Side Effects from Common Home Remedies

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Cream of Tartar

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[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/15/2012: Ana from Anonymous: "I had a non-healing boil and started taking 1/4 tsp of powdered turmeric in a glass of water a couple of times a day for a couple of days. I have taken turmeric in the past without a problem. Today I tried cream of tartar instead (same dosing). After the second dose, eight hours apart, my stomach grumbled and I had bad racing heart, anxiety, and had runny stools. I think it was the cream of tartar and I was surprised because I didn't think it had much side effects (but I know things can affect people differently). I heard it is an "acid salt" and wonder if it is because I am a little sodium sensitive. The racing heart happens if I take baking soda alone too but is fine if I take it with apple cider vinegar or lemon/lime juice, maybe because the natural potassium balances the salt out? Anyways high anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/15/2012: Ana from Anon: "I was able to find some info on cream of tartar side effects. I was reading an old Ted post that said autistic and people high in candida already have high levels of tartaric acid and this can cause side effects. He recommended other forms of potassium. He said something about malic acid (apple cider vinegar) can be a kind of antidote to the side effects. Those high in tartaric may be low in malates.

I also read him in an old post of his that some people who are high in nitrates might have trouble taking higher doses of potassium. Ted said to stop eating processed meats, like processed meats (delimeats, hotdogs, etc) and that magnesium chloride or hydrochloric acid supplements may help.

I saw high nitrates in animals they treated them with intravenous injections of methylene blue"


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[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  04/28/2012: Rk from London, Uk: "I used DMSO 1 tablespoon per day and after day 2 or 3, I believe that I was getting a rapid pulse (heartbeat for 4-6 hours) and also some stomach pain and an irritated bowel.

Is this normal, did others get this? I used the DMSO treatment for a skin condition (SC). It worked very very well.

I found that 1/2 teaspoon (large teaspoon) or 1 teaspoon per day were effective dosages. Any answers please?"

Epsom Salts

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[WARNING!]  02/21/2011: John H from Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, Uk: "Hi I have been trying out an Epsom Salt remedy for my wifes bladder pain and carpal tunnel with some success. The dose was a quarter of a teaspoon of Epsom Salts 3 times a day plus using a 20% mix with water as a body spray. The method was working, however my wife started getting progressively worse hot flushes(up to every half hour), night sweats and headaches after a week. We have had to stop this treatment and all symptoms caused have gone in 4 days. I believe it was the sulphur content causing this problem (I wonder if MSM would be the same). I have sent off for some magnesium chloride and will try that as I believe this remedy was working well.


02/22/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "We don't have Epsom salts here but I use magnesium chloride (Nigari) in my bath once in a while. I am in the menopause now (I suppose your wife is as well) but it hasn't given me any hot flushes.... Still everybody is different, some women have a lot, so far I only have a little bit which is quite nice as the winter here has been very cold! On the other hand I have heavy back pain and that is the reason why I have been trying MSM and magnesium chloride in my bath but so far nothing has helped!"

Flaxseed Oil

07/19/2011: Kathie from Houston, Tx/usa: "My 7 year old son has developed a small lump in one of his breasts and pubic hair on his testicles. He is thin and does not eat soy and eats organic meat and chicken. However he loves flax seed crackers and takes a flax oil supplement along with fish oil, co Q10 and a multi. (he has low level autisim and a ventriculir septil (sp??) deviation (a small hole in his heart).

As I have gotten closer to menopause, I have read that Flax oil is helpful to women wanting to balance their hormones. Could the flax oil be causing early puberty in my son? Any ideas on how to slow this down??? I have taken him off all flax!"

02/03/2012: Kathie from Houston, Tx / Usa replies: "I wanted to update my son's situation since I have taken him off of the flax oil and seeds. His breast is much smaller now and he has not grown any more pubic hair. I have also noticed that he does not have emotional outbursts like he used to have.

By the way, I think this post (along with the first post) should be posted under early puberty."

Grapefruit Seed Extract

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12/07/2011: Tristan from Brisbane, Australia: "Does anyone else get dry eyes from brushing with GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract). Please let me know. Thanks. Tristan."

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  12/06/2011: Tristan from Brisbane, Qld, Australia: "Hi, I've been brushing with GSE, and it's great. But I get dry eyes when I do; I stop and my dry eyes get better. Has anyone else had this happen, also? I really would like to continue brushing with GSE.


Hyaluronic Acid

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[SIDE EFFECTS]  08/29/2012: Goji from London, Uk: "Hi, Just recently I've been taking Hyaluronic Acid powder according to Ted's recipe to help with arthritis in my right knee, and have suffered some adverse reaction. I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. Goji"

08/23/2012: Beryl from London, Uk: "Hi, I've suffered with a faulty digestive system for several years, and have had pockets of trapped flatulence which have been so bad that they have caused me to feel very dizzy and upset my balance. However, about five weeks ago I embarked on an alkaline diet, and virtually all my digestive problems disappeared. I do, however, suffer with osteoarthritis in my right knee and pain in my spine, so sent off to Purebulk for the hyaluronic acid powder to try Ted's recipe. This was a week ago. Even after the first dose it seemed to upset my stomach slightly. The rumblings were back, but I carried on with it. Yesterday morning, the flatulence and trapped wind were back with a vengeance, and if I hadn't been standing close to a worktop I would have fallen over. Is hyaluronic acid acidic? Could this be the reason why the digestive problems have returned?

