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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Jun 30, 2015

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Posted by KK (LV, NV) on 10/10/2008

[YEA]  Hello ladies! I too suffer from this terrible thing that we call BV and have for over 10 years on and off. I have tried everything from antibiotics, to yogurt covered tampons and my symptoms have gone away for a short while and then bam theyre back again. It seems like a never ending battle and the smell not even I can handle! In doing online research as I know you all have, I came across a website that mentioned Lactobacillus which is the sister of acidophilus as it was put. Anyways I searched high and low for these pills until I finally found them. The reason it to so long to find is it is actually a live culture pill that needs to be refridgerated so you need to ask your pharmacist for them. they are over the counter so you dont need a prescription and cost around $11. Make sure to keep them refrigerated because they are live cultures. You have to insert the daily dosage of 4-5 pills into your vagina just as you would almost with yeast infection medicine and let them sit over night. I personally noticed a difference the next morning, smell was gone no itching ect...but you are to continue it for 7 days. For me this was a god send but as we know all our bodies react differently. Now this has cured it for a while and then of course the BV rears its ugly head again so I personally keep a bottle of these pills in my fridge at all times and when i notice it I just go ahead and do a few nights of the pill treatment. I hope this helps some of you ladies out there because I know how horrible this is!!!

Replied by Crystina
Tiffin, Oh
Does anyone have issues with the capsules not dissolving completely when inserted vaginally? What do you do about that?
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Crystina!

I douche with clean water prior to inserting a boric acid filled gel cap at bedtime. This provides enough moisture for the gel cap to dissolve. Things may be a bit *runny* in the morning, but at least the boric acid had all night to do its work.

Posted by Elise (Hephzibah, GA) on 05/20/2008

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Bacterial Vaginosis: I have reading all of the suggestions on what other people have tried and OMG..this is why i refuse to pay a doctor a thing. because really they have no clue all they can do is guess and really dont care!

So anyways again I went out and bought Natures Bounty Extra strength acidophillus pills which has 1 billion per pill.... didnt have much of a selection. Ive been take 2 every day for the past 3 days. and my smell is far more less then it was before taking.

I have started having smelling and discharge issues since i got off BC back in 2003, then got preggo and it got worse, doctor could have cared less cuz i was medicaid patient. so i was never prescribed or tested for anything other then the normal pap's, all were ok except i was positive for beta strep whatever. so anyways gave birth , still had it , off medicaid, no doctor, so i just dealt with it, got preggo again and still had it and no doctor did anything. they said it was normal. ok so then i finally snagged one of my lil sisters scripts for metronidale or whatever... my issues cleared up the next day and i was clear of anything for about 4 months then i got it again . and its just like before no nothing , just smelly and white stuff coating my insides. so here i am , completely fed up , and ready for this crap to go away and really i dont care what i gotta do.

funny thing i have had 20+ sex partners in my life and no one problem from 14-18, then i met my current man for the past almost 8 years and now i got someone forever that we got struggle with this crap !


Posted by Bunny (Clinton, Maryland) on 03/20/2008

[YEA]  I came across this site approximately 2 weeks ago to the day. I've been dealing with BV and yeast infections for the past 2yrs. My doctor on several occasions stated that BV is caused by having multiple partners and/or from unprotected oral/vaginal sex. I would have sex with my partner and then a few days later I was suffering from fishy odor, discharge and irritation. I Would go back to the dr. each time complaining of the aforementioned symptons. He once again prescribed metro gel or metro tablets. I found the gel to be a waste, but the tables did work until the next round of intercourse. Which unfortnately, wasn't on a regular basis. I happen to read one of the posts regarding Probiotics-L. Acidophilus, Rhamnosus and B. Longum. I decided i have nothing to lose but the nasty infection, etc. I went to The Vitamin Shoppe and purchased PEARLS IC Probiotics 1 billion CFU and a bottle of Ultimate 10 Probiotic-13 billion live organism. I take 2 of the pearls ,one of the Ultimate, multi vitamin and one 400mg folic acid tablet in the morning w/ breakfast. And then one or two of the Pearls at bedtime. I'm happy to type that feel soo much fresher and dryer!! Amazing!! I noticed I'm less constipated as well. Just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I feel like a FREE WOMAN NOW!!

