Natural Cures for Bone Mineral Density: Q&A

Last Modified on Mar 09, 2008

Steroids and Osteoporosis

03/09/2008: Venus : Hello Ted, Thanks for your advice. I got Selenium, ordered Vit K2, and increased doses of Magnesium and Vitamin D. My other question is what precaution I should take to prevent osteoprosis since I take steroids. I take 1 cup of soy milk daily. My doctors have told me a medication but I want to go for something natural or a vitamin. Does vitamin D help in preventing osteoprosis? Thank you,

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The selenium, vitamin, Magnesium and vitamin D3 protects against autoimmunity issues. Osteoporosis is a long term condition where the certain forms of staph and mycoplasma like bacteria eats at the calcium of the bones along with long term acidosis. The issue is to alkalize sufficiently so that acid blood won't leach out the calcium from the bones and goes into the tissues, which happens all the time when people get older. The neurodegeneration is what actually controls the body's pH and this can actually be proven at your own home. If i were to be exposed to any hydrocarbons, accidentally take aspartame products, which sadly is not even labeled in many products that I have to spend money and waste time calling up factories to see if they did add it. The aspartame causes neurodegenerative disorder within one dose. If I try to take diet coke or coke zero which has aspartame, my urine would immediately go from pH 7 to 4 or 5, which is extremely acid and this doesn't happen at all if I took regular coke. When this sets in the body becomes metabolic acidosis and it leaches out the bones. It happens the same way if the person was exposed to paint thinner, methanol,' formaldehyde which may even be found in newer cars, which are high in these and other chemicals which destroys the neurodegeneration. It may occur in certain fragrances and perfumes, most found in certain soaps and detergents which influences neural conduction too. The simple way is just to take some vitamin C, vitamin B complex, to restore neurodegenerative disorder caused by these toxic substances and avoid them to prevent bone leeching effect from blood acidosis. This is similar to Greek statues from acid rain. So even a slight acid, given a human lifespan of 70 years, you can imagine the extent to which a bone must been through, and these Greek statues are no replaced with fiberglass to prevent them from further destruction on the faces of statues in ancient monument, where most damage only occurs in the last 40 or 50 years, due to industrialization and smog which creates them. So the bone is the same thing, 90% of the food we eat is actually acid forming, whether they be coffee, tea, chocolate, cake, candies, chicken, meats, cokes, the list goes on and on. Some "authorities" argue that that tomatoes has higher methanol than coke. This is disinformation since the methanol (which causes metabolic acidosis such as aspartame) is strongly bound to pectin and its toxic effect is muted, while a free methanol is what does the damage. It doesn't require a multibillion dollar research studies to prove aspartame is dangerous. One wife was in jailed because her husband took creatinine (which allows water retention) and aspartame Gatorade which caused his death. In fact I heard of a sadistic dog killer years ago to kill them just by giving the dog diet coke and plenty of common table salt and something else I don't remember. The common table salt causes water retention which can be used to prevent the body from eliminating the breakdown of aspartame products, where the primary poisons becomes methanol and finally formaldehyde. Therefore some strict attention is needed as this causes autoimmune disorders and are hidden in many prepared food due to its classification as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and therefore doesn't need to be labeled as such if it is considered a "flavoring agent" and therefore not required by law to put in the ingredients. These can make autoimmunity, cancer, metabolic acidosis which can last days, and it is these acidosis issue that causes bone leeching effect on calcium. The only thing that I know as a fact to cause calcium to bind to the bones are the body's amino acid proline, possibly lysine, vitamin C, and silicon supplements where Asians eat them as rice (mostly unwashed), or oatmeal or horsetails.

Therefore, avoiding acid forming foods, alkalizing with baking soda, proline, lysine, vitamin C, silicon in our foods, avoiding aspartame, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, and boron from borax are powerful supplements against osteoposis. Vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 helps the bone, but interestingly, many polyol sugars (xylitol and, mannitol mannose), and soy milk also protect against osteoporosis. It works biochemically different, if I were to discuss how each would work, but i will take a shot anyway:

1. baking soda alkalizes prevents acid blood and bone leeching of aclcium.

