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Cure a Sinus Infection with Natural Remedies

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Neti Pot

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[YEA]  03/25/2008: Linda from Studio City, CA: "Try using the Neti pot with warm salt water. It flushes out your sinuses like nobodies business and it's safe and effective. You can use it everyday. Whole Foods sells them or you can get them off the internet. This and the Cayanne pepper drink saved me last night. My sore throat went away and now my PND is getting better. You guys are great."

12/29/2008: Heidi from Concord, NH replies: "I notice that most of the posts that suggest using salt name Sea Salt. I'd like to suggest Morton's Lite Salt. Instead of being all sodium cloride, it contains about 50% potassium cloride. I find that this salt does sting as much but give a similar result. True you are buying from a big company and there are "extra" ingrediants like calcium silicate, magnesium carbonate, dextrose, and potassium iodide. But for me the trade off makes sense. I do the Netti pot a lot less frequently if I was burning my nose with sodium cloride ever time. I use the same amount of Lite Salt to replace the sodium cloride."
01/04/2009: Heidi from Concord, NH replies: "Just a few corrections:
"I find that this salt does sting as much" should read "I find that this salt does NOT sting as much "


"I do the Netti pot a lot less frequently if I was burning my nose with sodium cloride ever time" should read "I WOULD do the Netti pot a lot less frequently if I was burning my nose with sodium cloride ever time.""
06/04/2011: Yamuna Devi from Taos, Nm, Usa replies: "An important point that is not often mentioned - neti should be done with DISTILLED water - not tap water. Tap often contains minerals, an often other elements that can aggravate. If you are not getting the results you want and are using tap water, make the change and feel the difference. I had a friend who 'cured' chronic rhinitis, and another who avoided nasal surgery using neti 2-3X daily."
01/11/2012: Randy from Myrtle Beach, Sc replies: "I have one nostril that is partially obstructed. My question is since I have never used a neti pot before.. Is it beneficial to add some H202 drops in the water along with celtic sea salt and baking soda or is it really not needed because the sea salt and BS will do a good enough job on it's own?"

[YEA]  03/20/2008: Lad from Bel Air, MD: "I had aggressive sinusitius for four years which would grace me with unusually acute fatigue and depression - it's REALLY miserable. I constantly took nasty Leviquin antibiotics and had sinoplasty over 2 years ago to open my breathing passages.

It is a very elusive infection (sinuses probably offer germs a lot of hiding places) though I think household and seasonal allergy congestion is my big trigger to proliferate it.

Earlier this year, I had a re-infection that closed off my breathing for the first time since the surgery. This time, the Leviquin didn't seem to get it all.

But, I FINALLY whipped it this time around, and breathe better than ever, with:

- Olive Leaf Extract Aggressive use (150mg 4-6x/day or more) w/ 15%-20% oleuropein (seems to route out the germs IF used long enough in quantity) DON'T use w/ antibiotics, N-Acetyl-Cysteine or Soil-Based probiotics. A co-worker, mentioned below, also swears by OLE alone for her chronic sinusitis.

- Neti pot rinse 2x/day (using dash of Himalayian Crystal Salt w/ low sodium, so it doesn't need baking soda buffering like table salt). Sinus irrigation is very proven and is not nearly as hard or gross as it may look to some. It works much better than the sinus/face "baths" & "dips" I tried and has more flow and volume than the squeeze bulbs I used. A special, BIG nasal syringe I bought blasted WAY too much pressure and drove the congestion/infestion further up my sinus/ear canals making it worse. (Which a co-worker swore her Neti pot use also did to her- something said to sometimes happen in people with larger ear canal openings). To prevent this, you may need to wait until you sinus passages open up enough for the water to gently flow through them. Maybe a one-time use of Afrin-type sprays will accomplish this. Just take it slow and steady.

- Nasalcrom spray afterwards 2-4/xday to turn off the Mast Cell / histamine triggers. It's neither an antihistamine, nor a steroid, and is a decent, localized, solution with a very good safety profile - (for a pharmaceutical ;-)). You just got to get started early with it and be patient. The coming Spring & Fall Allergy Seasons will put this stuff to the real test. I may have to use Nettles, Claritin, etc. to pick up the loose ends. (I had success with Zicam Allergy too, but I wondered if the gel ultimately worsened congestion).

