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Sore Throat Cures

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[YEA]  03/17/2007: Alison from Hull, UK: "Sore Throat Remedy: I only had Paprika in my cupboard so I used more - it's working as I type! Mixed it with honey, lemon, ginger, cinnamon and hot water and drank it as soon as I could. Bring it on!!"

Peanut Butter

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[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  07/17/2010: Leriejane from Seattle, Wa, Usa: "PEANUT BUTTER
Out of curiosity, I tried eating a spoonful of chunky peanut butter to soothe my sore throat, and it worked! It lasted at least 1/2 an hour, but that's longer than any cough drops, tea, honey, or apple cider vinegar that I've tried. Half an hour isn't that long, but most of the scratchiness and soreness went down and continued for awhile after. It's a lot of calories, but if you're sick you probably won't be eating much, so won't be a problem. This is probably a good solution to do when your throat hurts really bad, between cough drops or tea, etc.

I've also found that drinking a shot of cheap alcohol, the kind that 'burns' as it goes down, works really well at numbing the throat. Either drink or gargle a shot's worth (or add it to warm water with salt)."

[YEA]  04/06/2012: Kirky from Toronto, Canada replies: "Oh my god. Just had a bit of peanut butter and it instantly worked! I'll be keeping this jar by my side today~ Haha"

Pear Juice

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[YEA]  03/20/2007: Sean from Chatham, VA: "Here is something that gets rid of sore throat pain for a while; Pear Juice. You can get bottled Pear Juice in the baby-food section of a grocery store. OR you can still find some pears canned in their own actual pear juice. (The juice from pears canned in "corn syrup", will not work.) It has to be real pear juice. This is a lot easier for kids to swallow, then something like cayenne pepper. I don't know why it works. I just know it does. I doubt its killing the bacteria/virus causing the sore throat. But it does get rid of the pain for a while."

03/02/2009: Patty from Chicago, Illinois replies: "This works because with some sore throats your throat is dry, the pear juice is thick and coats your throat and gets the mucas in your throat wet again. it is a quick fix but does not kill the germ."


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[YEA]  05/10/2008: Janine from Pittsburgh, USA: "When you want some caffeine and a way to relieve your sore throat at the same time, try 4 bags of peppermint tea with 4 bags of green tea steeped in 12 cups of hot water. It's very good and it relieves the throat instantly.

Lemon ginger water also works better than plain water to relieve a sore throat (the juice of a lemon and 1/2 inch piece of fresh ginger root (squeezed through a garlic press a few times) in a 2 quart pitcher of water. More palatable than some of the other remedies I've seen here. Plus, it works!!"

Pickle Juice Brine

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Pickle Juice Remedy for Sore Throats

You'll Need:

  • Juice from a Jar of Pickles

Drink and/or gargle with a couple of tablespoons of pickle juice to get the combined effects of salt and vinegar to soothe and cure your sore throat!

09/29/2010: Ann from Woodstock, Ga: "How much juice and how often are you talking about the salty brine when you make pickles?"

[NAY]  06/27/2010: Kendra from Bozeman, Mt: "Pickle Juice for sore throat

The pickle juice remedy didnt work for me as much as Id hoped...I love pickles...I warmed up 4 TBS of pickle juice and gargled before swallowing. It did reduce the severity but it didnt get rid of it ...The pain came back after 15 minutes..."

[YEA]  04/02/2009: Carolyn from Springfield, Illinois: "I tried the apple cider vinegar, honey and hot water for my sore throat and the pain went away almost immediately after the first sip. I looked in my kitchen cabinets and couldn't find any apple cider vinegar. I wasn't about to go out and buy some either due to the fact that it was pouring down rain. I didn't want to get any sicker from the upper respiratory tract infection than I was already. I used 3 teaspoons of vinegar from a jar of pickles in my refrigerator, 3 teaspoons of honey and 8 ounces of hot tap water. I stirred it together in a coffee mug until it was completely mixed and took a drink of it. After the first sip I noticed improvement in the pain and I realized it did not taste as bad as I thought it would. True, I used vinegar from a jar of pickles but it still helped my throat pain."

[YEA]  02/26/2009: Stephanie from Virginia Beach, VA: "I read a few remedies and cayenne pepper seemed a little drastic (eating crushed red pepper in my food eased it temporarily) but i came across the pickle juice remedy and thought WOW that would be strange if it worked! Well i just gargled 3 minutes ago and swallowed a couple mouthfuls. Already (just a few moments later) my throat doesn't hurt at all! Its still uncomfortable swallowing but breakthing and talking are back to normal! thanks guys! ^.^"

[YEA]  08/24/2012: Jsut01 from Tville, Sc replies: "WOW!! Love this web site... Found the pickle juice suggestion a minute ago and tried it. I was amazed to feel it easing the pain as I was gargling!! I did not completely go away, but I no longer want to cry when I swallow. Maybe I didn't drink enough. I gargled then drank about a tbsp. I will try more."

[YEA]  02/07/2009: Greta from Talladega, Alabama: "I had been sick all day. My throat hurt so bad, I didn't even want to swallow. I googled "relief for sore throat" and the pickle juice idea came up! It works! It really honestly works! I'm gonna remember this!"

[YEA]  01/18/2009: Alice from Wokingham, England: "Pickle juice for Sore Throat: I had a sore throat when I woke up this morning, so I decided to try the gargling pickle brine cure, by gargling and drinking a shot glass full of brine. I absolutely can't stand pickles, but it really worked! My throat feels a lot better. Even though it tastes foul, I would recommend this cure for anyone, whether you like pickles or not."

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  12/08/2008: Divajinx from Mishawaka, IN/USA: "I tried both the warmed pickle juice and the honey, apple cidar vinegar & hot water drinks. Neither one got totally rid of the sore throat but neither one tasted too bad. The honey & ACV relieved the most pain. The pickle juice just tasted good! I would recommend either one for temporary relief...."

[YEA]  12/07/2008: Ashley from Bakersfield, CA: "I tried the pickle juice remedy just now for this intense sore throat I'm having, and I was very surprised when it actually worked! I heated about 4 tsps of it and drank it."

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  11/10/2008: Briana from Houston, Texas: "I Google sore throat remedies and i cam upon this site. I clicked on pickle juice brine (I LOVE PICKLES, VERY MUCH) I heated up 3 tablespoons of pickle juice for 16 secs and it worked. It did not entirely kill my cold or my sore throat, it just soothes it for a while. My throat does feel a little better now!!"

[YEA]  10/10/2008: Bernardo from San Antonio, Texas, USA: "I had been very sick since Wednesday night it is now Friday 10:00 pm.As I do have a gig Saturday afternoon with my band and I couldn't miss the performance and call in sick so I searched for a sore throat remedy and I found this site.I clicked the link to Pickle Juice Brine and I thought hey let me try this.Well now I did now I am cured!! No more throat discomfort! I am glad I came onto this site it really did help alot."

[YEA]  09/23/2008: Madeline Keen from Austin,TX, USA: "I Had been at cheer all day and my throat was killing my from all the yelling plus the cold i was battling.The pickle juice helped tremendisly!!! I used 3 tablespoons of pickle juice ....warmed it ... then drank automaticly it cleared my sinises."



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