2. vitamin C, lysine and proline creates amino acid mesh fibers which holds the calcium on the bone. Anything that promotes collagen, even collagen supplements will allow formation of proteins to bound to calcium. It's the protein that gives the bones its resiliency.

3. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, but also iodine increases the body's immunity which prevents certain mycoplasma (found in many vaccines) that tend to fluorish one ones and slowly eat up the calcium, much like the fungus that grows on cement wall.

4. Polyol sugars, at least the ones I have experimented, are the mannose, mannitol, and xylitol that prevents the bacterium, mycoplasma from attaching to the cell walls of the bone cells. It acts like a glue remover where these pathogens attaches firmly on the bone cells. If they are held loose with, the immediately or quickly dies off. It needs to attach to healthy cells to live. Virus seems to work similarly too by attaching to cell walls, if it is on thyroid or thymus, then i get immune suppression or autoimmunity.

5. Borax is a boron supplement commonly used, but interestingly these boron have antifungal properties where these properties over long term use kills off the fungus which eats away slowly in the bones too.

6. Magnesium prevents growth of certain bacteria which eats away at the joints and ligaments, that causes the fusing of two bones. These are staph like bacteria and taking magnesium is important.

It must be remembered that my everyday remedy to treating osteoporosis is always borax, magnesium, xylitol and baking soda. Those are the single most important remedy that I used most of the time. A mannose and mannitol are optional. It's hard to answer every issue on osteoposis, but the ones I mentioned at least the borax, magnesium, xylitol and baking soda are the most important. The next one that I think is important after the osteoporosis, but most important in autoimmunity and bones too is always the vitamin K2 (found in soy products such as Natto) and vitamin D3. It also increase muscle mass so therefore the use of vitamin D3 and K2, would prevent muscular atrophy caused by taking of too much steroids.

Finally my recent experiments I have found the use of vibration therapy, where the frequency is between 20 to 50, the best frequency I tested is 25- 50. The daily use of a LOW AMPLITUDE vibrator in the area of the bones causes the bone formation to be aligned in a very structural way. This is why cat's hardly have bone problems, they purr. I have used as massage device, set on very low amplitude and found it very helpful towards osteoporosis. In fact in a discovery channel the chicken farmers make the chicken walk on a vibrating wood planks which are more or less between 20 - 50 Hz. Most commercial devices and vibrator don't get the idea that these vibrating machines, not the chiropractic bone adjustment is what actually helps the bone to heal and increase in strenght. To improve bone problems along the spinal column an extremely low amplitude, to the extent there is hardly any percussion or vibrating and assumes a more sound frequency could in fact helps the bones along the spinal column, but by bone osteoporosis, but at the same time loosens the muscles which causes bone growth problems within hours of doing that. But some practitioners I found missed the point and forget that deep massage, sound and vibration are all part of the same therapy which must be used, not exclusively, but together. I am currently exploring magnetic frequencies (using a strobe electrical source) at a rate of 25-40 as a much more faster way of healing the bone also.

Hopefully I answered some of the questions on osteoporosis. These remedies I mentioned works quite well since I have tested this for several years and constantly make improvements. The use of bone replacement using titanium alloys and other metals is not a permanent one. The ones if it is osteoporosis can prevent titanium from further lodging itself on the bones. So a metal replacement is never a permanent cure, unless of course, our entire skeletal sysem is replaced with titanium alloys. But this creates another serious problem - the more bone we throw away in place of metal, the less stem cells we have to fix our own bodies. So I think transhumanism (much like Star Trek The Borgs) isn't any time soon. It's the supplements supporting our body's daily needs...the old nose to the grinder should help osteoporosis the most. In fact the remedy I used against osteoporosis, I never really need the use of any steroids for that condition since these mentioned here are effectively dealt with.

