Cure Acid Reflux: Fast Acting Natural Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on Dec 22, 2011

Reflux and Weight Gain

12/22/2011: L from Anonymous: Dear Ted, Im writing to you with hope of an answer to my problem. I have had reflux for around 7 months now, and I have tried numerous ppis and h2 blockers which bring me very little relief and cause me to gain weight rapidly. I am 43 years old I have a healthy diet, and exercise regularly so the weight gain is definitely due to the pills. I have been to my doctor many times about this but he wont listen to me. I am incredibly frustrated over this as I know I am doing everything possible to lose weight but I am failing miserably. I should tell you that I take digestive enzymes and ester c which is acid free vitamin C with my meals, I drink plenty of water, I chew dgl (liquorice) between meals, I take probiotic yoghurt with my breakfast (which is All Bran, rice milk, and Goji berries) and I drink ginger tea. Im still getting reflux when I eat certain foods, but its a bit better. I honestly dont know what else to do as Ive tried everything I can think of and Im still not able to lose the weight that I have gained over the past few months. I do have other medical problems which include hypothyroidism, asthma, adult acne, constipation, and regular headaches. I would be forever grateful if you could help me with these ailments.

Thanking you so much in advance.

01/13/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Much of the problem stems from hypothyroidism, GERD, taurine deficiency, and constipation. The PPI's is definitely causing the weight gain but it must be replace with some other natural substance that gets rid of the GERD.

The PPI's can also cause constipation and people who eat healthy are not healthy because most supplements out there contain calcium, which causes constipation and contains very high heavy metals, especially if you're vegetarian. It is found from fertilizer used that contain heavy metals as the source, and the way they are processed in powdered supplement is they used spinning blades which are metals (sometimes cheap non stainless kind) that is the source of heavy metals.

To help GERD, there are a couple that help: raw papaya 3 meals a day, bromelain, humic acid (if powdered less then 1/16 teaspoon) whenever there is GERD, digestive enzymes also help, but if you have loss of appetite, you need to take B50 vitamin B complex until the loss of appetite is gone. I have also found that in certain cases adding more hydrochloric acid to the stomach before eating helps digest the food and helps reduce GERD in some cases, but it also reduces flatulence.

The hypothyroidism combined with constipation and low digestive enzyme is usually what causes weight gain. SSKI is taken at about 5 drops a day a night may help your condition for hypothyroid. There are two types of fungus in the body, one suppresses the function by uptake of thyroid which causes hypothyroidisim, and the other fungus causes hyperthyroid. I haven't gotten around to treating the fungus which lead to hypothyroid, but you can apply lavender oil with some vick's vapor rub to the thyroid area and may help kill some of them. And to support some of that SSKI is taken every night from 1 to 10 drops. I usually start with 1 drop first.

Regular headaches and constipation may be relieved quickly if taken 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate after meal or just eating green apples as they have some potassium citrate in it.


Acid Reflux Causing Esophageal Tightening?

10/14/2011: Anonymous from Anonymous: Ted, Thanks for all you do for the readers of earth clinic. What a great site. I need help. I was diagnosed with a motility disorder but a second opinion from an esophageal specialist disagreed. The original doc put me on Cartia 240 mg to limit the muscle contractions. After review of the study by the second dr he disagreed and thought my Barium swallow was normal and my motility study while slightly abnormal was ok. He took me off the Cartia as he was certain it was due to reflux. I have been dealing with this for two months. I found this site and started taking your ACV and baking soda remedy for 5 days now. Some relief but throat is still tight, I have mucous in throat and swallowing is difficult. I also have some chest pain after eating, dull under breast plate. I am 45 in good shape don't drink or smoke. I have been checking my PH and it runs 7 throughout the day and my saliva falls back some at night to around 6 and back with your remedy. I have also started taking some magnesium from a suggestion made by a different reader. Can you help? Thanks.

10/27/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The tightness of the throat is relieved by magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride. Depending on the type of magnesium, magnesium citrate is about 100 to 250 mg, or magnesium chloride saturated solution is 8 drops before meals twice a day. For the mucous in the throat we need to break up the disulfide bonds that caused the mucous, and this is done with N acetyl Cysteine 250 mg x 2. Difficultly swallowing can come from tightness caused by excess calcium and lack of magnesium in the diet. Chest pain may be helped with a couple of supplements, such as EDTA, magnesium, or even CoQ10.


11/06/2011: D'lynn from Baton Rouge, Louisiana replies: Hi, I am 32 and pregnant with my third child (38wks). I have had severe acid reflux since the first pregnancy, 10yrs ago. Sometimes it feels as though I am having a heart attack. I don't drink sodas and am currently not eating fried foods or avoiding most acidic foods. Nothing is working for the reflux, not even the prescriptions. I decided to try the apple cider vinegar tonight. I took one tablespoon of it straight (no dilution). I immediately began to vomit. Now I am stuck with a very sore throat (burning) and acid reflux. I give up.

Terrible Pain From Esophageal Spasms, Acid Reflux, Hiatel Hernia, H. Pylori

07/05/2011: Anonymous : Ted, I will try to describe my condition. I am 42 y.old white male, last 7 years living in Toronto Canada. Before Canada lived 11 years in Israel. I considered myself healhy till i turned 39 then it all happened. First symptom happened in 2003 right before coming to Canada ,by that time i didnt know what it is but I remembered that pain,so when it hit me in 5 years second time it was not a problem to recognise the pain at all. It was esofagial spasm. Then I started to get those symptoms in accelereting frequency mostly at night time.I went to doctor ,she did my bloodwork , I was H.pylory positive so she prescribed antibiotik treatment for two weeks, I got rid from the bug but not the pain so i was sent to gastroscopy,x-ray,esofagial manometry, they confermed my acid reflux.Then she prescribed me with esomeprasol (nexium), pevacid , pariet , losec , pantoprasole.I tried them for 2 month each , my condition got worse, so i desided to stop it and went to nathuropath , she prescribed me with acidofilus 3 times a day with high dose, black walnut,and vitamin b.When took vit b felt worse so she stoped vit b. After 6 month no result was seen , I could not work normaly(i am welder, multiple bends over required, long standing in akwared position too), could not sleep too, so i felt screwed. I forgot to mention that i was on the strict diet (NOsugar, NOcoffe, NOteas, NOfat, NOmilk, NOred meat, tyni bit of fish and chiken breast)My height is 180 cm ,my weight was 82 kg ,become 62 withine 1 month + i was very stressfull cause nothing worked.I went to homeopath keeping on my diet,after 8 month of treatment something moved to better, but i was still far from bee healthy and pain free.

So i ended searching internet for cure and i found your remedies and i started to practice them first 1 month baking soda1/4 soda+1 cup of water 3 times a day first week ok then little discomfort but not pain but nausea prety often especialy in the morning.Second step 8 teaspoon lemon fresh juice +1/4 baking soda,if take 1/2teaspoon of baking soda feel not good,+1/4 borax to 1 liter of water 4 days a week +99 mg potassium sitrate 2 a day with lemon and soda+300 md of magnesium citrate a day along with lemon soda and potassium+vitb complex 1 a day without hydroclorid acid(it was hard to get) so i got it with mineral supplementin capsule form,+zink citrate 30 mg once a week,but i still feel heartburn a little and i take additional sodawith water. I feel nausea often. Recently started oil pullin g(olive oil 5 min 2 a day) got fever 38C and very strong nausea but not sure or from borax or from oil pull. So i feel that i am doing something wrong

I need guidence from you very much cause i am losing my heart sometime. My ph jumping from acid to alcaline even after your remedies, last week take apple cider vinegar+1/4 soda twice a day and lecithin twice a day before meals +chinese parsly every other day better but not cured .I feel if stop taking soda for more than 2 days get into trouble.

There is my health history:
24 years old -duodenal ulcer
26 y.o ulcer heald after 3 week of antibiotic course
26-till now cramps in legs
39 acid reflux +haital hernia(diarea never constipated,burping gas was always part of my life)
41 blastocyst hominis
42 recently did bloodwork everything ok (cholest.ok,potassium ok, liver ok,electrolite ok , no parasite doc says everything ok) but i feel not ok,abdomen ut ok ,in july gastroscopy again.
did ct scan found dot 3.5 mm on bottom of right lung but without grow last 1.5 years

Dont drink alcohol ,dont smoke,no sugar ,no fizzy drinks,no milk.Tolerate fatty food well.Last 6 month eat meat on grill not much.
Iam sure mised a lot of information but it hard to remember everything if there is something you want to know tell me please.

07/05/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Ted responds to Anonymous:
"Actually, you are diagnosed with acid reflux. You made my remedies too complicated. The reason why you get nauseated with the alkaline remedy is a couple of reasons:

1. You probably took alkaline remedy BEFORE meals in the morning.

The remedy is supposed to be AFTER MEALS. And if you still have problem, then do it later in the day, such as after lunch and after dinner and before bedtime.

2. Magnesium is always needed. Not just potassium and sodium and alkaline, you need magnesium chloride drops, 8 drops twice a day

The problem is acid reflux is probably mycobacterium but your stomach acid (which is weak to begin with) is low, but insufficient to cause Ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, which is good.

There are two remedies that works, humic acid and aloe vera. Usually humic acid alone works and taken before sleep. It's taken only 1/16 of the powder will solved most of your problems. If you want to make it better, just take aloe vera oil, but aloe vera extract also helped.

Your naturopath made a mistake prescribing B complex as it is a food source of these sort of mycobacterium, but acid reflux and mycobacterium responds also favorably to digestive enzymes provided that it is mixed with some beer. The beer is carrier for the enzymes to get into the hard waxy lining of the mycobacterium.


Anonymous responds to Ted:
"Hello Ted!
There are few things i need to clarify .I bought magnesium cloride liquide form but there is lactic acid in them is it ok?there is what i bought.

Magnesium Chloride Liquid 8 fl. oz. (236 mL) #50320
A highly absorbable form of magnesium, formulated to be well tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract.*
Suggested use: Dilute prior to ingestion. As a dietary supplement, 1/2 teaspoon diluted in eight ounces of your favorite beverage, two or three times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Appropriate for food sensitive individuals. Refrigerate after opening.
Serving Size 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 ml)
Servings per container 94
Amount per serving:
Magnesium (as Magnesium Chloride) 66.5 mg

Other ingredients: Deionized water, lactic acid.
This nutrient is of the highest quality and purity obtainable, free of all common allergens (antigens), and does not contain preservatives, diluents, or artificial additives.
*This statement has not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

it was a real problem to get it from health food store so i ordered it from the internet along with humic acid but last one is still on its way to me .Please tell me if mag is ok.
Thanks alot"

Ted replies to Anonymous:
"Should be ok Lactic acid is found also in yogurt, but it should not harm you, but the most important of all is the humic acid, magnesium is taken before meal.


Anonymous responds to Ted:
"Hi Ted!
I bought humic acid powder from kelp4less but it a little bit hard to disolve of course the water takes black color but i have to stir well the remainder of powder cause it floating on the surface , is it normal? it has no taste no odour .I take 1/8 teaspoon to 250ml of water right before bed. i take it for a week i noticed that after i take the solution i have discomfort in chest like my symptom so i take 1/2 teaspoon of bs in 1/2 glass of water right after and after a while burp and relived more or less.cant take acv with soda o, on the 3rd day get diarea so i just take 1/2 bs 3 times a day along with potassium citrate 2 times a day and magnesium chloride 2 times a day(8 drops),also i take 1/8teaspoon of borax to 1 liter of water 4 days aweek.I saw your comment to question about Cron desease and you recomend to use dechlorineted water so i went to aquarium shop and bought water conditioner 5ml treats 200l of tap water but i am afraid to use it without consalting with you first.The label says for aquarium use only contains complexed hydrosulfite name ''prime'' made by seachem laboratories inc. it removes clorine, cloramine, ammonia.Ted if it is not a problem could you give me more detailed protocol what to take and what not to, and dosage of it cause i feel am getting lost a bit .Your advise to take bs after meals worked so far no nausea thank you!i ''ll wait for your answer .
Product Description
1 pound Water soluble humic acid powder

Water soluble humic acid powder extracted from

ground leonardite, and oxidized from lignite. minimum of 80% humic acids

Make your own affordable Organic Liquid Humic Acid!!

Great product, easy to mix and simple to use!

We have used this product for years with fantastic results! Use in gardens, houseplants, lawns, trees, greenhouses, rowcrops, ornamentals, and pastures. I apply this product weekly on all my greenhouse plants.

Mix 8 dry ounces of Humic acid powder with 1 gallon of water to produce the liquid concentrate. Shake and stir well to completly dissolve the powder. Then, use the mixing chart below for application. Apply as a seed starter, root-soil drench, or foliar spray. Once the powder is mixed with water, store it in a closed container for up to one year in a cool dark area. Apply as often as you wish. For a stronger solution mix up to 1 pound of Humic Acid powder with 1 gallon of water.

At the rates listed below this product can be applied daily. Coverage is 100 - 500 square feet.This product is compatable with most liquid fertilizers except those with a low pH or high liquid calcium content. Do not mix with calcium nitrate.

Maximum Concentration: 2 ounces of liquid humic acid concentrate per 1 gallon of water

Optimal Concentration1: 1 ounce of liquid humic acid concentrate per 1 gallon of water

Minimum Concentration: (use this rate for folier apps) 1/2 ounce of liquid humic acid concentrate per 1 gallon of water

Soluble humate powder acts a natural soil and plant growth stimulant. It is a dark black powder with an 80-86% humic acid content. It is easily assimilated by plants and some of its main functions include improving plant immunity, improving plant metabolism, improving plant root development, improving the supply of plant nutritional elements and increasing the formation of ferments. Humic Acid promotes the increased accumulation of chlorophyll, sugar, amino acids and more and improves the efficiency of nitrogen utilization, allowing for reduced fertilizer rates. One of the primary actions of Humic Acid is to increase the plants ability to withstand the stresses of heat, drought, cold, disease, insect and other types of environmental or cultural pressures. Humic also increases general plant productivity, in terms of yield, as well as plant stem strength. Within the soil, humic stimulates soil microorganisms, promoting Humus"

Ted replies to Anonymous:
"The baking soda is taken after meals 30 minutes. The humic acid is taken pure but I used lower dose. 1/8 is the medium dose dissolved in a cup of water before bed. The burp means you are not alkalized enough and you probably not taking it for a week or two. So you are still acid. If you do it for over a week there should be no problem. Humic acid causes constipation if taken too much. Another cure for acid refux is digestive enzyme after meals and before bed time.


Anonymous responds to Ted:
"Hi Ted!
i take 1/16 of humic acid on empty stomack before bed and i wake up after 3 hours with pain in chest and rumbling in the belly. Do i have to dechlore waterthat i mix with humic acid or there is something else?Why it makes me feel worse?I take magnesium cloride 5 min before or after i take humic acid."

Ted replies to Anonymous:
"My guess is you have ulcers, where the walls of the stomach is very loose. Try Lysine 1000 mg x 3, and glutamine 1000 mg. x 3, and vitamin C 500 mg x 4, to help heal the stomach. See if it helps if not. Also did you sleep late at nights and hungry, this is a factor also. Dechlorinator is mixed with humic acid, for acid reflux, is just one remedy.

07/09/2011: Anonymous from New York replies: Ted, How do you take Vera Oil , how much? I thought you always recommend B Complex for Acid Reflux? Please clarify? How do you take digestive enzymes with Beer?

28 Year Old Male Diagnosed with Lprd

06/09/2011: Anonymous : Hi Ted, Thanks for taking the time to read my email. I have been reading all your posts about acid reflux. I've had it for 7 years, I'm 28 - male from uk.

My doctor diagnosed me with LPRD - I have tried ppi pills and they were useless. I recently bought some ph strips, but they keep telling me my saliva is between 7 and 8. Are the ph strips wrong? I try it before I eat and after and it seems very little difference.

I have done years of research and feel like I am going around in circles.

What I have noticed recently is when my acid is really bad, my cheeks lose sensation slightly, even my nose a little. When I am very bad I suffer post nasal drip, but I haven't had this for a few months so I'm happy about that.

I always get mouth ulcers, nearly 80% of my days I have an ulcer at least one, maybe 4 or 5 sometimes.

My main question to you, which may help me solve my problem closer, is when I am very bad, usually at night time, every 2 or 3 hours I have to take a sip of my drink, usually blackcurrant, but sometimes water. My mouth/tongue will fizz and then I feel better again for another two hours.

The reason why I prefer blackcurrant over water is because it helps disguise that horrible taste, water doesn't help me with that.

I have tried half tea spoon of baking soda with water and this seems to stop the burning of my throat for a short while, this I learnt from your information at Earth Clinic, so thank you.

Please reply


06/09/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The best remedy is two things: humic acid and lysine. That's as simple as I can make it. Humic acid helps acid reflux especially at night time. The dose is between 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon. I will try 1/8 first taken at night. In 90% of the cases it will stop it or slowly stop it. The humic acid I used is humic acid in powdered form. The lysine will stop the mouth ulcers, in fact I may be a viral issue too. As for your saliva, I don't think it's the pH issue, at least not for the saliva, in fact the mouth pH is 7.3 should be sufficient any amount higher then this might be fungus. Certain fungus tends to grow in very alkaline environment, in that case if the pH is indeed 8 or 7.5 your body should respond to ascorbic acid. The other pH you should check is the urinary pH. It should be 6.5 to 7.1. My numbers tend to be around that number being the best. It not get around there. Finally one thing that helped the acid reflux is also the digestive enzymers, taken before and after meals, and before sleep. The one downside to this is it cost a lot of money, humic acid is better. Much of acid reflux disease is mycoplasma, fungus and behave like a bacterial nature. Tannic acid will also helped if typical remedy is non-responsive. It's about 1/8 to 1/4 per liter of drinking water.


06/10/2011: Anonymous replies: Hi Ted,

Thanks for this information, I am going to buy lysine because you said it will stop the ulcers. Do I also need the humic acid, or perhaps I just need to pick one or the other?
I assume I should buy it as tablet form, how many should I take per day and should I take this forever or perhaps just for a few months?

I have also been diagnosed with something called Gilberts Syndrome, I've been assured it's harmless, but perhaps this has some strange link to my acid reflux problem? I'm just throwing this out there in case you know a link.

How do you test your ph so accurately? I have been using the strips, but they seem to tell me my ph of my saliva is about 7.5 and my urine is about 7 to 7.25.

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm still wondering about the answer to the subject of my email, regarding no fizzy drinks fizzing in my mouth on the first sip. It feels like when I drink something (any drink almost) it creates a fizz, I can hear it! It feels like its taking away something bad, because my mouth feels great again. My saliva often feels thick too.

Take care

06/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Lysine usually stops ulcers. As to your condition of mouth fizzing, there is I think to think your mouth is either alkaline or acid. The pH paper maybe wrong, it is best to do it electronic meters. There are organic forms of alkaline or acid that doesn't show in pH paper, so you maybe right. But it may fizz. You respond to baking soda, so check whether your urine pH is also in the range, 6.5 to 7.0, and you may take more baking soda, to three times a day, for 1/4 teaspoon first, and then one more before sleep. Try that for a week. If you respond to that more, you add more baking soda until things become normal both pH and ulcers. That's a simple remedy. It helps also if you can find potassium bicarbonate or potassium bicarbonate to the baking soda. of equal amounts to alkalized too, if you can find one. But it is best to try whatever you have first.

As to humic acid, one well known fact is if viral of any kind, I don;t care what kind, goes into the humic acid, it traps them. Thus it can reduce the viral load along the gastrointestinal tract and may kill acid reflux caused by a virus, bacteria is somewhat limited. Fulvic acid might be better in entering your body system, but they are partly successful in viral, but it's not effective that much.

Gilbert's syndrome in your case appears to be viral, so lysine may work in normalizing some liver function. The doctor's throughout most of the "free world" follows the Medical board, through what is known as a medical protocol, that doesn't work sometimes, and they got specialist which preventing from seeing the big picture as they are too narrowly focused on the organs. Even if doctors know about a cure, or a protocol they are not allowed to practice their own medicine. Medical boards are tied to Pharmaceuticals and makes it more difficult to promote any medical protocol that doesn't use their products. There are the idea that one organ effects the other, such as viral disease in the liver (viral hepatis) effects the mouth, and lead to ulcers they are not consider or cannot consider. I have the advantage of not following anyone rules if it doesn't work, but I have my own problem of money to do all this research. So it's one of those days.

You will need to take lysine 1000 mg or 1500 mg hourly four doses in the morning and three more in the evening. Then you do that for 3 days, then followed by three hourly doses for the other day. That's the simplest antiviral for both the viral liver and ulcers I can come up with. The ulcers is usually herpes simplex cause.

Thick saliva and antiviral too, is N Acetyl Cysteine. You can take schedule as same as lysine. Just take 250-500 mg N Acetyl cysteine and you can discontinue within the week as N Acetyl Cysteine cost more.


Daughter with Ar, Hiatal Hernia, Ulcers, Inflammation

02/20/2009: Cindy from Moss Point, MS: Question For Ted: Hello, my seven year old daughter is in a constant state of pain. She has Acid Reflux, hiatal hernia, esophageal ulcers, and inflamation in the duodenum. She has been on prevacid for 8 weeks with no improvement. Now she is trying Nexium she has been on this for 10 days with no improvement. What would be the best treatment for her. She desperately needs some pain relief. I pick her up early everyday from school. she just can't handle staying all day. I want to do something all natural because I know these drugs are just a temporary fix. Thanks, Cindy

02/06/2009: Cindy from Moss Point, MS replies: Ted,

I have been using 2tsps. of ACV (organic w/mother) and aluminum free baking soda for about 2 weeks and no relief from her stomach pain. She doesn't have any acid reflux but she still hurts directly under her belly button. Should I try sea salt or something else for the ulcers? The doctor told me she is so impacted that her bowels were distended. She uses the bathroom everyday but he said she was still impacted. She is now on mirilax everyday so she can go on a daily basis. I assume that is the pain beneath her belly button. Please help with these problems. She is 7 years old and she weighs 52lbs. She needs some relief. Last summer she weighed about 38lbs. She is gaining weight drastically and she is miserable. Oh, she is also on Nexium 20mg twice a day.

Thank you,

02/07/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Nexium can lead to some distended stomach if the pH balance and sodium/potassium and magnesium is not addressed properly. Certain meds do shut down the kidney leading to distended or swollen stomach also, but usually the legs.

In any event, the distended stomach in this cases appear to be a certain bacteria that leads to ulcers, but not in the stomach, it's in the intestines, such as leaky gut syndrome, ulcerative colitis, for example. Certain fungus can also lead to irritation once they are set into the system. If its a bacteria there's two way to deal with that. Magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate supplements 500 mg a day or twice a day, plus one tablespoon of milk of magnesia with 1/2 glass of water or follow the package of milk of magnesia to get a laxative, which reduces the water buildup from its laxative effect. I like to use stool to reduce water retention and sometimes the kidneys, but I don't like to rely on too much kidney as it's overused organ compared to it's size if we compare that with the intestines. Now the pH of milk of magnesia is about 10, which is alkaline enough to kill most of the pathogens especially staph bacteria and other bacteria where they can easily survive in acid to neutral medium in the intestines. Also milk of magnesia is actually 8% magnesium hydroxide, which has a very low water solubility and helps in raising the pH along the intestinal tract and kills it that way.

Getting a normal bowel movement is also a key. Two essential elments for normal bowel movement I have noticed is one is the baking soda which you did, but the other one that is most critical is the tripotassium citrate (common name potasium citrate) that seems to work consistently enough for me to be happy. The dose I used is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate. Once the bowel movements are more regular it helps. But notice that certain medications tend to cause swollen by shutting down kidney. It works that way because certain cortisone like elements found in excess in the blood leads to an adrenal shutdown too.

However in this case I suspect there's a pathogen. Therefore the addition potassium, milk of magnesia, and magnesium should help deal with the other problem thats still there. By normalizing the pH intracellularly with potassium and magnesium should discourage pathogens. But we must also consider other elements of drug medication that can lead to this also. In any event white bread, peanuts, mushrooms of all kinds, milk, steak are the common ones I would also avoid.


02/21/2009: Somer from Columbia, SC replies: I am not really a help as we are going through the same thing with our six year old daughter and I have just begun to research some treatments. She is also on the Prevacid for a couple of weeks and no improvement. Does your daughter have vomiting issues as well? I was just trying to find the foods that are less likely to trigger the reflux. Would you keep me posted on any remedies or treatments that tend to work. we just found out that Reflux is what is causing so much of her abdominal discomfort. She lives on whole milk and apple juice so we are cutting this out along with some other foods to see if this helps. What drinks does your daughter feel like helps a little bit. Also does she complain of the belly pain?
02/23/2009: Cindy from Moss Point, MS replies: Hey there,

My daughter can no longer drink milk. She does have some vomiting and headaches with the nexium---so I know it is not good for her. She does have severe pain right beneath the belly button. The Dr. did an xray and found her bowls to be extremely distended. She has to take miralax every day. But, she still has pain everyday. I am at my witts end. I do give her 1/2 TBLS of Vinegar and 1/8 tsp of baking soda every night. She has not yet been pain free. Please keep her in your prayers that we find a cure and I will do the same for your little one.


03/09/2009: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Hiatal hernia is a certain fungus like organism that has certain properties of bacteria. The best way I think that would be an approach is simply for ADULT DOSE who weighs 100 pounds, and then we just reduce the dose on a per weight basis as follows:, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate in 1/2 glass of water. So if a child is 1/4 of the weight of a 100 pound small adult the dose is then one quarter. This is often taken twice a day over a course of a week to sell correct the body's immunity and pH. It requires about two week for the body to have the bicarbonates level to fight off this.

This seems to be the best remedy so far, at least the simplest, there are other additions that help the push such as a tablespoon of colloidal copper (a small child would be just a half teaspoon) or just simply amino acid chelated copper at 1 mg -2 mg dose taken just only twice a week for a small child, assuming it was quite possible also to do the hair mineral analysis to see for possible copper deficiency if that's possible. The fungus like bacteria of this hiatal hernia I have found to have low copper, low manganese, low chromium, low magnesium, are the major ones. A vitamin B complex adjusted for appropriate size and weight of a child may also be added during the eating of food.

It should be noted that after two weeks of just a baking soda, or a baking soda with potassium, where the second one is more effective together, the appetite and the allergy or the reaction would have been reduce by the second week. However this dose requires that it is taken twice a week. The second most important remedy along with alkalization that's gentle enough without much problem is the magnesium, preferably magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride supplements for a normal adult 100 pounds to be 500 mg. so a per weight basis that might on 1/4 of weight to be 250 pound or 1/10 depending on the weight again. After a week, if the appetite haven't quite improve, the a vitami B complex is the other addition. A copper supplements is one of those supplements that have anti-fungal properties and for a child I believe a 2 mg twice a week dose should have notice some improvement. However, I have seen improvement of hiatal hernia from just the baking soda and potassium citrate, with some magnesium supplements as a supportive one.

The other tip is if the condition was started with an antibiotics, then it gives me some good indication that they are a confirmed sort of fungus as antibiotics are frequently contaminated of them, as that's how they are made anyway as being a sort of hiatal hernia triggers. In that case 5 drops of 3% H2O2 per glass and drink only just a quarter of a fifth of that taken maybe three or four times a day. Plus an every other day cilantro, to remove the heavy metals. Some b complex during meals also help some digestion, but I believe that magnesium is most protective against the toxins from the fungus, as well as hydrogen peroxide drops most favorably clears the body of toxins in the liver as well as neutralizing pathogens by oxidation where the conditions can clear up on many ocassions too.


11/05/2009: Rasikel from Baltimore, Maryland, USA replies: i have acid reflux for the past 7months and i just start to take apple cider vinegar how long shall i take it for ikel

Acid Reflux Issues Following Sex?

12/18/2008: Anonymous : Hello Ted , I have read numerous testimonies about the ACV and Baking soda remedy and its effectiveness in treating acid reflux. I have noticed a trend regarding acid reflux and am just trying to figure out what is happening to my PH levels/body. My esophagus becomes very painful immediately following sex (ejaculation). It usually takes about two to three weeks after this before my esophagus becomes less painful. but is still there. What is happening and do I change this current remedy? Do I try something else? Thanks.

12/18/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Anonymous:

In general strenuous activities of any kind leads to the formation of lactic acid and a condition of metabolic acidosis, which leads to acid reflux. Obviously it's always in the food, and supplements but people aren't aware of it, such as aspartame added to xylitol gums, Flintstones multivitamin supplements, and other acid forming food. As to the issue of sex, that's one is a bit more complicated, since the body looses amino acids, vitamin C, zinc, and caused a disturbances in hormonal imbalances.

A boron supplements or ocassional borax remedy, taken only once, such as 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water (men -but woman is 1/2 dose), if hormonal imbalance does occur (usually after sex) will restore it, along with some magnesium supplements. Once a month or twice a month zinc gluconate also helps. Iodine is a common deficiency, especially after shower where chlorine will displace it. Amino acid source can come from soy sauce (without MSG), or supplements will balance out that issue. Interestingly, borax is one of the little known remedies I also used against acid reflux. A more elaborate ones also required potassium. Many people who have acid reflux may also lack potassium and you can deplete this during most activities, including sex (from sweat!). Therefore potassium bicarbonate I may add to the usual ACV plus baking soda. The remedy is 2 tablespoons ACV plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate, twice a day. The other possible common acid reflux is the issue (if from strenous exercise or sex) is the sea salt remedy. The dose is 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of drinking water, and maintenance at 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water.

Therefore I prefer to consider the most common, such as possible lack of potassium and low levels of electrolytes where sea salt will usually do it. If not I may consider borax. And if that's not working then the body is lacking in B complex, a common deficiency amongst some acid reflux too, with exception of if acid reflux that occurs during late night, is often very likely from chlorine exposure, so an iodine would neutralize that one.

It's difficult to discuss every known issue of acid reflux under the sun, perhaps someone else have done that, I don't know.


Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Silent Reflux

12/01/2008: Stanley : I just started using the apple cider vinegar last tuesday, and it seems to make things better in my chest, but not so much in my throat. I am 20 and i have silent reflux, i did my research and saw that my symptoms fit exactly what i was reading.I had a endoscopy done in the summer and they found nothing my stomach and esophgus was fine, and i started to use ensymes called Acid-Ease. I wanna if it is safe to use the apple cider vinegar to treat the silent reflux or go see a doctor.

12/02/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The decision to go see the doctor often rests with the individual whether it is serious enough to see them and the reasons to see or not to see are many. For example, I can't go see the doctors because I can't afford it and as a result I have to make up my own remedy somehow!

The cause of silent reflux compared to an acid reflux is that there's no heartburn, which means acidity in the stomachs isn't so severe to cause a heartburn. But it can shoot up all the way to the nose, which is why sometimes is called LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux). This is due to constriction of involuntary muscles caused by excessive calcium, and lack of magnesium. An involuntary response may also happen if the body is high in certain heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, lead, amongst others. I can't be so specific on this issue with exception of getting a hair mineral analysis if I really wanted to know. When heavy metals are high in the body, involuntary contractions are high, that happens during the sleep. Apple cider vinegar does help some as it lowers calcium level inside the body and it is often excess calcium that causes such contraction, although not a complete picture.

A magnesium supplements, such as 500 mg of magnesium citrate (or magnesium chloride) without calcium is preferable so that muscles dont' contract involuntarily and flow up. Sometimes a weak muscles of the stomach opening does that, but unlikely in this case since it shoots up all the way to the nose. In hat instances, it requires a different remedy altogether. It takes about two to three weeks to notice improvement when magnesium is taken, but to further the detoxification process, it also helps that at least 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water is taken one a day, although I may take more when I am more sick, but that's usually the starting point. The effect of alkalization increases the oxygen level and helps prevent neural problems that signals such involuntary contraction. However most improvement is seen with magnesium. Still heavy metals needs to be chelated and removed, such as chlorella supplements 250 mg once every three day, or cilantro one teaspoon once every three days. I prefer a less agressive form of chelation so that the blood is not filled with too much chelation agents.

Generally speaking most oily products are triggers to silent reflux as they are high in heavy metals during the cooking process, especially nickel, iron, and lead that is sop up in the cooking pans and then reaches the body and disturbs electrical communications in our nervous system, leading to involuntary contraction.

Alkalization with baking soda is not to be underestimated, neither is baking soda with lemon juice, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in 1 glass of water taken twice a day as another way of alkalization, besides just baking soda. It helps reduce calcium faster too. For apple cider vinegar I prefer 2 tablespons with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in one glass of water taken twice a day. These seems to help reduce this problem and works well along with magnesium supplements.