Love to hear your views. Beryl"

Hydrogen Peroxide

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11/30/2012: Linda from Lauzerte, France: "I've been taking FGHP for a little while now and have not had the results I would have like yet - but I have had an odd side effect.

I'm retired and normally go to bed about 11. 30, and wake about 8. 30. But now I wake at some ridiculous time, 5 or 6 am and today it was 4 am. I won't get out of bed then - particularly when it's cold and dark out - and so find I doze a little and am then up at 7. 30 or so. I have always needed my 8-9 hours a night but bizarrely, I am not feeling overly tired whereas before if I lost some sleep, I was washed out and fit for nothing.

Has anyone else had this? I've not noticed too much extra energy and my lungs are not clearing yet but I just find this odd."

08/02/2012: Rosemary from Katy, Tx: "Just started using H202 and have been having headaches. Any suggestions on how to relieve them?"

08/03/2012: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "Rosemary, lower your dosage or do the inhalation method instead."
08/04/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky replies: "Rosemary, the H2O2 could be killing pathogens in big numbers causing what's called "dieoff". Or the H2O2 could be reacting w/ an heavy metal or aldehyde of which it cannot properly detox causing a cascade of harmful free radicals. Stop the H2O2 and take 4 caps Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay before retiring for 7 days, then try the H2O2 again. Vit-C w/ Bioflavonoids during the day would also help. It is also important that your body is properly alkalized for the H2O2 to function properly. Much info on alkalizing and "dieoff" or "herx" here on E.C."

06/20/2012: Meredith from Dubbo, Nsw Australia: "Help! As per many of your suggestions I tried the 3% HP as a mouthwash/teeth whitener but unfortunately even though by the sounds of it, it seems to have helped many with gum problems, since using it my gums on the bottom teeth have receded considerably to expose an unattractive brownish colour. What to do? I have tried the niacin, vit C and CQ10 combo for 2 months now but that has not helped at all. I realise we're all different but I'm at a loss to explain why I've had such bad luck with HP when clearly it works wonders for others."

06/21/2012: Citygirl27 from Richardson, Tx, Usa replies: "I recommend using HP for dental use no more than MAX 1x every other day (pref 2-3x a week) for this reason. My dad lost 3 teeth using HP too often in his waterpik, and my mom got receding gums because (according to her) her dentist told her to use it 3-4x a day.

You can have too much of a good thing. Once its finished oxidizing the baddies, it starts oxidizing good tissue and you don't want that."

06/22/2012: Sheila from San Diego, Ca replies: "Hi Meredith, Try testing your saliva's pH level (using testing method from "The Acid-Alkaline Diet" by Christopher Vasey, N. D. ). If it is highly acidic in your mouth, it may be too acidic to heal your gums. If I recall correctly, hydrogen peroxide is acidic, and I recall reading one dentist's recommendation that the gums would heal quicker in mouth closer to alkaline. Don't quote me on that! You'll have to search around yourself. I'm assisting my husband at the moment with his receding gum line. He recently bought a WaterPik and is using it every day. I'm trying to get him to slow down and take his recovery in stages, acclimating his body, avoiding a Herxheimer or healing crisis if he does too much.

In your shoes, I would test my saliva first, and start rinsing or gargling with diluted baking soda after brushing. We avoid fluoride toothpaste, and now are avoiding glycerin in oral care products, and moderately supplementing minerals for oral health, and easing into a new nutritional program, among other things."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  06/01/2012: Eszter from Veszprem, Hungary: "Dear Earth Clinic, I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question. I started taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted in distilled water a month ago to heal my candida problems. The protocol that I used was by Dr David G. Williams starting with 3 drops 3 times a day, increasing the dose with one drop each day. I have already reached 20 drops 3 times a day but I had to drop it back because I felt sick.

After a few days taking it I experienced a number of side effects (diarrhea, nausea) but the most worrying one is having a severe heartburn that I have never had before in my entire life. My tongue has had a white coating on it for years now because of the Candida infection but I cured it well gargling with 3% H2O2. After experiencing heartburn the white-greyish coating returned on my tongue even though I still gargle with it. But now I cannot get rid of it. My mouth tastes sour all the time and my heartburn is pretty bad. I am a little worried taking it so I stopped using it.

What am I supposed to do? Is it only healing crisis or my body just can't take H2O2? Should I continue taking it? Is it the right dosage? Thank you so much, Regards, Eszter from Hungary"

06/02/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Eszter, If you have severe Candida it is almost certain you have some toxic aldehydes (a byproduct of fungal metabolism/fermentation) present in the body. This could explain the side effects of H2O2 therapy. In this event take 500mg Niacinamide 3x and 500mcg 1x Molybdem daily for 1 week then try the H2O2 again.

