Morgellons Remedies

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Lemon Juice in Suave Shampoo

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[YEA]  11/21/2007: Elle from Baltimore, Maryland: "re: Help for mites in hair-- I belive that I have Morgellons, and this is what I do that has the greatest effect on getting it out of my hair. Suave coconut shampoo and conditioner (the conditioner is optional) every other day, and on the other days, spray hair until very damp and comb through with a solution of half reconstituted lemon juice and water. This is what I have been doing for over a month now, and my head hardly ever itches or gets sores."

Lemon Soaks

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[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  12/29/2009: Izzy3 from Vero Beach, Florida: "Lemon Soaks for Morgellons

I have spent thousands on remedies for Morgellons , ( I have the insect or nanosect kind ) Yesterday I tried something just on a whim and got a surprise with wonderful results but before I get to that I want to say I don't have lesions so keep that in mind should you want to try this, I took 1 cup of concentrated lemon juice I bought cheap at a dollar type store, put it in my bath water and got my ears down under the water and kept them there for ten minutes and stayed soaking for 30 minutes, I saw bugs in the water ! After my ear soak I put dandruff shampoo on my head continued my soak, then washed my hair and rinsed off, I have not had one crawly or biting feeling anywhere on my body except in my left ear ! I feel whatever is in there can't be killed as I have exausted my efforts trying to kill it. I'm going on the second day now and feeling pretty good, but I will alternate my soaks between Borax, then Hydro Peroxide & sea salt , then back to the lemon, these things seem to become resistant to just one remedy. Sipping 1/2 tsp of lemon in a bottle of water a couple bottles a day, also seems to help. Good Luck n God bless"

Lyderm Cream

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[YEA]  11/19/2008: Elizabeth from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: "I suspect I have Morgellon's Disease...I contracted many Black Fly bites while golfing up north 2 1/2 yrs. ago. These bites seemed to evolve into many more of which bled profusely, itched, stung and had many, many black dots which I suspect were the bugs/insects contracted from the fly bites. I have been to 4 GP's 2 Dermatologists. The last Dr. claimed it is a "bacterial infection". I have 3 creams - all from the cortisone family - "lyderm" (applies 2x per day) is most effective. The lesions are now beginning to clear up. When they start (a small pin prick of a lesion), I apply the Lyderm cream and it clears the lesions up more quickly. I was tested for Lyme Disease which proved negative. However, I firmly believe this problem evolved from the black fly bites. I might add - sea salt baths help in a big way as sea salt softens and soothes the skin. I also have experienced hair thinning/loss, which seems also to be a symptom as my hair begain to fall out shortly after the fly bites occurred. Stress seems to be a factor (so I have read) and frankly, I have had a great deal of stress in the past 3 years. Whether this is a factor, I'm not so sure. Black flies carry germs and parasites. I hope and pray someone finds a cure for this hideous disease. I also wish to add, since I started using the Lyderm cream, the itchy feeling in my eyes, ears, nose and scalp has disappeared and the black specks on the lesions seem to be somewhat diminished. Hope this helps."

12/02/2008: Bob from Atlanta, Ga replies: "There is a woman in Florida named Jan, ph352-861-4467, that possibly can help. She work's with a Chinese Dr., that formulates body wash, and herbal teas that have helped me greatly. I have something that sound's very similar to your condition.Good Luck!"
04/22/2013: Leah from Philadelphia, Pa replies: "Hello, I'm not a sufferer but I have been interested in immunological illnesses and researching their treatment with immuno supportive foods, herbs and supplements. Many on here have made the connection between Lyme and Morgellins. It is verly likely you have that type of morgellins and should look at the natural protocols for Lyme on this website.

I'm not a Dr, but know that steroids such as the cream you have and prednisone others are taking can mask symptoms. The reason this is a problem is that it will turn off your immune system and suppress your adrenals. Since Lyme and other forms of Morgellins (all illnesses really) require a functional immune system to beat, you should avoid steroids and start an intensive immuno supportive regime. I have a strong feeling that heavy metal toxicity is involved. You may want to look up some liver detox protocols to start. I personally cycle through taking lugols iodine, apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, b complex, vit a, c, d, magnesium, zinc, omega 3 oil, coconut oil, creatine, melatonin, chlorella, spirulina, chlorophyll, food grade H2O2, and try to eat a very organic, low carb, alkaline diet based on Weston Price principles.

The low body temperature people report for this illness indicates to me a suppressed thyroid. Iodine is the element you need to support thyroid. You can take it as a tincture from lugols or from seaweed such as kelp or from the Peruvian herb called Maca root. As some others have mentioned, inducing a fever is important for fighting invaders. It works for cancer and other hidden viruses so should work for Mogellins too.

Iodine and apple cider vinegar are an old folk remedy to deworm livestock. Diatomaceous earth is an other safe mineral supplement much like betonite clay that due to its silica content kills parasites and other bugs in your guts when you drink a spoonful a day in water.

Vitamin C is crucial for immunity from anything. It is one of the central antioxidants that keeps your detoxification system cycling. The B vitamins especially B12 are also key antioxidants that you need to keep down free radicals. Dr Sarah Myhill in Wales specializes in detoxification to treat chronic fatigue. Her website is great. Very informative and helpful. The reason I mention it is because there is a link between chronic yeast, fungal, bacterial, parasite invasion and a break down in your detoxification system. You need to turn your detox pathways back on. She highly recommends glutathione and other activated vitamins/minerals.

