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Hydrilla   1  0   

Posted by Tom (Manhattan, NY) on 07/21/2008

[YEA]  Being in my early 50's I've experienced a significant decrease in my libido over the past several years. Various factors can be attributed to it, age & increased stress, etc. Although a part of me doesn't miss the added distraction of testosterone, I decided to experiment with many different natural enhancers. Most have a general stimulating "edgy" effect which I don't care for. I recently started taking Hydrilla for an occasional food based Calcium and a surprising side effect has been with my libido. More so with erectile dysfunction than enhanced desire. It is considered a nuisance weed, but it is loaded with minerals, so it probably had something my body was lacking. It has a calming (calcium) effect as well.

EC: More information about Hydrilla on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrilla

Posted by Rob
Detroit, MI
[QUESTION]   Where did you buy Hydrilla?

EC: http://www.google.com/products?q=hydrilla&btnG=Search+Products&hl=en

Korean Ginseng, Chili Peppers, or Mexican Damiana   1  0   

Posted by Duwayne (San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Jalisco Mexico) on 02/17/2009

[YEA]  I'm 74 years of age and have been a Korean Ginseng fan for many years not solely for erectile dysfunction, but for energy as well.
Warning; If you have high blood pressure you should limit yourself to two capsules or teas per day.

I live in Mexico so I'm well informed to the benefits of chili peppers. Cayenne is great but don't be afraid to experiment, my favorite is raw jalapenos, a little less spicy, and if you so happen to have hemorrhoids you'll appreciate this warning. Just a small serving about half a small pepper two or three times a week.

If you don't heed this warning your morning constitution could end up in screams for ice water. Now for the best help of all for erectile disfunction, Mexican Damiana. You can find it in many health food stores and in all Mexican grocery stores. ( yes Mexicans also suffer from impotency, its got to be that dam cactus juice) Take two teaspoons of this herb per day as a tea or as I do sprinkled on cereal or what ever you want to sprinkle it on, uncooked is best.

Be sure to get your two mile walk every day and hopefully you'll be back pestering your partner for a little romp. Very best to all. Duwayne

Multiple Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 04/28/2011

I have to say that a combination of garlic ginger and cayenne.. And maybe b6 with zinc with magnesium caps. Cures! The problem. Im 64 and thought that it might just be the ways things go as you age. Two years ago I could hardly get an erection now they are harder than I need lol.... Ive also started mild jelking you'll have to google that one.

The prostate and sperm need lots of zinc.. Thats why I take the supplement... I think that the oils in ginger make you want to have sex (gingerols).. But at least you dont need to worry if you have a dysfuntion.. it took about two weeks to come in strongly so be patient.

Niacin   0  0   

Posted by Eastet (Batonrouge, La, Usa) on 04/22/2012

Niacin for Erectile Dysfunction : Please take note of the many google medical articles promoting Niacin to heal erectile dysfunction and nerve damage (sensation).

Paste from google link:

"Niacin is a water-soluble B vitamin, called vitamin B3. Other forms of niacin like nicotinamide, niacinamide and non-flushing types (timed-released) do not provide the benefits that "true" niacin does. Niacin Flush, an important characteristic of "true" niacin is that it causes a flush, which means it is creates hystamines which open blood vessels and capillaries, so more blood flows through them. These are the blood vessels that are of most value in reaching fatty tissues. Therefore toxins which are stored in fatty tissues are moved into the bloodstream and processed out of the body. Again, the non-flushing types do not cause dilation of the blood vessels, have no lipid modifying effects, no ph & fatty oil/wax/chemical breakdown detox solvent effect. Improves circulation, aids digestion, and oxygenates the body. Niacin is involved in both DNA repair and the production of steroid hormones in the adrenal gland. Raises metabolism by converting stored fats to energy, detox, and by increasing hormone production. The men started with a daily dose of 500 mg, to make sure they had no adverse side effects, then increased to 1, 000 mg and then 1, 500 mg. In patients with atherosclerosis, which is the accumulation of fats along blood vessel walls, niacin is known to improve both cholesterol and lipid levels. Inflammation in blood vessels causes blockage and damage/desease such as neuropathy (nerve damage) and ED. So it's no surprise that niacin helps."


Reader Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Jen (Washington, DC) on 11/12/2008

You have no information on erectile dysfunction and impotency and it would probably be helpful to a lot of people. It seems strange that it would not be included under the "Men's Health" topic.

Look forward to seeing something soon.

EC: Here it is! New page just created.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Hank (Kissimmee, Florida, USA) on 12/03/2012

I need a natural bedroom booster. What has helped others?

