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Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm Usa) on 09/24/2009

Does anyone know of a remedy for inflammation in the digestive tract? If so, please let me know.


Posted by Deborah
Sarasota, Florida
For inflammation in the digestive tract, I would try either slippery elm or licorice extract. Make sure you buy slippery elm from a reputable company. I read years ago when I was researching slippery elm that some companies were selling wood pulp instead of slippery elm. Apparently it's difficult to tell the difference.
Posted by Bunny
Santa Ana, Ca
Probiotics and aloe might help. Get checked for celiac disease-gluten causes this problem in some people

Posted by Kathy (Anywhere, Usa) on 09/21/2009

re: problem with digestion I think.

I will try my best to explain my issue. I feel like I am full of air in my upper abdomen all the time, really bloated, Then when I lay down at night I have pains in my heart area, I have been to the DR a number of times and they have ruled out heart issues, but they never seem to want to go further. Sometimes my heart feels like it's fluttering or slowing down then speeding up, for that I take calcium and magnesium. It seems to help. Sometime when I take pills they seem to get stuck and then my chest hurts again.... Could there be a problem with my esophogus? (spelling) I wonder if I am having reactions to foods like starches for instance. I think my next step is to completely stop all foods that my give me a reaction...I am just groping in the dark as I am at a complete loss as to what to do....any suggestions???? And I'm 48 yrs old, overweight, but nothing else that I am aware of.

Posted by Clare
Valencia, CA
Hi Kathy,

I have the same problems! And no one listens to me either. I don't have any solutions for you, I just wanted you to know you're not alone.

I haven't been able to successfully swallow capsules for decades now. They feel like they're stuck in my throat. My husband insisted it was just in my imagination, until one day while I was speaking, about a half hour after taking capsules, powder was flying out of my mouth. Nothing helps. I even try eating nuts or an apple after the capsules, but they still don't go down. I also drink tons of water. I've recently been told that I have low hydrocloric acid (not by a doctor). I have a very dry mouth, despite all the water. I'm about to try the ACV suggestions on this site. My heart flutters often, and I just had my first attack of atrial fibrillation which lasted 3 hours and scared me to death. I do take magnesium.... I thought maybe it was anti-parasite herbs I started taking as part of a colon cleanse. Oh my, the body is a puzzlement!

Posted by Kathy
Anywhere, Usa
OK so I am really trying to eat better and I am almost eliminating wheat/carbs and it might just be helping with the full feeling. As far as taking pills I am just taking the bare minimun to feel OK...

Wish me luck!

Posted by Gokhals
Ca, Usa
24 Posts
Kathy you may be low in thyroid. Try thyroid glandulars (porcine), lots of coconut oil, potassium iodide - to rev up your thyroid and increase your BMR. Cut carbs, try a high protein/high saturated fat (organic, cold pressed and if animals, from pastured animals only).

Avoid estrogenic foods such as soy.

Posted by Saffi (New York, NY) on 09/16/2009

I've been having problems with bloating. It started last year with constipation. Then beginning of this year, the constipation was sbustituted with extreme bloating. Now the constipation is occasional whereas the bloating is constant and affecting every aspect of my life and mood. My clothes don't fit anymore and it looks as if I'm 3 months pregnant.

I went to the doctor and was tested for celiac disease, parasites, thyroid, all of which turned out negative. I know that I am lactose intolerant (although before I was able to have cheese, cakes, and cookies without any problems just not whole milk; lactose milk was ok until last year) so I stay away from dairy. The doctor put me on a strict diet for 3 weeks where I couldn't eat wheat, bran, oats, greens, broccoli, dairy, raisins, cabbage, eggplants and a couple other items. I've also been put on probiotics and culturelle for the past month and a half. Still taking them since he said it could take 3-4 months to replenish the good bacteria in my stomach. Also taking 3-4 Gasx everyday for relief.

I've experimented with this diet and I am somewhat better. I've experimented with the time of day and what I eat and some things give me some relief but not enough that I can say this is the problem. I've been told to stay on this diet for another month ( 2 weeks to go) and at that point will decide if the doc needs to go inside. Just started the apple cider vinegar recipe listed on the site yesterday. So far haven't felt any improvement.

