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Last Modified on Dec 24, 2008

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil - Effective for Asthma?

12/24/2008: B.T. : Dear Ted

I've had asthma for a very long time and used almost all available medications. I'm now using salbutamol inhalers, Seretide Diskus 100 on my doctor's advice but am gradually (trying anyway) to shift to alternative natural remedies. I am taking 1 tbsp sometimes more of Braggs ACV blended with raw honey and garlic every morning before breakfast. After breakfast and at bedtime, I take Cornu a Chinese powdered supplement made from rapeseed (I think) with other ingredients for a wide range of respiratory ailments. I still have attacks (milder) provoked by sudden changes in weather esp humidity and strenuous activities.

I stumbled on Earth Clinic's folk remedies and read through the ones for asthma. I'd like to try oil pulling but would like to know if coconut virgin oil could be used instead of the other oils. Grateful for your advice. Thanks.

12/14/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Coconut oils are poorly absorbed and hence are a probably safest form of oil pulling that I know of then the available sunflower oils which tends to get absorbed in the bloodstream and accumulate in the liver. After coconut oil, I believe it's olive oil. I don't generally prefer sunflower oils in the long run.

There is another method that I call Pulling Oil, which is invented to resolve the issue of accumulation of oil and fatty substance by the liver, which I sometimes use the word Ted's Pulling Oil, to distinguish from other Pulling Oil methodology. In this method, we not only remove toxins that are oil soluble, but we are also removing excessive fatty substances and oils to remove it by making the oil more water soluble by the use of a fat emulsifier such as granulated lecithin.

Some substances or allergens are generated when hydrocarbons that accumulate throughout your lifetime is stored in the liver. So the older you get the more hydrocarbons, such as benzene (drinking coke with benzoic acid as a preservative will do that) as is a metabolic acidosis generated by aspartame, as well as habitual eating of overcooked foods, which generates RAGE (Reactive Glycated End Products) that springs to the body an autoimmune response that causes the breathing to be hampered.

Pulling Oil Method 1 was the use of Granulated Lecithin. You have just used Pulling Oil, Method 2, which is the use of Apple Cider vinegar, or just plain distilled vinegar. Both of these methods involved the use of vinegar to remove the tiny reactive oils responsible for the reactive autoimmunity response.

Pulling Oil Method 3 might be employed to using the Green Tea method, which involves the removal of triglycerides and other proteins that is reactive to tannins in denaturing these so that the body doesn't set up an autoimmune response leading to asthma.

Pulling Oil Method 3, might also be involved by drinking only a small amount of Red Wine such as only a tablespoon after eating for example. What the alcohol does, only in small amounts, and I don't pursue drinking any amount over a tablespoon is that the liver has a tiny holes in which it needs to work so that it can do the work. These tiny holes are blocked by fats, oils and other substances and certain substances such as these might be dissolved with red wine. This might be one reason why the French Paradox exist, because alcohol, consumed only very small quantities clear up the liver. I remember seeing a photographs of a very young liver of the rat with many tiny porous holes. But when seeing very old rats, most of these tiny pourous liver holes are gone, hence the clogging in inefficiency. That's probably why despite the French eating high cholesterol food, did they have low cholesterol in their blood, it's probably the effect of the Red Wine they've been drinking both from alcohol and the resevatrol found in the wine.

I'm sure I haven't quite resolved all the issues of asthma, for example, there's a need to eat less cooked meats, and processed meats especially since these causes autoimmune response from glycated meats, whenver they are overcooked. In fact nearly every canned foods have very high levels of glycated proteins leading to asthma and autommunity.

One interesting fact is the acetic acid, or the sodium acetate of the vinegar after neutralizing acid, has a remarkable effect of reducing the cellular inflammatory reaction. This can easily be proven that if methanol alcohol accidentally got on to your skin, severe burning is felt and the only antidote I know of is the vinegar. But interestingly, ordinary alcohol, such as ethyl alcohol does reduce little of this burning. Thus sodium acetate solution buffered can be used in case of such poisoning instead of the present conventional medicine practice of using alcohol to stop the methanol poisoning, but in reaction of bronchitis, a simple 2 tablespoon of vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass to 1 glass of water, is the preferred method, taken twice a day.

There is one more thing, concerning chlorination of water. If the water is dechlorinated, or sodium thiosulfate crystals, one grain is added in one liter of drinking water, it not only neutralizes the chlorine, but it also neutralizes other oxidative chemical substances found in your body responsible for the inflammatory response.

I am sure I haven't quite answered everything, but glycation is one element in inflammatory response, and taurine and carnosine supplements may further help reduce this also. If the immunity is suppressed from fungal exposures, then, borax remedy might be a more useful way of eliminating that, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of drinking water, taken only 4 days out of a week for example. Borax, by the way is also a surfactant and may do some of the jobs of pulling accumulated oils, rancid oils, to some extent, but lecithin is still the major basis of Pulling Oil, instead of Oil Pulling."

12/14/2008: Ted writes again: "The Sea Salt Approach:

I had a couple of interesting cases regarding the strange reactions to air, and smoke. Where the body is hypersensitive to this and then it caused asthma, but as well as some drying out of the breathing passages. Sometimes such a reaction may be reduced with just either a sea salt (the wetter kinds) or with some Magnesium chloride is optional. Apparently taking one teaspoon of sea salt in 1/2 glass of water stopped the negative breathing reaction within about 30 minutes to one hour. For some reason or another the sea salt, for example had a detoxifying effects by neutralizing certain pathogens that are sensitive to salt and are thus killed whenever the body is in a slightly hyperosmotic or normal osmotic state instead of the hypo-osmotic state where the body is low in sea salts. The sea salts I preferred is the wet moist looking gray kind of sea salt, but wet appearances are the ones that seemed to worked the best as it has powerful hygroscopic elements in the sea salt, such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, that adds to the cellular hydration process. The more hygroscopic the salts are (magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride) the better is the hydration of the cells. Interestingly, tea, coffee, and Red Bull has the opposite effects as well as table sea salt. These worsen the asthma.


If We Can Mix White Vinegar with Baking Soda

11/05/2006: Clyde from Pittsburgh, PA: I am breathing in the hydrogen peroxide... it relieves me of my asthma. i'm a mild asthmatic. i would like to know if you can mix white vinegar with baking soda? i know it is good as a drain opener, but i also heard that it was good in the bath water. can someone help me on this? thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Using weak H2O2 inhalation for your asthmatic and you want to also use white vinegar and baking soda? Well, this is a weaker form, and might help, but not much. However, I think for a sea salt solution for inhalation or with some H2O2 added would be the way to go. For some reason, sea salt inhalation is much prefer to clearing the breathing passages. It is a more natural approach. One major reason why sea salt works so well is due to the fulvic acid (trace micromineral) in the sea salt, which is often gray or light brown in color. I have been cured with asthma condition just taking fulvic acid, so I would assume adding sea salt with this trace content would help. In fact sea salt inhalation is one of the old home remedies that seem to work well in some cases to.

Also using white vinegar alone is also one way to do it too. However adding baking soda in my opinion might weaken the solution.



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