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Chronic Sinusitis Complications and Treatment

Last Modified on Mar 08, 2015

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Posted by Carol (Berkeley, CA) on 03/15/2008

[YEA]  For the last year and a half have been suffering from chronic sinusitus, but didn't realize how bad it was. Had headaches and light sensitivity in the morning upon waking, making it difficult to get out of bed. My head felt heavy. Sometimes my cheekbones would hurt. Sometimes a tooth would hurt, but it was fleeting and would shift around to different teeth. Felt fatigued and burned out by demands upon me. Didn't have any cold symptoms or runny nose, nothing to indicate allergies. (I think that my sinuses were so clogged that nothing was moving at all.) Also, I don't eat sugar at all as years ago I had a candida condition that made me give it up altogether. While I think that sugar is bad for immunity, I don't think it is the sole cause of sinusitus. There are very athletic people who eat very good diets that suffer from this disease. I had already given up dairy (milk, cheese etc.) as I knew they were mucous-forming, and I had lactose intolerance, but still had a lot of symptoms.

Tried Neti pot (spelling?) on the recommendation of a friend who said he thought I had sinusitus, but the pressure of the water running into my sinuses was too uncomfortable. I hated it.

Strangely, it was a psychic that clued me in to the cause. He said, you are in pain because of something to do with fertility/sexuality. I thought this was really strange and then I thought, could I be sensitive to eggs? I gave them up and within 3 days I was feeling profoundly better. Then I got a "cold", which I really think was the fluid finally draining from my passages. I went to my acupuncturist and she suggested that I might also have a fungal infection and began treating me with Phellostatin. That has really helped too. I think she was right and I read somewhere recently that a pediatritian who tested kids with chronic sinus problems for candida and other yeasts found them present in a huge percentage (something like 202 out of 290 kids). I would say to anyone suffering from chronic sinus problems is this, check out food sensitivities first. Eliminate the foods you eat most frequently or the ones that are most likely to be allergens or the ones that are more likely to be congestive. Don't overlook the possibility of fungal infection. Doctors tend to focus on bacterial infections and prescribe antibiotics. Don't forget that fungus infections can be the underlying cause.

I'm on the road to being cured. I'm going to try the ACV cure as well. It makes sense that it would work.

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Posted by Olivia (Houston, TX) on 01/31/2008

[YEA]  A number of years ago, I was continually subject to sinus infections. Antibiotics didn't have any lasting cure for me. When I went to nursing school, the problem increased severely. I had to carry a roll of toilet paper to every class to keep wiping my nose. Fortunately, during one of those classes I learned that fungal overgrowths happen after antibiotic treatments. I tried suggesting this possibility to a few doctors, when the symptoms were so bad that I would visit them for "help," but the idea just didn't register with them. (I rarely saw the same doc on my cheap hmo plan).

Finally, many years later, I went to an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor who had the ears to hear what I was saying. Since I knew that Nystatin was safe enough to give to babies, I told the doctor that "sometimes I wish I could just snort Nystatin up my nose and see if my problem is a fungus, since the antibiotics just make me worse." I was overjoyed when he said, "That's no problem. Why don't we mix some up for you with some saline solution that doesn't have any additives in it." And that is exactly what he did...he had his nurse mix some up in one of those up-the-nose misting bottles, and they gave it to me. He suggested a regimen of two snorts per nostril. I eagerly tried my first dose! At first nothing happened. I checked out and then went to the local mall on an errand. The errand never got completed, though. 15 minutes after snorting the Nystatin mixture, I began to sneeze so continuously that I had to leave the mall for the privacy of my car and my stash of tissues (never far away). I sneezed and blew for a full half-hour. And then I was better. Seriously. Completely and utterly free from symptoms of nasal congestion, irritation and runniness. Oh, I continued on the snorting regimen until it was done, but I didn't have anymore symptoms after that for at least a few years (and bad eating habits) made me pay attention to dealing with that problem again. Of course, I now know that I can control a lot of these problems through other methods. But to me it was an amazing and dramatic experience that justified my suspicion that antibiotics are not the only solution that doctors should be offering to people who keep returning with chronic sinus problems.