In case the condition doesn't respond, sometimes it come from a b complex deficiency and taking twice weekly B50 b complex often helps reduce whatever that is left or if it doesn't respond. A good clue is general weakness and may mean the body needs some b complex.

Teenager Has Had Acid Reflux for 7 Years

09/09/2008: Anonymous : My name is ____. im in high school and i have Acid reflux Disease. I've had it sence i was around 9 years old and now i am 16. I hate this Disease For some reason when i got it i would always go and get some water and i would feel better. but then it got worse i was in school and i would have to get up alot to get water because if i didnt i would start to gagg. and then i found relief in food. like snacks in my pocket i would eat somthing to make it feel better and not start gagging. And my mom took me to the Doctor and he gave me medicine and then after that it stiff got worse so the doctor put in a chip type thing into my throat to see what kind of levels of acid i was getting . and they said that i was getting anywhere between 10-11 ph witch is really high. and i would be getting that most of the day. There are some days its soo bad that i dont go to school or i get checked out early. When i do feel good its when im not thinking about it or keeping my mind off of it. But thats hard to do and then my heart beats faster and i get nervus and thats when it seems to get bad. i try to keep calm but it doesnt work and sometime the snacks i take dont work ethier so then i start to panic. I guess i have told my mind that if i eat a snack that means relief so if i dont get somthing in my mouth i start to gagg

Please help me! Also i looked at ur Vinager and baking soda thing and i was going to try it but my mom didnt buy the stuff because she doesnt know about it. because she read about a guy that his pee got more acidy and stuff. please Help!

09/11/2008: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Anonymous:

Usually the reaction between a vinegar and baking soda is a sodium acetate which helps in buffering excessive acid and alkalinity which normalizes the pH in the throat area. The pH of the baking soda is 8, so it acts to buffer the pH near this region, which is more normal. The addition of sodium acetate (found in vinegar reacted with baking soda such as white distilled vinegar can also be used as a substitute) will also act better pH buffer that protects the throat. If nothing is available, then lemon juice and baking soda can be used as a good substitute. The reaction becomes sodium citrate, or disodium citrate, or trisodium citrate depending on level of pH and this also tends to normalize the body's pH too. Snacks might have this advantage because they are acid, but the harmful additives they add may worsen the condition in the long run, such as monosodium glutamate.


Mold and Fungus in the Body

04/10/2008: S : Hello Ted, I am new to the site but have been enjoying very much all the information provided by you and the feedback and contributions of the other posters. I thank you for me and all of them who learn and benefit. I also have a question....about mold/fungus in the body. There is not too much on the site about it and I want to be sure I get all the possible cures. I suspect I have some in my own body because of an odor coming from my head....ughh...that smells like old water....even though I may be showered etc. I cannot live with this, and I suspect it's from the environment as I eat very well. I live in Florida for 10 years and the house I'm living in has mold outside and we have to constantly have to pressure clean but it still grows due to rains moisture etc.

A couple of days ago when we pressure cleaned my roommate who has bad sinuses as a norm....and doesn't not like to help much worse and feels very sick. I asked if I could find a remedy to help clear it up would he take it and he said yes. I made an oil with the essential oil list to be applied and we will see. I am using it too. But I'd like something to remove the odor from my head and for my roommate. Can you recommend something ?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes, sodium from this may cause water retention. An easy way out is to get a small pinch of sea salt which for some reason or another will reduce the sodium retention. Do not put too much as this may cause a major diarrhea. Sodium is a strange thing, it works both ways. Pulling the water out, or putting the water in.

The other thing I may add is your body's acidity is quite high and it is pumping out the acid at an accelerated rate and hence your problems.

I have noticed this issue here in Bangkok already. Therefore, if you just take it long enough the problem will disappear after two weeks. It only occurs when your body's buffer level is on the very low side. It seems to occur much more in body builders and atheletes who DO NOT supplement bicarbonates, but take high carbohydrate and high protein foods. To reduce the time much quicker in your recovery you may have to add more potassium bicarbonate (1/8 teaspoon), along with it, but NEVER potassium bicarbonate alone.

People have real issues with using this alone. So just add some potassium bicarbonate and the problems and other symptoms should reduce much quicker.

By the way, the other possibility of reducing retaining water might help by raising your antioxidant levels, such as taking more sodium ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C.

Traumas and Acid Reflux

03/14/2008: Donna from Issaquah, WA: I have been using the 2 Tablespoons of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon BS. I also just starting using a diluted solution of hydroproxide 50/50 solution 6 sprays in the mouth, just started this today. The reason I have been doing this is that I was on a lot of meds and realized I had Acid Reflex after taking priolsec and feeling all symptoms go away, problem was the side affects. Then I found your site and I have been reading and reading but am confused. The symptoms seem better, I have been on the ACV-BS for 5 days and will rest the next two. I understand that I should do this for 4 to 6 weeks. But my Ph urine is 5to 6 which is too acidic. My saliva is 7. So I thought maybe I should just take BS. I have stools most of the time this week 2 to 3 times a day. Seems like what it should have been. In the past it has been every 2 or three days. For the last year I have been taking fish oil and this helps me elemenate. I have dealing with depression and issues in therapy which I know my body responds to. I have also been doing body work. I guess my question is, Ijust want to feel better, the wheezing and asthma due to Acid reflex is the worst. Its hard to exercise when you feel so crummy. I dont sleep at night and havent for a long time because of the bad dreams due to abuse when I was little. I need to deal with this stuff. So any ideas? Its hard to give up my l day of cola. Anything would be appreciated

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Most of the acidity comes from cola and it has phosphoric acid causing the excess acidity. The only safe way to reduce the excess acid because of the caffeine addiction, assuming caffeine is the real cause, I would replace this with green tea. Some people are hooked on to the flavoring of the cola, which some companies or candies companies due have cola gummy gels that can be eaten instead in small amounts along with the green tea. The lack of sleep is the long term accumulation of fluoride and it clogs the pineal gland so perhaps some tamarind or borax remedy can help with the sleeping. However, I may try the GABA supplements, pregnenolone 50 mg and the DHEA to reduce that kind of depression. As to the lack of sleep some melatonin 3 mg may help if taken during the night. To further effectively alkalize the body a newer carbicarb seems to work better, and the remedy is as follows: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, or if necessary three times a day. This seems to do a more thorough job in alkalizing. To further help trauma of past related conditions and reduce that problem during childhood, I think downloading brainwave generator and play on a computer speakers of headphones seems to do a great job, but also certain vitamin B complex can help that too.' The basic programs can be downloaded for free and I have actually contributed some sound there, although unrelated to depression myself. However the basic program should be helpful for many people: If people deny it's dramatic effect or have a larger budget, there is another similar technologies called brain state technology that caused the owner's child and his friends to make it to the dean's list as well as good scientific explanation on how trauma can be treated, What the brainwave generator does, at least the shareware version is that it allows the brain to form new neural connections and reduce the trauma conditions so that by conditioning of theta, alpha, beta waves will allow the trauma conditions to reduce. If you are creative enough you can create other signals, to further help without the use of drugs. I sometimes use aromatherapy, especially narcissus oils to reduce depression and anxiety by putting the fragrance on the pillow. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg also helps too.

Acid Reflux and the Esophagus

03/14/2008: O : Mr. Ted,
'I've done extensive reading of your posts about ACV, BS, etc. on Earth Clinic with great interest. I appreciate the way you endeavor to explain why particular supplements should be used.

In my particular case, I have been suffering from Acid Reflux for about 4 years. It causes me heartburn to the point that the center of my chest can be sore when I flex it. I also experience a lot of pain in my throat around my voice box. I feel like my vocal cords are weakening. The pain is also pretty constant all day long, although it does seem to be worse after I eat.

Originally, I started with burning pains in my stomach. The doctor treated me for h.pylori by giving me 2 types of antibiotics and aciphex (PPI) for 2 weeks. After that I started experiencing burning pain in my throat. Had very little reflux in the esophagus before that. I was tested for h.pylor with a breath test later and it was negative. I've had 2 endoscopies, a barium drop, and a 24-hr ph monitor test, and they check how well my LES closed.

The 24-hr ph test said that my esophagus averaged a ph of 4. The LES test said that it was closing properly.

I've changed my diet dramatically over the past 4 years. I rarely eat any of the supposed trigger foods like peppermint, spicy, chocolate, alcohol, etc. Most of my meals each day consist of a serving of protein and several servings of vegetables. I also eat some fruit and nuts.

I also have adrenal fatigue and am hypothyroid. Sometimes, usually in the afternoons, just getting up out of the chair takes effort. Many times I feel like I have low blood sugar and need to eat some protein. I don't eat bread, sweets, etc.

I've tried all the formulas below, all with 1/2 glass of water:
2 TBS ACV, 1/2 tsp BS
2 TBS ACV, 1/4 tsp BS, 1 tsp honey
2 TBS ACV, 1/4 tsp BS, 1/8 tsp Cayenne
1/2 tsp BS, 1/2 tsp Magnesium citrate
1/2 tsp BS

But they haven't seemed to make that much difference. I haven't tried the boron or hydrogen peroxide yet.
I have measured ph with a strip and it does seem to affect me in a alkaline direction, but I don't know for how long.

Nothing I do seems to consistently help the burning subside and I could really use some help.
Is there a formula that would be good in my case to help the burning?
Is there a relationship between the Acid Reflux and the adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism?
Are there changes in my diet that would help?

From the comments on Earth Clinic, I know you must get a lot of email. If you can reply, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The esophagus pH of 4 is a good clue. A good healthy pH esophagus is' 6, and the dividing line from conventional medicine is 4 as being what separates an acid reflux from a non-acid reflux is not really a good preventive measures. Ideally I prefer a figure closer to 6. An average of 4 pH generally speaking is an acid reflux. Interestingly a stubborn acid reflux needs to consider two points, that the pH of the saliva may be acid or below pH of 7 which is insufficient to neutralize the esophagus pH. That means the saliva pH needs to be raised too not just the urinary pH. That's only part of the solution. The other points to ponder is that if the esophagus pH is still 4, then obviously the body needs to increase the alkaline dosage much more further. If this doesn't seem obvious, just read the dog research below, where they were able to effectively raise the esophagus pH to 6. To raise the saliva pH requires a different remedy, and a stronger form such as 1/2 teaspoon of trisodium citrate plus 1/2 teaspoon of potassium citrate, in 1/2 glass of water taken twice or three times a day. It is the potassium that raises saliva pH, but it should be either in the form of potassium citrate or potassium bicarbonate. The other intracellular fluids, as opposed to the sodium extracellular fluids to consider is the magnesium citrate, 250-500 mg. If the dose does not increase, it the trisodium citrate portion can be upped to 1 teaspoon of trisodium citrate plus 1/2 teaspoon of potassium citrate taken three times a day. I might wonder why the extreme increase in dose, and I have found the source that is causing extreme acidity, often called metabolic acidosis, which can also trigger a major acid reflux and the body being relatively almost unresponsive to the baking soda, that one major enemy I have was the aspartame hidden in many supplements, sometimes unlabeled, appearing as an innocent sugar free gum, xylitol gum, diet coke, coke zero, pepsi max, hidden in effervescent tablets, hidden in artificial flavorings (as methanol) or labeled as proprietary. After stopping the aspartame the metabolic acidosis last for weeks and if I don't catch it sooner, I get a permanent macular degeneration, and become diabetic and acid reflux. Interestingly the lesson of aspartame can be extended to casual use of paint thinners, and sometimes (at least here in Bangkok) we used methanol as a paint thinner. Both aspartame and methanol degrades into formaldehyde inside the body destroying the neural system that is the major component in controlling the body's pH. Hence to restore this damaged function I need to decompose the formaldehyde and other system in my body by oxidative detoxification by the use of hydrogen peroxide therapies. That means in a one liter drinking water I will add 1 teaspoon of baking soda (1 liter is equivalent to 4 glasses of water with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda at similar concentration) plus 30 drops of hydrogen peroxide 3% taken for a couple of days, to detoxify not just formaldehyde, but also other pharma drugs, and other chemicals that get recirculated in the body causing auto toxification. The other issue is neural damage caused by hydrocarbons (source can come from cigarettes, painting fumes, new carpets chemical smells, new cars chemical smells, gasoline fumes, kerosine use from insecticides, etc) that also causes extreme metabolic acidosis. The problem about the baking soda is that it doesn't cause global alkalization due to its limited ability to neutralize acid in areas where there is high carbon dioxide pressure in the body, and hence the use of trisodium citrate. The problem about trisodium citrate is that it's hard to find in a supermarket, so a suitable substitute might be the carbicarb mixed often used by researchers to revive in animals and humans during a heart attack instead of using the old sodium bicarbonate. However I use this thing to alkalize more effectively, so the remedies appear to be, for a stronger remedy: 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) in 1/2 glass of water taken 3 to 4 times a day. It takes about 2-3 weeks to effectively raise the body's pH. However, this is only part of the story. The salivary pH may be acid or below 7 and may not be strong enough to neutralize (when swallowing saliva) the esophagus pH. Thus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate is also added to the remedy. Of course this is a stronger form of remedy and should improvement is seen, its generally best for me to go to the lower dose remedy of just using it twice a day, or just using baking soda alone. One additional tip is that a baking soda, mixed in all drinking water during the day or throughout the day can be used to keep the esophagus pH in check in case an acid reflux is detected or a pain is experience, then I might take 1/4 teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda if I might have an attack, or at least have that feeling before it became worse. It should also be noted that in anorexic, bulimia, and some acid reflux people, a majority of them have a B12 and vitamin B complex deficiency. The neural damage caused by hydrocarbons caused acid reflux since neural system is what controls most of the pH stability. Therefore I might take B12 100 mcg x 4 times a day, plus vitamin B complex in form of B50 where most of the B's are 50 mg each, but because of the high amounts of hydrochloride added to most B complex in an attempt to lower cost, I might take it just once every two days. Most of the problems is that B1 thiamine should be thiamine mononitrate, not thiamine hydrochloride, and B6 should be pyridoxine phosphate, not pyridoxine hydrochloride, and for B3 it should be niacinamide, not niacin. It takes about a month for the body to attain a sufficient amount of B complex, but some maintenance dose is still needed Magnesium here is helpful. As to the adrenal issues, the DHEA 25 mg, pregnenolone 50 mg is taken to put less pressure on the adrenal systems so that the adrenal won't have to work too hard and these hormonal supplements can cause and raise the immunity, thereby affecting the pH of the system. Also glandular systems get destroyed if anyone has a history of fungus issues and if that's the case than a borax remedy is needed, between 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon in one liter of drinking water only 3 or 4 days out of a week. Borax tends to normalize hormonal issues too, but notably it balances the critical magnesium to calcium ratio. Lack of iodine can cause glandular atrophy and iodine kelp may be needed such as once every two days. It should be noted that certain pathogens, and fungus can cause the body to be acid, accumulate heavy metals from antibiotics use, and this is another reason why borax remedy is used. To kill of the pathogens causing the acid reflux. Zinc certainly will raise the immunity and should also be taken in the form of zinc gluconate 50 mg about three times per week. Finally two additional neuroprotective remedies that can further alkalize the body, besides completely avoiding aspartame and hydrocarbons is the smart drugs, such as 800 mg of nootropil (pyroglutame) and 2 mg of hydergine taken together for once every other day, or perhaps 4 days or 5 days in a row, needed to restore that ineural damage. In fact, a cellular phone can do the damage just the same, by inflicting neural damage to the brain the body can also become metabolic acidosis and hence when talking to the phone, either a hands free mode, or a blue tooth is used instead. A Russian had actually cooked boiled eggs using two cellular phones within an hour or so, so even if authorities deny cellular phones cannot damage the brain, it's hard to deny that a cellular phone can cook my brains. I am sure this posting is incomplete, but I think this will at least cover part of the problem. One additional tip: no sour foods.
Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The effects of vocal cords is a sign of neurodegenerative disorder or excessive acidity in the esophagus which may effect the muscles in the vocal cord by acid digestion. The remedies is already explained on these two factors. Also, one tablespoon of granulated lecithin three times' day may rid of excess fat in the body so that the body's hormones could function more efficiently. This is because most vegetable oils added to food tend to block hormone signals.

Additional Related Conditions

03/12/2008: Vigiil : Dear Ted, I have just about the same symptoms as most of the people writing in regarding acid reflux but more importantly i have the same experience with traditional doctors. A kind of patent Nexium will cure everything solution and attributing my stomach problems to me just being a nervous person. I am 31 and all of my life i have been a healthy, i smoked for 12 years but quite 4 years ago, i am an occasional drinker, and have used some recreational drugs especially in my teens. This all happened after a trip to Amsterdam 5 years ago, where i ate some hallucinogenic mushrooms and during what was a very unpleasant 12 hours puked up the mushrooms, i remember there being yellow stuff and clear liquid along with the undigested mushrooms and that the sensation to puke was so intense despite there not being much to puke up, so i was thinking if i might have somehow forced and over stretched and permanently damaged the muscle that keeps the acid in the stomach. In any case, things vent more or less back to normal, except in the following months i had two occasions of what felt like food poisoning, with intense spasms and feeling cold. Also i started having shortens of breath and thought i might have asthma (which i never had before), so i stopped smoking and than stopped drinking and as the years passed, i cut out spicy food, hard liqueur, beer, coffee, tea and while that temporarily made things a little better i was on a downward spiral and the stomach was getting worse, with more shortness of breath to the extend that i had a hard time falling a sleep and fainting sensations after eating. Symptoms as of now are:
Pain in where the stomach and lungs meet also in the lower part of lungs
Dry throat when i wake up
Difficulty sleeping through the night
Difficulty falling asleep
Difficulty breathing
pain in the lover back right side
feels like i have a lump in my stomack
dificulty swallowing food
feeling like lump in throat
In the past 4 years, due to me stopping to smoke, i had allot of flues, basically when ever there was a flu i would catch it. But have not had flu really in 3 years. But after taking Nexium i started having what i best could describe as a feeling of unrest in arms and legs, like there was a circulation problem, with pain in hip joints and foot joints as well as under the foot, it felt like pain underneath the muscle not the muscle it self, maybe inside the bones. Doing exercise did help, but this became worse till i finally got my self ex-rayed and blood tested again, saw a neurology doctor, all said i was fit and that i was just probably stressed and imagining this. Now i do work in a high power job and i have stress, but i have been getting plenty of sleep 10 h+ over long periods, do joga, eat healthy, am happy and if i compare my self to average joe i am really OK.
So i started the ACV 2 spoons in a glass of water followed by 1/2 spoon of baking soda in half a glass after lunch and in the afternoon 1/2 of only the backing soda. I did take my Nexium this morning but was thinking of skipping it tonight and rather have a 1/2 spoon of baking soda in water before going to bed. I have to say my stomach feels rather sketchy, not sour, just full and creepy, despite the only thing i ate today was, oatmeal with bananas and cinnamon, brown rice for lunch, chicken (white meet only) and brown rice for dinner I can breath deep but i have some pressure feeling on my chest. I am usually OK during the day, especially when not sitting bent forward, but am bad after eating, and very bad when laying down to sleep, with the shortness of breath kicking in and although that usually subsides if i lay still in a half sitting position. But do to drinking allot of water i have the habit now of going at least 10 times to piss a day and 1-2 times a night. This standing up and laying back down can make the symptoms worse again.
Could you recommend daily program for me to get better?
Should i continue to take Nexium until the ACV or Baking soda kicks in?
How many times can i take this per day?
If i feel a flaring up of the acid an hour or so after taking the 1/2 baking soda or ACV should / take i make some more?
I hope you can help, in any case thank you for your website, very generous of you
kapom kap


Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Much of our diets are not healthy even if a person were to think they are on a healthy diet. The problem is that most people including me do not know what is a healthy diet because of so much disinformation and lack of understanding. What I do know for sure is 90% of our diets are acid forming, and most processed food are not healthy and sometimes are downright dangerous with aspartame, from diet Coke, Coke zero, diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, vegetable oils in fried foods, and a host of other problems. Thus alkalizing is a life time event, but not necessarily everyday. I have been alkalizing myself like this on and off for the past 35 years since I was only 9 or 10 when I first had a terrible flu and been doing that using Arm & Hammer's baking soda. But it is my bad habits that I only take it when I am not feeling well or sick, and later years I found that I actually needed to take it more often if I really bothered to monitor my pH. Of course other things need monitoring too, such as urinary sugar, salinity, etc. but those are not as serious as the pH issue. Besides, if the urine pH becomes acid, the sugar goes up along with it. And obviously if the sugar goes up, infection MRSA, bacteria and sickness set in. I don't even have to test on 100 rats to prove certain foods is dangerous when the pH meters show that I get extremely acid (it when as low as a pH of 4 on my urine after taking Diet Coke or other aspartame products), to know that I can get sick very soon or before anything ever happens. Spring water is high in carbonates and bicarbonates, but how many live in the mountains? The only way I can survive is to prepare some analogue of Mother Nature, and one of her products of bicarbonates can come in the form of sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, soluble silica, sodium thiosulfates, and other things that is beyond my understand of her infinite wisdom. I am only understanding just a small fraction of what these can do chemically to our body to make us healthy. However for me to go into these deep infinite understanding of Mother nature and what remedies she can have to offer is beyond any email postings I can do, except to keep things a simple as possible and try to consider the issue of availability of such products that it can be used quickly and conveniently. There is a wide ranging causes of acid reflux but it is always the alkalization that effects thousands of biochemical reactions in our body simultaneously, hence the broad effects it has on our health. This is why pH is the primarily consideration. the other considerations might be dechlorination, antioxidants, oxygen (peroxide and ozone), minerals, vitamins and amino acids. If you are well aware of a developing science of epigenetics, which means that a supplements can cause the body to produce changes in the body from making a simple skin cell iinto a fat cells, muscle cells, nerve cells, or cause the cells to change it's GENETIC expression from just the environmental natural products, then I can realize that I can almost find a major remedy for most of the remedies on just that concept alone. Q: Is this a short term' treatment (if so,how long?) or is this something i will continue for the foreseeable future? A: It's a long term remedy. I have been doing it for the last 35 years or so. Is the goal to get the stomach alkalized enoch to start the baking soda + ACV? If so why ad the ACV? And how long? I would give it about 3 weeks, before going ACV AND bakingsoda. ACV is good in that it is anti-inflammatory too. I read you told someone that the baking soda depletes minerals or something in your bones. Are there any supplements that are mandatory when doing this treatment. Actually the most common problem about mineral depletion is the metabolic acidosis, not the baking soda or alkalization. Acid bloods leeches out the calcium and mineral from the bones much like eating coke and very sour foods to cause enamel erosion, or even acid rain on Greek Statues. The only way a baking soda will deplete mineral is that you haven't taken mineral supplements. Is ph 7.6 bad, how do i bring it down? Interestingly when the body is low on bicarbonates the pH can be very high or very low. A pH of 7.6 is not bad. Its bad if the pH is 8, but it has nothing to do with taking too much baking soda. The most common cause is a pathogens killing a healthy cells and the urine is high in proteins, signifying dead cells. These protein degrades to form and ammonia compounds which causes the urine pH to be very alkaline. In medicine doctors would sometimes give baking soda to neutralize the toxic ammonia or excess alkalinity. In any case assuming that the body is too alkaline NOT BECAUSE of the pathogens (in acid reflux, it is the pathogens and bicarbonate or lack of it is the cause), then a simple way to be more acid is simply to take some vitamin C, ascorbic acid, or have an apple, where the apples I used are the Green granny's apple. MRSA is a tricky one since the hospitals haven't find a way to get rid of it, but then they are not trying to find out. Give me only a couple of days in a hospital and I would find a perfect way. So it doesn't require millions in research. However in general, I found MRSA is sometimes due to a magnesium deficiency, and metabolic acidosis where alkalinity will help, through the use of a more powerful alkaline remedy such and a couple more to kill the MRSA: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda and is a baking soda precursor before reacted with carbon dioxide). Taken twice a week. 500 mg of magnesium citrate taken once per day. Curcumin one teaspoon three times a day. Since milk of magnesia pH is about 9 used topically and might be mixed with curcumin and this is the pH where the MRSA can't survive, applying this to the area will kill the MRSA too. MRSA have a weakness on magnesium and alkalinity. Adding some colloidal silver to milk of magnesia might help too, at least that's what I did in the past to kill off the staph in the past. Also some iodine supplements (from kelp now and then) and zinc gluconate 50 mg for about 5 days out of a week or two or three weeks, should be able to raies the immunity to fight it off. Still alkalizing is most essential and I am sure about this, because three major reasons why our ocean's water is so sterile: 1. Sun 2. Oxygen 3. Salinity 4. Alkalinity The oceans' water pH averages 8, and most harmful bacteria are almost completely killed at 9 or above, 8 would kill most off and salinity would and oxygen and sun's UV would kill whatever else is missing. This is why ozone and a weak hydrogen peroxide drops added to drinking water helps, not only to kill it but detoxifies MOST OF THE harmful chemical toxins that is recirculated in our body and these are found in most major tap water, not just the chlorine but also pharma drugs. The common dose I might use can be anywhere from 3 drops 3% H2O2 in a glass of water to 10 drops. Even if I have money and I do live in U.S., I won't get a health insurance anyway because I don't trust the system as I do in other countries. Cuba seems better than the U.S. It's probably the corruption where the larger the companies become the bigger is their Jaws. lol.
Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear V: The cause of acid reflux has always been an unknown pathogens that appears to behave like a fungus, and can be initiated from antibiotics use, or even the eating of a contaminated mushroom. Actually many antibiotics are made from fungus and mushrooms are also a fungus too. Most of this yet to be identified acid reflux causing pathogens can often be reduced if the body has sufficient alkalization. There are certain views I have, that is subjected to change as to how to best alkalized. Generally it takes about 2 weeks for the body to have sufficient alkalinity under the current dose of 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar plus 1/2 teaspoon (or a milder 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda) in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. As can be noticed the frequency most people who do take the remedy is at least twice a day, but I prefer 3 times a day. The reason for that is that people are working so they can't take it in the afternoon or late afternoon due to busy work schedules. Therefore, if a person feels the need to take more frequent dose, it is often helps that he can take it more frequent so as to reduce the time from two weeks to properly alkalize to perhaps within a couple of days for the body to attain the alkalization to not only restore the acid/base digestive process causing the acid reflux or even the alkalinity sufficient to kill off the pathogen causing the acid reflux. In general oatmeal and eating rice is a great way to reduce acid reflux because it is both high in silicon. I sometimes go for faster method using a water soluble form of silica such as sodium silicate drops taken twice or three times a day to increase the resistance. The chemistry is complicated, but silica in presence of the body's chloride forms a polysilicate chain which basically blocks off the pathogens from further expanding colonies as well as strengthen cell walls to be more resistance against the invading pathogens causing the acid reflux. Still much of the symptoms describe, especially drinking wine, liquor, cigarettes, and other common problems, will quickly deplete the body of antioxidants, especially vitamin E, vitamin c in general, but also effects the immune system, lowering the zinc level, while alcoholic drinks definitely lowers the body's vitamin B complex, causing tightness of the chest, which in the later future can lead to heart attacks. This incident happened with a comedian such as Paul Lynde that had vitamin B deficiency and can cause the heart to quickly degenerate itself from alcohol depleting vitamin Bs, especially the thiamine where alcohol block their absorption. It should be noted that the most common deficiencies I have seen with people with acid reflux is always the water soluble vitamin of C and Bs and even for normal person like me, I needed to take it at least once a week. Mind you an alcohol drinker will have much more severe acid reflux than an ordinary person because of the resulting vitamin B deficiency, along with vitamin C. This is why alcoholics have heart problem, but it is also why people with this deficiency can also cause acid reflux. The link is really simple, alcoholic drinker, and people without sufficient B complex (such as pregnant woman) will have a more severe acid reflux. Not only is zinc and magnesium, especially the magnesium is also needed, since magnesium helps with sleep, as is some b complex, but also reduces muscle tightness and spasms. The fact that the stomach had spasms while taking mushrooms or spasms indicated lowered vitamin B status and magnesium. So it would seem people taking certain contaminated mushrooms may need more magnesium and vitamin B to help protect against toxins that may be introduced by the body. Therefore, one can take it as frequent as they wish on alkalization, but not too much to cause a laxative effect. However, there are other forms that effectively alkalized faster, but they are stronger forms such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) in 1/2 glass of water that can get rid of acid reflux sooner since the sodium carbonate added helps reduce the carbon dioxide pressure by absorbing it. At least that's the take on current research regarding the carbicarb treatment. As for me I think the sodium citrate (proper name is trisodium citrate) taken 1/2 teaspoon taken 3-4 times a day in 1/2 glass of water is often the best alkalization I know of. I still need to conduct some research regarding the effectiveness of a carbicarb verus the trisodium citrate remedy. However, for most people the sodium citrate more or less is somewhat similar to the 2 tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, preferably taken 2-3 times a day at least. The citric acid of lemon with bakiing soda will have some trisodium citrate, which will more uniformly alkalize the body through better too. However, my experience is that the carbicarb is more excellent in the extremities alkalization where circulation are poor, however in acid reflux, extremities might not be the issue, but may help if the circulation is already low in the stomach areas due to various problem foods but especially the pathogens that may able to neutralize the beneficial effects of baking soda as fast as we take them, so a stronger form might also be considered.

Toddler with Ar?

12/26/2007: T from Kansas: Dear ted... thanks for taking these questions...the comfort from the knowledge you share is greatly needed. My three year old son has been diagnosed with acid reflux, though only by putting him on Prevacid and it seeming to work. I don't like him taking the prescription, especially if no one's really sure what the problem is, I am looking for a natural remedy. Here are his symptoms... Two, or so, years ago he started vomiting small amounts, more like babies spit up, though he never did much as an infant. Upon further observation, I noticed it happened after coughing (though not sick) or when pressure was applied to his stomach, such as climbing up onto my bed. At times, it seems too, he had a sensitive gag reflex. During these times, the vomiting was a much higher volume. When I took him to see his pediatrician, she suggested putting him on Prevacid, saying that it may or may not be reflux, but the drugs would let us know, and were less obtrusive than testing. The Prevacid did seem to help his symptoms, though to begin with the symptoms were not that frequent. He was on for about a year and I decided to ween him off. His symptoms stayed gone for a few months, but then he started vomiting small amounts again. Lately he has developed a nasty sounding cough that seems unconnected to anything else. Then yesterday he coughed badly, then vomited alot. I just want to know for sure what's wrong with him and I want to treat it naturally. Is there something I can do with out uncomfortable testing?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: T: The vomiting may be due to water soluble vitamin deficiencies of vitamin B complex (usually its the B1, B3, B6 and B12) and the vitamin C sodium ascorbate, on ocassion. Plus an alkalizing lemon and baking soda, for example.

Babies are notorious on deficiencies that adults don't have problems such as taurine, carnitine, good cholesterols, and other so called "non-essential" amino acid (e.g. arginine and glutamine), that companies don't add causing deaths and digestion problems in babies. Even babies that eat vegan diets can lead to death because vegans are are lacking in B12 and lacking in important cholesterols and proteins found in eggs, fish, etc.

My own experience of babies that spits out or have sensitive stomach were mostly from lack of vitamin B complex, imbalances of electrolytes and all those "non-essential amino acids", such as taurine, glutamine, carnitine, arginine, for example. Babies can die if the milk formula don't even have taurine, a so-called non-essential amino acid. Some companies, even Israeli milk company even forget something as simple as Vitamin B1 in a milk formula (amazing, but true see: and it killed the babies. In some babies even without sufficient B1, B3 or B6 can lead to the gastrointestinal upset.

My own remedy for the acid reflux remedy for babies is vitamin B complex, some vitamin C, and a balanced electrolyte (baking soda, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate, and a small pinch of sea salt). Taurine might be missing from a child's milk formula, as does many other amino acids that authorities consider not essential, that can easily kill babies with Sudden Infant Death, or other things.

The other problems that a child has regarding "sensitive" stomach, is that certain babies, which is usually most of non-white babies, but some white babies included is the issue of lactose intolerance. Obviously these information from milk companies rarely discussed the issues of lactose intolerance, which is found in cow's milk formulation, where a breast fed milk is superior.

It should be noted that the acid reflux remedy is different for adults, where usually a baking soda and apple cider vinegar will usually do the trick, but in some tougher cases of adults with acid reflux, or more like bulimia or anorexia, than a possible vitamin B complex, especially the vitamin B3 and B12, but B1 and B6, B5, B7 (biotin), Choline, B8, B9 cannot be ignored. Personally I don't even ignore the B13, which is not found in B complex formulation, but are found in Brewer's Yeast.

