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Coconut Oil Cures

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Ted's Coconut Oil Feedback

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11/01/2010: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "Of all the cures I have written, nothing is as dramatically important for me as the coconut oil cure. What tipped me off to write this particular update occurred about the beginning of this year as I was trying to find a local source of bromelain (a protease enzyme commonly found in pineapples), when the owner of a factory gave me an industry secret in reducing death rates of piglets, by giving them a teaspoon of MCT (Middle Chain Triglyceride) mixed with a tiny bit of bromelain enzyme.

Normally farmers report a 50% survival rate for piglets, but when fed with this MCT and a small amount of bromelain, you have roughly 100% survival rates. The MCT happens to be found mostly in coconut oil. While bromelain is helpful, most of the survival rates actually came from the MCT. The content of coconut oil is the only oil that I am aware of that contains high levels of MCT. It contains 60%.

You might wonder what's all the fuss about MCT? That answer lies in the basics of cellular nutrition. In case you haven't figure it out, I consider the piglets' sudden death and Sudden Infant Death (SID), the condition that afflicts human babies, the same condition.

You see, if a baby doesn't have enough glucose in their blood, for a very short period, brain cells die quickly. The cell's prime nutrition requires actually two source of energy, one from glucose and another one from MCT in the form found in coconut oil. Ordinarily the body makes uses of MCT when eating coconut oil by the liver which converts it to ketone bodies. What's even more interesting, is the mitochondria - the energy centers of the cells - can actually directly access MCT right through the blood brain barrier and give the mitochondria the needed energy.

So babies born prematurely or starving babies can actually survive, if they have sufficient levels of MCT, where the mother could supply them through breast milk, after she eats coconut oil, or coconut oil is mixed in a milk formula or given directly, as in the piglets' case. The cells require energy and metabolism and have two sources, either glucose or a backup, MCT, if the glucose was in short supply even for a second. I have seen that people with low blood sugar for even a few seconds can faint. So the brain needs the backup system, and this comes from MCT. This allows a more stable energy source, much like the UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) should your glucose level be temporarily low. So the people who faint easily may actually have an MCT deficiency, which can be supplied from coconut oil.

What is so special about MCT and coconut oil is that brain cells DO NOT REQUIRE ANY special receptors to utilize this source of energy!

People who are too weak, sleep all day, the kind who have very long term illness, whether Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer disease, or just people who seem to be in a comatose state may actually have problems similar to those of a piglet that doesn't have a sufficient supply of MCT because their glucose level are unstable, or more likely as you get older, the cells lose their ability to uptake glucose. This is exactly what happens in patients with brain conditions such as Alzheimer, Parkinson's, etc. The brain cells lose their "insulin receptors". The insulin receptor is needed so that the brain cells can uptake the glucose.

This means that if a person were to go into coma, in many instances, sugar can't be utilized, but the cells can directly access the MCT so the brain cells can function. It takes on the average 3 hours to notice the sudden improvement in speech, memory, and other cognitive abilities. Long term, if these cells can have the energy source, the brain cells will recover, and reduce or stop the brain death that occurs with Alzheimer's. In other words, brain cells starve to death because they lose their insulin receptors to access the needed glucose. MCT is like a spare tire, should the original tire not work because the tire became old and worn out.

The other advantage to be found in coconut oil has got to do with our late 20th century to early 21st century civilization's diet that's killing us. The diet is already lacking in MCT, which was always mostly found in coconut oil and now you will find it lacking or nonexistent in most cooking oils you use today. One of today's characteristic health problems is high cholesterol mostly in the form of LDLs, with low HDLs and high triglycerides. This is the typical pattern. What's interesting about coconut oil is it increases HDL, reduces LDL, and reduces the triglycerides all at once.

In Thailand, because it is U.S. aligned, we have rejected the use of coconut oil and use the imported U.S. oil so that we end up with the same disease that afflicts the U.S. That's because of clever marketing. What the advertisers here in Thailand did was to say that if you put coconut oil in the refrigerator, it hardens, but not for soybean oil, corn oil, etc. Therefore, they would say, this is the one that clogs your arteries. This is false advertising. The hardened oil is actually HDL, and not LDL. In fact the fact that these soybean oils don't harden, means you will have low HDL. It's the HDL that prevents LDL from sticking. So that's a relatively simple advertising to counter that claim.

