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Posted by Skin Reborn (West Coast, Ca) on 11/14/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  All my teen years, I had horrific acne. All kinds, tiny specks to giant cysts. All was due to poor diet. All treatments worked for a few weeks, then didn't help anymore. Witch hazel, noxema, aloe, medicated pads, oxy... So, one day I use my two brothers Lava soap they used after working on motors in the garage. That lava soap didn't cure my acne, but reduced it to half what it had been. Best - not a single scar. Photos from before are terrible, from after is skin like new. Today almost 60 yrs old, and still get compliments on baby-like smooth face skin. It didn't burn or hurt, just exfoliated r-e-a-l-l-y well.

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Posted by Miracles (Santa Monica, Ca, United States) on 07/11/2013

[YEA]  I thought it was crazy that something as simple as lavender oil could actually work on my cystnic acne - after going to doctors for cortisone injections to reduce inflammation and expedite the healing. But you must try Lavender Oil and put it on your acne as soon as they develop. The swelling will go down immediately and the pimple/cystic acne will come to a head within 24-48 hours. Thank you to Earth Clinic and everybody who writes in for these wonderful cures!

Posted by L (Horsham, Surrey) on 05/09/2011

[YEA]  Get occasional acne cysts and decided to try pure lavender oil, dabbing several times a day rather than leaving on the skin for an hour as per previous post. Have found this has really reduced its size over the last 24 hrs. Will continue until gone. Great tip, thanks!

Posted by Es
Newton, Nj
[YEA]   You can dab it on but the way to really get rid of the cyst is to do the compress method I described. I've tried both ways - I discovered this by accident several years ago and also tried dabbing lavender on which helps some, but the tried and true way to really get rid of them or completely prevent them from growing, is the compress method as I originally posted.

Posted by Es (Newton, Nj) on 12/13/2010

[YEA]  I meant to share this with people for years and somehow never got around to it, but I want to share this because ance cysts are really humiliating - I used to get them sometimes, and sometimes, still do. But they don't cause me the awful grief they used to, including a big ugly cyst that lasts for two weeks, and red marks that last for months if you pick at them. I stumbled upon a way to make them go down instantly and let me tell you, I'd tried a dermatologist and they prescribed a special cyst cream that cost $50 even with my insurance! It was like a $187. Cream that only dried the living cr*p out of the cysts but didn't really help.

OK so the cure is simple. You take a few drops of lavender essential oil, you put it on a little swatch of cotton, and stick it on the cyst. You leave it there for an hour or even two. Here's the deal. Sometimes, before the cyst actually shows up, you feel that little painful spot on the skin, and if you catch it then, that's the best time, because if you feel the cyst coming on, and put the lavender on, you will find the cyst never really gets to develop. Sometimes you might want to do the lavender treatment again the following day for good measure. This stops the cyst before it can really form at all. But sometimes, you don't catch it until it's come up. In that case, you will have to treat a few times, but it will completely reduce your misery. Some cysts are more stubborn than others, but none of them can stand up to lavender essential oil. I ALWAYS keep lavender oil in the house.

So, if the cyst has come in, then here's how you do it:
I just pull a little piece of cotton off a cotton ball, so it covers the cyst completely, and drop the lavender oil on with a dropper. The little cotton patch should be soaked with the lavender oil. Do not dilute, lavender can be used on the skin undiluted. Leave it on at least an hour. That cyst will be beginning to go down from that point. You may need to repeat this treatment once daily for the next couple of days if it's a stubborn cyst and you got it later in the development, but it's ok, it WILL NOT become a big monster, it will not grow, from when you begin treating, it will stop growing and start dying. Every day it shrinks more. This has worked for me every time, and I discovered this trick by accident about 5 years ago.

My handsome younger brother poo-pooed it as nonsense until he got a cyst zit on his nose, and suffered a humiliating job interview where he swears he wasn't hired cause he looked like he was growing a second nose the thing was so big. He said the interviewer couldn't help looking at it. Well, a few weeks later another cyst started coming in, what did I see but my brother, raiding the medicine cabinet for my lavender oil! It worked for him too, so he bought his own bottle (it's cheap and tons of companies manufacture it, very easy to find). He keeps some at home just in case because you may not get them a lot but when you do, they SUCK.