The bloating is in the lower stomach area. It's affected me so much that I don't even want to exercise anymore. And that's never been like me. This bloating is taking over my life. Please help.

Posted by Kathy
Dubois, Pa
I don't want to frighten you, but bloating such as you describe can be a symptom of ovarian cancer. If you haven't been tested for ovarian cancer and had it ruled out, I would ask...no, I would demand...that the doctor run tests for it, or refer you to someone who will, just to be safe. Ovarian cancer is relatively rare, thank God, so chances are it is not what is causing the bloating, but still, if it were me, I'd find out for sure.
Posted by Sarah
Cambridge, Mass, USA
Hi Saffi,

I know exactly what you are going through. I had similar symptoms when I went on a low fat/low carb diet a few years ago. I lost a lot of weight but threw my body out of whack in the process. I thought it was parasites and did one week of parasite cleansing herbs and tinctures. This helped, but I still had uncomfortable gas and stomach gurgling within minutes of eating. I then tried Licorice extract (dgl kind) and that cured me. I think it took a week on the licorice to get back to normal. I now take licorice whenever I am feeling digestive problems and it cures them within a few hours. It's one of my favorite supplements.

Please let us know how you are faring.


Posted by Julie
Ellwood City, Pennsylvania
For CONSTIPATION you need fiber in your diet. Fiber to bowel movement regularity is like gas to your car engine ... without it, you don't move (pardon the pun). Fiber is what stimulates the walls of the bowels to initiate a bowel movement. Without this natural stimulation, your stools simply keeping packing up. The longer the stool is the bowel the body will continue to absorb water from it, thus causing the hard, dry stool that is difficult to move. You should be deficating two or three times per day; yes, per day. So for those of you who only move your bowels once every three days or once a week or longer, your diet is void of fiber. Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water every day. All other drinks (soda pop, coffee, tea, etc) are not fluids that work the same way as just plain water does. Do not take a fiber laxative. Make sure you take a fiber supplement.

I get a lot of BLOATING when I eat carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, any flour products actually, as well as sweets. I believe that it is due to candida. I have read that candida must give off acetelhyde gas (not sure if spelled correctly) in order to digest/eat the glucose generated from eating these foods. It is this gas that causes the bloating as it builds up. Candida lives off sugar. Flour made products become pure glucose when digested. You might as well be eating right from the sugar bowl. So I avoid these food items. I also take molybdenum, 300 mg per day, which helps to remove or dissipate this gas given off by the candida. When I find that I have over indulged in carbohydrates I become uncomfortably bloated. The quickest relief is to do the salt water cleanse. It is fast and very effective. I take 2 teaspoons of sea salt and mix and dissolve in 32 ounces of warm water. Usually I split this in half. It is very salty (some cannot do this remedy). However, I drink 16 ounces; wait about 15 minutes and drink the other half. Sometimes I only get in about 3/4 of the second half... one more gulp and I will throw up. Not because of the salty taste but because you just dumped a quart of water into your stomach almost at once. You will feel some stomach bloat feeling because of the amount of fluid just taken in at once but it will pass in about ten minutes. In about 45 minutes, you will find the bathroom is your best friend. This will continue for about one hour. Your done. This works faster than over the counter intestinal cleansers.. no hanging around home all day waiting for it to work. The reason why drinking this much water is not taken care of by the kidneys and causing increased urination is because salt and water follow each other. Because of the high salt content, this water stays inside and moves straight through your intestines cleaning it out and removed through defication. Remember though if for some reason (medically, or otherwise) you should not ingest anything of a high salt content, this remedy is probably not for you.

Saffi, I hope this helps. Take care.

Posted by Saffi
New York, NY
Thank you very much for the feedback. Yes, they've tested me for ovarian cancer too and that was negative also.
Posted by Nichar
Los Angeles, Ca
The same thing happened to me except in addition to the symptoms you had I also had hemmorhoids. I lost 20 pounds, had no energy, couldn't eat much. I was miserable.

I too am lactose intolerant. I did not find relief until I started using grapefruit seed extract. I took the tablets, and I have the liquid because it is a great product for so many things parasites, mold, fungus. Just give it a try it can't hurt and hopefully it will help.


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