Once you understand that cells can't access the glucose (not just brain cells) you may wonder where am I going to go from here. Well it goes everywhere. I recently visited a comatose client, who is 82 years old, and her skin was in such bad shape that one of her children (she has 15 of them!), decided to give her coconut oil applied to the skin. The skin condition improved dramatically within days. That's because as your skin gets older, it may lose its insulin receptors, and cannot access the needed glucose. So for the body to get the glucose needed, the body responds by increasing the blood sugar, to diabetic levels! But there is a way around that of course. Coconut oil!

One other fact, the NUMBER ONE CURE FOR CANCER on this planet is to starve the cancer cells of glucose. Cancer cells die off quickly once you starve them of sugar! Cancer patients are weak, have no energy, because cancer cells STEAL GLUCOSE from the body so then healthy cells die and cancer cells live on. It is important to realize that cancer cells feed off fructose and glucose very efficiently. A couple of months ago one of my clients, after recovering quickly from a stage IV liver cancer with lymphatic cancer plus cachexia (using my typical liver cancer remedy) after 5 days, she decided to sneak and drink 2 full glasses of coconut milk without telling me about it. She ended up going into cachexia again. By the time I found out about it, B3, B1, B6, and B50 were provided to lower the blood sugar, white tea as a diuretic to pee out all those sugars and took another 3 days to get her improving again. You might be asking, so what have coconuts got to do with liver cancer, or any cancer, especially brain tumors?

Most cancer patients cannot eat glucose, or carbohydrates for that matter, because they give the cancer the SUGAR THEY NEED. This is true for honey, fruit juices, bananas, watermelon, ripe mangos, sticky rice, wheat, and white bread for that matter! So how are you going to get the energy to do anything? Try coconut oil! In fact coconut oil is a fairly efficient fuel source compared to glucose, and the extra fats of coconut oil are not even stored in the body. They are usually utilized. Coconut oil contains several components that are antifungal and antiviral, which makes it interesting in treatment of viral caused illness, and from my own experience, nearly every case I encountered with cancer is viral in nature, including Parkinson's disease and Alzhiemer's.

In case you are wondering, the antiviral wonder drug came mostly from lysine. And in case you are wondering why soymilk is a bit more healthy than cow's milk, it has a lot to do with the lysine to arginine ratios. The lysine to arginine ratio for soymilk is 1:1, while a typical cow's milk is around 1:2, more arginine then lysine. Now for those who are aware of arginine, the arginine supports virus growth, whether they are viral cancer, herpes cancer, etc. but for soymilk, because of the higher lysine level at 1:1 ratio, it places soymilk at an advantage when it comes to antiviral properties.

So whether you are recovering from a long-term illness, in a comatose state, a person in a nursing home, Alzheimer's, or Parkinson's disease, or just simply want more beautiful skin, the cells simply need that coconut oil so they can get the energy they require for more beautiful skin. What it does to the skin, it will do the same for the brain cells and all the organs inside the body, because all cells need fuel so they can properly function!

My coconut oil remedy requires 1 tablespoonful twice a day, preferably taken with meals. In other situations, you can take 2 tablespoons in one dose. You should see some results in about 3 hours on the average, in terms of energy. Athletes may be interested in coconut oil too.


p.s. To give bromelain a fair review, the bromelain was added to the MCT for the piglets as a natural antibiotic, as the bromelain reduced the piglets' rates of dying from infections. In the human arena, most of the infections are under control with proper sanitary measures, but the MCT is one supplement that is definitely missing in the human diet that I believe to be essential, should the cells not be able to access the required glucose.

p.p.s. Footnote on the 82-year-old patient. She's out of her two months' coma, but still sleeps most of the time through supplements using clove oil, methylene blue and hydrochloric acid drops. In case you are wondering how I get people out of coma, it takes between 30 minutes to 12 hours on average to get them out, unless of course MRI reveals large sections of dead brain (I have one case like that), and I am trying on that one! Most comatose conditions may have to do with energy deficit, lack of ability for the brain cells to utilized the needed glucose, and this is where coconut oil comes in, along with the other things mentioned.