The following is my remedy for a child's acid reflux. Assuming a child is one half weight of a small adult of 100 pounds, the remedy is then halved:

1. 1/8 teaspoon baking soda, 1/16 teaspoon potassium citrate, 1/16 sea salt in 1/4 glass of water taken twice a day.

2. Vitamin B complex that I used if 1/2 weight is 1/2 tablet of B50 (which is B1, B2, B3, B5, B8 at 25 mg since it is 1/2 the tablet), while B9, B12 is 25 mcg. This is taken once every other day.

3. Certain amino acid missing from a child in my opinion they should added whey protein in milk formula plus essential amino acid supplements, especially added should also be the "non-essentials" amino acid , carnitine, glutamine, arginine and taurine should be at least present.

It's difficult to mention the complete set of amino acid, so in case you are wondering what those are, here it is: l-arginine, l-histidine, l-lysine, l-methionine, L-phenylalanine,L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine, L-Alanine, Glycine, L-Serine, L-Threonine, L-Aspartic acid, L-Glutamine, L-Glutamic acid, L-Asparagine, L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Proline, L-Valine, L-Cysteine, along with the usual vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, as well as electrolytes, phosphate, potassium,' and sodium.

There are other important nutrients, such as mineral, calcium, boron, iodine, molybdenum, zinc, magnesium, selenium, manganese, chromium, vanadium, iron, copper, tungsten, silicon for example. There are also essential fatty acid, omega 3, omega 6, pyruvate, and certain sugar that might be essential, good Cholesterol, isoflavones, d-mannose, fucose, xylose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid, galactose, and some others. Most manufactured infant milk formula and child's diet won't have it, and this leads to digestive problem. But for me most of the problem is alkalizing and the vitamin Bs, with possibility of amino acid imbalance. All milk formula may not have colostrum either, which impairs immunity and lead a child to have digestive problems too. It might seem a lot, and this is why milk companies feed infants with malnourished milk. They just prefer to save cost. Believe it or not, even a good quality supplements won't have half of my ill prepared partial list of important nutrients.

The above alone is still incomplete when you consider mercury tainted vaccines, monosodium glutamate vaccines injected into the babies to cause lifelong obesity that the parents have to find a cure too, for all the poisons, as well as pseudoestrogen bisphenol A found in nearly all packaged foods today that can lead to precocious puberty in girls, with hormonal imbalance in boys (estrogen is somewhat antagonistic to the testosterone).

One interesting fact is some child's pooh may stink a lot, comes from the fact that their digestion is incomplete, and adding some humic acid and fulvic acid would help appreciably in acquiring better digestion, and less gastrointestinal problems too. Its done in many livestock animal feeds but I am surprised, this is removed almost totally from human nutrition, in an effort to chlorinate water, they had to completely remove any humic and fulvic acid during water sanitation. Actually a better sanitation using hydrogen peroxide, and ozone would be better, without the need of removing the required fulvic acid and humic acid to help the intestines function normally in digestion process of children.

Simplest Remedies

12/24/2007: K : Hi Ted, I am from India. I am working in the night shift. I am suffering from severe acid reflux for the past three years. I am getting pain in my back throat often. I am using Ofloxacin tablet and a pain killer for relief. Recently i saw your website. You have mentioned that Apple Cider Vinegar is the best medicine for this Acid reflux. so please give me some more information regarding this ACV. I am suffering a lot. How long i should take?? Wat is the mixing procedure with water?? Does it have any side effects?? Plz reply me back. Regards

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: There are three common remedies that is helpful, I can try any but it depends on which ones people prefer:

1. 2 Tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day.
2. 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day.
3. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken two times a day. This remedy was for those who worry about sodium retention. In actuality sodium retention is caused by excess chlorine, and the body attempts to alkalized by storing more alkaline sodium. The remedy for reduction is to add more baking soda, to remove the sodium chloride from the system, by displacement.
4. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of after taken twice a day.

Some people can take three times a day in any of the above. There are other remedies for acid reflux, but those are the simplest ones.

Series of Remedies to Try

12/23/2007: M from Indiana: Hi I am writing after reading all the info Ted has written. Wow! I have had acid reflux/small h.hernia for several years and it progressively got to the point where my mouth was burnt, like hot soup all the time and my singing voice was damaged. I went on nexium 3 years ago and then I got prego with my 4th child and voila! the acid reflux stopped. I drank the ACV for a while during first few weeks of discovering morning sickness and thus pregnancy; b/c I did not want to take a drug I TRIED THE ACV. So I go an entire 10 months, drink coffee almost everyday and no AR. As soon as I delivered the babe, back it was. What can it be. Why? Is it alcohol that does it, is it the relaxin hormone that helped. The doc now tells me 2 nexium /day, come back and see me...I have BEEN DRINKINg BS up to 2 tsp a day no ACV. I still have burning and dry teeth but not as bad. It is Christmas and holiday diet is bad. I am generally really fit and heath conscious. Can I sip BS all day to counter burning. Diarrhea is not an issue had it once. I would not mind it. I am more apt to be constipated. When do I start ACV and does it actually cure acid reflux? Should I take lecithin and biotin. What kind of diet and for how long? God Bless You. I have prayed for a Miracle.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mimi: It should be noted that the baking soda is a very simple remedy anyone can obtain however if more effective remedy is needed, there is a couple of others.

I actually have several remedy but it is beyond my ability to write everything down but will focus on the simplest here. In event of a severe acid reflux, and diarrhea is not a problem a baking soda can be taken more than twice a day, and could be up to 4 times a day need to contain the problem.

However, the key issue seems to be to get the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract to be more alkaline. An unknown organism seems to grow in acid environment. Therefore, another there are couple more effective remedy (ranked) by order of effectiveness that is better than the baking soda remedy.

1. 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (or a better sodium citrate - if you can get it), plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken at least twice a day. It is the potassium that can effectively raise the salivary pH, more so than sodium, but a sodium is critical to normal functioning and must always be used. If potassium is used only, it will cause extreme weakness and excessive sweating, and hence the sodium must be at least twice more than the potassium.

2. In certain persistent lactic acidosis in many cases that may be causing the problem is the need for vitamin B1 thiamine daily 100 or 200 mg a day plus twice weekly vitamin B50 dose is taken. The thiamine, I have found to be helpful in pH control by controlling the blood sugar, and hence reduces the lactic acidosis. It is important to avoid any aspartame and artificial sweetener since it has caused me to almost become contagiously acid reflux plus a high lactic acidosis. Apparently by some unknown mechanism, the aspartame is an excitatory chemical which causes certain glanular and cell death, or nerves which controls the body's delicate pH and immune system, as well as blood sugar levels. MSG especially added in prepared foods can be troublesome too, but what really got me sick was the aspartame.

3. Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (or better sodium citrate) and 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water is used, usually taken at least twice a day, but preferably three times a day, if need be. The apple cider vinegar when reacted with this has an anti-inflammatory properties.

4. A similar lemon juice 2 tablespoon plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (or preferably sodium citrate) plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water water where frequency of dose is same as the apple cider vinegar. In both conditions, where apple cider or lemon is used it is the citrate that is most effective in controlling the pH or alkalinity, but it is the added potassium that can raise the alkalinity of the mouth and gastrointestinal tract most effectively, but sodium is most critical in a basic preparation of the remedy.

5. Certain mineral supplements such as sodium molybdate (molybdenum), 50 mg for example are necessary for effective pH control which does not require to take it everyday but needed just to prevent a deficiency which in certain cases of acid reflux were helped too. This is taken at least twice a week, for example, in case its not working as well as expected.

6. As to the biotin and lecithin this helps reduce blood sugar that is responsible for the acidity. Although a biotin dose in my experience require larger dose, usually 8 mg/day and a lecithin can always be taken along with the meals. It is important still to avoid fructose, aspartame, and vegetable oils (except coconut oil because it is is so poorly absorbed, which makes it a much safer alternative). A vegetable oil can easily get absorbed by the bloodstream due to its lack of viscosity and low melting temperature and boiling temperature, while coconut oil is a lot better because it is poorly absorbed and acts as a lubricant preventing constipation. But it should be noted that constipation is also a sign of acidosis, or worse metabolic acidosis, which a vitamin B1, lecithin, and perhaps small piece of unsweetened chocolate made from a cocoa, taken only once a week. A small piece here is taken to mean about one teaspoon of 100% cocoa or chocolate bar. Apparently the flavonoids component I have found to help reduce lactic acidosis quite well.

In case the lactic acidosis were initiated by the body's problematic ability to control both sugar, and the fact that it becomes very acid very quickly, then this condition can be controlled furthermore (besides just cocoa, B1, molybdenum) with sodium vanadate 50 mg/day (taken at least maybe 50 mg/day), plus some sodium tungstate at 100 mg/day, and perhaps 4000 mg of taurine. The reason why these new information is not mentioned is the difficulty of obtaining them.

7. Also magnesium citrate is still as important as potassium too as it controls the saliva pH, if you can take it, the magnesium citrate dose is about 250-500 mg per day.

It's difficult to cover every aspect of acid reflux, but these are the main factors I consider that is helpful. A possible tip as an extra boost, if the above is not working as well is just for me to take sometimes, one tablespoon of colloidal silver, if things don't turn out the way it should.

The reason why I avoided giving all of these remedy is it becomes a kitchen sink remedy and people get confused. Hence, just add potassium to the remedy and if it doesn't work, a more powerful remedy is added later. The next in line of course is the B1 thiamine plus B50 and the lecithin and biotin.

Not a Cure-all

12/17/2007: Alan from Amsterdam, NL: Hello Ted, I have recently found an article from 1985 about hydrogen peroxide: Lack of antibacterial activity after intravenous hydrogen peroxide infusion in experimental Escherichia coli sepsis.

I think it is important for people to know H2O2 isn't a magic bullet against every microbe. What are your thoughts about this article?

Ted from Bangkok replies: Dear Claudia: The ACV and baking soda does not interfere with antibiotics. It generally is considered as food and it is actually used in cooking. In practice, it is the milk that interferes with antibiotic absorption. To prevent any problems the ACV and baking soda should be taken apart from other medications by at least 30 minutes, allowing the body to absorbed all the ACV and baking soda before taking any other medications. For sinus problem, not virus, I find taking 1000 mg of sodium ascorbate three times a day for at least a week helps with sinus problems.

Infant Treatment

12/10/2007: T from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Ted- my 1 yr old is on 2ml Zantac in Am and 1 15mg Prevacid at night. If he misses a does he suffers with throwing up in mouth all day, irritable and upset stomach with loose stool if his acid level is high. Will this work for him? Is it safe in a 1 yr old? Thank you

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Apple cider vinegar and baking soda is considered a food, hence, the remedy is given on basis of per weight dose. If an adult of 100 pounds, and a child is 1/4 that weight the remedy is 1/4 of everything. Therefore a 2 tablespoon becomes 2/4 = 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and the 1/2 teaspoon becomes 1/2/4 = 1/8 teaspoon. I prefer the 1/2 teaspoon basis than the 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda as a beginning value, as experience has taught me the baking soda portion needs a bit more than usual whenever acid reflux is indicated. The water is then mixed in about 1/2/2 = 1/8 glass of water. It should be noted that person on acid reflux will be very sensitive to anything acid, hence foods should generally be somehow neutralize with the acid with a pinch of baking soda (about 1/16 teaspoon) when eating so that the digestive system won't be too acid to cause further acid reflux.

Question About Excessive Concentration of Gases

11/30/2007: Stefan from Canberra, Australia: Hi Ted, I have been using a teaspoon of acv and a teaspoon of liquid honey twice a day to address the issue of my reflux. My heartburn has disappeared, however, I still get excessive concentration of gases in my stomach, especially, when my stomach is empty. Should I increase the dosage of acv/honey? I also noticed that my appetite is not the best. Also, my stomach gets upset with some food like tomatoes. Is there anything else I should avoid eating? Thank you very much.Stefan

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The problem is that apple cider vinegar gets rid of usually mild cases of apple cider vinegar, but the body does not have sufficient bicarbonates to further neutralize the acid in the long run and hence the gases.

In most major cases acid reflux adding the baking soda would have helped a lot and get rid of the gases a lot better in the long run.

The remedy is either 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, usually twice a day. The best way to increase this dosage is to go from twice a day to four times a day so the body will have a stable amount of alkalinity throughout the time necessary to kill the remaining acid reflux. Once they microbes are all dead, the gases generally disappeared.

It should be noted that the reason why the baking soda was added is I found many people who are not cured by the acid reflux, simply didn't have sufficient alkalinity from the bicarbonates, and once this was added, the number of complaints on acid reflux stopped.

As to the issue of honey, add a small amount just sufficient to neutralize the bad tastes of the apple cider vinegar. In rare cases acid reflux were not stopped by adding honey, but added fuel to the acid reflux. In case gases need to be reduce, I would at least consider not adding the honey, at least for now, until the problems goes away.

I am assuming of course that you are not eating too much beans and peanuts and sometimes certain flour product as it tends to create a lot of gases.

Burning in Throat, Question About Remedies

10/01/2007: Normy from Northridge, CA: All your comments and sugestions give so much hope for a natural healing. I have burning sensation in my chest and troat I want to start with the baking soda and AVV treatment, what is the best way to start baking soda first or the combination.Your answer will be greatly appreciated. God Bless you

Ted from Bangkok replies: The most gentlest way possible is 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in at least 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. For about a week or two before going to the apple cider vinegar and baking soda remedy.

A stronger one will work better and most people seem to prefer the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, once in the morning and the evening.

A small amount of milk of magnesia WITHOUT aluminum added (1/8 teaspoon added to 1 glass of water) might kill certain organism that is causing the hiatal hernia. A magnesium citrate 250 mg taken as supplements is helpful as it will stabilize the blood serum reducing the excess calcium reducing the body's microbial buildup, and hence raises the body's immune system, indirectly this way too.

The key to everything is to get the urinary pH and the saliva pH to 7, as this will discourage microbial buildup.

A baking soda added can be used as a mouthwash to reduce (can be done with 5 cc sips 10 minutes apart only a couple of time) to reduce some throat pain too. The moutwashing/small sipping remedy for throat pain is about 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. Some potassium citrate (or potassium bicarbonate), such as 1/8 tablespoon added to help preserve some natural sodium/potassium ratio also.

10/14/2010: Junie from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia replies: Just a quick reply that I try the cayenne pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar and raw honey for a few days... And it worked. I find that it has helped tremendously but best to do it when you start feeling something. The salt water thing did not really do much but Apple Cider Vinegar seem to attack the germ. My advice is to make a hot drink and sip it slowly. Gargling it only reaches the top part of the throat and not the bottom. I am so happy as I know "antibiotics" do more harm than good and should not be an option until it is absolutely necessary. Btw does anyone know what would help belching? thanks

18 Year Old Severe Digestion Issues

09/25/2007: Laurie : Dear Ted, May I use baking soda in gelatin capsules that I can prepare? I am having a hard time getting my son to drink the baking soda in water. He gags and says he will vomit. Should he take these before meals or after? In the morning or bedtime. Two capsules or one. Sorry for all the questions. I respect your advice more than any doctor we have ever talked too.

Finally, How much N acetyl would he take and for how long? He's 128 pounds,tall and thin.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If a child gags from drinking a baking soda solution it might be from the water, or usually from the bad taste of baking soda. Hence, there are two' ways out of this. Some drug store sells "sodamint" 300 mg, without a prescription. WHich is nothing more than baking soda with trace amounts of peppermint oil. A couple of those are often taken such as 3-4 tablets. This is the most convenient way and I myself take those if I should have problems in other forms. If sodamint are not obtainable, perhaps 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/4 glass of water. Another possibilities is 1 tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/4 glass of water. Children seems to like the fizz and it helps.

A baking soda can be added into the capsule and this works generally well too but plenty of water is taken is preferred. It is best to take it 30 minutes or more before meals. Apparently the intestines needs a strong alkalinity needed to neutralize whathever digested acid food from the stomach to protect the intestines from it being digested itself. It is taken twice a day, once in the morning and once before sleep. Although before sleep, it is obvious it is taken over one hour or much more after meals. Capsule size varies. So assuming a child is half the weight as above I am assuming than whatever it takes to get baking soda to fit where the dose is seen at only 1/8 teaspoon. If it required to capsules to fit that amount than 2, but if one capsule can easily fit in 1/8 teaspoon, than 1 would be

re N acetyl: 250-500 mg per day. It takes about 1-2 weeks on the average

Stomach Acidity After Drinking Black Coffee

09/05/2007: GS from India: Hi Ted, Last week I took some black coffee. This caused me acidity in my stomach. My eyes are burning. I feel very thirsty and drink lot of water. This makes to urinate frequently. Please advise which food or drink should I take to neautralise the acidity. Thanks

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The coffee is often high in uric acid, but especially noteworthy is the Ochratoxin A, found in coffee. But they are also found in cereals, grapes, wine, beer, and cocoa just the same.

The mycotoxin are high in green coffee or that the coffee beans were not properly roasted. The two fungi that produces this ochratoxin A are the Penicillium and Aspergillus. The ochratoxin causes kidney damage.

The only one that seems to neutralize this ochratoxin appears to be acetic acid, or vinegar, as well as vitamin E 2000 i.u. The remedy that might be useful is 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. I might take it more, if that is found useful.

I have had some mycotoxins poisoning in the past one one that might help me were vinegar, molybdenum, vitamin B complex and magnesium chloride.

Magnesium chloride seemed to work well generally speaking especially in one case of a woman who had some mycotoxin contaminants found in the antibiotics (from similar penicillin antibiotics) sold in drug store, which resulted in bloody vomiting and it would seem 250 mg of magnesium chloride mixed in 1/2 glass of water to be extremely helpful. If a magnesium chloride was not obtainable sometimes I might consider just 1/2 teaspoon of milk of magnesia mixed in one full glass of water to neutralize the problem.

Of course current literature has no information for antidote for coffee toxins found, but nevertheless, I usually resort to apple cider vinegar, vinegar and baking soda and especially magnesium chloride to help me in the past on many ocassion. Hospitals usually use saline I.V. as one way, however, in a home remedy, the detoxification can be done in similar instances by 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt in 1 full glass or 2 full glass of water to be drank which are helpful when detoxification issues are needed.

Side Effects of ACV and Baking Soda

07/18/2007: Teresa : Hello. I was thinking about beginning the ACV with baking Soda, but I am scared to come off the Nexium, because I am finally feeling relief from the pain in my throat and the acid reflux. I am more afraid, however, of the long term effects and calcium depletion as a result of being on this drug. I am also concerned about the sodium. I am on high blood pressure medication as well. I am only 48 and have had hypertension since I gave birth to my children. Can you please tell me about the sodium issue, and tell me the exact recipe, and for how long and how many times a day am I to follow it? Thank you, and God be with you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is the vitamin D and boron supplements which prevent calcium depletion. Taking calcium supplements directly is not helpful as they are often in the form of calcium carbonates and other things. Therefore, I tend to take plenty of vitamin D usually the amount needed is 10,000 to 20,000 i.u. of D3 taken for a month or two. Those can raise the blood serum calcium levels. Boron supplements often are added usually in the form of sodium tetraborate, or just a 1/16 teaspoon of borax taken weekly can help, or just I would just buy 25-50 mg of boron supplements, albeit less effective somewhat due to all the fillers like adding some waxy magnesium stearate and thus reducing the bioavailability of the boron.

I am on high blood pressure medication as well. I am only 48 and have had hypertension since I gave birth to my children.

Sodium retention is often confused with water retention and it is not a problem of baking soda, my experience is the body is acid (urine pH is always below 6, where it should have been around 7 being the bare minimum) which resulted sodium retention as the bodies tries to retain alkali metals (sodium, potassium, etc) to neutralize the excess acidity. I am not pro sodium,

I believe that a specific ratio of sodium:potassium is needed which is equal to the body's serum's sodium potassium ratio, is more ideal. Baking soda will often lead to a laxative, reducing the body's water retention via the intestines rather than the kidneys. The body retains more alkaline sodium AND water, whenever the body is regularly constipated. A generally optimum healthy person should have bowel movements equal to the number of meals he eats, which is technically 3 times a day. However, in practice most people have bowel movement about 2 times a day. If bowel movement is less than 3 or at least 2, then it spells problem for water retention, as being the most likely cause. The body can remove sodium rather well if the body acidity is reduced with baking soda.

Also the remedy of 8 teaspoon of lime juice and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda dealt with the critical sodium:potassium ratio the body deals with already. Therefore, the body should have neither too much sodium or too little potassium.

The most common deficiencies I have encountered with a woman who has given childbirths, are: vitamin D deficiency, magnesium deficiency, and acidosis. The other that I have seen, close to those, were vitamin B complex, vitamin C, manganese and molybdenum. Those three just mentioned often leads to hair loss and acid reflux, after bearing children.

Blastocystitis Hominis

06/22/2007: Lou : Ted: Have read your wonderful solutions on earth clinic! Thank you. My problem -- have acid reflux and tried ACV last fall -(lots of stress too) but got burning mouth --finally read on your site to take baking soda too --- I am now taking 1/2 tsp. baking soda and 1/8 tsp. pot. citrate 2x day for almost 2 weeks. Will try ACV and baking soda again soon. At end of March ate out and stomach got upset loose stool and abdominal pain. This was also time I was scheduled to do stool test(checking for yeast thinking possible cause of acid) -- the loose stool cleared up within few days and ab. pain on and off for a few weeks. Occasionally I will get ab. pain if system slows down and I don't eliminate well. When stool sample came back yeast ok, one good bacteria a little low (take more probotics) but moderate count of blastocystis hominis --- doctor said normally wouldn't treat but since moderate would. Wanted me to take 7 days of anti. --they tear up my stomach so I searched for alternative route. Ordered some products --- one contains, cranberry concentrate, grapefruit seed extract, sweet wormwood (arial parts) garlic, cayenne slippery elm, bromelain ---supposed to take 2 per meal for 2 wks. stop 5 days and take 2 more weeks. Prop. blend 1000 mg. I have taken l twice a day for 2 days --- seemed to increase heartburn and got ab. pain --- maybe nothing to do with it, don't know. Didn't have either before tho. Other one is liquid -contains black walnut, wormwood arial parts, centuary, male fern, orange peel, cloves and butternut - prop. blend 1.25 ml taken 1/4 tsp 3 x day. Have not tried it yet. All three products from same company. I remember you saying try one thing at a time. Other product is made from castor bean oil called 10 undecenoic acid 50 mg. supposed to take 2 per meal. Haven't tried this yet but seems to be safe from what I have read. Question --- I have read a lot about b. hominis -- some think harmless some think your body can rid itself (which I think mine may have) but thought this treatment might help if related to acid reflux. Others think it is derived from yeast and experts keep going back and forth. Your opinion please and what you would recommend. I really respect your knowledge!!!! What about olive leaf extract, other supplements? Are wormwood (aerial parts) and male fern safe? I have read increasing fiber, good probotics, hawthorne berry extract, etc. might help. Should I keep trying this product for a few more days --- will wait until I hear from you. Can I take ACV with any of products. Would love something that would be easy on my sensitive system. Have had burning mouth for several months --- could pathogens be cause?? If so, what do I take?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Your observation on this link of acid reflux with blastocytis hominis appears to be related. Blastocystis hominis is due to eating contaminated, food particularly when you eat out, where sanitary conditions are obviously less controlled than home cooked food. Infections occur due to feces much similar like the e.coli found in meats. The common symptoms for eating hominis which you described is a diarrhea. I think this blastocystis hominis, to be a new class of microbes all its own known as Blastocysteaas class. It is neither a fungus, or a yeast, I prefer to think of it as a parasites. As to your questions of whether blastocystis hominis, can be the cause of acid reflux the answer is yes, and this is one reason why acid reflux formula (baking soda) works so well. The reason why is that this organism is peculiarly sensitive fo oxygen, and I suspect it is sensitive to borax as most parasites I know seems to have this pattern. In event where a cause is known, usually a remedy is fairly straightforward. The acid reflux formula for this is alkalization, where I think, under this cause a lime and baking soda, may work better as citrates are generally more effective in alkalization and increasing the oxygen content in the body. Alkalization simply drives out carbon dioxide easier as carbonic acid (CO2 in water) are neutralized by alkalization by holding less of it. The other additional remedies that increase oxygen to the body appears to adding 3-6 drops of 3% H2O2 to all glass of drinking water, during every meal, or on empty stomach. By increasing oxygen this way to the intestines, the number of this blastocystis hominis is reduced.

Blatocystis is an interesting one in that it secretes protease that breaks down your body's antibiodies such as immunoglubulin A (IgA). The immunoglubulin A is important one since it prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms in the body by neutralizing micorbial toxins, and this may also lead to another conditions such as eczema, boils and other sickness caused by the breakdown of the body's immune system, especially allergies and skin breakouts (toxins from bacteria creates this if the body does not have IgA to neutralize the harmful toxins). As a result, if the cause of acid reflux is hominis, then I know that taking any protease, digestive enzymes (bromelain) for example would not help. It would make my conditions worsen with the acid reflux. What hominis does it actually creates some kind of enzymes that digests your immune system, so obviously I wouldn't try to take either acid forming supplements (digestive enzymes, cranberry juice, etc.) to treat the hominis, as the body is already in a state of digesting myself! Hominis would be one issue that can be causing hiatal hernia, and other immune issues that is relevant to acid reflux. So if immune issues, hiatal hernia, I think hominis is implicated. Certain other supplements that increases the body of oxygen besides the hydrogen peroxide is the 10% sodium chlorite 10% adding 3-5 drops per glass of water. Those can kill them too, but I am old fashion and prefer to give the hydrogen peroxide a try first before using the sodium chlorite, as this allows better oxygen increase, but they are a bit harder to find.

What can I do in killing these organism? For one thing, I won't try antibiotics its already over prescribed and it tends to be acid forming, and thus makes acid reflux worse, indirectly increasing the hominis as acid forming antibiotics lowers the body's oxygen levels. Perhaps the simplest way to reduce blastocytis hominis is drinking strong green tea (no sugar, no fructose, no fruit juice, no milk) can also reduce the number of colonies by the actions of tannins that tends to kill the hominis proteins by denaturing them. Thereafter, drinking water with a couple of hydrogen peroxide added with 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with one whole freshly squeezed lime (8 teaspoon) in 1/2 glass of water taken 2 times a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Eating foods with some sea salt added (NEVER COMMON TABLE SALT!) will reduce the colonies by salinization, much like salted meats. Bacterial colonies simply can't grow in sea salt, which is why hominis are so few in seawaters. Hominis exist more on the land than in the sea, land feces there is more of it tan those in seawater. If this were not true, than our fishes would get acid reflux (LOL)! Sea salt in my opinion along with oxygen is the world's oldest form on antibiotics and will continue to work just as well against them. Humic acid added to food can also reduce the hominis survivability as the tannin components are deadly to them. Perhaps one day, as humic acid are more available, those may be of good potentials against the hominis, at least some farmers are doing it already by mixing them with manure or fertilizer to reduce the number of harmful bacteria found in feces before the use in plants.

The lists you mentioned for treatment appears to be of antiviral in nature (e.g. wormwood, olive leaf extract), or digestives (bromelain, cranberry) or probiotics. The problem about those in my opinion is that it does not directly deal with hominis' Achilles heels, which time and time again, happens to be increasing the level of oxygen in the body, usually by alkalization (baking soda), or drops of hydrogen peroxide, or salinization (which is the simplest and one of the world's oldest antibiotics). Probiotics only works if the intestines' pH are alkaline friendly, otherwise they will be digested themselves by the enzymes created by the hominis. If I treat the hominis as a parasites, then I might consider adding a pinch of borax to my drinking water to reduce that. No doubt, black hull walnut tincture might rid of parasites, but this appears to be a lot smaller and oxygen and borax I think are much more sensitive and somewhat more directed against the hominis. Because of such sensitivity of oxygen, colloidal silver (or colloidal silver oxide), taken 2 times a day 1 tablespoon may be effective against hominis directly, ESPECIALLY since colloidal silver is both poorly absorbed (which is good since it is found in our intestinal tract), as well as silver's strong affinity to oxygen. To make a colloidal silver into a colloidal silver oxide, just add 1 drops 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bottle. Those should be more than enough to create the colloidal silver oxide.

So in my opinion getting rid of hominis by use of increasing oxygen, sea salt, green tea, colloidal silver and alkalization in general seems to be a more viable means.

03/01/2012: Allison from Mount Sinai, New York replies: I am a 44 yr old female. I originally thought my result of burning stomach and regurgitating reflux was stress. But now I'm not so sure. It is constant whether I have food in my stomach or not. Laying down or upright. I am now on a regime of digestive enzymes and probiotics. Nothing is happening. I drink chamomile and licorice tea. Nothing is happening. I do think it is a parasite or bacteria. I eat alot of fresh fruit (I wash at home), but I also eat alot of salad when I'm out. I only water rinse salad when I eat it at home as well as all my leafy vegetables that I saute'. I started severe burping. The bloating came after the burping and now for the past month burning reflux and stomach, achy ears and lump in throat with pain and a desire to spit up my phlegm. The bloating is gone and I don't have that heavy stomach feeling anymore.

My diet is good (meats and veggies, minimal carbs. ) and so is my energy and weight. I still have an appetite. I did not take anything my internist prescribed because I am on a natural journey to heal this condition. I have in my house wormwood. Should I start taking it? I am so scared of the damage to my throat and stomach lining. Would a digestive cleanse help too? Could this be low stomach acid due to stress? Are my adrenals compromised and causing this? Should I be on b-vitamins? Will baking soda cause high blood pressure or heart palps? Thank you for an advice.

4 Year Old with Gerd Since the Day He Was Born

06/15/2007: Johnny : Thanks for your answer. So apple vinegar would not help him? Only baking soda? Best regards, Johnny

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Children are more sensitive to acid. Baking soda alone is better. While it is true that the standard remedy is for apple cider vinegar children is about 1 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda. However, in event of a long term condition (such as since he was born) then such as acid reflux, this requires just simple baking soda. Once the body acquires enough bicarbonates, and that can take as much as 3-4 weeks, then the acv and baking soda is o.k, but never acv alone.

Weak Esophageal Sphincter, Scarring

06/07/2007: Asif : Hello Ted I have read your contributions on Earth Clinic with much appreciation and interest. I have suffered from chronic reflux and cough for the last 3 years, endoscopies have revealed slight scarring in my esophagus and i have been on various allopathic and homeopathic medications with no results to write home about. My lower osapghaul sphincter is weak hence the reflux, i am not overweight 83kgs and 5ft 11inc. I was wondering will the ACV with baking soda help with this problem, my concern is no matter the amount of acid in my stomach, if the sphincter is weak i will still have reflux right?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Asif: Weak sphincter and scarring should mostly be helped with vitamin E 400 i.u. a day, some aloe vera juice,and magnesium chloride (250 mg) or magnesium citrate.Vitamin E and vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg both are required to aid in the healing of the stomach lining.I am assuming the microbes staph like does not exist,if they do, magnesium chloride will kill them naturally and so will 1/4 teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric taken 3 times a day. There might be other organism such as candida, and fungus, but most of them are rid of whenever you alkalize. If it is not working just add a small pinch of borax to the drinking water,which is closer to about 1/16 teaspoon in 1 glass of water for minor mycobacterium causing this taken only for 2 or 3 days.

Silent Reflux and Les

05/21/2007: KC from HI: Hi there, Ted. I have been diagnosed with "silent reflux" and a weakened LES. I was on Prevacid on and off for a year. I don't like taking prescription medicines for extended periods and I learned that acid blockers can interfere with calcium absorption (which I take as a supplement). I read your writings and have been taking the ACV & baking soda 3X's a day on an empty stomach for about 4 months. It has been working great! If I stay on this program, the reflux symptoms stay away. I have 2 concerns. Almost every morning, I have loose stools - sometimes watery. Also, I have had cloudy urine since I've been taking this remedy. I had my urine tested and nothing was detected except some red blood cells (which have always been present as it runs in my family). I also had my urine checked for calcium, as I understand that that can sometimes account for cloudiness. Have you encountered this before? Do you have suggestions?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: My own experience with cloudy urine, usually is a sign of the body's lack of ability to utilize calcium from deficiencies in vitamin B complex, and magnesium. So if you take magnesium 2: 1 over the calcium, this would usually resolve the problem within a day or two. As to watery stools, it means whatever the food you are takin is of high salts, that occurs in the morning. So if low salt food is taken in the morning, only most of the watery stools will be gone. Assuming that's not the problem, another solution would be to dilute the remedy by adding twice or triple the amount of water. Or even if you don't do that, whenever you do eat food, make sure you drink plenty of water. Usually if the concentration of remedy is too high - some people do cheat on the remedy by adding only 1/4 glass of water instead of the minimum 1/2 glass, but for those who don't just add 1 full glass of water to the original remedy. If that doesn't work then 1.5 glass of water. Most glass of water for everyone is not the same, but a standard glass of water is about 250 cc. When the solution is diluted, the osmotic pressure to pull the water toward the intestines is reduced, from reduced concentration. For example, if I wanted to get a diarrhea, which the opposite of your problem, I just take less water or I might add some sea salt to the remedy.