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Posted by Dianec (Los Angeles, Ca, United States) on 09/24/2011

[YEA]  Sinusistis cured: I have had sinusitis for about 10 years and went to doctor after doctor tried every medication on the market. Benadryl and Allegra worked the best for my case but I now am cured of the problem and only rarely do I need medication.

My husband used to use one of our room in the house for storage. He had things that should have been in the garage in that room. I never complained because these items were his valuables. There were pictures, linens, vintage blankets (wool) and other vintage items in the room. Well he finally emptied his storage room one day after making a storage shed for the stuff, and this act plus removing the carpets in our home caused ME TO LOSE MY SINUS PROBLEM! PLEASE GET RID OF UNNEEDED JUNK IN YOUR HOME! I suffered years for nothing! I was allergic to something in that room. Like the old saying goes: CLEANILNESS IS NEXT TO GOD-LINESS.

Replied by Paige
Marquette, Michigan, Usa
Actually, I just did this the other day (except for getting rid of carpets--I live in an apartment). As I was cleaning, I started noticing some allergy issues. On the left side of my face, my eye was watering and my nose was running. It was to be expected, though. There was so much dust, and I live in the ground level, so mold develops around the windows very easily.

Over the next few days, my allergies worsened. I took some anti-histamine drugs which usually work. But the congestion got worse and worse. Finally, I must admit that I am having a full-on sinus infection now.

On the bright side of things, I know that it won't be perpetuated by a dusty/moldy room anymore. I can use Vit. C, ACV, and other remedies to get rid of it. Hopefully.

Replied by Kayla
Los Angeles, Ca
I too had reactions everytime I was in our family room which is wall to wall carpet and we have a fabric sofa. Well when I was upstairs which is all hardwood floors with a leather sofa set, no reaction! Our bedroom is hardwood floors no reaction. I wash the bed sheets every three days to keep my allegies reaction down.

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Posted by Herbalizer (Jacksonville, Fl, Usa) on 11/14/2011

[YEA]  I found the following tea mixture to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis: add 1 tablespoon pureed ginger root, 1 tablespoon dried nettle leaf, 1 tablespoon rooibos tea, and crush a stick of cinnamon (optional; for flavor -- it covers up the flavor of the nettle leaf which isn't bad, but isn't good either) to a 10 ounce tea pot. Bring water to a hard boil and pour on the tea. Let steep 10 minutes. Tastes good sweetened with honey, though I prefer it just spicy not sweet. Drink 1-2 times a day, for example in the morning and evening. I usually only have it in the morning, but I find it works better twice a day for bad symptoms.

For ginger puree, I usually buy a bunch when it's a good price at the farmer's market or Asian grocery, puree it a food processor, and freeze it in 1 tablespoon balls. It keeps well in the freezer. For dried nettle leaf, I look for it at a cheap price in the tea shop or health food store. I've seen it at Fred Meyers, though it was too expensive. I prefer loose leaf. I also bought rooibos in loose leaf from a tea shop.

Replied by Teck
Youngstown, Ohio
Hi Teck from Ohio, fellow polyp sufferer, going for my second surgery, in 2 months! Trying to keep control until then. I've added a 50mg zinc tablet to my diet. Now I am drinking mint tea with ginger &green tea bags. Read some info and a clinical trial on mint tea, got nothing to lose by trying it. There may be a genetic connection to a protein we lack. I'm curious if any of you were preemies or RH factor? Also, a parent with autoimmune disease.

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Posted by Dennis (Singapore) on 09/15/2010

[YEA]  Relieve for Sinus: 300 grammes for Ginger from Indonesia

- pound it loose and put in Container with half cup of water.
-Add 2 tablespoon of orange colour sugar.
-break one egg on top of the orange sugar.
-Put this container with cover into a larger pot with water,
-then Double boil this contain for 3 hours.

Drink the water extract slowly as the ginger taste is strong. Do no take ice cold drinks or beer for 6 months.