------------------------------------- Also used (and probably helpful):

- Lactoferrin w/ colostrum 1-2 grams/day (infected sinuses naturally try to secrete more ferrins to rob germs of the blood iron they feed from). That, and Germanium, also seem to consistantly help my general respiration.

- Apple Cider Vinegar, (1 tsp) or Potassium supplements (150mg) whenever I felt stuffiness coming on (seems to help dry out the sinuses rapidly). Cheap and worth a try. Sinus Buster pepper-based nasal spray may also help open passages up - if you don't mind the sting.

- Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray (w/ GSE & Wild Indigo) (used during the day, esp. in dry air - doubtful it is very effective alone without all the above).

---------------------------- Environmental trigger elimination I probably should try (if I wasn't so lazy)

- total house / air vent cleaning and mold detection (or just move!)

- eliminating ALL wheat/flour and dairy in my diet (major ER4YT "Blood Type O" immune triggers). Both seem to automatically make the sinuses a little stuffier, hence, I keep the ACV / Potassium above handy.

Good Luck!"

[YEA]  11/29/2007: Rita from Pierson, FL: "NETI POT: Saw this remedy on Oprah and I tried it and no more antibiotics for me. This is an inexpensive ceramic pot (available in Health food stores)in which warm water and sea salt are mixed; you bend over sink and turn your head to once side. Keeping the pot level, place the small spout into the top nostril until it has a snug fit. breathe through your mouth and slowly tip you head downward allowing the warm water solution to travel through your sinuses and out the other nostril. You would not believe what will come out of there. This works for sinus infections, nasal congestion, post nasal drip and headaches. No more drugs or drops necessary. Can be used daily without any side effect."

05/28/2009: Greengirl from Boston, MA replies: "I too discovered the Neti pot from an Oprah episode. It helps, alot. So does a simple saline spray (drug store). I have some serious allergies, so I also take 1/2 a benadryl before bed (weaned myself down to 1/2 a pill a day, but eventually hope to rid myself from taking any pill). Additionally, and probably the most important tip I have, I see an acupuncturist once a week (tremendous help for allergies, sinuses and improving my immune system). Of all the treatments above, including mine, acupuncture and drinking lots of water helps the most."

[YEA]  09/13/2007: Katia from Jacksonville, United States: "I get a miserable sinus infection every year, usually it begins in August. A couple of years ago it started, after about three weeks, I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and nasal spray. Ten days later I was no0 better off than when I started. Another, stronger antibiotic, another two weeks, same infection. Eight weeks and three drugs later I decided I was just going to have live this way forever. Then our accupuncturist neighbor came over one day and explained the neti pot process to me. A mild sea salt and warm water solution into the neti pot, tip your head back and slowly pour the salt solution into one nostril. This is where it gets tricky, because nature sends the salt water straight to your throat which will generally make you choke or cough in that position. You have to teach yourself to close off your throat (not breathe). Once you get a good bit of water in your nose, you roll your head backwards slowly and in the opposite direction. If the water is in the right nostril, roll left. You should be able to feel the solution running through your sinuses. Make sure you do this over a sink, or with a towel handy, because once the water makes it through, it will come out the opposite nostril, at which point you will likely sneeze or cough. I would repeat this step 4-5 times twice a day, ending with a good nose blowing. Salt dries things, even gooey sinuses. I never buy allergy meds any more, and before I could find a real neti pot, I mixed the salt and water in a glass and filled a straw with the solution. My kids find this process very entertaining as well, I usually have an audience when I treat my sinus infections."

[YEA]  03/20/2007: MAHINDRA from DUBAI, UAE: "Hi all. It may not be easy for everyone to buy a jalneti pot, coz it is not very easily available. A yoga institute in India taught me a better method, without using any pots. Take a cup (coffee mug size) of warm water (should not be too warm), add a pinch of salt and stir it. Now, try to hold some of this water in your palm (sufficient quantity) and quickly bring your left nostril close to it and try to suck that water with your left nostril, closing the right one with the right hand. As soon as you suck it take the right hand of your right nostril. All the water sucked in will come out either from your nostril or your mouth. Wait a bit, try it on the right side using the same technique and once done blow your nose gently from each side. Do it daily and say a big Good bye to your sinus issues."