Parasite Infestation, Then Food Poisoning, Now Acid Reflux and Stomach Bloating

04/30/2007: Ann : Dear Ted, I have been reading your advice to readers on Earth Clinic. I am unsure how to contact you through their Web site, so I hope you will respond to me here (and feel free to post my e-mail on Earth Clinic). In 1999 while travelling in Vietnam, I caught a parasite or amoeba and was sick for two weeks with bad diarrhea. After taking a lot of antiobiotics, I developed C Dificil, which took four months to cure. It took an additional year to strenghten my stomach and intestinal tract. Six weeks ago, while travelling in Arizona, I seemed to have had food poisoning in a Mexican restaurant. Within a day or two I developed acid reflux, stomach bloating, and gas. My doctor had me take Prilosec for 20 days, but after stopping the symptoms returned.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The usual dose is 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, any brand is o.k., and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken on an empty stomach, taken twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. As to your skin rash condition on elbow that comes and goes, taking those will also help should help the acid reflux and the skin rashes. An ordinary distilled vinegar or an apple cider vinegar can be applied to the skin to reduce the rashes. Sometimes flaky skin of the elbow you got can be helpd a lot with omega 3 1000 mg, fish oil 1000 mg, vitamin E 200 i.u., and evening primrose oil 1000 mg. Taken initially for a week before paring down the dose to 1 once a week, after taking it for about 1 or 2 weeks.

Parasite Infestation, Then Food Poisoning, Now Acid Reflux and Stomach Bloating

04/30/2007: Ann : Dear Ted, I am so excited to hear from you! Thank you very much for your guidance, which I will follow. I have one more question concerning the skin rashes. This morning I woke up and had a new rash on the inside of my right arm. It looks like poison ivy and goes from the wrist to the elbow. My mom had a rash like this for many years. She says that it is stress related. She said that the only thing that ever worked for her on this rash is 24 Faubourg lotion by Hermes. I wanted to write you about this, because it is a new rash that came out after starting the apple cider vinegar treatment. By the way, the treatment is already helping my stomach and digestion.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Sometimes flaky skin of the elbow you got can be helpd a lot with omega 3 1000 mg, fish oil 1000 mg, vitamin E 200 i.u., and evening primrose oil 1000 mg. Taken initially for a week before paring down the dose to 1 once a week, after taking it for about 1 or 2 weeks.

Parasite Infestation, Then Food Poisoning, Now Acid Reflux and Stomach Bloating

04/30/2007: Ann : Hi Ted, one last question on the treatment for flaky skin--should I take all of the supplements you've mentioned at the same time, or should I try one of them? Also, see my e-mail just sent about the new rash that I have on my arm. Thanks again for your help. I feel hopeful.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If you have rashes, sometimes it might be the brand or the biological components in the Apple cider vinegar. One way to test your rash problems is to get White Distilled Vinegar and apply a small area to see if rashes get worse. If not then it is probably the brand you are using, in which case your body would most likely prefer the ACV that is less organic, e.g. Heinz or non-mother solutions. If it does react with vinegar, on the other hand, then just try a baking soda to the arms. If the rash gets less, then it means the body doesn't NEED the apple cider of any kind, in which case, taking baking soda solo would likely to agree with your body. This is how doctors test you for food allergies, it is a skin test. But we can easily do this at our own home.

Assuming worse comes to worse, where it responds negatively to everything, which is usually unlikely but does happen if staph is present, for example, then iodine applied should help. If that is shown to help then iodine supplementation will likely to be the ticket, or just iodine foot painting beign a safer choice.

Heartburn After Taking Apple Cider Vinegar

04/16/2007: Cindy from Milton Mills, New Hampshire: I started with 1 tablespoon of ACV with honey and juice/water and I got heartburn. I then reduced the ACV to 1 teaspoon with honey/water and I am still getting heartburn. I tried baking soda, but don't know what to do now. Any help would be gratefully accepted:)

Ted from Bangkok replies: Baking soda is taken at 1/4 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day on an empty stomach, once in the morning and once before sleep.

Question About Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

04/10/2007: Raymond : I was reading alot regarding the cure for acid reflux. ACV with baking soda, how long will I use this before I noticed improvement with my acid reflux??? I'm 40 yrs old and I'm overwieght. how many times do I need to take in a day??? Should it be with empty stomach??? An hour before each meal???? What else can you recommend. I bought already a organic ACV and Arm and hammer baking soda (powder form). Is this the right stuff??? Pls. let me know, your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Raymond

Ted from Bangkok replies: For ACV with baking soda for acid reflux, it takes about 2-3 weeks for improvement. For an overweight male, a larger dose is required. The minimum dose for this is about 2 tablespoon of ACV plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice or three times a day in 1/2 glass of water. Allow reaction to proceed 5 minutes then take it. If it is too acid for you or you feel a heartburn, then you need to take instead just 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda three times a day (this is due to your being overweight and with acid reflux, and being a male).

Empty stomach with plenty of water is preferable to avoid loose stools. But loose stools is o.k. as it clears the body of toxins, at least initially. But once the body achieves a new equilibrum the loose stools should generally not occur thereafter.

In practice any apple cider vinegar works, a more organic one is preferable, as it has more minerals and vitamins. All brands generally work the same to achieve the required target. I tend to avoid any specific brands because of this, however what you bought is generally used by most people treating acid reflux, at least in the U.S.

For overweight and stubborn acid reflux, if conditions don't improve after 3 weeks, then just take 1/8 teaspoon of borax in 1 liter of water, in divided dose throughout the day. This is taken only once a week at the very least. They tend to initiate loss of weight by raising testosterone level (pseudoestrogen pollution from plastics, insecticides, etc) are one of the cause in male overweight) and I have noticed it helped with acid reflux for the more stubborn kind. The borax remedy is optional only, but not critical. Ted

Acid Reflux and Candida

04/03/2007: Juli from Minnesota, MN: Dear Ted, Thank you for taking the time to read this note. I appreciate the free advice. Two week ago I discovered by research that the chest pain and tight throat I have is acid reflux. By reading the earth clinic site I'm finding out that my candida is the problem. I treated the candida for a while and then fell back to my bad ways of eating. I started last week Wednesday taking the applecider vinegar with 1/2 tsp. baking soda before meals one hour. Yesterday and today are my off days, no vinegar or soda. As I looked on the sight I see I'm eating the wrong foods for getting better. I'm also bloated and constipated. I'm not worried about a slow recovery, just want to recover and at a low cost because of a limited income. While taking the cider and soda my ph was 6.5 and 7.0. I checked this morning and it was 5.0. I've been eating oatmeal and cream of wheat with milk, 1 cup plain yogurt with 1/2 a banana and 2-3 ounces of fruit juice mixed, small portion of meat chicken stemmed with thyme, beets, toast with peanut butter, hard boiled eggs. What can I eat? I realize that I have to rid myself of the whites and table salt (switch to sea salt) and quit sugar and fats. I guess I'm looking for a coarse of action. I like the apple cider vinegar and soda and I like the plain yogurt but I like to flavor it. Thanks again for your time. Juli from Minnesota USA

Ted from Bangkok replies: Dear Juli: Fruit juices should be avoided. Whole fruits are o.k. the fiber buffers the sugar spikes, where the candida need. By reducing the sugar spikes candida will reduce. In some cases 1/8 teaspoon of borax diluted in one liter of water and the dose is evenly divided throughout the day may kill it. However this is taken perhaps for a woman, I think just once a week should be sufficient. Cilantro (chinese parsley) should remove the free heavy metals that the candida relies on growth, along with the usual sugar. The problem of candida is that the toasts and the peanut butter makes the condition to worsen. Peanut butter has hydrogenated fats, and fungus. White flour and acid forming foods should be avoided. Whole wheat, whole rye, gluten free foods are usually helpful. Ted.

Asthma and Acid Reflux

04/02/2007: Anna from San Diego, CA: Hi there. I am really happy that I found this site. I have been suffering from a serious case of acid reflux. I have been prescribed to take nexium twice a day for the rest of my life and it makes me so sad to think about the long term effects. I don't like taking medicine, especially when I still have symptoms. I got a new doctor who wants to switch my medication so I've been trying others but my pain has been worse and worse each day. As in the case of some, I was misdiagnosed with Asthma a few years ago and treated heavily for it for close to a year. The medication hurt me severely. I never had asthma but now I have difficulty breathing after meals, sleeping and suffer from pain other pains. I also have to watch all I eat. I am going to try this solution starting tomorrow and I hope and prey I can post a happy message. If anything, its nice to know other lives have been improved, I only hope I can feel the same, even if it takes some time. Thank you for this advice!

Ted from Bangkok replies: Any time microbes are in your body they can cause all kinds of symptoms depending on where their colonies exists.

If they exist along the intestinal tract, like strep, staph, or fungus they will cause various sickness with different names.

A fungus along the digestive tract can be called a candida. A staph along a digestive tract in the intestines can be called a leaky gut. A strep along the intestinal tracts can cause bad burning sensations. A mycobacterium along our joints is called "arthritis".

Asthma comes when the colonies expands to produce toxin waste products which cause the body to fight off by alkalizing the intestinal tract and giving of acid for the lungs to rid of, when acid is excess along the breathing passages and newer form of mycobacterium or fungus like exists, it causes asthma as capillaries constrict in presence of acidity.

The present science community has not taken as seriously the field of microbiology as it once did over a century ago, but it could describe an lot of our sickness today.

Unfortunately this field is commercialized. A few decades ago the CDC business were relatively quiet, but then bioengineering came in, and biological weapons seems to be let loose on the population, probably not in the same form of course, but obviously the DNA gets spliced or organism acquired new traits whenever newer biological microbes, made by man unleashes itself from various manufacturing process to produce medicines, such as antibiotics.

These never existed before but advances in biological engineering in the commercial arena has probably been accidentally or maybe unknowing, or purposely released to the population. Unfortunately the CDC is a commercial entity and it is not a public or a governmental entity. This makes fighting against these newer strains of microbes difficult. There are now some viruses I found that are now resistant to hydrogen peroxide and some are even resistant to both alkaline and acid medium. It doesn't make me optimistic at all when fighting these microbes!

While we worry to the left on the microbial front, on the right are all these pseudoestrogens in commercial products, and to the back is growth hormones being injected into cows to produce more milk or more meat, and to the front is heavy metals found yearly vaccinations(mercury and aluminum) and in our foods.

The cause is really simple: it is all man-made.

Chronic Reflux, Scarring of Esophagus

04/02/2007: Asif from UK: Hello Ted I have read your contributions on Earth Clinic with much appreciation and interest. I have suffered from chronic reflux and cough for the last 3 years, endoscopies have revealed slight scarring in my osaphagus and i have been on various allopathic and homeopathic medicatons with no results to write home about. My lower osapghaul sphincter is weak hence the reflux, i am not overweight 83kgs and 5ft 11inc. I was wondering will the ACV with baking soda help with this problem, my concern is no matter the amount of acid in my stomach, if the sphincter is weak i will still have reflux right? Any reply gratefully anticipated, feel free to copy Earth Clinic in on this. Kindest regards, Asif (UK)

Ted from Bangkok replies: Weak sphincter and scarring should mostly be helped with vitamin E 400 i.u. a day, some aloe vera juice, and magnesium chloride (250 mg) or magnesium citrate. Vitamin E and vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg both are required to aid in the healing of the stomach lining.

I am assuming the microbes staph like does not exist, if they do, magnesium chloride will kill them naturally and so will 1/4 teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric taken 3 times a day. There might be other organism such as candida, and fungus, but most of them are rid of whenever you alkalize. If it is not working just add a small pinch of borax to the drinking water, which is closer to about 1/16 teaspoon in 1 glass of water for minor mycobacterium causing this taken only for 2 or 3 days.

Acid Reflux: Remedies Not Working

04/02/2007: Dan from Williston, Ohio: Tried almost everything on the acid reflux page, I'm 57 years old, I read that stomach acid decreases with, did low stomach acid cause my Barretts(if that's possible) or was it justexcess acid ?......I wan't to go in the right direction....I balanced my ph using your recommended procedures, they WORK, but I still have that burning sensation under my sternum, ACV seems to make me worse...but buffering with just baking soda helps.....need a clue, thanks Dan

Ted from Bangkok replies: Dear Dan: It is true that stomach acid decrease with age, but it is also true that acidosis increase with age too. You can tell that the older you get the more constipated it becomes. If you still find ACV is a problem, just add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the ACV taken twice a day. More people, especially men seemed to prefer larger doses of baking soda than a woman.

If it is STILL a problem, than just take baking soda. It should be noted that the body produces low stomach acid, to prevent further damage to the intestinal walls whenever the body or the intestines lack the sufficient bicarbonates necessary to neutralize the stomach acids. Therefore, low stomach acid MAY not be the cause, it may be a bicarbonate deficiency, and in very rare cases, a chloride deficiency. The chloride deficiency is very easily handled with sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water, but for most people, this is rarely the case, with possible exception for those who eat an all organic diet.

Often taking baking soda only for two weeks, the body will usually have sufficient bicarbonates necessary to take the ACV and baking soda.

Acid Reflux and Urinary Ph

04/02/2007: Ami : Re: Unrelenting reflux for 4 months. Hi Ted, I have been reading your earth clinic entries regarding Acid Reflux, and I have thoroughly confused myself.I am on Day #2 of Baking Soda and Water 1/4-1/2 tsp three times daily. My urine pH is above 7 consistently now, but my salivary pH is low in the 6's and was actually in the 5's this am upon awakening. What does this difference mean? Will the pH's balance out on their own after doing the baking soda for a couple of weeks? I am reluctant to add the or lemon/lime until the 2 week point as I feel my buffering reserves are very depleted. What should I expect during this 2 week process? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Also, I read that your salivary pH is more reflective of your whole body pH, and is therefore the one to be mainly concerned with...what is your take? Thanks so much! Ami

Ted from Bangkok replies: Dear Ami: The body's bicarbonate reserve is still low. You seem to require a dose of 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda three times a day.

However, if you can find potassium citrate, or potassium bicarbonate, this may help. For example, 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate taken three times a day. The reason why the salivary pH remains stubborn refusing to raise its pH means that the bicarbonates is pushing out the acidity from the intracellular fluids. So the acid is being slowly removed, but not as quickly. One quick way to reduce acidity in the mouth is to regularly used 1 tablespoon of baking soda (and some potassium bicarbonate 1/2 teaspoon, if possible) as a mouthwash twice a day, to neutralize them. Once the salivary pH becomes normal, you can discontinue them. This is one of the remedies used for extreme conditions of acid tongue, but it can be applied to reduce excess acidity in the mouth.

To look at just the excess acidity in the mouth in isolation, dose not explain everything either. The bacterial flora in the mouth might in a few cases generate some acidity in which case, 3 - 6 drops of 3% Hydrogen peroxide food grade is added to the baking soda remedy to reduce the microbes. However a 1% hydrogen peroxide can also be used as a mouthwash to further reduce the acid forming microbes when done once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Both the salivary and urinary pH, should be within 7.The salivary not only reflects more of the body's pH, but it also reflects intracellular fluids. It takes a while for the body to absorb enough bicarbonate to neutralize them all.

However, careful dietary control to avoid excess fried foods, sugar and white flour is needed during the period of raising the body's pH. Certain food we eat is causing most of our sickness as they are acid forming, in particular is the fast food, such as soda pop, tea, and coffee.

After about two weeks the salivary pH should be closer to the value of 7. If not it indicates electrolyte imbalance, and magnesium citrate and potassium bicarbonates are needed. FOr example, 250 mg of magnesium citrate/day can help as well as the potassium mentioned previously.

If Taking Apple Cider Vinegar Pills, Is Baking Soda Necessary?

04/02/2007: Mat : Dear Ted; I have been reading with great interest your testimonials for apple cider vinegar as a solution to Acid Reflux Disease. You speak highly of adding Bicarbonate of soda to the mixture (APV and water and honey). Question: If I use ACV PILLS instead of the liquid vinegar, can I assume that the Bicarbonate of soda would not now be necessary as the issue with "delamination" of teeth will no longer take place? An incredible web site!... Thanks, Mat

Ted from Bangkok replies: Apple cider vinegar pills do not contain the same composition as a real apple cider vinegar. Even if they were to resolved that issue, you will still need baking soda. Baking soda is actually the main element towards helping the acid reflux, without this, it cannot work as well. Apple cider vinegar is actually supportive. Acid reflux in my experience is a bicarbonate deficiency, but minerals and other elements in apple cider vinegar are also alkaline forming.

I am not certain that apple cider vinegar pills are "alkaline forming" and I would refrain from using them as this is not tested and not likely to be so because every companies used different additives, fillers, which destroys the organic elements of the apple cider vinegar. Acetic acid content in an apple cider vinegar pills are zero, and it only exists in liquid state.

If somehow the companies were able to pack the acetic acid in some absorbant, it would not be practical since they are a volatile compounds. Therefore I doubt that they have 100% apple cider vinegar in the apple cider vinegar pills, with all the fillers, and other "processed" technologies necessary to put them into a convenient pill.

Ted's Acid Reflux Remedy: How Long Before Results

03/19/2007: Brian from San Fran, CA: Doctor prescribed Omeprazole to remedy my acid reflux. After 8 weeks no remedy but rather more acid reflux and the addition of joint pain and constant sore throat. Fred's Cure (formula acv/baking soda) appears to be my remedy. Question: How long do I have to use this formula? Will my problem disappear after using formula for month or so? Or will be required to take it the rest of my life?

Ted from Bangkok replies: Question: How long do I have to use this formula?

Actually it's Ted's remedy, but you can use either of the formula, one lime and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda or 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. It takes about 2-3 weeks to notice results because it takes that long for the body to have enough bicarbonates necessary to normalize. The reason why you have sore throat and joint pain is that most of doctors meds are acid forming and causes your body to have a mild case of acidosis. You can also use just 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. The reason why apple cider or the lemon formula is preferred is that it has some potassium, and other components that will help the body's biochemistry achieve normalization faster.

Will my problem disappear after using formula for month or so?

It works so far so good.

Or will be required to take it the rest of my life?

Bad diets and acid forming food will likely cause you to take it whenever your body is acid or urine pH is below 6.5. I prefer a urinary pH closer to 7.0 in practice.

The exception is if you diets is essentially vegetarian and eat an ocassional fish, in which case you probably won't need this remedy since the body is already alkalize.

Much depends on what you eat. For me I take it only when my urinary pH says I am acid which is quite often pH below 6.5"

Side Effect From Apple Cider Vinegar

03/19/2007: Kim from Appleton, NY: When I first tried ACV a month ago for acid reflux - I noticed that my skin broke out terribly! I have not had a breakout that severe since my teens (am in my forties) Any one else have this problem? Need to find relief for the acid reflux - don't do well with Medications - take for 6 months at a time - then acid immediately returns - need a more permanent solution! Same symptoms of reflux that I have read about from others - the choking - the lump in throat - the diarrhea - upset stomach - vomiting - the terrible taste in mouth - have had this problem for years - probbaly since my late teens - but was never diagnosed until a a few years ago! Thanks - any info greatly appreciated!

Ted from Bangkok replies: If the body is already severely or lacking in bicarbonates, and you take Apple cider vinegar straight, the body will breakout in some cases since the body could not buffer the pH quickly enough and as a result cause inflammation.

Therefore, the best ways to deal in an extreme buffer deficiency is to at least take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day for at least 2 weeks.

On the third week, you can only take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass or 1 glass of water (safer), taken twice a day from then on.

The reason for the long term acid reflux has to do with inability for the body to stabilize its pH and whenever that happens the body breaks out in inflammation much like a weak acid burns.

If there is the issue of chemical toxins that accumulates in the body, such as mine a couple of years back, taking 3-5 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 glass of water in the morning with 1/4 teaspoon is another possible detox remedy to reduce the inflammation. Of course this remedy you can consider if the straight bicarbonate remedy is not working well for you due to chemical toxins buildup. It takes about 2-4 weeks to neutralize the chemical toxins enough so that it doesn't get in the way of healing.

Heartburn with Scleroderma, an Autoimmune Disease: Remedy Question

02/04/2007: Marla from Montreal, Canada: Please help me end my heartburn. I have an autoimmune disease, scleroderma. I have been on Losec for 19 months and have done 4 days of acv and baking soda. Well well well, it even helps me!!!I take it 3 times per day. Can I do this for a month? Please? Is there harm? Also when I drink my water, can I add baking soda to it? Quantity? Thanks so much. Great website. Amazing!!!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Actually ACV and baking soda can be taken as long as you like. It is done to neutralize all the excess imbalances of modern food that kills your system. This will bring you to balance. As long as you eat food you will need to take ACV and baking soda. It is not a requirement to take it everyday if your are healthy of course, but if you are sick, then the opposite is true.

Also when I drink my water, can I add baking soda to it?

You can add baking soda to your drinking water. Perhaps about 1/8 teaspoon and a tiny pinch of potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate helps.

If you take too much your body will tell you. It will cause a diarrhea, which is good now and then as it detoxes your body. I like to get it once a week and it seems to clear my skin also.

The cause of scleroderma in certain cases may be due to a tiny mycoplasma which bought about the condition. In which case zinc acetate 50 mg every other day, may normalize the immune functions as well as some iodine foot painting, maybe twice a week. A sodium ascorbate vitamin C (or ascorbic acid with baking soda), 1000 mg/day would normalize the body's inflammation somewhat as it raises the body's nitric oxide to some extent.

A drop of lavender oil in a glass of water may help that too for the scleroderma. If you think scleroderma is due to invading mycoplasma, then a pinch of borax in a drinking water would stop the scleroderma then and there.

Just send us your feedback and we would be happy to hear from you, whether it works for you or not and sharing your results could also help other people too with similar conditions.

Lprd or Silent Reflux Questions

12/22/2006: Erin from Cleveland, OH: I have literally spent the better part of my work day on this site reading the "testimonials". Although I have been a chronic reflux sufferer for many years, I was only recently diagnosed with Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease (LPRD) better known as "silent" reflux. I do not suffer from heartburn and can sleep through the night very comfortably, but I know the reflux is there as I'm guilty of eating salty snacks before bed and I'm a heavy smoker. What led me to the doctor to get the diagnosis was my sudden inability to swallow food with ease. It felt as though food would stick in my throat and not move through my esophagus to the point where I have not ingested solid foods in over 4 weeks. I'm fearful of choking. I've been on a heavy diet of Ensure and cigarettes (smile) ever since. After my laryngoscopy, my ENT guy prescribed Prilosec and said there was some puffiness at the back of my throat. Here's my question: Will this ACV with mother help me eat again? I can manage the reflux, but I really miss being able to eat full meals. I no longer feel like a member of the human race. If this ACV "thing" can improve my throat condition, I will be of eternal gratitude to this website. Someone please HELP!!! :-(

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I used to have this problem with difficulty swallowing usually and some other people I know, but I can't imagine a typical doctor would go to such extremes for what I once thought was a simple complications.

Usually, the supplements of magnesium gluconate (or magnesium citrate/magnesium chloride), vitamin E 2000 I.U. , vitamin B complex (mostly 100 mg each, except for B12 and biotin, which are 100 mcg and 500 mcg, respectively) will solve the problem.

Apparently the muscles of the esophagus undergoes a spasm whenever the magnesium is lacking in the body. Muscle tightness is a sign of too much calcium, too little magnesium and too much strontium, and cadmium in the body.

Both calcium and strontium causes tightening of the muscles along with the body's excess acidity from table salt. With magnesium which is antagonistic of both calcium and strontium the esophageal spasms should be appreciably reduced within a week. But it is important to realize the vitamin E and selenium is needed so that the muscles is not "starved" for oxygen creating the spasms.

In case if you are wondering where the strontium, and cadmium comes from, it comes from the smoking. Smoking also have trace cyanide and carbon monoxide furthering to tense the muscle. Both cyanide and carbon monoxide is interesting in that if the body is acid, which it is, in presence of lack of oxygen, the muscles goes into spasms just like when fishes are starved for oxygen, they become almost paralyzed.

The one thing unusual about "table salt" often found in salty snacks is that it is very acid forming. The oily foods from snacks tends to block neural signaling as free fatty acids blocks hormones action thus causing improper neural functioning. Vitamin B complex should restore this problem, but not the muscle tightening or sudden spasms which will cause choking. Those can be helped with plenty of magnesium. However because of heavy metals of strontium and others coming from smoking, I have seen selenium supplements and vitamin E are quite synergistic with the condition of LPR, but I prefer to simply call it esophageal spasms which causes the choking.

It should be understood, that a lemon with baking soda until the fizz reduces plus 1/2 glass of water taken before sleeping and once in the morning should restore the potassium and antioxidants needed. The citrates has some heavy metal chelation properties but not enough and some powdered granulated lecithin should be helpful in further detoxification. It should be noticed that when body is lacking in oxygen from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and even cyanide trace amounts along with excess acid, all these tend prevent the body from utilizing the oxygen you breathe and hence esophageal spasm. You are lucky that such lack of oxygen utilization does not get to the brain centers or the heart. On the other hand, perhaps it did in the brain centers as it orders an improper command to the esophagus, but in the past, I have noted that it also goes to affect nightmares, waking up in a cold sweat, or a sudden shock upon waking, and even in some cases a sudden arm spasms or shocking. Those I experienced as a student (western diets are bad) was relieved with sunflower seed, but it takes awhile (sunflower seeds had magnesium) and baking soda helped, and vitamin E reduces muscle pain.

Such muscle spasm from magnesium deficiency (and possibly potassium) can be expanded to sudden spasms of the whole body in which the whole body cannot move, or sleeping death, which means the heart simply stop. In both cases I found both a potassium and magnesium deficiency in the extreme. Those people who died like that were found to eat only instant noodle soup for a very long time without eating fruits (potassium) or green vegetables and seeds (magnesium).

Phosphate rich foods tends to make it worse, in some cases perhaps it was the phosphoric acid, which is high in soft drinks too.

So the fear of choking, at least for me is not as fearful as heart stoppage or complete bodily spasms during sleep, which could initiate death during sleep whenever magnesium and potassium is severely deficient.

I got some of those long time ago, but I do not know how I knew this piece information when I was a student, but it was an important piece of information since the food was mostly snack food when I was a student. As a tip, vitamin C sodium ascorbate is also an antidote for carbon monoxide poisoning, but those are taken in large amounts, but in case of cigarettes or smoking in general 1000 to 2000 mg. of sodium ascorbate might bring some results to muscle spasms of esophagus too.

Does Aciphex Inhibit Calcium Absorption?

12/19/2006: Cindy from Denver, CO: I'm taking aciphex now for the killer acid reflux I got after years of taking anti inflammatories! I tried all the others, nexium, prilosec, etc.. aciphex helps the reflux, but would like to know if anyone knows if it inhibits calcium absorption because I need the calcium for osteoporsis. I'm going to try the yogurt cure that I read about here. I also have started drinking aloe juice and it helps with the fire in the throat and stomach. It's also very healing! Works great!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Aciphex interferes with calcium absorption. In theory, most parasites rely on calcium to protect themselves, so basically by reducing calcium it kills the parasites helping with the acid reflux, but causing osteoporsis. Not a good solution I think. It would be more easier to take a couple of drops of tea tree oil and some spices such as thyme, oregano, clove and cinnamon to kill them directly, take baking soda before meals or after meals to reduce the digestion time thus reducing the fermentation from slow digestion. These natural methods won't interfere with digestion.

Besides, my own experience is that osteoporosis is a fungal like organism that eats away calcium just like your cavities in your teeth, and it creates acid environment and eats up the bones inside too, but much more slowly.

So taking antifungal aromatherapy oils, such as lavender or tea tree oil, or antifungal minerals, such as borax would do a better job since this also kills the parasites as well as reducing the acid.

Of course giving the body some baking soda will neutralize the acidity, thus preventing further osteoporosis.

I also suspect that excess iron might have to do with it since people with bone problem seems to have excess iron buildup in certain joints, etc. which seems to cause pain from the free radical iron metals. These iron appears to be localized in joint part of the bones.

10/12/2011: Dee from Wm, La replies: Hi, My question is how do you take the tea tree oil (in water?)? If so how much water and How many times a day? Thanks

Question About ACV and Baking Soda

12/19/2006: Penny from Seven Hills NSW Australia: I am about to try the acv and baking soda for acid reflux. Is it baking soda or carb soda i use? also can a 13 year old take it. I have been on nexium and went off it because it made me light headed and I coughed such a lot. My dad used to talk about apple cider vinegar when I was a child. I will be glad to get off tablets

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Penny: It's the baking soda. Carbonated soda has no baking soda, and won't be helpful. When ACV reacts with baking soda it creates a carbon dioxide, or the fizz.

Baking soda when reacted with the ACV is converted from a malic to a malate, and it is the malate after reaction which the body has direct use in buffering pH, but bicarbonate still remains a major component which the body still needs to neutralize the acid.

Think of it this way, the car runs on gasoline, as it burns fuel it creates heat in the engine. As the engine burns fuel, it is overheated, the motor or engine gets destroyed. This is why the car needs a radiator to cool the car down, so that the engine can operate without destroying itself from the fuel. Baking soda works like a car's radiator in your body. When our body makes use of food as a fuel, it burns the food into acid and the acid is the heat of the engine, but at the same time this acid can also destroy the body's engines (the mitochondria) so we die a quick death when the engine is destroyed quicker resulting from early cell death.

The baking soda acts as a coolant like a radiator by neutralizing the acid buildup in the body so that the body can operate the engine without overheating.

3 Year Old with Severe Acid Reflux

12/18/2006: Mija from Warrington, UK: Hello Ted, I am here again. Thank you for your quick reply My 3years old son's reflux condition doesn't get better at all, he is even losing weight. he gets too much acid and can't digest food at all. I give him ACV baking soda 2times a day. It is too early to see improve yet. As you recommended, I had planed to try licorice extract and royal jelly, but when I tried to find licorice extract liquid form, it contains alcohol ,or alcohol free but solvent. I can't be sure it is safe to be taken every day. I don't have any idea how the alcohol in licorice extract will affect a child. please advise me . you ask me to give him 1tbs of licorice 2times day, and you advise another 4 years old boy for 1/2 teaspoon. I don't know which one to follow. it seems 1 table spoon is quite lot for 3 years old boy. I am desperate to try every single tip for my little boy. The doctor refused to see him He think he can't do anything else except giving him antacid tablets. I guess you can help me again.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Mija: First, acid reflux is due to prepared foods, rather than home cooked. Sometimes acid reflux are from milk. The other thing is depending on seriousness of the condition is it dose dependent.

If the stomach refuses to digest anything, you need to see your doctor. Often taking vitamin B complex on an empty stomach will allow the digestion process to work. The other thing is taking baking soda only, which make things simpler 1/4 teaspoon before meals in the morning will speed up digestive emptying. ACV plus baking soda also take a little more time, but you should see some results.

Stomach that refuses to empty often in my own experience are either a vitamin B complex problem, royal jelly, lack of baking soda in the intestinal tract, or giving the child citric acid in fruit juices during his meals. Fruit juices SHOULD not be giving to the child during a meal as this cause the stomach to slow down stomach emptying. As to the licorice issue, the slowing down of stomach emptying is not the issue of microbes, but appears to be dietary as being the cause. However long term stomach emptying may cause acid reflux since it creates an environment for helicobacter pylori to expand. As to the dose, then you can lower the dose to just 1/2 teaspoon, although from additional information I think speeding up digestive emptying might help. In some cases peppermint oil may also help with flatulence, 1 or 2 drops in water, and this may or may not help the stomach emptying.

I found in one case the stomach cannot digest, upon giving magnesium chloride of 250 mg. one single does the stomach digesting returned to normal. Sometimes avoiding salt can create lowered stomach activity. However the preferred form of salt is sea salt, 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water.

If you think the microbes, e.g. helicobacter pylori is responsible for neutralizing all the stomach acid by creating an ammonia, a best way is to some cinnamon , thyme, clove and oregano spices along with the food. Whenever the stomach tries to digest this, the helicobacter pylori gets killed, preventing them from producing the ammonia, thus increasing the stomach acids digesting the food AND the helicobacter pylori, thus quickening the stomach emptying and therefore the stomach can now function normally. Ted

Can Stress in a Child Cause Acid Reflux?

