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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Oct 15, 2014

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Posted by Kaleialoha (Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, Usa) on 01/07/2012

Hi, I was just recently diagnosed with BV. The only symptom that I was aware of was the horrible discharge, and usually only after intercourse. I always thought that a yeast infection was coming about, but then the discharge would go away, and I thought nothing of it. My doctor gave me a script of METRONIDAZOLE, told me to take it accordingly and everything would be ok. Well, come to find out, my mother-in-law was perscribed METRONIDAZOLE about 20 years ago and then found out that she was pregnant. Because there isn't/wasn't enough studies done with the antibiotic during pregnancy, her Dr. faced her with the decision to carry full turm or to abort.

So now here I am 20 something years later, pregnant with her second gradchild (my second child), and not knowing what to do. I haven't taken any of the meds and decided not to, but this decision leaves my BV untreated, and from what I've been researching, this isn't something that should be left untreated.

I've been reading alot of what other women with BV have to say about treating BV with natural remedies and am wondering if there is anything out there that is safe for pregnant women.


Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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Kaleialoha, Many Natural Doctors recommend povidone Iodine douche to kill any variety of pathogens like bacteria or yeast. As far as preg. safety I dunno, so I would research this first.

Posted by Livelyred (Essex, Uk) on 09/10/2011

I have been suffering with Bacterial Vaginosis for months now, and getting really depressed about it now as I now have met someone a few wks ago, and I know that I wont be able to have sex with him with the odour. I have to my gp and tried a cream which you insert inside, was great for about 10 days, now the odour is coming back. Has anyone suffered with this, and what helped you! Does herbal remedies work! Thankyou

Posted by Dippy (Pk, Ny) on 08/06/2011

Hi, I am a 19 year old college student. I have never had a problem with my vaginal discharge or anything for that matter till my first year of college. I started to notice the odor was at times different than usual when I didnt shower every 3 HOURS. I used to be able to go to volleyball practice in the morning and go straight to school and last the whole day smelling fresh. Now though, the smel is way too immense, and its like as soon as I shower and put on fresh underwear, I look an hour later and the discharge is a weid color and it is very strange smelling. My vagina is also sore and there is burning when I pee.. I researched and I fit every symptom for know your not doctors, and Im not asking for a miracle but is there a way I can cure this without going to the doctor...

Posted by Uk Just Me (London, England) on 07/09/2011

ive had bv for over 2 yrs and have tried all the antibots the docs have given me and have tried pro biotics orally and vaginally but that way it gave me a green discharge.. I had a coil fitted which was in for a year but that kept giving me a green smelly discharge but had 6 swabs done and bv wasnt there at all but had the coil out after a year and now take the pill but still get a green bit here and there seems worse when I take oraaly the pro boitics and they for vaginal support... Any ideas what I can try next? any help would be good.

Posted by Inneedofhelp (West Orange, Nj) on 05/09/2011

hello girls, I'm currently 15 years old and have been suffering from BV for about 2 years now. BV has ruined my life. Im scared to have sex, havent told my mom or gone to a doctor. Although im a very hygenic person BV makes me feel so dirty! at first my BV came as a surprise and I didnt know what to do about it. My symptoms were occasional itching, discharge, and a strong fishy smell. At first I thought there was no cure and would wear liners everyday in order to catch the discharge.

Then about a month ago I researched what it could be. I diagnosed it as BV. I spent about $39 on an ebook with cures for BV. I regret not coming to earth clinic first. I plan on starting to douche etc in order for it to stop. A question I have is where exactly can I buy all the products to relieve my BV and im also a virgin and dont use tampons etc. So if I dont insert the acidophilus vaginally will it not be as effective? im in this alone, trying to boost my confidence and feel normal again PLEASE HELP. Thank you ladies

Posted by Bruna
New York, Ny
I've tried some of the things listed here and although symptoms went away Bv was recurring but not very often I've had this for about 3 to 4 times in 2 years. What worked for me was to insert a garlic clove cut in half every night for a week. During the day I inserted Refresh probiotic make especially to balance vagina ph and balance yeast and bacteria and took one orally and one 400gmc of folic acid miracle after 2 days there was no more smell or discharche. But I continue for 5 more days. Now only I take one probiotic orally a day. I've never felt better. Oh and drink only water- lots of water!

