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Aluminum Foil Works for Burns!

Jul 29, 2016

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Posted by Sagirl (Lindford, Hampshire, England) on 10/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Wow!!! Burned my whole right hand on top with boiling water, and tried carbonate of soda, but that made it worse. After about 6 hours of icy water, my husband came across this site and we decided to try the foil idea. It took about 30 minutes of waves of severe pain, but now 3 hours later, pain free almost. Can't feel the skin on my pointer finger, though. How long do I leave the foil on for though? Thanks for the wonderful idea.

Replied by Lacie
Miranda, Nsw, Australia
10/21/20115 out of 5 stars
Burnt my hand with steam from an iron this morning.

With two young girls, I was concerned about how I was going to manage with a burnt hand. The pain was really bad, I put it in cold water but taking it out brought on sharp stinging pains. I just wanted to ease the pain and found this site.

So I wrapped my fingers with Al foil and then sticky taped the outside to keep the foil in place.

Yes, at first the pain was excruciating. Felt like I had put a cyan pepper patch on it, the heat was painful. Then the pain subsided, and is now bearable.

I believe the foil acts to conduct heat away from the burn area but it also compresses the area to reduce the body's reaction to a burn, particularly in reducing the blistering. There are scientific papers regarding this treatment.

Either way, I am so glad I found this site and would recommend this remedy to anyone who has had a 2nd degree burn. Do remember to seek medical advice if you don't feel any pain at all, and also if it really concerns you.

Replied by Danielle R
Liverpool, England
10/22/20115 out of 5 stars
My little girl asked me to melt some chocolate in the microwave. I put the chocolate in for 1 minute. I turned my back to get another bowl an my daughter had opened the microwave and stuck her finger in the melted chocolate she has screamed for an hour and a half in pain. Her finger is blistered. She has had her finger in a bowl of ice cold water for the last hour and a half. I then googled what I could do to help the burn to stop stinging. I read that aluminum foil works I found this quite bizarre. I thought it was worth a try. This actually worked straight away. I'm impressed.
Replied by Lacie
Miranda, Nsw, Australia
One week after the steam burn, my hand has completely healed. It never blistered. For two days, it was sensitive to warm water, after that it was like a sunburn and the skin just peeled painlessly.

I am really grateful for google and Earth Clinic.

My friend told me that her father used to always put oil on his burns (from cigarettes), and suggested a logical reason why we shouldn't put our skin under cold water for too long. She said that water tends to swell the skin up, which leads to blistering. But, the Al foil definitely works.

Forgot to mention that I bought natural Vitamin E cream from the health food store to put on the burn while it was healing, that may have helped also.

Replied by Irma
Kansas City
08/01/20121 out of 5 stars
Aluminum foil didnt work for me, as soon as I put it on seemed its hurting even more. Burnt my finger making breakfast for my hubby, the glass plate was too close to the frying pan (damn lack of counter space) and my thumb just stuck to the plate, never experience aburnt so bad, blister in all shades of white popped up seconds later and cool running water didnt even seem to help, so even tho ure not suppose to I put ice cube on it, tht seemed to stop the pain and ofcourse we have immediate errands to run after breakfast so I got in the car with a cup full of ice. Good while its on, as soon as I remove my finger its hurts BAD. So when I finally got home found this, tried foil, sorry but I almost shat myself from pain lol then I went for alcohol, 91% rubbing alcohol, filled up a shot glass n stuck my thumb in it, first couple of minutes it stang like hell but started getting better after a while, then after keeping my thumb in alcohol I put sum toothpaste on, I can still feel it n it stings but nowhere as bad as it was before, so thnk you guys!
Replied by Louell
Fernie, Bc, Canada
09/06/20125 out of 5 stars
I pulled a 350C pot out of the oven with an oven mitt then pretty much immediately forgot about it and went back to grab it again for a good two seconds.

I immediately ran it under cold water and kept doing for a good half hour. After that I could not remove my hand from a bowl of cold water for more than a minute or it would hurt like hell.

