Natural Cures for a Bladder Infection: Q&A

Last Modified on Feb 07, 2013

Side Effects of a Urinary Tract Infection

02/07/2013: J from UK: Dear Ted, I live in such an inhumane condition and suffer unbearable pain. I've had many UTIs since 2005. I was given massive doses of antibiotics, suffered C diff, went into abrupt menopause and suffered atrophic vaginitis. My doctor made me use creams that I was allergic to on my genitalia. It was discovered too late that the creams ruined my stratum corneum. My genital skin is so thin and atrophic, it cannot tolerate anything on it, and so I now cannot use HRT. I can't sit or do normal activities, so I am hoping that a plastic surgeon will be able to help with the skin. I have used H202 and Borax for the last few years to stop the UTI's. Unfortunately, I have just suffered a really bad one. Even 2 tsps of salt, H0202, lemon/sodium bicarbonate would not stop it. I eventually had to take Trimethoprim. The pain is something that I cannot tolerate any more. My vulval skin is inflamed every day, so I must prevent all infections.

The C diff bouts left me with allergies to penicillin, sulphites, balsam of Peru, nickel and lactose intolerant. I was told on 4 occasions to hold an antibiotic powder in my bladder for hours, which eventually ruined the lining. I then got small polyps which they treated as cancer. Cancer has been gone for 4 years but I still get UTIs, mainly E coli (once got resistant E coli). I am going to use one of your remedies that helped a woman who suffered for 20 years. This is what I think you want me to do:

  • For 3 months - Take 1000mg Lysine powder every hour 4 x day Do I take it 4 x a day, every day for 3 months?
  • Every day Take Ascorbic Acid with last meal of day BUT how much should I take?
  • Every day I drink 2 litres of water with teaspoon of sea salt. Have to drink so much because I get a lot of debris that I have to clear. My urologist said I must drink between 2-3 litres a day to clear it. I could drink another litre of water with a teaspoon of sea salt if you think a total of teaspoon of sea salt/day is safe and won't dehydrate me.

I am trying to locate beta sitosterol 25 mg but I can only find higher doses. Can I use a higher dose? I don't think I could use any aloe vera oil because of my sulphite allergies.

I take magnesium chloride (50-50 solution) with meals. How many drops should I take? Should I just change to Mg citrate 250 mg a day because of my sodium intake? Also, would 250mg be too much if I am only getting 300mg of calcium a day? I'm 56 yrs old, postmenopausal and extremely skinny. There is osteoporosis in my family, so because I am lactose intolerant I take 300mg calcium carbonate with 1000 iu Vit D/day.

I live on vegetables, NO fruit except for the occasional apple or kiwi, brown rice, NO dairy, potatoes, sunflower oil (in cooking), extra virgin olive oil (in cooking), creamed coconut and coconut oil for fat, Brazil nuts (8 nuts 2 x a day), all meats and take digestive enzymes with each meal. I cannot tolerate any sugar. My system is so bad; I am trying to arrange faecal transplants to help reboot my system. The sulphite allergies cause diet choice problems and so I cannot put on any weight. I cannot risk diarrhoea or loose motions because it inflames my genital skin. I only ever drink salt water or water from cooked vegetables. I was told that I can only drink the salt water on an empty stomach is this true? At the moment I've stopped drinking Borax for fear of loose motions and I now only inhale H202. Do you think it would be good to take Boron in the form of boric acid tablets, 3mg a day?

This is my last year of survival. I desperately want to live, but I cannot stand the inflammation and pain on my genital skin anymore. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

02/08/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is a well known fact that the cause of a sulfite allergy is a molybdenum deficiency. The supplement I use in Thailand is sodium molybdate, at 10 to 100 mg a day for only a week or two.

Most allergies come from milk products, particularly cheeses, which contain the amino acid tyramine that causes all kinds of allergies. Actually all vegetables oils should be avoided as they are trans fats. The best form of alkalization before sleep to get your pH up to 7 has always been sodium citrate and potassium citrate, but if these cannot be found then sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate, or potassium carbonate. At night you can take 1/4 teaspoon sodium citrate and 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate, as being more favorable to pH balance.

Other common allergies derive from wheat products, and the simplest remedy is to consume grains like rice instead. In fact the secret to Asians not being overweight--and that is after a decade long study as to why--is actually simple, avoiding wheat products, sweets and fats (especially trans fat). These alone are mostly responsible for a lot of health issues.

The one thing that often leads to any chronic conditions, and this I have found in a majority of clients (about 80%), is the lack of stomach acid. And the best treatment for now is hydrochloric acid taken throughout the day, especially before and during meals. The hydrochloric acid I prefer is 30% to 35% concentrated Hydrochloric acid, 4 drops per 250 cc of water. (I believe the maximum is around 6 drops per 250 cc). The reason why stomach acid is so important is pathogens are introduced that way, in the digestive tract where if there is insufficient protection from stomach acids, this would cause havoc in the entire system. If people avoid beef broth, glycine and gelatin, this will cause havoc in the digestive system too, see if this is true. When was the last time you are gelatin, beef broth, or some high glycine foods such as seaweed? Others are crustaceans and ostrich meats (it actually tastes better then beef steaks). If the person with chronic conditions has sufficient stomach acids, then the cause of these conditions is always a circulation issue, common ones are both the blood viscosity and cholesterol being very high.

The best oil I always mention to my clients has always been coconut oil for a chronically ill patient, but vegetable oil (which are trans fat) and olive oil cannot be consumed. Coconut oil is always easy to digest, helps constipation and removes toxins in this way.

The one thing that is most important, and I know this from Edgar Cayce from the early 1900s, is the elimination system or constipation. If you are constipated, remedying that condition is the most important thing you can do for yourself. If you are constipated the cures that have helped are vitamin B6 taken with every meal, Hydrochloric acid taken with every meal, and plenty of water.

Calcium carbonate helps short term problems, but I don't use this supplement often as it leads to long term constipation, urinary difficulties, stones, cancer and in fact I can get anybody's low calcium level to normal just by alkalization such as baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water, taken at night.

I usually used low dose beta sitosterol because anything more is too much for the body to handle, maybe 100 mg is my maximum.

There are two things to help rid of genital inflammation the simplest is your urine applied to inflammation about 10 minutes, the urea content in urine helps dissolve the allergens. The other I might try is a sodium thiosulfate solution of any concentration applied to the genital area for about 10 minutes.

I was told that I can only drink the salt water on an empty stomach is this true?

No not true. It can be taken anytime.

At the moment Ive stopped drinking Borax for fear of loose motions and I now only inhale H202.

If you are experiencing loose bowel movements then you are taking too much borax. Lower the dose by 1/2. Diarrhea is an osmolyte imbalance, as a result of taurine and betaine deficiency. Betaine is found in high amounts in beets. Also consider trimethylglycine. And quite possibly your homocysteine is about 10, the ideal homocysteine for me is 6 to 8. If you are having breathing difficulty try ammonium chloride. With a 10% solution spray the room and breath this in, as this may help too. Usually most lung conditions are due to fungus or molds, and the best natural remedy is an ammonium chloride and urea solution of similar concentrations.

