had the surgery. It was keyhole performed by the DaVinci Robot and an awesome female surgeon at Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston. Can't say enough great things about everyone there in Pre-op! I was off pain meds in 7 days but continued wearing sweats for 2 weeks as jeans just hurt. But I had 8 removed and I am tiny so....

I had used AVC twice daily straight up and also spent about $50 per month on homeopathic remedies but was having no luck. I have heard of women curing large Fibroids but could never find what Chinese herbs they used. Best of luck.

09/06/2013: Mary from Buenos Aires Argentina. replies: Hello Stephanie,

I read on earth clinic you wrote about roboti surgery. I live in Argentina, that procedure is not done here. I would have to fly to the states. Do you know if this procedure is very expensive? How long was your recovery? for I would also have to consider renting a place to stay. I hope all my questions are not in the middle of your busy time. My fibroids have gotten quite big and now are causing me improtant disconfort. I must do something and planning a trip to the Us is expensive and time consuming so I must be sure to make right decisions. Thank you Stephanie for your time. Mary

01/05/2014: Stephanie from Boston,ma replies: Hi Mary this is Stephanie. In reply to your question all the Fibroids grew back after the surgery but they are about half the size they were before. I will not have surgery again unless absolutely necessary. So I contacted a homeopathic doctor who recommended lost of changes. I have always been thin so losing weight is not a solution. I am consulting with an Herbalist soon. The doctor recommended 12g of fiber per day. 1-2 cloves of raw garlic daily, Black strap molasses 2x daily (1 teaspoon each time), green tea extract (because my periods are heavy I mix the green tea with slices of Ginger), liquid Iodine , and Vitamin D3 ( some medical studies find that woman with low Calcium have increase risks) and off course hormone free meat and dairy.

The cost of the surgery I had was incredibly expensive because it was Robotic. I was told this type of surgery is easier for woman with many larger Fibroids. But now there is a doctor who had the same surgery and now has stage 4 cancer. One of her Fibroids was cancerous and the morcellator which is a tool that is used in this surgery caused her to go into stage 4. So woman over 40 should never contemplate robotic surgery. And the reality is some of these Fibroids can be cancerous although the risk is low.

I am off the health food store now to add Potassium Iodine and Bromelain that Ted suggested.

Will a 10 Day Water Fast W/ Lemon Water and Salt Help Shrink My Fibroids?

02/17/2012: Atu from New Delhi, India: Hi Ted, Am 27 years old, I have multiple fibroids, largest being 11X10 cm. I got HIFU done in dec 2011. There is little relief in the pain but there has been no shrinkage. I compared both my MRI reports { before & after procedure } and found that the size of the fibroid is as is, there's no difference.

I am now planning to do a 10 day water fast - plain water and lemon water with salt. Read about it a lot online. Do u think this will help me? Am not open to surgical options as am not married and want to have children later. Please reply it at your earliest thanks Atu

How Should I Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Rid Fibroids?

02/04/2012: Nitya from Mumbai, India: This site has been very insightful. I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids 5 years ago. I was then operated and got relief only for a year. Now the fibroids are back in full form. I am debating surgery but will definitely try AVC first. I would like to know what dosage should I take and whether I take it for the whole month or just my period cycle. I am 33 and would like to follow this forum and learn about natural cures.

Baking Soda and Lime for Fibroids Causing Nausea

12/04/2011: Tina from Hull, Iowa: Ted, I started taking the baking soda and lime with water mixture for my fibroids I have been taking it for a few days now but I get nauseated and I get a hungry feeling about 10-20 minutes after I take it although I ate maybe 20-30 mins prior to taking it. I was wondering if you could possibly give me feed back on why I'm getting these feelings. Am I putting too much baking soda in the mix??

12/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes, it is a sign of vitamin B complex deficiency. Take B50 three times a day for a couple of days and the problems should decrease, if not continue B50 for one a day for a month, maximum. Also fibroids can be decreased if potassium iodide drops are used (called SSKI), but with nausea, I will not give until nausea is resolved. Glycerine may also help(internal) take that as a sugar substitute, and avoiding sugar may also work in reducing the fibroids, for some reason the glycerine (or glycerol) helps with the cellular stability of the mitochondria, the cardiolipin, along with some granulated lecithin, thereby increasing some functions of mitochondria, thus the fibroids may exist if the cells don't have mitochondria, but if they are damaged or not enough this may caused cancer in itself.


06/20/2012: Purple from San Diego, California replies: Hi ted! I just wanna know if I can use lemon juice and Apple Cider Vinegar with baking soda and molasses at the same time?

Remedies Needed for Hard Abdomen, Possible Tumor or Fibroid

09/24/2010: C. : Hi Ted, I tried contacting you through earthclinic, but never gotten a reply.  I tried contacting you sometime in July.  Anyway, I was emailing you because I found out a couple of months I noticed that my abdomen was getting larger and it was solid.  At first I thought maybe I could be pregnant, but I still was getting my menstrual cycle every month.  So I went to a gastroenterologists to see if there was something wrong with my digestive system first.  He did an ultra sound and than told me to go see my obgyn and ordered me to do a blood test.  I did the blood test and went to see my obgyn.  She didn't know what it was and she ran tests to see if I didn't have any STDS and ordered me to get more blood drawn and than told me to get a CAT Scan. I got the CAT Scan and the man who performed me asked did I want to see what the growth/mass looks like and of course I agreed.  He said it looked like a big fibroid. This thing measured 15 cm by 14 cm. It was just sitting in my abdomen area without being attached to any organs.  It doesn't give me any pain and my periods are still regular.  So my obgyn  recommended me to another obgyn that is an Endocrinologist OBGYN.  She did a rectal and vaginal exam and felt on my abdomen.  She didn't know quite what it was and wants to do surgery on me.  She said whatever this growth is malignant, she was going to take do a hysterectomy and possibly take out my appendix.  I did not agree to the surgery and plus I am only 26 years old with no children and possibly may want some one day.  So I didn't go through with it and looked for a naturopathic doctor.   She's been helping me a lot by giving mistletoe and a tincture.  I gave her my blood results (my blood was a really dark red like almost like a black cherry color) and she saw that my cortisol was high and that my liver might have some inflammation. She gave me supplements for that and told me to order this endorine test to what my estrogen levels looked like.  She was surprised that my estrogen levels were normal, but my adrenaline levels were off, probably because I work 12 hours night shift.  I did my own research on some full body detox kits so I could clean my body out.  So I am taking things to help repair my adrenaline glands and liver.  She thinks it is a fibroid also.  I am on my ninth day cleans and I am doing well on it, besides my underarms and sometimes my urine smelling like soy sauce and excess urination  (the herbalist says signs of too much protein). I am on a raw food diet as recommended by the herbalist for three weeks. What I didn't notice yet is a shrinkage in my tumor/growth yet.  Also, I want to say that I remember the hardening of the bottom of my abdomen started like last year when I went to see a holistic doctor about another issue.  He gave me and my friend some samples of his supplements that was suppose to make us go to the bathroom regularly, but ended up making us constipated.  I immediately stopped taking them and noticed that the bottom of my abdomen was hard afterwards. My abdomen has been hard like that for over a year. My friend experienced the same thing and stopped taking hers.  The thing is my stayed hard until this year around April or May when it started extend outward.  My friend's abdomen did not extend outward.  So I am wondering could be from the supplements.  I am clueless.  I am in desperate to know what you think.  I still have my blood results and I think I still have the results from my endocrine test.  If you want to know my results just say so.  Please help I am desperate to get rid of this thing.  Thanks.

