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Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Natural Cures

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[YEA]  04/20/2008: Anita from Augusta, GA, USA: "I started taking coconut oil (virgin for eating and regular coconut oil for cooking) and in 3 months a tumor I had in my ear that I was suppose to have removed by a surgeon, shrunk to almost nothing, the doctor mentioned he had never had a patient were a tumor in the ear shrunk that fast, so I guess the coconut is working!"


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[YEA]  05/29/2008: WT from Spartanburg, SC : "I've always been a fan of natural remedies since childhood. I discovered coconut oil years ago while looking for a vinegar and oil recipe. We've always used RBD (refined, bleached, deoderized) and now use the Luanna brand found in Wal-Mart. A couple years ago I had increasing stomach pain over a several week period. It started out like hunger pains and got progressively worse. It got to the point that it wouldn't go away even after eating. I figured it must be an ulcer.

I had read that coconut oil killed the ulcer causing bacteria. I got on the internet and researched the dosage and began taking a tablespoon in the morning and another at night.

After three days or so the pain was gone and I stopped taking it. A few weeks later the pain came back. I figured if you take antibiotics for 7-10 days I should probably do the same with the coconut oil. Again the pain left in three days or so but I kept taking it for a week. That's been probably three years or so. I also try and eat fried eggs once every weekend just for good health.

PS: an arterial ultrasound on my carotid arteries, taken last year after about 8 years consuming the stuff, showed no evidence of plaque buildup.

I've smoked up to 2 packs a day until quitting 2 years ago and have never taken cholesterol meds. I'm 45 and my dad was 90% blocked by age 61.nI also take 4+ Grams of cheap ascorbic acid vitamin C almost daily."

09/19/2011: Ann from Casper, Wy replies: "AWESOME!!! ... What an amazing report! It's nice to read a post from someone who has taken EVCO for many yrs. THANKS!"
05/10/2012: Jenn from Ottawa, On replies: "RBD coconut oil is not EVCO."

Virgin Coconut Oil

08/13/2013: John from Nashville, Tn: "Why are you pushing virgin coconut oil when it is a fraud? Commercial, FOOD GRADE, RBD (76 degree) coconut oil, not the cheap one made for making soap and cosmetics, has more good qualities than VCO and its price is around 800% cheaper?"

08/13/2013: Chiquita B from Colorado replies: "Really - more good qualities than virgin oil? I'd love to see your documentation on this. Do you make the same claims for EVOO vs. other grades?"
08/14/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "John, I actually tried both and here are the differences that I found:

Vco SMELLS like coconut. The regular one does not.

Vco absorbs into the skin, and "disappears" after a bit and doens't even smell like coconut after a while. The regular one leaves a greasy film on the sking that does not disappear."


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[YEA]  05/31/2008: WT from Spartanburg, SC: "Whether it's Bird flu or the regular flu. If any virus is classified a flu virus, coconut oil will kill it.

Any flu virus is contained inside a Lipid envelope. If this membrane is ruptured the virus dies. Apparently the fats in Coconut oil lyse this membrane on contact causing it's destruction.

I used to get colds just about every year and the flu maybe every 2-3 years. Upon switching to coconut oil for cooking, I've been cold and flu free for nine years now! I've even been around others with my business who were fighting the flu and didn't catch it!

We fry stuff in it once a week or so and I try to eat fried eggs weekly for good measure!

For kids in day care you won't believe the difference it makes! Those days of them coming home with a new bug every few days will be a thing of the past!"

[YEA]  03/06/2008: Mary from Nevada City: "I had been sick for a month and this was giving me very bad asthma. Advair did not control it. I needed albuterol several times a day. I woke up several times a night with attacks. The viral symptoms decreased very quickly once I started taking coconut oil 2-3 TABL a day. I was also taking Bee propolis which also helped with the viral load. One well cooked turnip, daily, has also helped keep my lungs loose enough to manage, and yes coffee helps when things are bad. Last but not least - I learned to breathe through my nose (unless sinuses are blocked from a cold!) This really helps to calm an attack..."

