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Ear Aches
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Ear Ache Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 20, 2015

Hydrogen Peroxide   21  1   

Posted by Sandy (In the sticks, Nevada) on 11/24/2007

[YEA]  We have been using hydrogen peroxide for years to fight off earaches and colds. My kids and I used to go to the dr. all the time for earaches and end up with a big dr. bill and antibiotics. Then we heard about peroxide. I keep the peroxide in a small glass bottle with an eyedropper. The moment anyone starts to get a sore throat or their ears hurt even a tiny bit, we put one eyedropper full in each ear. Hold the bottle in your hand to warm the peroxide a bit (otherwise it feels like ice water going in) and have the person lie flat on their side. I like to leave the peroxide in until it stops bubbling, but even a few minutes may be enough to help. Drain the peroxide out when you are done and dry the ear thoroughly. A nurse told me that the peroxide would burn a hole through the lining of the ear(Has anyone ever heard of this before?), but we have done this for almost 10 years with no problems.

Posted by Vickie (Brentwood, California) on 03/21/2007

[YEA]  I use peroxide for ear aches and ear infections. First use the peroxide in ear or ears. After bubbling stops then you warm up pure olive oil put in ear or ears followed by a cotton ball. Usually ear aches subside immediately. Ear infections may take two or 3 times.

Posted by Keri (Sylvan Lake, Michigan) on 03/21/2007

[YEA]  Cured toddler's ear infection!! After many ear infections and ear tubes in my son's ears, I was told to try 1 part hydrogen peroxide to 3 parts water and put drops in his ear to stop the discharge from his ears. Magic! It stopped the gooey discharge and cleaned his ear of the wax too!! I recommend it to everyone!!

Posted by Daniel (Spokane, WA) on 09/21/2006

[YEA]  First, thank you for the great website--I've been searching for this type of confirmation for several days now. My story is that I use earplugs when I sleep, as I awake easily. About a week ago, I had taken a shower right before bed and dried ears with a towel (no q-tip). The earplug didn't seem to go in as usual (perhaps the wrong angle). The day after, about mid-day, I noticed that my ear was hurting. Two days later I was in a full-blown ear infection. I stopped working a few months ago to do some studies, as such, no money to go to the doctor. I prayed and the Lord said to read a book about hydrogen peroxide that was sitting on my shelf and decided that it wouldn't hurt. So, I put one cap of H2O2 into my ear and let it sit for about 5 minutes. I couldn't hear anything happening, at first. Then the bubbling started. Rather cool. I kept doing this every two to three hours. By the end of the night, the pain (so strong that I really couldn't touch the ear without feeling like I was going to throw up) was 90% gone. After two treatments the following day, there is no longer ANY pain whatsoever. Praise the Lord! Now, I must say that I don't know for certain if my immune system had typed the virus/bacteria by this point, as I had been sick for a few days by the time I started... Regardless, the pain appeared to decrease with each treatment--I thought I was imagining it until the 4th treatment--I then KNEW that there was a difference. By the way, I should mention that I also dried my ear out with q-tips, and then used a warm blow dryer for about 10 minutes after each treatment. Perhaps I had come down with swimmer's ear from using the earplugs on wet ears--drying is important. Anyway, thank God for hydrogen peroxide and a cured ear infection. I am now using 3% in a humidifier, breathing it in for multiple 5 minute sessions throughout the day, and have seen a big difference in my energy levels--very cool. I might add that I have to inhale with my eyes closed...else the stuff irritates my eyes. Pretty cool stuff!

Posted by Linda (miramichi n.b. canada) on 05/21/2006

[YEA]  I had a severe chest infection and plugged left ear. After 2 rounds of antibiotics I got better but was left with dizziness and deafness and a ticking noise in left ear. I had lost 50% hearing. That was 2 years ago. I started using h202 in both ears about 1 year ago and noticed right away it cured the ticking and in time no more dizziness. I noticed about 2 months ago. I can hear perfectly in both ears. I am a great believer in hydrogen peroxide.Also my husband and I don't get sick much anymore. Thanks for the great site. linda c. canada

Replied by Tina
Gooderham, Ontario, Canada
Do you put it in every day or just when you think you have an ear infection?

Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider Vinegar   1  1   

Posted by Terri (North Little Rock, Arkansas) on 03/06/2009

[NAY]  I have been trying one of the remedies that was seen here from a friend of ours and it is not working. I have had only one ear bothering me then the other one started so he went and looked up some home remedies for us because we can not afford to send me to the doctor. But it looks like that I am gonna have to go because I have not been able to get a solid night sleep. I finally do get to get some rest and it is only for about 3 hours at a time. The pain is so unbearable that I have literally bawled my eyes out and I am a 44 year old woman. The remedy that was given to me was the one that calls for 3% hydrperoxide 3 drops in each ear and then dry each one completely then take 2 drops of apple cider vinegar in each ear and leave in there for five minutes repeat this whole remedy 3 times a day. I know that there are some who do not get relief by using these remedies and others do, but I am at my wits end. I can not afford to go to the doctor. I am currently unployed but I am out there pounding the streets to find work and I have been very depressed lately. Work was the only thing keeping me going. My ears are hurting so bad right now I just want the pain to stop because it is so terrible that I have thought about other ways to end this pain and I am being very serious about this. Can you please help me find something that will work.