09/24/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear C.

Tumors tend to grow faster from use of supplement in general, mostly the additive, such as calcium phosphate, calcium, dipotassium phosphate, dicaclium phosphate and the like. Supplements that contain oils, such as vitamin A or E, tends to clog up liver from the liver's inability to uptake oil. The idea of calcium causing cancer growth and the use of phosphate is well known in alternative cancer treatment for quite some time. This why I ended up making my own supplements or getting them without any additives. In any instances, cancers tend to uptake sodium and they tend to calcify, and hence this is how cancer protects against immune system from eating up the cancer cells.

In cancer treatment, and I don't follow any popular alternative cancer treatment of today, because it kills people too quickly. There are a couple of ground rules that is most important, avoid fructose, they are the worse of the sugar. It feeds on cancer and they proliferate many fold within hours of taking them. After fructose, it is sucrose, or common table sugar. If cancer really gets bad, then it has to be a ketogenic diet, or a low carbohydrate diet. I have seen a couple of people just died this year believing juicing of fruits will cure them. Apparently they overlooked the fact that it made them diabetic, and the cancer feeds directly on fructose as their primary food. There are a couple of exceptions on what fruits to eat, the apple is one exception, as their fructose are low, sugar in apple sometimes bind to an anticancer agent, such as quercetin. That's just about the only fruit that's safe to eat, including the apple seeds, which contains tiny amounts of laertrile, but not necessarily the apple peels, as they contain flouride. Apples can be eaten as whole, chopped or mashed, but never in apple juices, which tends to cause blood sugar spikes and drink plenty of water. 

Obviously the hardening of the cancer is from two things, cancer and sodium. Cancer cells tend to have very high sodium, while normal cells do not.  The sodium antagonists is the intracellular fluid mineral called potassium, preferably in the form of potassium citrate. Citrate forms chelate calcium, which removes the calcium protective shell that protects calcium, while reducing the edema as potassium displaces sodium.  Obviously, table salt has to be avoided as these lead to edema. There are other potassium I am currently looking at but have trouble obtaining them (budget!) but they are potasium acetate, which may block glycolysis, potassium gluconate, which promotes uptake of sugar to calcium, but using the potassium to kill the cancer by displacing the sodium easier. However, for this condition in particular it's likely to be the potassium citrate.

The dose for potassium citrate in a cup of warm water is 1/2 teaspoon three times a day after meals. The issue of alkalization only occurs if the potassium citrate is taken only after meals.

As for the iodine tincture mentioned, the iodine tincture I used is the Lugol's solution, but I am also exploring hydrogen iodide, made from hydrazine, which that in itself is a long story. The only issue that has spooked me for years is the ability for the body to uptake the iodine since iodine excretion is high in itself. The Lugol's solution I may use 2 drops three for four times a day, preferably three, initially. It is taken in a 1/2 cup of warm water, empty stomach. To help iodine uptake, I believe is linked to the body's available vitamin D. The one down side of the vitamin D is it's problem of increasing blood calcium. The only way around this is simply to go out in the sun for 20 minutes, much like sunbathing, twice a day. This should allow the body to produce roughly 10,000 to 20,000 ilu. a day, without the supplements and with no worry of calcium fueling the cancer growth. If there is no sun in the area, perhaps a UV tanning briefly, equivalent to sun exposure of 20 minutes, twice a day. Some aloe vera oil applied thinly may help prevent burns associated with UV exposure. The reason why iodine and vitamin D is so closely linked to cancer is that cancer retention is highest in the month of July, followed by August, while iodine excretion is also minimum at the same time. Hence, the body can utilize the iodine if the body produces sufficient amount of vitamin D. Assuming that it's not possible to get the sun, or get UV tanning, then perhaps I might consider vitamin D3, but not over 5000 i.u. as the limit and take plenty of potassium citrate, and citric acid to chelate out plenty of calcium. If citric acid can't be obtain, I might consider the use of lemon juice with plenty of water.

As far as digesting and shrinking of tumor is concerned, they grow simply because the body can't see the tumor. This can be reversed by allowing them to see, using either of the two things, separately or together. Tannic acid or EGCG (which is actually green tea extract). A green tea extract contains around 50 to 55% EGCG - epigallocatechin gallate). The problems about the use of tannic acid and green tea extract is the constipation, at which I will add sorbitol, which is a laxative, tastes sweet, but also kills cancer cells on contact, in large dose of course, but in this remedy I don't use this to kill cancer cells. I used it sufficient amount NOT TO CAUSE CONSTIPATION. People with cancer tends to swing two ways. The most common is constipation. The second one which is rarer is diarrhea. Diarrhea from me is relatively easier to treat, which I will use maybe 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid powder, 1/2 teaspoon of fulvic acid powder, or just 1/4 teaspoon of tannic acid, or 1/2 teaspoon of green tea extract powder. In my own experience, tannic acid is the more powerful cancer supplement almost twice more ten that of EGCG, and the dose is confined between 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of tannic acid per dose with 1/2 teaspoon of sorbitol usually twice to three times a day in cup of warm water. The dose for EGCG is roughly 1/2 teaspoon on the average to 3/4 teaspoon, with sorbitol again. Should they caused constipation, the potassium citrate might be taken about 1/2 teaspoon four times a day, taken separately at least 30 minutes or more apart. What the tannic acid does is it goes into the bloodstream and make the slippery covering of the cancer, which makes them invisible visible, but deactivating them, basically converting them into leather, or just denaturing the proteins. I read somewhere that if the tannic acid drinks are somewhat acid, the uptake of tannic acid or green tea absorption into the bloodstream is enhanced, but haven't tested out that theory. To make them acidic, is to add a small squeeze of lemon juice, or some malic acid, or some apple cider vinegar.

