Poikiloderma of Civatte Remedies: Q&A

Last Modified on Jun 06, 2008

Remedies Needed for Photo-sensitive Skin on Neck

06/06/2008: Sheila from Dewsbury, United Kingdom: I am female, 62 years old, and have always kept well clear of the sun and always used a sunscreen when I had no choice but to go out in the sun. However, I recently began using a natural, organic moisturiser with a suncreen factor of 15F, which I applied before going out on a sunny day. I only put the cream on my neck, not on my face. The weather here has been cool and only moderately sunny,but almost immediately I began to develop the red neck and upper chest typical of chronic sun damage.I can only think that some of the ingredients in the moisturiser made my skin photo-sensitive. I don't use this moisturiser any more, and have reverted to a normal sunscreen and still avoid the sun as much as possible. However, the redness is still there after one month, and doesn't look as if it will go away now. At present it is fairly mild, but I fear that it might worsen over time. I know there are various laser treatments, etc. available, but I don't want to go down that route - too expensive and possibly not safe long-term. Do any of you have any safe, natural treatments which could reduce the redness? It is not rosacea. It goes by the strange name of Poikiloderma of Cevatte.

06/06/2008: Earth Clinic replies: Can you please send us the ingredients that were in the natural sunscreen you used?  It would be very helpful information.
06/07/2008: Earth Clinic replies: Sheila, Ted has responded to your question: http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/Poikiloderma_of_Civatte.html#TED



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