Effective Natural Cures for Asthma: Q&A

Last Modified on Jan 22, 2013

Severe Asthma Since Childhood

01/22/2013: Ahmedkamal from Karachi, Pakistan: Dear ted, am 22 and is facing severe asthma problem, my lungs were very weak from my child hood, at the age of 14 my first asthma attack occur, I tried a lot, have tried many medicines but nothing worked out, am 22 and I can't even run like normal person, I have started playing badminton for 45 minutes, plz tell me some natural remedy, thank you!!

01/23/2013: Wendy from Columbus, Oh/usa replies: Have you tried eliminating certain food groups from your diet? The most important being dairy. Try going off dairy completely for at least a month and see if you notice any positive changes. Dairy products include, but are not limited to, milk, ice cream, cream, ghee, butter, yogurt, ALL dairy.

Same thing goes for gluten (any kind).

01/23/2013: Ahmedkamal from Karachi, Pakistan replies: No wendy, I have never quit anything yet, but I will from now on, any other advice ? I really appreciate your concern!
01/24/2013: Wendy from Columbus, Oh/USA replies: To Ahmedkamal: Please read about and research the Paleo diet. Here's a link that specifically talks about how people with asthma have had very positive results after adhering to the dietary principles of the Paleo diet: http://thepaleodiet.com/testimonials-asthma-the-paleo-diet/
05/22/2013: Coolcat from Pdx, Or replies: Asthma has a natural cure! Asthma IS CURABLE asthma is caused by parasite mycoplasm. That was my friend case who had severe asthma for years. Decided to go on parasite cleanse bought three bottle of that Green Walnut Hull Wormwood with cloves cleanse and within 30 days the asthma was gone of course it would be wise to stay on the cleanse longer. You will have the typical die off from parasite cleanse, but well worth the results. MD are not trained to investigate the cause they typically give you a a band-aid solution, so do your own research. First thing, go buy some Green and Black Walnut Wormwood Extract it has cloves it in or buy a Wormwood combo with cloves this is important! And while your at it buy some MEDICINAL oregano oil as well and put few drops in pot of water on stove start breath in steam daily. Take the 15- 20 drops of oregano oil put it a gallon of water shake it and drink it throughout the week it helps with eliminating respiratory issues. Wishing all good health.

What to Use for Asthma While Pregnant?

06/26/2012: Kaytiee from El Dorado, Ca, El Dorado: I am 18 years old and I have had severe asthma since I was 10. I was taking advair, singulair, a home nebulizer and my inhaler. I had stoped taking my medication because I thought it was well under control unfortunitly it wasnt and I ended ul in the hospital for a month due to my lungs collapsing. After that I got back on the medications theydo help but I still take my inhaler way for than I should.

I just found out that I am prenant and I was doing reserch about the medications (listed above) I found out that the advair and abuteral have been tested and know to cause miscarages and birth defects in your baby. So I stoped taking them. I had a miscarriage this year just a couple months ago and I was taking these medications I beleive thats what caused it.

I have been off the medicine for a week and a half now and my breathing gets worse and worse everyday. I have been going to doctors and they will not recomend any "safe medications"

I have had to take my abuteral even though I dont want to.

I really dont want to risk the safety of my baby or chance losing it again. But I cant breath.

Any suggestions please?????

Does Acid of Apple Cider Vinegar Get Cancelled by Alkaline of Baking Soda?

03/31/2012: Jane from Santa Monica, California: I'm 53 and have had asthma now for 6 months, never before - just minor allergies. 4 rounds of prednisone since I was in the emergency room end of Sept and back 4 x, continued with albuterol but would've ended up in the emergency room again last weekend if I had not started using Advair last Friday. I don't recall ever being so sick before in my whole life. totally exhausted.

I was using nasal antihistamine spray which was a vicious cycle and quit that cold turkey 4 days ago but still can't breath through my nose. I started 1 tbsp baking soda with 8oz water this morning which flushed me out and then read this site and bought some Organic raw unpasteurized ACV and took 2 tbsp w/ 8oz water.