12/14/2006: Stacy from Cumming, GA: I am trying to research to see if stress in a minor child can cause acid reflux. My step daughter develops acid reflux if she goes long periods of time without seeing her Father. Her Mother has to take her to the doctor for medication when this occurs.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Stacy: Stress will lower the body's immune system and hence acid reflux. On one hand stress will make people sick, but vice versa is also true. Acid forming diets and high heavy metals food will increase stress and lower the body's immune system also. It is Ying and Yang, so we need to consider them holistically: less sugary diets, better nutrition foods with 70% of food is vegetarian and of course plenty of whole fruits.

Often acid reflux reduces if the baking soda is taken at least 1 or 2 hours before meals since the body doesn't need to delay stomach emptying necessary to produce the required bicarbonates necessary to reduce the digested foods from stomach acids when it goes into the intestines.

It should be noted that citric acid and all fruit juices and drinks should not be taken during meals as they have a tendency to cause slower stomach emptying in the presence of citric acid.

When this is done, slower stomach emptying leads to fermented stomach leading to acid reflux. If the child insists on taking those, just give them on an empty stomach without the food.

If taken WITH food, only plain water is sufficient and acid reflux should be reduced. No milk as it may be food for the microbes in the stomach, however, calcium is higher in mashed potatoes then it is in milk. So calcium can be replaced from other sources such as mashed potatoes.

Long Term Issue of Not Being Able to Keep Food Down

12/10/2006: Lorrie from Phoenix, AZ: About 2 yrs ago I had an EGD and received a botox injection in my legs because I had only been able to eat salad and soup for a whole year. Anything else I ate would not stay down. That shot worked for 1 1/2 years and I am experiencing chest pressure, uncontrollable burping ( which is very embarrassing ) and now I am back to vomiting. My dr gave me omeprazole and because of the vomiting it is not working. I was told after a blood test that I have a bacteria in my stomach H Pylori and they have prescribed an anti-biotic but I want to try the ACV before I start taking them. After searching the web and finding this website I went to get some apple juice and I am still feeling the pressure in my chest and the burping is still very prevalent but as soon as I get home I am going to try the pickle juice because I know I have that at home now.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Lorrie: An apple juice or any fruit juice would not work for excessive burping. It will make the condition worse. The fermentation is caused apparently is due to slow emptying of the stomach. Try something easy when you eat food by adding some spices of oregano, thyme and clove together. These will prevent or stop fermentation as well as kill the helicobacter pylori.

And when the stomach is empty, take only apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1 glass of water. When the intestines will have enough bicarbonate after a week, the stomach should be able to clear the food faster. A simpler remedy still is just plain baking soda 1/4 teaspoon plus 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day.

When having this kind of burping, all sweets and fruit juices should generally be avoided as they cause fermentation.

In some cases taking magnesium supplements and vitamin B will help if in case the other methods do not.

Would ACV and Honey Work for Reflux?

12/05/2006: Jaque from Westerville, OH: I didn't see anything on your Q&A pages about ACV and honey. Would that work for acid reflux? I find it makes a refreshing drink.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: ACV and honey would not likely to work. If you want to eliminate the bad taste or smell of ACV, just add some lemon and enough baking soda, it will not only worked better and the fizz drinks makes it just as refreshing. If you want sweet, add stevia or maybe xylitol, which are both natural products too.

4 Year with Acid Reflux Since Birth

11/29/2006: Debbie from Coventry, CT: My 4yr old son has had acid reflux since birth. He also has multiple food allergies/asthma/environmental allergies. He takes zantac 3x a day and zyrtec once a day. I would love to wean him off zantac and try the ACV with baking soda. Would the formula be the same for a 4yr old? I do give him a probiotic daily. Thank you.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: A 4 year old will very likely take 1/4 dose of an adult. Give the child some licorice extract, only 1/2 teaspoon. It helps kill whatever bugs that are causing the acid reflux. The mineral molybdenum (sodium molybdate) maybe helpful in controlling the pH and hence acid reflux.

Some scientists think acid reflux is the condition of weak stomach acid as the CAUSE. If this is true, there is NOTHING wrong with giving the bicarbonate, as the body will use that to alkalize the blood and allow better digestion in the intestines, raises the immune system, thus killing the bugs causing the acid reflux.

However, to increase the acid stomach is relatively easy. Most vitamin B complex have B6 which is often pyridoxine Hydrochloride. The child will very likely take just 1/3 of a dose and not everyday either. Maybe 3-4 days out of a week just to be safe. The body always needs a rest and continuous supplementation of anything is not good either, the minimum rest period is about 2 days out of a week.

The other thing I worry about is the issue of misdiagnosis. Often an acid reflux is quite often confused with an anorexic condition. The treatment of anorexic condition is actually quite simple: vitamin B complex! It doesn't hurt to give just one half tablet. Just to see. If it is true, then just 3-4 days out of a week is as safe as i can make it and given every week. If I am right the treatment should not last longer than a week to realize it is working. Ted

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

11/28/2006: Grace from Vac, Hungary: I spent $40.00 on a cure for my horrible acid reflux and they said to take a tsp of honey or two when you have symptoms and pain. I did try the remedy for a week or two, but them my uvula has become highly swollen and the pain has worsened. I am in a terrible spot as I need to talk and eat and have a whole life again but this pain and problems are killing me. I cannot afford to return to the states for medical care at this time. How do I take this soda and apple cider mixture, after I eat, before I eat. I am a diabetic and have a thyroid problem, but I have stopped all of my medication because I cannot get the acid in my stomach to quit. I have only been eating breads, soft foods, pureed vegetables and I am still suffering. I will be greatly blessed if you can help. Thank you in advance. for your answer to my questions. 'The honey only helped relieve the pain for a few moments.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Grace: I do not know where they get the idea that honey is a good cure for acid reflux. Sugar IN ANY FORM is food for these microbes.

Acid reflux is a sign of immune problems where a simple ACV bicarbonate can help indirectly through increasing the alkalinity and killing off the microbes responsible for the ACV. You can also try the lemon bicarbonate formula and works too. Just one whole lemon and add baking soda until the fizz stops and add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda for good measure, plus 1/2 glass of water. Often the dose required you take 2 times a day, but I have seen people telling me 4 is the best. Of course, they could be right, but all my doses are the bare minimum necessary to normalize the pH first.

Best times are before bedtime and in the morning. Another time I found to be of significance is around 2 p.m. or 4.00 p.m.

It is very important to control your sugar and fats, being important, aside from pH being the priority. Then to kill these microbes try taking some licorice extract now and then, 1/4 teaspoon borax per liter of water and taken throughout the day will further kill these microbes. Adding a drop or two of orange oil will also help kill them. Acid reflux is simply one form of microbes invading the body, such as yeast infection. It is helpful to take 3-4 days out of a week a handful of chinese parsley along with the food to drive out the heavy metals accumulated by these microbes. Taking 2000 - 4000 mg of glycine or a teaspoon or two of glycine (a cheap) amino acid, can also help, but this should be taken at night. Increasing your body's immune system is important, and I found lately that vaccinations and antibiotics also cause acid reflux problem. Avoiding them may help. In other cases a severe form I found were practically cured by taking plenty of vitamin B complex and magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride. For some reason there is a blurring of lines between anorexia and acid reflux. Therefore vitamin B complex if not well absorbed or not working may require (but often not necessary) a B12 injection. If immune is at issue just do iodine painting on the soles of your feet once a week also help. Again 25 mg of zinc acetate (or zinc citrate) supplements a 5 day out of the week for about a month or so should greatly reduce acid reflux.

Acid Reflux and Ph

11/26/2006: Paula : Hi Ted, on 5 Nov. I wrote about ibuprofen and ulcers. You responded about bugs in the stomach causing issues. I thought you meant that the bugs were causing the acid reflux, but when I read it again, I see you meant that the bugs are causing the ulcers. So, what is the cause of Acid Reflux if not PH imbalance? Or am I still mis-understanding. I think my stomach is worse if I eat wheat products, but only in some forms. Also, since starting the AVC, now I have a yeast infection which I haven't had in years. Is it related? Thanks. Paula.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Paula: A bug is like helicobacter pylori, sometimes it is a yeast, sometimes it is a virus, sometimes it is a fungus. Sometimes the cause are non-bug, such as an anorexic condition. Sometimes the body's acidity is high and the immunity is suppressed, or even lack of bicarbonates to neutralized the acid in the intestines. They can cause a real pain if that happens!

The problem about the word "acid reflux" is the inexactness of the cause or is it the medical practice of being inexact is what causing the problem, lack of medical procedures to find the exact cause of the acid reflux. No matter how complicated it seems we always start out simple.

A yeast infection often follows the use of antibiotics or hospital meds. Taking ACV might help but usually the best ways is ACV baking soda.

ACV is beneficial in many ways when added with baking soda because it is biologically compatible with the body's antioxidant level.

The ORP (oxidation reduction potential) using one tablespoon of apple cider vingar and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, has an ORP of -175 millivolt. This electrical negativity is antioxidation capacity, where 90% of all our food including those very expensive European mineral water are quite oxidizing at 200 to 300 millivolts. The antioxidation level of ACV baking soda helps the body in many way to normalize its function since our blood is not oxidizing, but antioxidizing.

Basically ACV BAKING SODA, helps you in two ways, once the body becomes alkalized, the body's immune systems are up and it kills the bugs (bacteria, fungus, yeast, etc). Since it is well known that ibuprofen causes ulcers, and since the wounds are open, this is how a body can acquire the "bugs", thereby getting a yeast infection, or more ulcers (from helicobacter pylori, etc). This is why I raised the issue of "bugs". So if you think ACV causes yeast infection, it may likely be that the ibuprofen, which already caused ulcers, may have given an opening of such wounds to allow easy access for the yeast to enter your system in the first place. In fact ACV and vinegar is quite a well known home remedies in treatment of nail fungus. However, for taking it internally I would much prefer the ACV plus baking soda being the best.

The second way ACV baking soda helps is that it supports the intestines to function normally by giving it adequate bicarbonate necessary to fully neutralized the food that is very acid left over by the stomach. The ORP of -175 millivolts is the antioxidant level and this can help the body normalize many functions too.

The bug issue if you happen to take hospital meds, such as antibiotics tend to cause heavy metals to accumulate. Sometimes it causes the body's molybdenum to become depleted.

Apparently certain sulfa antibiotics have a molybdenum lowering effect since molybdenum detoxifies sulfites in the body and this might be related. But here is an interesting take also, antibiotics tends to deplete your body of vitamin B also in particular, thiamine or vitamin B1, which converts the body's carbohydrate into glucose, given you energy. In event you become weak from a yeast infection, therefore, it is possible that the body's stores for B1 is also depleted after a long bout of hospital meds.

Also, the molybdenum controls sugars and the pH of the body too. In fact some people with a yeast infection, can be helped by taking molybdenum supplements also, such as sodium molybdate for treatment of candida albicans.

As a general rule there are several supplements out there that deal with the bug issue (virus, fungus, bacteria, parasites), such as selenium, zinc, magnesium and licorice extract.

Mineral salts of zinc and magnesium in itself have antibiotic powers, for example a simple zinc salts, of zinc acetate, zinc chloride is well known to kill over 99% of the herpes simplex. But if the you take it internally it raises your body's immune system, thus killing the bug also (yeast, virus, bacteria, fungus).

It might especially be noted that fungus have an Achilles heels, in particular, alkaline environment. They tend to die easily. This is why baking soda added to ACV or just baking soda alone is seen to be advantageous.

In certain conditions, acid reflux based on my own personal observations are often misdiagnosed and it should have gone under the category of anorexia. In monkeys and gorillas, acid reflux do occur, but they tend to call this anorexia where a gorilla can throw up after eating western diets. The cure for these zoo animals and fishes is simple: vitamin B complex. This is well known in fish pathology.

In humans, we often identify anorexia for treatment to use vitamin B6, or pyridoxine hydrochloride. Interestingly, the scientist of the 1960s tried to prove that acid reflux is the condition of lack of stomach acid as opposed to too much. The acid reflux were the condition of fermentation which occurs in the stomach (from the bugs) is what causes the condition. So the fact that B6 has hydrochloride, will cause the stomach to have higher acidity.

You might think the body will get confuse from going from too much acid to alkaline. It sounds all confusing but it is not.

Basically your stomach acid can vary its acidity between 2 to 7, depending on whether you are hungry or not. If you are digesting the food, the body is quite acid. On the other hand if you are just thirsty for water, the water basically goes right through the stomach and straight down into the intestines. This is the same that occurs when you drink ACV and baking soda, it goes right through the stomach and the bicarbonates is actually mostly in the intestines where intestines are quite alkaline and it also goes into the blood where your blood is also quite alkaline, the blood pH is 7.35.

Now, what happens when an acid reflux occurs is that it occurs right after you eat. There is simply not enough acid being generated by the stomach, or that the stomach is "infected" with bugs and further causes fermentation as another possibility.

Once you understand this process, it is clear that you need to eat food of non-fermentable kind or foods that does not easily ferment itself. This is quite easy. When you eat food, put clove leaves or clove spices, available in most supermarkets to the food you eat. You can also use thyme as a spices and add that to the food you eat. The food after you eat, will not ferment. You can also add a drop of peppermint to the water after you eat in the water. Peppermint will prevent food from fermentation. This is why they add in toothpastes. Peppermint, cloves, thyme and oregano makes a good natural therapy against fungus, as well as food from fermentation.

Next thing you might ask is how you can increase stomach acid. Well, since vitamin B6 is a form of hydrochloride (pyridoxine hydrochloride) you can take vitamin B complex along with your food, or the best way is to take it just after you eat. The hydrochloride will react with the food by increasing the stomach acid, thus reducing the fermentation by helping digestion. That, along with the spices becomes synergistic.

Hopefully I cleared most of the misunderstandings on acid reflux and I am sure you will have even more questions. What I can guarantee you is no other place can give you a detailed explaination of acid reflux. The reason is simple: it takes a lot of time to type this kind of information!

3 Year Old with Severe Acid Reflux

11/25/2006: Mija from Warrington, UK: I wrote a short explanation about my son's problem before, but I felt I should write about his condition more detail to help you to understand my son's problem. he is 3 years old, has very severe reflux condition. he is taking omeprazole 20mg, doperidone 5ml 3time a day. while he is taking them , his vomiting stops and less heartburn occur As soon as we stop giving tablet, or reduce to 10mg dose vomiting starts followed by sore throat, chest infection, heartburn, awake all night, ...we could hear acid flowing up to his throat He had vascular ring condition(which means an huge abnormal vessel from heart compress his mid-esophagus which makes him difficult to swallow food and causes reflux result from narrowed his esophagus.)from his birth and had 3 times operation to correct his condition. We thought his vomiting , recurrent chest infection, wheezing, excess mucus, sore throat, constipation all this problem was caused by his vascular ring . but after third operation his vomiting symptom and swallowing problem, poor weight gain doesn't disappear at all . After searching a lot of website I realized he has typical symptom of gastro reflux. he hardly grows. even he is 3years old, his body seems only 18moths old baby's height and weight. apart from eating difficulty, vomiting, night acid heartburn , he is so happy and cheerful, very active boy. I am so desperate to find a solution. Doctors only give tablets and say when his body grows , he will grow out of it. I can't see any improvement at all. put on 100g of weight for him take almost a month. I am so sad and sorry for him . he doesn't have any appetite to eat food, because he knows when he eats food,it will make him uncomfortable and upset, can't digest it. he sometimes vomits the food 12hours later. I really want to try ACV and baking soda , but I am not sure that this remedy is suitable for young child. if it is, how much, how long , when to give it? Is baking soda no harm to take regularly for children? is it after meal better or before? what about bedtime? Is he ok to take his antacid tablets and ACV and baking soda same time? Ted, you wrote so many helpful answers. I hope you could help me too..

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Mija: Often vitamin B complex works quite well to increase the appetite. However licorice extract, glycine, with a couple of drops of orange oil and zinc should raise his immunity to suppress the pathogens invading his gastrointestinal tract somewhat.

The dose of licorice extract is often about 1 tablespoon x two times per day and a couple of drops of orange oil is necessary. Peppermint will detoxify. I have seen one case where this was cured after giving plenty of fresh royal jelly, which was very high in vitamin B5. Of course, vitamin B5 can be purchased separately.

Magnesium chloride (250 mg) or magnesium citrate seems to help reflux conditions in some cases that I have seen to be near miraculous recovery. What I do know is electrolytic imbalance of magnesium, zinc, potassium can also cause havoc in a child too, which is often a deficiency usually of magnesium and zinc. Avoiding sugar is necessary for the recovery since a microbe's major source of nutrition are sweets in general.

If all those are done, I would much prefer a lemon bicarbonate formula. So maybe 1/2 lemon plus some baking soda until the fizz are gone then add water to 1/2 glass taken everyday.

This will not cure him of his condition, but I am sure he will be greatly helped. Of course lack of information from you is my major problems in finding a suitable course of supplements.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

11/25/2006: Gisela from Miami, FL: It was great when I found your web site I used ACV/honey 3xday for a long time and I always felt great never got sick even when everybody around me got sick. recently a few months ago I went thru very stressful time at home and I started having heart burn and I stop using it for a while but I missed it so much I always felt great before. My heart burn got worse and my throat sting badly, now that I found your site I started using it again with the baking soda and feels a lot better than just with ACV, but still have a little burning on my chest. I read about advices you gave to other people about the lemon and baking soda I would like to ask you if I should switch for 2/wks and do lemon/bsoda 3xtimes a and how much water do I add. Please advise.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes, you can do it. There is one case of boy took 4 times a day of lemon/baking soda just to get his pH to normal since he was suffering from a parasites problems which releases a lot of microbes causing the body to be very acidic.

Therefore, it is necessary to monitor your urinary pH to determine the frequency of your dose. After taking for 1 hour, you can check for your urinary pH and see if it is in the normal range.

If it is not, more will reduce the problems indicated. But if not it appears the body has some yeast/fungus/bacteria problem, which can be dealt with taking chinese parsley, N Acetyl Cysteine, and 1/4 teaspoon of EDTA per liter of water, to get out the heavy metal burden.

Sugar and all sweets must be eliminated from the diet necessary for a recovery. Raising the immunity with zinc and once a week iodine foot painting 3-4 square inches should help. Take some licorice extract and some glycine is important.

I have found people with acid reflux, in some cases turns out to be anorexic! In that case taking vitamin B complex 100 mg for B1 B3 B4 B5 B6 B8, except for B12 at 100 mcg once or twice a day would solve nearly most causes of acid reflux I can think off.

The other issue is magnesium chloride seems to be quite helpful for anorexic conditions and acid reflux in some cases. 250 mg/day taken only once a week or twice a week would be more than enough to notice some improvement.

One indicator that the body needs it is sound sensitivity or tinnitus. One variation of tinnitus I got to know is sound sensitivity to high frequency sounds. In that case, it is a heavy metal burden, where chinese parsley taken once or twice a week would be helpful. Ted

Gallbladder Removed, Since Then Terrible Pain in Sternum, Upper Back Pain and Metallic Taste

11/20/2006: Kimberly from Valparaiso, Indiana: Ted, I had my gallbladder removed 6 months ago and from the day after surgery I've had terrible pain in my sternum, upper back pain and a metallic taste in my mouth. Took Nexium for 12 weeks, seemed to help. I've been off it for 1 week now and some of the back pain has returned. I do the ACV and water 2xs a day. Is there anything else I can do?I don't like taking prescriptions. Thank You.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Try adding 2 tablespoons of ACV and put about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. This will help buffer the body, a function that gallbladder helped in the past. The other thing is take granulated powdered lecithin with every meal you have. It acts as a fat emulsifier, another function that the gallbladder also. An ideal buffering for you would be lemon with baking soda added until the fizz stops and add water to 1/2 glass. Metallic tastes may be excess acidity or heavy metal buildup in the liver. Sometimes oil pulling with one drop of peppermint oil might remove some of that out.

Back pain can be helped if you take some magnesium supplements. Ted

Multiple Health Problems After Taking a Course of Antibiotics for Bacterial Vaginosis

11/20/2006: Christina from Lombard, Illinois: Please help, i am losing my mind. (i eat all organic and haven't been this fit in years. Also I haven't been sick in 10 years. i am not overweight either.) after taking a course of antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis a month later problems arose. The next month, july, i realized i had some frontal sinus pain and an on again off again metallic taste. Air conditioning seemed to make it worse. I am allergic to mold and i smelled it coming out of the air conditioner at home. ( turned it off after a few days and also had the windows shut at night. I also had tonsil crypts that reopened after not having them for years. However, the mold count was extremely high in my area this year. the ENT gave me a week of antibiotics, but to no avail. i went to another doctor in august and she gave me allergy meds, and a nasal steroid spray for post nasal drip. the symptoms did not improve. i was nasal irrigating a few times a day and drinking a gallon of water. i kept looking at the back of my throat and i saw the shiny stuff (either post nasal drip or acid reflux, not sure). weeks pass and i continue the nasal irrigation, steroids, allergy meds, but to no avail. i still had the shiny stuff on the back of my throat and the white tongue when i woke up in the morning. I waited a few more weeks and take a whole bottle of mucinex and allergy meds and steroid spray and still no improvement. the shiny stuff is still occasionally on the back of my throat with a bad taste on again and off again. i go to europe for a few weeks and stop taking the allergy stuff and feel 50% better. I fly home and feel stuffed up on the plane. then i felt like i had a cold for 2 days. i waited 2 weeks and went back to dr. because now when i lay down at night each nostril would close depending on which side i lay on. i take 10 days of antibiotics and was still doing the irrigating but to no avail.. the ears began to ring loudly but have subsided a little. I still have the shiny stuff off and on. dr. says it's acid reflux. However, i do not have pain or heartburn. I have never had a problem with food (tomatoes, milk, carbs). I drank plenty of coffee and wine in europe and had no problems either. Dr. puts me on prilosec for 2 weeks and suddenly i can't eat fresh fruit or tomatoes without getting that acid taste a few hours later. I never had this until i took the prilosec. I still wake up with a dry nose as if I'm in a desert and one nostril is clogged with white tongue in the a.m. after i am awake for a little while i can breathe again and the nose unclogs. i told her in the beginning that i thought it was fungal but she didn't think so. i have been drinking the acv and taking probiotics and enzyme supplements as well for a week now. i stopped taking the prilosec a week ago and i still have the dry nose when i wake up and the white tongue which i can brush off. i took a few of naturum phosphicum and had terrible headaches for 3 days. also acid taste has returned with a vengeance. is this from acv or naturum phosphoricum? finally the acid taste seems to be subsiding but i'm not sure if it's from stopping the acv or the nat. phos. i'm sure that the prilosec caused my stomach to be depleted of acid since i had no problems eating before. is there a way to tell if it's fungal or sinus or both? please help i am going crazy from the dry nose and headaches upon waking. i usually feel better when i'm awake. but i have had allergies my whole life and i never had this before. i even bought a hepa filter just in case it's a dust mite problem and again the mold. I just want to know if this is a sinus problem (caused by acid reflux) or acid reflux caused by fungal or both or a combination. i really can't take it anymore. I also have been sleeping with the bed raised and this causes my scoliosis to hurt. it is very uncomfortable to sleep that way. it didn't help me with the dry nose either. my apt. is plenty humid as well. i am also very clean so i can't see why it would be allergies. i told the dr. that i wasn't even sneezing the whole summer (very strange i think). could this be fungal from the initial mold i smelled in the air conditioner? i haven't had a fever yet so she said it's not a sinus infection. and my mucous has always been clear. but again, i have not had a runny nose or common allergic symptoms since this began. in the beginning of this nightmare i would inhale steam and eucalyptus oil and my nose wouldn't even drain. again strange. ever since i went to these drs. i have been much worse off. why would my nose stuff up at night on one side and feel dry like a desert? is the white tongue from acid and/or pepsin. please help me!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It is common that when you are on an antibiotics, they will obviously cause the body's immune system to be lowered from killing off friendly bacteria. Increased in heavy metals are quite common when people go on antibiotics also. Yeast and fungus loves heavy metal, and they tend to grow quite fast in those mediums. I have not yet identified which particular heavy metals those are, but usually it is often free radical heavy metals. Your reported metallic tastes is not unusual either since you are high in heavy metal burden.

Since this is the cause, the cure is the same, removal of heavy metals and reducing free radical heavy metals.

Take granulated powdered lecithin one tablespoon on an empty stomach 3-4 times per day, and if possible also take granulated powdered lecithin along with your food also. It must be understood that heavy metals are oil soluble and the body cannot remove easily such oil soluble compounds unless a fat emulsifiers are there to dissolve them, causing the body to rid of excess heavy metal burden much easier.

Consider using oil pulling, as a way to remove heavy metal burden by swishing around the mouth at least 5 minutes each, and spit it out. To prevent any release of toxins when they are being killed by the linoleic acid component of the oil, consider adding at least 1 drop of peppermint oil per tablespoon each time you use it. This way you can neutralize the toxins necessary to prevent or reduce Herxheimer effect.

Fungus are relatively weak or dies of easily whenever the body is rather alkaline. Therefore try taking anyone of the following:

two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda


one whole lemon and add baking soda until fizz stops.

These two will help. If you can get disodium EDTA, then 1/4 teaspoon of this per liter of drinking water. It will rid of free radical heavy metals out of the body. Vitamin C, sodium ascorbate will help too.

Try to get some hydrogen peroxide 3% as a cleaning solution to rid of fungus in your room. This will remove the fungus contaminant. Cleaning air conditions by spraying with clorox to rid of fungus can also help or non chlorine bleaches such as sodium percarbonate or sodium perborate.

It is necessary you take zinc acetate supplements to raise your immune system, some iodine foot painting maybe twice a week, or and take some magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate supplements for example. These will help displace heavy metals. Taking selenium supplements should also displace other heavy metals such as mercury or cadmium.

Some people who have too much fungus which causes acid reflux can also be helped by taking 6 drops of H2O2 3% to 1 glass of water. They do report improvements after about 30 minutes of taking it, however the improvement is relatively brief such as 2 hours and must be taken before the declining conditions set in. Clove oil, one drop per liter of water, shaken very well should help. Just test if it is too hot for you or not. Different people have different tolerances to spicy oils. Of course safer way is to use plenty of spices they sold in supermarkets, such as thyme, oregano and clove to your food. These have anti-fungal properties. Ted

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Any time you have an allergy to mold, a shiny throat, and a metallic taste it indicates that the body is overloaded with heavy metals. Just take one tablespoon of granulated lecithin taken with every meal and one more tablespoon taken on an empty stomach. Drink plenty of water.

Secondly get a litmus paper and measure your urine pH, please! The pH urine if it is normal would be between 6.5 - 7.3. If your urine is between 4- 5 it is obvious that you were NOT taking enough baking soda. If taking baking soda by a larger amounts such as 1/2 teaspoon on 1/2 glass of water 3 times a day on an EMPTY stomach did not raise our pH within 1 hour after you took it, it means your body is lacking in another mineral controlling your pH, namely sodium molybdate (molybdenum).

Thirdly, people who eat organics tend to be low on sodium, and in some cases just taking 1 teaspoon of sea salt ONCE a week can kill the molds and other pathogens in your body. The only way to know is to test it out.

It is important that you just try to take one whole freshly squeezed lime (lemon is a bit weaker) and take that twice or three times a day on an empty stomach The key is to add baking soda until the fizz stop and add an extra 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda for good measure. Add this to 1/2 glass of water or 1 full glass of water.

You need to raise your immune system, namely taking 24 mg of zinc acetate (or zinc gluconate, or zinc chloride, or zinc citrate) for 4 days/ per week. Take selenium at 200 mcg per day. And eat kelp and seaweed every day. Taking some MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) maybe 250 mg/day with plenty of water will help kill the molds and fungus. To reduce molds and fungus, it must be noted that you need to take plenty of zinc, chromium, and vanadium supplements.

If you are still desperate, then take 1/4 teaspoon of borax to 1 liter of water - just drink this throughout the day. This compound will help kill fungus in your body.

Reducing heavy metal burden is a must, so besides taking lecithin, consider doing some oil pulling one tablespoon in the morning, but you must add the 1-2 drops of peppermint oil to neutralize the toxins too. The oil pulling will pull out some of the heavy metals. Just swish around the mouth 5 minutes minimum for spitting it out. It is also important to take vitamin B complex supplements and sodium ascorbate vitamin C at 1000 mg per day.

Doing the above you should notice improvement within a week.

Can Stress Cause Acid Reflux, Horrible Shortness of Breath and Metallic Taste?

11/17/2006: J.C. from Cleveland, OH: This question is for Ted or anyone who may have some answers. I had a question posted below about some serious acid reflux problems I've been experiencing for several months now. I've literally tried "everything" including acv and baking soda but still, nothing has changed. The only conclusion I can come up with is stress. Just how much of a role can stress play when it comes to acid reflux. This is not a sob story:) Since last year, things have been horrible. My best friend (uncle) has been dying of emphysema so I have been literally doing everything for him. Later, during the year, I was told my Mom was suddenly going to die from liver damage. Then, I came down with extremely bad sciatica, so bad I could hardly walk because of the leg pain. Finally, the same uncle passes away in Feb, 06. By April, the symptoms began to come on slowly. Come June, I was in the emergency room with such horrible shortness of breath, I thought I was going to suffocate. It was then that I was diagnosed with acid reflux. I CONSTANTLY taste acid in my mouth. My throat constantly hurts, and I'm usually hoarse. I know I'm aspiring quite a bit of the acid as well. Is it possible that stress is so powerful, that it can cause all of this to happen? I don't know much about stress except that I don't handle it very well, and I have alot of it. If you or anybody else could give me some pointers, I would REALLY appreciate it! Also, in case I do have a hiatal hernia, does anyone know how to treat it conventionally? Thanks to all of you, this site is really great.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear J.C. Acid reflux is really a bug problem, generally. The acid tastes in the mouth goes away after 2 weeks of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day on an empty stomach. But stress plays an important part in lowering your immune system and the bug problems expands, where supplementation of iodine, licorice extract and zinc will help raise the immune systems in general. Aromatherapy using narcissus oil will lower the stress, usually within minutes, as well as sodium ascorbate. Melatonin is a good stress reducer if taken before sleep at 5 mg. -- available in most supplement stores. If you want a conventional treatment, this is easy. See your doctor.
07/19/2012: Angelika from Bangor Maine, Gelnhausen, Usa, Germany replies: NO. Stress comes because you are unhealthy. Stress is the effect from of a health problem, it is a warning that something is wrong with your body, learn to read your body's language. It is important to learn this is a bad health sign so you can prevent it... It doesn't mean that you have a serious health issue in your mind, but instead that something is unhealthy. Perhapse bad health is the only effect of stress. I would never say stress is a "mental problem" because my experience when I was close to death was that I had a lot of stress - I was "chronically" ill. I observed the notion of psychology- and the philosophy is completely inaccurate (studied by people who have too much time for filling minds with strange ideas. And judging the pictures of these people, they are often unhealthy looking) Psychology is dangerous because it mixxed up mental health with true health issues. For Acid reflux, you probally have the blood group 0, like most people and you need to first learn about what it is you need to avoid and what you can eat. Simple the wheat products, and cakes can cause your problems. Also foods out of the can. Eat right for your blood type. With todays lifestyles it may be difficult to have the time to earn money and cook something healthy from raw foods, but it will help your stomach right away if you learn what you are allowed to eat. You are probally eating something wrong everyday that needs to be left out of your diet, and it is easily avoidable.

Esophagus Inflammed, Frequent Urination During Night, Burping All the Time

11/13/2006: Jay from Amherst, NY: In 2003 when I ate hot spicy food, i had severe throat pain. I went for checkup,my endoscopy result was 1/3 of my esophagus is inflammed.Omeprazole was prescribed. I am taking since then, no cure.Last year I had my left throat got swollen and took antibiotic. Then I had blood in the urine, took antibiotic, After that I have frequently urinating in the night, burping all the time with or without food. Now I have pain in my left abdomen and in the back. I have severe problem in my sole and heel. I am 30 pound over weight. During intercourse I have unbelievable pain., 3 months ago my hpyloritest result was positive , so I took antibiotic for 10 days. am I going to die soon? Please reply. My problems are getting worse everyday, I stopped the prevacid for the lost 3 months. I burp 30 times a day, and urinate 30 times a day. Still my throat problem is there when I eat spicy food it burns, I feel there is a lump in my throat. Give me a regimen I can follow, will i get better. Dying to hear from you. Sorry for my bad english thanks in advance.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: It seems your immune system is severely suppressed. The body seems to be overtaken by fungus mycoplasma and other related organism. Therefore a preferred dose would be:

A zinc acetate supplements 25 mg/day plus aspirin taken at the same time with plenty of water. Take this for a week, stop for about 3 days and continue.