Take the extract once a month, if Sinus is relieved, no need to take anymore. Contributed by Mr. Lim whom had suffered from Sinus since young and was relieved from Sinus now. Mr Lim love planting orangic herb and vegetable in Tampines Street 82 Singapore. Go to google Map you can view the herb garden near block 840. There's many tip to share from Mr. Lim, he exercise in the morning and will come to tend the garden from 5:00am to 9:30am.

Replied by Annaz
New York, Ny Usa
Could you tell me what is this orange sugar from and where is possible to get it? I know only regular white one, and brown sugar. Thanks in advance, AnnaZ.

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Posted by John (San Francisco, CA) on 02/26/2009

[YEA]  I'd like to give a cautionary thumbs-up for Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) as a potential remedy for acute and/or chronic sinustitis, and I'd like to continue posting my progress as i'm just beginning this treatment. First, a little history (maybe this will sound familiar to some).

I'm a 41-year-old male in otherwise excellent health who has had repeated sinus problems and infections since 1994. In march 2007 I began to have a series of R-side sinus infections (one was a particularly painful sphenoid sinus infection confirmed my a CT scan).

During this time I did frequently use a neti pot with NeilMed salt packs. It did help to clear and open my sinuses, but there was always one pocket of inflammation that was chronic, that never seemed to heal completely. My infections would always start there, where it seemed that once the inflammation in that pocket reached a certain point, that bacteria would become trapped, and within 5 days I'd have another bacterial infection that would require another round of antibiotics.

By september 2007 my ENT doc said if i got infected again, we'd have to have a serious look at surgery (and for the sphenoid, it is a very delicate procedure as it's located near the base of the skull with a host of delicate nerves and arteries that run along it's walls).

When the next infection began to take hold that september, I decided to take see a well-respected accupuncturist/Traditional Chinese Medicaine doc. The treatment consisted of accupuncture and cooking down chinese herbs that I'd have to drink twice a day. The accupuncture does provide near-immediate relief. I could go from a state of feeling the typical fever/chills and sinus pain from that pocket becoming infected, to having it open up deeply and drain/recover within 2 hours. The herbs evidently helped to reduce inflammation and keep it open, as well as boost my immune system to fight off whatever may be the underlying bacteria/virus/fungus that causes this to begin with.

I have maintained with the accupuncture and herbs until now, but at a tremendous dollar cost, and still have not resolved that ever-persistent inflammed pocket in my R-sinus that is the source of all my infections. (note also that a repeat CT a few months ago showed no underlying blockages or malformations in my sinuses).

A few days ago I could feel the pocket become inflammed again and was on the road to another infection. I found this site and have pretty much been throwing the kitchen sink at it - Oil pulling with sesame oil and oil of oregano, sinus flush with hydrogen peroxide and saline H2O, ACV, and tomato tea (yummy stuff, good temporary clearing!). It kept things at bay, but could not keep that pocket open.

Today I began using GSE as a spray. I took a used antihistamine spray bottle, added a pinch or two of NeilMed salt solition, 8 drops of GSE, and water, and sprayed it in my R-nostril. It stinged a little bit in unaffected areas, but BURNED in the pocket with the inflammation. The burning eased up within minutes, but that pocket opened right up, and i could feel that it was moist and draining easily. I must state that typically the only thing that reliably opened up that pocket was accupuncture, so the fact that this simple remedy did the trick was for me very remarkable.

I continued to spray today once or twice when i felt it was drying up or when it felt it was closing up again, typically every hour or two. I had to dilute the original mixture because it felt a bit too strong, doing more than just keeping it open, but producing copious amounts of clear mucous and sneezing. One thing I noticed about other remedies to open up the sinuses (H2O2 especially) was that while it would open things up, there would be almost a reflex backlash of swelling afterward at some point.

It is my hope that by keeping up with this routine, that the GSE spray will keep the pocket open and allow it to drain and heal, and that whatever is creating the inflammation that is the precursor to my infections (be it bacterial/viral/fungal) will evenually be killed off by the GSE.

Forgive the lenghty post, but I wanted to be thorough. I will keep you posted. My hope is that if it works for me, that it may work for you as well, and we all save thousands of dollars in treating and healing the root of the problem, as opposed to just being in a maintenance mode where we are constantly treating symptoms and not the cause.