Replied by G
Halifax, N.S. Canada
Did you get some help for your ears yet? I'm sure we can help you if you can't afford to see a Doc. Let me know
Replied by Lisa
Southwest Louisiana, LA
Terry from North Little Rock, AR. I would also like to help if I can. Are your ears better? I will check back tomorrow, and every day to see if you have submitted a follow-up. God Bless you, and may you be healthy and happy always!
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hi Teri,

When using peroxide for earache, I fill the ear up with peroxide and lie with that ear up until it stops making the noise which tells me that I can empty that ear and do the other one the same way if necessary. One recommended mixture for use afterwards is equal parts ACV, Isoproply alcohol, and sweet oil. A few drops in each ear.

Another thing you might try for the earache pain is a few drops of a good hot sauce (usually mostly a mixture of cayenne pepper and vinegar. Of course you can purchase the cayenne pepper in bulk at places like Whole Foods or Wild Oats Groceries and mix your own pure cayenne in ACV or in alcohol (ethanol, not rubbing alcohol).

Cayenne is a good pain killer. It is the only thing I used after dental extractions and finding that the first Demerol tablet prescribed for pain made me very, very sick. A bonus was that it also kept the bleeding under control. I just put a few drops over the areas of extraction every few hours. Worked for me, hopefully it will work on earaches too.

Replied by Ruth
Fairmont, Wv
My advice would be that if the peroxide and ACV are irritating your ears, that is an indication you should STOP using them--at least for now. I frequently have that problem too. I havenĀ“t used ACV in my ears before, but I use peroxide often if my ears are stopped up or irritated. It almost always helps, but sometimes makes my ears really irritated. So I usually apply coconut oil or olive oil. It works best at night when you can leave it in for a long time, but you can use it during the day too. You might want to put some tissue in the outside of your ear for a while to keep the oil from running out and getting all over you.

Posted by Lisa (Syracuse, New York) on 07/03/2008

[YEA]  THIS WORKS!!!! I I got a phone call from my husband and I can hear my 8 year old daughter crying loudly in the background. He was telling me over her crying that she started complaining of an earache about 1/2 hr ago, but just started hurting alot in the last 5 minutes. I told him to drive her home.I had just come across this website and wanted to try the hydrogen peroxide as I've gone back and for to the doctors with her for antibotics for earaches at least 8 times in her lifetime. He brought her home, and she threw up immediately. I almost thought of bringing her to the emergency room. I called the on call nurse and she said to give her ibuprofen and she should be ok to come in in the morning for antibiotics. I had her lay down on her side and I opened up a bottle of apple cider vinegar and hydgrogen peroxide. I filled the hydrogen peroxide cap 1/2 with both and left it in for 30 sec and repeated 5 times. She said her ear felt better and wanted to go to bed. I was in shock, and said ok, lets go. I expected her to come get me in the middle of the night and need to do it again, but she slept great and the following morning, I did the same thing. My husband brought her to the docters to be on the safe side. They prescribed the antibiotic and we filled it just to be safe. After looking at more responses from people using hydrogen peroxide, it looked like putting it in the ear for 5 minutes works well, so we switched to that the next two days. She is still fine and I am still in shock, but this truly works.I am shocked and almost angered that we've been so trained to believe that antibiotics are the answer. This works and I am SOOOOOOO grateful for this website. I know my family will be more healthy because of it!!

Hydrogen Peroxide, Ethyl Alcohol, Antibiotic Cream   1  0   

Posted by Jharry (Corpus Christi, Texas, Usa) on 02/18/2010

[YEA]  I used a combination of natural and over-the-counter meds to cure my ear infection. First, I used drops of dilute hydrogen peroxide and ethyl alcohol (vodka). They helped slow the infection but didn't solve my problem. Finally I applied an over-the-counter triple antibiotic ointment using cotton ear swabs, and it cured the infection in two days. The petroleum jelly base served as an internal ear bandage and helped the pain while the three antibiotics cured the infection.

Jean's Tomato Tea   1  0   

Posted by Pb (Cape Breton, Ns) on 07/28/2010

[YEA]  I had tried Jean's tomato tea from earthclinic for a sinus cold and it worked amazingly well. However after a few days I developed an ear ache. I took another cup of the tea and within a few hours my ear cleared. My guess is the ear ache was somehow sinus-related?? A good reminder to keep taking the tea for a few days even after you're feeling better. Anyway just thought I'd pass this on. (I've also been thinking that Jean's tomato tea would be a good daily supplement, as when I took 2 cups for my sinus cold, within a few hours I had a phenomenal amount of energy!!)