To be honest, I didn't really want to try tin foil because I thought it sounded dumb. Dissipate the heat from a burn? Create an airtight seal? Unlikely.

I'm glad I did try it though because after I applied the foil there was still just about a minute of pain before I noticed a significant reduction and eventual cessation.

I was able to sleep through the night without any discomfort aside from occasionally scratching my face on a foil wrapped thumb, haha.

Posted by Jess (Melbourne, Victoria, Austrilia ) on 09/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Wow. I'd just like to say thanks to all the people who have shared their stories on here. I burnt my rude finger on my right hand about 5 hours ago, I tried everything. I tried water, frozen peas, even wrapping a bandaid around it so tight, hoping that I would be able to feel it. Then I came across this site and when I saw that you use foil I was amazed. My own mother has just done her medical course and she got told water's the best for it. But I'm sitting here now with my foil on my finger and it is kind of working- the pain is going on and off but I felt like crying it hurt that much. Thanks.

Replied by Megan
Harrisburg, Pa, Us
10/02/20115 out of 5 stars
I burned my hand grabbing a pot, cold water was the only releif. I then found out about the aluminum foil. I tried it out and it worked! I then realized that NaCl is in your SWEAT, and NaCl is what is used in treating burns in the hospital. Moral of the Story is that Sweat or moisture is the real key to relief and the aluminum foil made my hand sweat!
Replied by Cook
Los Angeles, Ca
11/25/20115 out of 5 stars
It really works. I had excruciating pain from a burn on the palm of my hand. After 5 hours of trying toothpaste, ice, mustard, sour cream - aluminum foil is the only thing that worked. I have no pain!
Replied by Erica
Chandler, Az
06/25/20125 out of 5 stars
I burnt my hand on the oven rack last night getting pizzas off the rack. The pizza slid off so fast my left hand had a washcloth, my right hand an oven mitt. The wash cloth dropped out of my hand and my reaction grabbed the oven rack. I had my hand under cold water on and off for 2 hours, mostly had a cold rag tightly wrapped around it. It continued to keep burning. I took tylenol within a half hour after it happened, but the pain barely decreased. I got online immediately as I hoped running cold water was the best first thing to do, than what the next best thing to do was.

I reviewed about 8 websites with different home remedies and found this site with the foil. I thought it was just a hoax and my husband would call me a sucker, but I wrapped my fingers with foil. I didn't use long enough foil so I kept it on for just a few minutes and went back to the cold rag. It was getting close to bed time so I figured to give it another try since my hand was still burning and it was over 2 hours later. I wrapped it with foil and taped it onto my finger and than wrapped the cold rag around it. Within minutes the heat was lifted. Since I was going to sleep I put a storage bag around my hand and secured it with a hairtie, so I could sleep with the rag on. I figured I would remove it soon after, but I slept for hours through the night, before I took the bag and the rag off. A few hours more I took the foil off, and put aloe and the bag back on so I didn't get wet aloe all over the place. I had 3 burns on my hand, the palm side of my thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Before I put the foil on my finger I could see that the burns were beginning to blister, but the skin color was the same, not red, just barely a pink shade darker.

This morning, my hand looks normal, feels 95% normal. The burns feel like tight skin, a little warm burning, but nothing compared to the fire burning feeling from last night. Great idea, I was so skeptical, but definetely worked.

Posted by Todd Jacques (San Diego, Ca) on 09/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I found that the foil worked well, while also soaking in ice water. After about an hour I took my hand out of the water, it stung for just a bit but way less intense than at first, I'd say 20% of initial pain. I've had the foil on for about 2 hours now and I am barely aware that I even burned my hand at all. It works!

Posted by Molly (Richmond, Texas) on 08/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I burned my fingers pretty bad being my dumb self, taking a glass tray out of a 400 degree oven. I kept it in water for an hour and it still didnt work, tried a couple of others but nothing! I didnt think the foil would work but hey, after 20 minutes the pain is dulling!!