These complementary and alternative medicine therapies will not resolve all your problems, but will resolve a majority of the problem. Most men are deficient in zinc, and most women are too in chronic conditions, and most are deficient in lysine and glycine if chronically ill, besides having a B6 and Hydrochloric acid deficiency.


11/10/2014: Judy_aus from Australia replies: Hi Ted,

just a question in regards to genital inflammation. You wrote the simplest is your urine applied to inflammation about 10 minutes, the urea content in urine helps dissolve the allergens.

How do you apply the urine? Sit in it for 10 minutes? Doesn't urine get full of bacteria once it reacts with oxygen?

Thank you.

Group B Strep in Non-pregnant Woman

04/19/2012: Hollie from Anonymous: Hi Ted, I have been following your recommendations on Earth Clinic for a couple of years now. I am very impressed by your suggestions and have tried a few that worked. In the past couple of years I have developed itching and foul odor in my belly button. A culture showed I have Group B Strep there. Recently, I had a Pap Smear and discovered that I had colonization of Group B Strep there as well. I have had unexplained vaginal itching and like a "coating" of discharge for about 5 years. Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast have been ruled out. I was informally diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis. But I also have vitiligo that covers that part of my body and 40% of my entire body for more than 20 years. Most recently (2 weeks ago), I have been diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection that was cultured and came back as Group B Strep. I was put on Amoxicillin and after taking it 3/day for 10 days I have had no relief and now I have a really bad yeast infection. I tried the sea salt and Vitamin C remedy last night with no success. I am going to try homemade boric acid suppositories starting tonight and continuing for 14 days unless you have a better suggestion (for the yeast infection). I have also started today D-Mannose (2500 mg capsules) I have read the thread on Earth Clinic about UTIs and Bladder Infections but I suspect most of those are caused mainly by E. coli. Doctors usually don't care if you suffer from GBS as long as you aren't pregnant as it can kill your baby. I am really struggling with what to do about this. I have also been taking 10 drops 3/day of Colloidal Silver for over 3 weeks to help with a skin rash that developed out of the blue under my arms and spread to my chest, thighs and arms.

This is just a snap shot of what I deal with. I know you probably talk to a lot of really ill people, much worse than myself. I appreciate your time to reply in advance. You may publish as much or as little as you wish of this on Earth Clinic. My hope is that a new thread would be started dedicated to Group B Strep in Non-Pregnant women. A google search suggests I am not the only one with this very real problem.

Basic stats about me: 28 year old, Caucasian female, general health is way too much to type here but, if you are really interested I would be more than glad to share!

Thanks so much in advance.

04/24/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is a matter of application and timing that makes it effective. For example the proper dosage I used for amoxicillin, is not 3 times a day, it is hourly doses for 4 doses for only one day. And the sea salt is taken before amoxicillin is taken by 30 minutes, and the reason why they get infected too easily is the lysine deficiency, such as 1000 mg every hour for four hours for a week maximum. The mannitol can be taken at the same time amoxicillin is taken, at least alternatively between amoxicillin doses. I usually rarely use antibiotics beyond days. It is usually given one day and that's it. If you want to ensure amoxicillin works make sure vitamin C and lysine taken hourly for 4 doses for 2 days, then start amoxicillin, however the lysine and vitamin C is continued for one week. A strict no carbohydrate, no fruit, no honey be done during the entire week of treatment. The sea salt is taken 1 teaspoon first thing in the morning for the week also. It is the timing and frequency and combination of therapies that make them effective.

One thing to kill the bacteria, is zinc acetate (but zinc gluconate will do I guess) is taken at 20 mg a day for a week is needed.

I have treated a women of urinary tract infection that has been in her with her for 20 years (yes been through all the hospitals), but it took about 1 1/2 months, and that one was the toughest one I seen. Maybe I'm an optimist.

The lysine is taken to help build up the collagen walls in the bladder for quicker healing. the best way that I prefer, in healing of the bladder especially the women with a 20 year infection I mentioned is she took it for 3 months, which is long after the infection is gone! Aloe vera oil or beta sitosterol (25 mg) is needed for healing also. If it doesn't heal it will get reinfection. And drink 1/4 teaspoon a day of sea salt long after they are gone because salinity is needed to prevent reinfection.


07/31/2013: Hum3 from New Orleans, La replies: HI Ted~ I'm somewhat confused by your answer for the UTI and Group B Strep-- zinc acetate, C, lysine for UTI (e. coli) too?. I too was diagnosed with GBS during pregnancy and had to take a round of Antibiotics just before my child's birth. Because I had midwives we first tried garlic cloves which diminished but did not entirely clear up the GBS entirely so a round of antibiotics was taken. Anyway, that was 7 years ago. 12 years ago I felt like my body was shutting down as food was not being digested well, fungus on skin and was so tired I could barely put one foot in front of the other -- two symptoms was the back and forth between yeast and vaginitis-- took antibiotics and yeast cremes. 12 years ago I met a healer that got me started on the right track with anti-fungal therapy. cut out yeast, sugar, beer etc from diet. I am healthier today but now have been suffering from a UTI (e. coli) for over a year. There is no pain now but cloudy urine and strong smell-- especially when I am working hard. I did a yeast cleanse earlier this year but it did not clear the UTI. I am now on a sugar free diet and have been taking D-Mannose which seemed to help some--and lots of organic, pure cranberry juice.

I have stubbornly not wanted to do antibiotics because of the wreckage to my system from the years earlier-- and my continuous quest for good health. I already eat grey salt with meals-- high mineral content, drink mineral water, etc. When I am working it is extremely intense so I do stress my body when away -- Would you pLease clarify what I need to do next- I am a little confused by what is for GBS and what is for the UTI.

lysine, zinc acetate, vitamin C? More?

THANK-YOU so much for your answer.

Pregnancy and Bladder Infection Symptoms

01/31/2012: M from Anonymous: Dear Ted, I have a bladder infection according to urine test, but I have no frequent urge to urinate and burning sensation while urinating. I have slight pain in my bladder and lower back pain. My doctor prescribed me antibiotic Cefuroxim 500 mg for a week. I don't want to take antibiotic. I tried your sea salt remedy and pain in bladder has gone and able to get emptied my bladder in one trip to bath but still feeling pain in lower back pain. I don't know whether it is due to pregnancy or pain in kidneys. I am afraid of UTI consequences during pregnancy and confused about what to do? Take antibiotic or home remedy? I have also tried cranberry juice 30% sweetened with grapes juice and taking 2000 mg vitamin c with baking soda. But tried these all home remedies separately. Please help me what I must do? I will be very thankful to you. I know you are very busy person. Thanks for giving me your precious time.

Thanks in advance.