Liver Problem and Allergies

12/29/2007: Anthony from Los Angeles: Hi Ted, I am a 39 year old male. My liver reached a point of severe congestion at age 35 or so and I started a series (12) of liver cleanses which helped tremendously but left me very weak. It was also recommended that I get on an essentially vegan, no dairy ayurvedic diet which left my diet very limited. I developed, not surprisingly, a lot of food sensitivities as well as candida issues. I believe these came from weakness as well as high grain intake. I am now challenged with regaining my weight and strength and getting out of the vicious cycle of allergies, candida, fungus and returning liver congestion. Meat and dairy are much more soothing on my intestines and I tend to have a hard time with grains. I recently started taking apple cider vinegar which is helping a lot. How does it raise your ph if it is acidic? I don't understand this. Also, I very much want to try mixing with baking soda but was told that baking soda kills your friendly bacteria - is this true and if so do you suggest supplementing with friendly bacteria while you are taking baking soda frequently. Do you have any suggestions for leaky gut as well? Last, I read in one of your posts that liver congestion with fungal implications (which I have had on my skin for over 20 years off and on due to high antibiotic use and alcohol intake) is generally helped by copper peptides. Is copper almost always low with candida or can it be high? Is there any way to check without a hair analysis or blood test? I am currently about 144 and almost 6 foot so I would very much like to gain 10lbs or so. Any and all suggestions are appreciated, thanks for being out there and helping! Anthony P.S. I no longer drink alcohol for over 7 years and take no drugs or coffee, etc. I feel my main issue is just giving my body enough strength to rebuild but allergies are greatly limiting my intake and absorption

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Anthony: How does it raise your ph if it is acidic? I don't understand this.

Simply, the apple cider vinegar reacts with the body's bicarbonate to form acetate, while other parts get oxidized (digested) to form an alkaline compound. However in practice the scientist studying this phenomonen still haven't even have a good reason anyway. The original explaination to determine whether any compound digested is when you burn the food to its ashes (oxidized) and determine whether this is either alkaline or acid. The ashes or carbon components for most organic compounds can be alkaline. However in practice this explaination is still inadequate, so the scientist's NEW definition is simply to eat any product and measure your urine's pH! The problem about this explaination is that apple cider vinegar DO NOT become alkaline but often become more acid. The reason for that is simple: the body simply doesn't have sufficient bicarbonates, and carbonate (from magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate) for example to neutralize the apple cider vinegar and become alkaline enough. It is this very reason why scientist suddenly switched to doing a study on alkalinity effects of potassium bicarbonates and how it helps in certain disease or sickness. Still they forget that the body still needs a balance of sodium and potassium ratio where the sodium portion should be more, and they still haven't found a suitable explaination for other forms of alkalne buffering such as citrate, acetates and malates that I often used in remedies, which are extremely important in restoring the energy levels. Even the sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) is another interesting more alkaline solution of vitamin C as opposed to the ascorbic acid. Basically an ascorbic acid can be converted to sodium ascorbate in presence baking soda. Yet chemically speaking a sodium ascorbate is the antioxidant form while the ascorbic acid is more like a prooxidant form. Hence you prove yourself with an Oxidation Reduction Potential meter pocket kind, where the sodium ascorbate is strongly negative over -200 mV, while an ascorbic acid is positive. The negative value reflects its antioxidant and a vital one at that since most foods and supplement we take aren't even anywhere close to sodium ascorbate. it is here that when we sick that the antioxidant status of negative millivolts is not strongly negative and I can get sick on many occasion. For instance if my urine ORP is over -50, I would likely be sick.

I very much want to try mixing with baking soda but was told that baking soda kills your friendly bacteria - is this true and if so do you suggest supplementing with friendly bacteria while you are taking baking soda frequently.

