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Sore Throat Cures

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Multiple Remedies

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[YEA]  09/14/2011: Sam Jam from Burbank, Ca: "I am so excited to share this with you, my dad is a health guru, and I was feeling pretty crappy last night, the pain was so bad in my throat I was tearing up, and I was finding it soo hard to swollen and I just couldn't fall to sleep with the pain. I knew I needed something healthy in my system to repair me. So I wrote on a piece of paper (as it hurt so badly to talk) please make me a magic drink dad.. I didn't really think it would take away my pains and allow me to sleep but I did think that all the healthy stuff my dad would put in it would help me to recover quicker. My dad never gets sick because every day he has drinks like the one I'm about to share with you! But OH MY did it take my pain away and make me feel AMAZINGLY better!!!! I can talk, I can swallow, the pain is barely there, I do have to have this drink about every 3 hours to keep the pain down, when I'm awake but I just sip slowly :) the drink last night relieved the pain through the night. But then I woke up I definitely felt better but symptoms were slowly coming back. So I repeated the drink and wal-ar I feel amazing again! :) so here it is! Pleeeease try it you'll be amazed!! Try using all organic ingredients if you can!!

Fresh *garlic* clove chopped up really small, lump of fresh *ginger* chopped up small, flat teaspoon of powdered *cayenne pepper* (or as much as u can handle, teaspoon of *tumeric* powder, teaspoon of *cinnamon* powder, table spoon or two of *apple cider vinegar* (or as much as u can handle) spoonful of *raw honey*, squeezed *lemon juice* mix all that together with 8oz hot water let it sit for a few mins to all infuse. If you're not used to cayenne pepper like I'm not, at first it will burn your throat a little, but to me it actually felt good, coz I feel like I was attacking the pain. :) sip slowly and after a few mins of sipping you will start to feel relief :) stir in between sips when lumps of garlic and ginger settle to the bottom, try and swallow all the ingredients down. I swear this is the best remedy I have ever tried! It started last night and im now on my first day I'm interested on seeing how quickly I recover from all this goodness I'm feeding my body!! :) My mom is making me a homemade organic soup of carrot and ginger puree, it sounds soo good :) I'm excited!! I'm a lucky one to have my family look after me when I'm sick, I'm 23 and still loving the love ;) hope this helps a lot of you like it did me!! Also if you get a chance look up the book by Louise Hay, "You Can Heal Your Life" it talks about the reasonings behinds coughs, colds, sore throats, and other ailments :) love and good healing energy to you all!! Xoxo"

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  06/27/2011: Nettle from London, England: "I was in such a state the other day with severe earache and sore throat. Never experienced such pain in my life. Have avoided antibiotics for 15 years but in my mad state of pain and fear, started taking amoxillin and ear sprays the other day. My stomach started hurting, had diarrhoea and I somehow felt I was making a mistake taking the AB.

So, have spent over a day on this informative website and did the following using a lot of the great ideas. Firstly, got some spicy south Indian soup from a Sri Lankan restaurant, with black pepper, cayenne, garlic, Ginger... Really nice. Called Rasam. Next, drank 8oz water with 2tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with a good sprinkle of cayenne. Half hour later, did neti with 4oz water with 2drops of Apple Cider Vinegar in each nostril. Painful but it seemed to slow down the post nasal drip and let mucus come out through my nostrils as must have been blocked in the sinuses which may have actually caused the ear infection. Had a break, then sipped the following - half a tsp of cayenne, 1tbsp of manuka honey, 1 tbsp of acv, 2 warm tbsp of water. Yummy. Throat felt better, like the tight ring around my neck had dissolved. Couple of hours later, my throat is much better but still dry but not painful to swallow, left ear pain and side of neck still present, rt ear pain gone and reduced p n drip. Still have headache but have not taken any painkillers.

