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Posted by Barron (Sarnia, On, Canada) on 08/22/2009

I have a cysts in my neck.. causes my left side of my throat to hurt.. have to get it removed.. but I am working to much right now to take the time off.. does anyone know what I could take to get rid of it, or to ease the pain and swelling?

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
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Hello Barron from Sarnia,

Have you tried painting the area (skin) over those cysts in your neck? If not, just paint tincture of iodine (or SSKI or Lugol's solution) can also be used). I would just do this daily (if the iodine disappears very quickly, you might try doing it morning & night until the iodine color remains on the skin longer).

Posted by Michelle (Lubbock, Tx) on 08/07/2009

Does anyone know how to cure a baker's cyst and to relieve great pain?

EC: "A Baker's cyst, otherwise known as a popliteal cyst, is a benign swelling of the semimembranous bursa found behind the knee joint."'s_cyst

Posted by Nancyjw
Colorado Springs, Colorado
[YEA]   I am over 75, have bone-on-bone knee arthritis. A physical therapist suggested icing a non-painful Baker's cyst behind one of my knees. In under 24 hours it was gone.

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Posted by Littlegoslings (Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, Usa) on 07/10/2013

[YEA]  Remedy for Sebaceous Cyst - salt crystal deodorant

My latest sebaceous cyst, right in the middle of my back over my spine, went away in a week with a combination of 1 initial treatment of a triple antibiotic ointment (readily available OTC) and then regular daily or semi-daily applications of the salt deodorant product I use for my underarms, the natural one in crystal form. It worked great. I got my wife or daughter to apply the crystal salt deodorant product right after a hot shower when my pores were open and my back was still wet. After only 4-5 uses of the salt stone, the cyst is all but gone. I can only credit intuition for the idea to use the crystal stone.

As has been said, in the past I also tried to poke and drain them (with help because they always occur on my back) but they are very hard, very painful, and do not lend to draining. Nothing like a pus filled boil or an infection that becomes numb over time, like a cuticle. A sebaceous cyst can be large, sensitive and very painful to touch, never mind to stab and squeeze! My wife loves to stab and squeeze the things, but I guess there's some repressed anger there. It hurts like hell and does almost no good.

I have had a hard time with sebaceous cysts. My first one, about 12 years ago, was a mystery to me. I thought it was a spider bite or something, and I ended up in the ER, getting VERY painful anesthesia injections (yeah, anesthesia, go figure! ) and then a painless (due to the anesthesia) lancing and cleaning of the cyst. Of course the ensuing charges were far from painless.

Since then I have had at least 2 more. Usually they happen if I don't shower every day, and honestly, I don't always. Another contributing factor, which I found out the hard way, is using a wash cloth in the shower without soap. If I drag a wet wash cloth over my back without using soap (let's say I'm in a hurry and I only soap wash my face, crotch and pits) the bacteria or whatever that grows in the humid bathroom environment is almost sure to get into my skin and I end up with a cyst.

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Posted by Suzzz (Lexington, Sc) on 06/07/2012

I have developed a cyst above my upper molars. Have gone to the ENT and had a CT scan... They are sending me to the oral surgeon. Any suggestions? Making pastes and applying bandaids will not work, given the location. :)

Posted by British
Long Island, Ny
I'm not sure if this will work for a cyst but it works for an abcess. Rinse your mouth with very salty warm water. With each mouthful, swosh it around for as long as you can stand it. Spit and repeat. I've had a broken tooth with a big hole in it for 3 yrs and will get it taken care of eventually but for now, anytime I get pain and it swells up I rinse with salt water. The salt seems to draw out whatever is in there which will ease the pressure and the pain. I've never tried this on a cyst since mine have always been on my body. One thing that did work for the cyst on my wrist was a magnetic bracelet. This was a lot less painful that the 2 times it was popped before. Hope the salt helps. Good luck.

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Posted by CW (Asheville, NC) on 06/28/2008

[YEA]  I've had sebaceous cysts all my life. Of late, I got one that came to the surface, burst, and got infected. It was awful, and after 6 weeks of not healing with antibiotic cream it was time to try something new. So I did this: I cleaned the wound again with peroxide. I then did one round of moxibustion on it. I used drawing salve for one day to get some of the deep infection out. I then began to put a bandaid with silver gel, turmeric, and a thin slice of fresh cut garlic on it twice a day as well as taking garlic and turmeric internally in gelcaps. It is now 50% healed in only 3 days. Amazing.

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Posted by Cj (Plano, Tx, Usa) on 09/23/2012

Hello, I have been diagnosed with Tarlov cysts. They are commonly thought of as nonsymptomatic. However, I have intense pain that is 24/7. I am wondering if there are any thoughts, especially from Ted, about ways to help this condition. From what I understand, the cyst is basically a nerve root trapped by fluid from the meninges herniating. If you have any recommendations I would greatly appreciate any help.

