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Last Modified on Jun 13, 2015

Honey on the Chest   1  0   

Posted by Ani (Ontario, Canada) on 11/26/2008

[YEA]  This remedy is especially good for kids but works for adults as well. It is mainly for coughs due to colds (not pneumonia or bronchitis - those require antibiotics). The honey is to be gently warmed so it's easier to spread on the chest, rub on chest like you would Vicks, and cover with cloth or towel. Best done at bed time so that you are laying down and not moving too much. Remove in morning. The honey causes the cough to ripen much quicker and releases all the mucous built up in the chest so you can expel it. It will not make you cough LESS, it will just allow your body to release the mucous quicker and hence get over the cough much faster. You can repeat the honey procedure every night until cured. My family has used this remedy for many years. Reminder, this is not like a cough syrup which simply suppresses your urge to cough. This is a method that allows enables your body to heal faster by expediting the process.

EC: Thanks for more great remedies, Ani!

Note to readers - Ani is the author of the popular egg whites for fever remedy!

Honey Tea and Toast With Apple Butter   1  0   

Posted by Ginger (Missouri) on 10/22/2005

[YEA]  one cup of hot water, one tablespoon of pure honey, mix them both together makes one cup drink with a slice of toast with apple butter. this really works, sounds weird but it helps.

Honey With Black Pepper   1  0   

Posted by Michael (Coatesville, PA) on 05/15/2006

[YEA]  I had terrible chest congestion; nagging dry cough, wheezing, ran short of breath just talking, laughing hurt! A friend at work suggested a tablespoon of honey sprinkled with black pepper. I was amazed! I could feel the improvement within minutes! Within a day and a half my problem, which I was living with for a week was completely gone!

Honey, Lemon and Hydrogen Peroxide   0  0   

Posted by Aims (Kelowna, British Columbia) on 11/07/2014

I have used this honey lemon and Peroxide mixture and it worked so good for my 13 1/2 year old Retriever. I was just wondering how long I can continue using Peroxide on her for since I have seen a huge improvement since using it. Some people have said a couple drops a day in distilled water? I just don't want to overdose her.

Replied by Tara
You cannot 'od' on H2O2. Its just water with extra oxygen molecule. If you take too many too fast, it can hurt your stomach a little, or make you vomit. I have never heard of any other internal side effects accept these. I know Ted has other places on here where he talks about H2O2 or Oxygen therapy. The idea is to up the oral dosage to at least 25 or more drops in a glass 2-3 times a day. I can tell you that I personally do this every day for months now and still continue to up my dosage. Of course, I use food grade. Just a couple drops would be inconsequential and most likely not effective depending on weight and size. Maybe try to find his links for h2o2/oxygen therapy.

Honey, Olive Oil and Lemon Juice   1  0   

Posted by Anna (Australia)

[YEA]  I find this good for coughs: equal parts of honey, pure olive oil and lemon juice. Sip tiny amounts when cough threatens.

Hydrogen Peroxide   7  0   

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 05/28/2014

[YEA]  In recuperating from a bad cold with fever, I had a lingering cough because I felt like a tickle in my throat all the time. I was coughing so often that my lower ribs hurt.

So I took Hydrogen Peroxide (the regular 3% drugstore stuff) and watered it down, swished my mouth with it while breathing about 5-6 deep breaths by mouth while the liquid was there. Then I spit and rinsed. I did this a few times a day, and in a day or two the cough was gone and much mucous was expelled.

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/25/2012

You can try this simple thing, if it doesn't help, it won't hurt: Put 1/4 cap or less of h2o2 (regular drug store stuff) in the cap, top up with plain water. Swish in mouth and breathe thru it some deep breaths (I do 6 cause Bill Monroe does 6 inhalations). Spit out. If you want, do it a few times a day. For me this helps andy respiratory ailments.

Also, we use grandma's remedy of breathing the fumes of a cut onion.

Posted by Rubies17 (Ptown, Mn) on 04/10/2012

Ok so I have been putting it on my daughters chest to help with her horrible cough. It seems to stop it. But does it get into her blood (system) and or lungs to help get rid of whatever infection she has?? She has a super high temp also.... Feedback Please!!!

Posted by Heather (Colorado Springs, Co) on 11/02/2009

[YEA]  Inhaling H202 cured my kids coughs.

My family got the swine flu at the end of August. For 6 weeks we passed that thing around each of us getting it more than once. One son had it for 3 days each week for 4 weeks and one ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. We all got over the fever fine, but 4 were left with nasty coughs that just wouldn't quit. I tried AVC, but my kids hated it so much that they wouldn't drink it consistently, so I bought a nebulizer online and used half drugstore H202 (1-2 ml) and half water (1-2 ml) in the medicine cup. I had them each inhale for about 10 minutes 2 times per day.