[YEA]  03/07/2007: Madeira from Alexandria, VA: "I was suffering from a sinus infection and did not want to take antibiotics so after reading the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) remedies and the feedback, I decided to add about 7-8 drops of 3% H2O2 to my Neti-pot and rinse my sinuses out. I did this twice and also applied H2O2 to my cheek where my sinus was killing me. I then slept with a heating pad on my face and WA-LA -- no sinus infection -no pain the next morning! I could chew again!! Lots of disgusting stuff still coming out 2 days later but no antibiotics and no pain and in less than 24 hours -AMA-ZA-ZING!! This remedy is a keeper! Thanks for all who shared -- you gave me the courage to try it!!"

[YEA]  03/04/2007: Karena And Baird from Gainesville, FL: "I have cured my sinus infections by using a Netipot, which is a lavage treatment for your sinuses. But instead of just adding salt to the warm water, I also added 1/8 tsp. of a crushed clove of garlic. The garlic burns, but only for an instant. The garlic will zap the bacteria! I poured one pot of this into each nostril 2 times a day. My sinus infection was cured in 4 to 5 days. No, it is not a quick fix, but it does work!!"

[YEA]  03/04/2012: Toni from Sanford, Florida replies: "I tried the Neti Pot rinse with crushed garlic and seven days later my sinus infection is gone!!! No mucus, no sore throat and earache gone. From the day I started this regiment my symptoms did not worsen but it did take a week for all symptoms to be gone. This is so much better than ten days of antibiotics (sometimes two rounds of ten days) and two hundred dollars to a doctor!"

[YEA]  01/31/2007: Penny from Glasgow, Scotland: "I suffered with low grade sinus problems for years until I tried an ancient Indian yogic practice called Jala Neti, which involves using warm salt water to clear out the nasal sinuses. Yoga websites contain information on this procedure and links to suppliers of neti pots (little jugs specially designed for pouring the salt water through your nostrils). This is very different from spraying stuff up your nose, but is quickly learned and extremely simple, as long as you don't have a deviated septum or similar. Once you're in the habit, it takes about as long as cleaning your teeth. I now do this every day, more often if I can feel a problem developing with my sinuses, and for the first time in years have been able to breathe properly. I also haven't had a cold since I started jala neti about two years ago. The salt water clears bacteria, viruses, dust and assorted allergens out of your sinuses and nasal passages, and allows your nose to do its job properly. I would recommend this most highly, but would stress that you need a reputable source of information and products, and should never put anything except pure salt and warm water in the neti pot."

[YEA]  01/30/2007: Jem from NYC, USA: "I was desperate for a cure to my clogged sinuses and post nasal drip. Unable to take over the counter decongestants I searched high and low for a natural cure. I came across what is known as a neti pot which has been used by the yogis of India for centuries. It looks like a genie pot and you can buy it in any major pharmacy. There is one company who sells it along with little packets of solution which is more convenient but you can make your own solution using equal parts of salt and baking soda. You put the solution into the neti pot and fill it with warm *NOT HOT* water. The spout of the neti pot goes up one nostril, you tilt your head and the stream of warm water and solution comes out the other nostril. You then repeat the process on the other side, gently blowing your nose in between. The results for me were immediate but it can take a few days to get the mucous out. It really works, I have unclogged my sinuses and my post nasal drip is almost gone. You can use it every two hours but I suggest every other day. It can feel weird at first but it doesn't hurt and if you hold your head to the side properly, it will not go down your throat. If it burns a little it can mean that you either put too much salt or not enough in the water, you will have to play with the amount or buy the pre-made packets in the store. I just bought a refill of 40 packets for around ten bucks. This will draw all of the mucous out. I did not believe it but I was so desperate that I gave it a try. The nose is the number one source of viruses and bacteria because it is a filter. All colds and flu invade your body through your nose. By cleansing your sinuses every other day with a neti pot, you are removing viruses, bacteria, pollen and debris that can make you sick. It can be used to prevent getting sick as well as relieving the symptoms. I clean my sinuses with a neti pot before I brush my teeth and I do it every other day."

