Natural Remedies for Autism: Q&A

Last Modified on Jul 30, 2007

Mercury Poisoning

07/30/2007: D from Arkansas: Autism is causing my mercury poisoning from vaccinations. If you know someone with autism, take them to a doctor and tell them you think they have heavy metal poisoning. After the doctor tests the person and sees the high mercury content, they will begin a detoxification program for the child. People who have had autism for years have suddenly "woke up" out of autism after the mercury is removed from their brain.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I participated in autism forum for a time. Basically the remedy occurs in certain steps and my protocol notice improvement goes as follows after much trial and error broke down into about 4 phases:

1. Alkalizing 2. Supplementation 3. Detoxification 4. Rebuilding

The protocol was fairly a successful one since the parents to the forum I participated is now defunct (due to its successes) since they all improved.

The details of that remedy are as follows:

1. Alkalizing usually consists of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. The citrate chelates heavy metals. Alkalizing seems to help, but in general it is taken only 4 or 5 days out of a week. But for ADHD, or autism, the figures are closer to about 4 days in general. I can't yet work out an exact number, but the figures is generally close. The phase is started for about 2 weeks and done throughout the program. On the second or third week... the remedy goes through the second stage.

2. Supplementation. Generally the supplements most nearly needed quite often is the magnesium citrate usually between 100 to 250 mg/day for usually 4 days out of a week, with only zinc supplements such as 25 mg taken once every two week. The vitamin B complex generally are taken once a week only. These supplements generally reduce the toxicity of the heavy metals. The supplementation starts on the third week and done throughout the program. Vitamin rose hips, 250 mg taken two times out of a week (my estimate).

3. Detoxification generally means here the removal of the toxins or mercury. Several supplements I found helpful were sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, N Acetyl Cysteine, and Cilantro(chinese parsley).

Generally the sodium thiosulfate 10% solution is added to 6 drops in a glass of drinking water. What it does is it detoxifies the liver and removes the heavy metals. If too many drops are added, it has a laxative effect, but children's behavioral problems just goes away fairly quickly with this. They are often obtained from fish aquarium shops, that goes under the name of dechlorinator, but should clearly label sodium thiosulfate, with no food coloring as the solution is generally clear, but smells like a weak sulfur smell for some.

N Acetyl Cysteine, generally it is about 100 mg in this case for large children, helps chelate or remove the mercury and detoxifies the liver at the same time. It is often taken once every 3 days. I still haven't decided the exact numbers, but they are generally within that vicinity. The Cilantro chinese parsley I think should be used with care, and only one leaf or two leaves is used once or twice a week. Cilantro also removes many heavy metals but can be too strong for people with heavy metal poisoning. I can easily eat almost half a pound with no effect except from eating too much but for children with such confirmed heavy metals problems one or two leaves is quite strong as it is. Some selenium supplements is also helpful as it displaces the mercury. Even the cod liver oil helps a lot in displacing the mercury and other heavy metals too.

Detoxification phase can go through several months, such as about 6-8 months on the average.

After the 5th or 6th months for example, the it is rebuilding. The common remedy for rebuilding is the rebuilding of nerves. Generally glutamine Amino acid is taken along with the sodium thiosulfate. Granulated lecithin also helps rebuild, but also detoxifies and lecithin can actually begin usually anytime such as first phase since it tends to be protective of the liver and reduces liver congestions, but it also helps with the myelin sheaths as well. Certain smart drugs I found helpful, were hydergine and L-pyroglutamate. Those are generally taken together, but they are generally taken only 4 day out of a week, followed by a 3 day rest period. Some lithium citrate 2.5 - 5 mg taken before bedtime I found also to help with neural growth as well. Generally these are taken only a couple of months, which I believe is about 3 months - 4 months.

Thereafter, the child should generally be normal after that period of the protocol.