Replied by Emmzie
Monticello, Mn Us
09/08/20115 out of 5 stars
oh my gosh it actually works. I burnt my finger on a hot glue gun put tinfoil on it and its been like 15 minutes and it's almost gone.
Replied by James
Yuma, Co
Amazing, the pain is finally easing up after hours in cool and frozen water. Alcohol didnt work but this is!!! I was practicing plastic welding and accidentaly grabbed the tip of the torch, I am an idiot.
Replied by Dmakepiece
Philadelphia, Pa
09/12/20111 out of 5 stars
I tried aluminum foil for a burn I got when I accidentally poured boiling water on my hand. As others have mentioned, it was incredibly painful and the only thing that kept back the pain was putting it under cold running water. If I took my hand out of the water the unbearable pain would start again after a few seconds. After reading about it here, I tried putting aluminum foil around my hand. First I tried with the shiny side in and I pushed through the pain for about five minutes with no relief. Then I tried with shiny side out and stuck with it for 15 minutes. Ouch. I couldn't stand it anymore so I put a pack of frozen vegetables on top. That worked, unless I removed the frozen vegetables. I kept that going for about 2 hours with no relief, so I gave up and tried the baking soda paste mentioned here. I covered the burn thickly and as soon as it started hurting again I washed it off and re-covered it. It was still hurting a little when I was ready for bed so I put the baking soda on, put my hand in a plastic bag, covered it all with a sock, and went to sleep. This morning there's some redness but almost no pain.

Posted by Reddollie (Elgin, Oregon) on 07/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

last night I burned myself pretty badly, I actually was considering going to the e. R. When my husband remembered how successful the home remedies have been previously when using this site. I was terrified when he said we were gonna wrap the burn in aluminum foil. But I am here to say that it worked 100%! My hand is still a little swollen but the heat of the burn is gone and I have no blistering! Wow!!! Thank you earthclinic, I love you!

Posted by Jb83 (Btown, Iowa) on 06/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My fingers got burnt from steam while I was cooking dinner.. I tried running them under cold water and holding ice on them, but as soon as I would take the water or ice off of them they would just hurt even more. So I then tried the colgate toothpaste.. NOPE! That didnt work. So I found this website and tried the aluminum foil. It did burn super bad for the first 5 mins but now 20 mins later I have minimal pain. I will definitely use this remedy again and recommend it also.

Replied by Torrey
Warwick, Ri
06/20/20115 out of 5 stars
I really burnt the ends of my fingers badly on a lawn mower muffler. I put them in cold ice water and couldn't get them out of the water for more than a few seconds without intense pain, it was so bad it made me sick. The ends of my fingers were swelling, had turned white and started to form a large blister. I couldn't go to ER because I was watching my kids, and wasn't going to be able to get help. I found this site and decided to try the aluminum... I was definitely skeptical. I tried one finger at a time leaving the others in the water. It started to have an effect in about 5 minutes, pain subsided 50% in about 1/2 hour, and was feeling no pain after about 1.5 hours. It does indeed work, but it is a scary prospect to have to remove your fingers from the water.
Replied by Stephanie
Arnold, Missouri
07/20/20115 out of 5 stars
i really burned my thumb trying to fix my moms lawnmower yesterday, it blistered almost immediately the pain was so bad I couldn't stand it after getting home I soaked my thumb in ice water for about 9 hours with no relief I could only remove it from the water for a few seconds before the pain would come back full force so I turned to the internet and am so glad I found this site! As soon as I removed my thumb from the ice water and put on the foil, shiny side in, it instantly felt better! Still hurts a little bit but its at least bearable! I was so skeptical but so many people seemed to say it worked so I tried it and now im a believer!
Replied by Christine
Lowell, Ma
05/05/20125 out of 5 stars
OK, I sat here for 3 hours with ice water on my hand because I got a bad burn from a hot glue gun. Laughed to myself, wow what a bunch of crap, aluminum foil, but considering the fact that I couldn't get my hand out of the ice water for more than a minute, I said What the heck ??