EC: For those who haven't seen it, instructions and feedback for Jean's Tomato Tea is here:

Lemon Grass Tea for Ear Infections   1  0   

Posted by Thamas (east coast nsw, australia) on 11/20/2007

[YEA]  My son when he was 3 had recurring ear infections that once landed him in hostpital with double infections in both ears and a temperature of 40.He was on antibiotics on a regular basis and I cringed every time. Needless to say this did not cure the problem. On research I found that lemon grass has a very high vitamin A content and knowing that vitamin A is vital to fight infections I made tea for him. Well He loved the taste and he is now 12 and has NEVER had an ear ache since! so now when he is looking a bit run down or he's had too much of a good thing, I give him lemon grass tea. Fresh is best, luckily where I live it grows easily and abundantly in my garden. So It's free just like nature intended!

Replied by Cha
[YEA]   thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milk Can Cause Ear Infections   1  0   

Posted by Christopher on 03/30/2008

[YEA]  An allergic reaction to milk doesnt have to be the runs! For me it was swelling of the throat and hours later a double ear infection.

I did feel there was a connection but did realize it till i read a french book on allergies. Ear infections can be caused by milk... same for swollen tonsils.. I have no tonsils anymore.. i wish i had been old enough to stop them from cutting them out...

Anyhow we had free cheese at work.. didnt seem to affect me then one day i wanted milk...

i dont usually cause well like cheese... it contains mucus and is mucus forming... (at the time in camp, i had to eat cheese for protein cause some of the cooks thought pasta was food)

i drank 5 tiny cups like almost those bathroom cups of milk.. then that the evening my eardrums popped. i havent touched milk since. unless to test.where as a cup of chocolate milk made my throat glands on the sides sore...

The only other thing to make my throat swell like that is mcdonalds beef burgers and orange juice.

Replied by Kirk
Penfold, Sunshine Coast , British Columbia
You are absolutely right regarding milk and ear infections, alot of people are intolerant to dairy products with out knowing it, this is especially true for people with inherited smaller eustashian tubes. Even a slight amount of mucus that gathers in the tubes can result in ear aches and infections.
Replied by Marian
Tulsa, Ok
Thanks Earth Clinic and readers for all your wonderful advice!!!

When one of my sons was about 8 years old, he kept getting ear infections accompanied by fatigue and exhaustion. I eventually consulted a naturopath after the ear nose and throat specialist couldn't help. He noted that when an infection recurs, it often signals an underlying allergy. Sure enough it turned out that he was severely allergic to dairy of any kind. It was quite a shock to discover that dairy products are contained in a mulititude of foods including hot dogs, buns, waffles, you name it. I had to learn to read the ingredient list carefully. As long as he stayed away from dairy, he was perfectly fine, back to his old self. What an incredible relief!!

Neti Pot With Sea Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda   1  0   

Posted by Andrey (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 03/28/2013

[YEA]  Hello, I have been getting ear aches/infections when the weather jumps up and down for as long as I can remember. The hydrogen peroxide method has always helped me, however what I was surprised to see is that no one mentioned using a Neti pot as well. Ears, throat and nose are all connected as most of you probably know. A neti pot filled with slightly warm purified water, 1/3rd teaspoon of sea salt, 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda, and about 5-10 drops of hydrogen peroxide is a great way to alleviate the pain and pressure in your ears! It usually clears them out right away. Please try this remedy out and tell me what you think! Andrey.

Replied by Danielle
I have personally tried the hydrogen peroxide, and it made me so dizzy and sick to my stomach. I would not suggest this to anyone at all. You won't be able to get up off your bed couch etc for several minutes, for me it was closer to 10, after using the hydrogen peroxide. You will fall over and feel absolutely horrible

Olive Oil   10  1   

Posted by Kathie (Dacula, Ga) on 09/06/2013

[YEA]  My Mother put warm olive oil in my ears when I was young to treat ear aches. It worked great. Put cotton in ear after olive oil to keep it in my ear. I also used it for my husband when he had ear aches. He swears by the remedy. It really works well. I am speaking of occasional ear aches. Not sure about on going ear aches or specific ailments of the ear. Not sure if it is the olive oil or the heat that makes it better, but whatever it is, it works.

Posted by Debbie (Lodi, Ca) on 03/15/2011

[YEA]  My six year old woke up screaming and crying with an ear ache in the middle of the night. We have used H202 in the past but it did not work this time. So we tried the olive oil on a cotton ball and within a short while she was able to fall asleep and wake this morning feeling fine. Thanks for all the great tips on this site, absolutely love it!

Posted by Msg (Somewhere, Europe) on 03/15/2010

[YEA]  hi, having benefitted from many of your ideas here, for which i am very grateful, i thought i'd share one that is tried and true:

having had numerous siblings and numerous children, i can recommend without reservation the olive oil-on-a-piece-of-cotton remedy for earaches. works for all ages, in my experience. by 48 hours the latest, earaches are gone. the olive oil only has to saturate a bit of the cotton (the side that goes into the ear) and the cotton should be stuffed (not deeply!!) into the ear and kept there. we put a biggish piece of cotton so it won't be able to get too deep. it can be changed as often as you want but we always just leave it there till the next shower.

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