It should be understood that learning disability yes, do sometimes come from mercury, but they also add the aluminum in the vaccines, and certain contaminants, such as cadmium (from polutants) are not helpful either and may initiate some behavioral problems. The protocol here should help most of the condition based only on my experience. In some cases the remedy don't even need to go this far, and just taken cilantro chinese parsley for a couple of hours can go away as quickly as they come, if the cause, of course happens to come from the amalgam mercury in the teeth and the parents found the problem quickly enough. Cod liver oil and magnesium are also helpful in those instances also.

While there may be other protocols to remove mercury such as the use of alpha lipoic acid, I found those on that protocol never worked and merely perpetuate the problems. For those familiar with biochemistry, the alpha lipoic acid may cause a precipitation of mercury in the brain causing permanent lodging in the brain preventing its removal. Some people also use DMAE (dimethyl amino ethanol) which can result in death if CAT scans shows a white spots on the brain. Those I think are not safe as they causes the brain to short easier. The alkalizing remedy generally works best without all complexity. Some other might also consider other doubtful agressive heavy metal removal using other foreign sounding chelation, such as DMPS, but those have a lot of side effects. I therefore prefer a more natural solution such as chinese parsley, and other remedies that are generally safer.

02/08/2013: Lillian from Nairobi, Kenya replies: Hi Ted, apart from mercury is there anything else that causes autism?

Hcl and Sodium Bicarbonate

12/10/2006: Carolyn from PA: Hi Ted, My autistic son is on Behtaine HCL- which I understand 95% autistic kids have low HCL. I am interested in the health benefits from sodium bicarbonate- but am concerned about giving it at meals as you mentioned because of the HCL issues. Cna you help with this? Carolyn

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Carolyn: The secret is the timing. The stomach acid pH can vary widely throughout the day from about 2 - 7. If you are not hungry the stomach acid can be 6-7 and if it very hungry or digesting food it can be about pH of 2.

The body will need the most stomach acid when it needs to DIGEST FOOD, but the stomach WON'T NEED a high stomach acid when it doesn't need to digest.

I can take both HCl and baking soda without neutralizing one or the other. If i want to reduce my pH urinary acid and at the same time I want to increase my stomach acid, what I would do is take baking soda for example 1/4 teaspoon + citric acid 1/4 teaspoon. The pH of this is rather closer to neutral more than anything else (about 7) so it is very much like water. When the baking soda is taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach usually the stomach pH is near neutral and I will be thirsty for water, rather than the food.

When I do take it the stomach will drain the water to the intestines where the bicarbonates and citrates are stored to be used whenever digested foods that are acid in nature needs to be neutralized. Therefore, if betaine is taken I would take it within minutes before eating or during eating or right after eating to help digest the food. This way I get the best of two worlds, alkaline body with a strong immune system and a strong stomach acid necessary to digest the food.

This is what I have been doing. And this is also why vitamin B complex is taken best along with food, the vitamin B6 component is also HCl and it helps the digestion of foods too.

On the Right Track?

07/12/2006: Colleen from Worcester, MA: Hi - I couldn't help but come across the amazing story regarding Miles. Many people think I'm crazy for changing my daughter's diet but I know as a schoolteacher that diet certainly affects children especially when some parents send a bagel in everyday for lunch. Anyhow, my daughter was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS at 34 months old. People think I'm in denial but she seemed normal for so long, and my Alyssa has always been very well coordinated and she's always seemed very hyperactive or more or less in overdrive. She was diagnosed because of her speech delay and other restricted behaviors but she talks and will look at you. She's also very loving but not as willing to give hugs like other children her age. She's just always very very excited. Right now I have only switched over to organic milk and other organic diets. However, Karyn Seroussi's article seems very interesting as a dairy free diet may help. What I've decided to do is take her to a doctor of "naturalpaths". I don't know if I typed it right but these doctors examine the body's internal chemistry and allergic reactions inside that may not show on the outside. I agree with everything you are saying as I see children everyday and watch them fuction for long periods of time.

