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Ear Wax Removal Remedies: Safe and Effective!

Last Modified on Jan 02, 2016

Hydrogen Peroxide  
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Posted by Bobby (Dallas, Tx) on 08/05/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I tried this method to the letter. I had my ear stopped up for days and could not take it any longer. Unfortunatly i did not do the test with the wax in the peroxide first, It did not work for me even after soaking for an hour. My ear hurt from the treatment. How i finally fixed it was i went in the shower with one of those ear bulbs that you use on babies, And with natural hot water and a cup about thirty times all kinds of junk came out of my ear. I hope this will help someone.

Posted by Luis (Cali, Colombia) on 07/21/2009

[WARNING!]  HP 3% Food Degree in Ears: Please, be cautious with application of HP 3% food degree in ears, since after sprinkling it with an inhaler to my elderly mother, she experienced an inflammation of drums and internal channels, with the side effect that she lost the hearing almost completely for one day. Nevertheless, with medicinal drops for inflammation and pain, the following day she began to recover gradually her normal level.Thanks God. I was very worried and disheartened.


Posted by Matt (New Richland, MN) on 03/09/2009

I just tried the experiment you suggested regarding the dissolving of ear wax using hydrogen peroxide. I took a q-tip which I had used to clean wax out of my ears (it had a fair amount of wax on it). I filled a small glass with about two or three teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and put the q-tip in the glass. Twenty minutes later the wax was still there, with no sign of dissolving at all. Needless to say, I'm not convinced this solution works.

EC: Sorry it didn't work for you -- the experiment works for us every time!

Replied by Janice
Coloma, Mi
[YEA]   I used to work in a large hearing aid place and the only thing the audiologists would have people clean their ears out was with Hydrogen Peroxide. Ten minutes in each ear or put in at bedtime with a cottonball so that it won't get on your pillow and NEVER clean your ears out with a q-tip. It only pushes the wax in further.
Replied by Elle
if h202 has been left uncovered, or exposed to heat, light etc. it will loose potency. you may need to get a fresh bottle to ensure that it is effective. if it does not fizz, it is most likely useless.

Posted by Kelly (Nashville, TN) on 01/18/2009

[YEA]  When I was a little girl, I remember my Mom using hydrogen peroxide to clean the excess wax from my Dad's ears. He would lie on one side and she would pour a capful or so into his ear. Once the "bubbling" subsided, she placed a folded hand towel over the ear and had him turn over to the other side. Once both ears were done, she would gently dry the ear with a tissue. We never used a QTip in the ear!

Posted by Angie (Burlington, Canada) on 08/02/2008

[YEA]  After having ear blockage for a week . Due to ear wax buildup, I had suffered enough . In the past I have sen a doctor and they irrigate my ear with H2O. I read all the positive comments on this site and thought why not try the Hydrogen peroxide method. IT WORKED and it only cost me a Loonie (1 dollar) I am now relieved of the pressure in my head also the loss of hearing. I would highly recommend this method. It was safe, inexpensive and it worked.

Replied by Kyle
Cincinnati, Ohio
[YEA]   The peroxide method does work! I tried it and it helped clear my blockage.

Posted by BDR (N.O., LA) on 05/14/2008

[YEA]  I swam laps for the first time in a while. I knew ear wax buildup was trapping the water because every year or 2 have to go to the ENT to have my ear irrigated and cleaned. Couldn't hear, miserable. Tried the hydrogen peroxide to save the hassle and expense of ENT visit. Worked! 15 minutes adding a few drops every 3-4 minutes, then irrigated with warm water. Hard to believe all that was in my ear. Thanks!

Posted by John (Kansas City, KS) on 01/26/2008

[YEA]  Hello. I and wife have used hydrogen peroxide for years and it always works for us.

We either use it full strength or mixed with mineral oil. Sometimes we warm it first.

After we drain it out we spray water gentle from a syringe or spray bottle. Usually the wax is dissolved without using a syringe or spray bottle, but we use them to removed the rest of the hydrogen peroxide which can irritate the ear canals.

We haven't ever bothered about the ear canal being wet afterward and have had no trouble. Sometimes a few days later an ear canal may get itchy and we've found that the equate brand of preparation H stopped the itching better than campho phenique or anything and soothed the ear canal.

Posted by June (KC, KS) on 01/12/2008

[YEA]  I also use store-bought H2O2 for use in my ears. I did have trouble with it leaving behind liquid and causing earache. And a couple times after using H2O2 I had sharp pains in my ears. I remedied this by putting a small amount of coconut oil in each ear after draining the H2O2 and it helped pretty quickly.

Now if I use H2O2 in my ears I add a drop of alcohol and only use a drop or two of H2O2 (full strength). This seems to be enough to ward off any virus-related earaches.

I also use H2O2 mixed with distilled water as a nasal wash and this is very effective in immediately ridding me of sore throat issues and any kind of infection I might feel at the back of my palate and upper portion of my throat where sinus drainage occurs. It burns a little, even with using distilled water, but I've come to recognize it as a good burn because I know it's killing the infection.

