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Home Remedies for Cystic Acne


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Posted by Jf Sense (Mobile, Alabama, Usa) on 10/18/2011
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I have suffered cystic acne for most of my life, have tryed qall the treatments and dermatologists. I have speent thousands of dollars aand experienced some relief, but it would come back. Have tried the latest remedies and very little success.

Finally after much research, have come across a supplement named;


A pill or capsule that will internally heal the cause of the acne, all these creams do fine, does not stop the cause of the acne, you can buy this online, just type in this name and it will bring you to it, not Panethetic acid, that is not it.

It has given me great success and I have tried everything.

Also watch your diet, stop eating peanuts and foods with oil.

It will not work overnight, but give it a week or 2 and you will see a wonderful difference.

Try this and take it as it states.

Replied by Skep
Charlotte, Nc
Any side effects from Pantethine?? Still using it? Tired of eating so strictly... Paleo is very strict and hard to stay on!! Would love to hear an update... We are going to the store today to buy this.... PRAYING this works...

Red Raspberry Leaf  

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Posted by kristen (E-town, oregon) on 05/30/2007
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Red rasberry leaf taken internally is absolutely healing. It will take away the cystic acne. choline & inositol work as well and will help the body rid of heavy toxic oils. Also stay away from fried foods and animal fats. Rostoplasty website has some amazing russian salves. Though pricey they heal cystic acne scars after a good baking soda scrub. So does Camellia Oil (oil of green tea leafs). This is a secret Japanese beaty treatment. My cystic acne is cured. Red rasberry did this for me. I got cystic acne @ 24 after my second child. Please give it a try.

Replied by Victoria
Homestead, Florida
I'm 32 tears old and i've been battling with acne since I was 14 and developed cystic acne at 25 years old. So this has been a terrible battle for me. My daughter gets teased and made fun of in class by her peers because of my acne. Makes me feel so horrible. I even get people that stop me in the store to give me advice on how to clear it up. It's that bad for me and embarrassing. I don't like to leave the house if I don't have to. Thankfully my husband is very understanding and he tells me to stop buying crap that doesn't work and let it be. He's starting to get frustrated watching me struggle. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to get clear skin. I've tried the ACV and it didn't help me much. I tried MilkThistle (found in the vitamin isle at the pharmacy) and it helped a little. I did a lot of research online and after doing a few things I've notived 35-40% progress on my skin. I just started 1 month ago and maybe I will have better results if I continue.

This is what I do:

AM: Use warm water to help open pores.

Mix 1 tsp of milk and sugar. Don't vigorously mix it, you don't want to dissolve the sugar. Use your clean finger. It must be a paste like consistency. You may want to add more milk or more sugar. The proteins in the milk will dissolve any dead skin and impurities on the skin. The sugar is used as a natural exfoliant to help scrub the impurities away. Do this 3 times a week. After the first time you will be amazed at the difference in the feeling of you skin.

I use an antibacterial soap on my face after the above step. Dry your face. Once the scrub is done everything you put on your skin can be better absorbed because their is no longer that barrier of impurities. After the soap I use ACV as a toner. Let dry. I then use an oil free lotion. Any moisturizer for you skin type should do fine.


I use the antibacterial soap again. Main thing is to keep the bacteria off your skin long enough not to cause breakouts. Wash with warm water, allows to pores to open. Rinse with cold water, allows your pores to close to stop bacteria from getting in and helps the sabacous glands not to produce too much oil. Which the oil is what bacteria feeds off of and return causes the breakouts. I then use the ACV as toner again. At night I don't use lotion because I've noticed at night is when your face will produce more oil.

I still drink my vitamins everyday:

Once A Day Womans, Milk Thistle (helps clean the liver), Zinc, B12, and I just started using Saw Palmetto (helps lower testosterone levels in woman who get acne along the jaw line and chin). It may be hormonal but I will find out in longer use.