01/31/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The lower back pain is usually caused by magnesium deficiency, I used magnesium citrate (technical name: trimagnesium citrate), or magnesium chloride. Magnesium citrate is a bit harder to absorb and I believe a saturated solution of magnesium citrate (mixed in water of equal amount) at 8 drops twice a day before meals may help. The antibiotics tend to cause molybdenum deficiency over the long term and lead to candida overgrowth, also. The B3 niacinamide is used to prevent that also. If the cause is kidney pain the best remedy is threonine 70% and BCAA (branched chain amino acid) 30%, mixture, and assam tea at one teaspoon three times a day, where hot water is poured onto the tea, and is drank with the tea leaves also. If cysts is the cause is to avoid oxalic rich foods, and take more B6 and vitamin C.


01/31/2011: M replies: "Hello Ted! Thank you so much for very very quick response. You have solved my great problem. I will definitely follow your advice. I think the back pain is due to pregnancy because in general I don't have any kidney disease. I mean by kidney pain pain due to UTI. I have already magnesium citrate powder bought but did not use due to acidic saliva during pregnancy. Now I will take it. Thanks once again."

02/01/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Acidic saliva maybe due to a potassium deficiency, the preferred form is potassium citrate (technical name tripotassium citrate) about 1/4 teaspoon after meals at 1 time a day, preferably 30 minutes after dinner. It takes a long time to alkalize the saliva, but it will eventually be alkaline, usually takes about 1 to 2 months, but if too much may cause diarrhea, and helps relieve constipation, and also may relieve some of back pain too, but mostly it's the magnesium.


Nursing Mom with Bladder Infection Containing Blood

09/08/2008: Anonymous : Dear Ted:

One minute I'm totally fine and the next I'm rushing to the potty with the sensation to pee like never before and out comes blood, clots and what looked like bits of flesh. The pain was unbelievable (no burning, just crazy pain with what felt like my bladder spazing out big time and seizing up) and shortly after that (like maybe 15 mins) had to go again with even more of what happened the first time. After six visits to the rest room in a matter of an hour and all this pain I sent myself to the urgent care clinic. Total of about 7 hours torture and a prescription for amox/clav, I am sitting here freaking out because I absolutely don't want to take any antibiotics (avoid them like the plague) plus I am nursing and I don't want my 8 week old getting any of this junk either! Anyway, here it is at the 2am hour and for the past 30 mins. my urge to go is next to nothing and the last time I went the blood was dimenished quite a bit from the last time - still hurt like a you know what (could this have been passing a stone rather than a UTI?? but wouldn't have seen the stone?) ...story told, I saw your remedies on EC and took the 1 tsp sea salt and really want to try the Org ACV/honey but am afraid because I can't tolerate either one. Honey just plain messes me up inside - I feel very sick after I eat honey and when I eat apples or drink apple juice (all organic) my ears are clogged for days and I get terrible vertigo. Any suggestions - should I just deal with the vertigo and do the ACV anyway - the benefits seem amazing, maybe take just a tiny amount at first then more and more so my body can tolerate it...ahhh...what to do??? thanks for any input and I hope it was ok to send this email.

P.S. btw, forgot to mention that i also saw your herbal remedies, but i'm not sure those are even ok for nursing moms...thanks, appreciative of any input

09/11/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Some people have low sugar tolerance, whether they be honey or anything sweet. A more logical remedy appears to be d-mannose or possibly d-mannitol. Sea salt usually works well together with d-mannose. Some people assume, like me to have a low sea salt tolerant, until I got the pain and it works. However, a general remedy is cranberry juice, or d- mannose will clear the pain. Most pain in that area is bacterial and that's why antibiotics are given. Most xylitol and sugar free gums contain aspartame and that makes the condition much worse. In general a combination of sea salt and cranberry help. To help further, sometimes green tea with sea salt also helps. Depending on urinary pH, a pain can be quite bad if the urine pH is acid, such as pH below 5.5. In that case, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, wait 15 minutes, take a diluted cranberry juice, and another 15 minutes with a sea salt should usually help reduce the pain. Colloidal silver has been tried before. It doesn't work. If the infection is external, washing urinary tract area with plain vinegar or apple cider vinegar will further prevent newer infection introduce. It should be noticed that acid urine can cause burning sensations and sometimes baking soda followed by sea salt or cranberry will usually do the trick. General home remedies are safe, antibiotics tend to accumulate heavy metals, which are free radicals and may harm the baby if these do reach the baby during term pregnancy.


10/12/2008: Beth from Salem, NH replies: Please stop telling people to use salt or baking soda. Both will highly aggravate interstitial cystitis. IC is not like regular cystitis, there is no bacteria to kill. Sodium will greatly injure the bladder in IC. Avoid it scrupulously.
01/26/2012: Jenifer from Los Angeles, Ca replies: Baby, Baby please get on a high quality acidophilus supplement. I had this same horrible, dysfunctionally, sickening problem as all you guys, I used to go to the hospital and could'nt wal ALL the time, before I discovered "Femdophilus". They have a website, its $30 for a bottle of 60 capsules, a month to every other month supply. Other High quality, expensive acidophilus supplements are good too. I stretch one bottle out for 60 days, when I'm just trying to prevent a reoccurence.

Anyways, it's the only thing that worked for me and trust and believe, I tried everything!!!!!!

Take 2 to 3 pills everyday for up to 2 weeks until the infection is gone with lots of water. Than one pill a day every day for the rest of your life as a preventative. Works, I promise!

Bladder Infection Help Needed Paraplegic with Foley Catheter

05/17/2008: K. : Hi Ted! I have read your info on acv and sea salt and I am going to definitely try it!! I do have a guestion---I am a paraplegic and have a foley catheter. I was wondering if you have any advice for me ? I had uti and bladder infec. before my accident, because I do NOT drink enough water--never have and still do not! Thanks for any information and God Bless!

05/18/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes. The common source of infection in a urinary tract infection comes from the use of foley catheter. Therefore the best remedies is just to add some sea salt in most drinking water, except when there is a urinary tract infection that I am forced to take more sea salt but at only one dose. Such as one teaspoon per glass of water. Other supplements such as mannose (found in cranberry juice) are often synergistic with the remedy. Xylitol is a possible substitute.

For a paraplegic it is very important for me at least NOT to take any foods that damages the brain with aspartame or monosodium glutamate. The MSG food industries are smart enough to hide it under various names as hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, potassium glutamate, and other names. Aspartic acid should be minmized and are hidden in supplements.

It's usually ideally best to avoid processed food altogether if possible. The excitotoxins that I found most dangerous for me that lead to deafness and macular degeneration with me in the past aspartame and are hidden in many children's multivitamins (one that came to mind was Flintstone's vitamins), and many pharmaaceuticals where they are often added in many "effervescent tablets"

To help some recovery, I think baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken either twice or two times a day and some improvement should be noted on the third or fourth week in terms of neurological problems. Basically spinal cords are much slower to heal than it is the brain, from accident of course.