[YEA]  12/22/2006: Jay from Manila, Philippines: "In the Philippines, study have shown that coconut oil can cure HIV. Test subjects were given at least 12 tablespoon of coconut oil a day, and and after 6 months, HIV have been cured. I had no time to confirm this report but the story had been featured several times in radio and tv programs.

I have been using coconut oil for years, and it has greatly helped me with my skin tone and digestive system. Some people have diarrhea right after taking coconut oil. This is normal. Doctors here say that the coconut oil helps clean our intestines and removes all toxins inside our body. The diarrhea effect is only temporary and it will last for 2 to 3 days only. I recommend to keep using it. - Jay, Manila Philippines "

04/14/2009: ClosedEyes from Los Angeles, CA replies: "I can confirm this. I found the article as listed below...

Coconut Oil, HIV Cure? Paranaque, Philippines
'Expert' calls for more studies on 'coco oil's anti-AIDS' benefits

Philippine Daily Inquirer
October 02, 2004


The 1999 Local study that showed virgin coconut oil (VCO) could reduce, if not totally wipe out, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) needs a follow-up study to validate its results.

Dr. Conrado Dayrit, the man behind what is now called the "miracle oil," says the 1999 study was "just the beginning of an exhaustive work." He says the "follow-up study should involve at least 200 HIV-positive -patients, if possible up to 300 patients.

Dayrit is looking for young researchers to do the study because at 85, he says, he is already "too old" to take part in it.

14 HIV-positive patients
The initial study had involved 14 HIV positive patients of the San Lazaro Hospital in Sta. Cruz Manila. The research took six months and was conducted by Dayrit's group and medical staff of the state-run facility.

The study showed that the coconut chemical lauric acid could inhibit, delay and reduce the spread of HIV.

Dayrit says the viral loads of research subjects went down, while their CD4 cells-the human body's first lines of defense infection-went-went up.

He presented his group findings during the 37th Cocotech meeting in Chennai, India in 2000

Similar presentations followed here and abroad, and his findings have become a fixture in many VCO websites.

More concrete conclusions
The P5-Miliion research was funded was funded by the non-government Philippine Coconut Research and Development Foundation (PCRDF) where Dayrit was then a trustee.

PCRDF technical supervisor Romulo Conde had described the test results as "promising" but was also quoted as having cautioned for a need for "more concrete conclusions%uFFFDto%uFFFDsatisfy the world scientific community."

Dr. Roderick Poblete, head of the Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) secretariat, shares Conde's views.

PNAC is the lead agency in the country's fight against the killer disease.

Poblete says s study with a much bigger scope would "erase any doubts on the results of the initial tests."

Dayrit says VCO has become very popular among HIV-positive locals.

In the absence of a cure for HIV/AIDS, he says, "many patients have resorted to alternative medicines like coconut oil. Apparently dissatisfied with what their doctors had been giving them, the gave coconut oil a try."

The Philippine HIV/AIDS Research Agenda, a joint report of the National Economic Development Authority and the United Nations Development Program, noted that VCO was "developed using sound scientific research methods."

"VCO is not only affordable and readily available but also culturally acceptable, " the report said.

"Better late than never"
Dayrit's obsession with coconut oil seems to be paying off. For one@ he is getting a lot of attention from the local med ical community.

"More doctors are acknowledging VCO's antiviral effects as well as its many other health benefits," says Dayrit

"Better late than never," he says, sounding really happy.

Nowadays, he receives many invitations to speak in hospitals.

Dayrit did his first lecture on VCO in 1983, 40 yeas after he started teaching pharmacology at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

"Wanted: Funds"
Dayrit says the expanded study on the antiretroviral properties of VCO would cost several millions more compared to the initial one. And getting funding is the biggest obstacle they have to hurdle.

Dayrit says that while his son, Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit, is "fully behind me and my cause, his hands are tied."

He says the DOH, with its annual budget of P92.8 billion, has limited funds, which have been earmarked for various health programs, and not a single centavo of this was allocated for research.