In cancer remedy it is most important that digestive enzymes is used. Taken on empty stomach, it goes in the bloodstream so that the digestive enzyme can digest the tumor. The body can actually produce sufficient enzymes to at least digest them by following one simple rule: don't eat dinner. This makes a person hungry as digestive juices is increased, then it goes into the bloodstream and begin doing its work.

Dietary control is most important. Basically my rule is to avoid most fruits anyway, except for vegetables and carrots. I like carrots because of beta carotine, which is vitamin A and don't cause liver damage. The other is to avoid completely all vegetable oils including olive oils. The one exception I have never had any complaints in cancer people is the use of coconut oil, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid, and it is this form that doesn't do liver damage, while krill oil, salmon fish oil, omega 3, polyunsaturated fats tend to do damage to the liver. While omega 3 and other oils such as this maybe good, it is not good for cancer as the liver is already toxic and it can't handle any more additional oils to cause fatty liver.

The supplements I tend to use is pure ascorbic acid with baking soda, or sodium ascorbate. The reason why baking soda I am not too worry about is it is very alkaline, and when taken together with potassium citrate do not add to more sodium to the cancer cells. What adds more sodium to the cancer cells is the chloride, chlorine, fluoride, which tends to cause sodium retention to increase.

Finally also used lysine as the main element to raise white blood cells by twice that amount, and also eating some pumpkin seeds. Salted pumpkin seeds and fried ones are a problem, just ordinary unsalted pumpkin seeds without and use of vegetable oils tend to raise them. Iodine can also be uptake more easily with kelp or seaweed, but with processing today, I am not sure if they have any iodine left. In Thailand, the popular delicacy is fried seaweed, and tends not to have any iodine, and hence unhealthy.

The lysine supplements I used is taken 1000 mg four to seven times a day for the first couple of days, whereby maybe reduce to four times a day if conditions improve. This will raise white blood cells. I have as yet need to find out what amino acid raises red blood cells, but don't have sufficient time to do that.

Hope this answer just a few of your questions.


09/25/2010: C. replies: Thanks Ted for your response. I just read over my email and understood why you may thank I said it was cancerous. Really we don't know if it is cancerous or not, she just want to cut it out.  I do have Lugol's Iodine in my cabinet that ordered sometime in July.  Since my Naturopathic doctor saw that my estrogen levels were normal she did not recommend that I take it.  I am on a raw food diet since my detox kit recommends that I stay away from cooked foods while on detox.  All of my pesky symptoms are clearing up (bad breath (mouth and throat), and fatigue). I just don't see a lot of change with my possible tumor/fibroid.  One thing I did not mention is that this thing seems to pulsate when I lay down.  The growth has not grown much since I changed my diet (before detox).  I stopped eating red meat and pork.  I started eating everything organic when I found out about this growth  (in July).  Like I mention before it doesn't hurt or anything, I just hate looking at it.  I think I mention in my email that my urine smells to me like soy sauce.  What do you think that means?  Also, rather this thing is cancerous or not, do you think the stuff that you mention I should get would still work either way?  Thanks again and sorry for the confusion.
09/26/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most growth generally are cancerous. Raw food diet is fine. Most cancer causing food comes from cooked meats, mostly cooked meats, which contains a cancer causing compound. Cancer or not, the remedy is still the same, mainly lysine, iodine, vitamin A in carrot juice, digestive enzyme, and more bromelain may be necessary. The bromelain is well known to digest fibroid tissues, as in cancer. The bromelain I make is relatively a strong one, which is 20% bromelain, from 6500 GDU/ gram dose. Most commercial ones if you buy them may need to take perhaps 5 to 10 capsules twice or three times a day. I always start with low dose to see how well it can be tolerated, and slowly increase the dose where you don't have the side effects. The bromelain will start digesting the fibroid. It should begin to shrink at least by a week, or dose maybe insufficient. When urine is soy sauce, I may drink plenty of water, take plenty of potassium, perhaps even chelate them out with citric acid if it has calcified. When tumor begins to dissolved somewhat, sometimes the urine becomes like soy sauce. However, there's another problem. Brown urine color, sometimes black is also a sign of liver virus such as hepatitis B, hep C, and other things. If liver is degenerating from tumors if they spread (if they are cancer), then you get soy sauce urine also. To prevent this occurence, choosing supplements that protects liver, as in B complex, but without the additives, avoiding polyunsaturated fatty acid (namely vegetable oils), and use coconut oil (which is made of medium chain triglyceride), and minimum fruits. I have seen a couple of cases where the belly is hard and large, in two cases plus the soy sauce urine you mentioned. In these cases, at least in Bangkok, it turns out not to be cancer of the stomach, but edema due to liver cancer or hepatitis B or hepatitis C. For remedy that does help, it's still lysine as the main amino acid, but taken for that condition closer to 7 times a day, with other aminos such as threonine, glutamine (if there is muscle wasting), and sometimes citrulline. I would assume you had your blood test and liver came up normal, with normal ALT and AST. If ALT and AST is above normal, then one of the tricks is to take glycine at 3000 mg and Thiamine to keep those numbers normal. N acetyl Cysteine is the other one. Liver tends to be difficult to see, as it will cause back pain and the tumors block the lymphatic drainage causing the swelling or edema of the stomach. Detection of liver tumor is difficult with ultrasound, but an MRI scan is more accurate, or perhaps, withe lower budget a blood test for cancer (e.g. CEA or AFP) and inflammation of liver (ALT and AST) maybe also an indicator as to the cause. Of course I am assuming you did all those test, but this is just precautionary.