Posted by Ali (Orlando, Fl) on 05/09/2011

I am 2 months pregnant, I keep having this fishy smell that I cant stand to bare. For a long time I have suffered from bv and uti's but I am at my wits end. Every hour I am washing to rid myself of the smell, and I am not sexually active at the moment. What can I do?

Posted by Finally Cured
Walterboro, Sc
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I suffered from BV for years. I tried all the home remedies I could find and taken all the antibiotics I could stand. Nothing cured my BV. I stumbled across some research that stated BV is linked to vitamin D deficiency. I started taking vitamin D supplements still no relief. Then I found out that vitamin D and Magnesium worked together. So I started taking vitamin D and 350mg of Magnesium and the BV was CURED overnight and have been BV free since then. I want to tell all women about this amazing discovery.

Posted by Overcoming (Dallas, Tx) on 04/17/2011

Hello, does anyone have any knowledge on how to re-colonize vaginal flora with good bacteria after antibiotic abuse? I want to believe in the superiorty of our vaginas ability to reflourish but I feel I have wrecked havoc and want to assist in any way I can...

Posted by Rahilla
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
You might want to try kefir. It has around 30 strains of beneficial bacteria. And once you get some kefir grains, it's very cheap to produce at home everyday. It tastes like thin yogurt, but you can make it into a yummy smoothie with fruits, nuts, honey, etc.

Good luck.

Posted by E (Saint Louis, Mo) on 04/08/2011

I recently discovered I had BV. I couldn't believe it! I never had an issue with my vagina. Even pretty odorless on my periods. I am mostly a raw food vegan and I knew my diet couldn't be the issue. I've been so depressed about it and insecure. I live a pretty loving and natural life style. I took acidophilus, folic acid, oregano oil, even did the peroxide-water douche. I drink only alkaline water. The douche and pills were only temporary. I even did the mms cleanse for sometime. Now I'm doing the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet) and I wanted to know if any women have even considered doing this or a total detox cleanse to also cleanse their wombs along with the rest of the body? Peace & Blessings!

Posted by Miss Ruble (Wilmington, Nc) on 03/17/2011

I not sure what's going on. I have been to the Dr. Several times in the last year. She has treated me for vaginal bacteria and yeast. There is no itching, no smell, just burning and it hurts to have sex with my husband when this flares ups. He is understanding, but were are both losing patience. My tongue is coated and I have irregular periods. These infections just keep reoccuring , help me.

Posted by Kris (Lexington, Ky.) on 01/15/2011

Ok, so my symptoms of BV are an incredibly terrible odor. It smells like cat pee. It is so embarrasing. No other symptoms. I tried half peroxide with water for a week and at first it went away. After my period the odor was back, so I tried the douche again and the very next day I still smelled terrible. I am soooo depressed. Ideas?

Posted by Kat (Hamden, Ct/us) on 12/21/2010

Hello all, first off thank you for this site and all the feedback. Ever since puberty, I have always suffered from vaginal infections, yeast and bacterial vaginosis. Recently I have been getting BV off and on for months. And usually it will go away with medication but it comes back and so I turned here and tried a few things. I douched with half peroxide and half water once at night for a week, and brought two probiotics that have 2.5 and 5 billion cfu of normal bacteria. I stopped the douche after a week cause it seemed to work (no smell! ) and I heard that its not healthy, but of course it came back even after continuing my cycle of probiotic. It's frustrating and embarrassing, I also feel like I sweat a lot down there when I sleep and feel like it breeds infection. After using the peroxide I also ended up getting a yeast infection. Does anyone know what I should do? Should I just go to my doctor, get the medication and try to maintain some sort of natural remedy afterwards.... Does anyone have any experiences, anything would help.