[YEA]  Gayle from Winter Park: "I've had sinus infections off and on for years. I heard about a device called a neti pot while studying yoga. At the first sign of a sinus problem coming on (usually early spring), I bring out my pot and flush my sinuses with 1 cup of warm water and 1/4 teaspoon of salt (non-iodized) once or twice a day. It's been remarkable in helping me to avoid trips to the doctor for antibiotics."

Neti Pot With Saline and Apple Cider Vinegar

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[YEA]  01/01/2009: Eric from Spring, Texas: "My son (7yrs old) had a really bad sinus infection that was causing a fever really bad snoring and over all discomfort. Had this 2 days. Over the counter meds would not work. He has had this before in the past and the doctor would prescribe anti bionics. Doctors have there place, but I'm sick and tired of the meds they push. We decided to take the natural route this time around. I searched the net, found this site. Ill keep this short, but I performed a sinus rinse on my son. I took a "Netti Pot" with a little over 8oz of warm distilled water. added 1 packet of the sodium stuff and 1 tbl spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. His fever broke the same night and it appeared to knock his infection out. He sleeps much better now. I also have my son drink ACV...1 TBS with warm water and honey like a tea. Keep in mind, anytime you do a sinus rinse, use distilled water. If your child has sinus, allergy or asthma issues, I highly recommend a sinus rinse at least 3 days a week even if they are fine. Never use more that 1 tbl on a child for a rinse. Stings! I always test on myself before application for temp of water and sting factor of ACV. Add more water if you feel the sting is a bit much for your child.

After doing this, we were able to get globs of bacteria ridden snot out of my child's nose. I know most of you will have hell doing a rinse on a child. My son is an avid swimmer. He also accompanies me when I spearfish in the salt waters of Baja Mexico. He's use to salt water, in and out of his nose. But I encourage you to keep trying. It does work. It is truly amazing to see something so common and available work so quickly. I was so impressed with the results, I had to post hoping this remedy can help others. If you have never used a Netti Pot. please follow the instructions thoroughly. Try it on yourself first to get the technique own. Most pots can be brought at a local convience store with a pharmacy section.Pots come with packets of sodium that I used. I also added the ACV for more potency. Based on my observation, the ACV was the key factor in the rinse. The sodium alone didn't have as dramatic an effect."

06/24/2010: Theresa from Augusta, Ga replies: "You mentioned to try the solution from the neti pot on yourself first because sometimes it can sting. The only reason it would ever sting is if you have too much salt and then it will steer you away FOREVER. The best advice and porportions are to never use more than exactly 1/2 teaspoon of salt to 2 cups (16 oz.) of the purest water you can get (distilled, boiled tap, purified) and use 1/2 tsp total of soda. That way it will never ever burn or sting. Hope this helpd too. The Neti pot has been a well hidden secret for far too long."

Nose Blowing

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05/25/2012: Emgee from Broken Hill, Nsw Australia: "I used to suffer from so much sinus trouble it was awful. Then one day I told a chinese doctor about it. He said to keep your sinuses clear use this remedy. Make sure you're sitting down because you will get dizzy. Hold your nose and BLOW...... You must blow real hard. This helps to clear out your sinuses all the way to your ears. It didn't help straight away and it hurt like crazy but continuing to do this for weeks once or twice a day my sinus passages cleared and pretty much cleared up all my sinus problems. I think what it does in the end is actually enlarge your sinus canals and they continue to be able to drain more freely from then on. Also, more advise from him was to make sure you clean your nose out with warm water while in the shower. This helps clear the nose of mucous. I always blow it clean in the shower. Not very ladylike lol but it works."

06/24/2012: Jack from Espoo, Finland replies: "Actually according to the link below blowing your nose will force more mucus into the sinuses and worsen your inflammation.

"But nose blowing generated enormous pressure — "equivalent to a person's diastolic blood pressure reading, " Dr. Hendley said — and propelled mucus into the sinuses every time.""