09/27/2010: C. replies: Thanks again Ted. So let me get this straight. The main things I need to get is Lysine, iodine, vitamin A, and bromelain. Is that right? How far apart do I take these supplements? Can they be taking right after each other? Do I take Lysine with or without food? Same question for the bromelain. Can they be taken with other supplements such a multivitamin? I take flaxseed oil as a supplement is that ok? I am already taking a B complex supplement that my doctor recommend for my liver. Is there another way for my to get Vitamin A besides carrot juice? I eat raw carrots. I had the CAT Scan done and the growth/tumor is just sitting in the abdominal cavity. I really noticed the soy sauce urine smell when I started to detox. Today is my 12 day on it and I feel better than I ever did before. Where can I find most of these products that I need to take? I already have Lugol's Iodine 2. 2% in my cabinet. Is that fine? Before my doctor found out my results for estrogen levels, she recommended me to take twice a week because it is so strong. I saw that you recommend two drops three to four times a day. Do you still recommend that amount? I know she said my Cortisol was a bit high and she suspect inflammation of the live and my adrenal glands looks a bit off. I still have my blood results if you want to review them. I do have the hard, round, belly but it pulsate. What does that mean? My urine is clear when I drink a lot of water, but slightly a darker yellow sometimes. Again Thanks.
10/02/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: First off people usually immediately begin to feel better with hormone injections whenever they have cancer. Unfortunately most people who do injections die. The reason why this happens is hormones tend to push the liver to deplete itself. Even more then 80 years ago, Dr. Gerson who was successful in curing cancer first noticed that all of his patients died (about over two dozen) within four months after taking hormone.injections. They all immediately feel better, but it kills the liver. In simple terms, steroids or hormones increases blood glucose, but cancer feeds on them, and hence, cancer grows quickly once the blood glucose rises. It also causes liver damage. Therefore, the likelihood of survival is very small.

Vitamin A, in preferred form is always carrot juice. There's no chance of overdose. Real vitamin A is oil, and tends to cause liver issues. In fact vegetable oils and any oily foods and fats has to be avoided. Fats congests the liver and thus kills the patient that way. The one hormone that I do know is helpful is always the natural thyroid suppelements, one or two grains daily with lugol's solution, sucha s 1 drops three or four times a day, if possible. Not too much as it may be somewhat nauseous. If urea can be found, as in 1/8 teaspoon twice a day, it will prevent edema, and some potassium bicarbonate, not too much as it tends to cause nausea, such as 1/8 teaspoon in a cup of water, perhaps with apple juice or carrot juice with citric acid or malic acid added, if possible. The potassium will displace the sodium causing the edema, and urea is also diuretic. THe immune system support taking lysine as mentioned is least problematic of all and after 3 days people get a lot better without the associated problems as the other remedies.

To answer your question, briefly:

The main things I need to get is Lysine, iodine, vitamin A, and bromelain.  Is that right?


How far apart do I take these supplements?

Vitamin A use carrot juice instead freshly prepared ONLY. 5 to 10 glasses a day. Contains high vitamin A beta carotene and oil free. Real vitamin A contains oil, cannot be used.

Each supplements can be taken at the same time is fine, But, the supplements need to be taken 4 times a day

 Can they be taking right after each other? 

Yes also.

Do I take Lysine with or without food? 

Without food works better.

Same question for the bromelain.

Without food.

Can they be taken with other supplements such a multivitamin? 

Multivitamins is forbidden. They contain calcium and fillers. Congests the intestines. Only vitamin B50, without the calcium.

I take flaxseed oil as a supplement is that ok? 

Flaxseed is problematic, unless they are refrigerated kind, cold press. Otherwise useless.

I am already taking a B complex supplement that my doctor recommend for my liver.

Fine, but no calcium. It tends to block and congest the liver.

 Is there another way for my to get Vitamin A besides carrot juice?

Carrot juice only, freshly prepared. Is absolutely essential.

 I eat raw carrots.

Not enough vitamin A. you need a lot more 5 glasses. 

 I already have Lugol's Iodine 2.2% in my cabinet.  Is that fine? 


Before my doctor found out my results for estrogen levels, she recommended me to take twice a week because it is so strong. 

Buy DIM (di indoly methane) will block estrogen. is most convenient or other places is up to you. Keep your blood sugar below 90 mg/dL.

I saw that you recommend two drops three to four times a day. 


Do you still recommend that amount? 

Depends, if no nausea.

I know she said my Cortisol was a bit high and she suspect inflammation of the liver and my adrenal glands looks a bit off. 

Glycine 3000 mg for inflammation and B1 500 mg.


10/06/2010: C. replies: Thanks Ted,

I am about to get off of my detox this up coming Monday and I want to know is it alright for me to cook food (organic) such as pasta (not made with white flour)? Also, can I add an apple with my carrot juice while juicing it? How can I buy the bromelain that you make, do you have a website I can buy it from, or it doesn't matter what name brand bromelain supplements that I buy? I know on one website they said that no one shouldn't take bromelain for more than two weeks. One more thing what web sites do you recommend I buy most of these supplements from, and how long do you think I should stay taking these supplements? Is it ok for me to buy them at Whole Foods Market? Thanks again.

10/07/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Can I add an apple with my carrot juice while juicing it?

The only apple that might be good is green apples only.

How can I buy the bromelain that you make, do you have a website I can buy it from, or it doesn't matter what name brand bromelain supplements that I buy?

Bromelain is used to digest fibroid tumor, but I think cancer initial stages are the most of difficult, but bromelain isn't in the top of the priority list as do green tea extract or tannic acid or sorbitol. I don't normally buy supplements because they keep adding cancer causing substances hence I end up making my own without any additives. However, bromelain is not on priority list. I would concentrate on broccoli, green tea extract, lysine, tannic acid, carrot juice, and some green apples. However, I believe digestive enzyme is more important ones, especially pancreatic enzyme with the chymotrypsin, especially. Unfortunately, the failures of cancer treatment has a lot to do with pharmaceuticals, in U. S. Makes fractionated Pancreatic enzymes without the chymotrypsin, rendering them ineffective. This was first mentioned by Donald Kelly, who once had a successful Mexican clinic, until the Pharma removed to chymotrypsin, which is a key compound against cancer to make them ineffective so they can sell more chemo, to reduced the effectiveness of the pancreatic enzymes extending the treatment period, murdering Steve McQueen to make it appear alternative cancer doesn't work, arsenic poisoning on Max Gerson in 1959, and other things, to protect the chemotherapy financial interests. This is why most supplements don't work, in fact, adding calcium to nearly all the supplements actually promoted cancer. They also hire bloggers to put up a lot of disinformation, including wikipedia now and then. For example, Steve McQueen the actor actually had a tumor, close to ten pounds, not five pounds and the omission of blood clots medication given to him before he died after using conventional treatment. The wikipedia source is incorrect and has omissions. Therefore when buying them, check to see if they have the chymotrypsin and the dose is more then the other brands. Bromelain can be added there also. The other digestive enzymes is pepsin with the betaine HCl, which is taken during meals is very important. I know on one website they said that no one shouldn't take bromelain for more than two weeks. Different people respond differently to different doses of bromelain. It's not about the length of time as is the dose. Bromelain is not a priority, but green tea extract is. Again, is not a priority. Try betaine HCl with pepsin to help digestion during meals, and digestive enzymes with chymotrypsin, in the pancreatic enzymes. One more thing what web sites do you recommend I buy most of these supplements from, and how long do you think I should stay taking these supplements?