I don't know how this urban legend start, but if you are familiar with microbiology the range of pH in culture dishes whenever unfriendly bacteria are grown the pH will most often be below the pH of the the healthy cells and aerobic bacteria. Anaerobes or anaerobic bacteria exists and fungus exist in an acidic states. Their major form of nutrients come from sugar, glucose and fructose, while it is the oxygen that kills them. In an acidic environment the oxygen has to be low since carbonic acid are high, which is simply carbon dioxide. If you have played with soda water before and you need to lower the carbon dioxide in water, and hence, its acidity, you simply add baking soda and all the gases of carbon dioxide gets removed while oxygen levels in a solution thereby is increased. Hence, whenever this occurs, aerobic bacteria, which are more friendly than anaerobes, thrives driving out the unfriendly bacteria. Therefore, baking soda will reduce unfriendly bacteria by alkalization. It is this reason why a solution of magnesium hydroxide or milk of magnesia that i used to as an antiseptic solution against unfriendly bacteria, especially the flesh eating staphylococcus which causes toxic shock syndrome in woman. Even a simple baking soda will kill off an unfriendly bacteria but it won't kill off the aerobic friendly bacteria. It is this same reason why a very weak solution of hydrogen peroxide is used to kill off unfriendly anaerobic bacteria.

Do you have any suggestions for leaky gut as well?

This is when baking soda will be most helpful. A leaky gut syndrome based on my own experience is whenever the body's ability to neutralize the acidic stomach of digested food has insufficient amounts of bicarbonate. As a result the stomach acid digests the intestines, causing a wound where an unfriendly bacteria enters the body causing sickness. As a result, if the drinks of baking soda are added at least in sufficient quantities, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in 1/2 glass of water, the bicarbonates will stay in the intestinal tract so whenever the stomach digest any food, the body will have sufficient bicarbonates to neutralize the acid digested food instead of digesting the intestines itself, leading to leaky gut. However a magnesium supplements such as 250 mg - 500 mg of magnesium citrate, plus plenty of water along with it or mixed in a glass of water is taken so that the magnesium will kill whatever unfriendly bacteria that exists. A staphylococcus which causes bed sores exists the same as a toxic shock syndrome whenever the body's magnesium levels are low and it becomes flesh eating, which more or less digest your system the same. As a result the remedy appears to be magnesium and baking soda all of which are alkaline in nature.

The single biggest problems I encountered in killing off friendly bacteria comes from the use of antibiotics, which are of yeast in origin, and causes the body to be acid, and yet causes the body's heavy metal retention to increase. Heavy metals are a free radicals, and most unfriendly bacteria make use of this in decaying organic matter, but at the same time if that exists in a healthy human, it begins to decay you!

Last, I read in one of your posts that liver congestion with fungal implications (which I have had on my skin for over 20 years off and on due to high antibiotic use and alcohol intake) is generally helped by copper peptides. Is copper almost always low with candida or can it be high?

Its not just copper, its a lot of other things. Liver congestion is the buildup of fatty liver which is common in case of people who use alcohol while heavy metals that comes from antibiotic use generates free radical further killing the liver. A simple solution to this one would be for me to take one tablespoon of lecithin twice a day along with food or on an empty stomach. The rationale to this is the emulsifying effects of a lecithin would remove the rancid fats buildup by being water soluble and allowing the body to rid of it, freeing of the fatty buildup. I have noted weight loss to occur mostly from the lowering of fatty buildup of the liver.