I have recently had a friend, a Ph.D. scholar who got some robbers stole her purse while riding on a bike at Hyderabad India, and in the process of pushing her down, her head landed on concrete. While most MRI scans don't detect tissue changes, the metabolic conditions of the brain does changed through a SPECT scan. The recover was quick when there's an accident usually from vitamin E (to prevent blood clots which is often clots the brain) and the most important ones that helps paraplegic condition, as well as brain fog is vitamin C sodium ascorbate, hydergine and piracetam (the 800 mg kind). The hydergine and piracetam is often taken once every two days, but during accident it is taken for 4 days straight, before there's a gradual decrease in improvement. If this is continued on the 7th day, then there is a negative improvement. Hence, the hydergine and piracetam is not taken beyond 4 day rule. But on maintenance dose it's taken about once every two days. This should help
the most.

Granulated lecithin 2 tablespoon a day, usually before meals will help the brain produced myelin, but it should be noted that aspartame (sweet n' low) and hidden in processed food will damage them leading to worsening of conditions, such as found in Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, but also many diet products, even in yogurt. Tomatoes has methanol attached to the pectin, although much less toxic than diet products, I would avoid also from possible neural problems.

While the baking soda is not a perfect formula for alkalizing the brain, it does the job in the long run, but a more immediate effect in alkalizing the brain and this can be noticed the change (cooling down of the brain - as noticed by our feelings for thought processes) is the use of what scientist called the "carbicarb" formula which is nothing more than sodium carbonate 50%(washing soda) plus 50% baking soda. My remedy uses 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carboante, in 1/2 glass of water taken usually twice a day.

A drinking water should regularly add sea salt at least 1/4 teaspoon per liter of drinking water so that the salinity of the bladder will increase. The PROBLEM about drinking just PLAIN water is that it lacks salinity and when salinity is down, the bladder gets infected much easier, such as Urinary Tract Infection. Many people don't know and thought drinking more water is healthy. Yes it is, at least it solves dehydration, but it creates another problem on a large scale popularity: the unexplained urinary tract infection. It took me more than two years to figure out until one day I had them myself and tried the "usual" conventional medicine and other things which obviously didn't work at all and decided to try my old idea of sea salt that was up in my shelves of things I like to do, if I am sick, which was sea salt remedy. It worked within minutes the pain stopped and only one single dose was sufficient. Refusing to believe it I tested on my sister, than another British
gentleman, and a couple of more Australians which turns out to work quite consistently well, with exception of one tough case that required cranberry juice and sea salt.

Therefore as a prevention, a seal salt should be usually added and if the water is TOO SALTY, regardless of how less sea salt was added, it indicates there is EXCESS heavy metals in the drinking water. Excess heavy metals is not helpful as it prevent brain cells from healing and if that happens, I will drinking Reverse Osmosis water with ADDED sea salt (any brands is fine with me, Celtic, Dead Sea, Himalayan). I just used a local Thai sea salt was fine with me. Also if long term drinking, of water I find later that it is heavy metals, then it is best that I take chelation, using chlorella/ spirulina once every two days, or cilantro once every two or three days, of a modest amount. A cilantro, such as a teaspoon of it eaten fresh and directly is preferable.

The other that is important is the omega 3, which in United States have a 20 to 1 ratio on omega 6 to omega 3, but ideally it should be 2: 1 or 1:1. Its the Japanese (with longest lifespan) who has omega 3 close to the optimum, but also Magnesium supplements is also needed, to help with muscle pain and muscle tightness which often accompanies accident victims, which sometimes causes poor posture. Actually it was the result of the accident trauma, that causes muscles to be stiff that lead to poor posture after the accident. So Magnesium gluconate 250- 500 mg a day should within a month helped along with baking soda to the condition of less muscle pain and bad nightmares which often occurs in some people. It takes about a month of magnesium to notice improvements in muscle pain and posture.

Therefore omega 3 or fish oil, (new bottles, never near expiry date!), is taken at least once a day is what I would do to normalize the Omega 6 and Omega 3 to a more reasonable ratio.

In some conditions of accident (assuming there was a brain trauma), then astenia might result from such a condition. Astenia, I have managed to cure just taking baking soda, but also reducing the amount of fruits intake. At the time one person had astenia was simply taking too much fruits. Fruits are o.k and healthy but fruit juices and taking too frequently is not because of the fructose which tends to glycate the proteins and also leads to insulin insensitivity. Manufacturers make it worse by adding "corn syrup" "fructose", "maltodextrin" and its not helpful. Neither is hotdogs and bologna, which contains peroxynitrate which kills off the brain cells and slow down the recovery, and they are found in large amounts from smoked products, cured meats, and dried meats. Fish and chicken, especially fish along with some complex carbohydrate (brown rice), but never wheat, can be eaten, since wheat seems to cause precipitous rise in blood pressure and cranial blood pressure
especially which aggravates the condition. Wheat are acid forming food, so rice are often used as substitute for grain products. As to some amino acid supplements to speed up healing, there are two that I think is most helpful for accident victims:

Amino acid supplements.
Whey protein (2- 4 tablespoon) only in the morning.

Those help with general healing, and deep massage and other physical therapies also help, but only in areas where there is muscle tightening. The use of cat's purr sound are quite useful too in general healing especially from bones and muscle problems. I played it and it helped stopped my long term neck pain and other things when supplements aren't working.

02/14/2012: Michael from W.frankfort, Illinois replies: I've been a para now going on 25 yrs. Now. I've had my share of utis. Started from the old clean cath method. After being on penicillin, cipro, and bactim ds over the years they'd go away for awhile and come back again. My guess is that you become immuned to the antibiotics over time and then started to use a roll on or condom cath in between cathing every 4 hrs. I tried the texas cath and had trouble with them blowing off and found that the freedom cath which has a glue type substance worked better, then i'd disconnect the leg bag, or night bag and run the straight cath through the hole in the roll on cath to drain my bladder and reconnect the freedom cath only later to find out that when you void, your penis contracts like a turtle hiding his head in its shell, so I found a thing called a posey strap which has velco around a foam strecthable strap which are washable and reusable for about 3 to 4 wks.

After years of this, I was married to an unfaithful wife and was worried about catching a disease so I went to a foley cath to avoid having sex with her. I noticed that I started to get more utis and took the meds and they'd go away and come back weeks to months later and the pain got worse as time went by. So I talked to my Dr. And he prescibed me one 50m. G. A day of pyridium for the pain. Your urine will turn from dark red to lighter as the day goes by and it starts to work within an hour. After 9 years I went back to straight cathing again but the ditropan dryed my mouth out so bad that I couldn't take it anymore and switched to vesicare.

Yrs. later I had such a bad bladder infection and no one seemed to find a cure so I went back to the foley cath. I ended up moving to Miss. and a specialist found out that I had a staph infection in my bladder so he sent me to the hospital to get a shot of rociperin 500m. G. once a day in my buttocks for 10 days at the same time daily, done at the local hospital and it was gone. Then the Dr. Put me on Macrobid 50m. G. once daily and the infections stayed away and I went back to straight cathing again and back to having just one sexual partner again after my divorce. Now I'm back in Illinois and they(medicare and/or medicaid will not pay for Macrobid(a. K. A. )Nitroflurunate that I've had to go back to the foley cath after being off it so long cause another untreatable infection and even though I can't feel my penis every man out there doesn't feel good about just having to use your tongue or fingers cause you feel insecure that your partner will go elsewhere. I'm seeing another specialist in 2 months and will keep you or whoever is interested up-dated.