Neither could the Department of Science and Technology, with a budget of P2.21 billion, bankroll his proposed project, Dayiit says.

The DOST-attached National Academy of Science and Technology, which Dayrit headed for nine consecutive years, is not a funding agency. He says its budget of P16 million a year is used mainly to cover honorariums of national scientists and academicians.

A DOH official had suggested tapping the controversial coconut levy fund, estimated at P140 billion.

More good stuff reagrding HIV/VCO

On July 19, 1995, Dr. Mary Enig, noted biochemist and nutritionist, was quoted in an article published in The HINDU, India's National Newspaper as stating that coconut oil is converted by the body into "Monolaurin" a fatty acid with anti-viral properties that might be useful in the treatment of AIDS. The staff reporter for The HINDU wrote about Enig's presentation at a press conference in Kochi and wrote the following:

"There was an instance in the US in which an infant tested HIV positive had become HIV negative. That it was fed with an infant formula with a high coconut oil content gains significance in this context and at present an effort was on to find out how the 'viral load' of an HIV infected baby came down when fed a diet that helped in the generation of Monolaurin in the body."

The reporter commented on Enig's observations that "Monolaurin helped in inactivating other viruses such as measles, herpes, vesicular stomatitis and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and that research undertaken so far on coconut oil also indicated that it offered a certain measure of protection against cancer-inducing substances."

Enig stated in an article published in the Indian Coconut Journal, Sept. 1995 that Monolaurin, of which the precursor is lauric acid, disrupted the lipid membranes of envelope viruses and also inactivated bacteria, yeast and fungi. She wrote: "Of the saturated fatty acids, lauric acid has greater anti-viral activity than either caprylic acid (C-10) or myristic acid (C-14). The action attributed to Monolaurin is that of solubilizing the lipids the envelope of the virus causing the disintegration of the virus envelope

Dayrit is thinking if cash cows like the Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) could provide the funds.

In a July 1997 newsletter entitled "Keep Hope Alive" an interview with Chris Dafoe was recorded. Chris Dafoe of Cloverdale, IN who, based on his lab numbers, thought the end was near in September, 1996. His HIV viral load was over 600,000, CD4 count was 10 and CD8 at 300. He prepaid his funeral and decided to take his last vacation in the jungles of South America with an Indian tribe in the Republic of Surinam. Around October 14, 1996, he began eating daily a dish of cooked coconut which was prepared by the local Indians. By Dec. 27th, 1996, a mere 2 and 1/2 months later, his viral load was at non-detectable levels and he had gained 32 lbs and was feeling great. He had some other people he knew with HIV try using coconuts in their diet, and they experienced the same results. The entire interview is recorded here."

[YEA]  11/29/2006: David from Memphis, TN: "I have been taking coconut oil for five or six years now. About five years ago, my daughter,who was in college at the time, came down with mononucleosis. I overnighted her a bottle of monolaurin, the main ingredient of lauric acid, which is only found in any quantity in coconut oil and human milk. My daughter was diagnosed on a Tuesday, she got the monolaurin on Wednesday and on Friday, nine days later she had no symptoms and quit taking it. The following Monday (that's 13 days post diagnosis) she had lab work done and was completely normal. Other dorm-mates of hers had mono for months. Coconut oil, lauric acid and monolaurin supposedly lifts the lipid envelopes of lipid viruses and bacteria.

Most colds are caused by lipid enveloped viruses as are a number of major viral infections.

Just last Saturday, a friend of mine called to tell me he had a horrible cold and had made an appointment to see and ENT physician on Monday. I told him to take three tablespoons of coconut oil. When I saw him on Monday, he was obviously fine. He told me he had taken two tablespoons on Saturday and Sunday and was fine on Monday so he cancelled his doctor's appointment.

I take it all the time but every now and then I run out. Usually I will get sick when I do. Then I go get some more. It is particularly effective for sinus infections. I just snort some into my sinus cavities. Most people are amazed when I prescribe it and it works. But I have seen it happen so many times now, I just expect it to work."