Everything I mentioned above is worth trying. It's not going to harm your bodies.

Even if I help one person, I will be happy knowing I changed a life.

Good Luck everyone on your journey to clear skin.

Saw Palmetto  

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Posted by Stacey (Dallas, Texas) on 01/09/2012
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Around the age 30 I developed cystic acne concentrated on my chin. It took over 10 years for me to find what worked, spironolactone. Acne concentrated on the chin and jaw line are almost always hormone related. BC pills such as Yaz, Yazmin and Saffryal contain the equivalent of 25 mg of spironolactone. I take 100 mg of spironolactone plus Saffryal. BC pills alone, with spironolactone equivalents may work for some. Spironolactone is a prescription, Saw Palmetto is an herbal equivalent to spironolactone.

Supplements, Acupuncture, Probiotics  

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Posted by Sophie (Portland, Oregon) on 06/22/2008
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Cystic Acne: I gave modern western medicine a try and it seemed to me that for radical and extremism type of intervention, they are great. I prefer the gentle and natural road to recovery that aligns itself with your specific constitution.

I had cystic acne on my chin . I read it was hormonal so I set up an appointment with a bioidentical hormone replacement specialist, but meanwhile. I tried turmeric, but it stopped working after the second week. I tried ACV and it did not work . So, I did tons of research. Which resulted in me taking daily does of 1000 IU of Vitamin E ( which I believe began to erase my brown age spots)1250 IU's of Vitamin A and 500 IU's of Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, niacinamide and zinc. I have since decreased the IU's since my acne began to subside. Please be careful when taking high doses of IU' your research or talk to your ND/MD. My acne began to decrease rapidly.

I began having weekly acupuncture and gave them a brief on my history. Prior to my cystic outbreaks I had been on antibiotics for about for 50 days. So they assumed my flora in my intestines had been destroyed. I was put on some great probiotics (that are kept in the fridge) I also started eating a couple tablespoons of natural yogurt in the am and pm. They also recommended vitamin C to rebuid the matrix of the foundation of the skin .

So now it the acne decreased by it 95%. Now when one appears I use tea tree oil on it with a cotton ball, which decrease the size by 90% within a couple hours and my the next day with reapplication every 5 hours it disappears in two days. I also began taking Udo's oil and it helped repair my skin ( Udo's oil 3-6-9 blend) I believe it is the fountain of youth. I realize everyone is not the same, but this method has been highly successful for me.

Replied by Herbalremedies
Las Vegas, Nevada
I was wondering where you reside? The doctors you've discussed interest me incredibly. Also, what is the name of the acupuncturist you go to?
Replied by Fellowsufferer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I know accutane helps, but it has a large amount of side effects. Accutane is only a chemically engineered version of vitamin A though, so I decided to simply take that instead. At first I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night, and it helped, but not as much as I would have like, so now I'm taking 3 in the morning, and 3 at night. It works so well!

Hope this helps!

Supplements, Yogurt  

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Posted by Malea (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/30/2009

I've been suffering from acne and acne cyst for a year now, i never had it so bad. I recently bought some b vitamins and fish oil supplement and started a plain yogurt facial at night.. it seems like its been helping but not as fast enough for me, but i understand it takes patience..I like it so far. Inflamation goes down the next day so we will see, i will give u all futher notice of how this turns out. thanks and god bless malea

Tea Trea Oil, Aloe Vera  

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Posted by Sarah (Nashville, Tn, Usa) on 01/15/2013
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Hi everyone, I know there is already a bunch of stuff on here about how to cure and prevent cystic acne. I was on here last week looking for quick remedies due to a bad outbreak. After a lot of testing things, I have found a good combination that seems to be working.

At night before bed, I mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a little bit of aloe vera gel and apply that to the bumps. I have done this for the past 2 nights, and the bumps are finally going away/reducing/about to peel off. Maybe this can work for someone else out there! Good luck to all.