12/05/2010: Sashalani from Lancaster, Ca, Usa replies: "Hi Ted, thank you for the information on coconut oil, it has been extremely helpful. Sad to say the one of my dear friends died or should I say they pulled the life support plug on her due to doctors saying she was brain dead and she was in a coma for less than 1 month... They did'nt even give her a chance to recover. Anyway my question is how do you administer coconut oil to comatose patients? Thank you in advance."
12/06/2010: Merryanne from Orange City, Florida, Usa replies: "I may be able to answer some of your questions about administering food or liquids to comatose people. There is usually a feeding tube in the patient, either in/down the nostril to the stomach or a gastric feeding tube threw the wall of the lower abdomen to the stomach, either way it has portals that liquids are administered through, and you all ways flush this hole with water after giving anything, if that thing is an oil I suggest you use warm water to clear the tube all the way to the stomach after giving oil."
03/18/2011: Rizwan Malik from Lahore, Pakistan replies: "Dear Ted, I have read yr remdies and various responses from all over the world. These are truly incredible. I have 10 years old daughter and she is suffering from Guatte psorisis for last two months. She is also suffering from soar throat and running nose.

The attck is very severe. I gave her ACV for a week or so but no results. Now I have started off with Coconut oil. So far I gave here one teaspoon coconut oil in a hot cup of milk .

Please help me out in finding the right solution to her problem. Thanking you in advance.

rgds, Rizwan Malik"

03/24/2011: Rich from Boca Raton, Fl replies: "Coconut Oil does kill yeast, but it seems Caprylic Acid kills ZERO in this study. Capric/Lauric Acids in coconut do the killing."

EC: Link provided did not work.

06/04/2011: Coconutty from Phoenix, Az replies: "So I agree with you on everything but the soymilk. Soy has too many photoestrogens to be considered healthy. In my opinion. As for administering coconut oil to comatose patients, you can also give it intravenously. Great post though overall. Thank you."
08/17/2011: Leanne from Calgary, Ab replies: "Hi Ted, I just read your article on coconut oil and comas you posted 11/01/2010. I have a friend that was seriously injured three days ago and in critical condition at the moment. He has severe edema throughout his body and they say his brain is damaged in the area of the vortex for his motor skills. The rest I believe they say would be capable of functioning when he is out of coma. Many people desperately praying and hoping for his recovery. Can you please tell me more about the coconut oil and other possible remedies that may speed heal his brain and how it should be administered in a hospital? Thank you!! :)"
08/19/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Leanne, Most hospitals at the moment don't allow Virgin Coconut Oil to be administered. That's the policy. The reason it can be done is when they gave up on him, or that the relative with consent of the doctor, otherwise its sneaking in things is the most common I seen. That's how I saved people, the other is they be transferred to Nursing home because of the "cost" and you have some connections, and that's difficult in U.S. The other is easier, if self care, and doctors give up on him and allowed to "die" at his home where the treatment is handled.

As far as brain damage is concerned, the concern is to restore circulation to the brain is far more important and regenerative properties of aloe vera oil, or at least aloe vera extract but at low dose such as 10 drops should be fine. The regenerative tissues can only occur is that the scar tissues does not occur and that can be done with bromelain. I used a bromelain 10% to mixed with water taken 3 times a day, at 1/8 or preferably 1/4 teaspoon three times a day. Aloe vera oil is given once a day. For some reasons all patients has an unusual need for N acetyl cysteine, given 250 mg x 8 times a day to help with the phlegm, as this is critical also for synthesis of glutathione. If there is any fever, I don't use antibiotics I used usually 750 mg lysine with is 1/3 teaspoon of lysine given hourly for four hours and threonine 350 mg for example or 1/8 teaspoon approximately given the same time period. It is given once in morning (4 doses) and once in evening (4 doses) for at least 3 days. On the third day especially I will add glutamine to the remedy, which is added to the lysine protocol at 1/4 teaspoon. This is to get immune system up and fight off the infection. If it last to 3 days and show no sign of letting up, 25 mg of zinc acetate given everyday for one week, would be the way. Bromelain 10% is given throughout the time and so is aloe vera oil.