[YEA]  04/18/2006: Peter from NYC: "I've had a flu that lasted 3 months. I caught a terrible flu from my father, who had just come back from California. The flu would weaken, but never go away. It gave me terrible aches and pains, constant post nasal drip (but always with clear mucus, never green and infected), plugged ears, sinus aches, very low energy at times, sore throat, and very persistent. I found this site, and nearly made myself ill trying to take Apple Cider Vinegar (Heinz, without the so-called mother). But I kept taking it, and the flu still persisted. Also took lots of Vitamin C, and gargled with H. Peroxide and bubbled in ears, but still this thing wouldn't go away. Finally, I bought Coconut Oil from a local health food store, extra virgin, cold pressed, 24 hours later the flu is gone. I can hardly believe it. I guess Coconut oil is unique and resembles in some way mother's milk, which keeps nursing babies healthy. All I know is nothing else worked with this killer flu but Coconut oil, and I'm certain had I not taken it my sinuses and ears and aches would still be dragging me down."


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[YEA]  05/10/2007: Ashley from Baltimore, MD: "Virgin coconut oil cured my plantar warts. I had some plantar warts on my foot for about a year, then I started rubbing coconut oil on my feet to help soften the skin and make walking more comfortable. After about 2 months of this, I was just starting to think of going to the doctor to have them removed (with much dread) when I noticed that the warts had shrunk. Then about 1-2 weeks later, the dead skin just peeled off like a callous, revealing soft healthy skin underneath. It wasn't an overnight cure, but the time was a small price to pay for not having them dug out! I know they were warts because they had the little black spots in them, they hurt or bled if scraped, and a couple of small ones had appeared elsewhere on my foot. I also use coconut oil in food preparation on a regular basis, as well as topically on all areas of the skin."

[YEA]  02/24/2006: Charlene from Seattle, WA: "I got a strange looking thing-ee on my hand between my thumb and index finger. I thought it was a boil, but my doctor thought it was a wart and suggested putting salicycic acid on it. I did but it burned like crazy after a few hours and looked only slightly better after 2 days. I was supposed to give the acid 10 days, but decided that was not the right cure. Instead I rubbed I coconut oil into the strange growth a few times a day. It disappeared after only 3 days. I wonder if it would work for moles too?"

Weight Loss

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06/09/2010: Giglez2u from Morrill, Ne, United States: "I have only been taking the vco consistantly for 1 week, and I have to say, I like the soft, silky feel of my skin. I do, however, have really oily hair, and I want to use it as a conditioner too, but am a little leery of that, but I will try it. Am unsure of exact amts, and best way to apply it. I also consume it, right now, I am at 2 tbs. daily. Was having some cramping and loose bowels, but that seems to have tapered off. I am interested in all the benefits but am worried that I won't lose weight, since it has so many calories, AND I am still constantly, agonizingly HUNGRY! What should I do differently??????"

06/10/2010: Argusa from Las Vegas, Nv, Usa replies: "Hi Giglez2u!

I've read wonders about VCO, I use it mixed up with some fresh papaya in my face, hands etc,WONDERFUL!! I did not tried it for weight loss. I am a happy, sad, bored, anytime, any occasion eater.. so 2 tbsp of anything won't do it for me.. so I thought .... I found this amazing site and I read about PSYLLIUM HUSK, I started taking the powder with LOTS of water drinking it and during the day( 1 tbsp on 8oz of water and some extra to help it down..)I read a post about mixing it with orange juice, will try that tomorrow. Well it does what people posted about, the great cleansing and wonderful extra fiber etc... but what it shocked me is how full it makes me feel..... today being busy I didn't even notice lunch time was far gone, had a small snack and at dinner time I could have a much smaller portion because I was full.... so for me this is helping to control my "hunger attacks" so with a better diet, more movement I think I will succeed.... so will you., just write psyllium in the search on the EC page and there you'll find all the info.there are may other cures related to weight loss,Turmeric, AVC, etc so I'll try them all.. always with caution!! Most of them are not the yummiest but oh well, I just drink it as fast as I can ( on the other hand the turmeric with milk, black pepper and a bit of honey not bad at all ... for me) Good Luck !!!"

