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C-Diff Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/c-diff.rss http://www.earthclinic.com/template_img/logo.jpg C-Diff Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/c-diff.rss C. Diff is often effectively treated with a fecal transplant. However natural remedies like probiotics and colloidal silver can help. Sat, 20 Sep 14 15:57:43 +0000 en-us Bentonite Clay and Barley Water http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=benbarley_139658 /cures/c-diff.rss1 Sun, 14 Sep 14 18:27:55 +0000 [YEA] Cat from Florida, US writes: "Thank you so much for the useful info! This morning I drank the barley water and bentonite clay and already feel a lot better. No stomach ache or nausea!!" Barley Water http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=barley_139363 /cures/c-diff.rss2 Sat, 06 Sep 14 21:26:52 +0000 [YEA] Be from San Diego, CA writes: "I tried barley water after a desperately long night and on/off research on this website about C-Diff. It truly worked immediately, stopping the pain and loose/bleeding stools. I was close to... " Barley Water http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=barley_139079 /cures/c-diff.rss3 Sat, 30 Aug 14 17:34:02 +0000 [YEA] Mhall from Palm Desert, CA writes: "The barley water worked instantly! Thank you. 2 weeks now, and no sign of c-diff. I was on flagyl, prebiotics and probiotics, with no signs of diarrhea stopping, and was scared. I'm cont... " Barley Water http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=barley_138404 /cures/c-diff.rss4 Wed, 13 Aug 14 19:14:05 +0000 [YEA] A from Portland, ME writes: "I tried this and it immediately worked! I was having explosive diarrhea about 2 weeks after finishing Flagyl and after drinking this barley water, I'm back to solid stools. I'm not s... " Multiple Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=mr_136714 /cures/c-diff.rss5 Mon, 30 Jun 14 10:00:11 +0000 John from Revere, MA writes: "I have an aunt who has c diff. Usually caused by too many antibiotics or acquired in the hospital. I take monolaurin to prevent catching it. It is from coconuts. Also have on hand Oregano es... " Barley Water http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=barley_135951 /cures/c-diff.rss6 Mon, 09 Jun 14 14:33:53 +0000 [YEA] Agatha from Las Vegas Nv writes: "My sister was literally dying with C-diff. My Grandmother was told this by a pharmacist in Mexico. It worked Immediately, saving my sister's life. C-diff can readily be cured with chitan... " Probiotics, D-Mannose http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=pdm_127144 /cures/c-diff.rss7 Sat, 19 Oct 13 17:19:05 +0000 [YEA] Tom from Laguna Niguel, CA writes: "To all fighting C Diff... My mother in law is in a care facility where C-diff runs wild. After 4-5 rounds of it and all the antibiotics, I took matters in my own hands. After a lot of rerear... " C. Diff and Antibiotics http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=antibiotics_125156 /cures/c-diff.rss8 Sun, 25 Aug 13 20:23:25 +0000 Cobeal from Los Angeles, Ca writes: "C. Diff and other bacteria might live in a person's intestines. If C. Diff lives in you AND you are prescribed certain antibiotics that are effective against other bacteria present in yo... " Probiotics http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=probiotics_120313 /cures/c-diff.rss9 Tue, 23 Apr 13 11:51:45 +0000 [YEA] Phyllis from San Francisco, Nd United States writes: "On April 2, 2013 I took a taxi to the nearest ER to find out why I was having non-stop bouts of diarrhea with a scorching fever. Later the next day, I received a call from the attending ER D... " Preventing Household Contamination http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=prevent_93593 /cures/c-diff.rss10 Fri, 15 Mar 13 08:34:02 +0000 Kelly from Lancaster, Pa writes: "My dad doesn't have much time left and he is very attached to my baby boy who is blind (dog) he is coming home to finish out what time he has left... He does nothing but talk about how he ca... " Fecal Transplant http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=ft_91465 /cures/c-diff.rss11 Wed, 23 Jan 13 08:38:36 +0000 Rob from Manhattan, Ny writes: "Some fascinating news on Fecal Transplant science.. http://www.radiolab.org/blogs/radiolab-blogland/2013/jan/22/poop-magic-gut-cure/" Colloidal Silver http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=colloidalsilver_90010 /cures/c-diff.rss12 Tue, 18 Dec 12 22:20:37 +0000 Norma from Upper Arlington, Oh writes: "I would like to know from Lloyd who posted today 12/18/12, what colloidal silver generator he has.I have been taking CS for months now and have not been sick with a cold or flu. I recommende... " Diet