Depends on what kind of supplements. For example, if there is too much estrogen this tends to kill patients faster. Most hormone supplements does this, including growth hormones. It works by killing the liver. The cells in the body will make too much nutritional demands that the liver is roobed. One indirect numbers I looked is the tendency to increase liver enzymes, ALT and AST, fatty liver and blood sugar goes up. Higher blood sugar promotes or feeds cancer cells.

Is it ok for me to buy them at Whole Foods Market?

Organically grown is the best as it is free from pesticides. The body can neutralize some chemicals in the body if the person takes hydrogen peroxide. The dose is 1 capful of 3% per liter of drinking water, and can be drank as many liters as you feel comfortable, but is taken only on alternate days, to allow the body a resting period giving time for the body to detox on rest days. Hydrogen peroxide tend to neutralize most of the chemicals that accumulate in the body.

When a person has cancer it is MOST IMPORTANT that blood sugar is NORMAL, such as 100 to 105, for me. But ideally I prefer blood sugar to below or equal to 90 mg/dL, as there there is 97% survival rate compared to other cancer patients. This number is based on Korean patients who died of cancer. The numbers were 97% died of blood sugar more then 90 mg/dL, while only 3% dies of blood sugar below to or equal to 90 mg/dL. Most of the death was attributed to blood sugar exceeding 125 mg/dL. In fact from my own personal experience, I have one cancer person who already had metasized is still surviving after 4 years. Her blood sugar is about 100 to 105. So I imagine if the blood sugar is below to or equal to 90 mg/dL, there is a better chance for a cancer remission, if you AVOIDED the other things, namely, chlorine, MMS, fluoride, and pesticides. Taking potassium supplements and carrot juices allows the potassium to kill cancer cells as cancer cells has edema, and there is evidence that potassium does kill cancer. The potassium I currently use is potassium citrate, technical name is tripotassium citrate. The other is potassium gluconate, which is a glucose metabolite, or oxidized glucose of potassium. This is a simple glucose "antagonists" and hence kills cancer this way. I am currently looking into potassium acetate as this acetate forms tend to block glycolysis, found in tumor cells. So this is the easiest way to look at. If anyone wants to do a cancer research in their home, a remarkably simple experiments is to find supplements that suppresses yeast fermentation in presence of sugar. In those experiment they actually found 2 deoxy d glucose to suppress yeast fermentation and their metabolism is very similar to that of a cancer tumor. So you can also experiment with tiny amounts of hydrazine sulfate. It suppresses fermentation that way too, or why hyperthermia works, and other things. So cancer research need not require multimillion dollar donations, and research are misdirected towards the more profitable chemotherapy.

The concept of blood sugar is actually ignored in most cancer therapy or are mentioned briefly, but it is the primarily approach towards a person's survival. I have a person nearly died of cancer after eating 3 bananas, another 2 glasses of coconut juice, and yet another drinking hospital formulated milk. Those hospital formulated milk, even the ones in Amway actually contains a lot of sugar, usually well above 3% to 5% cut off I used. However, the worse of the sugars are fructose, then it is closely followed by sucrose. It has nothing to do with glycemic index, as fructose has lower glycemic index, but it kills you a lot faster then glucose. Still all sugar is the primarily food that fuels cancer growth within 2 hours, it has already metasized, after eating in once case I found, one kilogram of fresh rambutan, and yet in another case, drinking Coke. The sugar promotes that raises blood sugar are fats and oils. Protein in meat tends to deplete the person of digestive enzymes diverted instead of killing cancer cells. If fruits are kept where fructose are minimum, I found green apples, guava, or those with lower sugar equal to or less then this to be safe, but provided that potassium citrate, potassium acetate, potassium bicarbonate, and potassium gluconate is taken along with it. The potassium will allow the mitochondrial from damage due to high intracellular sodium, but I believe to help potassium go inside the cells, taurine supplements should also be added, such as 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate with 1/8 teaspoon of taurine two to four times a day. It is taken gradually in small amounts. Some has lower tolerance some have higher tolerance.


Fibroid Remedies That Are Safe During Pregnancy?


06/21/2011: Esther from Germiston, Gauteng replies: I am 42yrs old had two miscarriges the doctor find out that I am having the fibroids in the uterus. I like to know the treatment or remedy for the fibroids whithout taking the route of surgery.

Has Anyone Shrunk a Fibroid?

08/31/2008: Mary from Tampa, Florida: PLEASE POST MY QUESTION oN THE SITE:

I am reaching out and please only respond if you have you are in or were in the same condition I am now.

I was diagnosed w/UTERUS FIBROID late last year (2007). I was so SCARED because NO One has ever talked or have I even heard of such thing.

So I started to research on the internet and I don't know why I did not come across this site then! I have read so many wonderful stories, but I want only the hard evidence to email me back please.

If you did have or have a UTERUS FIBROID as big or bigger then 10x10x10 CM ....I think that is about 6 inches, size of a CANTELOPE....and have been on natural remedies and went in and got MRI/Ultrasound for proof it has shrunk at least 2cm or so.....I need you to please email me back.

I want to know what you did, please.

Especially if you got the same or bigger UTERUS FIBROID and it is NOW GONE!!!! how did you do it?

I am so scared because I have been keeping my doctor off my back for a year has grown over the year and she said it has to come I am scheduled for MYOMECTOMY end of this month.....please email if you have PROOF as indicated above.

I keep getting emails on try this to help with the bleeding and cramps.

I don't have any of those problems....I just want to get rid of the fibroid naturally and prove to my doctor and share with my sisters out there, that there is a way out without getting cut open.