Tea Tree Oil  

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Posted by Anonymous (Bethelhem, PA) on 09/15/2007
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For years I've suffered from moderate acne and just recently started getting cysts again after a few years without. I couldn't figure out why. I tried a lot of different solutions,nothing worked. I came upon this site a few months back and have had so much success with all my inquiries. TEA TREE OIL... Thank you to whom ever suggested that, my cyst was a quarter of the original size within 2 hours. By the next day completely dried out. Just be sure to use a small dab, to prevent over drying. It's very powerful. I've also started drinking a large glass of carrot juice everyday and cut out dairy, not sure if about results yet since it's only been 4 days.

Replied by Mcneillmama3
Asheboro, Nc
I too have been battling acne cysts and boils for the past 9 years, since I started going through menopause.

Last week I thought I would try some OTC exfoliator because it was on sale. BIG mistake. The next day I had 7 new, very painful acne cysts. I went right back to the paste I concocted of Turmeric, colloidal oatmeal, sea salt, a little warm water, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I have been applying that paste, letting it dry, and then washing it off with Tea Tree Oil soap and they cysts have about self peeled after about three days. I have also started taking a turmeric capsule by mouth every day as well.'

Does anyone know how to make a paste out of turmeric, colloidal oatmeal and milk to get rid of menopausal peach fuzz. The tiny hairs on my face are the culprits for the cysts and blemishes. I believe if I could get rid of the hair, I could elminate the bacteria that are trapped around the hair follicles.
Replied by Tj
Bull City, Nc
You are right. The glands at the base of the hair produce sebum, thus acne sometimes. A remedy that is not only great for menopause but also cystic acne is Spearmint leaf tea. It lowers testoserone naturally. When you go through menopause, the estrogen that normally keeps testosterone in check is lowered. Try it. 2-5 cups a day, I use organic leaf. It will help manage the hair and likely help some of your other syptoms. Plus its safe and delicious.
Replied by Anapanda
Mysecret, Kentucky, United States
0 out of 5 stars
I tried tea tree oil, and it was an awful experience. I applied it on the area (my inner thighs) with just a small dot of the oil, and it caused large red welts to appear just a few hours later. I'm not allergic to it, so that wasn't the cause, and I'm not sure what was.


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Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, Usa) on 01/10/2013

I'm gonna throw about 3 things out there for you. Do the research on neem, turmeric and oil of oregano.

In my reading, all three have huge value and help with skin ailments.... Both internal and external. The neem is suppose to be on the same level as the oil of oregano as far as doing the "anti-" work and the turmeric is for me, BIG. I had a cyst in my right armpit and I thought it was an ingrown hair. It wasn't.... There was no soreness and nothing would come out. At my yearly physical, the Dr. dismissed it and said it was nothing to be concerned about. That's when I decided to try a turmeric paste. I mixed a very small batch of turmeric with virgin coconut oil (the oil keeps the turmeric from drying out), put it on a bandaid and put the bandaid on my armpit and left on overnight. I did this for 2 nights. The following morning, I was able to extract 2 hard white( the size of a click pen) pcs. From that cyst. The excess fluid came with it and it has healed beautifully.

I would see which one of these may click with you. The oil of oregano is wonderful to dab on externally. The oregano never lets my cold sores grow or get that healing scab... Just kinda zaps them. I hope this helps...

Replied by Sarah
Nashville, Tn
Sue, thank you so much for your advice! I did my research, and I just placed an order for some tumeric powder and oil of oregano. I am so excited for it to get here so I can try it! I just used some ACV on my cysts about 30 minutes ago, and my face does seem a bit calmer, although still red. And I have been eating these a------e tablets all day. I will report back on what happens. (fingers crossed) :)
Replied by Sue M.
Worden, Il, Usa
Sarah... The turmeric may have a staining effect on your skin. Mine didn't stain too badly with the coconut oil mixture. It will wash off and you can also use a diluted ACV for rest of staining. I take 4 capsules a day internally.... Mainly for inflammation, but I know it does help with the skin, also. The oil of oregano, (if you take internally... I do 2 to 3 drops under tongue for about 10 to 15 seconds, then drink full glass of water) I don't take everyday, as it can deplete your iron levels. Just have to pay attention to what your body says.