That's the basic treatment. I may restore some neural connections with a couple of things, 5 to 10 drops of Lithium chloride 10% once a day, piracetam 800 mg, and hydergine 2 mg. once a day, and perhaps gingko biloba extract, with flavones, 1/2 teaspoon maybe twice a day. Coconut oil is given 2 tablespoon a day, can be mixed with food. Since people in coma is seriously drained of energy, that is why they are in coma, they need something above and beyond to get energy levels up, these include 800 mg CoQ10 ubiquinol only, not ubiquinone. taken 3 times a day, methylene blue 0.1% at least 8 drops once in morning and once in the afternoon. All foods if it is tube fed must have 4 drops of Hydrochloric acid per 250 cc of food (of course he may need less), plus a lot of digestive enzymes say 4 capsules with every meal. Clove oil can be applied to the feet this seems to help get out of coma also. In addition alpha lipoic acid and acetyl l carnitine 500 mg capsules combined is given at least twice a day, selenium 200 mcg x 2 day and B3 500 mg in evening and before sleep (that's based on schedule), he sleeps anyway. When in coma energy has a lot to do with it needed to get people out of coma. Now I know poor people who cannot afford all this out in province in Thailand, we used a chopped hot green pepper (equivalent in America its Jalepeno) and chopped garlic down his throat it works most of the time. That's the basic protocol and is for your information only.

I have much more remedies than this, this is just the basics."

08/27/2011: Gavin from Manganui, Northland, New Zealand replies: "I heard of another treatement for patients in a Coma.. That requires small capacitor electrodes placed on the fingers.. the small shocks travel up to the brain and basicly realign the synapses."
08/28/2011: Rob from Manhattan, Ny replies: "and for some inspiration... this story on RadioLab..

Finding Emily..."

10/15/2011: Myrtle from Suva, Fiji replies: "Thanks Ted for all your info on coconut oil. Very helpful. I also read your natural remedy for coma in province thailand and was just wondering (hoping) if you have a natural remedy to assist with anal fistula as I am suffering from this and not looking forward to the upcoming operation."
11/21/2011: Cedric from San Francisco, Usa replies: "Hello Ted,

Thank you. I too believe in the coconut oil health benefits.

My dad (he is 70) has had parkinson disease for about 6 years; he takes many pills which make him fall asleep during meals, and he is slowing down a lot, walking little steps at a time.

What coconut oil regimen do you suggest for him? Did you treat patients who had Parkinson?
Thanks for your help.


12/03/2011: Cc from Slc , Utah replies: "Some more info on Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil - 1 Tablespoon (14g) of VCO contains - 9g (8,694 mg) of Medium Chain Fatty Acids of that LAURIC ACID 7g (6,657mg) CAPRYLIC ACID 1g (1,043mg) CAPRIC ACID 994mg."
08/08/2012: Asteroid from Enoch, Utah, Usa replies: "Ted, Great post on Coconut Oil. I'm sure you're already aware, but there is no HDL oil, nor LDL fat. The last "L" stands for "lipoprotein", and it's a transport mechanism for fats. HDL is the lipoprotein with no fat molecules attached, and LDL is the lipoprotein with fat molecules attached for transport in the body via the bloodstream. It is usually considered more healthy to have higher HDL because it means less fats floating around in the blood. Dave"
11/03/2012: Patti from Mineral, Va replies: "03/18/2011: Rizwan Malik from Lahore: Hi Rizwan, I hope you get this... I've been on asthma meds, and have really bad sensitivity to colds/flu, etc. Since I went organic (about 80%) and taking vitamins C1000, D, calcium everyday, I have very little problem with respiratory. I definitely suggest you start your daughter on C1000 (with bioflavanoids and rosehips) and D vitamins everyday, and more if she needs it. Also, honey should help her throat. Regarding psoriasis. I heard someone put ACV mixed in water right on it. And it actually worked. And Coconut Oil, perhaps right after you bathe.. Put coconut oil on. Coconut oil alone is supposed to help psoriasis. Hope this helps. God bless."
[YEA]  12/08/2012: Claude from Utrecht, Netherlands replies: "I got dental carie, which was extremely painful, I went to dentist who gave me some probably "chemical" antibiotic tablets, he worked a bit but not 100% because I could still feel a kind of back pain and I could feel my brain was kind of damaged too because of pain. I discovered on internet the good effect of coconut oil, I went to an oriental store where I found pure coconut oil 500ml for only EUR 3.95, trust me, the pain is GOoooone! 100% gone! And I feel much better, my brain works properly again. I just read your article and I put some coconut oil on my skin, this oil is a miracle from nature!"
01/31/2013: Emael from Inverness, Florida replies: "Thanks for all the great info!! I started taking coconut oil 2 wks ago to help with my newly diagnosed diabetic condition. I Changed my diet, started walking. I am less bloated and have more energy. I am not hungry all the time and have lost weight. I am not sure if my thyroid level has changed. I have hypothyroidism. Some days I have so much energy its unbelievable!! ( I was sleeping all the time before this). I also have some skin problems and hopefully the coconut oil will help that too."