All I know for sure is that if you change your foley cath twice a month instead of once a month that illinois won't pay for 2 a month only one, greatly reduces your chances of infections period. I know from experience over the years. I'm a t-10 complete and had 4 bone splinters go in my spinal cord and also had my t-9, and t-11 fractured as well.

Abdominal Surgery, Ovary Removed, Now Chronic Bladder Infections

05/09/2008: Anonymous : helped me so much with recuperating from my hysterectomy surgery over a year ago! Thank you. I underwent more abdominal surgery in March and had my right ovary removed due to a fast growing cyst which was causing a lot of pain. My doctor also told me that she had found a few adhesions, I suppose from my previous surgery, which she cleaned up.

My question...I feel terrible still!! Dr. said she is not surprised by this at has only been two months. I am having pain in my right side radiating to my back flank area. Constipation, and serious pressure on the bladder. Over the past year I have had over 8 urinary tract infections, and have had two since my surgery in March! I am not sleeping well, and just muddle through my day so I can get home to rest. I have made an observation...when I eat red meat I feel really really bad....I can feel the pressure in my intestine as it works its way through, and have a lot of lower back pain until I can relieve it with a bm. I have started the ACV twice a day, taking a stool softener daily, and also taking Vitalzyme, which is supposed to dissolve scar tissue. I am taking fifteen a day. Any advice you could give me would be so much appreciated!!! I do have an appointment to see a urologist in a couple weeks for the bladder infection problems I am having. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Happy to hear about your recuperating surgery. And sorry about late response!

The adhesions at least in my own observations comes when the body tries to prevent an infection from spreading by building up "adhesions" due to lack of sanitary practices in some surgical rooms.

Therefore there are three major supplements that can lower some of these problematic adhesions form forming more, especially magnesium gluconate, that is required in much larger amounts, such as 500 mg of mganesium gluconate taken 3 or 4 times a day. Zinc gluconate 50 mg, usually taken once a day, and only 5 days out of a week, but should generally not be taken beyond a two month periods, as it may cause lost of appetite and drier skin.

Baking soda is the preferred remedy to discourage pathogen from spreading and reduced adhesions, usually the dose is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. The excess buildup on adhesion is the excessive buildup in pathogens and biofilms that the body creates fibrous material to prevent such a spread. Magnesium and alkalization is the basic, but zinc is needed still. Further growth may be prevented with chromium picolinate as it lowers blood sugar to normal levels starving the bacteria of the needed sugar.

Pressure and Pain

02/22/2008: Jola from McEwen, Tennessee: Hi Again Group! Pubic THANX to Ted for responding with some different remidies for me to try with my bladder/UTI/Urethritis issues. Currently, I do feel that I am improving with the help of Ted and EC! Seems that bladder is feeling more like when this very first started over a year ago. Right now, I feel that my bladder is "heavy" or "stretched" almost like I have a "heavy ball in my lowest abdomen. Is there any remedy for this type of "pain/pressure" feeling? I feel that the remedies that Ted told me to try are starting to help since this is feeling like it is "going into reverse" but, I need something for just this pain/pressure feeling while the natural cures are trying to heal me on the inside.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jola: A stretched bladder is due to muscle problems that is fatigued and needing some recovery. Some vitamin E, vitamin C sodium ascorbate and magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate 250-500 mg per day may help this muscle problems related to the bladder issue. Some aloe vera juice may also help some regeneration and reduce the stretched feelings. A sea salt, d mannose, and other supplements for urinary problem takes a while for a recovery and the pains will reduce bit by bit because of long term bladder issue is what also slows down recovery somewhat although improvement can be seen still.

Urethral Syndrome

02/12/2008: Jola from McEwen, Tennessee: Hi Again Group! Just to update everyone with my message about Urethral Syndrome, just TODAY, the lastest diagonosis is actually Urethritis, which would mean inflammation of the urethra. OK, they decided to keep trying the Doxycycline this I am currently on for this. I literally have 2 medicine cabinets FULL of prescription antibotics and NONE of them have worked, so after about 5 days, the doc would change to ANOTHER antibodic. The pain of this is killing me! It feels like the worst bladder infection on the planet and my lower back aches like a kidney infection, but, the only infection they are finding right now is some sort of "bacterial infection in my blood." Although, the only symptoms are this terrible bladder pain and lower back ache. This was so bad for me that 2 weeks ago I told them if they did not fix me, I was going to kill myself! I can not image having to live the rest of my life with this terrible pain in my bladder! That is when they prescibed the doxycycline and 2 different vaginal cremes!!! I think all of these awful antibodics and cremes are taking a tole on me! I cant even hardly get up in the mornings and feel terrible for hours!!! I dread going to bed, because I know when I wake up, I will go through this ALL OVER! I dread waking up feeling like that! I just started yesterday on Ted's recipe with the ACV,honey, and soda 3 times a day. Tonight, I also sit in a tub with ACV and salt, as well as a cool shower. Im trying to get used to the COLD shower. Also started inhaling HP. Also, I am ordering some d-mannose.
Is there anyone out there on the forum that can help me? Is there anything else I can do? I even wear a TENS unit to try and deal with this. God Bless, Jola

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jola: A couple of remedies can be applied topically instead of the usual cream. There are two formulas, that I might try depending on whether the bacteria is best suppressed by alkalization or by acidification. It is a topical solution and frequency of application is important. However, a reaction or improvement should be noticed within the first application to find what which is best for the condition:

Three possible formulas to try, since I don't know the bacteria/virus/fungus causing the problem:

acid antiseptic:

1. WHITE DISTILLED VINEGAR in 1.5% hydrogen peroxide. The white distilled vinegar is added 50% to the 1.5% concentration hydrogen peroxide. So the resultant mix we should end up is only 0.75% H2O2. This is a peracetic acid, which kills many thousands of bacteria and viruses. It is applied topically, if too strong, dilute with more water and rinse it if pain is felt, within a minute after application.

alkaline antiseptic

2. Washing Soda (Sodium carbonate) 10% in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, well mixed, is applied to the area to test if this well help reduce externally some pain. If this happens, than I will take the Carbicarb remedy, which is 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice or three times a day. Assuming of course that the urine pH is acid, which usually is if I take antibiotics.

Fungus antiseptic:

3. Borax 5% in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, well mixed is applied to the area. If this is responsive to fungus, than this should work the best. If borax works, I will take the borax remedy mentioned later here.

A wild card remedy:

4. Milk of magnesia is used as a topical solution. If this responds well, than it's a staph bacteria problem and I would probably take a lot more magnesium supplements.

