Where to Buy Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Last Modified on Jul 28, 2014

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Canada - Ontario

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02/13/2008: Lin from Windsor, Ontario: "I found another place in Canada to purchase 35% food grade peroxide. We were looking for it to convert the hot tub in a house we have just purchased. The company is PEROXYSAN
'RR3 Site 19
Box 6
Sudbury ON
P3E 4N1"

03/28/2007: Lorraine from Toronto, Canada: "This is in response to the person in Ontario Canada looking for 35% food grade H2O2. You can purchase it from The Big Carrot natural food market in Toronto (www.thebigcarrot.ca)."

Canada - Quebec

04/09/2008: Deborah from Stanstead, Quebec, Canada: "Looking to try the H202 cure and wondering if anyone has heard of a place in this area, Magog or Sherbrooke, Quebec to buy? Many thanks!"

06/30/2008: Gloria from Toronto, Canada replies: "Thanks for the Sproutmaster website. I like the fact that there is a fair array of choices for food grade H2O2 and the prices are reasonable."
03/09/2009: Kara from Calgary, Alberta replies: "I live in Calgary, Alberta my husband is looking for 35% hydo proxide but we're only looking for 1 litre. He owns his own stainless steel company and is looking to turn metal a rusty color please let me know i've called every where !!!!! Thank you
- Kara"
03/10/2009: Bessie from Calgary, Alberta, Canada replies: "Hi Kara - I just bought a litre of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide (Gold Top Organics Super Oxygen) from Community Natural Foods at 1304 10th Avenue S.W. in Calgary. You need to ASK for it because they keep it in the back storeroom. Some of the staff aren't very knowledgeable so you may need to ask a few staff members (or customer service). Good luck!"
03/22/2009: Jean from Toronto, Ontario replies: "respond to Canadian from Quebec. you have it there too

I found 35% H2O2 in Longeuille, you could have it shipped, or pick up. here it is:

Canada - Toronto

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[YEA]  01/16/2009: Lenny from Toronto, Ontario/Canada: "for torontonians, if u want to buy 35% hydrogen peroxide go to Big Carrot store on Danfort ave. they have it. that's all folks."

06/02/2008: Gabi from Toronto, Canada: "Looking for Food Grade Peroxide? I see it at health food stores in Toronto. It is called "Sprout Master", 35% water solution, ultra pure and it costs $4.99 per 107 ml bottle. For few $ more you can buy triple size. I use it for my plants and for drinking water. Time to time I put a few drops into my Brita filter. It lasts longer. Always rinse Brita container with some of peroxide after washing it before filling up with drinking water. Watering plants and sprouting seeds speeds up the process few times. Most of the seeds starts sprouting around 24 hr. I use it for everything just like my mother used to 50 yrs ago!"

Canada- Saskatchewan

08/31/2011: Bryan Or Merla from Saskatoon, Sask: "I tried Sangster's in Lawson Hts Mall but they don't carry it anymore, because of regulations?

Does anyone out there know where it can be purchased?"

04/27/2012: Bruno from Montreal, Quebec replies: ""I found this site that ships 35% Food Grade across Canada. http://www.healthnorm.com""

Canada- Toronto

09/04/2012: Subhash from Scarborough, On, Canada : "Where can I buy Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade to be used for ingestion as medicine in Scarborough or Toronto in Ontario CANADA .

Also am told its very useful for Heart ventricle blockage .. And helps in going for angioplasty anybody can share their experience"

09/04/2012: Jay from Toronto, Ont, Canada replies: "To Subhash from Scarborough, On, Canada. I was able to buy Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade last year at the Health Service Centre at 2650 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1L7. It is a small health food store across the street from a large Canadian Tire store. I don't have any experience with using it for the heart but you can check with Nadine at the store regarding availability of the product and other heart related products by calling her at 416-699-5095 Personally I would research cayenne and hawthorn for heart and arterial issues. Jay"
09/16/2012: Subhash from Scarborough, On , Canada replies: "Dear Jay, Thanks for your help... I will check up as you suggested and will update its availabilty. Thanks again and best regards ....Subhash"

Canada: British Columbia

05/25/2012: Colleen from Langley, Bc, Canada: "A great place to find a supply of hydrogen peroxide, 29% foodgrade, the highest allowable over the counter is in Langley, at a store called Health, Your Life, Our Passion, 604-532-8523. Three different sizes, good prices and lots of info in sheet form and from well educated staff."

10/19/2012: Maggie from Surrey, Bc replies: "I have also found 29% food grade HP at the Pharmasave in Cloverdale. This is a great pharmacy overall!"