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[YEA]  10/09/2007: Jake from Chicago, IL: "Many thanks to Lucille from Jersey City. I had sensitive gums and nerves for several months after having two dental procedures - removal of an impacted and decayed wisdom tooth -lower left,and placement of a crown on a molar above. I was very sensitive to cold especially but hot as well. Oil pulling with coconut oil just three times cured it 95%. It was hard to believe after it was so sensitive it virtually went away. I rarely feel anything anymore except with extreme temperatures and I see even that declining as the days go by."

[YEA]  04/23/2007: Lucille from Jersey City, USA: "Wow! I just read this cure [oil pulling] for the first time and decided to try it with my organic coconut oil. I still can't believe it but the chronic sensitivity I had in two of my teeth is gone! It's hard to tell which teeth were hurting! And my teeth feel different."

The Elderly and Children

06/29/2009: Sangeetha from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands: "Is VCO good for any age? My mother is 70 years old and suffers from diabetes and bigh blood pressure. I know VCO is good for diabetes. Is it also god for high blood pressure? Is it ok for a 70 year old with these ailments to drink VCO?

Also, due to so many benefits includes its ability to fight virus and bacteria, I wanted to give it to my 6 1/2 year old daughter, maybe in smaller quantities of 1 tsp to begin with, gradually increasing to 2 tsp. a day. Is it alright for a child that age to drink VCO?

Thank you in advance for responses."

06/30/2009: Kyra from Cortlandt Manor, New York replies: "I give all of my children, ages 2 - 12 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil daily."
03/05/2012: Roger from Colorado Springs, Colorado replies: "I am 66 and in pretty good shape/health. If I were to introduce coconut oil to an older person, I would start very small and watch for any changes."


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[YEA]  04/18/2006: Rodney from Delaware: "I suffered with thrush for 9 mos. Tried Nystatin and several other RX meds. Tried all of the popular probiotics and even tried the expensive Three-Lac. Three-Lac did offer some relief but could not completely get rid of the problem. One week of extra Virgin coconut oil from GNC, Emerald labs did the trick. I had several days of pure hell from upset stomach, loose bowels stomach pain and so on. This eventually subsided and the benefits have been nothing short of miraculous. I wish I had known of this product earlier, it would have saved me a ton of misery and saved me a boat load of cash."


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[YEA]  04/20/2008: Anita from Augusta, GA, USA: "I started taking coconut oil (virgin for eating and regular coconut oil for cooking) and in 3 months a tumor I had in my ear that I was suppose to have removed by a surgeon, shrunk to almost nothing, the doctor mentioned he had never had a patient were a tumor in the ear shrunk that fast, so I guess the coconut is working!"


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[YEA]  05/29/2008: WT from Spartanburg, SC : "I've always been a fan of natural remedies since childhood. I discovered coconut oil years ago while looking for a vinegar and oil recipe. We've always used RBD (refined, bleached, deoderized) and now use the Luanna brand found in Wal-Mart. A couple years ago I had increasing stomach pain over a several week period. It started out like hunger pains and got progressively worse. It got to the point that it wouldn't go away even after eating. I figured it must be an ulcer.

I had read that coconut oil killed the ulcer causing bacteria. I got on the internet and researched the dosage and began taking a tablespoon in the morning and another at night.

After three days or so the pain was gone and I stopped taking it. A few weeks later the pain came back. I figured if you take antibiotics for 7-10 days I should probably do the same with the coconut oil. Again the pain left in three days or so but I kept taking it for a week. That's been probably three years or so. I also try and eat fried eggs once every weekend just for good health.

PS: an arterial ultrasound on my carotid arteries, taken last year after about 8 years consuming the stuff, showed no evidence of plaque buildup.