There is a chance one or two remedies mentioned works, it will also indicate what remedies need to be taken internally.

Assuming I found which ones results in improving the pain, I will often try 1 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water well mixed, In some cases raising the salinity of the urine kills the bacteria that is causing the pain.

Before anything else, it is wise, to measure the pH of the urine and salinity of urine. Although no such equipment for home use is possible for the latter, still I have found that most of the bladder/kidney problems is due to drinking too much water WITHOUT taking any sea salts. Whenever the urine is low in natural salts, and antibiotics causes the urine to be acidic, it causes the bladder/kidney to be a dangerous environment for toxic bacterial growth. Natural salt is a natural antibiotic. And hence the mentioned 1 teaspoon of sea salt. However, it really helps if D-mannose was also taken, but xylitol I have found to be quite useful too. So I might take 1 teaspoon of D-Mannose and/or 1 teaspoon of xylitol in one cup of water along with the 1 teaspoon of sea salt. It should be noted that I may not take more than three times of sea salt. Usually the effect of remedy is seen only in the first dose as to the improvement. I rarely take the sea salt more than three times and usually take it only for one day and quite possibly will take it again within a couple of days later, or a week later.

Assuming I am responsive to a borax remedy, than I will drink 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter drinking water with 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt on a regular basis. As well as perhaps, later, will try to alkalize the urine pH, assuming my urine pH is below 6.5.

A "bacterial infection" in the blood is best remedied with 1/2 tablespoons of 3% H2O2 food grade in 1/2 glass of water taken for every two hours. However taking more than 4 or 5 doses or more may result in a headache. The cure for a headache caused by excess use of hydrogen peroxide food grade is vitamin C, sodium ascorbate. Colloidal silver is also well known against septcemia, which addresses directly the bacteria in blood, and 2 tablespoons can be added, although I will add a couple of drops of H2O2 to the colloidal silver to neutralize the free Silver ions. A silver oxide or some oxygen actually works better than a pure silver one.

I hope the above information helps, but for me it has always been the sea salt (plenty), D-mannose, xylitol to reduce the pain, but alkalization to reduce the kidney problems and some vitamin D2. For blood poisoning or bacteria in the blood, it has always been adding hydogen peroxide 1/2 tablespoon in 1/2 glass of water taken every two hours, but not over do it as it causes headache since bacteria in a blood is a serious one. D Mannose may also help the bacteria in the blood by preventing attachment.

If the condition were ever to improve, chlorella/spirulina and regular 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in 1 liter of drinking water should always be added.

The addition of zinc gluconate 50 mg, once or twice a day taken for 5 days out of a week may be necessary to suppress the bacteria growth also.

Finally, heavy metals from antibiotics used, required in the distant future, chlorella/spirulina, as excess heavy metals suppresses the immune system and there is a chance of a reinfection. Other things include oatmeal and horsetail to increase bacterial resistance from silicon in these foods.

I hope this information helps, as there is little info from urethritis from doctor's diagnosis as to what those bacteria/fungus are.

Urethral Syndrome

02/09/2008: Jola from McEwen, Tennessee: Hi Group! I dont have a remedy yet. I have done searches on this particular ailment, Urethral Syndrome, and I am only coming back with UTI info and I dont know if this would help me.PLEASE, I am looking for members that may have the condition that I have and know what remedy will relieve it. Doctors say I have a bacteria in my urethra, but after 1 1/2 years I still have this and they have tried everything they have to offer for it with no relief in sight. Please, if you have this condition, tell me what to take or do. Sincerely, Jola

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jola:

Years ago, I have found an easy way to cause urinary tract infection, kidney disease, and urethritis just by following some of the worse advice from doctors, which was to drink plenty of water. I never in my entire life have had urinary tract infection, but a doctor told me that I should drink plenty of water as a preventive! That started me on a long course of some of the worse urinary pain in my life and it took me over a month to find what was causing the problem. (How stupid of me!)

It was NOT drinking plenty of water that causes this sickness, it was that whenever I drink a lot of water, the body loses valuable salts that is necessary to KILL the bacteria. The single most important antibiotics along the urinary tract has got to be the sea salt. Drinking plenty of water (which reduces valuable salts) was also an easy way to get HAYFEVER, sneezing, stuffy and runny noses, too. Which is another bad advice I follow from doctors, which was to drink plenty of fluids whenever one has a cold and that prevented me from answering emails for the past couple of days. Again, I took the sea salt and it went away in minutes.

Therefore, to reduce the pain and discourage the bacteria growth, I would leave out, initially of ACV and honey. The honey, if it is diluted promotes bacteria growth and ACV in some cases of people, not all, causes urinary pH to be acidic.

The sea salt remedy for urinary infection where the pain is a problem the best dose I can find and this is a rather low dose is 1 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water. Stir until ALL the sea salt is dissolved, and drink them entirely. The pain at least for me and a lot of people I tried here should be reduced within one single dose and the pain should be reduced within an hour. A second dose may be tried perhaps a couple of days later, but I believe the salts that is needed should be sufficiently to carry through its job for the next couple of days.

The second remedy, I might try, later in the day, perhaps 6 hours later is to help the kidney problem, which is a newer alkalizing remedy such as 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (found in Arm & Hammer's Washin Soda), whereupon I might take twice or three times a day, depending on the condition. But a simple remedy is used here because, CO2 pressure in the kidneys is relatively high and baking soda is relatively ineffective as a reaction with baking soda and acidic urine will result in trace CO2 gases which will have tiny pockets of acid, hence if I used a Sodium carbonate, in presence of acid, and CO2, the sodium carbonate reacts with the body's CO2 to form sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda. A baking soda will further neutralize the carbonic acid to form HCO, then H2CO before becoming H2O and CO2 in the urine. The sodium carbonate therefore makes better buffer, so I would a least try the sodium carbonate to alkalize my urine and kidneys, before I try the sodium carbonate/baking soda mix, or just baking soda in milder conditions. A sodium carbonate/baking soda mix is commonly called in research circle as Carbicarb, to use in resuscitation and CPR work although I found this valuable to removing foamy urine and acidosis which causes kidney problem.

A couple of things that seem to cause kidney problems which is excess acidity, lack of electrolytes (salt) or an imbalance of electrolytes (too much chlorides, fluorides, sulfites, which leads to higher blood pressure).

As to the use of urethra pain for external application and drinks to further kill what the doctors suspect to be a chlamydia, based on the antibiotics given. A d-mannose and xylitol taken, such as 1/2 teaspoon of d- mannose and/or 1/2 teaspoon of xylitol with 1/9 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water taken twice or three times a day might help. Both the xylitol and the d-mannose will prevent attachment of bacteria to the cell lining.

As to the blood infection, I worry a lot about this septicemia, although the 1 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water is helpful for kidney and bladder problems, sometimes the 1 teaspoon of sea salt may not be enought for bacteria in the blood. Hence, if there is still bacteria in the blood as evidenced by low blood pressure and low grade fever, then 1/2 teaspoon of 3% H2O2 food grade in 1/2 glass of water will help further, plus if possible the addition of 1 tablespoon of colloidal silver.