Posted by germanygirl (hamburg, germany) on 03/01/2008

[YEA]  i suffered from BV for almost six months after taking just one round of powerful antibiotics! the smell was awful, and my self esteem really began to suffer. i just went to work and came straight home! i knew i had to restore my good flora, and it does take time, so i had to be patient. i kept going to my gynecologist, and thankfully, she encouraged my attempts to find a natural cure, and respected my desire to refrain from taking any more antibiotics. after finding out about probiotics, i started with just regular acidophilus, which did nothing! then, i found out that they need to contain more than acidophilus, specifically L. Rahmnosus and bifidobacterium longum. This combination worked magic!! it is sold in the United States...i was living in Atlanta at the time, and found it easily at co-ops and health food stores. also widely available online. just make sure those two are in there along with the acidophilus. i should also mention that i was suffering from IBS at the time, which also cleared up. i still take probiotics (one a day) to maintain intestinal health, and they are great. (this was three years ago.) generally only get sick once a year, and a bad cold doesn't turn into bronchitis anymore. good luck!

Posted by Jerr (Chicago, IL) on 02/22/2008

[YEA]  BV, I was just diagnosed with BV. I was smelling myself and the doctor said no one else could. I did not believe that. I ran to the heath Food store because I could not see myself taking antibotics all the time. I found Nature's Way Primadophilus Intensive $30 in a matter of 2 hours the odor was gone. I took it for 5 day. The package recommends to take it for 10. The symptoms were gone for 4 weeks I'm taking it again, now and I'm happy I do not smell anything.

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Posted by Christina (Queensland) on 01/12/2014

[YEA]  I have had BV for about 5 months. About 12 visits to 3 different doctors and 3 lots of Antibiotic Vaginal cream. I thought I was ok until each time after having sex with my partner the burning pain would begin again. Went to another doctor and got prescribed more anti biotic cream, this is after she told me I had no good bacteria in my vagina at all. This time I refused to take it and decided to do something different. I knew that by having more anti biotics was not going to help just make things worse. I did heaps of research over the 5 months and finally went for a natural remedy. I started inserting natural yoghurt and a probiotic specifically for vaginal health. Mixing the contents of the capsule with the yoghurt and using a plasic syringe inserting it at night. I also took one of the capsules in the morning as well. Had instant results, the burn stopped immediately. I have also been drinking Apple cider vinegar once a day in the morning, 1 desertspoon in a cup of hot water and eating a clove of raw garlic with one of meals. If you know for sure that you have BV

If you have been diagnosed with BV try the natural remedies, it will save lots of money and trips to the Doctors. The anti biotics are just killing off any good bacteia you have to help you fight it.

Try 2 teaspoons of Natural yoghurt the one with live culture in it, mix the contents of I capsule of probiotic. I use a plastic syringe ( no needle attatched ) to insert the mixture into my vagina at night. In the morning I take a probiotic orally, and repeat the yoghurt again at night. I got instant relief from this as I was recolonizing my vagina of good bacteria that all the anti biotics had killed.

You can apparently insert the capsules directly into the Vagina if you dont want to do the yoghurt thing. I found the yoghurt very soothing. I will also be trying folic acid as well. I have also been eating one clove of raw garlic with my main meal each day and drinking a dessertspoon of Apple Cider vinegar in a cup of hot water in the morning as well.

Good Health and happy sex life once again.

Replied by Catherine
Texas, US
I have a quick question. Do you just insert the whole capsule? Or just the contents? I was afraid it is unsafe to insert the capsule whole.
Replied by Jessica
I have a question? how exactly do you get rid of the yougart the next morning? Also I have a probiotics that I take orally that has 37.5 billion cfu's with 14 different strands, is this good to do vaginally?

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Posted by It Works! (Lethbridge, Alberta) on 04/22/2013

I had reoccurent BV infections. Drove me nutsss!!! Was sick docs useless antibiotics. I went and got a probiotic, some potent garlic capsules (aged or dried contains no allicin and won't do anything), and some good colloidal silver (must be colourless otherwise it's no good and high ppm doesn't necessarily mean good) in rubbed a little right down there doesn't sting irritate or burn jus some instant relief, and a flax seed capsule. Usually it always returned after my period but period has come and gone and I feel great no infection. Give it a shot ladies. I know how embarrassing this can be.

