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Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Natural Cures

Last Modified on Apr 16, 2014

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Weight Loss

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[YEA]  12/02/2007: Nelson from Stockton, California: "finding your website was a godsend. I tried taking 1 tblspn of coconut oil in the am and the pm. also am drinking glasses of water with added acv, and my pants are literally falling off. my stomach is disappearing fast. have more energy, and am looking forward to excercising every morning, along with moving to eating only organic foods. thanks from a young 70 years guy..and looking great. I'm spreading the word about your website to young and old alike."

[YEA]  07/14/2007: Andrea from Las Vegas, Nevada: "I have been battling hypothyroidism for 8 yrs now, i gained 82 lbs over the yrs,diet after diet failed umtil i started on coconut oil and let me tell you that in 2 months of taking coconut oil combined with a low carb diet, i have lost 35 lbs feel great energetic again, on my way of losing all the weight i plan to lose an aditional 40 lbs by december since i"ve taking the coconut oil softgels i have not had any side effect coconut oil is the miracle oil but again combined with a low carb diet."

[NAY]  05/31/2007: Debbie from Wyoming, MI: "I also started taking EVCO to lose weight but gained weight instead, I have also never been this heavy. I stopped taking it but now I am stuck with the extra weight I gained."

[NAY]  04/26/2007: Deborah from Columbia, SC: "I have been on VCO for 2 weeks. it at first made me have flu or food poison symptons, and a terrible lower back ache. I read this was just because it was detoxing my body. after that was over, I continued taking it. yes, it gave me engery and it helped with my IBS. but I have had to stop since I have GAINED a whopping 12 lbs. I thought this stuff was suppose to make you LOSE weight not GAIN! I have now stopped and I hope to be able to lose this weight. I have never been this big...I will no longer believe anything I read on the internet about any natural product."

03/29/2009: Nico from Las Vegas, USA replies: "Sounds like a GREAT PLAN! Never believe anything again you read on the internet just believe the media and your doctor, just because you had a bad experience. That does not mean it does not work. You have to balance your calories. If you are over eating beyond your required caloric intake you're going to get fat PERIOD. If you add 300 calories of coconut oil to you diet you going to have to subtract those calories somewhere else. You can't just eat as much as you want of everything and then add 300 calories on top of that and expect to lose weight. Coconut oil does not make you fat but additional calories can.

Also you might have gotten and old or bad batch. The health benefits are worth the additional 300 calories you need to skip the oreo's and the other high caloric things you maybe eating. Basic nutritional common sense, that most people in this country don't have. Hence why we are the fattest country in the world.

Also separate your meals in to 5-6 small meals not 1-3 big ones. You will speed up you metabolism and lose weight doing that alone."
02/11/2010: Barbara from Casa Grande, Az replies: "I have been taking organic coconut oil for about 8 weeks now. I have high blood pressure and take medication and my blood pressure is the best that it has been in years right now! I have been taking 2-3 tablespoons a day of the coconut oil in my coffee in the mornings. I have been reading that you really have to watch your carbohydrate intake in order to lose weight with the coconut oil. I have not seen weight loss yet, but I am still adjusting my carbs and calorie intake. I tried some of the coconut oil supplements at first and started gaining weight. I then read that there is not enough of the oil in the supplements to really help. I then switched to coconut oil that I bought in the grocery store, but when I started buying coconut oil from a health food store is when I really noticed a difference. I also use coconut oil on my skin and it is wonderful! I feel much better and no longer ache in the mornings when I get up. I have a lot more energy and have been able to go back to the gym to exercise. The type of coconut oil that you purchase, the dosage, and your diet all seem to effect the results of taking the coconut oil internally."
03/12/2010: Garster from Brown City, Michigan, Usa replies: "Just a piece of info for those that are not losing weight. Check the product labels on the food you eat and the drinks you consume for High Fructose Corn Syrup. Do some research on the effect that this has on your body and metabolism. Dr Mercola and other sites give a good explanation of what biological processes are changed by this chemical. Hope this helps someone."

[NAY]  04/14/2007: Angie from Damansara, Malaysia: "I am currently on vco for the past 3 weeks. It is in tablet form. 9 pills per day before meals. My main only purpose is to lose weights but so far I didn't see any results."

03/29/2009: Nico from Las Vegas, USA replies: "Where on here do you see anything about anyone taking tablets or pills? You're not doing what the others are doing so you are not getting results. Your coconut oil is made to sell but not to buy, meaning it's another weight loss pill hype. Do it the right way and use unprocessed VCO in a jar."

[NAY]  03/03/2007: Holly from Apex, NC: "I have gained 5 pounds using the VCO and ACV. What is up? I thought I would lose weight, but I have gained. I crave salty foods. Has anyone else experienced this?"