Copper peptides is not the real solution but copper peptides does kill the fungus, but so does boron (borax), zinc (zinc gluconate), amino acid supplements, fish diets (which breaks down into urea and ammonium compound to kill the fungus candida just the same), or even the molybdenum. While I can't even afford to do hair mineral analysis, I would eat for fish diet (to about 50-80 of the food bulk) take 50 mg of molybdenum supplements three times a week (from sodium molybdate), take zinc supplements (50 mg zinc gluconate), and make sure I am alkaline with urine pH is between 7 to 7.3 by taking lemon and baking soda (2 tablespoon of lemon juice or lime juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day). Getting the body properly alkaline works this way: ammonium compound breaks down to kill the fungus whenever the body is properly alkaline from the urea protein that is digested. Urea comes from high protein, but also low on fats is a necessary, and hence fish such as salmon and other fishe will help rebuild the body's cell. Both the protein and the amino acid supplements is what is needed for the cell to begin repair itself. Meat and dairy are much more soothing on my intestines and I tend to have a hard time with grains. Carbohydrate diets might fuel candida, especially the simpler carbohydrates. However, the higher protein diets that I prefer as it is higher in omega 3 and taurine and lower fats in general is what makes a fish diet (uncontaminated of course) and you can add some chinese parsley to chelate whatever heavy metals that may be introduced into the body from excessive antibiotics used. I for one don't use antibiotics for a couple of years now and if I do, it is as part of an experiment, which are rather ineffective in killing most of the bacteria anyway since they are quite often resistant. However, I have found my own way out through alkalizing and the use of magnesium and zinc supplements as an alternative form of antibiotics. Sea salt is always a good antibiotic, but then so is ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapies. Therefore to restore weakness, I might consider taking lemon and baking soda, or apple cider vinegar and baking soda. Certain amino acid and vitamins can help with restoration of energy such as L-taurine, glutamine (detoxifies), vitamin E 400 i.u., vitamin B complex and getting a normal antioxidants level through taking sufficient amounts of vitamin C sodium ascorbate usually 500-1000 mg/day for only 5 days out of a week. The amino acid will help build the cells. Some electrolyte drinks, once a week will help restore the natural electrolyte level, but these electrolyte are yet missing the magnesium, which needs to be taken. Since the electrolyte drinks are high in sugar, I woul consider at least adding plenty of water, and taking a long walk to burn off those sugar, such as a 30 minutes - 1 hour walk should be more than sufficient to keep the sugar down by burning them after consuming it. It's the electrolytes that I need. However a better electrolyte without the sugar, at least for me appears to be the 2 tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. The resultant reaction of the citric acid from lemon juice and the baking soda is the sodium citrate. The sodium citrate is needed by the cells as citrate is part of the Kreb's cycle which creates energy for the cell to rebuild from the simpler amino acid supplements or the higher protein supplement from fishes, or in Asia, they take the soy protein supplements just the same. Whenever there's a sufficient quantities the cells begin a repair process to claim back the healthy cells. Sea salt can also keep the candida at bay beside just the mentioned above, and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt can be added. However my experience with fungus is the body also looses vitamin B complex, where that I would take at 100 mg of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8 where B12 will be 100 mcg, taken three times a week.

I don't place much restrictions on the diet other than to avoid the obvious fatty foods, fried foods, fast food, cheeses, MSG, sugar, vegetable oils, addictive substances and don't really promote too much grains, but I do believe that protein is needed but at the same time alkalinity is needed also to rebuild the cells and diets are often lacking and the cells don't even have a chance to have enough nutrients to rebuild itself. While plants need nitrogen from ammonia sources, we humans need amino acids from protein sources for growth and repair. The problem about this is in a human nutrition this is not well promoted since it is more profitable for doctors to make sure we get sick all the time as it is good business. One interesting effect as to why a citrate or an acetate (2 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar plus baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day) is the energy increased noticed after taking that. One cynical explaination from a biochemical viewpoint is that the energy of the cells loses quite a bit of energy whenever calcium is high in the cells and it takes many times more cellular energy just to get rid of it and as a result energy levels are lost. Excess calcium and lack of magnesium are very much due to most diets are like that and as a result the citrate form helps to some extent reduced serum calcium levels so that the cells can remove calcium easier and yet the citrates is also needed by the Kreb's cycle and the citrates alkalizes the intracellular fluids. A combination of carbon dioxide form in the body can transform the citrate back to bicarbonate again, which is basically a baking soda. Hence citrate is a more compact form of baking soda, while sodium bicarbonate can buffer the body's serum to maintain its alkalinity it is the sodium citrate that can do both as citrate is intracellular, while the sodium is extracellular, but yet the reaction with carbon dioxide converts back to sodium bicarbonate. The citrate form resolves the logistical problems whenever baking soda is taken, the intracellular fluids releases more stored acid as waste, but cannot obtain the needed bicarbonates directly, while the citrate form can be utilized more directly. You might wonder why a potassium citrate is not used and why I prefer the magnesium citrate form. The answer is simple: most diets such as fruits are already high in potassium. A potassium deficiency is relatively rare, while a magnesium deficiency remains unrecognized, and the magnesium diets is notoriously deficient and hard to obtain. The cells are respond better to magnesium, but remains very sensitive to excessive levels of potassium. Excessive potassium levels are dangerous and it is this reason why a potassium injection is given to kill people on death row. Hence it would be a reasonable assumption to concentrate on magnesium and sodium citrate form in restoring energy, but also I would consider vitamin E, vitamin B complex, but also certain amino acids such as glutamine, taurine and other amino acid supplements are just as important.