Wishing you all well!"

04/24/2013: Sp from Wb, Nj, Usa replies: "Hi Elizabeth, topical steroids can cause you a new problem. Used for more than five days on any one location on your body, cumulatively over your lifetime, they can cause your skin to become "addicted". This creates a visious cycle that requires more and more. Then you have the horror of the long withdrawal process. Please do a search for topical steroid addiction and you can get more info. Good luck."

Magnets, Far Infrared, Zapper

12/27/2013: Dana from Australia: "I have read contradictory info. on various sites re the use of magnets, far infrared heat pads and the zappers. I am using the borax, peroxide, baking soda the past two months; unfortunately has made the symptoms worse. Before I invest in expensive products, has anyone used either with any success?"

12/29/2013: Sweetsue from Missouri replies: "I have drank 1/4 tsp. borax to 1 liter water since 3/2013. It kills fungus from inside out. A slow process but does help. Drinking 1/2 tsp. baking soda with a 1/2 cup water and 1 tsp. hydrogen peroxide twice a day also has helped me keep my system alkaline. Peroxide on my skin seemed to make matters worse. The Dr. told me, instead of buying an expensive infrared system to buy a brooding lamp and infrared light. I bought mine at Home Depot, since then I have found them cheaper at a feed store. The brooding lamp has a porcelain socket that won't melt from the infrared light. The light comes in clear white, or red. The clear goes deeper into the skin. I have mine attached to the back of a chair, aimed at feet up. Zappers you need to be careful with. Anything that pulses your blood can cause blood clots. I have heard of people using the magnets and biggest complaints is that M. get caught up in them. IDK as I have never used them. My greatest improvement has been by using Fenbendazole by Safeguard. It is a horse de-wormer. It is NOT recommended for use in humans. I know several people that have used it and are better also with no side effects. The protocol is suppose to be 6 months of using 1 time a day. I divide my weight by ounces and came up with a dose that I take. I never have the idea that more is better. I also am having my Dr. monitor my liver and kidney functions. I am not recommending anyone to use this. I am only sharing what I am doing and what is helping me. Don't do or use anything without investigating what it does and then make your decision. We all have fell victim to a lot of protocols that are expensive and useless in the end. Good Luck with whatever you choose to do."
01/09/2014: Dana from Australia replies: "Thank you Sweetsue for your information."

Milk Thistle

12/31/2011: Cori from Orillia, Ontario, Canada: "I've been studying myself through the net what this bug (we call nano) is, as I've suffered for many years without answers. I started by purchasing Milk Thistle liquid to clean the liver and SEA salt baths. Both are really helping. I know we've all read the sea salt baths, but I only saw one person post about milk thistle. The liquid form of Milk Thistle I take 3 times a day. At first I was ill vomit-discharging lots of the different morgellon things (bug), then there would be many stool-discharges of the stuff; In the evening know the area of my liver is working hard enough I feel it pulling."

Mites or Morgellons

05/25/2014: Mary from Saskatchewan: "Mites vs Morgellons: Hi does anyone know the difference in the symptoms of these 2 ailments. I know one is from mites and other is from nano particles and chem trails but how would one know which they had?"


06/08/2011: Morg Fighter from Auckland, New Zealand: "I have morgs - and yes all the terrifying symptoms including unexplained bruising that wouldn't go away. I've read most of the posts here and agree that it seems to adapt to treatments. Anyway, I was desperate -had nothing to lose as conventional medicine had failed me miserably (I had gone though all the horrors of being told I was delusional etc); gone through herbal medicines 'routines'... and so I decided to try MMS. It got rid of the bruising almost immediately. I did suffer side effects -vomiting & diarrhea - so as recommended ceased the protocol. It cleared up most symptoms and the only sores I had were on my scalp. I (naturally) had reservations about continuing with MMS. Went back to the diet thingï. And since I was getting some relief from topical antibiotics - started using that on my scalp. Initially it healed the surface sores but I found that the antibiotic cream seemed to actually feed 'something', creating hard lumps under the scalp... Where I believe this 'thing' enters some kind of secondary breeding cycle. I stopped the antibiotics and went back to diet and herbs (hates chilli and cayenne) and topically eucalyptus oil and lavendar oil... Improved to a certain point.. Anyway sick and tired of the whole damn thing, and aware of the success I had with MMS I decided to start the MMS protocol again (and throw away the antibiotic cream)... 1 month later and I think I am so close to beating this thing. Read up on MMS. Do your homework. It's hit and miss - I know how terrifyingly frustrating this thing is - I'm still fearful of 'giving' it to my loved ones. Keep strong everyone. xxx I'll post again in a month or so with an update."

05/17/2012: Diana from Mousehole, Uk replies: "I have just started MMS for morgellons and wondered if it was a success for you?"

Molly's Remedies

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09/05/2007: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand: "Yes, I have heard of the salt and vitamin C remedy, however, my own personal feedback from the salt and vitamin C remedy creates a lot of problems and symptoms from people who have used it.

The ones that I have most successes with the least problem from my end is the borax and baking soda remedy, plus plenty of magnesium. The worms or tiny insects (that is seen in the microscopes), sometimes with tiny furs, seems to be more peculiarly sensitive with borax than the salt. It alters their ability to reproduce and a die off is quick after only a week, about 90% reduction is seen, while the salt and vitamin C remedy took a lot longer, such as a couple of months."