Take licorice extract 1 tablespoon one week, off one week. So take it on alternate weeks.

Using lavender oil, and put one drop in every glass of water. The lavender will kill most of the bugs (fungus) if taken internally. Or you can apply lavender to the skin to allow transdermal absorption.

Consider a long term solution by raising your immune system. Take plenty of broccoli and raw cabbage. They contain indole 3 carbinol which should stimulate your immune system.

Consider that 1/4 teaspoon of borax food grade per day in one glass of water to rid you of most of the other bugs.

Alkalize the body and take 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening on an empty stomach.

Have you been eating a non-salt diet lately? If so, take a heaping teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water, which is taken only ONCE A WEEK. Should normalize the salinity of your body.

Finally, if things don't seem to work or you feel week, then 6 -12 drops of 3% H2O2. If H2O2 does not work for you I found 1 drop of clove oil in one liter of water (shaken vigorously) should kill a great many bugs in your body. All these simple remedies should get you better within a day or two.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Safe to Take During Pregnancy?

11/13/2006: Meena from Yorkshire, UK: Hello, Ted. thanks for this website where i learned a lot and tried ACV.I am taking ACV with baking soda for my acid reflux and it has been great. I have stopped taking medication for my acid reflux and since i have started ACV. But i am planning for a baby and very concerned if i have to stop ACV i will have to start the medication again and have to face the same problems again. I want to know can i keep on taking ACV during my pregnancy and is it safe.I will be grateful for your answer and help. I am very concerned.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Meena: If you take ACV baking soda at an exact pH of 7.0 it is as safe as it could possibly be. You might also consider taking some lemon juice (say 1/4 lemon or lime) and add some baking soda until the fizz stops then add water.

You can take this once a week if you wish. This will correct the body's Oxidation Reduction Potential imbalances. Basically one reason why we get sick is your blood has a negative ORP of about -100 while all the food we eat is all oxidizing at 300 or 400. This serious discrepancy is what makes our body sick as the body has to process them to a negative potential. So basically taking ACV and baking soda, and sometimes taking lemon and baking soda helps.

Why does ACV baking soda help with your acid reflux. Two things: the buffer increases and the acid reflux is reduce. The second is when the body is alkaline, the bugs which may also caused the acid reflux dies.

Not everyone will be cured of acid reflux 100%, there is the issue of sugar, there is the issue of heavy metals, there is the issue of immune suppression due to iodine deficiency, etc. But basically, I am just keeping thing simple and perhaps stupid most of the time. There is one interesting one which relates to taking fruits too high in thiocyanates (e.g. cassava, and fruit seeds) which bought about immune suppression from lack of iodine due to thiocyanates blocking such function.

Apple Cider Vinegar Caused Severe Acid Reflux and Asthma Flared Up

11/10/2006: Siram from India: I consumed two teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in half glass of water for my colds and asthma. Soon after sipping this, my Acid Reflux problem skyrocketed and I was in great pain. My asthma which was under control for over 2 months (without using inhalers/ steroids/ drugs) suddenly flared up like nothing. I also felt a colicky kind of pain in my left lung (lower lobe). I had to immediately resort to the Rescue inhaler which eased up the lung pain and wheezing; but the acid reflux continues unabated. Can someone tell me what's really happening with me? Is Apple Cider Vinegar unsuitable for us as far as I am concerned?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Some people will be bicarbonate deficient. So taking pure ACV is not going to help. The safest way is to just take 2 tablespoon of ACV and add about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda. The pH will be exactly 7. Add about 1/2 glass of water and take it.

I have seen people who were muscle builder with excessive protein supplements. Taking ACV would cause their tongue to burn. This is due to the body being excessively acid without sufficient bicarbonate to buffer.

In extreme cases, such as yours, I would use 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day or three times a day on an empty stomach to avoid diarrhea with salty foods and add this to 1/2 glass of water. If you can monitor your urinary pH this would be wonderful. The urinary pH should be between 6.5 to 7.0 pH. Take this for at least two weeks, afterwards you can then take ACV, but only with the modified ACV formula I have used many times, the ACV and baking soda as mentioned.

The acid reflux should be reduced within 2-3 days. It is important that you take some zinc supplements, preferably zinc acetate 25 mg. for about a week, then stop. Other conditions that exacerbate acid reflux includes bromine rich foods, e.g. chocolate, cocoa. Foods high in sugar, or high carbohydrate food which are acid forming. Foods which are high in thiocyanates such as cassava, certain fruit seeds. You can try taking some seaweed and kelp to reduce the condition, but the seaweed must never be fried, as iodine contents are completely depleted.

Remedy for Acid Reflux and Hiatal Hernia

11/10/2006: Gale from Oxford, CT: what is the right dose for acid reflux for someone who has hiatal hernia....should i add baking soda and how much...should i add ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate...and how much...thanks gale.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Gale: Try 1/2 teaspoon of sodium ascorbate and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Taken twice a day. Acid reflux can be both bicarbonate issue and a bug issue (bacteria, fungus). So for your condition, take the zinc acetate 25 mg/day and licorice extract, both taken on for one week and off for another week. Most bugs tend to exist with the high heavy metals, so consider adding some fresh chinese parsley (coriander) into your diet.

Removing heavy metals removes the food source of the bugs too. Certain parts of the U.S. water is fluoridated, so this tends to worsen the acid reflux (my observations), and taking 1/8 teaspoon in one glass of water of food grade borax temporarily not exceeding 2-3 days per week alternate weeks, can reduce this problem too. At least it removes the body's immune suppression and once restore, the acid reflux might go away since the cause of acid reflux as mentioned before can be a body's pH buffer or a bacterial/fungus problem.


11/09/2006: Jeisea from Byron Bay, Australia: I'm going to try your apple cider vinegar but also half a lemon on wakening. I have reflux as a consequence of complex regional pain syndrome, an autonomic nervous system problem. I hope this works so that I can stop taking acid inhibitors. Someone on here asked about cough and reflux. My son had a chronic cough and was treated for asthma. He was in the worst category for asthma. He never had a wheeze. He just had a chronic cough. When he was finally diagnosed with reflux, he had developed Barrett's Esophagus, a pre cancerous condition. Reflux causes asthma. The meds for asthma cause reflux. You see his problem. He had a laproscopic fundoplication operation which completely stopped reflux. He hasn't had asthma at all since. If you are coughing it could mean your reflux isn't under control. Chronic reflux isn't safe.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jeisea: If you can see through the problems of acid reflux and asthma, you will find that acid reflux involves a kind of fungus which if it inhabits the lungs, it causes drying as fungus eats up the lung's mucus.

When the fungus occurs in large amounts or colonizes in various parts of the body it brings on many conditions, in the esophagus, it brings on dry throat and cough, in the stomach, the acid reflux, in the stomach it brings on leaky gut syndrome, and in the thyroid it brings on hyperthyroidism by bringing on inflammation.

A fungus releases toxins and my cause cancer. Fungus or a more basic form of mycoplasma, behaves very much like a virus in many ways. It is also infectious, of moldy houses, excess moisture and if one person who lives in the house have it, another person will have it too, but in different ways if it enters different part of the organ.

If we understand its causes, a more drastic surgical procedure might be avoidable by simply taking anti fungal drugs such as flucanazole or ketocanazole, along with chinese parsley or oral EDTA to remove heavy metals, which fungus seems to have a liking. Raising one's immunity, cleaning the fungus using hydrogen peroxide, removing old carpets and rugs will help.

If you ask whether Apple Cider Vinegar will help, all I can say is there are many kinds of fungus-like organism. Some are acid resistant, and some are alkaline resistant. Therefore take Apple cider vinegar in the morning, then switch over to baking soda (plus 1/8 teaspoon borax) in the afternoon, and do this switchover, should kill both the acid and alkaline resistant organism, both left and right.

Certain simple antifungal remedies, such as 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one glass of water taken or adding 6-12 drops of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide will also help. All these have anti-fungal properties. Licorice extract taken 2 tablespoon in the evening not to take over one week, but you can alternate the week will also help.

Observe carefully your salt intake. As I have observed, some people who began to reduce their salt intake acid reflux rises by leaps and bounds. Should you suspect you are reducing this salt, try taking only just 1 teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water and take this just only once a week should also cause acid reflux or fungus condition into a remission.

I must tell you there are many ways to treat a fungus, but lately I have found in general that lavender oil have antifungal properties, and hence, may in some instances miraculously reduce acid reflux if the cause is fungus related. In that instance the dose of 1 drop of lavender oil per glass of water or you can apply to allow transdermal absorption may or might even help with the said asthma, as well as fumigating or aerosols using lavender oil.

The fact that humic acid and fulvic acid have anti-fungal properties I have seen people getting cured from a severe form of asthma into a minor breathing problems by taking these once a day at a dose of 1 teaspoon of 3% fulvic acid solution.

The people who have emailed lately seems to be fungus/mycoplasma related rather than those who initially contacted me which seemed more like a bicarbonate issue.

The key to finding a cure often lies in identifying the cause. Diseases don't just come up for no reason. They come about because your body's immune systems are suppressed, too much vaccination, your body is too acid and you need to alkalize, the house is to moldy, and many other issues that we need to look at.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

11/07/2006: David from Virgina Beach: I have all the classic symptoms 90% of the people who have posted. I've been through Ultra Sounds, endoscopy and a biopsy from my esophagus- tested for Barretts. Of course, they haven't found a thing- initially, they had me do and EKG and a stress test... After the endoscopy, they have upped my meds to twice a day- Prevacid 30mg/tab. I've tried Prilosec and Protonix- they worked, but gave me diarrhea. Prevacid was the only one that didn't, but now that I'm up to 2 a day, it is. Does the ACV treatment cause diarrhea in anyone? I teach, I can't afford to run out of the classroom to go to the bathroom- some kid will hit their head and I'll get sued into the stone age. Is it recommended to try ACV first or start off with the baking soda? Thanks for any help. This site has already provided me with more answers than my doctors- who are owned by the drug companies and wouldn't consider a cure.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: While there is no record of anyone getting diarrhea from ACV, it is best you try it on days where the schools are closed. That way any unique problems won't act up when you are in school. I teach also, so I make sure I won't get diarrhea on the days I do teach. Most doctors are not microbiologists, but the issue of certain bacterium do exists that causes the burning of throat and acid reflux. Some are acid resistant and some are alkaline resistant. If they are alkaline resistant, then ACV with a couple of drops of H2O2 3% should do it.

Assuming you put 2 tablespoons of ACV mixed with one glass of water, and add 6 - 12 drops of H2O2 3% and sip this every 2-3 minutes by about 1-3 tablespoon until you finished the glass. The slow sipping should kill it as the H2O2 and ACV is constantly saturated along the throat. I always use the absolute minimum dose, but for me I used a much larger amounts of H2O2 in the number of drops.

Most people have a certain maximum tolerance for it, so just start from there and see what happens. In an acid resistant bacterium, you would use instead of ACV, to use potassium citrate: sodium bicarbonate 50:50 solution of about 1 teaspoon and mix in one glass of water and add 6-12 drops of H2O2 3% and do the same slow slip. Organisms such as bacterium dies slowly and some die quickly.

In my case they died almost instantly. However, for people with an immune suppression due to heavy metals for example, the cure will be slower and removal of heavy metals such as taking chinese parsley for one week on and one week off taking about a handful of it per day which might help. I prefer to treat the cause even if it does mean less convenience then taking Prevacid.

Has Ulcerative Stomach, Apple Cider Vinegar Feels More Acidic

11/06/2006: Vickie : ...WELL, HERE IS WHERE I'M AT......I just got off nexium thinking my ulcerative stomach was might have been..but the red heat started coming out..and I feel the burn in my stomach and when I eat..oh man...the pain radiates through the back to the sides and even down the arms....I will try to take the vinegar...I HAVE ONE PROBLEM..i NEED HELP WITH THOUGH.....THE VINEGAR MAKES ME FEEL MORE ACIDIC...AND IM ALREADY ACID LIKE...HOW DOES THE VINEGAR HELP...????? please let me husband is out of work and we dont have lots of money to spend so everything helps me...I know that any kind of pain reducer causes acid reflux...I have noticed the increase over the years of acid parents dont take pain killers and dont have it that mom takes other meds that can cause stomach problems my meds...I am slowly working my way off the antidepressant and the estrogen ...I or will get off the seizure pills because the seizures were a result of trying to get off the antidepressant...even though I was doing it slowly....when im off it I can get off the seizure drugs....but ..I never had this problem until give naproxin now with nexium to kill the stmach erosion....however, it hooks you on nexium by stopping the pumps of acid therefore making your stomach more sensitive to stomach acid when it starts up again making you go rushing back to taking them again to kill the burn... I dont want to hurt myself by causing me to get a really large ulcer...Im not taking any pain killers but my stomach is dying from the getting off nexium...Im swallowing tons of the pink know for diahrea and stomach works for a short time..I try drinking more water....but I need help to stick this out so my stomach will heal again and I can be normal....I will never lie to get a check up on my stomach which should have been done make sure my stomach is ok...I never had ulcers in my life before and no one in my family had either...I am the first no water in stomach while eating..however...each bite caused me so much pain as it got into the mid section past the esophagus..I think mine is in the entry to the stomach where the last ulcer was going up into the esophagus and down into the there a certain thing I can do...I have lots of acid already and trying to get use to the stomach acid pain ouch....I have to sleep sitting keep it down...Im using the pink stuff it has the salycilac acid in that bad for my stomach now...its the only thing I could find...I might try the apple cider vinegar and water thing to see if it works....what else can you tell half the world is addicted to acid reducers...and if they try to get off ...ouch so a cure for it needs to come

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Vickey: If vinegar will not work well if your body is already deficient in bicarbonates. What you should do is start off something simple, and it is best to start of the simplest, especially for your condition! 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, taken with 1/2 glass warm water, well dissolved, after meals by about 30-45 minutes. Then if this work, slowly build up and use this in addition to the above, using a lime formula:

One whole freshly squeezed lime, plus keep adding baking soda until the fizz stops. Then add water to one whole glass of water. If all goes well, then you can try the ACV plus baking soda and start from there. Lemon juice will try to deal with vitamin C, ORP issues and phosphates issues. While basic baking soda in the first stage is to correct your problematic acid.

It is necessary to observe when eating not to eat too many kinds of foods all at once. Proteins and fruits should be eaten separately at least by several hours. Sweets should be reduced and the food should not be oily.

Your disk problems or back problem, at least for me can be helped with manganese supplements. However, it is important to avoid fried foods of all kinds especially snacks. Take some vitamin B complex and aspirin will help initially and for me manganese completely eliminated the pain. However, in these spine related problem, if you have a heavy metal tester check you urine or the source of your food. common cause are too much lead, cadmium, leucine, and eating too much fried foods. Try baked and boiled foods only and use oils unheated, and take evening primrose oil and flaxseed should help.

Cannot Walk Across the Room Without Gasping for Air: Severe Acid Reflux

11/05/2006: JC from Cleveland, OH: Hi Ted, Earlier this year, I was stength training, doing martial arts, doing cardio workouts, taking walks, etc. Now, I cannot walk across the room without gasping for air. Since May, 2006, my breathing has been so bad, I've literally been gasping for air 24/7. To make a very long story shorter, I was diagnosed with acid reflux. Unfortunately, when I get it, it travels directly to the throat and of course down the trachea as well. The ppi's didn't seem to do anything except allow me to walk again (the breathing was that bad). Within the last couple weeks, I've been taking more of a natural approach to it. I've been eating organics, taking digestive enzymes, doing body cleanses, etc. I even tried the apple cider vinegar (I haven't tried the Braggs'yet). Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help at all. I used one of those disposable medicine cups (found in cough syrup botles) with the teaspoon markers on it, and downed 2 to 4 teaspoons before each meal. I even tried it before drinking water, but I don't think it helped much. I had an Endoscopy done by my Gastro doctor. He says I don't have a hiatal hernia, but that's the only test he performed. I find it hard to believe since I have constant pain in that area. About a year and a half ago, I was wearing a back support belt (for back strains). I had just finished my workout, and I was stretching when suddenly, something in my upper abdominal region bulged out. It felt as if I had been stabbed! Looking downward, it was about an inch to the left of the very bottom of the sternum and about an inch under the left pectoral muscle. I'm guessing this is where the esophogas and diaphragm are. Anyway, the bulge went away as soon as it came, but the pain was always there. I went to do some crunches shortly after, and the pain was excrusiating! I could not continue. The whole rib hurt! Becoming concerned, I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water which I always did afterwards. I chugged it at once, when suddenly, it was if I couldn't breathe. My whole chest seem to fill up air or something. I could not burp, I could hardly breathe, and suddenly, I had trememdous heartburn; something I had never experienced. These symtoms continued to last (still to this day), but over time, seemed to ease a bit, until this passed May when things became horrible. Every time I tell a doctor about the injury that seemed so coincidentally to cause all of this, they just blow me off like it's not a possibility. Could this be some type of hernia or a rib problem that's causing all of this? If so, what type of doctor could help me? Also, would the apple cider vinegar eventually take the symtoms away. Thanks!

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear J.C.: Since you seem to be gasping for air, 24/7 have you checked your urinary pH? It seems to be pretty acid.

About a year and a half ago, I was wearing a back support belt (for back strains).

Sounds like you got, ankylosing spondylitis! In this case you have possibly vanadium and molybdenum deficiency. This should both iron out the acid pH, and your back pain. Molybdenum in my opinion is linked to acid reflux since it is critical in maintaining a pH. Depending on how people treat themself, I cannot say. I just take one large dose of 50 mg of sodium molybdate just once a week and forget about it. Some prefer to take in mcg amounts, which is o.k. But in my opinion I prefer to take it on an empty stomach. If you have a eye macular degeneration, high calcium and magnesium along with it, then molybdenum should also help you with the vision problem you might have. You can tell, tiny letters are very difficult and night blindness is a problem.

My whole chest seem to fill up air or something. I could not burp, I could hardly breathe, and suddenly, I had trememdous heartburn;

Sounds like some kind of bug/fungus in your system. Take some chromium supplements and take some baking soda added with the ACV to neutralized the acid. If you have this bug which is causing the hiatal hernia thing, then taking some zinc acetate, chromium and some boron supplements should help you. I prefer to be a bit more conservative for those who do workouts, so just try baking soda alone for two weeks at 1/4 teaspoon per day taken twice a day in 1/2 glass of water for to weeks before you start with the ACV plus baking soda formula. However, your body needs some phosphate, which can be found in bananas and lemon juice. Lemon juice to take it in a way that helps your system is to add baking soda to it until there is no more fizz, then add some water and drink it. It should taste exactly like water when you do this. It will provide the body with proper ORP, pH and phosphate. This simple lemon I think can do many things and the full potentials of this is not yet even realized, at least for me anyway. Ted

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: The conditions of fibromyalgia seems to be an aggressive one, therefore:

I will make it simple: take 250 mg Magnesium Chloride (Magnesium Aspartate or Magnesium Orotate is good also) and 25,000 I.U. Vitamin D and 300 mg of Malic Acid. If you can't find Malic acid, take apple cider vinegar, 1/2 cup/ day x 2 day. Once the conditions have improved, reduce the dosage. Drink 1/2 glass of water before meal and drink glass of water at every meal and take 1 full glass of water before sleep. Vary your dosage according to her conditions.

Eat about 1/2 cup along with soups, or other food of fresh cilantro (Chinese parsley) every day for at least 1 month. YOU Must take them every day!! This will remove toxic heavy metal.

If the conditions does not improve or you believe she needs a more aggressive dosage than take 2 tablespoon 2 times per day of sea salt mixed with 1 glass of water.

Magnesium might cause the diarrhea, but this is necessary to get rid of the toxin buildup as well as a severe magnesium deficiency.

If mother have a herxheimer reaction, apple cider vinegar or vinegar will reduce the side effects.

One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate every night mixed with water.

Your mother's conditions will hopefully improve within 3-4 days. If and when she improves, consider adding zinc acetate of about 100-200 mg/day. You may need to consider humic acid/fulvic acid later on to reduce the toxic mycoplasma buildup later on also.

Do not drink milk, bread or white sugar. It makes her conditions much worse. Try eating brazil nuts, pecan, walnut. Real butter is good. Avoid using any vegetable oils for cooking. Coconut oil is o.k.

I am keeping it simple here so you can try them out.

Connective Tissue Disorder That Causes Acid Reflux and Chronic Utis

11/05/2006: Elaine from Hamden, CT: I have a connective tissue disorder that is responsible for many different problems. One is a weak esophagus sphincter that never closes, causing acid reflux. Another is chronic UTIs. I have been taking Protonix for five years for the acid reflux and D-Mannose for the UTIs. Both work pretty well. I would like to get off of the Protonix for obvious reasons and the D-Mannose, because it is costing me $75.00 a month just to stay comfortable. I have also figured out that my connective tissue disorder was as a result of a zinc deficiency. I discovered this while using Splenda a couple of years ago. All of my symptoms flaired up as a result of the zinc that gets depleated by the clorine that Splenda is processed with. I now take an extra 50mg of zinc daily. This has helped most of my symptoms. But, the acid reflux and UTIs continue on. I just took 2 Tbs of ACV, 1/4 tps of baking soda with some honey. My tongue is buring a bit. But, this happens frequently for me. I see that you suggest that some start with baking soda only for the first couple of weeks. Can I do this and continue to take the Protonix. I ask because when I have tried to treat my acid reflux with banking soda it has not worked in the past. I have also started taking B-12. Can you advise me on what direction I should take? Also, whatever plan I follow, should I discontinue taking Protonix now or wait until the other treatments are working? Your help is much appreciated.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Vitamin E have been known to help esophagus closing in some cases. But usually a bug present maybe causing the real problem. So try taking a tablespoon of licorice extract twice a day for a week and see how this fare. This should also help with acid reflux too.

Cranberry is not just D-Mannose it is also high in sodium benzoate. So taking sodium benzoate might help UTIs also. A small amount is only needed, such as 500 mg.

However, a much cheaper solution is 1 heaping teaspoon of sea salt in one glass of water. One dose is all you needed for the entire week. It will kill. A more effective UTI formula, is sodium citrate, or 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 citric acid.

If baking soda has not worked in the past, it is either you don't it long enough, e.g. about 1-2 weeks, or the dose was small, e.g. less than 1/2 teaspoon /day. The other possibility appears to be a fungus/bug issue that is causing the problem. So taking hydrogen peroxide 3% 6 drops with 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda well mixed might work better. Try taking some chromium supplements too, as this will reduce the fungus issue in the stomach somewhat. However, a copper/zinc imbalance issue for you appears to be the real problem, so taking 25 mg/day of sodium molybdate will help, if they have that size. Most they make is in mcg. so I guess you just have to take more of it. Molybdenum is well known for controlling the sensitie copper/zinc imbalance and it has often worked much better than expected whenever such imbalance do exist, such as the acid reflux problem due to copper/zinc imbalance.

You can continue what you do, but you need to stop temporarily such as a day, to see if it works or not. Otherwise you won't if you just took everything. The biggest problems about forums is that some took everything and didn't know what it was and everybody else was just left guessing. And those who were cured and if the condition came back, chaos reigns once again.

Connective tissue issue is a problem also of vitamin C, sodium ascorbate 500 mg/day. and possible zinc copper imbalance issue. So just continue taking zinc, but you might consider taking some unsweetened cocoa, as it is high in copper and take molybdenum to correct both pH imbalances AND the critical copper zinc ratio. I think molybdenum should help you a lot.

Acid Reflux and Pregnancy

11/05/2006: Susan from Los Angeles, CA: Dear Ted, Thank-you for your generosity in answering so many questions and helping so many people out. I am hopeful you can help me too. I am three months pregnant and had awful morning sickness which was pretty much 24 hours a day and a lot of vomiting. Last week I noticed a little blood in my vomit and my stomach right where my esophagus is began hurting very badly. I can't stop burping and I have what I can only describe as vomit flem. It comes up in the back of my throat like flem but tastes like vomit. I called my doctor who put me on zantac two times a day and have been diagnosed with an acid reflux problem. I am only three months pregnant and I've heard this usually doesn't occur until later in pregnancy but typically only worsens as the pregnancy goes on. I can't imagine living with this another 6 months and am concerned it will persist after I give birth. My quality of life is very low right now and I'm wondering if there are any safe remedies for acid reflux while one is pregnant (of course I will verify with my doctor any recommendation you make) but I'm just curious if you can help me. I have read quite a bit about your recommendations for baking soda, apple cider vinegar and vitamin b which I suspect I'm deficient in right now. What would you recommed for me? Thanks in advance for your help, Susan

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Susan, Your conditions would be helped by taking baking soda, some vitamin B complex, manganese, and molybdenum. Manganese in form of manganese sulfate, taken only one day of 50 mg. to see if you are relieved, if not then you don't have to continue. Results you should know it within the next day. Best taken on an empty stomach. Sodium molybdate, 50 milligrams are somehow related to to acid reflux, in the control of pH so just one dose only for one day and see ho you fare.

This appears to be related to acid reflux. Most importantly in some cases of acid reflux, H. Pylori is present or the yet to identify nanobacteria. They do have a a weaknesses for licorice extract and this usually help.

Usually vomitting is a sign of vitamin B complex, certain imbalances. I prefer not to mention any specific ones but just getting them all balanced is best. Brewer's yeast is a much safer form of vitamin B complex, but you have to take much more the usual dose to get the vitamin B to the level you need, often 2000 mg - 4000 mg/day for brewer's yeast.

When women get morning sickness, often vitamin B complex helps, but in another case, eating oranges (when my mother was pregnant), and in another, eating pickles. Vomitting is a sign of body's chemical imbalance to throw out excess chlorine, or hydrochloric acid. Only a urine pH and saliva pH can identify some part of the story, such as excess phoshorous, too little citrate, or lack of bicarbonates. Ted

Question About Ph and Acid Reflux

11/05/2006: Paula from Sacremento, CA: I have another idea about the ACV. ACV is an ACID and it is curing an issue with too much ACID production, or at least acid production that is hurting the body. Maybe it is a body PH issue. If the body thinks the stomach is alkali it will produce more acid. Feed the stomach acid, and it doesn't produce it. I am not a scientist, and I am sure I am not the first to think of this, but what could be causing the body stomach PH to go alkali or neutral? Motrin and this family of drugs states on the packages that it can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding. I am not trying to defend them; I don't care one way or another. The body produces more acid when stressed. Stress is created when we think our environment should be different than what it is. Being grateful reduces stress and relaxes the body. Perhaps western society has forgotten how to be grateful for what we have?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Paula: Ulcers and bleeding is commonly caused by Helicobacter pylori, like it or not. There are many more mycoplasma coming to your stomach near you that the doctors haven't had a clue until it is categorized, systematized and easily referenced. By the time they do that, I will be dead of old age.

The best way to deal with it depends on whether you are with the doctors or don't have had success with them. WIth doctors, you just take antibiotics. With alternative medicine you take zinc acetate, 50 mg/day, a nice strong tea (tannins), licorice extract 2 tablespoon, and 50 mg of borax/day. These bugs won't have a chance under most conditions.

It is not the issue of acid or alkaline. The bugs are just eating your stomach. I have met an old Indian while I was visiting Wisconsin, he took a small lump of bentonite mixed with some herbs (I don't remember), but that cured his ulcers and bleeding in just one dose.

It is a well known fact, at least by me anyway, that bentonite kill off the bacteria and ulcers by the unique electrostatic charge properties of the clay that pulls the bugs toward that clay. Of course there is a study that did show a large reductiion in bacterial populations upon taking up these clay and this is probably why it worked.

Because of this bentonites' unique electrostatic properties. You can use a solution of bentonite (maybe 10% solution) to remove the virus and bacteria, and indirectly resolve the acid flux, and ulcers problems. Of course taking them directly is a better way, but it also clears your mouth and the recirculated saliva by pulling out nanobacteria, which I guess we have to wait another decade before that is discovered.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

11/05/2006: Sharon from New York, NY: My question is this: My daughter, 20, has had excess acid in her system for going on 4 years. She has had every test imaginable & the diagnosis is pre-ulcerative condition(?!). Right now she is on Previcid & Zoloft. (Because of course she is stressed) This past weekend she had a terrible bout w/ her stomach. I bought her home to her bed (which, by the way, is elevated @ the head) & lo & behold, the next morning ,no pain. This started me thinking. The meds obviously DON't work. So she is weaning off of them w/ her Dr's guidance. Can she start on the ACV Baking Soda regimin while being on the Previcid? Or is it counter-productive?She is going to an Acupuncturist tomorrow, should she wait & see? Thanks for your advice.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: To avoid any possible contraindications", just take acv and baking soda. Her conditions seems to be a bug in her system running up on the acid reflux. So licorice extract, a couple of tablespoons, should be o.k.

A nice warm strong tea often high in tannins can also kill the bug. Sometimes these acid bugs are strange creatures, one case after everything else failed, I told them to take 1 tablespoon sea salt one dose a week. The salt did the trick.

She is going to an Accupuncturist tomorrow, should she wait & see?

Do things one at a time so you will know what cures (ails) you. I have seen many people in a hurry for a cure and don't know what is what. Then when they have it again, they were totally left in the dark.

It is like going back to the old drawing board. It won't take long to know it works or not. Give it just only one day and see. Ted

Magnesium and Potassium Levels Keep Going Down, Has Hitael Hernia and Barrets Disease

11/05/2006: Linda from Barnesville OH: I have been going to a Nephonolgist for tests, my magesium and potassium keeps going down. Last year it was my potassium 2.0 and I was in the hopital for an IV and i've been on Potassium and Slow Mag 6 pills and 4 Potassium to keep it up and I was in the hopital this year with low magnesium 0.3 another I.V back to Kidney Doctor and he did a 24 hour magnesium urine test and i`m not dumping it., and he's doing other tests. I also have a Hiatel Herniae and Barrettes, and I've been Nexium for 9 years . Two weeks ago I stopped taking it ,I`m taking two Zantacs Twice a day for the Acid reflex , Slow Meg 6 pills and Potassium 4 pills ,and bcomplex Sublingual Liquid The potassium is Klor con 20 mg. and the mag is Slow MagMagnesium Chloride with Calcium212mgMag128mg Choride373 mg 6 pills a day and viniger with mother in it !teaspoon in the morning and one at night .I cough at night when the acid comes up in my mouth. Could I have a Leakey Gut or is my P.H Wrong in my stomach, is this why I'm losing magnesium and Potassium and also my Calcium in my blood was 10.2 . Please help me i want to feel better,I know this is awful, My stomach makes noises all the time and i have Diahirra from the slow mag 6 pills a day,I guess its from the slow mag .Please help linda I`ve been through this so long help. I 'm sorry I forgot to add something to what i just wrote about low mag and potassium and acid reflex that i just sent to you. Also, my stomach is so bloated, add this to what I just wrote to you please and i take Charcoal once in awhile also Linda please help me.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Linda: Your body is very high in heavy metals. A high level of heavy metals will reduce the body's ability to keep magnesium and potassium in an effort for the body to pull out the heavy metals and therefore it has to sacrifice the magnesium along the way. Why they do it, I don't know, but it seems magnesium is protective of the body from heavy metal toxicity.

One common way that is to do an IV EDTA chelation to remove the heavy metals and thus this will cause increase magnesium and potassium retention. To increase potassium retention, possibly the addition of boron supplementation might also help.

You can refer this idea from here for more details:

A bloated stomach your body would be greatly helped by taking alpha lipoic acid of 200 mg and some biotin. This will reduce the water buildup. Some black coffee taken after the alpha lipoic should reduce the water retention. Charcoal while helpful in removing some heavy metals does not help with bloated stomach. So consider taking plenty of chinese parsley to remove the heavy metals. Just take a handful a day, if you can stand it for only a week. Then do nothing for a week then take it again. So do it on alternate weeks. Chinese parsley will also remove the heavy metals an increase the magnesium retention.

The other issue is a vitamin B complex deficiency, especially B6 may lead to the body to prevent it from any magnesium retention. The issue of potassium retention is a bit more complicated, but excess aldosterone may lead to excess potassium excretion. These sensitive sodium/potassium balance or salt balance can be helped by also dealing with the problem of a possible yeast infection and vitamin B complex deficiency. Anytime you have heavy metals, yeast, candida, fungus goes hand in hand.