Posted by Bv Sukks (Richmond, Va) on 12/17/2010

I have had bv for quite a while, my clinician has told me that it came from a new sex partner but I had it for a while before I actually went and got it checked out and I also had sex with a couple more people before I knew what it was because I thought it was just a yeast infection, so I was wondering if the bv has gotten worse since I've had more new sex partners ? Also after I saw my obgyn she gave me metro gel to insert vaginally which caused a nasty clumpy discharge for the entire 7 days. I went back about 2 weeks later and the effin' bv was still there so my doctor gave me Metronidazole tablets and it basically got worse and now im suffering alot with the burning the itching and the peeing I don't know what to do and this site has to many things for me to understand. I need things dumbed down for me a little more so I can understand what to do, so can anyone please please pleas help me!!

Posted by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn
I recommend the peroxide douche. You mix 50% filtered water and 50% of the peroxide, or you can use a lesser amount if you get too much irritation at first (3% you buy from store). I used a baby syringe (the kind that you give them medecine with). Lay a towel on the floor, lay down on your back, fill the syringe with the liquid and insert into the vagina. I would hold it for 60 seconds or so and the push it out. Repeat this process until the fizzing stops. I would also rinse out the vagina with clean water afterwards so I wouldn't get much irritation. I did this for the first time and couldn't believe how much better I felt within 24 hrs. I douched like this every morning and every night for a couple of days, than only at night for another couple of days. I would suggest taking a quality probiotic while doing this and than continue taking it on a daily basis. Get no less than 50 billion bacteria per capsule if you can. If the peroxide dries you out, you can use organic extra virgin coconut oil to moisturize. Semen is alkaline and our vaginas need to be acidic, so everytime you have sex you need to correct the balance. If I don't I'm in t-r-o-u-b-l-e. I use boric acid capsules to re-acidify, but you can use the peroxide douch if you wish. I wish you good luck!
Posted by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa
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I have a different suggestion, even though Elizabeth's was very good! I soak a tampon in Glyco-thymoline and insert that for approx 20-40 minutes and take that out. Then I do a douche with 1 Tbls vinegar, 1/2 tsp baking soda, and 1/2 tsp Glyco-thymoline. It has always worked for me, even after my hysterectomy.
Posted by Poppy
[YEA]   I have been suffering form this problem for years now.....I have been to doctors like a headless chicken but none of them could self esteem went down.....I have been single for 5 years nw....its just so uncomfortable...smtimes you avoid going to places cause the moment you stand..there goes the smell....douching just dsnt do makes things worse...I once tried plain youghurt which helped for the week I was taking it until I stopped taking it the smell came bck...I dnt wanna give up cause I know there is light at the end of the tunnel...I want to try out this live probiotics and see what happens....

Posted by Michelle (Miama, Fl) on 11/21/2010

Hi lady's! I'm a 42 year old, who has been suffering with this tiring infection for six years now. I have tried flagyl micondizole, creams only to have nothing ease my suffering. I am frustrated as hell. I am currently trying garlic, frolic acid and acidophilus. It doesn't look as though im getting any results!! Still being wrecked with this AWFUL fishy smell, my co-workers gesture I'm so uncomfortable. I don't know what to do anymore;it just will not go away!! Iv'e also tried douching with vinegar, water and peroxide to no avail. When me and my mate have intercourse the odor is so strong usually he lights an incense afterwards, it's so embarrassing to me. It's to the point where I try to put off having sex as long as I can. I don't know what else to do. ? This thing is truly taking a toll on me. My pressure stays high because I'm stressed. I get so nervous when it's time to go to work, I hate to be close around people for fear of being ridiculed. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Erin
Nashville, Tn
There is a specific probiotic that really helps: Jarrow Femdophilus, which is not acidophilus, but reuteri and rhamnosus strains.
Posted by Tired Of It!
Whoville, Grinchville
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I can honestly say I feel your pain. Let me tell you what I did and hopefully it might help you. First of all, everyone is different. If I have learned anything from this illness, I have learned that you gotta find what works for you. I have been battling with this for almost 2 years now. It happened after my first child. I tried every antibiotic under the sun and nothing. Just very uncomfortable all the time.

