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Sore Throat Cures

Last Modified on Mar 25, 2014

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Salt Water Gargle

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Salt Water Gargle to Cure a Sore Throat

Folk Cure Instructions

You'll Need:

  • Sea Salt - 3 Teaspoons (regular salt is fine too if you don't have sea salt)
  • Warm Water - 2 Cups

Mix 3 teaspoons of salt in 2 cups of warm water and gargle with the mixture, spitting out and repeating several times.

[YEA]  Felicia from Georgia: "The best way I have found to soothe a sore throat is to mix 2 tsp salt with 1 cup warm water and add a crushed baby aspirin to mixture, and gargle several times."

[NAY]  06/08/2011: Peter from Boston, Massachusetts replies: "It did not help my soar throat at all and it actually made it worse I feel like shit now."

[YEA]  Gerrad from St. Louis: "Salt Water Gargle helped too!! Use the hottest water that your mouth and throat will tolerate without being burned and uses Sea Salt if possible."

[YEA]  Leo from Macon, GA: "I used the the warm water and salt, and it worked well for me, because I could barely go to sleep, and after gargling some salt water, I was able to sleep, and was much more better the next morning."

[YEA]  Jess from MI: "I tried the salt water trick, and in about 30 minutes my sore throat was history. But that morning it wasn't so bad then it got bad REALLY bad. So I tried to look for a cure and I saw the salt water trick so, I tried it and it worked so you should try it! You can also add a couple drops of lemon juice if you would like. This may not cure it, but it makes it go away."

[YEA]  01/06/2009: Craig from St. Louis, Missouri replies: "learned this method from grandma and have used it in the states as well as overseas as a medic and all my troops/patients said it worked great, lol usein it right now. i dump as much salt as u can take and use warm water if available."

[NAY]  Brad from Bolton: "I have used salt water and gargled for my sore throat, it only reduces the soreness, and it dries your throat."

[NAY]  Teia from Hawyard, CA: "I tried the salt-- it didn't work, it seemed to make it even worse."

[NAY]  Dylan from Kenosha, WI: "It stings and dries up my throat."

[NAY]  11/12/2010: Elaine from Key Largo, Fl/united States replies: "I am sorry to say this but.... It doesn't work..... It dries up your throat, it hurts still, and it makes your mouth super super dry..... :("
11/13/2010: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "I don't agree with you. I have used salt water for a sore throat all my life and it really helps because it disinfects and I think that the fact that you gargle is also good, some kind of massage. I also use it when I have mouth sores. Cheap, great and without side effects!"
12/04/2010: Sydney from Surprise, Arizona replies: "Well... Ive heard salt water gargling works, so I tried it. I put it in my mouth, and once it got to the end of my tongue, my throat spit it back up, and I felt I was gonna throw up for 5 minutes afterwards. I didnt just spit it out because I hated the taste; my body somehow spit it back up. Try the tongue streching thing instead."

Slippery Elm

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[YEA]  Kali from Anchorage, AK: "Slippery elm bark tea is great! It soothes a sore throat almost immediately."

08/13/2008: Angela from Tonasket, WA. replies: "Slippery elm is noted as soothing a sore throat by making it slippery as it's name suggests. Lozenges got at a natural food store are easy, though not cheap. The ideal would be the powder in bulk, added to your favorite hot or cold beverage. It tastes good, but I would suspect it would not heal anything, just help stuff slid down in the healing process. I would reccomend taking apple cider vinegar or cayenne pepper to actually heal the irritation."


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[YEA]  03/08/2012: Extra Guy! from Honolulu, Hawaii, honolulu : "For a nice way to relieve pain of a sore throught, just have a nice bowl of warm lentil soup! Have some potatoes, lentils(duh), a tiny bit of onions, and voila! You have a tasty soup that helps you! I know this doesn't involve cayenne but it's very helpful too( I've tried cayenne it works! )"

[YEA]  07/13/2007: Joe from Congleton, england: "I got back from college with a sore throat and found your site and so i used some of the recipes like the Miso soup and garlic one (eugh) and just blitzing it with these cures proved amazing results! Thanks!!"

[YEA]  04/01/2007: Kayla from Spokane, Washington: "What works the best for most of my family is just good old Miso soup. the soybean white is the best! My sore throat was going away as i was eating it! try it! You can normally get it in a package at the grocery store and any asian market.."

Spearmint Oil

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[YEA]  04/08/2007: John from Omaha, Nebraska: "this is all 100% natural and can cure the sore throat asap. first get some water, next mix water with 2 teaspoons of spearmint oil, and then gargle."

Stop Talking

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[YEA]  01/12/2009: Ann-Taylor from Private, Caliornia: "I've had a sore throat for at least 2 or 3 days. At that time every time I stood up I would get very dizzy and everything would turn black for 2 or 3 seconds. It it hurt when I swallowed, the pain came from the right side of my throat. I've looked up the information I was going to maybe buy some Cayenne Pepper but later on, I stopped talking for at least 6 hours STRAIGHT. It helped a lot, although this information may not help for some other people with worse sore throat. Although, I did eat and drink. All I didn't do was not to talk just kept my mind busy on something else."


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[YEA]  11/10/2012: Rob from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "Wow! Was sceptical at first, but tried a teaspoon of Tabasco and honey mixture. Felt some relief, then gargled a cup of warm water mixed with a good 15-20 shakes of Tabasco. Slight burning sensation in the mouth, it disapates after awhile. Finally some relief after 6 days!"

[YEA]  04/11/2012: Angie from Yulee, Florida: "OMG! I couldn't sleep last night. My throat was so sore! I tried mixing 1 cup of beef bouillon and 5 shakes of hot sauce.... First couple of swallows and I can now swallow with very little pain!!! This stuff is great! Thank you everyone! I will continue because it tastes great too!!!!!"



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