http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=diet_87496 /cures/c-diff.rss13 Mon, 22 Oct 12 11:12:58 +0000 Char from Ft.myers, Lee County Florida writes: "I have just -almost recovered from C'diff. I have 'red rice yeast , and am reluctant to take it, as what I have now is a yeast problem now. I have now taken Probiotics. I am so drained, and ... " Remedies Needed http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=rn_79769 /cures/c-diff.rss14 Sun, 03 Jun 12 22:58:22 +0000 Brie from Strongcity, Ks writes: "Hi my name is Brie and I was diagnosed with c diff. I have been through three rounds of metronidazole and one round of vancomycin and I am still hurting. The doctor that has been helping me ... " Remedies Needed http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=rn_78875 /cures/c-diff.rss15 Sat, 19 May 12 19:44:47 +0000 Josh from Litchfield, Illinois writes: "This is my 6 or 7th time having this evil infection. The first few times I had it, it occured after multi antibiotic treatment for staph.... However it went away about a week after stoping t... " General Feedback http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=gf_74136 /cures/c-diff.rss16 Sun, 19 Feb 12 21:55:49 +0000 Cdiffhelp from Pukalani, Hi, USA writes: "You are not alone...This is my personal story, account and opinion on my experience with Clostridium Difficile (C Diff)... My hope is for my story to help bring awareness to others about the... " Multiple Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=mr_72188 /cures/c-diff.rss17 Mon, 23 Jan 12 11:21:31 +0000 [YEA] J from Greeneville, Tn. writes: "C diff -- My sister got a bacterial lung infection after aspirating a piece of pizza around Christmas time. Long story short, she became very short of breath and went to the ER. She was admi... " Remedies Needed http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=rn_71599 /cures/c-diff.rss18 Tue, 17 Jan 12 16:31:03 +0000 Diane from Spokane, Washington, United States writes: "Question: My Papa has been diagnosed with this condition since July 2011 and is on his 3rd bout. He is 73 with several other medical conditions however this is currently the most prevalent. ... " General Feedback http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=gf_70839 /cures/c-diff.rss19 Sun, 08 Jan 12 09:52:32 +0000 Lilrev from Pickering, Ontario Canada writes: "I'm so sorry to hear of those still suffering from c-diff and very happy to hear of those who have been cured! I've had c-diff for nearly three months; just finishing my third round of antib... " Dietary Changes, Multiple Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=dcmr_69105 /cures/c-diff.rss20 Tue, 13 Dec 11 21:39:42 +0000 Jmo from Seattle, Wa writes: "I have been recently diagnosed with C. Diff. I got it from taking Cepro for a week for a kidney infection. I am 31, healthy and have hardly been on antibiotics my entire life. My sister got ... " Multiple Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=mr_67005 /cures/c-diff.rss21 Tue, 15 Nov 11 11:02:54 +0000 [YEA] Pamela from New Braunfels, Tx writes: "I contracted C-Diff after a dental implant and long use of strong antibiotics. Many think that just by taking probiotics you can get rid of C-diff. Nope. You must use something strong and do... " Bentonite Clay, Oregano Oil http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=bcooo_64837 /cures/c-diff.rss22 Sun, 09 Oct 11 23:10:27 +0000 [YEA] Adam from Dallas, Texas writes: "Just thought I'd give my quick. 02 cents. I have UC Ulcerative Colitis... Had it since 1999 and I've been able to keep it in remission overall... I've been lucky. I take probiotics, multivit... " Multiple Remedies http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=mr_56345 /cures/c-diff.rss23 Mon, 16 May 11 11:15:37 +0000 Shivani from Bristol, Uk writes: "Hi! Wanted to let you know how much your site postings have meant to me. I"m caring for my 76 yr old mother. Hospital antibiotics gave her c-diff.Her doctor has been as much use as a chocola... " C-Diff Warnings http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=cdw_55240 /cures/c-diff.rss24 Fri, 22 Apr 11 22:19:04 +0000 Betty from Baton Rouge, Louisiana writes: "I had a screening colonoscopy, which I should never have had. I was not having any trouble at all with my stomach and could eat anything that I wanted. I was Just talked into it by my doctor... " Probiotics http://www.earthclinic.com/Redirect.php?pageLink=/cures/c-diff.html&name=probiotics_55249 /cures/c-diff.rss25 Fri, 22 Apr 11 22:36:12 +0000 [BETTER BUT NOT CURED] Tomerodrique from Hendersonville, Nc writes: "I was on very strong antibiotics for three weeks for an abscessed tooth and about a week after discontinuing the antibiotics, I developed all the symptoms for c. Diff. The diarrhea I managed... "