Therefore taking plenty of vitamin B complex and removal of heavy metals should solve both your magnesium and potassium depletion. If body poorly absorbs the vitamin B complex, then take a B12 injection first. Since yeast problem is implicated, whether they are there or not, you can tell that your stool weight is less and indication that the gut is not functioning properly. Restoration of intestinal flora, probiotics and possibly yogurt might help. To deal with yeast problem, take chromium, zinc, copper and molybdenum supplements. These seem to be out of proportion and they should restore most of your imbalance. It is therefore necessary that you avoid sugar. Most electrolytic drinks with potassium tend to add glucose and sugar. However in your condition this will briefly increase the potassium, but the sugar will overpower the yeast and they will dump the potassium. Thus potassium must be taken alone without any sugar or glucose, in case you have any ideas about taking oral rehydration packs.

Throat Clearing Issue

11/05/2006: Cindy from Salem, OR: Ted, Just started my husband on the ACV/soda for a problem he has had for years and years!! I've searched and searched for something to deal with his throat clearing. He takes different enzymes and has for years. Didn't really think it was acid reflux as he just feels like he has something in his throat he needs to clear out. At times he would eat a soda cracker and it seemed to help calm it down. So when I found your site chasing links one day and saw your treatmeant it was a lightbulb going on for me. He too went through a period of time where he was taking large amounts of Ibuprofin, another lightbulb moment for me. My question is why do you do it on an empty stomach? I think his is so bad and it has gone on for so long that it will take a lot to get it to stop. LOVE YOUR SITE and I'm telling others.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Doing on empty stomach usually is what I do to avoid possible diarrhea or loose stools problem. While the problem is few, a few can really be quite vocal about it.

Chemically bicarbonates in presence of salt, causes loose stools instantly or nearly so, with possible exception of taking too much tea, in which case a loose stool will occur in about 6 hours. So if you by chance happens to be eating salty food, then you take ACV and baking soda, a reaction will occur that causes diarrhea.

As in the condition of your husband's problem, there are two things, insufficient bicarbonates to solve the acid reflux, but a more serious ones a parasites, a bug, a bacteria, mycoplasma, or helicobacter pylori. These can persist on and on both in the stomach, which shows itself in ulcers, or "just happens" to get this condition after doing endoscopy for other things. A more simple word is: you got acid reflux from hospital infection.

In any case, the bugs just happens to persist around the throat. In this case an alkaline solution might help such as taking some borax in warm water and use this as a throat or mouthwash. Drinking some water slowly with some pinches of bentonite clay will mop up these bugs. You can also use potassium carbonate, a teaspoon per 1/2 glass of warm cup as a mouthwash of sort or a slow slip every few minutes. Most of these bugs, while true, they are acid resistant are not alkaline resistant. If it is a purely mycoplasma bug, then treatment is relatively easy, in which case a 6-8 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 glass of water taken 4 times a day.

Never forget in whatever case of acid reflux where a bug is suspected, it always helps to raise your immune system and take maybe 25 mg/day taken two times a day. For only a couple of days alternatively. If your skin is already oily, especially the face or the scalp it is a great clue that you do need the zinc. Bugs do get killed with zinc, but some bugs are a bit more resistant, so some chromium chloride supplements and magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate will give you the extra push.

In your case, it seems the body needs an extra push toward alkalinity to further kill the bug. In this case you might consider taking some extra baking soda and some potassium citate (50:50) at 1/4 teaspoon each and if you just got lucky getting some disodium phosphate, then 1/16 teaspoon of that and add to 1/2 glass of water. This will raise the alkalinity and kill the bugs in the process, albeit on a day by day improvement.

Just one more thing: in my case I had a throat problem that goes on and on. I was once cured by sipping a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide in 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar and 1/2 tablespoon of water. Of course you can notice the improvement in minutes. If not alkalinizing later worked much better for me such as a weak potassium carbonate solution, or maybe as baking soda mouth wash or sipping helped.

In some cases the bugs are STILL resistant, to which I found taking a couple of very very tiny menthol crystals (absolutely NO SUGAR) will effect the killing. Of course, you won't easily find methol crystals, but you might find peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil or rosemary oil will do the same job also. Never forget that licorice extract with all the things in it, does a great job killing them too. In some case an oil pulling might help too, but they take a bit of time and you may have some Herx reaction on the first three days. The linoleic content of the sunflower oil have some antibiotic effects in killing off too, but I think oil pulling is more ideal to pull those heavy metals harboring in your mouth, especially if you have amalgram mercury fillings that is creating havoc and should be removed anyway. Your husband's problem appears to be a bug issue. So kill the bug! No need for expensive analysis to find the specific genus or species of bug you've got, whether they have purple tails or rainbow eyes. Most natural remedies don't care what their names are. Just keep using one or the other, by the process of elimination and pretty soon they will just go away. Ted

12/12/2006: Cindy from Salem, OR replies: Dear Ted, Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had wrote to you on 11/5/06 about my husband and his throat clearing. This was an problem he has delt with for around 15 years. I had put him on your ACV/Baking Soda and he added the citric acid also as his ph seems to always be way to high alkaline. It really seems to have worked and after all these years of trying different things. We are still a bit afraid to claim victory. It has been almost 2 weeks of not one bit of problem. It took about 6 weeks for it to kick in and go away. Now I have to say he had days where he took the mixture 5 times and always at least 3 times a day. If he had bugs he wanted them gone !!!! Plus he really likes the taste of this stuff. I wish I could see you to shake your hand and say thanks. DON'T GIVE UP PEOPLE, THIS STUFF DOES WORK !

Lingering Cough and Acid Reflux

10/25/2006: Carol from Pakistan: Thank you for taking your time to answer thousands of questions. It is a great website! My question is in regards to the persistant cough aside from all the other symptoms one has to deal with where reflux is concerned. The cough comes at any time and can last for at least 45 minutes (with phlegm) especially during the night when I have to wake up at least twice to cough away not mentioning the pain and sleepless nights. Is there any cure for that? Or will acv do it? Last thing, does alcohol affect one still where acidity is concerned even after taking acv? If so, would you discourage some type alcohol from others? Or is it an all round cure? Eagerly looking forward to your response. Thank you, Carol.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Carol: Acid reflux can be a number of causes where the only way to know what is causing the problem is by the process of elimination. In your case my guess would be one of acid reflux bought about by a bacteria, that is acid resistant. In that case, a small amount of potassium carbonate (chemical suppliers should have them) of only 1/8 teaspoon mixed with one tablespoon of ACV should help. If not borax of 1/8 teaspoon mixed with on tablespoon of ACV should help. Only one dose to find out the cause to see if it would help. Then you have to decide how to take it later on, preferably not everyday. Borax rids of certain parasites caused acid reflux, while potassium rids of acid resistant bacteria. On the other hand certain viral causing acid reflux, for example might be helped taking 2-3 tablespoon of licorice extract per day taken only for one week, then stop for at least one week. Perhaps taking some peppermint oil added to drinks should help reduce the acid reflux since certain virus do get killed in presence of small amount of menthol in the peppermint. For one think this is my cure for coughs anyway, but without the sugar and the candies, just pure peppermint oil say one drop added to a cup of warm water. Whatevery the case, if bugs are generally the cause, taking some zinc acetate, or zinc gluconate should help reduce the acid reflux.

In order to know which remedies work, they work generally quick and it takes anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight to know whether it works or not. So it doesn't really take that long to know. Ted

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

10/24/2006: Tim from Blenheim, NJ: I am taking 1 tbls of ACV & 1/4 tsp of baking soda with 8 oz. of apple juice twice a day. I was taking 2 tbls of ACV with 8 oz. of water 3 times a day but that was too much. My reflux has been reduced drastically. I feel much better with this dosage. Should I take this every day or take a break once a week? Is the apple juice and ACV combination alright?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Acid reflux condition is due to bicarbonates problems and a bug problems (e.g. helicobacter pylori, fungus, bacteria, etc.)

You are perhaps taking too much ACV when you take it three times a day, although the improvement should be drastic, but the problems could be too much as a result.

*** The ideal dose at least for me is twice a day. For most people, I prefer to let them take on alternate weeks being the for the health. As to the reason why, it seems the body needs a rest period of about a week for some people.***

I am a little old fashioned, a more ideal mix would be to use apple cider vinegar and add some lemon juice especially the lemon oils, if you squeeze hard enough. For some reason or another lemon have some phosphates, vitamin C and the oils do have some powers in killing the bugs responsible for the acid reflux too. However to do this effectively you need to add more than usual the baking soda needed to neutralized the acid until the fizz stops. Whenever the fizz stops, the pH is usually around 7.3 - 7.4. This seems to have less adverse reaction than just taking the ACV and baking soda together and it seems people (so far) who took 3 times a day report not adverse effect as far as I know. Besides the good news is that the vitamin C component in the lemon juice seems to normalize the body's oxidation reduction potential to near optimum negative millivolt charge that I desired too. I therefore would prefer to replace the apple juice and use one whole freshly squeezed lemon (in Thailand I used lime, but we call them lemon too) instead. SO if you want to be close to what I am doing, then just use lime, since my measurements for ORP were based on lime rather than lemon. For some reason, they do not sell lemon where I live, but I have always assumed lemon and lime to be the same, but I haven't as yet gotten a lemon to do the comparison.

Apple Cider Vinegar Causes Frequent Urination During the Night

10/20/2006: Bill from Orlando, FL: I've been taking 2 tbs of ACV with a tsp of honey and 8oz of water 3 times a day for 10 days now. One side effect is that I wake up 2 times a night to go to the bathroom, I'm guessing since the potassium acts a natural diuretic, does that sound normal? My acid reflux hasn't abated yet, and I don't expect it to go away overnight. Any guidelines on how long it might take to see some results? FWIW, I made sure to get a natural ACV (Bragg's)."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Bill: To further abate the acid reflux, for me it should take about one week to notice maximum. But to treat the acid reflux, you try to add baking soda to it. For every two tablespoon of ACV add 1/4 baking soda. It will provide sufficient buffers to reduce the acid reflux. Frequent trips maybe due to lessening of water retention and reduced blood pressure.

The second thing I would do differently is to take some licorice extract, certain acid refluxes may be due to the bug problem, e.g. such as helicobacter pylori. Also adding 1/8 teaspoon of borax per liter of water, will also kill these bugs better. Taking some zinc supplements, but zinc acetate being the preferred ones, will also help further reducing the acid reflux caused by a bug.

Certain other cases is due to yeast issue. So zinc, manganese and molybdenum should help.

Morning Acid Causes Dry Retching

10/18/2006: Herbert from New Zealand: I was diagnosed with reflux in 1982 i was given tablets call gaviscon. this never helped. i have lived with this for many years and in the last 3 years it has taken its toll. i have been to the hospital and had a camera sent down to check things out, but could not find any thing. i have had a boremial swallow which showed alot of reflux. I was given losec. this did not help. the problem that i have is when i wake in the morning acid trys to come up which causes me to dry retch, it has got so bad now that i have drink a glass of water to to actually bring up. it has knocked me about and makes me very tired and making me very stressed. just by chance i had some mylanta which made me feel alot comfortable and relaxed that only lasted a day and now um back to square one. Is there anyone out there that has had the same experience with the dry reaching and if so what cures have you used.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Herbert: Acid reflux can have a number of causes, you can find the cause by simply measuring your salivary pH and urine pH, where it should be about 7-7.49 and 6.5 - 7.3 respectively. Simple lemon juice and baking soda would resolve that issue. However, yours seem to have a fungus or microscopic organism eating up your system. In this case a simple 50 mg. of zinc acetate, 25 mg. of manganese chloride and perhaps 25 mg. of sodium molybdate should help. Of course many will not get the needed supplements.

Therefore the easiest way around this problem is just to buy a good sea salt (gray or light brown color) that are somewhat moist or slightly wet and add this 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to your drinking water and just take one teaspoon of fulvic acid. This should kill the organism and if taken often enough the problems should be reduced by half.

There are many fine points at which I simply don't have enough information on you. But anyway just take licorice extract 1 tablespoon for only a week and take some 5-6 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade in one glass of water and a small amount of borax 1/8 teaspoon per liter of water should kill the yet unidentified nanobacteria or other parasitic bugs.

Their major food source is heavy metals and sugar. So a remarkable simple way is to do oil pulling (but I call it oil chelation), which is simply swishing your mouth in the morning with 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil for example and doing it several time. This will remove the heavy metal being the food source. Most vegetable oils tend to sponge up the heavy metal oils quite well. Fish oils and cod liver oils does it too, but I think taking a tablespoon of granulated lecithin on empty stomach does a better job of removing heavy metals indirectly by causing the heavy metals inside your body to be water soluble instead of forever circulating in your body without a way out.

Daughter with Acid Reflux Since Birth

10/08/2006: Amy from White, GA: My daughter was diagnosed with acid reflux within a few weeks of birth. They put her on Axid and increased her dosage, but she was still having symptoms of the acid reflux while on the Axid, including the acid going into her sinus cavity and irritating it causing it to swell and produce mucus to protect it. So they also put her on Flonase, which is a steroid to reduce the swelling so she could breathe. The steroid only comes in an adult bottle, and there's no way to control the amount that comes out, so she is getting way too much, and the steroids stunt her growth!

The older women in my family told me to take my 3 month old daughter off Axid and Flonase and try organic Apple Cider Vinegar instead. I don't want to stunt her growth, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a bottle of organic ACV and a glass dropper bottle. I filled the glass dropper bottle half with the Apple Cider Vinegar and half distilled water. I gave her one dropperful twice a day - the same times I gave the Axid. Although she gagged and fussed and cried at the taste of it, within 2 days the acid reflux symptoms seemed to be gone. Unfortunately, my husband cared for her on the 3rd day and refused to put her through the "taste trauma" of the ACV'and gave her the Axid instead. That was 3 days ago, and she's having horrible acid reflux still (while on Axid, not ACV). I'm about to switch her back to the ACV But, is there any advice to helping the flavor of the vinegar? She's too young for honey and it is horrible watching your baby react to the unpleasant taste.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Yes, my common apple cider vinegar remedy for acid reflux is always to add a little baking soda to neutralize the acid taste. Baking soda not only reduces the acid reflux, it also reduce the acid tastes. In tough cases of people who found that ACV didn't work, most do work if you add baking soda too. Just add enough to reduce to a taste you think your baby likes.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

10/03/2006: Aime from Anderson, CA: I have had a severe case of Acid Reflux for past 2 years. Although I didn't believe the doctors and (naturally) they didn't offer any real education about treating it but threw me on the usual pills...I have finally come to know that THIS is EXACTLY what is wrong wiht my body. So I decided to look for natural cures and came across your site. I'm beginning the ACV treatment right away, also the baking soda. What I need to know is.....should I start both or just with the baking soda first then on to ACV? The baking soda for 2-3 weeks then add the ACV? Also, how long does one have to keep up the ACV treatment. I never read any time limit or amount while researching your information and the testamonies. Thank you for your help. I'm PRAYING this is my cure!!! This has been one horrible experience that I will be glad to get healed! Sincerely, Aime

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Aime:

Should I start both or just with the baking soda first then on to ACV?

Yes, do that for the two weeks. The baking soda for 2-3 weeks then add the ACV? Yes on 3 weeks up just add ACV plus baking soda.

Also, how long does one have to keep up the ACV treatment.

If you have acid reflux, I also advise you to take vitamin B complex, B1, B2, B3, B5, B8 at 100 mg each while B12 at 100 mcg, three times a day. Most acid reflux respond well using baking soda, but along with this acv, licorice extract, glycine, certain minerals such as magnesium, molybdenum will help. Drink one pack of electrolyte salts per day also. It contains the needed potassium. Magnesium you just have to obtain elsewhere. The acid reflux problems is due to broad mineral/chemical/electrolytic imbalances that is messing up your entire body's system, plus pathogens in the stomach. Correct the pH, electrolytes, minerals and kill off the pathogen. It is that simple.

Baking Soda Cured Anhibrosis

09/30/2006: Vicky from Harwood, MD: I tried baking soda on my own because I decided not to take previcid any more. I had no idea it was commonly used. I was just lucky to find this website because I was wondering if it was the thing to do. I took a teaspoon every night w/water when I woke up w/acid. i was happy to find out it was an acceptable cure. I also was diagnosed with hiatel hearnia . I have not started the ACV yet but plan to.

Here is a very very interesting side result of the baking soda. For most of my life I have also suffered from Anhidrosis. Not a single doctor has been able to offer me a cure. Upon taking the baking soda for acid reflux, I almost immedaitely began sweating normally. Is there a connection, or is just coincidence. My doctors said my Anhidrosis was neurological. Also, drinking wine definitely increases my incidence of acid reflux which is too bad since I love wine. Could I just take the baking soda prior to the wine?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: I use the baking soda taken internally to treat dry skin. Alkalinity increases capillary flow by dilation, and hence more sweat. Of course by taking acid forming food, capillary tends to be constricted. So it is not a coincidence. I take baking soda often to rid by body of toxins. Old people who age very slowly or have younger then average face do in fact sweat more and drink more water then other people. The fact is, sweating more reduces buildup of toxins by riding itself of sweat naturally , without having to go to the sauna often too.

Also, drinking wine definitely increases my incidence of acid reflux which is too bad since I love wine. Could I just take the baking soda prior to the wine?

Wine is an acid forming food, where alcohol in itself restricts liver functioning. So while baking soda MAY reduce acidity buildup, this may not quite help your liver from the influences of the alcohol.

The only way to take wine safely is by boiling out the alcohol over a coffeemaker. One possible addiction to alcoholic substance might be of help to reduce such craving is to take vitamin B complex about 2-3 times a day regularly, where B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, are of 100 mg. each per tablet, in an uncoated tablet form that should dissolve within 15 minutes in normal glass of water. Sugar tablet is not recommended.

This can in a way will also protect liver function. Sodium ascorbate can also reduce such cravings for wine as well, since for some reason or another sodium ascobate increase your antioxidant, while the wine, in alcoholic forms reduces that antioxidant level, thus may also help too. Selenium and brewer's yeast is another supplements that also protect liver function due to alcoholic consumption. Selenium is known to protect against cirrhosis.

02/01/2012: Tory from Sydney, NSW replies: Hi there, thanks for all great information. I have silent reflux and sinusitis. I was wondering if using baking powder (bobs Red Mill) is ok... I think creme of tartar an acid is added.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

09/29/2006: Cathy from Bancroft, MI: I started the ACV with baking soda just a few days ago. I was using 1 quart of water to 3 TBL spoon of ACV and 1 tea. of baking soda. I just re-read some information to find out I shouldn't be using Heinz. I'm not even sure where I can find the organic version, but will keep looking. My question is: How long should I actually use this regiment? Should I use baking soda first? I just skipped right to the ACV/baking soda. On an average, how long before I see noticable improvements? Really anxious to get off prilosec/tums and get on with my life. Thanks for a great new start towards a healthy life again. - Cathy

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Cathy:

Should I use baking soda first? I just skipped right to the ACV/baking soda. On an average, how long before I see noticable improvements? Really anxious to get off prilosec/tums and get on with my life.

Depending on your conditions. A friend of mine in Bangkok started with ACV right away and ended up with an acid tongue. His was a severe one, his tongue were bleeding. So I told him to back down and just take baking soda for a couple of weeks.

Now for most people baking soda and acv will do quite fine. The reason is my friend is unique. He is a muscle builder, takes high protein regularly, and is also a big consumer of hydrogen peroxide therapy.

It is obvious that not only he is extremely acidic with high protein diet, exercises increases lactic acid, and hydrogen peroxide further pushes his oxidation to the limit. In this case he went to an extreme. If that is your situation, then start with baking soda first for at least three weeks. My friend's condition normalized on the second week and improving.

As to your conditions it seem obvious you have acid reflux/heartburn issue. I need to stress that in the beginning, I did not expect that acid reflux were to become such a hot topic at earthclinic. It was a nice benefit for some of people who do take ACV. But ACV alone is not enough. It depends on the causes. We need to cover all the cause and find all the possible remedies needed.

As a result, I find it necessary to put in more details then necessary. There are several causes of acid reflux that I must mention, pathogens (helicobacter pylori), candida (fungus), nanobacteria, electrolytic imbalance, vitamin imbalances, pH, buffers, and the newest one antioxidant status (ORP) being the most obvious at the moment.

If pathogens are the issue, then taking one drop of lavender oil internally, or taking a teaspoon of lemon oil maybe 2-3 times a day would elminate the pathogen issue. These also include parasites if there ever was one have certain weakness, primarily, the components of lemon oil is d-limonene often kills them but they are safe for humans as it is only a lemon flavoring used in ice cream. 1/8 teaspoon of borax is a common old fashion remedies too to get rid of the pathogen/parasite issues.

As to the candida problem being the cause, this is a bit harder to tame as they are quite difficult to get rid of. However, molybdenum, baking soda, selenium, zinc, are common ways to rid of this. Licorice extract and glycine has been shown to help reduce the fungus caused acid reflux.

As for me, I once had an acid reflux and I resolved that with potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, 1 drop of clove oil (some things it is hot, so one toothpick of clove oil might be better), and I took plenty of selenium. I completely cured myself when I started taking vitamin B complex regulary.

Apparently the vitamin B complex family along with the magnesium chloride normalized my digestive system. As for my own mother, her digestive system normalized with royal jelly just one teaspoon and one dose does it. For my own mother's condition, she was suffering from some kind of food poisoning that resulted in a severe form of acid reflux. She couldn't eat for three days straight.

Magnesium chloride didn't work, vitamin C were of no help. So any good substitute for royal jelly. I used a fresh frozen royal jelly for my mother, but some might have trouble obtaining it, so a good substitute might be vitamin B5, at 250 mg.-500 mg being as close to the does the Royal Jelly. Perhaps bee pollen might work in some cases, but this is a matter of just trying out to see if it works for you or not.

Nanobacteria as a cause for acid reflux is a rare one, but I have seen it. Apparently the calcium was quite high, and taking magnesium chloride, raising ones immunity with zinc, selenium, and vitamin B complex clearly helped. Electrolytic imbalances can be easily handled quite easily by taking those electrolytic salts used for people with diarrhea problems and atheletes. Unfortunately these electrolytic salts is missing one key element of salt: magnesium chloride, which you must take separately.

Most of the vitamin imbalances I have seen with an acid reflux, is primarily one of vitamin B complex. So taking them often enough should reduce the problems. Usually pH, buffers and antioxidant may go hand in hand when dealing with an acid reflux problem, a more updated formula is to add Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate, or sodium ascorbate ascorbic acid) 500 mg 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 1-3 tablespoon of ACV.

Chemically speaking vitamin C is a strange beast. It is both a prooxidant and an antioxidant depending on its pH status. Its mentioned in the field of biochemistry, but is virtually unknown in other fields. To make vitamin C into an antioxidant, you simply add more baking soda and make it alkaline. Once you raise your antioxidant status, your acid reflux can be dramatically cured, as in the case of me and my mother. But yet you have to be flexible enough to know what works for you and what does not. As in case of my mother it was gone in a matter of hours. The only way to know which works is just to try it out.

PLEASE read the labels. Aspartame IS NOT helpful with acid reflux in the long run. Take simple baking soda with some lemon juice or vitamin C, plus ACV if you have to. Aspartame is well known to breakdown into methanol alcohol which is toxic to the body and I found one case to cause acid reflux over the long run by damaging nerves. Methanol is known to damage nerves or cause blindness and paralysis in extreme form of direct poisoning. Whenever you see calcium carbonate, you ought to supplement yourself with magnesium too, to maintain a critical magnesium calcium balance. Ted

Acid Reflux Caused Husband Hardly Able to Speak with Chest Pain

09/26/2006: Eileen from Bayville, NJ: I love your site, thank you very much. I have a Q for Ted, who seems to have amazing knowledge of the chemical makeup of the body. My husband recently had a severe attack of acid reflux, which left him hardly able to speak and he had a lot of chest pain. Did research on your site and now he just started taking ACV and Alka Selzer. It seems to me that Alka Selzer is similar to the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid you recommend and it is easier to take. Am I correct in this assumption or completly off base. Thanks in advance for your reply. You have probably helped hundreds of people with your knowledge. Eileen

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Eileen: Alka Seltzers is close to my formula, but I am worried about some of the other ingredients.

The most obvious is the aspartame and the paracetamol that you must watch for. Aspartame breaks down into a toxic form of alcohol, such as methanol. I have in the bast drink soda with aspartame and have gotten deaf for about a week and quickly realized that this aspartame was causing the problem. The cure for me was to take plenty of vitamin B complex to stop the aspartame toxicity. The other issue is the paracetamol which damages the liver and kidney function.

If you are using the original alka seltzer formula that would be fine, but then your body may not need aspirin if they have it. Again there are many Alka Seltzer products, what you need to do is buy the product that doesn't have the paracetamol and aspartame. Since Alka Seltzer varies their product over many countries, I cannot say which particular product, all I can say is avoid the paracetamol, aspartame and aspirin. If it is difficult then just leave out only the paracetamol and the aspartame. Only short term is o.k. Ted

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda Question

09/21/2006: Monika from Toronto, ON: I'have been taking ACV for two days once only with honey and baking soda I feel better but noticed that since I bought the ACV from the grocery store it has 5% Acetic acid so should I continue with the treatment or discontinue and will it be ok to take it 3 - 4 times daily at the moment I am also on Pantoloc 40 mg.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Taking either apple cider vinegar or regular grocery store vinegar is o.k. for your condition. However, for more serious conditions you may need from time to time organic apple cider vinegar (with the "Mother" in it) as it contains malic acid, vitamins and minerals also.

Acid Reflux, 2 Hernia, Bowel Problems

09/09/2006: Julie from Ellicott City, MD: Help, I'm confused! I have multiple "problems." Recently saw a gastro doc (again) and an otolaryngologist. Had a CAT scan, which showed 2 hernias, horrifyingly enough! I'm 66 and have had bowel problems for years. I've taken several natural remedies for my bowels, which worked fine for 20 years, then stopped. I've been completely sedentary for 3 years, after I broke my ankle, which was just the last straw because of long-time back problems, too. About 5 years ago I stopped ibuprofen and started Celebrex (2 100-mg doses/day), which will probably prove even worse than ibuprofen. I also take 350 mg soma (muscle relaxer). Both of these meds are for muscle spasms/inflammation. I also take ~1600 mgs of acetaminophen/day! Those meds coupled with absolutely no exercise for 3 years has created a frightening scenario for me. Next I begin having puffiness around my clavicle and the feeling that my throat is closing up, as opposed to the typical sore throat sensation. Hence, the scan. GP doc said nothing serious. Gastro doc said he's seen patients with 20 hernias! and mine appeared to be no biggie (his reaction to the radiologists report). It is a biggie to me, however. He says the hiatal hernia is causing the reflux. Of course the otolaryngol doc said everything was fine (throat and puffy clavicle), I just needed to take previcid or something similar and elevate my bed. These docs are amazingly ignorant and arrogant. A dangerous combo of personality traits. I basically pay no attention to doctors' curative recommendations any more. I only see them for diagnosis, and even then their credibility diminishes annually. Trying to make too long story shorter: Bowel problems drive me nuts and basically dictate my diet, which may or may not create problems for acid reflux. Daily diet includes: 1 cup of instant decaf coffee, raisin bran, shredded wheat; chili; veges (spinach, green beans, zucchini, raw tomatoes, primarily); 1/3 banana, 1/2 apple, melon, nectarine slices; wild salmon, tilapia, med rare beef, chicken; few pieces of hard candy. I drink only distilled water (about 1.5 quarts/day). I take no supplements as everything I'd like to take makes me feel "strange" and seems to constipate me. Lately I've been using regular sugar and stevia (after using splenda for years). I was diagnosed as insulin resistant several years ago, and some of my diet is probably not good for that (cereal, for example; but I need the fiber). I stopped using metamucil a few weeks ago after several years of use, thinking it was responsible for my extreme bloat. I do take 2 dulcolax tabs, drink 1 cup of smooth move tea, and eat 12 dried prunes EVERY DAY and have used that combo for years. Even with all that, I experience 3 to 4 days of extreme bloat and a paralyzing feeling of incomplete evacuation. I feel as though I'm losing my mind with all this, and now I have to add to these symptoms/cures (hardly curative, by any stretch) REFLUX. I HAVEN'T BEEN OUT OF MY HOUSE FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A DOC APPOINTMENT IN 39 MONTHS OR DRIVEN MY CAR A SINGLE TIME because of my aches and pains from my back problem and the stupid ankle break. I feel like I'm 66 going on 100, and no doctor out there can or cares to help me. After reading everything provided on your site, I'm wondering if the cereal and other carbs and the 4 ounces of beef (eaten about 3 times/week) after being a vegetarian until about 2 years ago, is part of my problem now. I'm afraid to stop my meds because of all my pains. The hernias may not even be the cause of the reflux, the meds may the culprit. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as there seems to be no doctor out there who has the kind of knowledge I crave and desperately need. Julie

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: If you want simple remedies, try taking magnesium supplements and space out the meds. Preferred supplements is 250 mg of magnesium citrate, or magnesium gluconate or magnesium chloride.

Take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid or 2 teaspoons of citric acid to 1/2 glass of water. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar too. Take this twice a day for about 2 weeks and you should note improvements.

Take vitamin C 250 mg/day in form of sodium ascorbate only.

Next take a vitamin B complex 3 times a day the ones with 100 mg. each except for B12 which is 100 mcg.

You should noticeably improve on the second week, espeically the pain.

The bowel problems should improve from the B complex after about 3-4 weeks. It has to do with weakening muscles.

Aspirin as pain killer is the preferred one. Paracetamol will destroy the liver and possibly kidney functions.

If you get better, we can discuss other things. Your selective diet is not helpful, so just take plenty of whey protein instead to balance out the imbalanced amino acids. Try adding some Kikkoman soy sauce to your food, they have active amino acid which should improve your health.

Acid Reflux, Burning in Throat, Ears and Chest

09/07/2006: Jyoti from Galloway, NJ: Fosamax and then Actonel are the main culprits.I have been suffering for 4 years now.There was no heartburn in the beginning,just a feeling of something stuck in throat.Doctors keep changing medications but nothing works.Lifestyle changes havnt helped at all. Drank whole bottle of ACV in the last 35 days.vNo effect.vTried chewable DGL ,no effect. Have lost faith in doctors now. All they want to do is do a scope of my throat which is very expensive. Now there is burning in throat, ears, chest etc. I have stopped osteoporosis medication also. Can anybody help? I am 51 years old lady.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Acid reflux could be your body's buffers are depleted or your it is a helicobacter pylori issue. Often when this happens a simple emergency is to take some 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day or three times a day, mixed in 1/2 glass of water.

Also take plenty of vitamin B complex. To kill the helicobacter pylori that may cause acid flux too, is to take fulvic acid. Of course you won't find fulvic acid easy to find, so another substitute that can kill helicobacter pylori is to take apple seeds, apricot seeds, zinc acetate (50 mg/day) and selenium yeast (200 mcg/day).

Acid Reflux While Trying to Get Pregnant

08/25/2006: Jenny from UK: Tried to cure acid reflux. My throat has been very dry and I felt as though something stuck in my throat. My back and breast bones were feeling uncomfortable, more so when I breath in deep, especially around my shoulder blades the bones above to my chest. I have been having the symptom of chest uncomfortness for a while. I first had it after I had a very bad flu and cough at the end of 2004. When my cough got better everytime I breathed in I felt as though I couldn't breathe all the down into my stomach, as if something was stopping it from below. I then went to see the doctors who thought I had asthma and prescribed me with the brown inhaler. I tried it for two weeks but did not feel it improved when I breathed in deeply. Then afterwards I would have this uncomfort in my chest, at this point I was starting to get stomach acid and I would go the toilet for a number 2 quite frequent, sometimes having diarhea. The doctors prescibed me medication for ulcers in the duodeum and also medication for the stomach pains. I dilgently had this for two weeks but did not feel my condition improved. I stopped the medication after two weeks because I felt the medication made me worse, my stomach pains slowly disappeared, however I was still going to the toilet for number 2's twice to three times a day. I was continuing getting stomach acids and therefore went to see another doctor who prescribed me with Nexium. This seemed to have worked and stomach acid was less, but as soon I stopped the stomach acid came back and seemed to be worse. I was then wanting to try for a baby and decided not to take any medication because it seemed as though every medication I tried the symptons would get worse after the course of it. My symptoms just seems to be mildly constant and every now and then I would get an outburst of stomach acid and then uncomfort in back and chest. My latest new condition is that my throuat becomes very dry, I feel very thirsty and my tongue in the middle feels sore or course. Last night I decided to try the suggestion of having honey and apple cider but this morning the stomach acid and chest uncomfort was stronger than before I had this mix. I have yet to try bicarbonate soda. Do you know if my condition is due to trying for a baby? Also do you know if it affects you from becoming pregnant? I don't take any gaviscon or tums at all because I'm pretty much anti drugs and therefore am very interested in natural remedies.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You seem to be buffer deficient. So just try to take some sodium bicarbonate for about 2 weeks, at 1/4 teaspoon twice a day on an empty stomach, morning and before sleeping. The buffer will reduce it. Suspect acid reflux is a pathogen, so if you can get fulvic acid, this should help.
08/20/2014: Diamond from Mass. replies: I found a really great web site for the person asking for advice about genital warts.