Posted by Bj
hi, I'm just learning about this site and when I seen your tarlov cyst question, I couldn't not send you an answer to my ability since I've had close to 100 of them. I've had almost 9 yrs to research them and it has a great deal of information. spoken with top medical professionals, research teams, even the dept that records found dieases. here is the good news, if it is nonsymtomatic you can have them all your life and never have trouble, but since you say you have pain 24/7 then they have turned symptomatic. That is the bad news. It's kinda like the chicken and the egg question, how long have you actually had them and not known it. I was born with only part of my spinal cord developed, so I have many issues. The one thing that I can tell you is, when you have MRI's or any kind of test done, always get the copy and study it. your radiologist will never count them as causing any trouble, they see them they bypass them as you said the are considered nonsymtomatic. There are caused when the spine has had a severe attack, car wreck, fall, hit, any thing that is a drastic blow to the cord. the cord weakens and the spinal fluid starts to leak out, now knowing that our body wasn't prepared for our spinal fluid to float or run around in our body is a good thing cause it just don't do good for you. in fact leakage is a killer. but the cyst is the tarlov cyst, the spinal fluid actually forms a cyst that is attached to your spine and is filled with spinal fluid, they can get large or stay small, as they grow they squeeze or push on other nerves, anything that is in their way. The only thing that I've found for pain at least for me is tramadol, I cannot take narcotics. I've tried for a more healther approach, I've not been able to find any. They will interfere with a lot of your organs depending where they or it is. Uou never said I assume they didn't tell you. at least that is my case, I actually asked to see the screen so I seen them and couldn't count all of them but since the neurosurgeon didn't think it was causing my pain, he wouldn't even tell me where they were.

I hate to tell you, but at least in the usa, there is no cure, I know exactly how you feel, I now am 90% bed ridden. now there are a couple drs out there that are doing surgery PLEASE DO REASEARCH BEFORE YOU LET ANY DR TELL YOU THEY CAN CURE IT BY BINDING IT INSERTING NEEDLE AND TAKING THE FLUID OUT AND REFILING WITH EITHER FIBRIN GLUE! OR ONE IS TRYING FINALLY TO USE BODY FAT. THEY WILL RETURN AT SOME POINT WITH A VENGENCE. Do a lot of research on John Hopkins in Maryland. They are the first to try to study this in 1999. Just about the time that I was ready to go there they quit cause they were putting patients in wheelchair paralyzed or worse.

I wish I could have greater hope and intel for you, but an I know that saying this doesn't help. There are aprox 80% people in the world that have these some know, some don't. I will be very glad for you to write to my email and we can talk or if you learn something I'm still researching only now when I have the strength. but I have learnt a lot about my own body. THAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I CAN OFFER ANYONE! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT, ALWAYS LISTEN TO OTHERS ABOUT YOUR BODY. KNOW YOUR BODY!

Do research by family members, they had or didn't have. I know I didn't give you a lot of good news but at least you know there are many who are pushing for a cure. you need to not strain rest lots, do the normal things to stay healthy as you would, drink water, eat right all that stuff but I will be praying for you, in fact I belong to a group called NORD, NATIONAL ORGATION FOR RARE DISEASES, , which is funny cause the first one was discovered around the 30"s by Dr.tarlov. why it didn't go any further, I don't know. please let me know how you are doing, and if you have found any thing from this holistic approach or natural approach, I would love to have more infor. for me the pain is shocking 24/7/. never goes away. heat seems to help sometimes, cold helps sometimes, lol, but not for long. ifI you hav even one tarlov cyst I would wager you have another condition that you haven't found out about as of yet. Most of my study seems to go that way.


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Posted by Rob (Stamford, CT) on 08/04/2008

[YEA]  I had a keloid cyst on my thumb at the base of the nail, about the size of a split pea. I put a few drops of Tea Tree oil on and kept it covered with a bandaid for a day (to keep the oil in place). Nothing happened for many weeks, but then it started flaking off gradually.

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Posted by Sarah (Xenia, Oh) on 07/07/2010

I read a post that mentioned terramin clay for cysts. I cannot find any information regarding this clay on your site. I have a cyst in my jaw joint (found by an MRI). They said that it actually is keeping my jaw from being in joint until I open it far enough for it to literally clunk. They said that when it clunks it is actually going into joint. In other words, my jaw is constantly out of joint unless I yawn or open wide for another reason. Insurance will not pay for any TMJ treatment since it is not "medical". Well, I prefer more natural methods than surgery and would like to know more about how this clay works and if it would help me get rid of this cyst. I have tingling, numbness, and intermittent pain.

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Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 05/12/2012

[YEA]  I've been thinking about your boils.. As I had one after what could be referred to as a detox.. I think that the Lymph system might get overloaded, with the acumulated C@@@ leaving the body, It was more a cyst, but Tumeric and Cream of tartar got rid of it.