Posted by OJ (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on 01/30/2011

I have an a chronic problem of erectile disfunction, I am now 40yrs old but I have been experincing this over a decade, though not as chronic as this initialy, but presently now iam experiencing total loss of sexual apetite, inability to achieve and sustain erection, drastic Qnd the quickest ejaculation if eventually I was able to erect.

please I need your urgent help and advise becuase my marriage is at the edge of collapsing, I require a rapid treatment and solution to my problem.

Posted by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
The solution may involve a wholistic approach... Sounds like you're holding the weight of performance in bed... She will leave you if you don't perform is a tremendous burden and enough to bring on both impotence and premature ejaculation. Communication might be the solution. However, for the physical problem, I would recommend some of the many aphrodisiac herbs and supplements... This can be a trial and error to see which works best for you... Especially if you are experiencing performance anxiety you don't need to be more stressed. I would try Ashwaghanda, Pycnogenol with Arginine, (vasiodialators) and in addition refer to Dr. Ray Sahelian (google him) he has his own formulation that is quite effective. If you don't wish to purchase it look up the ingredients and experiment with them individually. He has extensive info on all the aphrodisiac herbs.

Some find a rotational method works best for them.. That is, taking a separate one each day.

Posted by Dale
Cardiff, 1-outside Of The Usa
To use spices to cure impotence concerning lack of blood flow is a good thing to do, but please also be aware that you must also realize that too much spice mix WILL EFFECT YOUR PROSTATE in the long run!

Don't forget to drink plenty of good water throughout the day if you are experimenting with spices such as cayene, ginger etc: you may want to also introduce 'nutmeg' into your 'impotence, ED' arsenal too.

The prostate is very important for the development of sex to take place, I learned a method (which I have tried with success) about using 'broccoli' for a month, every day, & use a one man portion of this crucifix gently simmered in water for 15 minutes, then eat the Vegetable & Drink the juice. This also cured my infection in the sperm tubes & bladder. Still, plenty of water throughout the day to flush the system is VITAL!

Another aspect of the prostate is one tends to apply too much pressure onto the gland, as one always sit down, pressuring the prostate. You could try to get more life back in that area by lying down, relaxing, & focusing on 'flow of energy' once again! Also, to stimulate, by massage, the prostate gently is a good idea!

Loss of libido (not fancying your partner for sex) is a state of mind, & how you think of your partner, (or even how you think of your VERY OWN performance 'performance anxiety & your own capabilities of 'I hope I can get it up! ') but you have to see, & realise in your own eyes, & in your imagination, that she does have what it takes to turn you on. You must think of her in such a way as to get you horney! (& sort out your own mental issues too) There is a chemical imbalance present in the brain that has to be addressed & sorted out also, & there are many herbs/aphrodisiacs targeting this problem. Albeit that don't mean that if your guy can't get it up, he doesn't fancy you, because Physical ED is quite a downer for any guy, & his lady, no matter how hard he wants sex with you, so don't blame him & just help him by talking about it then offer to help.

No erection can ever take place without Nitric Oxide circulating around the body! As we age, & through the kind of lifestyles of bad diets ect our blood vessels tend to become stiffer, & blood could get thicker too, so it finds it difficult to circulate the body (especially fine blood vessels leading to the penis) L-argine amino acid & is a natural Nitric Oxide booster that tends to target the penile area as well, therefore releasing more blood to flow to the gland/member, also, GET YOURSELF CHECKED OUT BY YOUR PHYSICAIN BEFORE TAKING ANY OF THESE LISTED ABOVE, MAKING SURE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY 'MORE SERIOUS' conditions whereas ED is just a by product of your ailment!

Hope this helps

Posted by Nohard
Aristomenis, Messinias, Greece
In the last year I have got over ED with much research, and the thing that kept coming up was DHEA, so after reading up about it and asking some questions on a couple of forums, I'm now on DHEA 75mg a day taken in, 2 at first thing in the morning and 1 after my last meal with my other vits.

Well worth a try but read up about first, there's some good info on webmd.