Replied by John Hoecker
San Francisco, CA
[YEA]   I'd just like to follow up regarding my use of nasal GSE spray for my chronic sinus condition after having been using it for 1 week.

I'm using 3 drops of GSE in a saline solution using a spray bottle. The "pocket" in my sinuses continues to remain open and is moist and draining, which is so important in my eyes - when that pocket closes up, it's typically only a matter of time before i get the standard infection. It has never remained open for this long.

I still do feel inflammation, but i accept that as part of the healing process. After 15 years of infections, I don't expect a 1 week cure. But i have to say that keeping that pocket open is the key to me not getting infected to begin with!

Thumbs up for GSE! Now, what to due about keeping the inflammation down and enhancing the healing??

Replied by Glenys
Wellington, New Zealand
To John Hoecker: Your story is familiar to me. I agree about the backlash from H2O2. I will go get some GSE. Would love an update on what's happening with you.
Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Thanks John for your detailed account! I too have noticed a "backlash" with H202, in that it works initially but seems to irritate the tissue and cause re-inflammation. Whether in the ear or sinus. Perhaps it is to strong for some. I will try the GSE.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello John, Usually it is an allergy or intolerance causing the blockage and the blockage causes the infection. Try leaving off all hair sprays, after shaves, colognes, paint fumes, etc. & avoiding all of the above on other people as much as possible and see if it helps to keep your nose/sinuses open. I used to work with a guy who had surgery on his sinuses (2 times that I know of & may have had some before I met him). Poor guy, he always smelled like he had marinated himself in some strong smelling aftershave &/or cologne, but he was averse to leaving his smelly stuff off, when I suggested that it might be the cause of his chronic sinus problems.
Replied by John
San Francisco, CA
Hey Folks, just a follow-up on my GSE treatment and how I've adapted it...

I actually lapsed on the GSE spray in April while out of the country and got infected again unfortunately. For the last 3 months I've been using a neti pot, salt (equivalent to a NeilMed packet), about 1 tsp of Hydrogen Persoxide, and just two drops of GSE. While i haven't gotten reinfected, I've come close, in which case i bump up the amount of H2O2 and GSE, and that seems to keep it at bay.

However, I still have significant nasal inflammation in the area (and have for years), and if it closes up, infection typically follows. The GSE rinses and sprays don't seem to help with the inflammation.

As i have been on antibiotics so frequently in the last 2 years, I began to suspect a yeast and/or fungal infection was playing a role. To that end, I've limited my dairy and wheat intake, am taking a broad-spectrum probiotic, and really examine my foods for high-fructose corn syrup (aside from feeding the yeast in the belly, HFCS stimulates a major insulin response, not healthy for various reasons).

I've actually switched my GSE nasal rinse regimen and began trying colloidal silver spray and nasal rinse. From what I've studied, the colloidal silver basically interrupts the process of fungus/yeast from being able to take in O2, and dies off. I simply bought 250ppm colloidal silver solution, put about 10 drops into a nasal spray bottle, and added about 1/4 of plain tap water (er, distilled is best of course), and also about 1 tsp of colloidal silver in about 2oz tap water in a neti pot, keeping my head tilted to the side for about a minute to let it fully irrigate the sinus. From what I've read, do not put salt into the solution - it turns the colloidal silver into silver chloride, and it's the colloid form that interrupts the yeast/fungus oxygen intake. The spray is very gentle, however the rinse is uncomfortable due to being hypotonic, but that goes away within a few minutes. An alternative to salt may be to add xylitol to make the solution isotonic (equal to the particulate concentration in blood). However, there are ready-made colloidal sinus sprays available commercially.

I'm on my third day of this particular regimen. When i wake up in the morning, it is typical for me to feel stuffed up and swollen inside my nose. However, this morning i could feel my R-sinus "popping" which for me means the swollen areas are shrinking. For certain, I can tell that the inflammation is much less than normal, much more open, and I'm greatly encouraged.

