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Last Modified on Sep 09, 2012

ACV for Facial Hair, Good or Bad?

09/09/2012: Jess from Melbourne, Australia: Hi there, After I got off the pill I had a bad reacting to it and got a lot of facial hairs. I have been applying ACV to my face mixed with green tea because I have some acne and black heads but I feel as though the ACV is making my hairs grown more. My question is if I drink ACV can it help regulate my hormones and get rid of this excess facial and body hair? Or is applying it making my hair stronger because I heard ACV can do that as well?

05/23/2013: Caroline from Detroit, Mi replies: If this happened after taking the pill, your hormones are probably imbalanced. You should go right to the cause and use God's natural remedies. Herbal medicine is amazing for restoring hormonal balance. See the comment by the herbalist for the frequently asked question "Can I permanently remove hair?" She mentions Saw Palmetto. I had a lot of success with that along with Dong Quai. My favorite herbal company is Mountain Rose Herbs. My mom is an herbalist actually and she has been using the company for years. She studied under the head, too, Dr. Watkins. The company is local to where I am, Southeast Michigan, but even so they do business with people from around the country. The herbs are all distilled in neutral grain spirits, so the tinctures last forever. It's important to get good quality herbs, regardless of where you purchase them (or if you make them yourself then more power to you! ) because you want the full benefit of the nutritiont the plant contains, and a lot of them are super processed or contain fillers/atrificial crap. Always check the ingredients closely, and I would say do not use the pill forms.

Is There Any Remedy to Make Hair on Legs Grow in Lighter and Thinner?

02/01/2012: Sophie from Dayton, Ohio, Usa: Hi EarthClinic! I have been struggling to find the best solution to this problem for a while now. I am of German descent with very fair, sensitive skin. I also have very coarse, dark hair on my legs. Currently I shave my legs, sometimes with a disposable razor in the tub, and sometimes with an electric razor. I have tried waxing, but my skin is too sensitive. Is there something I can do to make the hairs grow in softer, lighter, and thinner? Right now it is so difficult to shave, and I have to go over the same areas multiple times to get all the hairs and this irritates my skin. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!!

04/02/2012: Lucy from Yerevan, Armenia replies: Mint oil, I have done it and no more hair on my upper lip
05/30/2012: Jasmina from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe replies: Hey, can I ask... What do you do with mint oil? Do you consume it or apply it to the area where your body hair is? Thanks!
09/12/2012: Lucy from Armenia replies: dear Jasmina, first I drink lot of mint tea, after my periods during 5-7 days, it decreases the level of testosteron in your body, I also applied the oil on my upper lip and chin, and no more hair... but on my body I still have, I need to continue drinking the tea.
09/13/2012: Gail from Ny, Us replies: Spearmint or peppermint tea and oil? What brand of tea and oil do you use?
09/18/2012: Lucy from Armenia replies: hi Gail, the oil is a very ordinary mint oil, I buy it here in the shops, locally produced, as for the spearmint or peppermint, I rellay don't know which one is it, I still think that the tea is more important than the oil.
07/04/2013: Perfektangel29 from Brooklyn, New York replies: Where can I get mint tea and mint oil from?

Remedy Needed for Chin and Upper Lip

09/01/2008: Rebecca from Manhattan Beach, USA: What is a good and effective hair retardant rub for the chin and upper lip. Thanks,

09/02/2008: Kerry from Perth, Australia replies: I have noticed that facial hair increases when I or you have adrenal exhaustion. I suggest that you do al you can to improve your nutrition to support your adrenals so that they can product your hormones naturally. The facial hair will then correct itself. Some suggestions for nutrition are: adequate protein (at least 60grams per day), celtic salt, but you must have all nutrients in adequate amounts to support healing.

Natural Treatment for Hirsutism Needed

07/03/2008: Sarah from Northern, NJ: Any natural treatment for Hirsutism??? Im 26 yr female, with extreme facial/body hair. I want to do something natural to help reduce facial/body hair. Is there any thing out there that can help balance my hormones, so I stop producing a lot of male hormones rather than female hormones? It's one of the most embarassing conditions... I wax my face (but hair comes back in a WEEK), I & other women who suffer from this embarssing condition.. need help. Thanks in advance.

07/03/2008: EC replies: Please check the remedies (including Ted's Q&A) on this page:
07/04/2008: Joyce from Joelton, Tn replies: Hi Sarah, Are you possibly on some medication that can cause the hirsutism? The first one that comes to mind that will cause it is Dilantin.

Permanent Remedies?

02/12/2007: Egyptian Karma from Egypt: PLEASE, i need help urgently on this, does anyone know of a formula or something that when taken would stop the excess growth of body hair? i have so much hair on my body, i use egypt ways to remove it, it's very good and leaves my skin in a great condition, but i would highly appreciate it if there's a natural way to get rid of it permanently, i can not afford laser, thanks in advance.

02/15/2007: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is difficult to say, since I don't know whether you are a woman or a man. If you are a woman, it may be that the ovaries are not producing enough estrogen and you have excess male hormones. Basically the ovaries are getting calcified but can be restored to normal by just taking some magnesium supplements, which is somewhat antagonistic, with calcium, and also taking some apple cider vinegar or lemon with baking soda.

The usual formula is 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda taken three times a day. Or you can use one whole lime and approximately 1/2 to 1 level teaspoons of baking soda with water. Taken for two weeks should help stabilize the hormones. Certain medications can cause terrible hair growth such as medrol and other similar medicines. Peppermint oil has somewhat of an estrogen effect and can help relieve some hormonal imbalances also if taken a couple of drops 3 times a day.

In case of men, maybe it is the same with woman where there is excess male hormones being produced, and therefore peppermint oil and licorice extract might help in certain cases. Generally magnesium should help balance the hormones and you can take that in the form of sunflower oil. Evening primrose oil might help, but try the other ones first.

10/19/2007: Gina from Alex City, AL replies: Excessive Hair on Women-- I have been an herbalist for over 20 years and I have to disagree about the lack of estrogen being the cause. The cause is too much estrogen and too much testosterone. A women should do Agnus Castus on days 14-28 of her period, along with progesterone cream to cut off the estrogen. She could also benefit from Saw Palmetto on those days also. The first day of the menstrual cycle is the first day of her period and so would be counted as day 1. I have helped many women with this problem and also to help women get pregnant who could not get pregnant because of too much estrogen which is so prevalent in our society due to all the chemicals and hormones added to foods, not to mention birth control pills, etc.



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