Thankyou and Peace
Mary fm Tampa FL
email me at

09/01/2008: Deirdre from Atlanta, GA replies: I have a friend who, in her mid-fifties (now 61) had a large fibroid which was causing a lot of pain and issues. She went to see a traditional chinese doctor in Santa Monica, California for acupuncture and herbs. The doctor gave her a bag of Chinese herbs, which my friend prepared every day and drank for about 6 months. During that time the fibroid slowly shrunk, then finally disappeared, and she has never had any more problems. We asked her to find out the names of those herbs from the doctor so we could post them on the site. The doc told her that the fibroid herbal preparation is different for each person, so what worked for her wouldn't necessarily work for someone else with fibroids.
09/02/2008: Mary from Tampa, Florida replies: Hi Deirdre I read your response to my uterus fibroid question, can you get your friend to email the the name of the Chinese doc so maybe I can call to see what he can do for me?
Thanks Mary from Tampa
12/10/2008: Pamela from Columbus, Ohio replies: I have a friend living in toledo, ohio where I stayed only three years ago, my gyn doctor is there who diagnosis me with Fibroids in 1996. I have a case where my shrinked and one passed based on using a natural remedy my friend gave me. Take Flax seed water soluble capsules and make sure they are the purest form, along with lysine it works. The one that passed was stuck in my opening but the doctor pulled it out and tested it. He found nothing. When I stop taking the products one grew almost an inch. I have since began the regiment again, this time I won't stop till they are gone.
02/23/2013: Kitti from Sterling, Va replies: Are you still available to answer questions? Please give some more details of what herbs you used and how many times and what dosage and where can we find it?

Fibroid Questions

07/26/2008: Michelle from King, NC: I go for an ultrasound this week but doctor thinks I may have a fibroid tumor. I've noticed that most women are having heavy periods - that's not the case w/ me. I'm in my early 40's and I had a uteran cyst removed in March and he also scrapped the lining of my uterus which prevents me from having periods. I'm not in any pain but the top of my stomach is growing and hard and I look 8 months pregnant, I can't lose weight, swelling. I won't know for sure what's going on til this ultrasound but was wondering if I could go ahead and start the acv and bsm to see where it goes...don't feel like it could hurt. Is bsm just regular molasses or is this another form? I appreciate anyone's input....thanks.

08/05/2008: Alain from Ottawa, Canada replies: To Michelle from King, NC about her question about Blackstrap Molasses (BSM}

If you can find it, Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses is preferable to fancy or regular molasses.It has less sugar and is more concentrated in minerals. If it does not say "BlackStrap" there is a good chance that it is not it. Here is something from Wikipedia:

"Sulfured molasses is made from young green sugar cane and is treated with sulfur dioxide, which acts as a preservative, during the sugar extraction process. Unsulfured molasses is made from mature sugar cane and does not require treatment with sulfur during the extraction process. There are three grades of molasses, Mild or first molasses, Dark or second molasses, and Black strap. These grades may be sulfured or unsulfured.

To make molasses, which is pure sugar cane juice, the sugar cane plant is harvested and stripped of its leaves. Its juice is extracted from the canes, usually by crushing or mashing. The juice is boiled to concentrate which promotes the crystallization of the sugar. The results of this first boiling and removal of sugar crystal is first molasses, which has the highest sugar content because comparatively little sugar has been extracted from the juice. Second molasses is created from a second boiling and sugar extraction, and has a slight bitter tinge to its taste.

The third boiling of the sugar syrup gives black strap molasses. The majority of sucrose from the original juice has been crystallized but black strap molasses is still mostly sugar by calories; however, unlike refined sugars, it contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Black strap molasses is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. One tablespoon provides up to 20 percent of the daily value of each of those nutrients. Black strap is often sold as a health supplement, as well as being used in the manufacture of cattle feed, and for other industrial uses."

Two more articles about the nutritional content of BSM:

11/02/2011: Ann Nicole from Southbend, In replies: Hi everyone I love love this site and also addictive to getting on everyday. Love you guys like family! My question is I have fibroids I'm taking Blackstrap Molasses unsulfured, Apple Cider Vinegar and love the result but how long it takes for it to be all gone? My stomach have soften a lot within a month one day I felt nothing then a week later started feeling them again. I don't eat any red meat and farm raise chicken only and fish, salmon, tuna. Now I want to try the flaxseed water capsule and lysine and yarrow beside the one lady who mention this has anyone else tried this?

Is It Possible to Shrink a 13cm Fibroid?

06/22/2008: Avionne from Toronto, Canada: Greetings, I am working on an aggresive approach for my fibroads. Do you think it's possible to shrink a large fibroid that is 13cm? It is aubserosal above my uterus, causing NO PAIN. I plan to have children in 4 years, and I would like to work on shrinking it, naturally. Please let me know what you think, honestly.

09/04/2008: Mary from Tampa, Fl replies: Avionna, Did anyone respond to you about your 13CM fibroid I have one that size and have not gotten any answers back...did you? If so, can you write to me at
I would appreciate that. Peace. Mary fm Tampa
09/19/2008: Mary from Tampa, Florida replies: Avionne, has anyone responded to shrinking your fibroid, please email me at
I have the same situation as yours.

3 Baseball Size Fibroids

05/25/2008: KC from Sacramento, California: im currently on a 30 day peroxide treatment plan and i occasionally take ACV as well. i was told it may help my baseball size uterine fibroids. i have 3. they are effecting me in alot of personal/hormonal ways. they grew massively during my preg. with my son now 9 months i don't want to have a hysterectomy because i know there's other healthier options, not to mention im only 27 yo. is there other options u may refer to get me going in the right direction? there's just too much information and i dont know where to start. i can only go so far treating myself as a human guinie pig when im BREAST FEEDING. please post question on site.

07/29/2008: Sherry from Longview, Washington replies: The herb called Yarrow is known to shrink fibroids, stop cramping and beeding control. It is a SAFE herb for women WITH fibroids. Some herbs are great for women WITHOUT fibroids and *dangerous for women with fibroids*. The herbs to AVOID are Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Chaste tree-also called Vitex,Dong Quai-also called Angelica or Dang Gui, Licorice root (not the candy)and Mother Root. All of these are are well known as an all purpose woman's remedy BUT NOT for women with Fibroids. These herbs can cause Uterine cells to divide causing more fibroids,can cause high blood pressure and increase craps and bleeding in women with fibroids. This information, along with other fanatstic information for women with Fibroids is found in the book FIBROIDS-THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR PHYSICAL,EMOTIONAL AND SEXUAL WELL-BEING Author JoHanna Skilling. Also another good book to read is THE COMPLETE WOMAN'S HERBAL Author Anne McIntyre.