[YEA]  08/26/2007: Molly from Kenai, Alaska: "Thank you so much for your initial email. I wanted to reply and share what I've learned. In my opinion, Morgellon's may likely be caught via a mite vector, but the disease itself is NOT from mites but from a more "worm-like" creature that seems to like living directly under the skin, hence the creepy-crawly feelings, etc. The creature also appears to lower the immune system, making the person vulnerable to a billion other infections/infestations/problems).

This worm/thing is EXTREMELY hardy and is not easy to get rid of, however, it is vulnerable to a few things, particularly the simple "condiment" we know of as SALT.

The following "remedies" are what I've been doing and seems to REALLY help. I thought I'd share in case it might help others. The first two are the most important.

1.) Salt and Vitamin C Protocol:

- 1 mg salt (1 salt tablet, "sodium chloride") per 10 lbs of body weight, not to exceed 18mgs per day), taken three times per day, along with 3,000 mg Vitamin C per day (taking 1,000 mg each time you take your salt tablets).

Both the salt tablets and the Vit C tablets are really inexpensive (you can get salt tablets at your local pharmacy---they are usually $5.00--$7.00 per bottle of 100.

For example, I weigh 120, so I am taking 12 salt tablets per day, though usually I add one or two extra pills in for good measure at night. Drink a full cup of water with your dose, as well as drink a LOT more water throughout the day. The full set of instructions can be found at where I first read about this.

Whatever these things are, they *hate* salt!!!!

The salt creates quite a die off effect---the first couple weeks in particular will be rough. Most days I woke up feeling like I had the flu, though usually I was able to function okay. There were a few days that were more difficult than others (vomit, diarrhea). All in all, it's tolerable (hey, if they're dying, I'm happy--lol).

Though the die-off will continue, you should notice a very sharp decrease in symptoms after the first couple weeks. The salt protocol should be followed for as long as it takes---usually the length of time it's been since you were first infected, so that you can kill off all new hatchlings.

[Of course, people with high blood pressure will want to approach the salt therapy carefully---please do it only while monitering bp, or checking with your doctors, etc].

2.) Sugar Free Diet:

This diet is the same for parasites, candida, and Lyme Disease, interestingly enough. These things feed off of sugars, therefore sugars must be avoided.

As a natural vegetarian, I find this diet very hard (and thus have gone from 130 to under 120, at 5-8"), but it's invaluable, and I'm just trying to do a better job of eating more even though I don't like the food, so that I don't get too skinny! :o)

The basic jist of the diet is to eat only meats and non-sweet vegetables. No dairy, except for butter and eggs. No fruits or juices. No gluten grains, no breads, no starches (no potatoes, etc). No black tea, but black coffee is okay (and I've noticed that plain green tea seems okay for me) and stevia may be used as a sweetener.

Brown rice is okay, and non-gluten grains like quinoa *may* also be okay. Walnuts are okay, and some people can have almonds and almond butter without a problem, but most other nuts are a no.

If you notice an increase in symptoms after eating any food, then stop eating it. Symptoms can often last for a couple days before dying down, but eventually you'll figure out what you can have and can't have (example: can have shrimp, can't have sardines, etc) based on whether or not you feel the little "wigglers" wake up or stay asleep.

A few days into this diet and you should notice a sharp decrease in your symptoms (and it weakens them up so that the salt can really do a good job of killing), though you will likely also experience significant cravings for the forbidden sugars and grains. Break the diet and you should notice a sharp INCREASE in your symptoms.

After the initial big die-off's with the salt treatment, I began having small amounts of sugar (a piece of whole wheat bread here and there, etc) without noticing a huge problem.

There are people who claim to have beat this disease by diet only, if that helps to emphasize just how important the diet is. The stricter you can be, the better.

3.) Helpful herbs:

Olive leaf extract and olive leaf tea. I drink 2-4 cups of the olive leaf tea per day (it does cause a herx reaction---you will initially feel flu-like as it kills stuff). I don't know if it kills whatever is behind Morgellons, but it sure helps kill off something and keep your body healthy. I get my olive leaf tea leaves from, because I can buy it in bulk there and thus save money. The olive leaf *extract* is the more powerful one of the two, though, and can be found in capsule form just about anywhere that sells herbs.

I take Garlic and garlic supplements and also Oil of Oregano (capsules are easier to swallow than the oil). Garlic and onions in all your food is always a good thing---the more, the better. Many Morgellon's sufferers have reported that heavy doses of garlic really helps them.

Cat's Claw is reported to be amazing for Morgellons---I just started taking it so I can't really say either way, but I've read that it's VERY powerful against whatever this is. I've been taking 3 capsules, 3-4 times daily with meals, but I just started this week, so I can't really report either way, but it's such a health-giving supplement that I figure it can only be a positive addition! :)

Grapefruit Seed Extract (in pill form) is another thing I am taking, though only here and there. I've also heard good things about Teasel and Pomegranate Extract w/ Ellagic Acid (both in fighting Morgellons), but haven't tried either of those yet.

I've heard amazing things about ionic silver (3 mgs in mornings) and ionic copper (4 or 5 mgs nightly) (both from, Water oz or Angstrom brands, and I'm sure other places as well), which I have just ordered but also haven't actually tried yet. The copper is supposed to be very beneficial, but just as a reminder, is dangerous to take in tablet form, so the ionic liquid is best. Ionic sulfur (10 mgs daily) is supposed to be very helpful at healing lesions on the inside and outside of the body.