I have never considered my complexion as "glowing, or beautiful, etc" and have come to the conclusion that it is gut related. So, I am concentrating on that. I take a 30 billion probotic and also Kombucha capsule (raw) 2 capsules twice a day. This protocol has only been the past month or so, but so far I think I'm on the right track. You may consider checking into that, too. Keep me posted... I hope I've helped.

Posted by Ejstewart73 (Las Vegas, Nv, USA) on 12/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

YEA for Turmeric!

I suffered for years with cystic acne/boils due to monthly hormonal changes, and was placed on oral contraception, antibiotics and topical retinoids to mitigate the problem, with little success. Now that I am trying to conceive, I'm unable to take these prescribed medications (and I'm also tired of the cost).

I came across this website looking for natural cures for many ailments yesterday. I ran to the store to buy Turmeric as soon as I read these testimonials, because I HAD two huge, throbbing cysts on my face, and another one that was in the beginning stages (red bump, itchy). After ONE DOSE, I am already noticing a huge difference. I took the following last night around 8pm:

1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Honey (to taste)
1/4 tsp Cinnamon
1 c Hot Water
2-3 tbsp milk (to taste)

The taste reminds me of Chai so it doesn't bother me at all.

I also applied a hot compress for about 10 minutes to the worst one before I went to bed, and applied antibiotic cream.

I woke up this morning, took a shower and the worst two boils had come to heads. Once the pus drained, they were still somewhat red, but completely flat and no more pain and throbbing. The other one that was forming is reduced in size and redness completely gone!

Thanks to and all readers for their suggestions and feedback. I look forward to trying other remedies including those using ACV.

Replied by Candy
St. George, Kansas, Usa
My question about Turmeric is can it affect you in any way when trying to conceive? I was on birth control for 12 yrs and quit about 1 1/2yrs ago to try to conceive. In the process of my hormone fluctution I have developed Cystic Acne which is so painful and emotionally draining. I use ACV orally & topically but also wanted to try the Turmeric. I know that it is not recommended while pregnant but wasn't sure about when attempting to conceive. Any help would be great, thanks so much!

Posted by J (Redlands, California USA) on 08/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

About a month ago i came across this site. for the last 25 years i have had cystic acne probably genitic...I also suffered from boils around the nose. possibly MRSA or a staph infection! Anyways i read the forum and decided to apply some of the treatments. I first tried turmeric capsules and most recently turmeric powder with milk. I think the simple powder with milk is more effective...I also mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in vaseline and applied it to my nostrils with a cotton swab. At this point i still get the acne but the inflammation that goes along with the acne...has been reduced dramaticaly...thank you so much for providing this information!!!!

Posted by Jennifer (Covington, LA) on 07/11/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric and Cystic Acne: I have been battling acne since I was about 26, I am turning 40 this year. I have seen the doctor and taken his useless antibotics, clearly they didn't work. I realized that artifical sweetners caused major breakouts and have completely stopped using them. This has helped a lot but not completely. After reading how many things Tumeric was great for, I added this to my supplements. I noticed in just one day how much the breakouts I had were clearing up. I take 1200 mg a day in capsule form. The flair ups are not as bad and go away much quicker, in just a day or two. Usually they start to form and clear up before completely breaking out. Not to mention how great I feel, no more body aches!!