I've smoked up to 2 packs a day until quitting 2 years ago and have never taken cholesterol meds. I'm 45 and my dad was 90% blocked by age 61.nI also take 4+ Grams of cheap ascorbic acid vitamin C almost daily."

09/19/2011: Ann from Casper, Wy replies: "AWESOME!!! ... What an amazing report! It's nice to read a post from someone who has taken EVCO for many yrs. THANKS!"
05/10/2012: Jenn from Ottawa, On replies: "RBD coconut oil is not EVCO."

Virgin Coconut Oil

08/13/2013: John from Nashville, Tn: "Why are you pushing virgin coconut oil when it is a fraud? Commercial, FOOD GRADE, RBD (76 degree) coconut oil, not the cheap one made for making soap and cosmetics, has more good qualities than VCO and its price is around 800% cheaper?"

08/13/2013: Chiquita B from Colorado replies: "Really - more good qualities than virgin oil? I'd love to see your documentation on this. Do you make the same claims for EVOO vs. other grades?"
08/14/2013: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: "John, I actually tried both and here are the differences that I found:

Vco SMELLS like coconut. The regular one does not.

Vco absorbs into the skin, and "disappears" after a bit and doens't even smell like coconut after a while. The regular one leaves a greasy film on the sking that does not disappear."


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[YEA]  05/31/2008: WT from Spartanburg, SC: "Whether it's Bird flu or the regular flu. If any virus is classified a flu virus, coconut oil will kill it.

Any flu virus is contained inside a Lipid envelope. If this membrane is ruptured the virus dies. Apparently the fats in Coconut oil lyse this membrane on contact causing it's destruction.

I used to get colds just about every year and the flu maybe every 2-3 years. Upon switching to coconut oil for cooking, I've been cold and flu free for nine years now! I've even been around others with my business who were fighting the flu and didn't catch it!

We fry stuff in it once a week or so and I try to eat fried eggs weekly for good measure!

For kids in day care you won't believe the difference it makes! Those days of them coming home with a new bug every few days will be a thing of the past!"

[YEA]  03/06/2008: Mary from Nevada City: "I had been sick for a month and this was giving me very bad asthma. Advair did not control it. I needed albuterol several times a day. I woke up several times a night with attacks. The viral symptoms decreased very quickly once I started taking coconut oil 2-3 TABL a day. I was also taking Bee propolis which also helped with the viral load. One well cooked turnip, daily, has also helped keep my lungs loose enough to manage, and yes coffee helps when things are bad. Last but not least - I learned to breathe through my nose (unless sinuses are blocked from a cold!) This really helps to calm an attack..."

[YEA]  12/22/2006: Jay from Manila, Philippines: "In the Philippines, study have shown that coconut oil can cure HIV. Test subjects were given at least 12 tablespoon of coconut oil a day, and and after 6 months, HIV have been cured. I had no time to confirm this report but the story had been featured several times in radio and tv programs.

I have been using coconut oil for years, and it has greatly helped me with my skin tone and digestive system. Some people have diarrhea right after taking coconut oil. This is normal. Doctors here say that the coconut oil helps clean our intestines and removes all toxins inside our body. The diarrhea effect is only temporary and it will last for 2 to 3 days only. I recommend to keep using it. - Jay, Manila Philippines "

04/14/2009: ClosedEyes from Los Angeles, CA replies: "I can confirm this. I found the article as listed below...

Coconut Oil, HIV Cure? Paranaque, Philippines
'Expert' calls for more studies on 'coco oil's anti-AIDS' benefits

Philippine Daily Inquirer
October 02, 2004


The 1999 Local study that showed virgin coconut oil (VCO) could reduce, if not totally wipe out, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) needs a follow-up study to validate its results.

Dr. Conrado Dayrit, the man behind what is now called the "miracle oil," says the 1999 study was "just the beginning of an exhaustive work." He says the "follow-up study should involve at least 200 HIV-positive -patients, if possible up to 300 patients.

Dayrit is looking for young researchers to do the study because at 85, he says, he is already "too old" to take part in it.

14 HIV-positive patients
The initial study had involved 14 HIV positive patients of the San Lazaro Hospital in Sta. Cruz Manila. The research took six months and was conducted by Dayrit's group and medical staff of the state-run facility.

The study showed that the coconut chemical lauric acid could inhibit, delay and reduce the spread of HIV.