Lavendar Essential Oil works very well on the initial "bites" (the large red zit-like things). It dries them up quickly---apply often and they should start healing up within a few days.

4. Espom Salt baths are helpful (2 cups in a tub) and adding a bottle of hydrogen peroxide helps it get deeper into the skin. I now take a bath almost nightly.

30-40 minutes worth of soaking is important---the salt won't draw stuff out if you only sit in the bath for 10 minutes, so get a good book from the library and relax.

5. Clean with Enzymes!
Enzyme cleaners are good---I've heard raves about Ecovie, but I have Bac-Out in my area, so I bought that instead. I put a bit in a spray bottle and dilute it with water so that I can spray myself down (including eyes and ears) as well as my environment (including the sheets I sleep in, etc). Anytime I feel itchy, I spray down myself, as well as everytime I get out of the tub or shower. It's also nice to add to the laundry to kill things that might be on the cloths. I take a bath in the Bac-Out a couple times a week instead of the Epsom Salts ---probably a 1/3 cup of the enzyme cleaner or so to the bath water.

Another enzyme clearer is Kleen-em-Away---any enzyme cleaners should work well, really. I also bought some Orange TKO (very economical---a little goes a long way) and use that regularly as a spray cleaner that kills everything (including mites) and is also safe for humans.

6. Shaving!
I know this sounds weird, but I shaved my arm hairs and found it very helpful. One of the terrible parts about Morgellons is how "sensitive" you get to anything that feels like movement. The air against my arm hair made me feel like something was crawling on it, simply because of the creepy-crawly feelings that sometimes really WERE there. Shaving hair off really helps me.

In Conclusion:

I am taking all these natural herb weapons, along with doing the salt and the diet, just because...I prefer a "full guns" approach to this thing, as it appears to get VERY nasty when allowed to progress. It seems like the Morgellons breaks the body down in so many ways, I figure a many-pronged approach to fighting it is in order. Some things go after whatever is behind Morgellons, while the other herbs help the body stay strong.

Personally, the worst thing about Morgellons for me has been admitting that I think I have it. It is horrific. I've caught myself wishing many times that I just had cancer---something KNOWN, you know, for which there are certain protocols, etc, or something like that. It has been a true terror-filled nightmare to realize that I am dealing with this mysterious *thing* that seems to be crawling all throughout my body. Falling asleep at night while something is literally crawling up your face is just plain NOT a pleasant feeling!
I struggled with just wanting it to be GONE, to be fixed, for God to just heal me or something (as if He owes it to me). I also struggled with GREAT fear---fear that my children and husband would become infected, fear that we would infect our friends...

But eventually, and I think in good part due to God's grace, I have settled in to this, to admitting that it's real, that it's very strong and WILL damage me if allowed, and thus have committed to FIGHTING it, as in full-scale war. It is not something that is going to get us---WE are going to get IT. This has been a very helpful change in thinking.

I hope this helps others. I am greatful for all the help I've found via a million sites on the internet, including this one. Working together, we can beat this thing!"

10/11/2010: Arielteddy from San Antonio, Texas replies: "Molly, it's been 3 years since your post. How are you doing now? Are you better or in remission, I pray? Thank you for taking time to share details of your protocol. Quite helpful. Anything to add or change for us?"
01/05/2011: Maggie from Shreveport, Louisiana United States replies: "I have been suffering with parasites as described here for over a year. I have tried nearly every "cure" or "treatment" I find on these sites. Reading all the stories and feeling the frustration of all those who suffer with this as I do, something occurred to me. All the stories I have read, like all those I could tell, are the same in the respect that we find varying levels of relief at the beginning of a new "treatment" but always end up dealing with it again. Is it possible that these parasites have the ability to create immunities against the "treatments" before the "treatment" has had time to eradicate them?"

Morgellons and Lyme Disease

07/27/2013: Sheila B. from Toronto: "The latest research points to a relationship between Morgellons and Lyme disease. Check out these research articles to see for yourself. and Only a systemic approach to treatment will cure it. My experience has shown me that doctors don't know this. All the best."

10/30/2013: Communicatingcenter from Helotes, Tx replies: "Thank you for posting this. The misinformation abounds with this disease and it is so much less scary when you know the facts- there is a rational explanation. Research on spirochetes will show the correlation. Cutting back on sugar and recognizing that Lyme is a marginalized disease as well, taking care of your health so that your body can heal itself, you will be OK. No need to fear a government plot. Of course they are plotting, but in a much more mundane way than the current theories. I wouldn't be surprised if it was nanotech, but I have seen the logic in these Lyme studies.

Recognize that Lyme has neurological components as well, which is why this group of people (myself included) was so easy to write off as crazy. What can you do? There are three types of Lyme bacteria which can morph into one another- the spirochetal form, which is easiest to kill and causes fever and flu-like symptoms, the cystic form, which lies dormant and causes relapse, and the cell wall deficient kind, which causes neurological issues and arthritis as well as chronic fatigue. In the case of Morgellons, I would be willing to bet that the spirochetes are the ones coming out of our skin- and the researchers actually following the subject would agree.