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Posted by Ariann28 (Waynesville, Missouri) on 03/17/2013

[YEA]  Hey everyone!! WHAT A MIRACLE! I just wanted to tell my experience with these two! I have been battling BV off and on for four years. My body is very prone to infections and so yeast has always been a big issue with me. For the past couple years it's been both yeast and bv. I came across this site and found complete hope! I prayed that this was the answer. And it was! I diagnosed myself this very last time. I could tell by a slight odor, occasionally I would feel irritated, the discharge, and recently I was so irritated and red that I broke out into blisters. (This wasn't an STD, bv/yeast can cause blisters when left untreated and I was diagnosed with bv by them before) so anyways I immediately went to the HEALTH FOOD STORE and grabbed Acidophilus. The REFRIDGERATED 14 billion count LIVE bacteria. It has about ten different strands. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Refridgerated probiotics. It's worth the money. I honestly don't believe it would work if it was shelved. So I took one pro-b in the morning and inserted one vaginally at night for about a week. I started juicing and somewhat followed an alkaline diet. Bad bacteria feed off acidic foods so stay away from most acidic foods as you can! So important! IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT FOODS ARE ACIDIC, GOOGLE IT. Your vagina naturally fights off infections but if it is weak it causes your vaginal ph to rise. Anything above a 4. creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria. I abstained from sex with my husband for about 3 weeks while treating. I started taking folic acid 800mg and a vitamin b12 after a week of treatment. It's been three weeks and I only take one to two probiotics everyday and do not have to insert one vaginally. ALL my symptoms are gone! Probiotics are so healthy and a life saver! I only used folic acid to get me completely out of the loop. Use your best judgement on when to stop/start taking probiotics/ FA. I took b12 because folic acid has a tendency to deplete this vitamin.

*some very helpful tips I also do to prevent bv from reoccurring:

DO NOT WASH YOUR VAGINA WITH SOAP! I don't even wash with ph balancing soaps. None work for me. Wash with just water! And do not wash inside! Sounds gross but It's really not! My vagina has never been so clean!

DO NOT SLEEP WITH UNDERWEAR! Vagina is naturally warm and moist. Wearing underwear to bed also creates a possibility for reoccurring bv/yeast

BUY UNSCENTED BABY WIPES! These are AWESOME! After intercourse I clean up and also make my husband clean up with baby wipes. He is uncircumsized so bacteria easily hides in he skin folds on his penis. So I make him wipe very good before and after. Also, I use them after each bowel movement. Just to be safe! Sorry if TMI

TRY NOT TO WEAR TAMPONS! I know ladies, pads feel like diapers, but even if you wear a tampon for the heavy days and change FREQUENTLY and on the lighter days use pads, that will help. Use pads when you sleep! Many women don't know that tampons mess up the vaginal ph. When we menstruate, our ph rises to 7.4 because that is the ph of blood. So when we place a tampon inside it is absorbs the fluids that causes our ph to rise.

If you have anymore questions I would love to help as much as I can! Don't give up ladies, there is hope!! Feel free to comment or reach my by email ariann_jones [at] yahoo (dot) com


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Posted by Steph Suffering For 13 Years (Sacramento, Ca) on 01/23/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi ladies I almost cried last week coming across this website. I've had the horrible BV since I was 17 years old and I'm turning 30 in a few months. I woke up one day with the horrible smell out of no where with no idea what it was. I went to my gyno and did the anti biotics with the outer cream & thought it would be gone. I was saddened to find out the smell was not leaving. I went through years & years of embarrassment and humiliation. I thought I was going to be a single mom forever as I had my daughter at 23 by myself. I'm now married with 4 children & my husbands great. I tried talking to him about it as I've never discussed it with anyone God forbid that humiliation right. His response was what smell you talking bout babe. Gotta love him. It bothered me so bad to wake up & have my entire bedroom reek of raw fish & BO. I decided to look online again since I haven't in years. 13 years ago there were no helpful remedies or forums. I read every post on here & was in tears knowing there were other people who could relate.

Here's where my mission starts. I have done the peroxide water mix & inserted it for 5 minutes a day first thing in the morning for the past 4 days. I have been on the probiotics with rueteri for the last 3 days & started one alkaline water a day. Reading everything on here made me realize this is def. harbored in my gut. This makes sense because I had my gallbladder removed at 19 & the doctor said I'd been suffering from it not knowing for a couple years. It got much worse after it was removed & I suffer from horrible acid reflux. I'm not a doctor but it makes sence all of a sudden there's this horrible bacteria in my gut causing the bv to flare up daily & the acid almost daily.