Posted by Xhellie (Coyle, Washington) on 12/07/2007

[YEA]  My son's ear canal was completely obstructed with ear wax. I know you're not supposed to use cotton swabs or bobby pins. I was so desperate to remove this blockage that I almost used a bobby pin. I was very skeptical to try this remedy because when I was younger I did this procedure to myself and left it too long. The ending result was the worst ear infection I have ever had.

This is the procedure I followed: I made my child lie on his side with the affected ear facing up. I pulled his ear lobe and used a head lamp so I could look deep into the ear. While still pulling the ear lobe back and up I dropped in the peroxide untill the ear was full. It bubbled immediately! I waited till the bubbling stopped, about 4 minutes and had him flip his head over and drain the peroxide. The peroxide that drained out was brown and murky so I knew it was working. We repeated this process several times, rinsing the ear with warm water between every peroxide "bath". After about 4 sessions I used the syringe to irrigate the ear and a huge ball of wax came ou of his ear. Upon inspection the ear canal was unblocked. Please remeber though, a layer of wax in your ear is a GOOD THING! Thanks again to Earth Clinic and everyone who contributed!!

Posted by Steve (Venice Fl) on 11/20/2006

[YEA]  Wow!! The hydrogen peroxide worked great for me. I could barely hear out of my left ear for nearly a week, so I used peroxide, for me it took nearly one hour to clear out the canal. I VERY highly recommed using peroxide to get a wax build up out of your ear. When in use in your ear, the peroxide bubbles and sizzles in your ear and the noise gets louder and louder as it clears out that disgusting old wax out of your ear. It was really fascinating though. Interesting experience.

Posted by Cass (Dover, DE) on 11/09/2006

[YEA]  Our pedicatrician was a really old fashioned doctor. He looked for ways to save his patients money and would recommend old timey remedies if he knew that they worked.

Our pedicatrician found that my son had excessive ear wax. He said he could clean the wax out but it would cost us money and be painful to my son. What our pediatrician recommended was to put olive oil in the ears at night and put a cotton ball in each ear. In the morning after breakfast my son was to lie down and I was to fill one ear at a time with peroxide and he was just to lie there for 15-20 minutes. When the time was up he was to flip his head over real quick to the other side. We did this for close to a week and saw good results. We appreciated the money and the pain that was saved by using a remedy that our pediatrician reccommended. Never again did our pediatrician say that my son had excessive ear wax. My son is now a grown man.

Posted by Usha (India) on 11/08/2006

[WARNING!]  I have a similar situation to Deb from Philadelphia. I would not suggest putting ANYTHING in an ear with a perforated eardrum or no eardrum at all. You must be careful to protect your middle and inner ear from being damaged. They have a very specific Ph and a system of dealing with invaders. The reason your eardrums burst is because your eustachian tubes are probably closed, not just blocked. Ear infections are one of the most common childhood diagnosis because children's eustachian tubes are not fully developed. Many adults have malformed or closed eustachian tubes becuase their's never developed from childhood or because of allergies. First of all you need to address your allergies because nothing will work that you try unless that is also under control. Some ENTs also conduct allergy tests becuase the whole system is so closely connected as is balance ie. verigo. There is a new surgery which I just had to open a closed eustachian tube. It is called eustachian tubectomy. They endoscopically go in through your mouth and shave the sides of your eustachian tube utilizing the scar tissue that will develop to cause the eustachian tube to function properly. I had this procedure as well as a tympanoplasty which is a rebuilidng of ear drum. The first attempt at closing the ear drum was unsuccessful but the second time they used another new procedure that uses the cartilage from the little flap of skin outside of the opening to the ear to close the ear drum and this cartilage creates a very strong structure. Now I no longer sound like a broken speaker in my head! I would highly suggest you get your allergies under control and really try to surgically fix your eardrums ESPECIALLY before you start considering putting things in your ears. Your hearing will be negatively affected to say the least as well as your inner ear which could cause worse vertigo and balance problems. If you aren't already you should be wearing earplugs, never go swimming or bathe unprotected (this could be causing infections, having water in your middle ear). Ear plugs should not "go down too far" as you say becuase your ear canal is much longer than you think. Any ear plug I've ever used won't go deep enough to be a problem. You can have custom ear plugs made to fit your ear which are the most comfortable option in my opinion. Don't mess around with ears, they're too delicate.

Replied by Bud
Ballston Lake, Ny
Usha, You are right about not putting anything in your ears especially if you have perforated eardrums. When I was six months old, Both eardrums burst. All my life I have had ear problems. I am now 85 plus. I have been to so many doctors. All they do is give me ear drops. I think that if they fixed my ears, then they lost a customer, Soooo, keep giving me eardrops and I will be back. After all, they are being paid pretty good. Bud

Posted by Natasha (UK) on 10/09/2006

[WARNING!]  Anyone with major ear problems, please do not use hydrogen peroxide, particularly Deb with the broken ear drum! It is basically bleach and is a really fierce chemical. It only works to clear earwax and you must be sure this is where your problem is coming from if you want to use it. In the UK, hydrogen peroxide is NOT recommended by doctors even for this - they actually recommend pharmaceutical olive oil, which is sterilised, mixes with the wax and helps it soften and clear naturally.