49/50 Morgellons patients tested positive for Lyme disease- a remarkable number considering how seldom Lyme even shows up on these tests. Herbal medicine recommends Japanese knotwood, cat's claw, and andrographis for Lyme. An herbalist has recommended me slippery elm specifically for the skin issues involved with Morgellons. Antibiotics can worsen the issue by causing spirochetal bacteria to change into the much more pervasive CWD Lyme bacteria- make sure if you are prescribed an antibiotic, that it does not work (as many do) by attacking the cell wall. This will ensure that you don't set yourself up for failure.

Dietary changes are essential. Patience is essential. Positivity is essential. God bless and good luck."

12/08/2013: Savemyfamily from Edmonton, Ab replies: "I believe 100% that Morgellons is a new kind of Lyme Disease. 3 years ago a family member had a circular like rash on arm and was diagnosed as ringworm. I am sure now after all my reading and research that it was the classic bull's eye rash. Now get this- 1 week after this her mother got Bell's Palsy then a few weeks after that I got Bell's Palsy. How bizarre is that? I believe it is contagious. I had no "bull's eye rash" nor had I been anywhere that I know of to get a tick. This is a link and we need the scientists and medical community in this world to find a cure fast! People are suffering and dying from this. It is already an epidemic, there are a lot of people that are not telling anyone about this and thanks to the medical Dr.s quick to diagnose everyone with delusional parisitosis I was one diagnosed with it too. People have lost all faith in the medical profession or at least I have. And we have nowhere to turn no help. Except Ted I have to thank you as I have tried everything and just started doing the Borax treatment 2 weeks ago with a noticeable difference! Things are dying and leaving my body. My problem is to convince the rest of my family to try this as they are adamant that Borax is poisonous. I see the signs everyone in my family has it and it scares me I don't want to lose my loved ones. Children too. God Help us all.

And I have all the symptoms of Morgellons/Lyme. However my brain fog has been improving since I have been doing the Borax treatment."

Morgellons Commentary

08/08/2012: Vena from Kansas City, Mo/us: "I feel I need to be more specific about Morgellons. Yes, again it is the human equvialint to Mange but, in actuality what is it-

Morgellons defined: is a bacterial disease that effects the sweat glands in the epadermus layer of the skin.

In acctuallity what is happening is the bacterial gets in the skin threw a bacterial thread and then from there rests in the sweat gland and starts to mutate. From there it needs air... So it surfaces. When it does this it starts to sting and tingle and feels like bug bites But it is surfacing because one it needs to stay moist in order to survive but two it needs air also. When it surfaces and you scratch it it then transfers the bacteria to other sweat glands in the surface of the skin and it in turn repeats it's pattern. A few days before rain the body or epadermus layer acts like a cloud and collects exterier moister and oxygen in turns feeding the bacteria. This will also effect you when the humidity levels change because again the body needs two types of moisture: Externall and inturnal

You know how I figured this all out. Because I never have suffered from Morgellons in the arm pit area Why? Because by using deoderant I repress it from intaking and realeasing moisture.

My advice again... Never ever exfoliate or use exfoliation products you are only spreading the problem and making it worse. Boil Yukka root 30 min Let it cool. Shower... Turn off water and pour Yukka on you. Air dry... Apply any kind of deoderant over entire body Take an asprin and do not scratch. Rub gently if stinging sentations accure, adding more deoderant if needed. Going to feel a little discomfort as it is taking effect but trust me I've suffered from this problem for 13 years I know where the bacteria originates from and I am learning how to kill it and I feel better than I have in a long time with this remedy combination"

08/26/2012: Chaney from Erie, Kansas replies: "This has been so amazing. I believe this person is right. After about a day of uncomfortableness ( take an asprin as they said on the first day) from this remedy I started to feel a lot better I started to notice dry and dark patches on my skin The fevering in my skin is gone also. As a week went by I used it every night before I went to bed My skin does not crawl at all any more and I did experiance some slight stinging sinsations throught out the following week but it is week two now and every day is getting better. I still need to use the yukka and deoderant every night but every day I am noticing less sores and no new ones coming up. This is amazing Your going to thank this person. I have finally gotten a good nights rest without waking up itching They really figured it out."

05/21/2012: Merryon from Gaithersburg, Md, Usa: "Dear Ted, I have morgellon. And I am an RN. And I have the fibers, that are really tunnels. I have eggs that I have watched hatch in my skin and tunnel away and of course I am diagnosed with delusions. Also, I have removed bugs from my body and have kept them in saline. Anyway I want to get to the point. I control and diminish the sores, bug growth, worms and Queens with RAID ant and roach. I use it as a pediculocyte. It must stay on the body for 2 hrs to kill the bugs. And I take benadryl with it to stop side effects. Of course it's painful. But it works. It needs to be repeated every 2 weeks and total body coverage is needed if you can stand it. Pain medication helps. I get so frustrated that people are out there suffering without help. Please let everyone know. Thank you for the opportunity to share. Merryon"

12/13/2012: Claire from Baton Rouge, La replies: "Hi. I am a registered nurse as well - I, too, have experienced and unfortunately continue to experience all of the symptoms associated with Morg. I've seen derm, infectious disease, psych (of course they think I'm crazy) been treated for scabies and mites. My husband is a pathologist. He has seen things in the microscope. However being shot down and ridiculed by other colleagues, he has given up. If I feel a bite and look in the exact location that I felt it and see the tiny black string thread thing, how does that make me crazy. Since when did fuzz start biting? I read about the paste. Look I'll try anything. I've put so many caustic chemicals on my body already, as a desperate attempt to get rid of this. I am interested in the post about the lady using raid ant and roach. May u please elaborate or give me a little big more in depth information? If so, I would appreciate it more than u will ever know. You all are in my prayers. Please feel free to contact me. It is very difficult to receive support and understand from those that are not afflicted with this. Gosh if they only knew. However I never wish this on my worst enemy. Thank you for your time. Claire"

01/02/2012: Sammie from Las Vegas, Nevada, Usa: "Hi, sorry I took so long to get back to you. There has been so many changes in the findings about Morgellons, that seems like just as I was going to post something, I made changes.