Within 2 days they were 90% better, and the ones who still had a little cough were better in 3. And that was after coughing for 4-5 weeks. I think the little viruses were hiding in the lungs and then reappearing when they got their numbers back up. After I started the H202, no one had a reoccurence of the flu.

EC: More about Bill Munro's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method here:

Posted by Jaxs (Nashua, Montana) on 09/26/2009

[YEA]  I have been coughing up phlegm for several years, particularly right after eating something...Recently I was exposed to something that really made me cough without much of anything coming up. My doctor gave me three neubulizer treatments of 1 cc of 3% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) mixed with 3cc's of a saline solution . This cleaned up the problem in three days, one treatment per day...I am now trying to get rid of the original phylem problem by using the neubulizer on a daily basis..

Posted by Brenda (Ottawa, ON Canada) on 05/30/2009

[YEA]  3% HP cured bad cough

May 29, 2009
My 14 year old son tried the inhale method below with much success. He woke up with a sore throat in the morning. He took the cayenne pepper in orange juice to get rid of the sore throat. It worked like a charm!! Then he asked me if there was a good remedy for a cough. I found your info on using a 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and thought we would give it a try. I had 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in the house so I mixed it up according to the direction: 2oz of 35% HP with 22 oz of distilled water = 3% HP. We put it into misting bottles and he proceeded to inhale this in the evening. He woke up early Saturday morning feeling much better! His sore throat is gone, and his cough is almost gone too. This stuff is awesome!! I feel this would be totally effective on any kind of Swine/Bird flu. We are grateful for this wonderful web site!

Cheers, Brenda

Posted by Wanda (Jackson, MO) on 03/01/2009

[YEA]  I did some experimenting on my own after reading numerous articles on H2O2 inhalation methods. I contracted some kind of virus that affected my lungs..with coughing spasms. I filled my cool mist humidifier with 1 gallon of reverse osmosis water and 2 ozs 35% food grade H2O2 and slept with this on thru the night for several nights. First thing I noticed, was that I was able to breathe considerably better with less coughing. This is strictly my own concoction.. I was desparate, as conventional medicine was not doing anything for me. Thought I would pass this remedy on.....

Posted by chris a. (san antonio, texas) on 01/04/2008

[YEA]  Hi just writing to let you all know that that I was looking for a remedy for Hep c and stumbled across H202. And ACV for high cholestrol. well i have been taking H2o2 as directed with a dropper. And i have noticed that this product cleared an annoying cough. The ACV helped out with the bad heartburn that i had. When the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob made this world he made it perfect. Praise the lord for the natural remedies that he has made. CGA, Sa,Tex

Posted by Marlene (Philadelphia, PA) on 07/13/2007

[YEA]  I have severe chronic asthma with chronic infections/coughing. I take Biaxin for lungs, but if I'm still coughing, I will gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide for the chronic coughing from the throat. When I do this, all coughing will stop and I will feel much better. Hope this note can help others.

Replied by Marci
Star City, IN
Is it ok to use hydrogen peroxide from the store for gargling or must I buy food grade?

EC: Unless otherwise specified, people usually use 3% drug store for gargling.

Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method   1  0   

Posted by Izanna (Belfast, Maine/usa) on 03/30/2012

[YEA]  I have had a dry chronic cough for about 16 years that has disrupted my daily life. Nothing helped and I truly feared that I would finally "cough myself to death". I tried Bill Munro's inhalation of Hydrogen peroxide and.... IT WORKED. My cough stopped immediately the first time I tried it - and this is after years and years of constant cough. Okay, I didn't want to get too excited, maybe it was a fluke or psychological or the stars were just lined up correctly but I have been doing this for several days now and I have improved at least 95%. I hadn't stopped coughing, even for a few hours, in 16 years until now. If I'm exposed to a "trigger" like a strong scent I may cough but I can stop quickly. I cough in the morning - feel like I'm clearing out my lungs but then I stop. I have been inhaling about 5 times a day and using food grade H2O2 diluted less than 3%. I had exercise induced asthma attacks in the past that started this whole coughing nightmare and NOTHING has helped. Not inhalers, not cough meds, nothing helped. Mr. Munro I thank you. I feel confident that I will continue to improve - I can take DEEP breaths without succumbing to a coughing fit. TRY IT. TRY IT. It's cheap and simple so there is nothing to lose. PAX to all.

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