07/29/2013: Just Curious from Scranton, Pennsylvania replies: "Hey guys... I am curious about the mixed feedback surrounding Coconut oil. I'd like to try taking it for weight loss, but should I be cutting calories and fat to compensate for taking it? I already eat a mostly healthy, low-carb, low-calorie diet, and exercise 5-6 times a week, but I'd like to use it to cleanse my system and boost my metabloism... What is the recommended daily dosage, and should I work that in to my daily caloric needs, or add it on top? Thanks for the information!"
07/30/2013: Annie from Somewhere In The World replies: "The low carb idea is good but stay off of artificial sweeteners. Forget the low calorie thing. It does not work with low carb or really, anytime. The virgin coconut oil needs to be taken in smaller doses to begin with--try 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per meal and work your way up to 2-3 T. a day. Too much all at once gives a laxative effect. Only good thing about that is, with me, it is over with all at once instead of ongoing. I have been low carbing since April and have lost 23 lbs. I am also gluten intolerant so this works well for me. Get your carbs from low glycemic index veggies. Drink lots of water. When I get the urge to cheat, I drink sparkling mineral water."

[NAY]  12/14/2008: Jay from Ventura, CA: "I tried the Coconut Oil to loose weight. I gained 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I work out regularly doing 4 days of carido and 3 days of weights. I changed nothing else in my healthy diet (no alcohol, no junkfood, low carbs) and I gained weight steadily over 3 weeks."

03/29/2009: Nico from Las Vegas, USA replies: ""I changed nothing else in my healthy diet" That's the problem, you changed nothing else so you ate the same calories and then added several hundred more a day from the coconut oil. You need to to reduce you other calories to factor the calories coming from the coconut oil."
01/15/2011: Julie from Seattle, Wa replies: "Thanks for the question. I had read all about how VCO was going to help me lose weight and I'm gaining instead. The weight "feels" differently, though. Not squishy flab, but strength and substance, if that makes any sense. I feel a lot better, but looks like I will have to tweak my portion sizes everywhere else."
01/16/2011: Mesem from Toulon, France replies: "It would be nice to have more conclusive info on how or if coconut oil does or does not affect the adrenals and thus metabolism. Or does it only just slide through blocking absorption of other fats on the way? I seem to have gastro today so after the ACV and charcoal am whiling away time on line! "

[YEA]  11/12/2008: Joyce from Chippewa Lake, Ohio: "I read about coconut oil on Earth Clinic, for weight loss, and started trying it 3 months ago. I only take 1TBS a day, but in the beginning was taking 2 and 3 TBS. I have lost 20 pounds, without any trouble. It seems to have also cut my appetite. Every one notices the drop in my weight, and I feel so much better, and have more energy. I keep the jar on top of my gas stove, and the pilot keeps it in liquid form. I can not get it down in it's thick form. I also put it in my smoothies. I put some on my face before make up, and my skin is nice and soft. Thank you so much to those who gave this suggestion."

[YEA]  01/08/2008: Dianna from Austin, Texas: "I love organic virgin coconut oil. when i first tried it (i eat it by the spoonful and put it on my hair and skin) i was actually amazed. for the first time i was having regular bowel movements and my fat on my waist was going down...this may be from having regular bowel movements. my skin also loves it as does my hair. however, i found that when i used some brands that are supposed to be more RAW than others they didn't work as well. currently, i am using spectrum organics premimum organic virgin coconut oil and i absolutely love it. it is more expensive than other brands - but it works for me."

[YEA]  01/04/2008: Christine from Livermore, CA: "VCO is truly amazing, I have tried everything to loose that last ten pounds and although I have read about it and purchased it in the past after reading this web site I decided to be faithful about it, I take about a1/2 t spoon several times a day, no more bloated belly and ten pounds slimmer! This web site is awesome!"



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