As to external application as a substitute for vaginal cream, the usually in the long run, at least in nature, a valuable antiseptic (such as the ocean's water) is simply salinity and alkalization. This is why the ocean's water are so sterile, salinity is high and its pH is between 7.5-9, with averages 8. To make a stronger solution, 1 glass of water, I add 2 tablespoon of sea salt, and 1 tablespoon of washing soda, and 1 tablespoon of 3% H2O2 (optional), and apply this frequently in intervals of every 15-30 minutes, externally for example.

Finally a zinc gluconate 50 mg, taken once a day for 4 or 5 days should raise the zinc levels to kill some bacterial infections in the bloood.

Assuming some relief on the second week or the third week, then the usual remedies applied, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day. But drinking water, such as adding 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of drinking water should be a good prevention from urinary tract problems.

This is just the basic remedy, at least to reduce most of the pain that has been successful with me so many times. While not complete, admittedly, I will still need further question from you, concerning other problems once it is applied, to find out other clues.

Frequent Urination After Hysterectomy

11/28/2007: Michele from Texas: I am a thirty year old female who has had a complete hysterectomy. Ever since, I have had to urinate very frequently. I get up several times a night and it is becoming a nuisance to say the very least. When the urge strikes I have to go immediately. I've never wet myself or anything like that. I just want to know how to keep from feeling like I always have to go to the restroom and getting up several times a night without going on a prescription medicine.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Michele: One simple remedy to reduce frequent urination, is I mixed in 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid in a drinking water. The humic acid can be sterilized by adding 3 drops of 3% H2O2 in 1/2 glass of water plus that 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid. It seems to reduce the frequent urination. I may be from the high level of hormonal imbalance and free radicals in which humic aicd is efficient in normalizing something, at least in digestion and nutrient absorption.

In other cases a sign of higher than average sugar in the urine may result in this condition. And hence fried food, steak and other heavy meals should be avoided during dinner hours.

One other remedy that may help is the muscles of bladder is not working properly in which vitamin E 400 i.u. may also help.

ACV Caused Bleeding Cyctitis

11/02/2007: Melly Banagale from Austin,, Texas, USA: I am acidic. I took 2 TBSPS organic apple cider vinegar with the mother in it in a gallon of water. I did this for several days. I caused me to have a bleeding cystitis and had to take antibiotics. I did this to alkalize my body. Now i will try the baking and water only. Will let you know if i still develop bleeding cystitis. Melly

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Melly:

Taking pure apple cider vinegar would usually cause the urinary pH to be more acid, and this is hardly conducive to a cystitis. Even if I were to take apple cider vinegar, I would much prefer the 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda as being a more neutral solution. Still this is hardly a remedy for cystitis.

Obviously taking only ACV makes it acid still and most bacteria tend to reside whenever the body is acid. The best way to deal with cystitis in my opinion is a cranberry and sea salt remedy. This means taking some cranberry with only one single dose a week, of about 1-3 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water. A

sea salt is both alkalizing and yet the salt also kills it. Baking soda might help, although my experience has always been the sea salt, baking soda generally don't work, nor does the apple cider vinegar. If anything further can kill the bacteria, is to take some zinc acetate and magnesium citrate supplments, where zinc acetate might be 50 mg every two days and magnesium citrate 250 mg every day. Xylitol may sometimes help, but those are more confined in killing some harmful intestinal bacteria reducing some bacteria load so that the body can heal itself in other areas, such as the bladder.

In case you are wondering why the sea salt, zinc and magnesium. These are natural antibiotics using essential minerals as a way of killing the bacteria that causes cystitis. A baking soda is only supportive or synergistic if only the sea salt, zinc and magnesium were taken FIRST.

Kidney Infection

09/29/2007: T from Oklahoma : Hi TedThanks for your response.....since sending my original email several days ago, my kidney infection is almost gone. I bought some apple-cranberry juice a couple of days ago, as well as, have been drinking a lot of water. I also bought some ACV because I keep seeing it mentioned so much have taken 2 tablespoons per day for the last 3 days. It could be my imagination, but I feel better all the way around since doing so. I take it that ACV is good for just about everything. I welcome any thoughts or ideas you might have.Thanks again

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Tom:My relative's kidney infection was stopped in a matterof 3 days (the doctor actually wanted to remove it)after suffering for almost a year and it stopped bytaking about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glassof water twice a day.

The kidney infection occurs when the urine pH is acid,causing the kidney to digest itself much like stomachacid digesting food. And when the kidney tissues aredamage from acidic medium, the bacteria overtakes thekidney. Hence, alkaline baking soda reduces serumcalcium and bacteria needs a lot of calcium to grow. Asimple apple cider vinegar could help too but over theshort run, it will cause the body to become alkaline when it reacts with the body's available bicarbonate.A longer term solution of baking soda works better inthe long run. Bacteria usually don't grow in analkaline medium. The cranberry and sea salt has morepowerful antibiotics potential, but I believe raisingthe alkalinity first then kill it is a better waytowards kidney recovery, again, that's from my ownexperience.

Coconut Oil a Cure?

04/16/2007: Caroline : Hi. I'd be really interested in knowing more from the lady who took VCO [Virgin Coconut Oil] for bladder problems. I've had such problems for a year and am under a urologist. I started using VCO today and but would like to know how much the other lady took, what brand it was, and if its still working for her. Im happy for you to give her my email address if she wants to contact me direct. If you have heard from others who this has worked for I would also be interested to know. Thanks so much Caroline

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The best remedy for UTI that I tested was sea salt 1 teaspoon in 1 full glass of water taken just only once. This is also taken throughout the day with cranberry juice.

As to the coconut oil in general (they don't have to be virgin coconut oil) the lauric acid is often taken at 1 teaspoon 2 times a day or possibly 3 times a day. However, they are generally more helpful in reducing the bacterial buildup than UTI in general. The reason being that coconut oil is an oil, and it does not get easily passed to the kidneys, but they are more likely rid of through the intestines. Salt and cranberry on the other hand goes directly to the bladder and kill them. If you remember salted fish don't spoil, the actions of sea salt kill the organisms by hyper osmolarity.

High Acidity Causing Uti?

11/04/2006: Cindy from Seattle, WA: I've been taking cranberry pills for a year for UTIs (urinary tract infections), with great success. Since I've been using ACV and cranberry pills I've gotten an infection. Are both making my urinary tract too acidy? Should I discontinue cranberry pills?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cindy: Cranberries contain sugar and sometimes they too cause urinary tract infection. Take two heaping teaspoonful of sea salt to one glass of water. One dose only. Your urinarry tract infection should go away within a week, but pain would noticeably reduced in matter of minutes and will continue to do so over the next couple of days.Within one week it should be gone. Apparently you were also consuming less salt and more sugar, which is what may be causing this problem.
05/16/2013: Scott from Lindon, Ut replies: If you are consuming more sugar than you are salts you are most likely going to keep having a UTI. I have used urinary catheters for a long time and I got a few UTI's because I was taking cranberry pills and consuming sugar and not enough salt. The other comment here is right as well. Try to get more salt in your system and you will see a dramatic change.