Today is the first day without the peroxide in the morning. I drank the alkaline water as well as taking the probiotic. The other suggestion on here was coconut oil. I was gonna try to eat it then chickened out seeing what it looks like. So I put a table spoon in a pan and made 2 eggs vtastes fine. It's about an hour past the normal time I do the peroxide and no over whelming smell. Yet. Hopefully this works because this has ruined my self esteem & emotionally caused seriouse insecurities and depression. Thank you everyone for there input. It's a support system so neede that only another woman suffering would understand. Good luck ladies & I will give feedback if it continues to work

Replied by Star
I have the same problem and I just started using it also plus the pills and also another cure that will help is tea tree oil mixed with Oliv oil put small amounts on a pantie liner wear for 3 hours it made me smell so good and no burning really does help.

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Posted by Alley (Sydney, Australia) on 10/18/2011

[YEA]  WHY did it take me this long to learn about this???

Get yourself a vaginal ph test to test the acidity of your vagina. It should be slightly acidic (3.8 to 4.5). If it is higher than 4.5 this means your issues are most likely caused by bacteria (aka, BV), if it is in the normal range it is probably yeast. For a year I have been misdiagnosing myself as having a yeast infection! Even the doctor and pharmacists let me diagnose myself without doing any tests or asking more questions. The symptoms can be very similar. Although, it is possible to have both issues at the same time.

Then the next question is, how do I get my vagina back to being acidic again?

WELL, I ALSO found a product at the drug store that is nothing more than ascorbic acid inserts, that's right, Vitamin C! Now I'm not sure what kind of vit c you can insert up there but it might be best to get the specially made stuff with a slow release unless you won't to a bit more research on it. The stuff I got is called Vagicare in Australia.

When your ph is more alkaline (>4.5), the good bugs, Lactobacillus can't thrive, but the bad bugs can. This is why taking probiotics works for so many people. (note, I've also researched that L. Reuteri and L. Rhamnosus are the best Lactobacillus for down there). Make sure you get a good quality enteric coated acidophilus, so that it doesn't dissolve until it gets to your intestines. eg. Femdophillus or Nature's Way Reuteri Pearl.

And this is also why everyone goes on about not washing with soap or douching, because these products are more alkaline and create an environment more hospitable to bad bacteria.

I don't know why it took my SO long to learn this but I'm so glad I did! Tell everyone about ph tests and ascorbic acid inserts and L. Reuteri and Rhamnosus!

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Posted by Saywhat (Chandler, Az) on 10/10/2009

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I have read pages and pages of posts on this site. A week ago I was checked, as a last resort, for a yeast infection (I was sick but nobody could figure out from what so the vag check was a last resort). I had no itching, burning, oder, discomfort, or discharge but the Dr. said I had a small amount of discharge but it was "up there". He swabbed me anyway and sent it off to the lab but gave me a Diflucan in the meantime-which I took immediately. Two days later his office called and said the labs came back and showed BV and they had already called in a Rx for Flagyl (which I filled but never took--WAY too many side effects and I was already sick). It has now been 8 days since I took the Diflucan and I never felt like I had a yeast infection in the first place. I've been taking 5 billion CFU, multi-strain, probiotics w/ nutraflora (200mg) 2xday, 1000 mg vitamin C, and 1000 mg garlic daily for a few days now. I check everytime I go to the bathroom and there has never been the tale-tale smell of BV. Today though, I started feeling achy in my abdomen and my sunshine started to itch on the outside. Doesn't hurt to pee but it's uncomfortable feeling on the surrounding area. So, now what? Is this yeast, BV, or a mystery? The only thing I haven't done is take the folic acid and insert a capsule. Garlic will treat bacterial and viral infections but I don't think I'm up for shoving one up there, ya know? I can buy plain yogurt and folic acid tomorrow if anyone thinks that might do it. Thoughts, opinions, suggestions definitely welcome! Fortunately, I am not used to getting these infections but my PH (and everything else) has been off lately due to a serious illness. Thanks for everything!!!! LOVE this site!!!!