Dayrit says the viral loads of research subjects went down, while their CD4 cells-the human body's first lines of defense infection-went-went up.

He presented his group findings during the 37th Cocotech meeting in Chennai, India in 2000

Similar presentations followed here and abroad, and his findings have become a fixture in many VCO websites.

More concrete conclusions
The P5-Miliion research was funded was funded by the non-government Philippine Coconut Research and Development Foundation (PCRDF) where Dayrit was then a trustee.

PCRDF technical supervisor Romulo Conde had described the test results as "promising" but was also quoted as having cautioned for a need for "more concrete conclusions%uFFFDto%uFFFDsatisfy the world scientific community."

Dr. Roderick Poblete, head of the Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) secretariat, shares Conde's views.

PNAC is the lead agency in the country's fight against the killer disease.

Poblete says s study with a much bigger scope would "erase any doubts on the results of the initial tests."

Dayrit says VCO has become very popular among HIV-positive locals.

In the absence of a cure for HIV/AIDS, he says, "many patients have resorted to alternative medicines like coconut oil. Apparently dissatisfied with what their doctors had been giving them, the gave coconut oil a try."

The Philippine HIV/AIDS Research Agenda, a joint report of the National Economic Development Authority and the United Nations Development Program, noted that VCO was "developed using sound scientific research methods."

"VCO is not only affordable and readily available but also culturally acceptable, " the report said.

"Better late than never"
Dayrit's obsession with coconut oil seems to be paying off. For one@ he is getting a lot of attention from the local med ical community.

"More doctors are acknowledging VCO's antiviral effects as well as its many other health benefits," says Dayrit

"Better late than never," he says, sounding really happy.

Nowadays, he receives many invitations to speak in hospitals.

Dayrit did his first lecture on VCO in 1983, 40 yeas after he started teaching pharmacology at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine.

"Wanted: Funds"
Dayrit says the expanded study on the antiretroviral properties of VCO would cost several millions more compared to the initial one. And getting funding is the biggest obstacle they have to hurdle.

Dayrit says that while his son, Health Secretary Manuel Dayrit, is "fully behind me and my cause, his hands are tied."

He says the DOH, with its annual budget of P92.8 billion, has limited funds, which have been earmarked for various health programs, and not a single centavo of this was allocated for research.

Neither could the Department of Science and Technology, with a budget of P2.21 billion, bankroll his proposed project, Dayiit says.

The DOST-attached National Academy of Science and Technology, which Dayrit headed for nine consecutive years, is not a funding agency. He says its budget of P16 million a year is used mainly to cover honorariums of national scientists and academicians.

A DOH official had suggested tapping the controversial coconut levy fund, estimated at P140 billion.

More good stuff reagrding HIV/VCO

On July 19, 1995, Dr. Mary Enig, noted biochemist and nutritionist, was quoted in an article published in The HINDU, India's National Newspaper as stating that coconut oil is converted by the body into "Monolaurin" a fatty acid with anti-viral properties that might be useful in the treatment of AIDS. The staff reporter for The HINDU wrote about Enig's presentation at a press conference in Kochi and wrote the following:

"There was an instance in the US in which an infant tested HIV positive had become HIV negative. That it was fed with an infant formula with a high coconut oil content gains significance in this context and at present an effort was on to find out how the 'viral load' of an HIV infected baby came down when fed a diet that helped in the generation of Monolaurin in the body."

The reporter commented on Enig's observations that "Monolaurin helped in inactivating other viruses such as measles, herpes, vesicular stomatitis and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and that research undertaken so far on coconut oil also indicated that it offered a certain measure of protection against cancer-inducing substances."

Enig stated in an article published in the Indian Coconut Journal, Sept. 1995 that Monolaurin, of which the precursor is lauric acid, disrupted the lipid membranes of envelope viruses and also inactivated bacteria, yeast and fungi. She wrote: "Of the saturated fatty acids, lauric acid has greater anti-viral activity than either caprylic acid (C-10) or myristic acid (C-14). The action attributed to Monolaurin is that of solubilizing the lipids the envelope of the virus causing the disintegration of the virus envelope

Dayrit is thinking if cash cows like the Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) could provide the funds.