Question About ACV for Acid Reflux

08/23/2006: Rachel from UK: I've been suffering with acid reflux for about 4 years and I stumbled over this website suggesting the use of ACV and I can't see any major difference. If anything I feel more acidic. I realise that ACV becomes alkaline once digested but surely taking it initially increases the acid in one's stomach and therefore increases the symptoms. I take daily medication for my reflux and would really rather not! I understand that reflux caused by lack of gastric acid may be helped by an intake of ACV, but what about if it is caused by having too much acid?

Ted from Bangkok replies: ACV can be acid also, if the body has insufficient buffers. Therefore, I would rather just let you take baking soda for 2-3 weeks before taking on either pure ACV or ACV plus baking soda. The common suggestions is to take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda mixed in water twice a day, one in the morning and one in the bed time. Once your bicarbonates is of sufficient capacity, then you might consider taking either ACV or ACV with baking soda. However, for me, I would rather take either baking soda or baking soda plus citric acid. However, most people think taking ACV with baking soda works best for them. So you just have to try and see which works for you, but it is always best to start of with baking soda for 2-3 weeks. By that time the acid reflux should normalize. If not, take fulvic acid, it may be the Helicobacter Pylori that is causing your acid reflux. Based on my own observations here, all acid reflux seemed to be relieve just doing these two simple things: baking soda and fulvic acid. Ted
02/08/2009: Mark from Novato, CA replies: I'm not even sure Acid Reflux is what I have, but it's a very high possibility and here's why. My mom had Acid Reflux for many years until she just had an endoscopy. She ended up with Barretts so the endoscopy was her only cure. I'm 25 years old, white male, in decent shape. But here is my problem. In August of 2008 I ate a burger at Burger King, a day or 2 later I woke up with rotten egg burps, and then was on the toilet with the worst diarrhea I've ever had in my life. It was literally like I was peeing from my butthole the whole time.

Ever since then about every 5 to 10 days I'll wake up with the rotten egg burps again, and I've narrowed it down to certain foods that trigger it. Mainly honey, dairy (milk especially), and meat seem to give me these rotten egg burps. Another symptom I've had for a couple years also is a difficulty swallowing. I find it very difficult to chew food small enough to swallow. I've been looking online for some answers and most people say it sounds like GERD. If you have any idea what would work for me please let me know. I don't have the diarrhea anymore when I get the rotten egg burps. That is basically the only symptom I get since the first time when I had that terrible diarrhea the whole day.

You mentioned that it could be H. PLORI. I've been wondering if I got a parasite from the burger at Burger King. Like Giardia? I'm really not sure, but I'd really like your opinion on this. Thanks and GOD BLESS!



Would ACV Work for Sophagitis? If So, How Often?

Bilo : I have been doing some research about the (ACV) and i have found in many web sites that most of the people with (ERGE) symptoms have tried the vinegar and it has helped them a lot, in my case i have been feeling these symptoms more often lately, i'm on a diet as the doctor told me to be but i see no results i can't sleep, i can't eat and i'm taking medication Pantop(pantoprazole) and Tilium(domperidone) i have not tried the (ACV) yet because i have sophagitis N# 1 and i could not find any indication that i can drink the vinegar in my condition, now my questions are Can i drink (ACV) having sophagitisN# 1? if yes, how often and for which period of time can i drink the(ACV)? i would really be glad if you could give me that information...thanks a lot

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: 2 tablespoons of ACV with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water. This formula is equal to exactly the pH of 7.0 and should have little effect on esophagus condition. Usually excess baking soda in the alkaline region of 7 to 8.0 would be anti-inflammatory towards the conditions of the esophagus, especially before meals. Sometimes vitamin E and magnesium are supportive, besides the malic content in the apple cider vinegar. Most doctors' meds often destroys the liver function, so restoring them could be an important point toward recovery. This includes sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg, vitamin E, and granulated powdered lecithin taken along with the food for all three. Ted

Urinary Ph High After Trying ACV for Acid Reflux

Dan from Williston, OH: Tried acv for acid reflux and my sinus, seemed to work for a day, then felt worse, my urine ph was high ,5.5 to 5.8, I read in your Q&A area that parasites may be the problem...what should i do? Helped my head for a day, but couldn't continue because of high acid ph. Give me a direction to go in , thanks Dan, ps , this is the best site i seen, thanks Dan

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: You didn't tell us how frequently and often you were taking the formula. Possible that you need to take more acv and baking soda. You can also take just more baking soda. The Urine pH should be between 6.5- 7 on the average, not 5.8. The numbers are not even close, this is why the condition didn't improve.

Is the Citric Acid C - Urea Breath Test Effective to Test for H. Pylori?

Is the citric acid c- urea breath test effective if one wants to test for h. pylori?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Re: The Problem with The Citric Acid C - Urea Breath Test to detect H-Pylori
12/14/2006: Ted writes, "Someone asked me about the Citric Acid C- Urea Breath Test to detect the presence of helicobacter pylori. Using the Urea breath test would invariably make the condition of acid reflux worse as the test requires the stomach to generate more helicobacter pylori colonies needed to detect such presence. In other words, a large carbon dioxide gas is generated from such a test.

The reason WHY you cannot take citric acid or any organic acid ALONG WITH THE FOOD is it SLOWS DOWN stomach emptying, thus increasing the helicobacter pylori colonies, making the acid reflux worse. In many cases the condition is not from helicobacter pylori, but from taking too much antibiotics which bought on the yeast infection issue. It IS o.k. to take apple cider vinegar AND baking soda, provided that you take it on an EMPTY stomach and when you are NOT hungry. This will not effect the slowing down of stomach emptying and thus alkalizing the body increasing the body's immune system, killing the helicobacter from behind (the blood supplying the surface of the stomach lining).

If you are going to KILL helicobacter pylori, it is best to add plenty of spices in your food that must include at least FOUR things: thyme, clove, cinnamon AND oregano! Make teas out of it if you have to, only this time the sweets are going to be either stevia and xylitol! If you want some nice drinks, then licorice extract now and then mixed in your tea should also kill the stubborn helicobacter pylori too.

That is as brief as I can make it. And now for a more detailed look, I present to you SOME insight into the workings of the acid reflux problem.

What is bad about the Citric Acid Urea Breath Test is that by taking citric acid to the food you eat along with urea, it causes the stomach to slow down digestion and as a result, the citric acid - urea stays in the stomach longer than usual. When this happens, fermentation in the stomach acts up, causing a huge belch of CO2 as helicobacter pylori grows while you are doing this test. The reason why stomach digestion slows down is that whenever there is acidity in the food, the intestines need more bicarbonates than usual to neutralize whatever the stomach has plus the extra citric acid. These tests can also use apple juice and other fruit juices, which create even more helicobacter pylori, further worsening the existing problem.

It is therefore much simpler and cheaper to just assume that you MIGHT have helicobacter pylori rather than take this test.

Basically, taking baking soda 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/2 glass of water at least 1 hour before meal would cause the body to have sufficient bicarbonates in the intestines so that the stomach will not be delayed needless waiting for the intestines to produce enough bicarbonates necessary to neutralize whatever excess acid that comes from the stomach.

This is why when we eat excess acid food, we get constipation. The food simply stays in your stomach so long it gets stuck. And when it does stay so long, it ferments, causing an acid reflux in the stomach. So doing the exact opposite would afford the opportunity to prevent that, and thus resolving the issue of acid reflux in the process. Acid reflux due to h. pylori in this case is the issue of fermentation due to excess food acid causing the stomach digestion process to slow down.

One reason why apple cider vinegar does work with acid reflux is that it is alkaline forming from the minerals found in the apple cider vinegar. However, as you see with the citric acid example, taking apple cider vinegar would work BEST, if taken on an empty stomach without the food. We can further the conclusion to make an even better apple cider vinegar by adding some baking soda where 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda would neutralize the solution to pH of 7 where there is sufficient alkaline forming minerals from the ACV plus enough bicarbonates to buffer the food. This will lessen the time it stays in the stomach unnecessarily, therefore reducing the fermentation and killing the helicobacter pylori indirectly since food would not stay long enough in the stomach to cause fermentation. This way makes for a more practical remedy rather than testing for it and torturing yourself in the process by expanding helicobacter pylori in the process.

Perhaps I am ignoring the fact that helicobacter is a bacteria, but there are many ways to kill it. Taking a powdered form, 25 mg -50 mg, of zinc acetate or similar amounts in the form of zinc citrate, zinc chloride would invariably kill it too. Also taking colloidal silver, frequently enough, but at each dose one teaspoon every two hour would kill it. On the other hand, drinking salty sea salt drinks would help. TO not overdo this, I think 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt per 1 liter of water that you can drink throughout the day would help. Remember salted fish does not spoil because it is salted! However, it is very important that the salt that use be a GOOD sea salt. No common table salt would work as they are acid forming and will not help your condition.

Am I over killing this helicobacter pylori a little too much? Yes I am, acid reflux, yeast infection can also be the cause too. In which case the treatment would still be the same, only with a couple of more added "home remedies" such as avoiding all whites, such as white flour, white bread, white sugar, and white salt. Apparently these whites are acid forming and lower the immune system since the present day method of processing bread uses bromine, which lowers your body's limited iodine. If you think iodine might be on the low side, just do once a week iodine foot painting and a weekly dose of zinc acetate 25 mg. should at least help.

Chromium, selenium, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) and garlic supplements have anti-fungal properties and this should further help you reduce the acid reflux issue.

In many cases the medical diagnosis for detection costs have exceeded the home remedies that are needed to treat them, while the remedies presented on Earth Clinic are even cheaper: they are all free! Ted

Bloating After Taking Apple Cider Vinegar for Acid Reflux

Walter from Corpus Christi, TX writes, "I drank a tablespoon of ACV this am because my friends are raving about how good it is for you. I suffer from acid-reflux as well and had heard it was a natural cure for this too. Well, I have felt bloated all day after drinking the ACV and after recently eating I came down with one of my worst acid reflux attacks ever! Any explanations?"

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Some people have lack of bicarbonates necessary to neutralize the acid. Therefore, there are two ways to deal with the problems:

1. Take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 glass of water for twice a day, once in the morning and once in the before evening. Do this for about 4 days, stop 3 days and continue to second or third week before taking Apple cider vinegar. The body does not seem to have sufficient bicarbonates which is causing the problem.

2. The second method is workable also, but it's pH is about 7. This means to two tablespoon of ACV, you add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water.

The body in this case is due to insufficient buffer and the body is overly acid. The more conservative approach based on your condition is to go for the first method. Once everything is o.k. then try the second formula from then on.

Certain people cannot store bicarbonates for various reasons. I am one of those people and found that out the hard way some thirty years ago. Some people have a natural ability to store bicarbonates. It is suspected that eating acid forming foods or people who regularly have constipation or acid tongue is when ACV won't work. In this case baking soda is needed to increase the body stores of it before the use of ACV and the body should be in better conditions.

Daughter Who Swims Competitively Throws up During Workouts

Scottsboro, AL : My twelve year old daughter swims competitively. She has times when she throws up during workouts. It sounds like acid reflux. Do you have any suggestions that would help this problem?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Candie: When you do competitive workouts, the body accumulates too much excess acidity. As a result the body tries to get rid of acidity by throwing up. And hence she will feel better after throwing up. However, this is not a healthy way of getting rid of excess acidity.

Under normal non competitive situation, in the morning she should take, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/4 teaspoon of vitamin C. This three way formula should be enough to increase some alkalinity in her system as well as increase the antioxidants the body needs.

In a vigorous workouts however, the amounts of bicarbonates and alkalinity needs to be much larger. So my guess, is first try the above, the slowly increase the baking soda to a level where the throwing up stops, assuming of course it is excess acidity. However, in most chances, acidity is very likely to be a problem and lactic acid buildup is mostly responsible for it. The body needs away to rid the lactic acid. Therefore, baking soda and drinking plenty of water should help. After a rigorous workout, only one pack of electrolytic drinks or sports drink should make up for the lost salts. These salts should replenish the potassium, so we are now missing magnesium which she should take only 100-250 mg. of magnesium citrate per day when the body is needs to recover or do training, especially.

Acid Reflux and Spastic Esophogus

Karen from Orlando, FL: Ted, I think it is just wonderful that you are giving your time to help those desperately in need without asking something in return. I commend you for this! I was diagnosed with acid reflux and a spastic esophogus 5 years ago which I believe was from the stress of pregnancy. Whenever a small amount of acid enters my esophogus it causes it to spasm, which in turn causes terrible pain in between my shoulder blades and in my chest and can also cause me to have choking sensations. When diagnosed I was put on Protonix. I took this medication for 1 year and it did help to heal my esophagus and get my over production of acid under control. I have been off of it for 1 1/2 years now. I try to control the acid reflux by my diet. Now and then I do have flare ups. About 2 months ago the acid reflux began again. Although, this time I cannot seem to get in under control. I try not to eat foods that cause acidity. But now it is to the point where I am in fear of the damage it may cause to my esophagus. Just about every moment of every day I am faced with the pain in my chest, throat and back. I do not sleep well and it seems like everything, including water, bothers me. I am beginning to feel a little deperate and have considered going to a doctor for help. Although, I know the Acid Blockers are just masking the problem and can be very harmful. I don't know what the root cause of the problem is and I certainly don't know how to stop it. I am 42 and not overweight at all. I would appreciate your assistance in helping stop this suffering so I may get back to living a life not consumed in worry about my health condition. I would appreciate if you can please make this specific to my situation with amounts to use. I was very concerned when I read all the issues with the burning of the tongue, etc. I do not want to create another painful situation to add to the one I already have. I desperately need help and would appreciate your advice. Thank you so much! Karen

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Karen: Acid reflux that occurred after pregnancy, often means the body hormones and nutrients in the body are simply depleted. One such condition that I have noted was the lost of hairs, which for some reason are also linked with acid reflux since a pathogen is often the triggering mechanism bought on reduced immune system.

Therefore it is best to start simple, by taken general mutiple vitamins supplements, especially vitamin B complex, with major concentration in vitamin B5 and inositol.

1 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus 1/2 glass of warm water should stabilized the body's acid/alkaline balance.

As for the pathogen issue, usually raising the immune system will help. In your case it appears to be manganese sulfate 25-50 mg/day, zinc acetate 25-50/mg day, magnesium citrate 250/mgday, and some potassium citrate 100 mg/day to balance both the major macro minerals.

Molybdenum in the form of sodium molybdate is often implicated in acid reflux since this is known to control pH indirectly so that might help, but the common dose is only 10 mg/day.

iotin is another area that people (who after pregnancy are deficient in) with reflux are also problematic, so just try only 5 mg./day. It is part of the vitamin B group.

Candida is often implicated when people have acid reflux, so try to take licorice extract 1/2 tablespoon to 1 tablespoon per day , and if you can find some glycine, this will also help. Licorice extract kills whatever pathogen there is that is causing it. If you are extremely helped by this, it also means colloidal silver, or water with 6-12 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide will work with you also.

In some cases I have seen acid reflux reduced or stopped by various means, such as ACV, acv baking soda, pantothenic acid B5 (from royal jelly) one tablespoon always depending on the cause of acid reflux.

However people often get lost with the treatment, but the simple matter is it depends on the cause.

In your case it might be both pathogen issue and nutritional deficiency one. Pathogen issue is easily resolve by raising immune system through kelp, licorice extract, zinc, manganese, magnesium and selenium.

The nutritional deficiency I mostly see people with acid reflux is usually vitamin B complex. The most important is B12, so if possible get a B12 injection. Then followed by taking plenty of vitamin B complex, maybe three times a day where B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, are 100 mg. per tablet. This should resolved the digest problems and your acid reflux. The last approach to acid reflux is the electrolytic and pH imbalance. So taking only sports drink or electrolytic drinks (pack they sell at store) taken only once a day should help. pH imbalance can easily be handled just taking 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon citric acid, or if you can't find citric acid then 1/4 teaspoon baking soda plus 1 whole lemon to 1/2 glass of water taken once or twice a day.

If you worry about the acid tongue issue, then just take baking soda only at 1/4 teaspoon per day and take some electrolytic drinks.

If you asked me what you should take first given myriads of supplements, then it would have to be the vitamin B complex and licorice extract first. And ACV and baking soda is the third choice. This is the acid reflux for people who had problems after pregnancy, and therefore nutrition deficieny and pathogens are the two major causes.

Electrolytic imbalance is a distant third, but it is best to leave no stones unturned once you beginning treatment you might consider adding them later on. If you think there is a hormonal imbalance is at issue, perhaps taking a 12.5 mg of DHEA might help. Since you are not fat, then maybe estrogen. Most people with lack of DHEA will be fat, so it appears that this is not the problem.

Of course I am keeping this last in case you have had no success with the other ones. Again, if I have all the lab results of your body, it would be easier, but if not, then you just have to find out by going over the list for you to run over.

Best Treatment?

A reader : What would you say is the best treatment for fibromyalgia? I was injured at my job in 1997 and have been suffering with this since. Often fibromyalgia is caused by injury as in my case. I am an RN but don't know what is really safe with all my medications. Are there adverse effects from these treatment? I have been going for pain management for a long time and certain treatments have helped and until just the past few weeks had only suffered from back, neck and arm pain along with fatigue and headaches. It is hard to hold down a job when you feel so miserable.

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Many people with fibromyalgia had symptoms that went away and there seems to be many ways. One way is taking water with then 5-10 drops of 3% H2O2 seems to bring relief especially the weakness fairly quickly. Doctors are using magnesium and malic acid to reduce fibromyalgia, so you can take this after to take a glass of water with a weak solution of H2O2.

Apparently the caused is coming from some kind of mycoplasma. Which is fungus like and difficult to kill, however, these should lessen the pain or at least make them tolerable. Another way that seems to hit well is taking about 4 teaspoon (or grams) of sea salt with 1 teaspoon of vitamin C (4 to 1 ratio). Just start smaller than and try it out. Taking baking soda about 1/2 - 1 teaspoon seems to help in increasing oxygen in the blood by increasing the pH of the blood a bit and will help kill the mycoplasma.

It has been increasing trend that people who take yearly flu vaccines have very high methyl mercury level that exceeds the EPA by as much as 25 times. Therefore, it will really help if you eat some vegetables, in particular 1/3 cup of chinese parsley to chelate them out. This is taken only after taking the sea salt and vitamin C. The pathogens once destroyed will release two things, free radical irons and biological toxins. Chinese parsley will chelate the metals safely (Asians been eating this vegetable for thousands of years and used as a blood purifier) and also taking some apple cider vinegar will neutralized the toxins from a mycoplasma die off.

There is no perfect treatment since most people don't provide me any feedback. This is especially true when they are cured or gone into remissions. One told me that limu, a type of brown seaweed seems to work well with fibromyalgia also.


Jude : Dear Ted, I have listed the questions that I have about using my supplements.

1. Regarding the mixture procedure and dosage for MgCl and Malic Acid: I understand that I can take up to 1 gram of MgCl per day without side effects. Is this true of Malic acid also? can I mix them together in the same solution? Also, can I add the H202 and the vinegar to the same mixture and drink them together? ( This is what I have been doing) I haven't had any problems so I assume it is OK. However, If you have any suggestion I would appreciate.

2. Please advise on how to use:

a) the sea salt
b) the MgOH
c) Sodium Thiosulfate

Ted, what I have been doing is premixing some Sodium Thiosulfate in water along with a couple of drops of the "Dechlorinator" and adding it to a large 20 liter bottle of drinking water. Then I filter the resultant solution before drinking. I have noticed a better water. However, it could be my imagination because I have had good clean water for a while. I hesitate using the magnesium hydroxide as I do not like any OH at all. Please advise how to use it and what it is suppose to do. I have no reference on how to use the sea salt. Please advise about this also. I am beginning my second week now and have made these observations; My headaches have diminished in severity and recurrence. This began in Bangkok after I took the first "pinch" in my hotel room. I noticed an improvement during the day as I walked up and down the stairs for the sky train. After a couple of day I began to retain fluid and my feet and ankles would swell-up a bit. This passed after a day or so but I still notice some difficulty removing my ring from my finger. Is this normal or am I returning to normal? I still have some pain in my joints but am noticing a definite relief from muscular discomfort. The pain I told you about in my left heel is still there but greatly improved. I am paying close attention to it and hope it improves more.

So, Ted, Please advise me about mixing procedures for the supplements and also for the water treatment. Also please give more information about the liquid drops of "Dechlorinator: and the drops of "Si" the fingernail supplement - I have noticed after only one week that my finger nails are more flexible and easier to clean. However, this could be from a better Ca Mg balance. The "crusty" cuticles are gone..... Many Thanks Jude

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Jude: People varies in dosage of MgCl without side effect. Some get diarrhea as little as 500 mg. For me it has no effect at all. Last time you took a pinch of MgCl to a 250 cc glass of water, which is about 250 mg. Some people are so sensitive that I have to recommend 250 mg/liter of water.

The reason for variation is simple: if the person is severely deficient in Magnesium, the likelihood of a diarrhea is stronger. It means the body's electrolyte is severely imbalance and the system tries to dump out more waste, including water. Therefore, you really have to guess about your own level of tolerance for MgCl. It will get much more tolerance with long term use.

The wonderful thing about natural supplements in general is they can generally be mixed together. This means you can mix Malic acid and vinegar together.

Again, as a level of caution start small dosage first this includes both malic acid and vinegar. For me 500 mg/250 cc of water for Malic acid is way to sour for me. So it depends on your taste. And yes you can mix with a couple of drops of 3% H2O2 also. As to the use of sea salt, here is what I do: a pinch of sea salt per liter of water. I don't recall recommending you any Magnesium Hydroxide as I have never used or have any magnesium hydroxide myself.

But I do recall recommending fulvic acid, chlorinator(sodium thiosulfate), defluoridator (boron compounds), sea salt, H2O2, Silicon dropper and vinegar. As to your condition of swelling, this has much to do with perhaps not drinking enough water.

This is especially true of hot weather. Try this and see if you improve: drink about 1/2 liter first thing in the morning (actually my calculations is about 600-700 cc for your size and weight, but this is a small point). During the breakfast, you may drink any amount you like, since your starting value was already 500 cc. of water. I have noticed that you do not drink enough water during breakfast, but you drink other things which is not helpful with fluid retention, such as tea, coffee and fruit juices. After you have breakfast try to keep tabs whether the swelling is now reduced. If you feel better then go for another 1/2 liter of water before lunch. Then continue that with 1/2 liter before sleep. What it does is that when you drink more water, you loose more sodium thus reducing the fluid retention caused by sodium. This at least was helpful for my conditions of fluid retention and my high blood pressure.

Remember the water I drink are all pre-treated similarly to what I wrote you by adding a pinch of sea salt, plus de chlorinated, defluoridated, as well as adding a drop of the mineral concentrate (which consists of fulvic acid also) to the one liter of water. In my experience, joints are slow to recover, but muscular aches and pains will go first. The nails and hair, and skin will improve next, and finally the joints. If you want your joints to heal faster, take more of the water soluble silicon more. This might be helpful.

If you can get Knox gelatin, or non sweetened gelatin to your diet, it was shown to be helpful to your joints as well. Taking of vitamin C supplements may be helpful with joint conditions by increasing collagen production.

Other things that will help is allantoin mixed with aloe vera oil or DMSO. But this is another story. The other problem about the swelling could also be the fibromyalgia that you mentioned, and clove oil as mentioned might be helpful, but the use on clove oil can be done later on once the pre-treatment of water is in place. If you wanted to be sure that you are not drinking enough water do the urine electrical conductivity test, the average is between 30,000 - 40,000 mirosiemens/cm2. If the value exceeds that than you don't drink enough water. For me my urine conductivity is way over the hill at 95,000 and up, which means I have to follow the stict regimen of drinking at least 1/2 liter morning, lunch and evening not counting the water I drink during meals, when I am thirsty and assuming I am not outside working hard. When your urine conductivity is way over for years and year without you realizing, then you get swelling, high blood pressure and reverse osmosis of the eye fluid causing macular degeneration, which I am currently suffering with my left eye.

So drinking more water might solve these conditions I am currently having. I should have bought the conductivity meters and brix meter sooner! Also, it seems that magnetized blender water had a very favorable effects (more longer time) in better values of pH, electrical conductivity, Brix(sugar level) and ORP (oxidation reduction potentials). So if you get a chance to experiment with it see what happens, at least my beans sprouts and all the plants in my house responded quite favorably! Thank you for the feedback.

Weak Esophageal Sphincter, Scarring

Asif : Hello Ted I have been taken the ACV with baking soda and it has helped a lot. One problem i have is that my tongue is always white - brown / creamy the next morning witha thick coating. When i stop the ACV for 2 days, it goes back to normal. Any suggestions on this?

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: Dear Asif: Normally it takes 2 weeks for the body to acquire enough bicarbonates, without the ACV, in event the body is acidosis, acid tongue, or creamy white tongue, and the ACV begins only after the second week. Apparently that was taken initially so the body has not have a chance to acquire enough bicarbonates yet. Creamy white color is a fungus problem, try using green tea no sugar, no fructose no milk. Use that as a mouthwash and drink that 3 times a day. It should reduce the creamy white thing. Or you can switched to a more powerful alkaline using lime (lemon) juice freshly squeezed 8 teaspoon with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water. That should help alkalize more and reduce the fungus like problem. Adding some 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in one liter of water should help.
03/25/2011: Elena from Northern, Ca/usa replies: I reviewed this blog. My humble opinion, after 20 months of hell with LPR, a fundoplication that left me 10x worse than before the surgery, best thing you can do for reflux (its caused by loose LES and UES) is to reduce meat/chicken/pork and eat most of everything veggies or fruit that are non acidic. (Also I think my taking vitamins may have contributed to a constellation of things coming together that caused LPR. I think the calcium citrate vitamins I took before bed for several years may have contributed to my LPR. I also had severe sleep apnea and used the c-pap faithfully and developed severe allergies to the air pressure.)

Also take mega doses of probiotics. Those two things: probiotics and reducing meat & eating a veggie/fruit diet is the best way to manage GERD/LPR without drugs. Another words don't eat things that take alot of acid to digest and that hang around your digestive track too long.

I never found that PPIs helped me at all. In fact Nexium gave me a severe case of pnuemonia that would not clear up, even with antibiotics, until the PPI was stopped. (You need some acid in your stomach to kill off the bacteria and viruses that come down from your throat. Your stomach is 50% of your immune system) My legs felt like lead weights on PPIs. Your not making B vitamins in your intestines while on PPIs and a host of other really important things aren't happening when you shut down your acid pumps. I was constipated all the time. And worse, it didn't work to stop the searing throat burn! My LPR was atypical and nothing worked for it, not even surgery. 6 months ago I thought I would wither away slow but sure from a burning & searing throat. I lost 1-2 lbs a day for 3 months. They gave me pain medicines that a person suffering from any type of GERD shouldn't take at all. It was terrifying to burn to death every day with no Dr. able to help me. My PH test showed that I had gone from an acid test of 40 to .4 but I was still burning to death!

Finally I saw a ENT Dr and my clincal presentation showed that my throat was burnt to a crisp and the burns went right up to the back of my molars. My ENT told me I had to learn to live with it. My GI gave me Carafate and that I had to learn to manage it. That was it! I stumbled upon mega doses of probiotics and cutting out meat (meat of any kind takes a very long time to digest and therefore you have acid hanging around in the stomach for extended periods of time; just think about what happens when you eat meat everyday). Hope my dibiltating near death experience helps someone out there.

My Drs tried to help me but nothing worked except megadoses of probiotics & cutting meat out... And don't drink alcohol, sodas, or anything with citric acid in it! Read your labels. Drink akaline water, spring water worked for me. Yes, I even burned when I drank water! I also gargle with baking soda water to neutrilize the acid that is hitting my throat but I don't swallow it. From my research digesting baking soda consistantly is not not a good idea). LPR is disasterous dibilating anatomical problem. I wish you health. Hope to hear if this helped anyone. Elena

04/01/2011: Diamond from Salisbury, Ma.usa replies: Elena; Like you I have had many debilitating illnesses, as well as acid reflux, I called my Dr. and asked what I should do, he told me to take another prilosect I said but Dr. it says not to exceed more than one pill per day; he yelled at me and said he was the Dr. do as he said, so late that evening I was rushed into ER where I needed gallbladder surgery, the ER Dr. said your gallbladder was ready to explode. I found recently through trial an error that acid does control a higher or lower form of acid same as I found oil on my blouse and used another oil to take it out. Not everything works the same for everyone, we eat, drink, live and think differently which changes our body functions. I do a lot of foot work searching these sites out and this one is the best by far, it has helped me from many annoying doctors exploratory tests by the dozens.

Then it has stabilized a stray kitten in much pain with mange where I am hoping it will save her life and put her where she can be a real kitten. And yes I gave her Apple Cider Vinegar vinegar because she had a very high amount of acid where it burned a small pocket under her eye. So this Apple Cider Vinegar has so far been a great hit with my kitten and I, also two small dogs where I pamper them with Apple Cider Vinegar as well. I hope your feeling well. Good luck.

04/01/2011: Diamond from Salisbury, Ma.usa replies: Elena;Like you I have had many debilitating illnesses, as well as acid reflux, I called my Dr. And asked what I should do, he told me to take another prilosect I said but Dr. It says not to exceed more than one pill per day;he yelled at me and said he was the Dr. Do as he said, so late that evening I was rushed into ER where I needed gallbladder surgery, the ER Dr. Said your gallbladder was ready to explode. I found recently through trial an error that acid does control a higher or lower form of acid same as I found oil on my blouse and used another oil to take it out. Not every thing works the same for every one, we eat, drink, live and think differently which changes our body functions. I do a lot of foot work searching these sites out and this one is the best by far, it has helped me from many annoying doctors exploratory tests by the dozens. Then it has stabilized a stray kitten in much pain with mange where I am hoping it will save her life and put her where she can be a real kitten. And yes I gave her Apple Cider Vinegar vinegar because she had a very high amount of acid where it burned a small pocket under her eye. So this Apple Cider Vinegar has so far been a great hit with my kitten and I, also two small dogs where I pamper them with Apple Cider Vinegar as well. I hope your feeling well. Good luck.
06/21/2011: Jenny from Pomona, California replies: Hello Ted,

I am 19 years of age and I get this really bad pain in my chest. Toughness in breathing, stomach becomes really hard, and my back and stomach hurt REALLY bad to the point where I can't sleep but just lay there in pain and tears. At first I just thought it was Acid Reflux but now I'm afraid its something worse. I took Prilosec for 14-days and that actually helped with the pain a lot. However, you cant take that again until 4 months after the 14-day treatment already taken. Do you think its a peptic ulcer or do you just think its a really bad case of GERD? I can't afford to go to the hospital to get it checked so until then im hoping you can help me out. If you dont mind, can you please tell me the exact apple cider vinegar treatment? I take 2 tablespoons of ACV in 8oz of water right when the pain starts but I don't see it helping me out. Please, help me!

06/10/2012: Sara from Fl, Florida replies: Ted, I am just wondering abut acid reflux. I've had acid reflux for about a month now, it started when I wore a tight dress and I ate food but the dress restricted my stoamch and maybe damaged my lower esophagus sphincter from properly operating so the food remains stuck in my esophagus, not able to move downwards to my stomach. So I've had that feeling of food stuck in my chest for weeks until one time, I ate a piece of chicken and it immediately got worse, the chest feeling blocked. My doctor prescribed Zantac and I was on it for 3 days and the acid reflux (for days, the acid came up into my throat and I felt nauseous) got better and all taht remained was chest tightness. Then when it was getting better, I ate a hard bagel and everything started up again. Chest tightness, then acid coming up. Now, I have heartburn, needlelike pain that radiates up and burning sensation and nausea and fatigue that is relieved slightly with eating food. The Zantac doesn't work that much anymore and I'm afraid to go on Nexium. Should I just continue not taking drugs and wait for the stomach to heal by eating apples, baking soda?



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