Well, it worked, don't get me wrong, it hurts still but the earlier post is correct it's about 97% better and I can handle that, I also tried the alcohol and that worked ok but not as well. My finger is wrapped fairly cozy but not too tight. I cannot thank you enough for this advice.

Posted by Linda (Trinidad) on 06/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Omg, this site saved me from going mad. I got a very bad steam burn and I tried the aluminum foil and it worked in 15 mins.

Posted by Aimee (Stockton, Il 61085) on 05/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My Daughter burnt her thumb at a bonfire we tried the alchol and ice did not work did the foil and load and behold getting better. Now we are beleivers.

Replied by Debbie
Burlington, Ontario
07/08/20115 out of 5 stars
Huge Thanks for all the comments, aluminum foil worked wonders for me on my burn, I was pouring hot water for tea from a kettle and accidentally hit my hand instead of the cup. I tried everything, soaking it in cold water, the alcohol swab, even aloe vera, but the pain just wouldn't seem to go away. So I tried the aluminum foil, thankfully read enough of these replies to stick with the pain for a good 10-15 minutes and then it started to ease up. Definately remembering this trick for next time, it has helped me alot! Thought I may have had to go to the hospital for a bit as well!
Replied by Mrs. Fixit
Murray, Kentucky
04/29/20125 out of 5 stars
So yesterday I was changing the spark plugs on my car and decided hey while I'm at it I'll go ahead and change the oil in my riding mower too. Well, I let it run for a few minutes to warm the oil up and failed to let everything cool down. The owner's manual says to unplug the spark plug before draining the oil.... So, I went for the spark plug wire and wasn't thinking that the big shiney tube next to it was the exhaust. Long story short, I burned the crap outta my palm near my thumb, my middle finger and my ring finger... OUCH! I immediately ran inside to run cold water on it. Of course, every time I took it out from under the water I wanted to scream it hurt so bad. I grabbed some frozen corn and headed to the computer where I found this site. I saw the Aluminum Foil thing and couldn't imagine how something so crazy would work, but I decided to give it a try since I have no insurance and didn't want to go to the ER. I wrapped the foil around each finger individually and then around the palm of my hand. I had read that it may continue to burn for a little while, so I waited... Within 10-15 min the burning had gone from a 9. 5 to a 2. No more pain! I kept it on for about 4 hours, which was when I couldn't feel any pain at all, and then removed it. Still no pain. I decided that putting some anti-biotic cream on it wouldn't hurt, so I did so. It is now the next evening and I have to say I am completely amazed!!! I do have some small blistering, but it isn't even tender to the touch. I was able to change my cam sensor on my car today!!! I burnt my right hand, which of course I am right handed, and was still able to use a wrench and sockets with no problems!

Thank you so very much Earth Clinic and to all of the people who commented with their results!!


Posted by Dragonfly (Northville, Mi) on 02/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't tried it myself! Having a blonde moment I grabbed a cast iron grate after boiling hot water! Blisters were there immediately! I kept my hand in cold water for a few hours until I found this sight and thought what would it hurt to try! AMAZING!!! Like people said it took about ten min of pushing through the pain and then it was gone! I even went to the mall with the foil on my hand:)! I took it off a few hours later and my hand hasnt' hurt since... Most of the blisters are gone too, but the worst one I had!! I would def do and tell people about this again!

Replied by Noel
Ft Worth, Tx
05/16/20115 out of 5 stars
My girlfriend scorched her hand really bad from a pan which had come out of the oven. She ran cold water and used aloe vera gel, while cooling it with a covered ice wrap. It was fine, until she removed the ice wrap, as pain returned with a fury. I read the foil idea, and thought wow, this is crazy, but what the hell. She used it with great success and has had very little blistering. Great idea!!!!
Replied by Carjacks
Mcdonough, Ga
06/03/20115 out of 5 stars
I burnt my fingers by accidently grabbing a hot flat iron. The pain was extreme. I applied ice as well as antibiotic ointment to relieve the pain. I couldn't remove the ice for more than a few seconds w/o intense pain.