The reason for my email is I want to know if I'm on the right track to helping my daughter in a more natural way. Also, I am having a hard time with a good diet for her. Do you have any suggestions like should I see a nutritionist or wait til I see this new doctor who will test all allergies in conjunction with gluten levels? Any recommendations you have will be helpful as I will do anything for my Alyssa. Thanks so much - Colleen.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Colleen: Some schools that only accept behavioral problem students found that their behavior are improved markedly by giving them organics. You are advised to watch the movie, or rent from your video store, Morgan Spurlock's "Super-Size Me", which tells in detail about the dangers of softdrink and prepared foods in school. The detail of links of is here:

I have also received a feedback from some parents of autism and noted improvements in their learning just taking on alternate weeks of course (one week on/two weeks off) on just taking a 1/4 teaspoon baking soda + 1/4 teaspoon citric acid mixed in 1/2 glass of water in early afternoon or late evening usually on an empty stomach. You can add more citric acid if you wish, if the taste is so-so or that not all baking soda is reacted. The chemical reactions of this solution is a sodium citrate. Sodium citrate is an amazing compound in that it buffers the blood of pH to near optimum, reduces inflammation of internal tissues, and removes dangerous heavy metals which impairs learning behavior. Of course, a more precise regimen should be 4 days on, and 8 days off. But keeping a tight schedule like this are difficult in practice.

The second thing that I have failed to mention in previous postings is the importance of niacinamide, vitamin B3, which have a calming effect and increased concentration in children. In fact scientists have found the effect of niacinamide to work better than nootropics (drugs that enhance your learning and behavioral problems) as the more expensive piracetam. A safe dose without the side effect is between 100 mg - 250 mg for children, but must be taken along with vitamin B complex also. To make this regimen work it is necessary to give the child only just 3-4 days on followed by 6- 8 days off. I could never get a precise fixed on this on/off, but after a lot of struggle, this is my numbers that seems to work best.

Omega 3 and lecithin (granulated kind) are two very important food important supplements. Lecithin is a fat emulsifier, while heavy metals which impairs children learning behavior is hydrophobic. So taking lecithin along with food helps remove heavy metals and toxins more readily.

Because of industrialized farming practices, chickens are now grown much faster, as a result, traditionally raised chickens have a well balanced omega 3 and omega 6. However, today's chicken have an enormous amounts of omega 6 but little of omega 3. I have found that some children with epileptic seizures were reduced to zero, just by taking baking soda+citric acid. And some are reduced by omega 3. Yes, you are right, food is what effects children behavior. Many parents in many forums are now learning the hard way "you are what you eat". Naturopaths can also give you additional information as well to further certain deficiencies in children. However, I can only make broad generalizations of that based on my own experience. The common deficiencies are usually magnesium, vitamin b complex (especially niacinamide), zinc, and selenium. In fact a little known information of vitamin B3 niacinamide is that it is used to treat schizophrenia and hyperactive disorder. It worked quite well. Ted

Footnote information on Nootropics and Niacinamide (excerpts only information related to this discussion): source

"There now appears to be almost an epidemic of Ritalin prescriptions among school children. Unfortunately medicine has not fully considered Ritalin’s profound adverse effects on brain chemistry and energy. There is little focus on the role played by amphetamines and other mood-altering prescription or illicit drugs in childhood violence. Xenobiotic (synthetic) drug therapy, combined with biochemical imbalances resulting from situational stress and dietary induced nutritional deficiencies must be considered as a significant contributing factors in childhood violence. Niacinamide is a potentially highly effective treatment for many childhood and adolescent behavioral problems. Niacinamide helps maintain brain ATP/ADP ratios and thereby maintains brain energy and amine levels. Amphetamine-induced depletion of dopamine and energy stores can often be alleviated by niacinamide (Wan, 1999). Niacinamide, at the very least, would appear to be an inexpensive primary intervention tool due to its benefit of significantly reducing the aggression threshold. Niacinamide has yet another benefit for students. It was shown to have nootropic effects greater than piracetam! Niacinamide also beat piracetam as an antihypoxic, antiamnestic and anxiolytic (Akhundov, et. al., 1990). Perhaps administrators and psychologists should be dispensing niacinamide rather than amphetamines and mood altering xenobiotics in our schools.