In a July 1997 newsletter entitled "Keep Hope Alive" an interview with Chris Dafoe was recorded. Chris Dafoe of Cloverdale, IN who, based on his lab numbers, thought the end was near in September, 1996. His HIV viral load was over 600,000, CD4 count was 10 and CD8 at 300. He prepaid his funeral and decided to take his last vacation in the jungles of South America with an Indian tribe in the Republic of Surinam. Around October 14, 1996, he began eating daily a dish of cooked coconut which was prepared by the local Indians. By Dec. 27th, 1996, a mere 2 and 1/2 months later, his viral load was at non-detectable levels and he had gained 32 lbs and was feeling great. He had some other people he knew with HIV try using coconuts in their diet, and they experienced the same results. The entire interview is recorded here."

[YEA]  11/29/2006: David from Memphis, TN: "I have been taking coconut oil for five or six years now. About five years ago, my daughter,who was in college at the time, came down with mononucleosis. I overnighted her a bottle of monolaurin, the main ingredient of lauric acid, which is only found in any quantity in coconut oil and human milk. My daughter was diagnosed on a Tuesday, she got the monolaurin on Wednesday and on Friday, nine days later she had no symptoms and quit taking it. The following Monday (that's 13 days post diagnosis) she had lab work done and was completely normal. Other dorm-mates of hers had mono for months. Coconut oil, lauric acid and monolaurin supposedly lifts the lipid envelopes of lipid viruses and bacteria.

Most colds are caused by lipid enveloped viruses as are a number of major viral infections.

Just last Saturday, a friend of mine called to tell me he had a horrible cold and had made an appointment to see and ENT physician on Monday. I told him to take three tablespoons of coconut oil. When I saw him on Monday, he was obviously fine. He told me he had taken two tablespoons on Saturday and Sunday and was fine on Monday so he cancelled his doctor's appointment.

I take it all the time but every now and then I run out. Usually I will get sick when I do. Then I go get some more. It is particularly effective for sinus infections. I just snort some into my sinus cavities. Most people are amazed when I prescribe it and it works. But I have seen it happen so many times now, I just expect it to work."

[YEA]  04/18/2006: Peter from NYC: "I've had a flu that lasted 3 months. I caught a terrible flu from my father, who had just come back from California. The flu would weaken, but never go away. It gave me terrible aches and pains, constant post nasal drip (but always with clear mucus, never green and infected), plugged ears, sinus aches, very low energy at times, sore throat, and very persistent. I found this site, and nearly made myself ill trying to take Apple Cider Vinegar (Heinz, without the so-called mother). But I kept taking it, and the flu still persisted. Also took lots of Vitamin C, and gargled with H. Peroxide and bubbled in ears, but still this thing wouldn't go away. Finally, I bought Coconut Oil from a local health food store, extra virgin, cold pressed, 24 hours later the flu is gone. I can hardly believe it. I guess Coconut oil is unique and resembles in some way mother's milk, which keeps nursing babies healthy. All I know is nothing else worked with this killer flu but Coconut oil, and I'm certain had I not taken it my sinuses and ears and aches would still be dragging me down."


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[YEA]  05/10/2007: Ashley from Baltimore, MD: "Virgin coconut oil cured my plantar warts. I had some plantar warts on my foot for about a year, then I started rubbing coconut oil on my feet to help soften the skin and make walking more comfortable. After about 2 months of this, I was just starting to think of going to the doctor to have them removed (with much dread) when I noticed that the warts had shrunk. Then about 1-2 weeks later, the dead skin just peeled off like a callous, revealing soft healthy skin underneath. It wasn't an overnight cure, but the time was a small price to pay for not having them dug out! I know they were warts because they had the little black spots in them, they hurt or bled if scraped, and a couple of small ones had appeared elsewhere on my foot. I also use coconut oil in food preparation on a regular basis, as well as topically on all areas of the skin."

[YEA]  02/24/2006: Charlene from Seattle, WA: "I got a strange looking thing-ee on my hand between my thumb and index finger. I thought it was a boil, but my doctor thought it was a wart and suggested putting salicycic acid on it. I did but it burned like crazy after a few hours and looked only slightly better after 2 days. I was supposed to give the acid 10 days, but decided that was not the right cure. Instead I rubbed I coconut oil into the strange growth a few times a day. It disappeared after only 3 days. I wonder if it would work for moles too?"



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