If you still have bad effects from H2O2 then it is advised to switch to a different form of oxygen for oral consumption. This other supplement is Stabilized Oxygen / Sodium Chlorite (NAClO2). I use 10-15 drops daily to increase my depleted O levels w/ good results (more energy)."

06/03/2012: Kk from Seattle, Wa replies: "to Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa:

I like your suggestion on stabilized oxygen and want to try. I have candida and bad reactions to H2O2 such as severe sleepiness, weakness, redness of the face, nausea. I almost starved on it because felt like my food was not moving through even 6 hrs apart from taking it. I ened up taking it in am and eating only late afternoon. Eventually had to stop. It cleared my eyes redness and I lost weight on it.

I want to try that liquid oxygen. Do you take it on empty stomach apart from meals? Have you seen in yourself any reactions to that?

Thanks for the recommendations."

06/04/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Kk from Seattle, start off w/ not more than 5 drops 2 hrs following meals. The after meal theory supposedly reduces acidity while boosting oxygen. There are several brands w/ varying potencies so just follow labeled recommendation would be best. Also be sure to supplement Niacin and Molybdum so as to avoid aldehyde toxicity and the cascading oxidation that can happen w/ especially H2O2 therapy."
06/04/2012: Kk from Seattle, Wa replies: "Hi, thanks for the recommendation. I am still scared to start it again, but if I give it a try I'll get molybden and niacin."
06/06/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky replies: "Kk, sorry I didn't mention any adverse effects from Stabilized Oxygen (but then again I didn't have adverse effects from H2O2 either despite a plethora of health problems). After reading about the aldehyde connection w/ yeast or fungus, I began using MolyB and NAD w/ very noticeable improvements. Supplementing Zinc/Vit-A is also recommended as they are critical to immune health as well as gastrointestinal integrity. Challenge your fear and gain confidence with the "start low and go slow" method/motto for supplementation."
06/08/2012: Kk from Seattle, Wa replies: "To: Timh from Louisville, Ky- I got this liquid oxygen it says to take it diluted in water. It does not say empty or full stomach.

I did not understand about side effects with that. So I should supplement with Molybden, niacin, vit Z, A... To avoid side effects. Is this right? Thanks"

06/09/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Kk, if you have had a Candida infection for any length of time it is likely you also have some aldehyde toxicity. About two months ago I suspected this was one of my problems, supplemented NAD and MolyB (already use Z&A) and experienced detox for about 5 days. Aldehyde could be causing the reaction to the H2O2 so go ahead and start w/ an aldehyde detox for about 1 week, then start the Stabilized Oxy at 2 drops for starters in between meals and work your way up to not more than 10 drops 2x daily. Limit sugars and use lots of Garlic, Oregano, and Cinnamon to help kill the nasty Candida. Give us an update on your progress."
06/09/2012: Kk from Seattle, Wa replies: "Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa, Thank you for thinking about me.

I know that H2O2 did some good to me. I have to learn how to do it correctly. My face still flashes sometimes and gets very red after exercises, even if I do not use it for a month already. You right about candida, I have this problem. I'll do the detox with Niacin and Molybden for a week and will post back.


06/13/2012: Kk from Seattle, Wa replies: "I remember getting severe flashes in the face with long lasting redness on H2O2. The higher the dose of H2O2 I was getting the longer the flash would last.

I see that Niacin can cause flashes too. Could you please explain how does it work that niacin/molybden counteract some side effects of H2O2, like flashing.

Is there any reference to look this up. Did you figure out this yourself?

I have liver FT elevation (possible fluke infection). I am treating it now, I 'll have to research this and try niacin/molybden when my LFTs are down."

06/14/2012: Timh from Louisville, Ky, Usa replies: "Niacinamide is a flush free form of niacin. If you do have Fluke infestation then you may also have some type of bacterial infection as bacteria are waste products of Flat & Round worms. This connection explains why I experienced pronounced releif while using Uva Ursi or Cranberry, among other herbs. Here is a link to the Candida - Aldehyde connection."

[SIDE EFFECTS]  05/24/2012: Jen from Tampa Area, Fl, Us: "This question is directed to Ted, please. Help! I did not know hydrogen peroxide 3% could damage tissue. For 3-4 years I poured about 8 oz. Hydrogen peroxide daily directly on the same spot on my scalp, thinking I was helping it. It only got worse. My scalp seems to have slowly dissolved from the inside. (The pain has been immeasurable for the past several years and I have been on several prescription painkillers for this with almost no pain relief. ) It feels like it dissolved the skeletal muscle under the skin, which has been fraying, stripping and snapping and pulling apart. It spread first to the muscles in my face and neck then damages the skin over them. My muscles working downwards from there on the body have been affected in sequence. Recognized diseases and conditions have been ruled out. I can't get any doctor to investigate the peroxide issue. Please give me suggestions of what I might do to find answers and suggestions for treatment. I desperately need your help. Thank you. Jen"

[SIDE EFFECTS]  01/25/2012: Georgie from Rapid City, Sd: "I started gargling with 3% hydrogen peroxide and have been having a real flare-up of acid reflux. A couple of days after stopping the hydrogen peroxide, the acid reflux went away. Then I started ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide and the acid reflux has returned. Has anyone else experienced this?"

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