Seems to me sinus maladies and treatments are very specific to the person, that there is no single bulls-eye remedy for everyone, but in my particular case this seems to be working for now. I'll report back in time and let you know what's happening.

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Posted by Samantha (New York,ny) on 03/27/2014

[YEA]  Tea for Sinusitis/Sinus Infections

On my tiresome quest to find a cure to end my sinus congestion issues, I discovered that tea is the cure! All sorts of tea have completely cleared up my sinuses - Raspberry tea, Lemon Balm tea, and Hyssop tea are my top contenders for clearing effects. You have to drink A LOT of it - like 4 cups 3-4 times a day! I typically put 4 tea bags in a tall glass and drink all at once, then repeat that 2 or three times. Ideally, you should order the organic version in bulk loose and put 1 or 2 tea balls into a large glass. Let the tea soak for about half an hour so that it's strong. I don't know what it is in tea that has this clearing affect, but it WORKS!!

Quick note: the first couple of days you may go through a detox and feel more congested. Don't worry! That's just detox and the tea (unless of course you are having a real allergic reaction) is just clearing stuff out!

Replied by Samantha
New York, Ny
I wanted to add that Peppermint tea works also in totally clearing my sinuses! I think that the Peppermint and Raspberry Teas are the most effective for sinus clearing.
Replied by Tim
Seattle, WA
[YEA]   Rooibos tea cleared up my sinuses after suffering for 4 years. I got very stuffy from it initially, and almost quit taking it (but wanted to continue for added health benefits), and all of a sudden one day I realized that I it cleared me out. I guess it took about two weeks of taking the Rooibos tea on and off before it cleared me.

Honey and Cinnamon, Garlic   0  0   

Posted by Cherine (London, England) on 06/17/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  This is my 1st experience in having Maxillary sinusitis, which is where the sinus under your checkbone is blocked, as well as the normal symptoms. I have had pressure in my cheekbone and a toothache, as this type of sinusitis brings it on, a constant anoying pounding in my jaw and teeth. Oh and if that wasn't bad enough my ear also hurts from the pressure in my cheek, making it sensitive to sound. Went to my doctor and he gave me steriod nose drops which helped with my nose blockage, but not my cheek pain and toothache. I was desperate and in need of relief so I surffed the web and came across this website and apple cider viniger.

Been drinking 2 tablespoons in hot water with honey and cinnamon, and the pressure in my cheek is relieved immediately, it doesnt go completly away but it takes it down to 30% which is great for me, been also taking 1 tablespoon in water and sipping during the day, this helps my nose run and the mucus to run down the back of my throat (not nice I know) this has helpd alot as its no longer Orange and is now clear, hopefully if I keep this up it will all go. I have also been chopping raw garlic in quaters and swallowing it as its anti bacterial so every little helps, right? I will try anything at this moment as this is no fun, if anyone has any further tips do let me know, I'll try anything.

Honeyed Onion   2  0   

Posted by Marie (Middle Tn, Tn) on 11/29/2012

[YEA]  I have had sinus infections for over 15 years, repeatedly and often, and have had two sinus surgeries which haven't helped. I have been told by Drs that sinus infections can only be cured by antibiotics. Glad I have wisened up! I tell everyone I know about Earth Clinic.

I recently gave my daughter honeyed onion juice for a hacking cough and it helped her cough to go away (I think I read about that on Earth Clinic). This time when she got a cough I was in the full throes of another sinus infection, which I had been too busy to really feel coming on. I have since learned to try to treat them right off with grapefruit seed extract, and I was already doing that, but this time I had the honeyed onions on the table, so I tried a piece of an onion. They are very high in sulfur and I don't know if that is the element that helps, but IMMEDIATELY my facial pressure and pain was GONE. I'm talking right away. I have been eating the onion throughout the day today and every time, the pressure is gone and I feel like I'm getting better. My sinuses drain out and I can breathe!

This is how you make it-- peel an onion and cut into fours or eights and then pull the layered pieces apart. Pour honey over top covering all the onion and let sit for a while. The honey pulls the liquid out of the onion and causes the honey to become more viscous. (You can drink this and it helps a cough go away. ) Eat the onion chunks and it will help your sinuses-- WIN/WIN! I just eat one onion chunk whenever I feel sinus pressure, so you can keep one bowl for several days until your infection is gone.