My questions: Does anyone know if the alkalizing effect of the baking soda -(since I've also had a problem with yeast recently, and especially this last week) is then cancelled by the acid of the ACV? Being this sick is just so depressing on top of it - I feel like I can't function in my life normally at all.

04/09/2012: Lisa from Jacksonville replies: Hi Jane, I went through a similar time of being sick over and over - asthma and sinus problems. The ACV and soda are a great help. 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/2 tsp of b. Soda in at least 4 oz of water but more is better. Can do up to 4 x a day for 4 days then take a couple of days off. I had a severe candida problem that was causing the sinus issues and asthma issues. I went on the candida diet (should be on site somewhere) and no longer use advair. And I had used some for of asthma meds for the last 24 years! Now I use nothing. Yeast was there even when I wasn't having problems. It was building up quietly. Use the acv, read up on it and then go on the diet. It will help.
04/12/2012: Lisa from Jacksonville replies: Hi Lisa - another Lisa here with the same sort of story. Candida building up quietly for years. I too, was on some sort of asthma meds, later advair for 21 years and now don't use anything. I had so many discussions with doctors who said Candida couldn't be systemic, but for those of us who have had it, it sure is! It's great to be past this b/c I thought I was just crazy.


02/06/2012: Jenny from Perth, Western Australia: Backstory - My 5yo son has been coughing on and off all through summer, and has always coughed through winter with bronchial issues and weak lungs, like me. Last week he was diagnosed with asthma. There has been no wheezing, just a hacking cough. So we have him on a medication called Seretide now, two puffs morning and night. The night time cough has completely gone (mind, you, the Vicks was blitzing that problem anyway! ;) ), but every morning, even after the Seretide, he is hacking up a lung. It's upsetting to watch (for me - he's still cheerful! ) and he is developing dark circles under his eyes.

SO, for the past 3 mornings I've been sneaking a dollop of ACV into his juice to try and alleviate the cough, and it has done nothing. I've also washed the house top to bottom, left to right to get rid of dust. Still coughing every morning. We have no pets, no carpets, don't smoke. He's booked in to see an allergist who also deals with asthma next month.

Any other suggestions.. ?! I love EC and am devastated I'm unable to help him. :)

02/09/2012: Jennywren from Perth, Western Australia, Australia replies: Just an update: it seems as though Seretide takes 5-7 days to start working. The day after I posted this, my son stopped coughing.. Obviously kicking in. I am continuing with the daily ACV for him however, and will try weaning him off the Seretide in a week or so.
08/13/2012: Patti from Charlottesville, Virginia replies: I've been on 4 asthma meds including steroids. What started to help me was Vit. C. When I began taking it everyday, it helped more, and when I went organic, I haven't had an asthma attack in almost 4 years. Perhaps you can start your son on say 500 mg. A day, (I take 1000) though I don't believe more would hurt, it depends on what he needs. Perhaps 500 mg in morning, 500 mg. At night. Try omega 3s also, I take it in flaxseed oil supplements. Going organic also helped a lot.. just a suggestion, hope this helps.
09/11/2012: Diane from Uniontown, Pa replies: As an adult, I have used food grade diatomaceous earth anywhere from 1 tsp to 2tbsp a day, if I think about it and it does wonders for me. Also, Patrick McKeown (who himself HAD asthma) has an awesome book, Asthma-Free Naturally: Everything You Need to Know to Take Control of Your Asthma - Featuring the Buteyko Breathing Method Suitable for Adults and Children, which explains the Buteyko Breathing Method, and the main cause of asthma which is overbreathing. Even following his suggestions such as sleeping on the left side as opposed to the right, and never ever breathing through your mouth are just small steps that help a lot. If you do read the book, and need *ahem* extra help like I did, he even has videos you can watch for free on his site: http://www.buteykodvd.com/freedownloads.php

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil - Effective for Asthma?