Ears are delicate and can easily be sent out of balance. I used to use q-tips to clean my ears and now suffer from chronic otitis externa, which is basically eczma in the outer ear. I haven't noticed earwax for years, just a dampness and whitish discharge. This, with the "debris" which collects in the ear (dead skin), provides a perfect environment for bacteria to breed in.

The first time I ever had an infection was when I had had a cold, used q-tips and took a long-haul flight with two changeovers. I had the WORST ear infection when I landed the third time and spent the next week in bed on antibiotics and painkillers in the most horrendous pain. That was five and a half years ago and I now have to use ear plugs in any situation where my ears can get wet (swimming, showering) or I will get an infection within 24 hours. I also have to be very careful to avoid introducing germs to the ear with a hand or headphones etc - in-ear headphones are not an option! This is actually a pretty common condition, is most often caused by using q-tips and is not curable. I'm 24.

Saying this, I have heard that garlic can be a very good antibiotic and also Hopi ear candles are great for clearing blocked sinuses. I am very cautious in using anything non-prescribed myself these days as my condition is so sensitive that I'm afraid anything will set it off, but these are gentle enough not to be so bad. Regarding hydrogen peroxide, if you are more resiliant, maybe have a go, but with more serious conditions, don't risk it! And don't ever use it for an extended time. These are all things your doctors should be telling you - there are a lot of advantages to free medicine...

Replied by Earthclinicfan
Venus, Claidoux
Quick Hit: Spry xylitol gum cures chronic ear infection

Here is a totally NON-scary super-easy *too-good-to-be-true-but-it-works* cure for infection of ears, throat, or gums or for stuffy nose. It can even cure a strep throat. Could put lots of *specialist* doctors out of business. Cure: xylitol gum or candy, made by the company Spry in peppermint or spearmint, works like a miracle. I have tried some other brands of gum/candy containing Xylitol that do not seem to work as powerfully for me, but if you cannot find the Spry brand xylitol chewing gum and peppermints (available at the Vitamin Shoppe, Sprouts, and online) you might try other brands. I do not know if it is the added mint that makes this brand so much more effective for me or what, but it still blows my mind every time I use it, how effective it is and how time and how much money is wasted on our U.S. Health crisis sheerly because no one knows about/ uses the easy, simple remedies.

God bless everyone on this page and this site! Note: xylitol is not as creepy as it sounds - it is actually birch tree sugar with a Frankenstein kind of name, and was developed as a sugar substitue during WWII in Finland. It can cause stomach gas in some people if you eat or drink a lot of it in beverages or baked goods (using it as sugar substitute in the recipe), but for chewing gum/ peppermints to get rid of ear infection or sore throat it should not be a problem. I would try the gum to start with. In fact xylitol gum was initially brought to the U.S. as a cure for kids with chronic ear infections. If you buy it at the Vitamin Shoppe store, ask the clerk for the *online price* at check out and you get a huge % discount. It's very affordable; under $8 for a bottle of 60 or 100 pieces or so. Xylitol also has many other positive *side effects*! Google it and see!

Replied by Oldgal
Toronto, Ontario Canada
I'm 73 and have been using peroxide since my mid-twenties. I have found that putting a few drops of mineral in the ear helps. Take hold of the ear lobe and gently rotate it so that the oil goes deep into the ear then stopper the ear with a bit of cotton ball. Leave it alone for a few hours or overnight and then use peroxide and warm water mixed in equal amounts the following day. I find this keeps any irritation to the ear to a minimum but the effect is just as good. I generally do a treatment like this towards the end of the summer when the first cool days and nights tend to solidify any wax that has built up during the warm months. It helps to get rid of it before winter sets in.... Of course if you are in California you wont' need to worry about this!

Posted by Rita (Hunstville, AL) on 07/10/2006

[YEA]  Hi, I just wanted to comment that I personally use hydrogen peroxide each and every day to help clean my ears with a Q-tip. This actually helps to combat itchy ears and less wax buildup.

Posted by Floyd (Fort Worth TX) on 04/28/2006

[YEA]  About 43 years ago, we went to Plat National Park in Sulphur, Oklahoma. The water there is very cold and has a lot of sulphur in it. It gave all 3 of our children, and myself an ear infection. Mine was so bad, I had to go to the Dr. He told me to mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Alcohol 50/50 .He said the Peroxide would kill the infection and the alcohol would dry up the Peroxide. If you don't get the Peroxide out, your ear will hurt more. Since then we have never went to the Dr. for an ear problem. THANK GOD.