Anyway, my neighbor had a problem with cysts for years, and used to go to her DR to have them drained. I gave her some of my lavender oil and guess what? It worked for her too. She was amazed. So don't suffer with a huge ugly cystic zit on your face that hurts physically, lasts for ages, and causes embarrassment. Either hit your local health food store, or search online for some pure lavender essential oil and give it a shot. Do not put a lavender compress on your skin if you have just put on aloe vera gel (or fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf) - the aloe combined with the lavender compress will burn the skin and leave a scab!!! (Found that out the hard way - using myself as a guinea pig). Good luck. ES

Posted by Lolo
Fullerton, Ca
[YEA]   I tried this compress with Lavander oil since I felt a sore bump in between my eyes 3 days ago. Wow! I was so surprised when the zit never came up and the soreness went away after a day and a half! I've never had anything work this fast! That's one less pimple I have to nurse for a month. No ugly redness and no bump ever surfaced. Thanks for this post! I will be sharing it with everyone I know!
Posted by Cysticzithater
Grand Rapids, Mi
Oh boy. LOL. I laughed so hard at your hiliarious and artful way of expressing yourself about cystic zit dilemmas. I, too, have suffered terribly with the embarassing condition. In fact, I have one on my chin again, which drove me to seek help on the internet today. I love this web site! Last year, I purchased lavender oil but I never thought to use it for a zit. And after looking back, I stopped drinking coffee with cream and other dairy products and noticed no new zits. Thanks for your help!

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Posted by Lidia (Fullerton, Ca) on 12/06/2011

[YEA]  Throughout my life, I've had several bouts with cystic acne. This last one seem to have lingered quite a while (2 mos) and none of my skin care tricks was working (I'm a lic. esthetician).

I then came to the conclusion that it must be caused by something hormonal rather than an overgrowth of bacteria and clogged pores. I started taking 1 tsp of Maca powder in orange juice and in 5 days my skin had cleared.

I got lazy about taking it (it doesn't have the most pleasant taste so perhaps I was avoiding it) and my skin began to break out again. I started back up on my regimen of Maca powder in orange or apple juice and within 3 days my skin had cleared again.

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Posted by Jack (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 06/18/2013

[YEA]  I have a 17oz jar of 100% raw manuka honey which is a product of New Zealand. It works wonders as an antibiotic for cystic acne. I use this anytime I feel one coming and it is a miracle product. A lot stronger than honey in the US. 17oz will last years.

Posted by Andrea L
Glendale, Ca
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[YEA]   I use Makuna Honey for my adult acne AND all other wounds. THE UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) tells you how much healing properties the jarred honey posses. I began with UMF 12 to save a few bucks, but after having success with that one, I splurged for the UMF 16... It works like a dream! I leave it on my face for hours sometimes; it makes my whole face glow! It very moisturizing, while purifying. Manuka honey acts as an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal treatment. ; it heals nearly anything in record time. It ALSO works great internally (not for acne) and it good just to snack on!

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Posted by Drea (Sarasota, Florida) on 07/23/2009

[YEA]  I have been suffering from cystic acne for about 2 years. I went on birth control and that helped, but my skin was very oily, and I was very moody all the time. When I went off it, i developed really bad cystic acne. It was bad one month and then it was better. But it never went away. I came to the site about a year ago and started using many of the remedies but never was consistent to see results. But I was getting very depressed TO see my face the way it was. So I changed my diet, started ACV, cooked only with EVCO. I gave up all caffeine, coffee, started the Paleo diet, drank lots of water. I also started taking some supplements like zinc, omega 3, and evening primose oil. But within a month my face was the worst it had ever been!!! I was so depressed. I was really good about my diet, and I was losing a lot of weight. I didnt know what to do anymore!!! I was just going to stay at home and never go out! I started doing alot of research, and I stopped taking all the supplements, stopped drinking ACV and I wasnt cooking with any oil, I did continue to follow the Paleo diet. Within a week my face was a little better, so I decided to start taking the Omega 3, and Primrose oil again. Acne was back in a few days. So it was the EFA'S that were giving me this terrible acne!!! It was trial and error, but its true. I heard about saw palmetto, and I decided to give a try I take 320mg daily . It started working!!! I read that it helps to regulate hormones especially testosterone. I also read about the spearmint tea and gave it a try two cups a day. It works wonderful. I also noticed that my hair on legs wasnt growing as fast!!! I read that it helps with the androgens and with body hair. I feel so happy, my acne is gone, less body hair. I hope this info helps someone, because it has helped me! I still take the ACV it helps with weight loss cook with EVCO and once a week 50mg of zinc, I only use organic makeup and face cleansers! I stay away from sugar, eat lots of veggies and fruit!