12/24/2008: B.T. : Dear Ted

I've had asthma for a very long time and used almost all available medications. I'm now using salbutamol inhalers, Seretide Diskus 100 on my doctor's advice but am gradually (trying anyway) to shift to alternative natural remedies. I am taking 1 tbsp sometimes more of Braggs ACV blended with raw honey and garlic every morning before breakfast. After breakfast and at bedtime, I take Cornu a Chinese powdered supplement made from rapeseed (I think) with other ingredients for a wide range of respiratory ailments. I still have attacks (milder) provoked by sudden changes in weather esp humidity and strenuous activities.

I stumbled on Earth Clinic's folk remedies and read through the ones for asthma. I'd like to try oil pulling but would like to know if coconut virgin oil could be used instead of the other oils. Grateful for your advice. Thanks.

12/14/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Coconut oils are poorly absorbed and hence are a probably safest form of oil pulling that I know of then the available sunflower oils which tends to get absorbed in the bloodstream and accumulate in the liver. After coconut oil, I believe it's olive oil. I don't generally prefer sunflower oils in the long run.

There is another method that I call Pulling Oil, which is invented to resolve the issue of accumulation of oil and fatty substance by the liver, which I sometimes use the word Ted's Pulling Oil, to distinguish from other Pulling Oil methodology. In this method, we not only remove toxins that are oil soluble, but we are also removing excessive fatty substances and oils to remove it by making the oil more water soluble by the use of a fat emulsifier such as granulated lecithin.

Some substances or allergens are generated when hydrocarbons that accumulate throughout your lifetime is stored in the liver. So the older you get the more hydrocarbons, such as benzene (drinking coke with benzoic acid as a preservative will do that) as is a metabolic acidosis generated by aspartame, as well as habitual eating of overcooked foods, which generates RAGE (Reactive Glycated End Products) that springs to the body an autoimmune response that causes the breathing to be hampered.

Pulling Oil Method 1 was the use of Granulated Lecithin. You have just used Pulling Oil, Method 2, which is the use of Apple Cider vinegar, or just plain distilled vinegar. Both of these methods involved the use of vinegar to remove the tiny reactive oils responsible for the reactive autoimmunity response.

Pulling Oil Method 3 might be employed to using the Green Tea method, which involves the removal of triglycerides and other proteins that is reactive to tannins in denaturing these so that the body doesn't set up an autoimmune response leading to asthma.

Pulling Oil Method 3, might also be involved by drinking only a small amount of Red Wine such as only a tablespoon after eating for example. What the alcohol does, only in small amounts, and I don't pursue drinking any amount over a tablespoon is that the liver has a tiny holes in which it needs to work so that it can do the work. These tiny holes are blocked by fats, oils and other substances and certain substances such as these might be dissolved with red wine. This might be one reason why the French Paradox exist, because alcohol, consumed only very small quantities clear up the liver. I remember seeing a photographs of a very young liver of the rat with many tiny porous holes. But when seeing very old rats, most of these tiny pourous liver holes are gone, hence the clogging in inefficiency. That's probably why despite the French eating high cholesterol food, did they have low cholesterol in their blood, it's probably the effect of the Red Wine they've been drinking both from alcohol and the resevatrol found in the wine.

I'm sure I haven't quite resolved all the issues of asthma, for example, there's a need to eat less cooked meats, and processed meats especially since these causes autoimmune response from glycated meats, whenver they are overcooked. In fact nearly every canned foods have very high levels of glycated proteins leading to asthma and autommunity.

One interesting fact is the acetic acid, or the sodium acetate of the vinegar after neutralizing acid, has a remarkable effect of reducing the cellular inflammatory reaction. This can easily be proven that if methanol alcohol accidentally got on to your skin, severe burning is felt and the only antidote I know of is the vinegar. But interestingly, ordinary alcohol, such as ethyl alcohol does reduce little of this burning. Thus sodium acetate solution buffered can be used in case of such poisoning instead of the present conventional medicine practice of using alcohol to stop the methanol poisoning, but in reaction of bronchitis, a simple 2 tablespoon of vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass to 1 glass of water, is the preferred method, taken twice a day.