Liver Problem and Allergies

Anthony from Los Angeles: Hi Ted, I've included the email down below as some background. I started your protocol and it indeed seemed to help a great deal, most of the fungus on my body slowly disappeared and with the addition of bicarbonates the lines on my tongue also lessened a great deal and sometimes totally disappeared. As I had so many visible symptoms, I did not mention that the bones on my chins sometimes hurt when my partner would touch them. I assumed it's because I had lost so much weight. In the last few weeks however, my gums started to rapidly recede but no sign of infection (redness or bleeding) and the bones all over my body have begun to crack at the slightest movement. I'm hoping you can suggest something that can halt the deterioration and help me rebuild. I know from scouring your replies that magnesium is needed in great supply ahead of calcium. Should I also be taking phosphorous? It is hard to find things locally that aren't your standard health food store supplements but I will do whatever it takes to rebuild. I have come so far and it's a bit scary to have this happening. By the way, as you seem like one of the few sensible and understandable people out there, do you have treat people in person or over the phone or by email on an ongoing basis for payment or donation to charity or something. I actually run a charity but would be happy to give back in any way that I could as I so appreciate you taking the time with me and everyone else who comes to the site as well. Also, there is a mineralizing protocol on curezone that I'm sure you've heard of: tbl spoon blackstrap molasses, two tbl spoons of calcium hydroxide (lime water), tsp of acv or lemon, one or two tblspoon of kelp powder... does this seems o.k. to you. I have my reservations with the blackstrap molasses because of long term candida issues and leaky gut. I tried it and it seems quite strong. What are your thoughts on calcium hydroxide mixed with magnesium citrate? Also, I read something about magnesium chloride being more affective, is this the case? Are there mineral chlorides in sea salt? Any suggestions to repair this mineral depletion would be great appreciated. I did a great deal of cleansing (13 liver cleanses with olive oil grape fruit mixture), had my amalgams removed and did edta, recently did edta suppositories and was not remineralizing - also, I have had hard times digesting my food on and off because of sluggish liver after cleanses. Often had floating stool but not currently. My stool is well formed but is not dark, more orangeish... I hope this helps some. Thanks so much

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Anthony: I am happy to hear about the fungus that is going away with the alkalizing effects of baking soda and other remedies I have mentioned previously. I expected that some water soluble vitamin, especially B to occur after the long term fungus recovery. Receding gums are usually require relatively simple remedy using niacinamide. Lack of bone remineralization is quite often lack of sun exposure, and vitamin D2 or D3, and vitamin K2 (from fermented Natto or in pure K2 form).

Most of the problems of receding gums that I am aware of comes from the recovering sickness of fungus, which lead to vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin B complex deficiency that needs to be addressed, in addition to some vitamin C.

Most of dietary phosphorous are often adequate from most foods, such as fruits. The gums should be recovering with the vitamin B100 complex, which are B1, B2, B3, B6, B7 100 mg, while, B9, B12 are usually 100 mcg, with others such as choline barbitrate and others found in typical B vitamin formulation. Generally I will take about 5 days out of a week B complex usually for the first two weeks. Thereafter a maintenance dose of three times a week (equally spaced) might be sufficient.



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