Finally I found this website and decided to try the foil. It hurt really badly for about 5-7 minutes. The pain would come in waves and it felt like my hand was cooking. After that, the pain began to subside. The blistering stopped and there was very little pain. It does work.

Replied by Caroline
Charlotte, Nc
08/02/20115 out of 5 stars
amazing! Burned my finger on my straitening iron and my first instinct was to put ice in it so I used I wet rag with ice and every 5 min. I had to get new ice for about 4 or 5 hours. Then I googled other remidies and found this site. I figured that there was no harm in trying it so I wrapped so arnolds around my finger and it worked! In about half an hour my finger was fine and whenever it started hurting again I just put on more foil till it felt better :)
Replied by Michelle
Charlotte, Nc
08/28/20115 out of 5 stars
STEAM BURN REMEDY THAT REALLY WORKS! I received a steam burn on the top of the four fingers of my right hand when opening a roasting pan. The steam came out so fast. The pain was unbearable! I had some relief only when I had my hand in a bowl of ice water. If I took it out, the pain got even worse then when the incident happened. I felt like my hand was on a rotisarrie just cooking away. For 3 hours I could not do anything but keep it in ice, then my husband looked up this tip on the internet and wrapped each of my fingers in tin foil and within MINUTES the pain was gone! Truly amazing. I am still trying to figure out why it works, but it does!
Replied by Debbie
Mesa, Az
09/07/20115 out of 5 stars
I had removed the film from a cooked microwave meal & experienced a steam burn to my finger. The pain was so intense it brought tears to my eyes. After soaking finger in ice cold water for 90 minutes, I read on this site about aluminum foil. As a nurse I was skeptical, as I had never heard of this. I have had it on my finger for 25 minutes & the pain is so much better. Thank you for this tip! Incredible!
Replied by Lauren
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/united States Of America
10/22/20115 out of 5 stars
As weird as it sounds, aluminum foil works. I was REALLY skeptical at first but it took away all the pain. If you have a minor burn, just give it a try. In my opinion its better than sticking mustard, egg whites and potato slices on a burn- haha people are just asking for an infection, honestly.
Replied by Lydia
Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Decided to be a fool and grab a roasting hot light bulb earlier. I was soaking my hand in a glass of ice water for 3 hours which made it bearable but the pain kept rushing back whenever I removed it. Hopped on google to see if there was anything else to make it possible for me to sleep and found this. My flatmates may think I'm physco but the tinfoil (what we call AL foil here) has made the pain go away which is all that matters. We'll see whos crazy next time they burn themselves!
Replied by Gerard
Belfast, Ireland
05/19/20125 out of 5 stars
I burnt my whole hand fingers n all taking a pan out of the oven, never felt pain like it. Tried freezing water for nearly 3-4hrs only took pain away for couple of minutes, tried cold packs same effect as cold water, then I went onto this web site and thought I'd give this tin foil thing ago as I would try anything to get rid of pain and I'll tell ya what unbelievable now don't get me wrong pain was still here for about half hour, but now it has almost completely gone, still can't believe it.

Posted by Roberta (West Chester, Oh) on 12/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Same story as everyone else here. Touched a dish in oven at 425! Couldn't take may thumb out from under the running water for more than a couple of seconds without a lot of pain. Put the Al foil on. At first, no relief, hurt a bit worse. And, then at about 15 min. Total relief. I did try and take the foil off about an hour later and it began to hurt again. So, I put it back on. Immediate relief. So, I slept with it on. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the advice!! It works!