Replied by Blanche
Iberia Parish, Louisiana
[YEA]   Yep. You read it here. I did too, and have been doing it ever since. The onion and honey help the nagging leftover cough and bronchitis after a cold. Nothing I ever tried works instantly though. A little too much to hope for, but I care more that it's safe and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
Replied by Dr. Flora Mason Van Orden
Triangle, Va
So many people have said they got some quote off your site that I am making time to join up and help. If you don't want to ever get a sinus infection again, make sure that you don't ingest anything from a cow. The IGF-1, a growth factor, is only present in cow's products (not from a goat, yak, buffalo, sheep, etc.) and it breeds viruses, bacteria, and parasites. I am into prevention, not just treatment, and getting rid of cow's products will rid you of worry about breast, prostate, and endometrial cancers, as well as diabetes and ear infections. You don't get ANY usable calcium from the dairy - all you get is pus and ecoli, salmonella and other unpleasant creatures that lead to infection, in fact in all the nations where the occupants use the most dairy, the rates of osteoporosis are the highest in the world. I am certified in Plant Based Nutrition by GWU Medical Center in DC ("Dr. Neal Barnards Methods for Reversing Diabetes", Dr. Gabriel Cousens, "There is a Cure for Diabetes", eCornell with Dr. T. Colin Campbell "China Study", Pam Popper "Wellness Forum", Caldwell Esselstyn, Cleveland Clinic's "How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease", and I teach the cure for diabetes as directed by Drs. Barnard and Cousens. All with food and water, heat and fresh air.

Hydrogen Peroxide   1  1   

Posted by Tribalcoons (Wichita, Ks) on 03/28/2013

Sinus Infections, Tinnitus and Fibromyalgia: I was curious on the link between chronis sinusitis, and tinnitus as well as fibro fatigue. I've used several rinses, 2 failed Sinus surgerie s(never do again) etc. Has anyone used hydrogen peroxide in their ears or as a nasal rinse? I was reading Jacob Teitelbaum's "From Fatigued to Feeling Fantastic", and "Beat Sugar Addiction Now".

Replied by Ejules
Woodbridge, Va, Us
I don't use it for those things but I've read that you should dilute hydrogen peroxide before using. Never use it straight because it will damage your tissues, e.g., ear canal, gums, etc.

Posted by Lyn (San Francisco, CA) on 09/25/2008

[YEA]  Never take h202 with tap water. All water must be filtered or distilled. You never know what chemicals are in the tap water that can interact with the h202.

For me:

I mix 4 drops of 35% food grade h202 as in DROPS (not droppers full) in 16 fl oz bottle of filtered water. OR 2 drops of 35% Food grade h202 in 8 fl.oz glass bottle. (pre-mixed) If I feel it is too strong, i just dilute it with more water.

I shake the bottle before i drink it. I also use the (pre-mixed h202 that I made) with my Hydro Grossan sinus/nasal rinse. I usually out 2 tablespoon of my pre-mixed h202 into the hydro grossan water container, and fill the rest with filtered water and salt. I stir the water content and close the lid. I start rinsing my nose with it twice per day.

When I first started out - my nose was totally blocked in one side, constant post nasal drip, could not eat anything without having allergies. I went to doctors and had all kinds of antibiotics and even anti fungal for my candida - nothing worked. I would have phlegm everytime i ate something until I went on strict diet. Even with strict diet, I would still have constant hacking out of plegm after my salads.

One day, I just went on clear broth diet boiling (Chicken bones with filtered water and vegetables(any -but no carrot due to sugar content) and drinking it for every meal. I eat nothing else. This is to help me keep my symptoms down while i do my h202 treatment and let it work. I drank my 2 of my pre-mixed 16 fl. oz of h202 throughout the day (I continue to drink water in between at least 6 cups). I rinsed my nose and throat with the premixed h202 with salt 3 times each nose every 3 hours for the 1st day. The second day, I rinse my nose only twice a day - 3 times each side.I figured that if there is something in my sinus so deep and stubborn, I have to be more aggresive or stubbon than the bug to get rid of it. I was right!