Posted by Red
Foothills, Nc
Gavin, Tell us how you used the turmeric and cream of tartar. I'm guessing you mixed them together and make a paste out of them and apply to the cyst? How often and how long did it take to get rid of the cyst? Or was it a boil, not a cyst?
Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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I started off with just a teaspoon of Tumeric, then added a teaspoon of cream of tartar to it, poured in some milk, gave it a stir and drunk it all down. Then as it improved I just used Cream of tartar. The Cream of tartar seemed to kick start the healing, not the Tumeric. The sting came out of it about the second dose. I used it internaly. I got through about packet of Cream of tartar from the baking isle of the supermarket. I'm sure the boil/whitlow its something to do with the general cleaning up of the body, with the natural cleansers ive been taking. Ive only had one like that before.

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Posted by Alice (San Francisco, California) on 11/08/2009

[YEA]  Following (necessary) abdominal surgery five years ago, I developed a deep cyst (began 1/2 inch under the skin) at the incision site -- on a whim put Vick's on it for 3 days and the contents moved up through the tissue. 3-4 days later it came to a head (was a real medical event!) Cleaned repeatedly with alcohol, never recurred.

5-6 days ago I found a small lump in my breast, at about an inch under the surface. Hit the Vicks again and after a day and a half it started moving up, came up to various ducts at the surface -- completely gone where I had felt a solid lump. Then no movement for a couple days, a little uncomfortable. Put organic progesterone cream on it and it appears to be gradually working but I'll try some other things to move it along, thanks to this site.

Really I think it is a disgrace that this kind of quick no-harm preliminary tactic is not widely known and medically advised. I understand dog breeders are using Vick's on cysts -- why in the world don't we hear about it??!

Posted by Tina
Sylvania, Ohio, Usa
[NAY]   Tried Vicks Vapor Rub on all 6 cysts for a week. Nothing happened. Oh, it's never worked for my congestion either.

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Posted by Iris (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 01/07/2011

My 7 month old son developed a benign cyst just under the skin in the lower abdominal area. It appeared suddenly and within a week grew to tthe size of 5mm and became very red. There was no head to the cyst so I knew that it was not like a pimple. We took him to the doctor who then sent us for an ultrasound and then when he got the unltrasound results, he sent us to a plastic surgeon. I didn't want to put my baby in for surgery, yet I knew that if it got infected it could be bad, since I myself had that experience about 10 years ago and had to go into emergency surgery for a cyst on my back.

Anyway, I read here that Vitamin E oil could help so I bought a high quality natural vitamin E Oil (32, 000 iu) and rubbed it gently into the area of the cyst on my son several times a day. I have now been applying it for about 6 weeks and the cyst is almost completely gone. Now when I rub I feel a teeny bump inside that is smaller than 1mm, but it is getting smaller every day and I am fairly confident it will disappear altogether.There is still a red spot on the skin, but that seems to be getting dry sort of like a scab and I am guessing that will go away completely in time. Thank you for the posts about the vitamin E oil!!!! It worked to prevent surgery for my baby boy!! I hope my post can help others too.

Posted by Iris
Chicago, Il
[YEA]   I have now been applying the Vitamin E oil regularly - about once or twice a day. I just put a drop or two on my finger tip and rub it onto the spot on my son's abdomen. It is pretty much completely gone. All that is left is a little light red mark on his skin, but the bump underneath is gone. Thank you earth clinic!

Posted by Laura (Ventnor, Nj) on 08/10/2009

[YEA]  I get Bartholin's Cysts, not sure if it's from my IUD or what, but I get them. I've found that applying vitamin E directly to the cyst unclogs the pores there and brings down the swelling and pain dramatically over the period of about 12 hours. Maybe I don't eat enough vitamin E- so that's also something to look into. I use ___ brand vitamin E creme, it has something like 30,000 IU's in it. Works like a charm!

Posted by Madiha
Birmingham, U.k
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Hi laura, I have a lid cyst that I am trying to get rid of. i have had it for a few years now and i can appreciate it will take time to go. I have been to the store, and picked up some vitamin e oil, which is 70,000 iu. The reason I chose that one is because it was pure vitamin E. They did hav vitamin E oil, which was 30,000 iu but it was combined with other ingredients. My question is which one would you reccommend out of the two, and if your cream had other added ingredients. Plus I went for the oil opposed to the cream, because the lady in the store said it would absorb more. A little advice would be much appreciated. Also, how long before your cyst actually went away?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Crystal
Tracy, Ca
[YEA]   Oh my goodness. I have suffered from Bartholin's cyst for over 20 years. 15 years ago I had one reach the size of a grapefruit ended up in the emergency room with a marsupilization. I never had one again until about 2 years ago. The other side. Life is so cruel. 2 ruptured on own until I had enough. Another one. I called my OBGYN and told them I had an abscess. Unfortunatly it burst before I got there. When I arrived the on call student Dr. said she was concerned because it did not fully drain. She mentioned cancer. Saw my regular dr 2 weeks later she said not cancer keep an eye on it we will do surgery if needed. For one year I have had an uncomfortable not abcessed golf ball sized lump. Never went away. Dr. still insists surgury no cancer though. I am desperate feel like doctor knows less than I do about this.