So, I changed my diet, nothing sugary and no bread or yeast. Sugar and yeast make mine worse. I wash all my towels, sheets and underwear seperate. I take Ultimate Flora and an additional probiotic everyday. My regimen is below. What I have done does help, because I went back to my doctor and had a good wet prep. Look at it, see if it helps, modify it. Don't be afraid to try something new and never stop searching for the right fit for your body. I do this twice a day started the douching mixture about a month and half ago and my doc said to slowly ween myself off until as needed.

AM- After shower. In a travel size douch I put 1/5 peroxide and 1/5 distilled water. I douche and hold for 5 minutes laying on my back with my legs up, yes embarrasing, but who really cares when you are trying to feel better. I rinse with DISTILLED water and then do the same thing again. I rinse after this. I then put 2 ultimate flora and open then into about 1/3 cupt distilled water and douche with that. Hold for 5 as well. If I am feeling bad I will put one in vaginally, but I have found that you have to get it wet a little to start breaking it up.

Vitamins -- I take 1,800 mcg of folic acid in morning, 1 ultimate flora orally, 2 reg acidophulus, three garlic pills (helps fight infection in the body), vitamin c and immune booster like echinacea or astragulus. I take these once a day.

For the evening I use the same douching regimen. If I feel bad or itchy throughout the day I will wrinse with a little peroxide and water. This has worked for me. I am having difficulty with my periods and have to constantly look at what I am doing and change it up a little. Honestly, I have tried absolutely everything, yogurt, vinegar, baking soday, boric acid, tea tree oil and the worst antibiotics. What has helped me is really focusing on how to get myself better and what the source of my bv is. For me, stress makes it ten times worse and it is worse around my period but this does work for me. Hopefully it will completely go away and I encourage you to keep trying.

Posted by Chandy (Aurora, Colorado, United States) on 08/19/2010

I have been suffering for two years now. It has gotten worse and I am not happy, I have not found a pure cure. I tried folic acid, h20/peroxide douce, acidophilus, garlic, yogurt, watching what I eat. I am so beyond myself. I am currently on phRefresh it seemed to work 1st time, directions are to use every three days. Today, I have horrible outside itch. I have treated this as a yeast, yet only have symptoms on the outside, I was treating the inside with peroxide washing, I just do not know what to do, I cannot live with this. I am o blood type and reading what to eat for your type. It really does matter what I eat. I am so sad that this bacterial thing is so horrible. What is going on? honestly. My little sister had it four times in one year, she is clear now. I seem to not be able to get my vagina to be mine it is not me I want to scratch it off or throw it away it gets horrible. I am 5'9 145lbs, I have stopped trimming I do have a child, I have chosen to abort and think that is the reason where I got the 1st time of the bv. I have had an iud. I have 1 partner, and rarely get intimate due to my lovely smell. Having this really makes everything else unable to handle.

Posted by Tired Of It
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Chandy, I just read your post and wanted to respond. First of all, take a big, long, hard cry get it all out and then, cowboy up girl. With Bacterial Vaginosis, you cannot let it get the better of you. It will do its hardest to ruin your quality of life, grow a life of its own and take over your happiness. The key to recovery is having faith that your body will do its job and being positive that you will find a way to maintain this "illness". I have had BV for almost a straight year and a half. About six months after I had my first child, I started developing symptoms and going to the doctor who was my OB at the time. I have done it all.... Had surgery for cysts, had a paranialplasty, was almost given a hysterectomy and treated for early menopause. I have been given Metro gel, Tindamax, Terca (whatever its called for yeast). I lost my intimate relationship with my husband, have had a horrible time at work (b/c let's face it, you can't really confide in anyone about it and are too scared to ask another woman about it, at least I was) and found myself crying for days over this junk. If you are not careful, the simple fact of not being able to get better and having no hope can make you backslide big time. I had to pull myself together. I have a child at home, a two year old at that, a full time job and a marriage.