[YEA]  03/19/2013: Karyn from Pocatello, Idaho replies: "I was shocked when my ENT told me to do this. It worked for me :)"

Oil Pulling

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Oil Pulling Instructions to Treat Sinus Infections

Alternative Therapy Instructions:

  • You'll Need: Sunflower or Sesame Oil - 1 Tablespoon

The Ayurvedic tradition of oil pulling can remove toxins from the body and clear up congestion as well. Before brushing your teeth and with an empty stomach, take one Tbsp of oil into your mouth and swish it around for 10-20 minutes until the oil has turned milky white. Spit this out. Most any food oil will do, but sesame and sunflower oils are traditional and the most popular.

[YEA]  04/17/2011: Robin from Stevensville, Maryland: "i was a non-believer. I have been suffering with sinusitis for so long, I cannot remember when it started. Orange or yellow-green mucus, stuffy nose, sore throat, always begins around March or April, continues thru to November. I was looking for a holistic fix, and stumbled on the oil pulling site. What a find! I only had extra virgin olive oil, lite, so I thought, why not? I was desperate! This time, the sinus was so bad, I could not talk. I had no voice, and what I did have was a whisper. I swished the oil around for about 1-2 minutes, spit it out, it was white. Then I brushed my teeth, gargled with salt water. After about 20 mins, my throat was not sore, thick mucus was coming out, green as usual, of my sinus, I was coughing up plhem, this went on for about an hour. I did this again in the AM, and now I have a voice, my throat does not hurt, I am breathing clear, my mucus is not as green, I am still coughing up plhem, but the improvement in my throat, my voice, my overall feeling of improvement is unbelievable!

I am going to continue doing " the pull" as I now call it. I am so happy I found this site. if you have any information about what oil would be best for my sinusitis, or what would be best for a type A negative blood person, please let me know. I am going to try coconut oil as soon as I can get to a natural food store. I have read alot of the testimonials, and I cannot hit on one type of oil. I am looking forward to better sinus health."

04/17/2011: Francisca from Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France replies: "Sorry to ask but what is olive oil light? I thought that oil was oil......."
04/18/2011: Mmsg from Somewhere, Europe replies: ""virgin olive oil" is the the oil that comes out of pressed olives. "pure" olive oil, is refined olive oil. and "light" is even more refined (mainly for the american public) so that it doesn't smell of olives and has a lighter color."
10/09/2012: Carrie from Bryan, Texas replies: "This is what we've found: the best oil for pulling is organic coconut. This particular oil has added nutrients that help deal with pulling out toxins and aid the healing process.

It is usually solid or semi-solid at room temp. A teaspoon, swishing (should be quiet) in your mouth for 10-15 min in the morning before you eat or brush is apparently the most effective way. Be aware that, when solid, your teaspoon is not heaped! Otherwise you will have a huge amount of oil in your mouth.

Something else I've found: things taste more intense after pulling. Even my toothpaste seems sweeter. I've become more sensitive toward sugar. It's almost like pulling is a "reset" button for my taste buds.

hope this helps. Happy "pulling"!"

01/05/2013: Lacton from Winnipeg, Mb. replies: "I've been doing oil pulling for about 5 months now best information for it is at the results are amazing. Another very important site is solar gazing and the expert on this is HRM he goes by those initials all kinds of videos on you tube for both of these subjects. One more is grounding / earthing."

[YEA]  10/23/2009: Monij from St. Louis, Mo: "I was miserable last night with an obvious sinus infection and I decided to google natural cures for it and found this wonderful website. I tried the oil pulling technique with extra virgin olive oil and about 35-45 minutes later, the mucous began breaking up and I was able to cough it up and blow my nose! I've been telling everyone about it. Thanks so much!"

[YEA]  09/13/2008: Simon from Panama City, Florida: "Yea: I was suffering from intense sinus head ache pain from a prolonged sinus infection. I read about oil pulling and tried it twice the first day I felt better that day. The next day I felt like a million bucks. I had been suffering with this for two weeks. I couldn't believe how quick this worked for me. I had tried antibiotics,the netty pot,and decongestants but they did not relieve the symptoms. It is now the third day and I still feel better. I can smell again.YEA! I will continue oil pulling once in the morning."



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