Posted by Thealth
Los Angeles, CA
Hi Drea,

I am happy to know that your acne is much better now and you have a clear skin. I do have the same issue and want to know what is palmetto.. where do i get that.

Thanks a lot.

EC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saw_palmetto_extract

Most health food stores should carry it...

Posted by Davy
Seattle, Wash
Cystic acne may be contributed to an increase in the androgen hormone which increases as you get closer to your menstruation. Studies show that the androgen hormones decrease when you drink spearmint or peppermint which contributes to decrease in the androgen. So drink a couple cups of peppermint or spearmint tea is worth trying to decrease hormone cystic acne . I do this as well as use tea tree oil on the cystic acne.

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Posted by Alicia (Nyc, Usa) on 08/14/2009

[YEA]  Cysts or cystic acne can be treated with one of these two remedies: oregano oil or apple cider vinegar.


For extremely stubborn cysts: Place enough oregano oil on a cotton ball to cover the surface area of the cyst. (You can also use cotton pads whatever you find works for you) Place the cotton ball on the cyst and secure with a band aid or medical tape. The oregano oil may burn but don't worry this means it is working!

The oregano oil will bring all the fluid to the surface and the cyst will turn from the red or pink color it originally was to a greenish / white puss color. Do not be alarmed the oregano oil is pulling all the impurities to the surface. Soon the cyst will start to drain.

Repeat the cotton ball treatment until the cyst is completely drained. Once it is completely drained cease the cotton ball treatment. Keep the area clean with peroxide and allow it to dry so it can scab over.

While it is scabbed over, keep it clean and help it heal by putting honey on it. Honey can be used in place of petroleum based antibiotic ointments. Honey is a natural antibiotic which will not clog pores, unlike petroleum based antibiotic ointments, and will keep the scab somewhat moist to avoid scarring.

This treatment will take about one week to complete. The cyst will become unsightly, so see if you can arrange to stay home that week or keep it covered with a bandage. It will probable result in scarring but so would any other treatment or lack there of.

After the cyst is gone, wash with a gentle, all natural, non animal fat soap. Use a nickel size portion of olive oil with 2-3 drops oregano oil and 4 drops sea buckthorn oil. Rub together in your hands and spread over skin to prevent cystic acne, cysts, and acne. It will give your skin a yellow tinge so you may choose to use this treatment following night time cleansing only. It will not clog your pores and will aid in healing any scars.


Apple cider vinegar can also be used to clear up cysts. I have never tried it in place of the oregano oil in the above treatment but it may work in lieu.

Soak a qtip or cotton ball in apple cider vinegar. Apply to cyst or hold in place for a couple minutes. This is a slower method than the oregano oil but it does not make the cyst look unsightly, it just dries it up gradually.

You can also try apple cider astringent for a daily cleanser.
Let green tea steep in a cup. Measure equal parts green tea and apple cider vinegar and mix. Pour into glass bottle (has to be glass). Use as an astringent and wipe on face with cotton ball after cleansing.

These treatments can be used for cysts, cystic acne, or acne.