Replied by Ailime
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
03/23/20125 out of 5 stars
Emilia Tokes - from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I poured 100degrees Celcius boiling water on my whole left hand last night by accident, when I wanted to pour it in my tea pot. The pain was so unbearable I wanted to scream and die. I had 3 fractures, among which one open and it didn't burn this bad. I spent a good 4 hours dipping my hand in cold water, but as soon as I took it out - it would sting and burn like crazy. I googled -- I tried the rubbing alcohol, lasted a good 30 seconds ? I tried the white of eggs but, it was not practical for me, as it was 11pm and I really wanted to go to sleep. I found this this site, I read a lot of the foil paper and I said - I have nothing to lose. I wrapped my hand in foil paper. The first 30 seconds were unbearable! The first minute was painful. Near the end of the first 5 minutes though, I already noticed a diminition of pain! I wrapped my hand in a light scarf, I attached the base near my wrist with a hair crunchie and went to bed.

I woke up this morning, my hand was cured!! No kidding. I have pictures of my hand totally red from the burning and totally white fresh out of the foil paper. It's a miracle solution! And you can sleep with it, if you happen to burn yourself in the afternoon, or evening like me.

I HIGHLY recommend the foil paper. I cannot believe that I can actually type with both 2 hands a night after I burned my left hand and I am speaking of the whole palm being burned, between the fingers and on top of the thumb, the middle and the ring fingers, as the boiling water ran through the fingers!

Replied by Shannon M.
Long Beach, California
04/09/20125 out of 5 stars
I was an unbeliever. Now I am a believer. My oven mitten slipped, and I pushed in the oven rack with my bare thumb. 2 hours with an ice pack, and it still hurt when I removed the ice pack. I did not want to try the aluminum foil because it sounds so... Unbelievable. At first the pain intensified for 2-4 minutes, and then it subsided totally. WOW! I only kept the foil on for an hour. The pain did not return. Thanks!

Posted by Claire (Memphis, Tn) on 12/01/2010

I stuck my finger right in a glob of hot glue and it hurt so badly I could only take it out of a cup of cool water for seconds without excruciating pain. Looks like an easy second degree burn with a big blister forming. Googled for help and found this great site. I cannot believe this aluminum foil wrapped around my finger has helped so much. Thank you Nova Scotia. The internet is so great

Replied by Tb
Morristown, Tennessee
05/01/20115 out of 5 stars
Burned two of my fingertips by directly touching a hot baking element in the oven. The burn was deep and bright white; yellow mustard (a remedy that's always helped before) seemed to do nothing. Kept my hand in cold water for six hours, but every time I took it out it would hurt like crazy. Thought aluminum foil sounded like a silly idea, but finally got desperate enough to try it. 20 minutes later the pain was gone! It's 3 days later and the burn is *just* starting to blister but is still completely painless. (I'm baffled, really.)
Replied by Christina
Elk Grove, Ca
07/05/20115 out of 5 stars
Starting today, we added " TIN FOIL " to our FIRST AID KIT---------------MY DAUGHTER BURNED HER THUMB AND POINTER FINGER GRABBING A SPARKLER (4TH OF JULY) HER FINGERS TURNED RED, WHITE, AND SWELLED.. SHE WAS IN SO much pain. we put water, ice, tried mustard, the pain was so intense.. She put them back in the water. we came upon this home remedy site... We tried the foil..... IT WORKED WITHIN SECONDS OF WRAPPING THE FOIL AROUND THEM. THANK YOU.

Posted by Trishy (Minneapolis, Mn) on 10/03/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say, I am shocked. Tonight my stupid self grabbed a glass cake pan that was around 350 degrees! I burnt myself pretty badly on my palm and fingers. I immediately ran cool tap water over the burn and then but an icepack with a washcloth around it on my hand. I ran to the internet in search of the best remedy. After I saw this page, I thought "why not? I have foil in the kitchen! " I will say, at first, it burned even worse when I initially but the foil on (luckily I saw that someone else had the same thing happen, so I stuck with it). However after several minutes, the burning sensation decreased and now, 4 hours later, I have no pain! The blisters are next to nothing, too! I amazed!