Tonite will put hydrogen peroxide in ear and do a stronger cayenne syrup and repeat neti again. Also taking grapefruit seed extract drops(5) in coconut juice. Was so fearful of
Strep throat, but after reading so many of the positive threads, especially Ted's info. on this website with such brave and some comical souls, decided to do back down the natural
remedy route putting fear aside. Hope all I do works, and I am able to go to menorca for hols next week."

[NAY]  05/30/2009: Kat from Vancouver, WA: "I tried gargling warm/hot saltwater, with as much salt mixed in as I could get to dissolve. It helped soothe my sore throat for less than five minutes. Then I tried gargling pickle juice and had about the same results. Finally I tried gargling hydrogen peroxide and the foaming made me throw up, which just made my throat hurt worse. It did seem to help clear out my sinuses a bit, but whether that was from throwing up or the hydrogen peroxide, I don't know. All the gargling seems to have aggravated the problem a bit too. I think I'll just stick to cough drops..."

05/31/2009: Anonymous from Anonymousville, USA replies: "Did you try cayenne?"

[YEA]  01/30/2009: corie from turnersville, nj usa: "a glass of hot water and salt helped my sore throat. i just gargled it until the glass was empty. i did this repeatedly every few hours or so. i also found that hot tea with honey and lemon works but not as long as the salt water. the tea just tastes better. vitamin water helps keep the sore throat away for a couple of hours. i would drink a bottle of it over the course of 1 to 2 hours after doing one of the remedies. ricolas dont work that well but they do help coughs and sometimes congestion it really depends on the flavor you get.

for post coughing pain i tried this really weird concoction but it worked. i used skim milk (don't use any other milk but skim or you will get flem) and a pinch of cinnamon. it helped with the pain you get after you have been coughing for a few hours."

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  11/28/2008: Erica from NYC, NY: "apple cider vinegar, lavender oil, peppermint tea, sea salt

I read through the blog and pulled everything i could find in the cupboard. Yesterday felt my throat starting to swell and woke up in the middle of the night with left throat gland / lymph node really painful and hard to swallow.

Ended up gargling warm water with apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey, then drank a cup of water with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. drank 3 cups of peppermint tea with lemon and honey, applied lavender oil to the glad with a warm water press for a few minutes, also sprayed echinacea/tea tree oil in my throat and even drank a glass of water with sea salt.

Sounds a bit much? Probably... but it's only been an hour and a half and I think the swelling is definitely reducing, i'm definitely feeling a lot better and not as worried thats for sure. I think a lot may be psychological too - the more stuff you take for it, the more you think it will heal and so it does. So make sure to stay positive. :) "

Myrrh Gargle

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[YEA]  05/08/2008: Sam from Albany, NY: "Whenever I have a sore throat, even if it's just because I slept with my mouth open, I gargle with myrrh. We always have tincture of myrrh around the house, since it's useful for many, many things. Here's how I do it: I take a plastic cup (3oz.) and put as much tincture in it as I think I can stand. Then I dilute it a bit with some warm water, and gargle, repeating until everything in the cup is gone. Then, I rinse *just* my mouth, NOT my throat, with regular water. This leaves a bit of an aftertaste and you might produce excess saliva for a couple of minutes, but it helps quite a bit with the pain and can also help kill whatever infection might be causing the sore throat."

Olive Oil

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[YEA]  11/23/2011: Ranjana from Richmond, Ca, Usa: "I visited for the first time yesterday looking for more info about oil pulling-I have major gum issues. I tried e.v. Olive oil this morning b/c I read that sesame & sunflower can leave you with a sore throat and I didn't want to aggravate the one I already had. So I did a tablespoon of EVOO & swished for 10 minutes... and, remarkably, my sore throat was gone! Incredible! I hope it helps my gums too."

Oregano Oil

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[YEA]  03/25/2014: Mimmings from Alpharetta, Ga: "My mom has always sworn by oil of oregano, but just recently did she convince me to try it. I have taken it the past 4 times I have had the hint of a sore throat, and it completely eliminated it!