I hit the internet. I have stuck tea bags in there bought essential oils epsom salt baths. You name it tried it. I found your reply to message board. Only one of its kind no one has mentioned it. Poured vitamin E oil on it and the gland drained before my eyes. Not the usual burst but natural drain where the gland is. Meanwhile in the last two weeks I had a ganglion cyst (also an ailment) once again surface on my hand. I bought vitamin E capsules. Took them within 24 hours hand cyst gone. Bartholin gland 3/4 of size. Vitamin E!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU FOR POSTING!!!!!!!

Posted by Carolyn (Pittsburgh, PA) on 01/29/2008

[YEA]  After finding a lump in my breast, rushing to a doctor, I was told that I needed to find a surgeon, before a scan was even taken. After the scan, I was informed that it was merely a cyst and I could either have it aspirated with a needle, or just leave it, as it would cause no harm. I left it alone, and remembered being told that vitamin E can cause cysts to go away. It worked and when the cyst came back a year later, I went straight to the vitamin E bottle, and next doctor appointment, there was no signs of the cyst.I take it continually now. I am currently taking vitamin E (as d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) 1000 IU, but if I recall, I was taking 400 IU when my cyst dissolved

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Posted by Kay (Hastings, Mi, Usa) on 02/15/2010

[YEA]  I have light complexion and get skin rashs and irratations. When I was expecting my last child I got a small spot in the girl parts rubbed raw from an ill fitting pair of pants. It went from a raw spot to a weeping spot to a blister to a bartholin cyst.


"The Bartholin's gland is a tiny organ on each of the labia (vaginal lips), near the opening of the vagina. If the vagina were the face of a clock, these glands would be found at about 4 and 8 o'clock. Normally they are invisible. They make a small amount of fluid that lubricates the vaginal lips. If a flap of skin grows over the opening of one of the glands, the fluid backs up. It causes a round swelling called a cyst. The cyst can grow from the size of a penny to larger than an orange, although most don't get bigger than a golf ball. Cysts can be tender and hot to the touch."

I had similar incidences of this before but usually after a few days and some "set" baths it would clear up. Not so this time. When I was 7 months along Doctors did surgery to remove a golf ball piece of infection. A few months later when a similar incident happened. I was desparate to find something to clear this up. I tried everything I could think of. Finally I discovered zinc oxide ointment, which is the active white ingredient zinc diper rash ointments. Over the years I have cured many of these that could of gotten worse that the one I had surgery on. Having had that surgery left an area of scar tissue that is even more sensitive than before. I have never met a doctor that had any idea of how to treat these and I can't believe I am the only women to have this experence. Apply to the affected area when you go to bed.

Frequently it will be cleared up in the morning. The zine oxide stains everything though. The zinc needs to be applied liberally to the sore spot, keeping it completely covered. Then wear an under garment that you dont like, that isn't tight. I was twenty eight when I discovered this remedy. I am now in my 50's. Straight zinc oxide is the best. The diaper rash crean is usually about 40 % zinc.

Posted by Nina
Inland Empire, Ca
Dear Kay from Hastings: Thank you so much for this valuable information!!

Could you please possibly list what brands of "straight" zinc oxide ointment you have used successfully and what percentage of zinc oxide is stated in the active ingredient listing on these products. My newly married daughter has been suffering from a Bartholin Cyst for several months now. The doctor prescribed antibiotics in case the cause was an infection but it did not help. They also said hot baths twice a day, that has not helped her either. The only zinc oxide ointments I have been able to find online contain only 20% as the active ingredient, the rest is petroleum jelly and stuff. You stated the diaper rash ones contain usually 40% so you suggested using "straight" zinc oxide which I thought meant it should have a higher percentage than 40%. If there is one out there, I have not been able to find it yet. I may have misunderstood though, have I? Kay, I would greatly appreciate a list of zinc oxide ointments you feel comfortable recommending. If you would like to email me directly with that information, my email is

Thank you! Nina in California

Posted by Leigh
Indianapolis, In
As far as I've found, 40% zinc oxide cream is the highest available without a prescription. I have a cyst problem too, and I've started applying Desitin at night. It's been a few days, and I'm not sure I notice a difference. But the cyst is the size of a golf ball, and so I'm hoping that it will shrink after a few more days.


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