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Sore Throat Cures

Last Modified on Mar 25, 2014

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Lemon Remedy for a Sore Throat

Home Remedy Ingredients:

  • Juice of 1 Lemon
  • Mug of Hot Water
  • Honey (optional)

Squeeze the juice of an entire lemon into a mug of hot water and sweeten with honey. Drink to soothe and cure most sore throats.

NB: This sore throat cure is not good for strep throat.

[YEA]  10/06/2006: Anj from London, UK: "Equal amount of lemon juice/ fresh ginger juice/ honey/ fresh onion juice mix everything together have a tablespoonful every hour for two to three days. This cures a cold/ cough/ sore throat. Mum used to keep a bottleful in the freeze and you had to make an effort do drink about six to eight times a day, has a nice taste. People who don't like onions can make it without."

[NAY]  06/17/2006: Victoria from Tampa, FL: "You need to be careful when eating lemons or the juice from a lemon if you have a scratchy or dry throat at ALL. I am a singer and my doctor advised me to use a cool mist humidifier, drink water constantly, and suck on hard candy. Throat drops with menthol- BAD, lemons- BAD, and soup with salt- BAD. These will all dry the throat."

[YEA]  09/15/2010: Selena from Fredericton, New Brunswick replies: "Lemons work. I have had many sore throats. The only reason that some people say lemons are bad is because you're not supposed to eat lemons when u have strep throat. If the lemon is too sour, boil some water and put a teaspoon of honey in with two slices of lemon. Stir and let set for 2-6 min. Hope it helps"

[YEA]  06/11/2006: Lud from Australia: "I tried the lemon sucking thing and I couldn't take it, so I went out to the back and found an orange that was safe to eat, but just a bit sour. It was pretty big, and by the time I finished it my throat was feeling a lot better."

[YEA]  05/02/2006: Danielle from Jupiter, FL: "SUCK ON A LEMON! Before I drank it I could barely breathe. Now my throat feels much better and it feels more opened up so I don't feel like I'm gagging. I took half of a lemon and squeezed the juice into a glass along with any of the pulp. Then I added some water and a lot of sugar because I don't like sour tastes and it works great and tastes even better!"

[YEA]  04/23/2006: Rob from Houston: "A very old woman from Oregon told me about this about 20 years ago, and it's got a 100% success rate so far, at least for me and the friends I've suggested it to.

To permanently cure most kinds of sore throats, you merely need to suck on a lemon. Use either one small lemon or a little more than one-half of a big lemon. Cut it into sections as you would an orange, and suck the juice out of each section. Try one more time an hour later if the sore throat still hasn't passed. If it's still sore after an hour after your second dose, you should strongly consider seeking medical assistance.

Lemon juice is very acidic, and can erode the enamel on your teeth, so I would recommend brushing your teeth soon afterwards. You can just drink lemon juice instead if you don't have an actual lemon handy. On one occasion I mixed about three-fourths of a cup of lemon juice with about 2 cups of water and gulping that down seemed to work just as well. After reading some of the other cures posted here, it occurred to me that gargling with a lemon juice / water mixture might have been a good idea. Merely having a glass of lemonade or two doesn't seem to work very well--I suppose because it doesn't have enough lemon juice in it. I feel that the idea is to assault your throat with the acidity of the lemon juice, and if you get enough down there at one time, the soreness just stops. I am no doctor, but I have not yet had a sore throat for the last 20 years or so that a lemon didn't permanently cure."

Lemon and Garlic

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[YEA]  03/28/2008: Marilyn from Cherry Hill, US: "I now understand the meaning of the old saying "prevention is worth a pound of cure". Doing this regularly once or twice a week may help prevent a sore throat. 8 to 10 oz. water with one lemon squeezed in the water. Drink this with a straw. The lemon may eat the enamel off your teeth so use the straw. If your throat is scratchy do this. Do it at the onset of a sore throat and use 600 to 900 mg of garlic tablets. I use 1200mg and some time 2000mg. Wala your cured of your sore throat. If you do this before you get this you can prevent it."

Lemon Juice and Sea Salt

09/09/2010: Martha from Dallas, Texas Usa: "I recently read Ted's post regarding sea salt and lemon juice and had an opportunity to try it out earlier in the week when, during a plane trip home, I developed chills and a sore throat. Normally, by this time (several days later), I would have a raging sinus infection. But, as soon as I was home, I took the 2 t. Sea salt/lemon juice (with a dash of baking soda) and water as described. Slept pretty well that night, and have repeated the solution for 3 days now, feeling improvement each day. Today I not only feel recovered but also energized. My question is how often is it safe to do this on a regular basis? Once or twice a day? Once a week? I would love to know as I am about to travel internationally and this would be a great remedy (or preventive?) that would not be too hard to obtain overseas. Thanks to everyone who contributes to this site as I have learned so much and am still learning."