Finally, I took control over my health. I switched doctors - he is a bit more open to non-traditional medicine and is open to me finding what works best for me. In case I am not sharing enough 411 with you, lol, my symptoms were redness and swelling of the vulva and labia, itching and clear stretchy discharge, very thick and sometimes white. I never really had a smell accept maybe sometimes and it was like urine. Sorry, but sometimes it helps to hear what other women go through, at least it does for me. I started on a heavy regimen of vitamins, garlic, folic acid, vitamin c, echinacea, astragulus. I cut out all bread and sugar and caffeine. I started buying what I could organic and even try to drink green tea. I also drink sugar free, not with fake sugar, sugar free cranberry juice. I have douched with garlic, yogurt and vinegar. I have used yogurt tampons and inserted Ultimate Flora vaginally. That seems to work better than any other acidophulus I have tried. Each time I would go back to the doctor, he would tell me I had more and more positive bacteria. I wash all towells separate and use All Free and Clear. I threw away all my underwear and bought new ones, mostly white and all are 100% cotton. I sleep in night gowns with no panes, and I don't wear jeans anymore.

After all of this, it was still a challenge, UNTIL, I started douching with peroxide. This has been the biggest help for me. I will put my regimen or schedule below, but I went back to the doctor a couple weeks ago and he said I was normal. I still had a little bit of redness, no itching but I could still feel it a little and he said I looked completely normal in my culture. So, he actually told me to douche for another three more months, slowly ween myself off of it and then only use it after periods or when I had a flare up. Don't get discouraged and I feel like a hypocrite even telling you that. There are still days that I have flare ups or I sweat and am out in the heat or after my periods that I have issues. It really is a constant battle and you just have to keep going. You can't blame yourself or feel hopeless about it, because it almost like your body can tell that you have given up and it reacts. Find ways to make yourself feel better. Find a family member, or a loved one, for me I have a really understanding husband, that will understand and listen to you. There are days I give myself time to think or talk about it and then I say, "OK, now its time to focus on other things like your family and their happiness. " I really hope this helps you and makes you feel like you are not alone. Never stop researching or asking or trying new things. Don't give up, keep going. Below is my regimen and I know this was long, but I hope you check it and can read it. Most of my posts no one ever posts back on so I hope this helps you. Good luck!

AM --
Douche with 1/2 peroxide in travel douche. Wait for 5 min and then douche again with same amount. Wait for 5 and then rinse with distilled water. Use 2 ultimate flora acidophulus or whatever works for you and open them up in half distilled water and douche with that. Wait for 5 minutes. Air dry and get ready for the day. -- I varied the amount of peroxide and was diluting it with water. After my period I had what seemed to be a flare up and started just the straight peroxide. --After all of that, sometimes if I feel bad down there I will come home at lunch and insert an Ultimate Flora vaginally. I soak mine in water first. -- Orally --EVERY morning I take: 2 Astragulus, one 1000mg vitamin c, 2 garlic pills, 2 ultimate flora, 1 800 mg folic acid with cranberry juice. I even drink some Keefer sometimes. PM -- I douche with the same regimen and orally I take another acidophulus and 2 more garlic pills. I drink a lot of water and cranberry juice, green tea with echinacea and Kefir throughout the day. I hope this helps you.

Posted by Sarah (Brooklyn, New York) on 04/27/2010

Persistant Burning Vagina: HELP

My boyfriend and I were having constant sex, after his return home from a month abroad. A few days into it, I started noticing that my vagina wasn't feeling too hot - burning, itching, strange discharge, etc. - so I immediately started taking folic acid, fish oil, acidophilous, and cranberry pills. I've been following this regimen for about a week and it appears that discharge seems to have lessened (almost to the point of not even having any) but I've got this persistant, lingering, awful vaginal burning.

I'm hesitant to visit my gyno because she generally says to wait and it will go away, but I'm not sure how much longer I can wait. It's annoying. It disrupts my daily life - wearing underwear is misery. Plus, having sex is less desirable.

I'm not sure its BV, I was checked for all STDs and my bf and I are in a monogamous relationship. What could this be and how can I get rid of it? Is it a matter of waiting for the folic acid-combo to start working??

Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
Sounds very like cystitis to see your doctor
Posted by Libra
are you still having the burning problem?

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