Posted by Stephanie (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) on 04/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Turmeric for Cystic Acne. I have had cystic acne on my face for years and have spent thousands of dollars on acne medicine that doesn't work. I finally came upon Turmeric and so far, so good. I apply it to my acne as a paste. I mix Turmeric spice and unrefined sesame oil till it makes a paste. I have been leaving it on for an hour or more a day for the last 3 days. I immediately noticed that the acne comes to the surface and begins to drain and has reduced in size considerably. I am only on day three and had about 7-8 fairly large cystic acne on my face. It is clearing nicely and I will update as to the finished results. Turmeric does turn everything yellow, including your skin. The yellowing of the skin will go away with washing. However, traces of turmeric will be left on your face and will stain pillowcases, sheets, clothing, sinks, and countertops.

Replied by Lynn
Osprey, FL
Thank you sooo much gonna try turmeric. I'm in so much pain today.

Posted by Julia (Lac du Flambeau, WI) on 06/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have suffered off and on for several years with cystic acne, mostly tried antibiotics, products with salycic acid, my son who now 15 also gets the same type of acne as my sister and even my mother did. she used to get cortisone shots injected in the 70's. I got on internet last night and saw massive responses to turmeric, and ran out to store and drank my first glass, which was disgusting. Hold your nose, chug it down, and chase with juice or pop. I put neosporin on the 3 on my face, and this morning swelling is down by 50%, and pain is gone. the disgusting taste is worth it trust me. I am amazed that something this inexpensive works so well, do doctors know? they must, but don't get money for advising patients to use something that only costs a couple dollars at a grocery store. My son is going to try today.

Replied by Misha
Indianapolis, In
5 out of 5 stars
Thank God for this site! I recently developed really bad cystic acne. I started to feel like Quasimodo or the Phantom of the Opera. My self-confidence was really low and I hated having to go out in public. I was dreading the thought of having to go to a dermotologist for expensive treatments or painful procedures that might not even work. So, I googled "cystic acne homepathy" and this site came up.

I read all of the raves about Turmeric, so I stopped at the store a few days ago and bought Turmeric capsules. I took 3 capsules before I went to bed and the next morning my cystic acne had healed at least 70%. I kept taking them (about 6 a day) and one cyst that I've had FOR MONTHS has flattened completely and other cysts are about 80-90% healed.

I tried facials, acne wash/creams, warm compresses, draining, and Turmeric is the only thing that has worked. I've also started putting Apple Cider Vinegar on the cysts and that seems to dry up the oozing.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I can't even tell you how much it's changed my life.

Replied by Crystal
Salyersvile, Ky
5 out of 5 stars
I cannot say enough about turmeric!!! It is the best stuff for any kind of skin conditions.. I had a lot of skin tags coming on and had started taking the turmeric for cystic acne and rosacea... And to my surprise the skin tags are barely feelable now.. And I only take one per day.. I have my aunts taking it for different skin ailments and its also working for them!!
Replied by Dc-girl
Sarasota, Fl
Misha, Can you please tell me how many mg of turmeric those capsule you are take are? I would like to take straight turmeric itself but I don't know how much the equivilent dosage would be in the powder form of the spice itself. Or if anyone else knows please let me know, thanks so much!

Urine Therapy  

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Posted by Anonymous (Vancouver, Bc) on 01/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Before you ignore this you might want to try it if nothing else worked.. I have used this many times and it works quickly.. use a Qtip to catch a bit of your urine, dab it on your new pimple (or old) you may have to repeat this several times but you will notice almost a complete reduction on the first day! (research urine therapy if you think this is way out there. ) - wash your hands well as it gives less of a chance of you giving yourself pink eye on this delicate matter.

Posted by HoraceGrant (Atlanta, GA) on 05/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Urine to cure cystic acne. I just want to say urine really does work. In the past I have had to have my dermatologist give me cortisone shots directly into the nodule. This is extremely effective but becomes a hassle and pricey. I have to say urine on a cotton swab has essentially the same results. I recommend taking a swab of your first urine in the morning and hold it with some light pressure for about a minute.

Thanks earth clinic