You should have seen the gunk that came out of me. At first it felt uncomfortable, alot of mucus came out through my nose and mouth continuously, i let it come out for 2-3 days whenever it feels like coming out. The 4th day, my post nasal drip lessen considerably and my cough stopped. Amazing! I kept on doing the nose and throat rinse daily (twice a day- once in the morning, once before i sleep) and drinking at least a bottle 8fl oz. of my own pre-mixed h202 daily and now I am back to normal!! I have so much energy to do the things i want to do.

Replied by Glenys
Wellington, New Zealand
[NAY]   I had been trying the hydrogen peroxide for about three weeks, and my sinusitis just got worse and worse, until I've had to be off work for a whole week. I've never been that bad before, never had to have a day off work before. Until I went to the doctors 2 days ago, I hadn't even done my dishes for nearly a week! He gave me a spray and some antihistames and they worked immediately. It's sooo good at the moment to just be able to breathe and to go about normal daily life.

I don't think I got the method of using the HP wrong - it is proving difficult here in New Zealand to get a nasal sprayer - I have spent a lot of money buying different brands to get the bottle to use to spray - they have all proved to be sealed, so instead I used an eye-dropper and started with a 5O/5O water/3% HP and then went to a 3:1 ratio - (1%}. I was also using NeilMed saline irrigation once or twice a day. The symptoms just got worse and worse until I finally developed a polyp.

I may have found a way to get a spray bottle, so when I get that, I will try the HP again - more diluted. I will also try the GSE. I will keep people posted, and would appreciate feedback.

Keep Head Warm   2  0   

Posted by Diane (Riverside Ca., United States) on 05/12/2012

[YEA]  About 2 months ago I discovered that keeping the crown of my head warm using caps, hats or whatever helps to keep my head warm stopped my Sinusitis attacks! I had suffered from Sinusitis for over 11 years! No medical professional could help me and when they tried they usually prescribed loads of antibiotics that would not work. I saw many, many Doctors and had no relief from Sinusitis except for over the counter medications (benadryl). And I continued to suffer.

During one sinusitis attack about 2 months ago I noticed that the top back of my head was super cold. So I blow dried my head and the heat from the blow dryer helped ease my attack. This caused me to wonder about the cold on my head.

During the night I would wake up with a full blown attack of acid mucus keeping me awake and miserable. It was horrible. The acid mucus burned everything it touched.

I began wrapping my head in either a T shirt or a flannel to keep my head warm at night. This stopped my sinusitis attacks at night so I started using warm caps during the day. The caps on my head kept me well all day!

About 3 weeks ago during the night my cap fell off my head and I had sinus attacks for 2 days but they were not as harsh as the attacks in the past.

I have continued keeping my head warm especially at night or on cold days and I haven't had one attack in weeks! I recently fell asleep without a cap on and I have no sinusitis attacks! I seem to be healed.

I don't know why my head was cold but keeping my head warm seems to have healed my Sinuistis problem. No cold head and now no sinusitis! I will report back to Earth clinic in a couple months to see if this medical success story continues for me!

Posted by Diane (Los Angeles, California, United States) on 03/24/2012

[YEA]  My Sinusitis attacks are GONE! I have been noticing that everytime I had a Sinusitis Attack- the crown of my head towards the back of my head would feel very cold! I would get relief from my Sinusitis Attacks by using a blow dryer on my head to warm my head. So I started wearing a warm Hat or Cap 24/7!

At night (if it is really cold) I not only wear my cap or hat but I also will wrap a sweatshirt or T-Shirt around my head on top of my hat to ensure my head is not cold at all. THIS HAS STOPPED ALL SINUSITIS ATTACKS! I have not had any problem with my sinuses at all since I kept my head warm!

It seems that I never had a sinus problem---but I seem to have a Cold Head problem that triggers my sinusitis attacks! My Sinusitus Attacks had become so bad they were now like panic attacks! Really horrible and ruining my life!