Replied by Mountain Girl
Blairsville, Ga
10/04/20105 out of 5 stars

Posted by Helsbels (Berks, Uk) on 09/24/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Aluminum foil worked! I burnt my thumb and fingers when I picked up a hot plate which had just come out of a really hot oven! The pain was intense - I immediately put my hand under a cold running tap and then kept it immersed in a bowl of cool water for the next 1 1/2 hours and each time I took it out after a few seconds the pain was still really bad. After looking on the internet I came across this site so wrapped tin foil around my thumb and my fingers. Initially the pain seemed to get worse and my hand got really hot - so much so that I thought I was going to have to plunge back in cold water - anyway I persevered and after about 10 mins the pain suddenly disappeared completely - I was amazed. I still kept the foil on for an hour or so just to be on the safe side and when I took it off I had no pain whatsoever (just a small blister). What a discovery!!

Replied by Nc Viewer
Central Nc, North Carolina
02/10/20121 out of 5 stars
Please, Please, don't do this. I don't like to burst your bubble but in the long run you are doing more harm than good. If you want natural remedies this is NOT Natural. If you aren't aware Aluminum causes Alzheimers and a slew of problems. It is in anti perspirant deoderants and in lotions and creams because it stops moisture from leaving the skin, keeping you dry and in lotions it keeps moisture under skin to look vibrant but in the long run that aluminum will float away to your brain and and accumulate and in time look out! There are alternatives to the stuff they supply us with.

DO NOT Cook with aluminum either! It seeps into the food and you eat it and you know where it goes once inside you.......... Your brain and organs.

Stay away from All metals the best you can. Never use non stick pans either... All very bad for you.

This is not just my opinion.. Do The Research. I have.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
If burns were a very regular problem for everyone, this post may be of importance, but seems to me the once-in-a-long-while burn victim should not hesitate to use it. As for heavy metal accumulation in the human body, anyone over 30yrs should do a heavy metal detox at least every 5 yrs using any number of methods now common in alternative health sources like here on E.C.

Detox methods are like taking a good shower using all natural soap on the outer body or washing your clothes in borax or Oxyfree®, except it's the inner body being cleaned. Or one could try very hard to never get dirty so as to never need of washing body or clothes.

As for avoiding any accumulation of heavy metals in the human body in the world we all live in nowadays, "good luck, cause you're gonna need it".

I take reasonable measures of avoidance, detox, and move on.

Posted by Crazydogjack (New Castle, Pa, Usa) on 09/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Last night got a steam burn on my fingers as I took a lid off of a casserole. I just recently read a post about putting aluminum foil on the burn so I tried it. Within 5 minutes the pain was gone. Amazing! Thanks Earth Clinic Contributors!

Posted by Lori (Oakwood, Ohio, Usa) on 08/31/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I "googled" for a remedy for a steam burn, it brought me to this site. Read about the foil, decided to try since ice wasn't working much for me. The Aluminum Foil does work!! Would of never believed it if I hadn't of tried it. Will recommend to others. It really works!

Replied by Karen
San Francisco, Ca
07/18/20125 out of 5 stars
The aluminum foil is a true miracle worker. I burned my fingertips from pulling a pan out of a 425 degree oven w/ a hand towel (dumb move). I was instantly burned & could see slight blistering take effect right away. I ran my fingertips under cold water, which works like a charm if you want to stand there for two hours wasting water. Then I resorted to using frozen bags of veggies or whatever type of frozen goods I had in my freezer that would fit my hand comfortably. It did ease my pain, but the second I would let go, the pain comes right back. I was tired of temporary relief, I was desperate to sleep!! Low & behold, I finally went online (took me long enough) & found this wonderful website about using aluminum foil. OMG, I'm in such disbelief how quickly the pain disappeared. My fingertips are happy again! & I was so amazed I had to share my story to how foil became my sandman! I can now sleep in peace. Thanks for reading!