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Natural Cures for Boils

Last Modified on May 04, 2016


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Posted by Sharon (Valdosta, Georgia) on 06/03/2008
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Boil remedy: A powder that contains Zinc (Ammens) applied several times a day seems to work best for me.

Replied by Goofyphil
Auckland, New Zealand
5 out of 5 stars

TUMERIC TUMERIC TUMERIC. Well iv had a boil for a week now thought it would never go away. Just made some tumeric into a paste with milk put it on the boil covered it and within an hour its started to drain YAY

Replied by Nikki
Olivehurst, Ca, United States
So once your infections have a head, they drain on their own & heal? Every time I've had a mrsa boil I always have to squeeze it to get the stuff out & it just keeps on growing and making a huge hole in my skin. I always end up caving & going to the doctor. I'm afraid its going to spread & kill me. :(
Replied by Todayishine
New York, New York
No matter what I used to cause boil to burst and drain, whether hot salt bath or VVR to name a few, to get it to close nicely, I gently clean area and put a little hydrogen peroxide a folded to size soft paper towel and apply to area. I let it stay on a few hours or even over night. It always closes the open boil beautfully and quickly, no more than a couple of days and sometimes faster.