Posted by Fernando
Sterling, Va
Hello, I found myself in a similar situation, although, I no longer suffer from premature ejaculation, my marriage's future is uncertain. Here is how I did it, exercise your PC muscle, google " exercising PC muscle and you will find many sites with info, exercise it daily for three months and then continue to exercise it daily. Once you build up a strong PC muscle, some sites will tell you to squeeze it when you get the feeling to ejaculate, what worked for me was the opposite, from the beginning of any stimulation, intercourse or masturbation, just relax your PC muscle, don't push out to relax it, just relax it (for this you have to be aware of your PC muscle, that's where the daily exercising comes handy, it helps you become aware where it is, however, you squeeze during the exercises but you focus on relaxing when having sex etc). The key is to maintain it relaxed, your PC muscle contracts several times during stimulation until it actually makes you ejaculate... So, the more relaxed it is, the longer it will take you to ejaculate. Be patient, it works, if you need more info, I'd be glad to IM you or talk by phone. Hope your marriage is still holding on.
Posted by Nbs
Slc, Utah, Usa
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My husband is also quite young, on his 30's but his issue is that he doesn't think he has any problem. He went to the doctor once but I'm pretty sure he lied to him because the doctor said it's normal and no man is a sex machine. I don't want a sex machine, just regular sex! Months go by and we are young. My marriage is at risk, so I've been researching for him because I know he won't do it himself but unless he tries whatever I find, it will be the sad end of a marriage.
Posted by Alon Shomer Nd
3 Posts
Note that Glucosamine reduces nitric oxide in the body (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11112445) and by that it may lead to erectile disfunction. I found that the same applies for taurine and I would suggest not taking more then one gram a week of taurine for adult men (There is one gram of taurine in most energy drinks). I didn't find this effect with any other anti inflammatory.
Posted by Martin
Gauteng, South Africa
Thank you for pointing this out. I'm 73 and suffered an injury to my knee and my wife started giving me some of her arthritic pills "Athrochoice" which I checked after reading your comment. They contained "Glucosamine". I discontinued the pills and am back to normal.

Posted by Jrenee (Dayton, Ohio, Usa) on 09/20/2010

I'd like to know what my husband can do "naturally" to help erectile dysfunction due to slightly enlarged prostate and type II diabetes. Of course we've tried medications but I don't like being dependent on them when we can use natural and less harmful means. Any help would be appreciated!

Posted by Lisa
Lafayette, La
27 Posts
Read the post above yours entitled "Borax Side Effects- Response from Ted", dated Sept. 21, 2010. It tells of a natural cure for you.
Posted by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Web search for Tongkat Ali, Eleuthero, Ashwaganda & Maca, Zinc & Arginine. Since your husband has type 2 diabetes, Pycnogenol, could be a good choice for it's effect on blood sugar and blood flow. (use caution if he is taking medication)

Cayenne pepper has a fairly quick effect on blood flow. In traditional Chinese medicine they would treat this as a kidney deficiency with herbs such as Epimedium grandiflorum (Horny Goat Weed) or formulas such as Huan Shao Dan (Lycium Formula) or Di Huang Wan (Rehmannia Eight Formula). Do some research on these & seek out a good TCM practitioner in your area. It is trial & error to see which combo works best, as some can be over stimulating... (like ginseng).. Also a link on Pycnogenol and blood sugar..

Posted by Cathrine
Uk, London
The herb ginkgo is used for erectile dysfunction, particularly in people who experience sexual dysfunction as a side effect of antidepressant drugs. It appears to relax smooth muscle and enhance blood flow in the penis.
Posted by Gregory
Toronto, Canada
4 Posts
My recomendation for your husband, is to lose weight and get rid of his diabetes..... The diet is definitely a change of lifestyle, but now that I am use to it, it is great. I lost 16 lbs in 1 1/2 months....

Diabetes? It is a self inflicted disease.....

Once his diabetes is cured, then I am sure he will also be well on is way to a hay sex life also...



Posted by Gregory
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
4 Posts
To beat diabetes.....

You must become 80/10/10 vegan... In other words 80% carbs, 10% fat (or oil) and 10% protein. If you adopt this lifestyle, your diabetes will disapear forever!! ... Remember, NO meat, NO dairy and DEFINITELY NO added oil or fat in your diet. all your fat comes from the oils already present in fruits and vegetables.

There are various books on this low fat vegan diet. One diet (McDougal diet, relies on starch based plants for calories (potatoes, rice etc... )... The 80/10/10 diet relies on raw fruits for calories... Still the same.... NO FAT! NO MEAT! NO DAIRY! Say "Good-Bye" to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and strokes...

There is no need for anyone to suffer from type II diabetes...seriously....


Resveratrol   0  0   

Posted by Timothy (Sydney, Australia) on 07/11/2012

This has really changed my life. A few different brands on the market but liquid is proven to be beat. Hold it in the mouth for 3 minutes for sublingual delivery. Also its a great antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes.

Supplements   2  0   

Posted by Chuck (Sedona, Arizona) on 08/20/2009

[YEA]  erections: 70 years old, a smoker most of my life (down to 6 a day rolling my own natural tobacco.

Started having problems 2 years ago. My solution:

1. get your estrogen level checked (should be around 50), men become tamer and easier to manage say their wives after 50 or male menopause.
2. get testosterone level checked. (Should be about 600 for good performance)
3. get DHEA level checked. It starts dropping ater 40 years.