Posted by Skep
Charlotte, Nc
[YEA]   Clean your face really well with a mild cleanser... But it must clean off your OIL.. That is what the bacteria likes to eat. Then use a moisturizer with feverfew in it.. By Av**nO. Do this 3 or 4 times a day, depending on your oil production. Take WILD OIL OF OREGANO.. 4 drops in 4 oz. Of water.. 1 or 2 times a day. Stay away from all sweet tasting foods... Even sugar free gum. No STARCHY carbs, no potatoes, rice, but sprouted breads - organic- and low glycemic noodles are okay in limited amounts. NO SUGARS, no vegetable oil fried foods. Just use a little butter to saute, if necessary. I have discovered for my son that he really can't handle carbs and sugars. Just staying away from wheat didn't help him and he still broke out. LOW GLYCEMIC FOODS ARE GREAT! ... DO THIS and you should see a difference... Hope this helps... We have had a horrible 3 years. Light ahead!!
Posted by Sarah
Winnipeg, Mb
I'm 36 and I've been dealing with moderate acne, some cystic, ever since I stopped using birth control pills. For the last week, I've been taking oil of oregano 5-7 drops floated on a shot of water twice a day and applying apple cider vinegar to my face at night with a cotton pad. It's been a rough week, because these two treatments have forced all the eruptions to the surface at once, but it's all healing now and I'm not seeing any new acne developing. Fingers crossed, but I'm really think this is something that's going to clear me up almost completely.

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Posted by Jf Sense (Mobile, Alabama, Usa) on 10/18/2011

[YEA]  I have suffered cystic acne for most of my life, have tryed qall the treatments and dermatologists. I have speent thousands of dollars aand experienced some relief, but it would come back. Have tried the latest remedies and very little success.

Finally after much research, have come across a supplement named;


A pill or capsule that will internally heal the cause of the acne, all these creams do fine, does not stop the cause of the acne, you can buy this online, just type in this name and it will bring you to it, not Panethetic acid, that is not it.

It has given me great success and I have tried everything.

Also watch your diet, stop eating peanuts and foods with oil.

It will not work overnight, but give it a week or 2 and you will see a wonderful difference.

Try this and take it as it states.

Posted by Skep
Charlotte, Nc
Any side effects from Pantethine?? Still using it? Tired of eating so strictly... Paleo is very strict and hard to stay on!! Would love to hear an update... We are going to the store today to buy this.... PRAYING this works...

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Posted by kristen (E-town, oregon) on 05/30/2007

[YEA]  Red rasberry leaf taken internally is absolutely healing. It will take away the cystic acne. choline & inositol work as well and will help the body rid of heavy toxic oils. Also stay away from fried foods and animal fats. Rostoplasty website has some amazing russian salves. Though pricey they heal cystic acne scars after a good baking soda scrub. So does Camellia Oil (oil of green tea leafs). This is a secret Japanese beaty treatment. My cystic acne is cured. Red rasberry did this for me. I got cystic acne @ 24 after my second child. Please give it a try.

Posted by Victoria
Homestead, Florida
I'm 32 tears old and i've been battling with acne since I was 14 and developed cystic acne at 25 years old. So this has been a terrible battle for me. My daughter gets teased and made fun of in class by her peers because of my acne. Makes me feel so horrible. I even get people that stop me in the store to give me advice on how to clear it up. It's that bad for me and embarrassing. I don't like to leave the house if I don't have to. Thankfully my husband is very understanding and he tells me to stop buying crap that doesn't work and let it be. He's starting to get frustrated watching me struggle. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to get clear skin. I've tried the ACV and it didn't help me much. I tried MilkThistle (found in the vitamin isle at the pharmacy) and it helped a little. I did a lot of research online and after doing a few things I've notived 35-40% progress on my skin. I just started 1 month ago and maybe I will have better results if I continue.

This is what I do:

AM: Use warm water to help open pores.

Mix 1 tsp of milk and sugar. Don't vigorously mix it, you don't want to dissolve the sugar. Use your clean finger. It must be a paste like consistency. You may want to add more milk or more sugar. The proteins in the milk will dissolve any dead skin and impurities on the skin. The sugar is used as a natural exfoliant to help scrub the impurities away. Do this 3 times a week. After the first time you will be amazed at the difference in the feeling of you skin.

I use an antibacterial soap on my face after the above step. Dry your face. Once the scrub is done everything you put on your skin can be better absorbed because their is no longer that barrier of impurities. After the soap I use ACV as a toner. Let dry. I then use an oil free lotion. Any moisturizer for you skin type should do fine.