ACV Causing Bladder Infection?

09/07/2006: Louisa from Lamesa, TX: I am drinking 2 T apple cider vinegar with 8 oz warm water and 1 T honey as I'm trying to lose some weight. I have drank apple cider vinagar before (for a few days) and I never had a bladder infection. I started taking it again and I got a bladder infection in the afternoon of that same day. I just want to know if it's caused by taking apple cider vinegar.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Louisa: Apple cider vinegar do not have the bacteria to go all the way to your urinary bladder. If it were, you should get stomach upsets, or intestinal cramps.

One way to get urinary tract infection is that you have not taken enough salts in your diet, such as sea salt, which can cause urinary tract infection whenever you drink too much water.

When drinking too much water, the amount of salts is reduced and the bacteria can invade the urinary bladder. Bacteria can't grow well in a salty environment, such as salted fish. Also newer bacteria on urinary bladder to date, I have found are now mure resistant to acid, such as strep bacteria.

So what the apple cider vinegar is doing is creating a favorable environment for acid loving bacteria. This does not happen often, but you can reverse the problem by adding heaping 1 teaspoon of sea salt to one half glass of water. The pain should reduce within 30 minutes if the treatment works. You need not wait weeks or days to know.

10/16/2013: Red On The Head, Fire In The Hole from Yosemite Foothills, Last of the Mono's and Yoqout replies: I am 55. Long/short of it, I was on tetrycylone for my acne. About 2 years. Into the 2nd year, 12 grade, Immediately started getting bladder infections. My mom told me I was probably a slut and having sex the wrong way. THAT was some ADVICE for a good 12th grader that was so inhibited that my ignorance, low self-esteem and a fear of another beating by my mother for having a bladder 'situation', I was a loner in the world. An ignorant girl that had little support from anyone. My inhibitions, and fear kept me from knowing my own body. I wasn't clear on where to put the first tampon. (on with it). Got married and BEAT FEET away from that Mother that spawned such a..... Fowl one. I'll always be indebt to her 'priceless' advice! I was put through hell. For 2 more years I suffered at least twice weekly. The worst was a 2 am rush into emergency in Downey. My sweet husband was frantic. He rushed me 5 minutes away to a local ER. One doctor, one nurse, only patient. I was in so much pain that I knew I'd get relief as soon as I took the red-pill that dyes your pee red. He insisted on giving me a pelvic exam. I pleaded with him at 19, my new husband waiting for me in the other room, but without looking at me he said, "No pelvic, No medication. " He pulled out these ancient stainless steel , forceps (and started screwing pieces together. I am 19. I am afraid. I have had at least 40 visits to the American Medical Association in my neighborhoods; and in the prior years not one professional medical person has ever messed with a pelvic due to my severe bladder pain. I was at his mercy. It was the worst and most painful I had ever had. He came at me with these forceps, large size, and proceeded to torcher me. I looked the silent nurse in the eyes, and first I pleaded, "Please, you know this isn't right. " She did not acknowledge me. I was crying from the pain, and now I was crying because I was shocked to realize I was getting raped. Again, I pleaded with the Sap-of a nurse (politely), "Can I please have some kind of jell?" I saw Dr. Duranged-Twisted-Sex offender, roll his eyes trying to show, frustration I guess. He adhered and I got the jell. I got the full package. The rape, Nurst Rachett assisting, and a man that loved to hate women. My regular doctor fiinally sceduled me for the cyctoscopy. I was put to sleep. 3 days later I was back in his office, begging for the red pills and my usual antiibiotic. He said, "Well, we did the hard part in the hospital, ... Let me get my nurse in here to prep you for one more. " I looked horrified? I didn't want that. He insisted and Ms. Numb-Plum came in and couldn't even get the numbing jell into the uretha. I felt it flow down my leg as she silently used the 2 words, "Ah shoot. " That was another belittling incident, adding up into, "6 feet under would be so much less painful. I decided to look up tetricycline. I had already asked FROM THE BEGINNING if my acne medicine could be the culprit. Just seemed weird it all started when I started a daily regime of 3 tetricyclines a day. I was working as a secretary in that particular hospital where I was given the cycstoscopyies. I marched into my Doctor's office with the PDR and said, "You need to know that it DOES effect your kidney's, commonly", and he said, 'Ahhh, you're just well now from that last pee-hole stretch. " I was furious but the infections were GONE, over night. I haven't had a bladder infection in 50 years. I was never charged for the cyctoscopies. That was a relief. I was young. I should have gone back to the emergency clinic in Downey, and.... Kicked that perverted, sadistical intern, Di-rectly in the nutt sack. I'm writing because 2 days ago I just got my first bladder infection after all these years. No sex in 2 years, menopause took about 24 hours for me 2 years ago, living with my love. Beginning to the end), no, really! It came and went in a day. My handsome boyfriend came home from his new job and blurted out, "WOmen are _ucking disgusting". He caught me off guard. He was the sweetest boyfriend I had had in my life for 3 years. Never heard him disrespect women. He was low-man at Vons still so he had to clean the bathroom. And yes, it's true, some women that are on their periods will toss a heavy flow napking, just to decorate a tree or a public bathroom wall. Ornamentally leave the pretty red color for allll to see. I said to my livid boyfriend, "I'm sorry you got stuck in the ladies bathroom today. That won't happen too much longer?" His intentions were to inform me that I was disgusting. I had a monthly bleeding vagina and I'm guessing he's going to make sure I know JUST how he feels about 'women'. Nothing was going to change his mind. I considered a BIG ROCK ! That'd changed his mind. BUT I had a hole that naturally bleed too , so I was aleady labeled. Vagina's were groce and disgusting.... _ucking disgusting. " BOOM. I never blead another drop AND I guess his bizarre-off the wall remark was due to him needing immediate therpy, or a valium, or a sincere, empathetic girlfriend. Hmmm..... After his remark, I said, "Excuse me! (I even raised my voice this time) um.... I resemble that remark. I'm a woman, yours, the one you've always tried to convince how lovely and beautiful my vagina was. " He was killing me, inside and out. The bloody massacre he had to deal with, must have set him off, twisted his brain, .. I dunno. Boy he'd be great in a time where panic isn't an opion. When he repeated himself a 3rd time, I decided, "3's a charm, or 3 strikes your out. Our relationship deteiorated and to this day, he walked out while I was standing alone in love. I figured, well, no more flow. Guess I'll be expecting that WISDOM that's coming next. Still waitin'. Ha. That's my story. Don't take tetrycycline or put up with doctor's that will take advantage and literallly rape you painfully with personal pleasure. And if you ever have to deal with a nurse with that kind of bed-side manner, wait for her in the alley. Toilet paper her house later on. I dunno, it'll make ya laugh but it wouldn't change the trauma. Cindy



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