Dietary Recommendations?

A reader from South Africa: My child will be 4 yrs old on the 02 May 2005. We have just discovered that she might be Autistic, doctors are still testing her. She does not eat dairy products but she likes chips and sweets. Can you give me more info. about dietary staff that might be affecting her?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Autism could be either mercury toxicity or a vaccination when the baby was born. So you need to get her to eat about 1/3 cup chinese parsley every day for 30 days. Conditions should improve.

Secondly, exposure to x-ray of the chest can shrink the thymus glands which can also bring about autism. Please understand that if the child is overvaccinated it not only causes autism from mercury and toxins, it will also shrink the thymus gland and can thus shorten the lifespan of your child. The thymus gland is the body's immune system. Once the thymus glands reaches a size of 1 ounce, it will no longer responds to infections, and immune system will no longer work as it should. Keep vaccinations to a minimum. Thymus size determines the lifespan of your child.

Therefore, you can restore thymus gland by eating broccoli. Vitamin D supplements might be helpful at about 2000 I.U. per day for a month. Some zinc supplements such as zinc acetate or zinc gluconate will activate the thymus.

This is the simplest treatment I can imagine. Try and see how effective this is.

Autistic Children Biting Their Hands

Anonymous : Hello I have been on the Earth Clinic all day, amazing, my mother has always used ACV and honey as a shot before she goes to bed... maybe I should have picked up that simple action as well... I use the ACV with mothers in it now (cooking) but I will have to use it daily to see if I can also achieve not being so sickly.

But to the real reason I am emailing you... I have 2 autistic children 7 and 9 and they are both just chewing and gnawing on their little hands and we have tried so much stuff but to no avail, I would love to know if you have ever heard of or came across something that we can try, maybe it is the ACV, or an essential oil, I will try anything. Thank you again for such wonderful reading on the posts.

06/07/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are many remedies for autistic children, too many to be covered here. But the most important thing is getting the pH down. Autstic responds very differently to alkalization remedy depending on their liver and digestive issues. Take for instance one in Bangkok, this one had very smelly stools and is very choosy about the food he eats, like ketchup, and bloating stomach often if he has food. This one you will try to give him just B6, or B50, for a couple of days to fix his stomach and recovery goes from there. The second case, also autistic, doesn't have the above problems but has mental issues. In that case cilantro and ascorbic acid, because he has very alkaline urine, his urine pH is about 8. Then on the other hand a third case, had the opposite, acidic urine, suffers temper tantrums and uncontrollable emotions. That I used amino acid which are inhibitory amino acid, GABA, taurine, and others, and alkalization such as sodium citrate and potassium citrate, and cilantro. Then there is a child who displays biting, as in your case, it usually but not always, a zinc deficiency. Unfortunately I have seem mothers who couldn't get the zinc levels up even with zinc supplements. In that case it was the additives in the supplements that block their absorption, such as calcium phosphate, calcium triphosphate, magnesium stearate, etc. The simplest is to buy chemical suppliers pure zinc acetate supplements. Also chldren with autistic responds differently to apple cider vinegar. They sometimes responds to Apple cider vinegar with some baking soda but sometimes they respond to just apple cider vinegar alone, depending on their pH urine status. So you are going have to get pH paper and measure their urine.


11/29/2012: Neha-autism-mom from New Delhi, India replies: my son's DAN doctor always ups his minerals when he is mouthing a lot.. fingers, toys etc...even if it is from b12 shots. Her solution is mineral supps.



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