03/31/2008: V : Dear Ted:' I emailed you last week about my condition, If you can get back to me ASAP, I need to know a answer to my problem, I have several doctor appointments coming up very soon, and I need your input, I have firbroid tumors, and I don't want to get any surgery, I  have a polyn which the doctors want to do a DNC to remove the polyn, I wanted to know because I started Black Strap Molasses on Monday of this week, I take four tablespoons a day, with about six to seven glasses of water, also I have two enlarged cyst on my left ovaries,and a enlarged fallapon tube with bleed in it, I need to know if BSM with help to solve all of these problems, if any, I have the cramps, the heavy bleeding, the blood clots, the ad. pain, and whatever else sumptions come with fibroid tumors.  The doctors want to remove the fibroid tumors and the polyn very soon, but do you know of ANY, HERBS that can help me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Sorry, been having computer problems on spyware, and just finished getting rid of it today. The best emergency remedy for fibroid tumors are 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) in 1/2 glass of water taken usually three times a day. Most fibroid tumors, at least for me, is fungus caused, and alkalizing using what scientist called "carbicarb" is a more effective remedy for such as case, at least in prevention of further expansion. Certain diets should be avoided, in particular are aspartame, fluorine, and chlorine. The body must be alkaline but it takes two weeks for achieve sufficient alkalizing needed. A lugol's Iodine about 5 drops in a glass of water could help. Black strap molasses would not help a lot at least in the initial phases and alkalizing is most important. The second most important is the hydrogen peroxide 3% remedy such that 1/2 teaspoon - 1 teaspoon of H2O2 3% in a glass of water taken twice a day to neutralize whatever the chemical toxins causing the cancer problem. Alkalization generally should be taken in the long run. However, fibroid is very much fungus, and in the long run, rather than the above emergency first aid of borax and selenium may do a better job in ridding of the fungus. The borax remedy only after proper alkalizing for about a week or two is what I would do, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax added to the one liter of drinking water. I might take once a week deep sea salt (from aquarium shops), such as 1 teaspoon in one glass water. This is the basic remedy at least to reduce the size of the tumor, but my experience has been it takes about 3 weeks to notice any reduction. What I do know is that in one case the fibroid tumor was reduced relatively quickly with a flaxseed oil one tablespoon plus lecithin twice a day. I suspect a lot of tumors forming throughout the body has a brain trauma (based on CAT scan studies) and in any event, hydergine 1-2 mg and l-pyroglutamate 500 mg may further help, but a simple granulated lecithin also helps with the myelin sheaths, as is some sodium ascorbate vitamin C. Hope this helps! If any problem write me another email.

Sulphered or Unsulphered Bsm?

03/05/2008: JJ from Edinburgh, Indiana: i have been taking unsulphered tree of life bsm since 18 feb 08 for fibroids (heavy bleeding) someone said to take sulphered because unsulphered acts as an anticoagulant. okay, which one do i take? was that a true statement? i don't want to end up bleeding more than what i do now.

07/29/2008: Sherry from longview, Washington replies: UNSULPHERED! Sulphered can cause heavier bleeding.
04/24/2013: Myself from Caracas replies: I should start by saying that BSM didn't do anything to my case and the ACV caused me a very dangerous subacute thyroiditis. So my question here is why is so dangerous to take sulphured BSM, if the sulphur (from what I know) helps with liver detox and fibroids are related with liver over congestion with bad-estrogen? Can someone explain this?

If someone has fibroids (big, small, medium size) it has at some level estrogen-overload and it cannot be solved ONLY by taking ACV BSM (unsulphured or sulphured whatever). It can help but It is more complicated than that.... It has to do with the kind of life we live (stress related problems - family, work, friends) the food we eat and finally the exercises we can make...

I hope someone can answer my question.

04/24/2013: Joy from Battleground, Wash replies: Some people are allergic to sulfer and there are some side effects to certain health conditions when using apple cider vinegar....

If you are too high in estrogen, then first try to get your minerals in balance with a good multi mineral and multi vitamins , especially pay attention to your vitamin D levels, it is a hormone. Lastly I would try a bio identical Progesterone cream to bring that estrogen back into balance.

After a certain age the body no longer produces progesterone and then it goes wacko and starts adding fat cells to us so it can make estrogen in the fat..... So progesterone cream also helps reduce blubber and increases muscle tissue. Muscle weighs more than fat so your weight on the scalaes will be higher but waist a bit smaller.

I find the magnesium in the multi minerals has greatly transitioned my imbalance and I require a much smaller dose of hormone cream.

Interconnected Health Problems?

01/27/2008: Ann from Bowling Green, KY: Ted- Your research if amazing. Thank you. . . I have a series of problems. I was very healthy and active until 24 when I had a very strange paralizing pain in my back that would come and go. In short it was caused by fibroid tumor, the only option my o.b. gave me was to take a lupron-depo shot that took me from a size 2 to a 10 and make me go through menapause. The tumor came back as soon as the shot wore off and it is three years later and I am chronically tired and still a size 8 no matter what I do. I have had a miscarraige, shingles twice in 3 months and any bug that is going around. I am trying the acv and baking soda and it seems to help me with my shingles, but I am concerned about my tumor as well and want to try the black strap molasses but I don't know when I should take all of these things because I don't want them to interact and make one or the other less effective. I used to be able to run five miles and have loads of energy and now I can't run for 5 min because I am always sick. I only drink filtered water, even my shower is filtered, I eat fish hardly any red meat, I eat organic milk, eggs and yogurt. I don't know what else to do. Please help me, I want my life back.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The conditions appear to be multiple problems, shingles, tumor, and lack of energy. The only linking I can see is that the neural systems which regulate immunity and energy level, are not functioning like it should. Tumour is linked if the neural system is impaired in allowing the body's immune response to reduce the tumor. It is linked to energy level but it should be noted that 80% of the oxygen is required by just the brain. So if the brain doesn't receive the proper oxygen, the other systems would also lack energy. Certain virus, especially the general viral load, reduces energy to the body as the cells devote more energy to produce more viruses, and hence, lowers the cells dedicated to energy level, but since immune system response, which is largely control by the neural systems are subdued, the immune systems response is also low. Immune system doesn't work independently but also works together from the brain's command centers. There was a German scientist who was able to show that cancer, based on 10,000 CAT scans, he was able to pinpoint the location of the cancer based on tiny brain damage area of the brain. Hence, it appears nutrition which supports the brain function, such as Omega 3, fish oil, evening primrose oil and especially flaxseed oil are helpful since a large portion of the these nutrients are required by the brain. The second thing the brain requires is the lecithin, which helps with myelin sheath development, also required by the brain. I have found amazingly enough that immune system were helped greatly whenever Nootropil (a form l-pyroglutamate) and hydergine, taken together, often referred to as smart drugs. So if the smart drugs, the ones that I have found to be useful were taken along with vitamin B complex, twice a week, might be helpful. Both L-Carnosine (500 mg) and L-Glutathione (500 mg) are important in detoxifying the brain, while L-Carnosine is useful in reducing heavy metals in the brain. Whenever metals are reduce in the brain, the metabolism is increased as free radicals of the metals reduced, allowing cells to be free to function normally. While L-Carnitine (250 mg) are helpful in burning sugar to help with some energy level the B complex is also synergistic, which B50 is the ones I used.