Finally got a chance to sit down and put some things together. I started a shower protocol, which really was helpful in absence of all else at the time, and I still follow it to some degree, because it really helped.

OK I have never really typed or written this out, but have thought a lot about doing so, be patient. I had BAD BAD brain problems about 2 or 3 years ago, but have somewhat recovered, I do my best.

Sams Shower protocol:

The main idea/concept is to get as much of the outgrowth off each time you Shower. You should shower at LEAST every other day. Everyday would be ideal, however, I Know how tired one can get and understand it is hard. If I had known what was going on back in 1999 when I got this, I Probably could have stopped it eventually with this shower protocol. Keep in mind that different parts of the county have different "versions" of this MANGE. So what is working for me here in the desert of Las Vegas, may not exactly work for you, but with a few adjustments for your area, based on your Symptoms, this should help you out a lot. I started this at about 10-12 years into being infested, and it made quite a bit of difference.

A couple of suggestions before I write down this protocol: Get your diet as alkaline as possible. Learn about Acidic foods and Alkaline Foods. Remember that this stuff easily becomes resistant to anything it regularly has contact with. SWITCH THINGS UP, do not use the same thing over and over. I have several items in the shower, and I did not get them all in one day. This stuff came over time, and trial and error. It is still subject to change, and you should keep your defense tactics "open to Update:". All of the items I list here are used exclusively EXTERNALLY.

Items I use are:

Coal Tar Soap
Sulfa shampoo / sulfa ointment / sufla soap
Pumace soap
Different pumace stones:
Natural, synthetic, sharp, not sharp, etc
2 really good brushes with long handles, mine are plastic about 2. 5 feet long
And long bristled, hard
I keep a gallon bottle with white vinegar and one with apple cider vinegar, lids
On, in the shower for rinsing
I keep squirt bottles of:
1. Clorox & water (1/3 clorox and distilled water)
2. Borax and hydrogen peroxide (about 1/4 cup of borax and regular drugstore
Hydrogen peroxide)
3. Willard water & distilled water (the recommended drinking formula, 2 oz per
4. MMS ( go to Jim's MMS web site)
5. Any kind of shaving cream/gel
6. Body scrubbing cloth that can be washed after use ( best to have a few around
7 white towels only, use only once before washing (note: all laundry, material cleaning, must be soaked in borax (put borax , use directions on the box, in the
Washing machine, fill with water, let it agitate, then add clothes, let soak for 30 mins or longer then wash as usual, AND MMS, per website instructions. MMS is very good at KILLING MORGELLONS ON CONTACT, borax is good at killing other parasites. This minimizes any living crap survival. Keep in mind this is a MANGE, meaning a combination of "living things" that survive well together. Gotta concentrate on killing more than just the mysterious morgellons. I keep my head shaved, as I have no intention of providing more places for these suckers to live in/on me.

Use a NEW RAZOR each shower. Dollar store razors are fine. Sometimes I get the 3 blade kind, otherwise the twin blade works fine. Er by scrubbing down and rinsing with soap, or the dandrfuff shampoo or combination of them, then I shave again with a new razor every time, rinse then I target each area with willard spray or hydrogen peroxide/borax mix or bleach diluted, then I use a bar soap and scrub the back side, and thighs, I then take the other brush (each brush is used exclusively for that particular area) for the calfs ankles and feet. I then rinse and get the pummace stone and work as needed from head to toe.

All items I use are bleached after use and before use by spraying or soaking depending on how much they are used. Make sure and throughly scrub cuticles of feet and hands and the black string/ribbon things tend to collect in the dead skin there, I even pumace my fingernails as the crap is in them too. Then I rinse with the shower head , and then fill up a gallon jug of water, luke warm, plus vinegar, switching between white and vinegar depending on the day. I use about 1/4 cup of vinegar per gallon, this is a lot and a few tablespoons will do, be ready for the STING! But it does not last long. I sometimes add in the willard, and the borax hydrogen peroxide and bleach, and vary the combination each time. I air dry, and then use only coconut oil to moisturize the entire body, also using the mms which is very important to use topically as well as internally.

This whole ordeal was and still works for me but I have now added topical tetracycline and diatemeceous earth, food grade, externally only. There is a rather new study showing the similarities between Morgellons and Bovine digital dermatitis, it is very interesting, and points out that ANIMALS got treatment quicker and faster and more effective than humans with the same probelm all because of the lack of support from dermatology. NO ON SHOULD HAVE EVER given dermatologist any power or any diagnostic criteria for ANY MENTAL issue, they are NOT TRAINED for it, and it has actually killed people that have died from real bad problems because no one would believe them. That's my learned opinion and I am sticking to it!!!!