I had a sore throat yesterday, and put 3 drops in a small amount of water... I would say within an hour, my sore throat was gone and today I feel 100%!

I am not sure how well it would work on a sore throat after a few days, as I have always knocked them out at the first sign.

This stuff is amazing! It has a strong taste, but not awful, and it may burn a bit going down. You can chase it with a glass of cool water."

[YEA]  04/07/2012: "I recently began to have a sore throat and drank three drops of oregano oil in a oz of water three times of day for four days and sore throat went away without me even getting sicker."

[YEA]  09/21/2009: Dimetri from Toronto, Ontario, Canada: "For a sore throat I have found that Oil of Oregano works like a miracle cure. Apply one to three drops on the tongue, close your mouth and allow your saliva to wash it back towards your throat. You will feel a choking/burning sensation for about 10 to 20 seconds which will soon subside. Repeat as needed throughout the day. Usually by the second or third day, my symptoms have gone. During this time, stay away from processed foods and especially white sugar & sugar filled foods. Those little bacteria and viruses love that stuff. And remember to keep yourself hydrated - lots of water, not soda, not beer, not alcohol, not flavoured water, not crystal light, just H2O. Usually about 2 to 3 litres depending on your weight."

[YEA]  11/27/2008: Robert from Toronto, Canada: "Sore Throat Remedy: Oil of Oregano, Honey & Water

From your local health shop you can usually find oil of oregano. It is super concentrated oil derived from oregano leave. If you research it is well know for its antibacterial properties. Apparently, and I believe it, it has the same antibacterial properties as lysol minus the toxicity.

I mixed two drops from 1:1 concentration formula (per the bottles instructions) to one ounce of water and a table spoon of honey. I gargled a bit then swallowed as it is perfectly safe to drink. And it doesn't taste that bad either.

The results were immediate. My sore throat went away in 5 minutes. I thought maybe I would have to follow-up
but no it was gone in 5 minutes. My throat was bad but not as bad as I have had as I get strept throat on occasion were I can't even eat because it hurts to swallow.

I see lots of people writing on the effects of cayenne pepper and am surprised noone has commented on oil of oregano. Try it it works!"

[YEA]  11/24/2007: Sandy from sticks, Nevada: "Oil of oregano cured my son's sore throat in a moment. We used 4 drops of oil of oregano in about a cup of warm water. I wanted my son to gargle with it, but he felt it work immediately and wanted to swallow it. He gargled/swallowed the whole glass and announced he was completely pain free. We had tried all sorts of remedies and none of them worked for him. Thank you to the person that posted about oregano oil originally."

[YEA]  02/18/2006: Sterling from Honolulu, HI: "sore throat,colds ,flu, parasites. Oil of oregano - the king of herbs, books have been written about it, as well as many studies and years of tests. I myself have used it for many years with stellar results and also raves from thankful patients. A couple drops sublingually held for thirty seconds will get a bit intense. This will get it into your blood stream asap. Your sore throat will be gone in less than fifteen minutes."

Oregano Oil, Tamari Soy Sauce

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[YEA]  06/30/2012: Jo-jo74 from Philadelphia, Pa: "Oregano is a good option for sore throats. However, it's important to dilute it with something other than water, like honey or coconut oil. This way, there is less chance of throat irritation. (Oregano oil is strong! )
Option #2- Tamari soy sauce worked well as a gargle as an alternative to ACV or pickle juice."

Over the Counter

02/03/2012: Trader from Muscle Shoals, Alabama: "Simply take a small packet of BC Powder and pour the powder on your tonque. Take about 1/4 glass of either water or tea into your mouth and swish this around until the powder is diluted. Now! Gargle as long as you can getting the mixture around the areas of your throat that is hurting.... then swallow.

In about 3 minutes you will feel the pain lessening... In about 15 minutes it will feel even better.... If the sore throat returns in a few hours repeat the same..... after the second or third time it usually will not come back....

You can think of me later.... go get the powder...."



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