Zinc gluconate 50 mg, usually a couple of times a week should further help reduce the shingles, but ideally 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (when mixed with ACV) is taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water at least. Zinc will help reduce the shingles, but I have found that magnesium supplement is also helpful, but it is best to deal with topical applications of zinc chloride (about 5%) and magnesium chloride 10% solution applying it every hour for a day should stop shingles within a day or two.

The lecithin supplements I will take, at least one tablespoon a day on an empty stomach, which is usually in the morning, and quite possibly before an early dinner.

To reduce weight, the portion of proteins in diets should be increased to 80% of the food intake, while healthy fats should be observed. The omega 6 is found in chicken meat, eaten whole, while omega 3 can be received from fish diets, which is also a high protein diet. Most of our weight gain are actually from sugar, starches, and excess use of vegetable oil. Vegetable oils go quickly into the bloodstream, which tends to disrup normal hormonal signals which controls weight and metabolism. Some whey protein and soy protein in the morning is helpful. Also eating a very early dinner with no food therefafter during evening should be helpful in reducing the weight.

It should be noted tumors should be helped mostly from by alkalization, but also from lecithin, omega 3, flaxseed oil, and zinc supplements. If the iodine status is low, tumor is also possible as iodine also raises the body's immune system especially the thyroid. In certain virus or fungus, they tend to suppress thyroid function, causing lack of energy too. The supplements to help there is often Kelp which is high in iodine.

Molasses and Iodine

05/31/2007: PD from HI: HI, I would like to know more about "black strap molasses:. I have several small cysts and uterine fibroids. The doctor said that they are peanut size and should take aleve for the pain. I would like to get rid of them so badly as they are very painful. Please any suggestions on the black strap molasses from earth clinic. I need a number to order.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Usually fibroids would be most helped by taking some iodine supplements in form of kelp, some magnesium and getting the body to be alkaline. Black strap molasses might help, but fibroids are formed whenever the body encounters some fungus, or mycoplasma, or that the blood serum has excessive calcium and blocks it off by forming fibroids to protect them for invading in the blood. Therefore 8 teaspoon of lime juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day should raise the pH, lower the blood calcium to normal, raise the alkalinity, increase the oxygen, increase the immune system and lower any additional fibroid formation. Kelp and iodine supplements, such as colorless iodine usually dissolves waxy substances inside the body which prevents or may reduce formation of fibroids. Sometimes garlic helps too. Blackstrap molasses does not directly deal with the problem and earthclinic don't sell anything, sorry.
07/17/2008: Sherry from Longview, Washington replies: I have read alot about fibroids, looking for a way to treat mine without surgery, and found out that estrogen feeds fibroids. Using herbs that flush extra estrogens from the body is a good way to shirnk fibroids. Chaste Tree (also called Vitex)controls heavy bleeding, Red Raspberry also controls heavy bleeding, Mother wart relaxes the uterous, Siberian Ginsing reduces clotting,Red Clover is an anti tumor herb. Also Shepard's Purse is an herb that comes in a liquid form with a tiny dropper or in tea form. It stops heavy bleeding and clotting and relieves cramping. Shepards Purse has worked very well for my symptoms along with Vitex and Estroblend with black cohosh in it. I buy that at Wal-mart. The other herbs I buy at our health food store.
08/10/2008: Sherry from Longview, Washington replies: After reading the book called Fibroids-The Complete Guide to Taking Charge Of Your Physical, Emotional and Sexual Well-being, I discovered Vitex (also known as Chaste Tree) and Dong Quai, Blue and Black Cohosh, Licorice herb and Motherwort are NOT GOOD to take if you have fibroids. After finding that out I am taking Yarrow herb to shrink fiboids and stop cramping and heavy bleeding. So far it has been working for me (at least with the cramping and heavy bleeding). Sherpard's Purse is GREAT and fast acting if you are suffering from heavy bleeding and painful cramping. I keep a bottle on hand. I am also trying BSM and also Apple Cider Vinegar. I just recently read this book and I want to update the information I left on your site.

Why Is Blackstrap Molasses so Effective?

04/12/2007: Donna from North Carolina, Guilford: I read about Blackstrap Molasses and its ability to remedy female issues, and I was amazed. I have rather large fibroids, extreme bleeding and clots. My doctors have looked at a number of treatments from meds to surgery. I started taking 3 tablespoon of molasses a day about 2 months ago. I was schedule for surgery which had to be re-scheduled 3x due to other issues. But, it's my belief that all the re-scheduling was the universes way of protecting me from an un-needed surgery. I'm not bleeding as heavy, reduced blood clots and shorter cycle. I spoke to my natural pathetic doctor and she has no documented information about these types of benefits of molasses. Can anyone tell me why and how blackstrap molasses seems to reverse and reduce these female issues? This is my third month on the molasses, any suggestions as to how long to take the product? Thank you for your helpful information, this is a wonderful site.

07/17/2008: Sherry from Longview, Washington replies: How do you take blackstrap molasses to treat fibroids?
07/29/2008: Sherry from longview, Washington replies: Hi, I have been using Grandma's Gold Standard All Natural Unsulphered Molasses along with a capsule of Iron and vitamin C. I have been taking one teasppon full of the Molasses in hot water each day. I am thinking of adding another teaspoon or two a day since the iron in the Grandma's Molasses is low. I also have started taking the herb Yarrow which is very good for woman with fibroids. Yarrow shrinks fibroids and controls cramping and heavy bleeding. Herbs to avoid if you have fibroids are Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Chaste Tree-also called Vitex, Dong Quai-also called Angelica or Dang Gui, licorice herb (not the candy) and Mother Wart. Those herbs cause uterine cells to divide increasing your fibroids, high blood pressure and increase cramping and blood loss. This and other great information is found in the book FIBROIDS-THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SEXUAL WELL-BEING Author Johanna Skilling
09/04/2008: Mary from Tampa, Fl replies: Sherry, if you could...can you email to me at I read that you took Black Strap Mol. At this time, did it shrink your fibroid? I have a fibroid 12CM large. Was yours this big and was the molasses only needed to get rid of it? Will it be possible for me to get rid of it naturally? I don't want to go under the knife.



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