I use: 3,000mg of arginine, 625mg of tribulus terrestris (to maintain testosterone),2 5 mg of DHEA daily. These take care of the reproductive system. 1000 mg of non-flush niacin to dilate the necessary blood vessels about 30 to 45 min before sex.

Am an Alternative Medical researcher. This is what works for me. The most important items are the blood tests to make sure your levels are proper.

There are many things other people use which I haven't tried and may be better for you.

This only addresses the physical aspect; many have psychological problems. If you get up in the morning with a good erection and can't perform, maybe it is not physical.

Posted by Rob
Detroit, Mi
Hello Chuck,

First time I am hearing about DHEA level. What should be the minimum level? As an alternative medical researcher, did you come across any alternate medicine for PE (there are some here in this website)?

Posted by Saperae
Phoenix, Az
The above remedies sound great for the physical aspects and I will start experimenting. There is a good overall circulation support product called OPC-3, with pycnogenol plus other beneficial bioflavonoid anti-oxidants at: www.maisotonic.com. Has been great for heart, liver, ED, all the blood issues.
Posted by Sandra
Alabaster, Al
[YEA]   My husband has had great success with taking the following after dinner every night: 3000 mg. Arginine, 2 hawthorne berry capsules, and a dropper of cayenne tincture mixed in water. He and I have both been very pleased with how this has helped him. He says he feels like he is in his 20's!
Posted by Joe
Hartford, Ct
Cut out all pornography, masterbation, orgasms (including sex or foreplay with a woman) and fantasy about having sex for 2 to 3 months. You'll notice in a week.
Posted by Tony
Feltham, United Kingdom
12 Posts
Re: erectile dysfunction. My problem is that I lack sensitivity in the penis. I can have sex for 30 minutes without orgasm. Can anyone suggest anything that might improve my sensitivity?
Posted by P.
Sao Paulo, Brazil
How soon can you climax when you masturbate?
Posted by Azhar
Dubai, N/a, Uae
Hi guys... have spent the past hour reading up on the ED problem. Am glad I am not the only one facing this issue. I am a 33year old guy - been married for 3 years now and have been constantly plagued with the issue of ED.

I have only been able to ejaculate 3 to 4 times in all this time primarily due to the fact I end up losing my erection. I have been to a urologist and ended up getting a vericosele surgery done, taken various vitamins and tried some homeopathic stuff. Nothing seemed to help. I was hoping I could find a permanent solution for this.

A point to note is I can ejaculate properly during masturbation. I really need a cure as it is bothering me and my wife as we would want to consider starting a family soon.

I read a few articles on yohimbine, etc. Could you guys advise how I can get rid of E.D.

Posted by Watercure
London, United Kingdom
11 Posts

I would try Cayenne Pepper - 1 Spoonfull in a glass of HOT WATER - a Cayenne TEA - Have it in the evening and it works wonders for ED - It is a circulation problem and Cayenne Pepper is the best herb for it.

I would also start drinking at least 8 Glasses of Water DAILY with a 1/4 spoon of Sea Salt per glass. Experiment with the Sea Salt- Start with a little and increase.

Look at www.Watercure2.org for Sea Salt Cures for more details

Hope this helps

Posted by Ginny
Podunk, Idaho
8 Posts
Try Maca Root.... It works wonders in both men and women. It regulates your hormones. Cut all SOY and aspartame out of your diet.
Posted by Don
London, Uk
1 tsp of Cayenne Pepper powder and 1tsp of Garlic powder has worked for me to keep an erection and last long. Put them in a cup and add warm water and drink 2 times a day. You may need to wait 3 days to see results.

Don't waste money on Viagra or drugs.

Good luck

Posted by Peace
Abha, Western Saudi Arabia
Hi everybody, this is the only website which gave me hope of overcoming ED. I am 34 and suffering with ED for last ten years. Before that also I was having Premature Ejaculation issues. But ED has been severely hamparing my life recently. I have curvature in pen... My right testicle is enlarged ( little ) due to injuries but Pain occurs in testicle on when I experience lower back pain. Currently my situation is no erection, low sperm ejection during ejaculations, the penis length is short. Can anybody guide me to overcome this. I feel to end my life due to this issues.
Posted by Peace
Abha, Western, Saudi Arabia
3 Posts
Hi azhar , did you try watercure suggestion? Please provide your update.
Posted by Eastet
Batonrouge, La, Usa
7 Posts
To Abha, Western Saudi Arabia: My own problems started with a MRSA bacterial infection in the year 2000; and so my heart goes out to you. Niacin (vitamin B3 "flush") produces hystamines which open up and enlarge blood vessels and capillaries; also oxygenates the blood and cleans and detoxes the body which improves metabolism. Please google "Niacin cure ED" and try this for a year. Otherwise, you might consider surgical repair or devices. Best Regards.... eastec


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