Whatever was draining (mucus/liquid) was burning my ears, sinuses, throat, and chest. I no longer need to irrigate my sinuses with my neti pot and various treatments as my sinuses are now back to normal. I have suffered from Sinusitis for 11 years!

Hope this helps YOU as it did for me!

Replied by Tim
Raleigh, Nc
I also wear a t-shirt on my head (over my eyes and ears not my nose and mouth) and since I've been doing that I've not had any sinus infections that I can recall. Sometimes I won't bother with it and I can feel one coming on.

Malavit   1  0   

Posted by R (Upper Galilee, Israel) on 06/12/2007

[YEA]  I tried GSE for my sinusitis, the result wasn't immediate, as is the case with most natural remedies, I believe. ACV helped a bit. Wanted to suggest something else, though. Try Malavit. It can be used for almost any ailment. It works for me! I get it from Russia, but I found a link in English, too.

Milk of Magnesia   2  0   

Posted by Shaun (Olde York, Uk) on 10/18/2011

[YEA]  I have variously reported some of my successes here on Earthclinic over the years, and now have another to report. I have from time to time had a number of common issues with eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis etc. , etc. which may or may not have been candida related, but almost certainly was caused by Malassezia spp. This has mainly been scalp related, but also in and behind the ears, the fold of the nose, the cheek's and the eyebrows. With a range of simple treatments commonly used on Earthclinic I have managed to sort all of these issues. On top of these problems I have also had sinusitis on-an-off for years, and I have also suffered from asthma from time to time (despite being a very active sports person).

So, I thought why not take Ted's 'Milk of Magnesia' treatment to the next level and put it in my nasal cavities? Why not? Well I did so. Bang! I have now gone a week of on-and-off irregular treatment and believe my sinusitis has cleared up completely! The very first time I tried it I almost had instant relief. What I have found is that you don't want to snort (sorry! ) the MoM back towards the soft palate as it kinda irritates that, but just apply it reasonably to the cavities, massage the nose, and/or leave it in the passages(…or flush) if you wish. Anyway, my problem is solved! Waking-up in the morning is now so, so refreshing! Bliss. Thank's Ted for the inkling of the idea. No more crazy medicine bills, and no more grumpy morning me. Yippee! Snot be gone.

Replied by Angie
Lexington, Ky
How did you get the MOM in the sinuses? Did you use a Qtip and insert in nose or did you drop it in your sinuses directly?
Replied by Shaun
York, UK
Hi, I just poured some into the palm of my hand and gently snorted it up my nose. I guess a Qtip would work - Kinda, but I think you need some volume. Maybe a syringe (with the needle removed) would be suitable. Since doing this I have researched it (nasal fungus/yeast) in some depth, and it does seem nasal fungus is a (little) known issue. See following:

Anyway, I am still very, very impressed with the MoM results. It beats the hell out of all those damn drugs!

Replied by Sophe
Ny, Ny
[YEA]   Milk of magnesia diluted with some filtered water in a neti pot which is made for nose irrigation( neti pots are inexpensive and easy to use )I simply poured the mixture into my nasal cavities for a few minutes and rinsed It works fast.
Replied by N
Greensboro, Nc
How do you apply it to your sinuses?
Replied by Lili
Nashville, Tn
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   I put milk of magnesia diluted in distilled water in my neti bottle and irrigated my nasal passages. It stung a bit and let a kind of weird smell that gave me a bit of a headache but after I rinsed my nose with pure water it subsided after 10-15 minutes. I think my nasal passages were a bit more clearly. If I do this again I think I'll just use a q-tip and swab some MoM in my nasal passages lightly instead of using the neti bottle. But it makes sense that chronic congestion might be fungus, especially if one has problems with candida. Of course modern doctors just told me I'm allergic to dust. Maybe this is what makes it hard to fly on a pane, the constant congestion makes it hard to clear my ears and I get pain when the plane lands (barotrauma). I did read a few people regularly using a saline solution in the neti pots were able to clear the congestion and fly with less pain. I also read another case when a person stopped dairy and was able to fly pain free too. Dairy is in so much though and even I cut it down there's still congestion.

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