I use the antibacterial soap again. Main thing is to keep the bacteria off your skin long enough not to cause breakouts. Wash with warm water, allows to pores to open. Rinse with cold water, allows your pores to close to stop bacteria from getting in and helps the sabacous glands not to produce too much oil. Which the oil is what bacteria feeds off of and return causes the breakouts. I then use the ACV as toner again. At night I don't use lotion because I've noticed at night is when your face will produce more oil.

I still drink my vitamins everyday:

Once A Day Womans, Milk Thistle (helps clean the liver), Zinc, B12, and I just started using Saw Palmetto (helps lower testosterone levels in woman who get acne along the jaw line and chin). It may be hormonal but I will find out in longer use.

Everything I mentioned above is worth trying. It's not going to harm your bodies.

Even if I help one person, I will be happy knowing I changed a life.

Good Luck everyone on your journey to clear skin.

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Posted by Natural_believer (Huntsville, AL) on 01/07/2014

I have suffered from severe acne twice in my life, both during and after my pregnancies. The first child the acne went away about 4 months after and by the 2nd child @ 4 months the dermo put me on Accutane . Both were what you would consider cystic acne. 5 years almost to the day, of taking my last dose of accutane the acne is back and worse than either times I had it before. Now it is in my hair, on my face, back and chest. It is unlike anything I have experienced before. They are large nodules but the skin on and around them is extremely thin and easy to break. They leak scab severely and seem to swell all skin around them. The back and chest are not as big and red but more large areas of black heads but can get agitated by undergarments. I refuse to go back to the dermo because he will only put me back on that awful acutane and I have a feeling it will just keep coming back. I have also been on doxycycline for months and I quit taking it as well because frankly it never helped enough to tear my system down even more. I have tried witch hazel and Hydrogen Peroxide and both have helped tremendously at keeping it from opening and scabbing as badly. I want some input on other things that might help actually stop the problem all together. I just bought some ACV to add to the regiment. When the problem started back I did notice that I began to crave milk by the gallons! Can not get enough?? Any ideas on why that may be? Please help. I really can't take this anymore:( I have worked in Public Service jobs for years and it is what I enjoy but the acne has made it hard for me to even get jobs , possible employers see my face and think something is wrong with me!

Posted by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
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Hey NB!

Something about your post made me think of demodicosis, so here goes.

Demodex are mites that normally live on your skin and cause no problems. In times of stress, for some people, the mite population grows out of balance, and can result in really bad acne - deep down in the dermis like cystic acne. My experience is in dogs - not people- but you have some similarities. In dogs, once their immune system recovers, they can fight off the mite overgrowth and then things die down and go back to normal.

Not saying you sound like my dogs, but.. you have two incidences of extreme physical stress and cystic acne, and since your immune system gets jacked with the Accutane, when you get off the Accutane you have no means to fend off the mites and so now huge mite population explosion.

You might try Ted's mange remedy. Its cheap, so certainly worth a shot.

I mix this up by the gallon when I have a mangy dog, and this is what I do:

Take 1 [16 oz] brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the grocery store - this is a 3% solution.

Take 1 gallon of distilled water.

Take 1 box of Borax laundry booster, no fragrances, from the laundry aisle from the grocery store - this is way more than you need so plan on trying it on your laundry.

You will also need an empty gallon jug.


Take the brown bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and dump it into the empty gallon jug.

Next fill the empty brown bottle up with distilled water and dump it into the jug with the peroxide - do this twice [so add 32 oz of distilled water]. What you now have is 48 oz of a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Then - add 1 cup of the borax to the jug of hydrogen peroxide. Shake the dickens out of it. The solution *should* be grainy. If all the borax crystals dissolve, add more - until the crystals STOP dissolving [this is called a 'saturated' solution].

Now the fun part..

Try soaking in this solution. For example - take a wash cloth and get it sopping wet with the solution and lay with that on your back for half an hour, switching it out and getting it soaking wet again every 10 minutes or so. The idea is to sit with the working solution on you for at least half an hour, and then allow the area to air dry - do not towel dry.

I do not know how long the active solution will stay in the jug once it is all mixed up; with a tight lid it may last a few days. I usually use it all in one bath, and so mix up fresh each time.