Replied by Dd
Miami, Florida
Saywhat from Chandler. Sounds like a BV to me, I was in the same boat as you they thought it was a yeast infection. The Diflucan will giving abdominal cramping, especially if you take more than one does, plus it can give you a headache. I only have the slight discharge and burning from the BV. I do the hydrogen perioxide mix and a small syringe (no needle on it) and insert it slightly up in the va-ja area, then I also squirt a little around the outside area. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now and am now only doing it about 4 times a week. Plus I take a folic acid and an acidophylius in the a.m. in the pill form with the rest of my vitamins.

Good luck with your BV and your other serious illness :)

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Posted by Jessica (St.croix, Usvi) on 11/25/2011

[YEA]  I have 2 say what works for one person may not work for another, but u just have 2 keep looking for what works for u. I have been diagnosed with bv about 3 months ago & was givin antibiotics for the bv it whent but then came back about a month and a half after the treatment. I said I wasn't going 2 continue 2 use the antibiotics cause that also destroys the good bacteria in the vagina. So I googled & found many natural remedies for bv & the one that caught my eye was the probiotics & the organic plain yogurt & I started using the probiotics capsules 2 times a day & eating the yogurt I cup a day & inserting the yogurt vaginally once a day & I gotta say about a week in 2 the home treatment, NOTHING!!!! The fishy smell & the vaginal discharge was Gone!!! I knew that it was helping & I got rid of it with probiotics & organic plain yougurt Thank God & the home remedies. You just have 2 b patient when using home remedies, remember that it dosn't work the same way for everyone. For some it worked in just 3 days but for me it took a week in 2 b gone but hey it beats using anitiotics witch just helps for a while but dosn't treat it from the root. So try it & c what works for u. I just keep eating the yougurt daily & keep drinking the probiotics just 2 keep it from coming back. Good luck 2 you hope it works keep the faith :0)

Posted by Grateful Dane (Allen, Texas) on 10/04/2011

[YEA]  To all the ladies that posted their solutions to relieve symptoms of BV!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've been suffering from bv for a couple of years thinking the only cure was antibiotics. I was tired of using clindamycin inserts. It would relieve the bv but turn into a yeast infection. Then I would have to take 2 diflucan to relieve yeast infection symptoms. It was getting to be a tiring cycle of antibiotics. I was at my wits with the odor and discharge. Once I read all of your postings I was soo happy to find some kind of solution. I went out and brought medicated douche, walgreens homeopathic bv treatment time release vaginal insert, went to whole foods store and brought pearls probiotics 1billion, kefir yogurt smoothie, and 1 plain Greek yogurt. I used the medicated douche, then rolled a tampon in the plain yogurt and inserted for 30 mins. Took 2 pearls by mouth that morning and at bedtime, drank 1 cup of yogurt smoothie and insert 1/2 of walgreens vaginal insert as instructed for 1st time users. Woke up this morning smell is gone discharge is not smell. I'm clean as a whistle. I will continue this regimen for a while.

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Posted by Mel (Michigan, US) on 11/23/2014

[YEA]  Absolutely love this website. It really helped me deal with my BV and YI symptoms. Took Flagyl after being diagnosed with BV. Symptoms went away and then the YI came full blown. Used yogurt, probiotic, water with lemon in the morning, and junk food occasionally (I'm not going to lie...I'm a student). I was feeling great!!

BUT...symptoms came back when I started back in an unprotected sexual relationship with the same person before the flagyl. To my surprise (or maybe I was playing stupid), I began to realize could be "him" reinfecting me.

This time the unprotected relationship has stopped, using condoms now!!! Back on the regimen for YI because the itchy feeling is back, with slight smelly discharge in the morning. I'm going back to doctor to re-test me. LADIES SOMETIMES ITS NOT US...ITS REALLY THEM! Good luck and be well. :)

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Posted by Anon (Arkansas) on 06/21/2015

[YEA]  I am telling my story because I swore if I ever got rid of BV I would share what my cure was. I had this condition for over a year. Saw a doctor, what he prescribed did not work. I couldnt afford to keep going back, no insurance. I tried anything and every home remedy, including the boric acid. Did not work. Very frusrating. Cried many nights. Was feeling like I would just have to live with it the rest of my life. Finally I did go back to the doctor, a different one, and he prescribed me: Fluconazole AND Metronidazole. THESE PRESCRIPTIONS WORKED. I have been healthy since February. The end.

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