Here is the link for the study, I found this UK Morgellons site a million times better than the USA or any other site, the links are EXCELLENT and very helpful. The spots on me that have been horrrible for many many years, are now clearing up!!! The topical tetracycline plus the mms is really doing the trick, and topical is also the important thing to remember. I have been mixing the tetracycline in thick lotion or shea butter and lathering it on all over. I also tried vasaline, but it does not mix up well. I also add the diatmaceous earth (sorry for my spelling), which is a. Very cheap, and b. Really effective. I have been putting a couple of tablespoons in juice or anything every day and I feel better every day. My body is really kicking out the morgellons, streaks and wild things are being emitted from my body, and places are clearing up. I hope that I do not reach a plateau, but am ready for any eventuality, since I have been through hell and back, I am prepared for what ever comes my way.

I encourage all Morgellons folks to HANG IN THERE. I have had it over 12 years, and got so brain fogged I could not finish a sentence, but out of desperation used beach on my skin a few times daily and the cloud began to clear within months. Make sure what is going on with your thyroid as this shit is a thyroid killer! Try to keep up with your teeth, because this stuff has componenets that eat away dentin in the teeth, causing them to break off, decay etc. I am going to have to have all of my teeth upper and lower behind the eye teeth eigher removed and replaced, or crowned, or root cananled... Expensive.

I don't have a dr right now that help me, and when I have a dr rather a fmp, she would not help, she did not believe me and manipulated and lied to me at every turn. So I went to the fish store and got the fish grade tetracycline, I was in granulated form. I take one packet and dissolve it in a small amount of willard water, the add it to what ever will stick on my boty. ON the bad parts that have been active for years, I spread on the shea butter with tetracycline thick, put a layer of plactic bag over it and wear it all night long. I am curious about your borox baths! How are you gettting your head and face covered? It seems you would need to make sure you get your head soaked too... As this stuff seems to really love hair and hair focilicles.

Well, I am now looking forward to a full recovery some day, things are going better than they have, ever, since this shit started. I still have energy probelms, like NONE, but I also have no thyroid working so that probably does not help matters. I am getting a zapper, monster zapper and will be using it too. I am also hoping that once I get this crap outta my thyroid, I might find some way to jump start it again. ANYTHING my friend ANYTHING is possible with the right attitude, and outlook added to dogged determination. So hang in there, DO NOT EVER GIVE UP. Rest when you need it, get SUNSHINE!! It is the same as buying far infared technology, or do both!!! Check out the article I sent you and let me know what you think about the web site if you have not seen it before! click on the Middelveen MJ & Stricker RB (2011) Filament formation associated with spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease, Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, Volume 2011:4 16177 article to get the latest.

Turn, you may have an experience like this Ms. Denise who makes decisions for others based on her whim instead of empirical data or evidence or study. Don't waste time with them, keep looking for someone who is sympathetic to your problems.. So I went to the fish store and got the fish grade tetracycline, I was in Granulated form. The poorly trained and overly opinionated and criminally insane providers like Ms Denise, will have to atone some day for their lack of ability, insight and hypocratic oath.. I take one packet and dissolve it in a small amount of Willard water, the add it to what ever will stick on my boty. For the mean time, I just keep working on myself to get myself better. ON the bad parts that have been active for years, I spread on the shea butter with tetracycline thick, put a layer of plactic bag over it and wear it all night long. Well, I am now looking forward to a full recovery some day, the stuff I am now doing is going so much better but better than they before, ever, since this shit started. I still have no energy, like NONE, but I also have no thyroid working so that probably does not help matters. I am getting a zapper, monster zapper and will be using it too. I am also
Hoping that once I get this crap outta my thyroid, I might find some way to jump
Start it again. ANYTHING my friend ANYTHING is possible with the right
Attitude, and outlook added to dogged determination. So hang in there, DO NOT EVER GIVE UP> rest when you need it, get SUNSHINE!! It is the same as buying Farinfared technology, or do both!!! Let me know what you think about the website if you have not seen it before! Check out the article I sent you and this is the web site I mentioned: href="" target=_blank>

Click on the
Middelveen MJ & Stricker RB (2011) Filament formation associated with
Spirochetal infection: a comparative approach to Morgellons disease, Clinical,
Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, Volume 2011:4 167–177

Article to get the latest. I am looking forward to finding others and their successes as we finally get some answers over the next few years.
from a person who has suffered from this for over 12 years, DO NOT EVER GIVE UP!!!
I know it is really hard, and you get really tired and sad from lack of resources and help, but the stuff that works is very very cheap and more effective than anything I have seen.

TRY THE MMS, do it carefully and by the book, and do it topically, orally, internally, enma, and if you think you are able through your sinus. Just read the directions carefully

search the sites I have given you they are the morgellons UK is FILLED with great resources for about every body part and the MMS is extremely effective but you must use it topically at least, and do not over do it.

In addition an emphasis on keeping your diet ALKALINE (there is excellent resources and decription s about this in the Morgellons UK links)
I got really severe about this for a few days and killed off a bunch of stuff.