Canada: Nova Scotia

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[YEA]  07/12/2007: Margie from Wolfville, Nova Scotia Canada: "Hi Canadians: You can get 35% H2O2 at The Health Basket Health Basket Address: 978 Cole Harbour Road City: Dartmouth Prov / State: NS Postal/Zip Code: B2V 1E7 Phone: (902) 462-3765 Fax: (902) 462-3777

It cost $15. plus $8. shipping here in NS and they are great people I am 65 years old and I had a severe hip injury 6

I am 65 years old and I had a severe hip injury 6 months ago and had great pain in walking and sitting. After taking hot baths with 2 cups of apple cider vinegar at bed time and showering clean then soaking myself in H2O2 I was able to walk and sit like a normal person the very next day. Five days later I am putting in full days back at yoga and water aerobics. I tried full strength essental peppermint oil when I had over done it and went to bed pain free, Margie at Wolfville, Nova Scotia"

01/01/2011: George from Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia Canada, Nova Scotia replies: "HAVING TROUBLE FINDING A PLACE TO PURCHASE 35% FOOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.

04/27/2012: Bruno from Montreal, Quebec replies: ""I found this site that ships 35% Food Grade across Canada. http://www.healthnorm.com""

Caribbean: Trinidad

08/27/2009: Ameer Ali from Port Of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies: "Good Evening. Are there any restrictions in shipping 35% food grade H2O2 to Trinidad? I usually visit Miami, Florida several times every year - can anyone suggest where in Miami - Dade County, that I will be able to purchase this product. Thank You for your help. Ameer."

Costa Rica

07/07/2011: Wessa from San Jose, Costa Rica: "Hello everyone, Hello Ted, please , maybe you can help me!

I live in Costa Rica, it will be a half year that I triying to get food grade H2O2 down here.
No one shop from the US would send me H2O2. I did contact Bobys health shop in UK, I did ordered one bottle of 35% food grade H2O2, but custom of CR distroid H2O2. And it happenned twice. I could go tu US and buy H2O2 there, but can I take 35% food grade H2O2 in to airplane? Intrestingly, I tried to contact local (costa rican) company "Ancla", that makes 3% H2O2, to ask them if they add any stabilizators in thers product, but, they say, that it is secret, and they are not alowd to tell anyone about it. The label on the 3% H2O2 bottle says - "ingradients : hydrogen peroxide...... 3.0 g, purificated water c.s.p..... 100.0 ml. So, does anybody can help me with advice where can I get one, small bottle of food grade 35% H2O2. Thanks"

02/15/2008: Bob Odom from San Jose, Costa Rica: "35% food grade peroxide. I was able to find this at a dairy/ice cream company. They use it to clean their equipment. They sent me to a local chemical supply house. I was only able to buy a gallon but it was cheap."

08/20/2008: Annette from Heredia, Costa Rica replies: "Bob, I live in Heredia. Can you tell me how to find the food grade HP in San Jose? My email is Blooeyes2658@yahoo.com. Thanks, Annette"
11/20/2008: Maria from Panama replies: "Just make sure the one you get is FOOD GRADE, there are also some products that are not FOOD GRADE, but are 35%."
07/24/2010: Scpo from Panama replies: "Where can I buy hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade in Panama? Hugh"

Costa Rica: San Jose


10/01/2010: Andrew from San Jose, Costa Rica replies: "I'd also like to know where to find food grade h202 in Costa Rica. My email is Andrew.Handley[at]gmail[dot]com"
10/13/2011: Naomi from San Jose, Costa Rica replies: "Hi! Naomi here recently arrived in San Jose also looking for food grade. Anyone found a provider?? msnaomic(at)gmail.com"

Dominican Republic

05/02/2009: Dan from Santiago, Dominican Republic: "Can anyone tell me where I can purchase 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in the Dominican Republic? Thanks!"

05/24/2010: Ney from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic replies: "Hi Dan:

You can find food grade h2o2 in the Dominican Republic in "Laboratorios Ladilat", phone number: (809)541-1696. I bought from them 1 gallon food grade, 50%, h2o2 for ~ RD$290.00. If, for any reason, they are not able to offer this product, I could sell half a gallon of it.

God bless you...



11/14/2012: 10mimi : "Does anyone know where I can purchase food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in Ecuador?"

04/20/2013: Stan from Playas, Mexico replies: "I just wanted to know if you have found anyone who can provide food grade hydrogen perixide in Ecuador.."
04/21/2013: Leah from Philadelphia , Pa replies: "Have you tried looking online and having it shipped to you? For some reason food grade hydrogen peroxide is not easy to find in stores but I bought mine online easily in the USA."

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