Try this - you should either feel relief rather immediately, or no difference - in which case you can rule out demodex.

Posted by Karen
Cambridge, Mass
Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. Sounds to me like it's a problem in your blood. Look up the spice turmeric as it is the best skin purifier. I would take a quarter to a half teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of warm water twice a day until your skin clears up. You can also find turmeric capsules if you can't tolerate the taste. Make sure you drink a lot of good purified water. I would also focus on looking at and cleaning up your diet and very importantly, eliminating foods baked in oil like tortilla chips, etc. I've found that certain types of chocolate candy bars (usually the cheap ones) cause cystic acne almost immediately. I think it might be the cocoa butter ingredient that causes congestion in the liver. Nuts can also cause cystic acne. Also a liver cleanse might be helpful.

Posted by Sandeep (Delhi, India) on 04/21/2012

I am 23 yrs old and I have suffering from different form of acne since last 4 yrs.... I have tried all kinds of medication like alopathy, ayurvedic and finally I'm on homeopathy.... Nothings seems to cure my acne.. Earlier I had acne all over the face... But now it is reoccuring near and on chin only... But acne cyst are bigger and painful.. no idea of what to do??please anyone suggest me a way to build immunity internally. I don't want to apply external product as I am fed up with dem..

Posted by Jennifer
Sunrise, Fl
Sandeep, acne near the chin is primarily hormonal, usually due to an excess of androgen hormones in the body. (If you are female, excess androgen can cause an excess of facial hair as well). The key here is to bring the hormones into balance. Drinking spearmint tea regularly might be beneficial for your acne. It helps lower the amount of androgen hormones in the body and has been shown to reduce chin acne, oiliness of the skin and excess body hair. It also soothes the stomach and aids digestion. However, as a caution, it may also lower sex drive as well. Best of luck to you.
Posted by Sandeep
Delhi, India
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I am male, age 23... @jennifer-pls suggest me more remedies to curb this increased androgen level and without sideeffects.

Posted by Bryce (Quincy, Il, Usa) on 06/06/2011

I am 18 yrs old. I am a guy who suffers from horrible cystic acne, along w/ other acne but mainly cystic. I need help! I am constantly battling. My face is hideous. I find that alot of people just stare at me. I have alot of important things coming up and I would like to look nice for them. I am currently using proactiv which seems to control it somewhat but these cystic attackers are everywhere. They are so painful they keep me up at night. I need something to get rid of these things but also something to make my skin nicer. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!!

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Bryce, go out and buy some 100% Tea Tree Oil and put a couple of drops on the affected area. You can use it undiluted but you don't need much at all. It will kill the bacteria both on the skin and the ones coming up. Let me know how it works out for you. It will stop them in their tracks.
Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
I agree with Debbie - but also -

look up "tumeric" on this site, and read, read, read... It is amazing for this type of thing. It is not expensive, and you can find it on the spices isle at your local grocery store. I bought a $5.00 jar that has lasted 5-6 months.

Being your age and having your skin rebel on you... Well, my heart goes out. It WILL get better. Hang in there.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
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Yes Tumeric is excellent as well.

Also look at your diet. They say that all health begins in the gut. Good digestion is key. If your digestion is bad your body will be toxic and the toxins come out via the skin. Processed foods/ drinks like coke are bad for you. At your age too much alcohol could make your body too acidic causing skin breakouts.

Taking ACV every day would also be beneficial. 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water with raw honey per day.

A great book to read is Nourishing Traditions.

Posted by Tara
Mumbai, India
[YEA]   Hi Bryce. I too suffered terribly from cystic acne and as I've described in my post above, conventional medicine just made things worse. Homeopathy really helped me - read up on the remedies Calcarea Sulph and Hepar Sulph, as well as the proper way of taking homeopathic remedies (start with a low potency such as 6x or 6c four pills/drops thrice a day; no food/drink/mints etc half hour before and after; stop remedy when you notice improvement and start if/when relapse occurs, etc). If you have had the ailment for a long period of time, then homeopathy might take some time to cure you, though you should see some improvement immediately with the correct remedy.

Or better still, find a good homeopathic doctor, since remedies can vary for some constitutions. Homeopathy also helps me for almost all other ailments and best of all - has no side effects.