I have spent the last 5 or 6 years using my poor little self as a guiena pig, and would like for this information to help others from feeling like they have to do the same.
If you think you have Morgellons, and all this stuff seems like too much, which in one dose it is, try stating just one thing at a time, giving yourself ample time to understand what you are doing. You may have brain fog and that really slows everything down, but you can make it go away!
Just keep up trying, keep checking the web sites for new research and developments. Keep believing in yourself. The biggest thing I found out about myself is that I WANT TO LIVE, and I LOVE LIFE. I am not on antidepressnats. So this may tell you that somehting or the combination of the above has helped. I drink Willard Water daily and I swear by it too. Finally, spirituality prayer and study in this area will be of great comfort to you, in your journey. I am particularly fond of Sylvia Browne and find her writings completey in line with my innate beliefs, but I am sure that your particular religion will be just the ticket for you.

I will check back in if I hear of any late breaking changes that I add that works. Don't be your own lab rat, I have done this for you!!!! I did some dumb stuff and can only hope that no permanent damage was done. Everything here works to some degree and is not likely to harm you if you follow the directions. It is up to you.

In the mean time, for me, it will be more topical tetracycline *(from the pet store until I can get another Dr lined up), MMS, Willard Water, Hydrogen peroxide/borax, diluted bleach, and an alkaline diet as much as possible.

I look forward to reading about other peoples discoveries and successes.


05/26/2011: Elizabeth from Minneapolis, Mn: "I have been going through this as well, the best remedy I have found for Morgellons is a balanced PH (veggies/baking soda in water/good water) and also 1 tsp. Sea salt in water What I eat affects how I feel. If I eat too much yeast/breads/donuts within 1 hour symptoms appear worse. Pop is not good for it. Garlic helps. Sulphur Cream is great. Blow dryer helps. Benadryl helps with night time sleep. If I have some symptoms reappear, all I need to do at this point is drink sea salt in water. I still have this horrible thing, it is just a part of my life until I stumble across a cure. It is a very humbling experience and helps me be more compassionate to others with their ailments. I have tried over 20 things and this is what I have found to be most helpful."

03/28/2011: Kristi from Fairfield, Maine: "Well I've been feeling pretty down, lately, feeling trapped, unable to find sollutions to some of my life's agonizing difficulties, all surrounding this morgellons situation. I was thinking I might just give up... I knew I couldn't, because of my son, but SO depressed and tired, and feeling hopeless and helpless, nonetheless.

I was washing dishes and praying, simoultaneously, and some good thoughts came back to me, so I wrote them down, and now I would like to post what I wrote, hoping it can be a strength and a help to those fellow suffers of this condition. I have always believed that "everything happens for a reason", even though usually, one cannot see what it is until, in this case, the crisis passes. I've also always believed that life is one big school, and the purpose of it is to learn and become the best - the most true manifestation of our spirit/soul as we can become.

Here is my "epiphany" - my current thoughts and feelings, and what I will use to help me get through this, coming out the other side a stronger and wiser human being:


* To take excellent care of my body

* To (choose to) calm my mind (rather than lose it)

*To truly value my life - to fight for ME

*To have faith


* To appreciate every moment of life and health

* To be stronger than I thought possible

* To not only ask God for help, but to praise and thank Him every day for my life

* To recognize, learn from, and appreciate the lessons of life

* To have true empathy for all who are suffering

* That I need to take an active role in restoring and protecting nature

* To seek out people to inspire and help

I am a whole new person today. I am still deep in the physical and sometimes psychological trenches of this unfortunate dis-ease, yet I now feel Divine power behind me, before me, within me. I will use this precious gift to restore my health and well-being. I am most grateful for this new wisdom, and I feel lighter, and I now have the faith to carry on.

I hope sharing this gives strength, hope, courage, joy and perseverance to all those walking THROUGH this dark and thorned path with me.


Kristi "

10/15/2011: Annesco from Amsterdam, Ny, Usa replies: "Kristi,

I was wondering how you are doing now? I hope things have continued to improve and that you are perhaps healed, or close to healed. I have contracted this disease as well, from a bird mite infestation, and am battling it the best I can.

The only problem is that my husband, with whom I live, is completely unaffected, and doesn't believe me, since I don't have a lot of lesions at this point, just the fibers and specks coming out of mostly my scalp, and the occasional rash and bites. But I do have the crawly feeling, and the annoying bugs in my eyes and ears. So I am fighting this battle alone here at home, and have found this site to be so much more helpful and comforting than many of the others out there, which seem to try to leave us without hope.

Anyhow, I am in complete agreement with your last post, and have also come to the conclusion that I will have to live with this condition until there is a cure, but that I will also continue to fight it in the best way that I can, through continued research, etc. Luckily for me, my children and their families don't appear to be affected at all, which I know is common. I keep my house very clean, vacuum all the time, spray regularly with Lysol, enzyme sprays, borax and water, and I think that maybe this is why.

I also have gone through the phases where I feel like giving up, and have wished that I had cancer or something comparable which the medical world would know and want to treat. I also have reminded myself that everything happens for a reason, and am now just trying to wait for that reason to be revealed. I also believe that this is a serious wake-up call to stop abusing myself physically, change my lifestyle and diet, and to also renew my spiritual life and awareness. And I also know without a doubt that if/when this is over, I will probably be one of the happiest people alive, just being able to live and appreciate the simplest things in life like an undisturbed night's sleep, no crawling sensations or bites, etc.

God bless you and keep you and your son!"

10/16/2011: Poorboyskid1 from Yucca Valley, United States replies: "I have the same problem with my husband. I have it, He don't, and he does not belive no matter what I show him. Hang in there,


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