[NAY]  01/21/2007: Lee from Greensboro, NC: "My health was declining and substantial weight gain ( untreated border Hypothyroid 1991 )and culminated in stroke early 2006 at age 54, week in hospital at time of stroke my BP was 260/160, cholesterol 330, and high homocysteine. I started coconut oil this fall, mostly to increase energy but hoping it would help my sluggish metabolism to aid weight loss which has been erratic. I have had SAD each winter and this winter no sign of it, my energy is up but no significant weight loss. I'm on 4 meds so can't be sure the oil lowered cholesterol but it dropped another 92 pts since April testing to 101 total. My research showed that i must keep my total under 150 in order to start reversing the blockage I have in subclavian artery. My Cardiologist is amazed that I'm not dizzy or fainting b/c of my blockage being severe he said. I'm trying to ward off a stent and angioplasty. I must reduce my weight by 40 lbs before Dr will allow weaning off Plavix, Zocor, Benicar HCT and FLTX. I was started on 40 mg Benicar HCT the DAY BEFORE I stroked my dr allow me to reduce dosage if my BP is below 100, I have a BP cuff at home. Using it daily I have been able to cut back the Benicar to 1/4 Tablet. I want off all these pills within another year. I do believe I have improved my health with diet changes, exercise and reducing stress but as I said, dr's want to SEE proof of my changes via WEIGHT loss."

01/29/2011: Nikolina from Roy, Utah replies: "Medications alone can account for the fact that you are not losing weight. A lot of them can change your metabolism and make it difficult, or almost impossible, to lose any weight at all. The fact that you are experiencing more energy is a great cause to celebrate. I wish you well."

[YEA]  07/14/2006: Maria from San Antonio, TX: "I love coconut oil. I dropped 5 pounds and am now at my ideal weight. I don't get hungry or get cravings because I get the right amount of good fat. Why do you say people with high blood pressure can't take it? Please take only non-hydrogenated virgin coconut oil. Take it mixed with food if it upsets your stomach"

[YEA]  Deborah from Phuket, Thailand: "Coconut oil is the most remarkable natural weight loss and anti-ageing product I have to share that because of coconut oil and total body purification I have lost 13 kilos and been able to create a business that helps others in their quest for optimum health and vitality"

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  01/16/2010: Charles from Iowa City, Ia replies: "its true! i lost 15lbs in a matter of 5 days after eating coconut oil, thanks to the nastiest bout of diarrhea i've had in my entire life. i'm a body builder who's fat intake was around the 40% of my dietary intake, and thought switching over to this oil was be a healthy substitute. wrong! well at least not all at once. most painful experience of my life. ever."
03/01/2010: Faithinhealing from Forest Park, Ohio, Usa replies: "Coconut oil is an antifungal, antibacterial, so what you experienced was more than likely die off symptoms from the oil killing the bad bacteria in your stomach. Next time start slowly maybe with just using it topically for a while."

Where to Buy: India

02/16/2013: Sreejit from Calcutta, West Bengal: "I want to buy extra virgin organic coconut oil with short and medium chain."


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[YEA]  03/05/2008: Sandy from Bangalore, India: "For overnight miraculous healing of wounds, apply coconut oil to it. This will also ensure that no scar is left behind."


02/10/2009: Jenni from Western Australia: "I am curious as to what results people have achieved using coconut oil for reducing facial lines?"

02/11/2009: Tina from River John, Nova Scotia replies: "It is a lovely moisturizer, but if you want a line minimize, treat your lines with castor oil every night before bed. Be sure to pat off the excess oil with tissue and use a pillowcase you do not care about in case of transfer."


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[YEA]  04/21/2008: AC from West Midlands, England: "I read about Coconut oil on this site and went to my local health store to ask if they had any. They said no, but they suggested I take caprylic acid, which is in coconut oil and helps cure yeast overgrowth. I purchased it to help cure my athlete's foot and stomach discomfort.

I purchased it and I took one 350MG tablet daily as per directions. It did not cure my athlete's foot like I wanted, but I felt less hungry, less tired, and my stomach felt better. I also lost weight without serious effort. I've been taking it for two months now.

Warning: I experienced two things while taking this: stomach discomfort and a slightly yeasty odor coming from my body for a week or two.

The yeasty smell rubbed off on my washcloth and towels. I discovered by accident that putting a capful of hydrogen peroxide (the regular kind from the pharmacy, not the food grade kind) in my bathwater stopped this. It stopped me from emitting the yeasty smell and from transferring it to my wash cloth and towels."

02/03/2012: Madeline from Central, Nj replies: "For the athlete foot try apple cider vinegar. Wash you feet and use equal parts of the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and after you moisturizer whith coconut oil. You have to be consistent and patient."



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