There is one more thing, concerning chlorination of water. If the water is dechlorinated, or sodium thiosulfate crystals, one grain is added in one liter of drinking water, it not only neutralizes the chlorine, but it also neutralizes other oxidative chemical substances found in your body responsible for the inflammatory response.

I am sure I haven't quite answered everything, but glycation is one element in inflammatory response, and taurine and carnosine supplements may further help reduce this also. If the immunity is suppressed from fungal exposures, then, borax remedy might be a more useful way of eliminating that, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water, taken only 4 days out of a week for example. Borax, by the way is also a surfactant and may do some of the jobs of pulling accumulated oils, rancid oils, to some extent, but lecithin is still the major basis of Pulling Oil, instead of Oil Pulling."

12/14/2008: Ted writes again: "The Sea Salt Approach:

I had a couple of interesting cases regarding the strange reactions to air, and smoke. Where the body is hypersensitive to this and then it caused asthma, but as well as some drying out of the breathing passages. Sometimes such a reaction may be reduced with just either a sea salt (the wetter kinds) or with some Magnesium chloride is optional. Apparently taking one teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water stopped the negative breathing reaction within about 30 minutes to one hour. For some reason or another the sea salt, for example had a detoxifying effects by neutralizing certain pathogens that are sensitive to salt and are thus killed whenever the body is in a slightly hyperosmotic or normal osmotic state instead of the hypo-osmotic state where the body is low in sea salts. The sea salts I preferred is the wet moist looking gray kind of sea salt, but wet appearances are the ones that seemed to worked the best as it has powerful hygroscopic elements in the sea salt, such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, that adds to the cellular hydration process. The more hygroscopic the salts are (magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride) the better is the hydration of the cells. Interestingly, tea, coffee, and Red Bull has the opposite effects as well as table sea salt. These worsen the asthma.


Needs Asthma Remedies

06/07/2008: Lucille from Los Angeles, California: I have asthma. It can be pretty bad at times, when I sleep I could hear myself breathing very "hard." I could also hear myself wheezing, I wake up eveyone in my home because they could hear how loud it sounds! And basically I'm a quiet sleeper. The asthma has not come for along time, but when it does, it's bad! I cough alot and, well, it's embarassing, but I "pee" because I cough so "hard." I got asthma when I was in my middle forty's I am now 52. I went to the doctor and they prescribed an inhaler, albuterol. But since I'm not working, I cannot afford to go to the doctor anymore for right now! Tell me what can I do to get cured, at least keep it in control! Lucille

06/11/2008: Elize from Johannesburg, RSA replies: try a bit of vinigar in a glas with a teaspoon of sunflower oil it will help you breathe easier. 500ml of luke warm water with 3 or 4 table spoons of tumeric will after an hour of two help you get rid of flem on the chest. but take it in the early morning hours and stay inhouse because you will be coughing the flem out.

If We Can Mix White Vinegar with Baking Soda

11/05/2006: Clyde from Pittsburgh, PA: I am breathing in the hydrogen peroxide... it relieves me of my asthma. i'm a mild asthmatic. i would like to know if you can mix white vinegar with baking soda? i know it is good as a drain opener, but i also heard that it was good in the bath water. can someone help me on this? thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Using weak H2O2 inhalation for your asthmatic and you want to also use white vinegar and baking soda? Well, this is a weaker form, and might help, but not much. However, I think for a sea salt solution for inhalation or with some H2O2 added would be the way to go. For some reason, sea salt inhalation is much prefer to clearing the breathing passages. It is a more natural approach. One major reason why sea salt works so well is due to the fulvic acid (trace micromineral) in the sea salt, which is often gray or light brown in color. I have been cured with asthma condition just taking fulvic acid, so I would assume adding sea salt with this trace content would help. In fact sea salt inhalation is one of the old home remedies that seem to work well in some cases to.

Also using white vinegar alone is also one way to do it too. However adding baking soda in my opinion might weaken the solution.



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