What actually stopped the acne completely is a very high fibre (all natural) diet (steamed okra for lunch and dinner! ) - I guess it all had to do with some toxins in the gastrointestinal system which the okra is washing away. I have also pretty much cut out all processed packaged unnatural calorie-dense foods from my diet. Hope this helps you.

Posted by Briana
Cumming, Ga, Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   A few years ago I started getting severe cystic acne and I've tried everything in the book to stop it, including doctors prescriptions, and proactiv. Nothing works for me. A few days ago I had HUGE swelling on my face from one of the cystic acne spots and I got concerned so I cleaned it with my daily face wash. I use clean & clear. Then I dabbed hydrogen peroxide on every pimple on my face, and then put neosporin on them.

In the past 2 days I have done those 3 steps when I get up in the morning and at night before I go to bed and my face is better than it has been in a long time. I'm not sure if it is going to continuously work, but I'm guessing if you do those things when acne first starts to show up, it should keep your face pretty clear.

Posted by J
Rockford, Il
I just want to thank whoever discovered this. I'm 28, I've had cystic acne for 2 years. I only tried proactiv. 2 weeks ago I called proactiv and discovered that proactiv does not work on cystic acne at all.. So I finally googled it and I found this thread. I started A____ 3 weeks ago, I take 2 tablets a day in water. I have not had one cyst at all. My skin is so clear I cant stand it. Thank you for posting this. I love you.

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Posted by Stacey (Dallas, Texas) on 01/09/2012

[YEA]  Around the age 30 I developed cystic acne concentrated on my chin. It took over 10 years for me to find what worked, spironolactone. Acne concentrated on the chin and jaw line are almost always hormone related. BC pills such as Yaz, Yazmin and Saffryal contain the equivalent of 25 mg of spironolactone. I take 100 mg of spironolactone plus Saffryal. BC pills alone, with spironolactone equivalents may work for some. Spironolactone is a prescription, Saw Palmetto is an herbal equivalent to spironolactone.

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Posted by Sophie (Portland, Oregon) on 06/22/2008

[YEA]  Cystic Acne: I gave modern western medicine a try and it seemed to me that for radical and extremism type of intervention, they are great. I prefer the gentle and natural road to recovery that aligns itself with your specific constitution.

I had cystic acne on my chin . I read it was hormonal so I set up an appointment with a bioidentical hormone replacement specialist, but meanwhile. I tried turmeric, but it stopped working after the second week. I tried ACV and it did not work . So, I did tons of research. Which resulted in me taking daily does of 1000 IU of Vitamin E ( which I believe began to erase my brown age spots)1250 IU's of Vitamin A and 500 IU's of Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, niacinamide and zinc. I have since decreased the IU's since my acne began to subside. Please be careful when taking high doses of IU's..do your research or talk to your ND/MD. My acne began to decrease rapidly.

I began having weekly acupuncture and gave them a brief on my history. Prior to my cystic outbreaks I had been on antibiotics for about for 50 days. So they assumed my flora in my intestines had been destroyed. I was put on some great probiotics (that are kept in the fridge) I also started eating a couple tablespoons of natural yogurt in the am and pm. They also recommended vitamin C to rebuid the matrix of the foundation of the skin .

So now it the acne decreased by it 95%. Now when one appears I use tea tree oil on it with a cotton ball, which decrease the size by 90% within a couple hours and my the next day with reapplication every 5 hours it disappears in two days. I also began taking Udo's oil and it helped repair my skin ( Udo's oil 3-6-9 blend) I believe it is the fountain of youth. I realize everyone is not the same, but this method has been highly successful for me.

Posted by Herbalremedies
Las Vegas, Nevada
I was wondering where you reside? The doctors you've discussed interest me incredibly. Also, what is the name of the acupuncturist you go to?
Posted by Fellowsufferer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I know accutane helps, but it has a large amount of side effects. Accutane is only a chemically engineered version of vitamin A though, so I decided to simply take that instead. At first I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night, and it helped, but not as much as I would have like, so now I'm taking 3 in the morning, and 3 at night. It works so well!

Hope this helps!

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