Manuka Honey

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[YEA]  05/09/2012: Spaingirl from Toronto, Canada: "I had a sore throat for just over 3 weeks. It wasn't strep but it sure was annoying.... Just wasn't going away and getting worse. I went to the doctor and she said I can't prescribe anything because it's not strep (thank goodness cause I HATE antibiotics). Now what? I'm sick and tired of this pain!

I came across a post that mentioned trying Manuka honey gargle. Here's what I did. I heated up 1/2 cup water (just warm) and stirred in a teaspoon of good quality Manuka Honey along with 1 drop of oregano oil(mix it up). I gargled several times a day for 3 days and lo and behold my Sore throat was finally gone! Miracle! I love this site and I love these remedies. Reminds me of the good old natural cures my mom from Spain used to use on us as kids."


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[YEA]  09/23/2012: Katy from Brighton, England: "Wow. I tried this and felt fine almost instantly! I did things a little different though, I watered down some mouthwash and swallowed that and it worked just as well! Thank you!"

[YEA]  09/23/2012: Inka from Narnia, Neverneverland: "This is a definite yea. As soon as I tried it, my throat began feeling better."

[YEA]  05/07/2009: Barb from Aberdeen, WA: "When you gargle with Listerine for a sore throat, try this: when you are done gargling, let just a SMALL amount of the Listerine go down your throat. In this way, the Listerine reaches any germs that are a little farther down your throat, where gargling can't reach. I have tried this several times, and if you do it about three times a day, as long as your throat is sore, it will relieve it. It's also important to do all the other good things too, though, such as getting extra rest, drinking liquids, etc."

[YEA]  03/08/2012: Olivia from Yorktown, Virginia, Us replies: "I tried this with some mouthwash at my house and it worked almost instantly! XD"
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  03/08/2012: Renee from Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States replies: "I was a little hesitant to try this trick because I had never heard of it before. I gave it a try, hoping it would work. After one gargle, it relieved the pain. However, it felt like my throat was on fire (the same sensation you feel when you pour alcohol on a open cut) As for swallowing it, I suggest spitting out the amount you gargled and pouring a little bit into the cup. It will make it easier to swallow just a little bit."
04/11/2012: Ryan from Edson, Ab, Canada replies: "When I gargled the mouthwash it didn't really work, but then after I drank a verry little of it my throught started to feel better instantly."
[YEA]  07/04/2012: Kaylah from Winnipeg, Manitoba replies: "THANK YOU!!! Im 13 and in gymnastics! And whenever I got to do a flip my throat kills me! :( but then I looked up sore throat remedies and I got mouthwash! I tried it and voila!! I can swallow! Thank you so much for this remedie!!"

[YEA]  12/08/2008: Christina from Tallahassee, Florida: "I tried gargling mouthwash for my sore throat and it worked right away. My throat started to hurt a little while after but its much more tollerable now that I can actually swallow! I used about a cm over the line inside the cap of the mouthwash."

[YEA]  08/07/2008: Jonathan from Rocklin, CA: "Anteseptic mouthwash gargled on the back of the throat effectively relieves mild to severe soar throat pain. This method also shortens the length of an average soar throat. I have told many friends about this method and have received it's praise every time!"


[YEA]  03/03/2012: 1kennb from Long Island, Ny replies: "Acknowledging the fact that it could be bacterial or viral, I needed to try something quick last night and checked out the many suggestions on this site. Not having many of the ingredients to some "cures, " I tried the warm salt water two different times to no avail. I then tried gargling (do NOT swallow! ) Equate (Walmart) "anticavity mouthwash" (active ingredient: sodium fluoride.0221%) before going to bed. Woke up with no pain at all, feeling much better. Used same twice today with very slight soreness persisting when swallowing but much better than it's been. If it gets worse or doesn't go away, will see a doctor this week."
[YEA]  03/05/2012: 1kennb from Long Island, Ny replies: "A follow up: after only a couple of days of gargling with mouthwash (Equate anticavity) only a few times a day, the sore throat is gone and hasn't come back for two days now. Just sayin'..."

Multiple Remedies

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[NAY]  12/24/2012: Daniel from Redding, California Usa: "Story: I am 13 years old, and its the day before Christmas eve. And I was sick the day before (Now just a sore throat)

First I gargled salt water (1 tsp/8oz) 3 times, every 10 mins. Cooked up some lemon-herb tea (Excessive honey). Then I found some leftover pasta and sauce from dinner, so I warmed that up, put alot of black pepper in it, and ate it... For the last part (Not necessary) Drank a sip of Soy-Egg-Nog to make my throat feel better before bed.

Morning results: Even worse..."

12/28/2012: Sheila from Cork, Ireland replies: "Sage tea works every time for a sore throat. Add a teaspoon of dried sage to a cup of boiling water, cover and leave for 5-10 minutes, then drink slowly."



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