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Kidney Stone Remedies from Home!

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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil

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Olive Oil and Lemon Juice for Kidney Stones

Home Remedy Ingredients:

  • Olive Oil - 2 Oz
  • Fresh Lemon Juice - 2 Oz
  • Large Glass of Water (or 2)

This is an extremely popular remedy for kidney stones! Mix together two ounces each of freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. Drink this (not nearly as bad as you think) and follow it up with plenty of water. You can repeat this 2-3 times a day until the stones pass, which often happens within 1-3 days.

[YEA]  01/04/2008: James from Ephrata, Washington: "While I use other remedies from this website with great success, I was very skeptical about the "lemon juice-olive oil" remedy for kidney stones. I'm no longer skeptical and here's why. After reading the "yeas and nays", I decieded to give the concoction a try even though at the time, I was not experiencing any pain whatsoever from the four stones inhabiting my kidneys. I drank the 2oz lemon juice + 2oz extra virgin olive oil on an empty stomach, the morning of December 30th. That evening after coming home from work and while sitting and relaxing, I felt a kidney stone pass into my bladder. No pain whatsoever. I went to the bathroom and passed the stone. Again, no pain or discomfort. I've since passed two more after using the "recipe". It worked for me. The recipe ingredients can do you no harm. There's nothing to lose by trying this, except the pain and the stones."

[YEA]  01/28/2009: Jan from Seatrtle, WA replies: "Thank you for this site; went looking online after I became aware I have stones lodged in both ureters at the entrance to bladder. Six years ago I had first stone, 6mm and had the "blasting" surgery which turned into a nightmare, the urologist tore me up and now I have an additional problem of lack of bladder control if bladder is full and I sneeze or laugh. While doing the procedure the urologist discovered my ureters are almost blocked, a congenital thing evidently I've had all my life. Anyway for six years I've kept myself free from stones with gravel root and hydrangea root twice daily at the first sign of stones. During religious fasts or when dieting on high protein, I've noticed I get burning pain between ureters and bladder entrance, and can feel large stones (probably 3-5mm) stones with my fingertips and would go heavy on the roots. After a lengthy fast two weeks ago, I got severe burning (I'm very blessed to have no pain with my stones, just mild to excessive discomfort). Found the coke/asparagus; olive oil/lemon; and celery seed holistic therapies online. Did the coke/asparagus thing mid last week with no seeming change in stones; did lemon/oil (2 x 2oz ea) on Monday; straight 10 oz, no oil yesterday (which made me ill) and since I still have burning and can feel the stones (though I do believe they are getting smaller) I am doing the celery seed (1Tablespoon celery seed in one pint water simmered; drink 1/2 c. per hour for 4 hrs). I'll give an update in a few days. As a side note a couple hints found in my reading over net, keep upright and moving to move the stones along. In using any of the therapies, hold your urine as long as you can so the ingredients can work on the stones. Also I think after (only AFTER) stones are passed or dissolved, doing a gallbladder/liver cleanse of stones (which evidently will be in the hundreds even thousands) is wise to do a couple times a year to keep the stones from entering the kidney. Dr. Hulda Clark's remedy is the one I am going to use. Find it online. For uric acid stones which I have, a diet free of all meats, poultry, even fish, dry peas and beans, chocolate, caffeines (no matter source), easy on eggs, corn and potatoes is wise. Find high uric acid foods online along with diet suggestions for those suffering with uric acid stones. I've been eating a diet free of all meats for just one week and my gouty toe is totally relieved, well at least 85% sometimes 100% of the time. Simply amazing and the urologist told me NONE of this. Thank God for people like you all who are gracious to give your testimonies and for the internet."

[YEA]  01/04/2008: Rafael Rodriguez from Charlotte, NC: "The mix of lemons and olive oil is definitely is an excellent way to dissolve the kidney stones, it works for me, after a week of intense pain, I when to 2 different hospitals ER and both told me that a had a 6mm kidney stone, they both did the same, they' did CT scans on me and after that they gave me a bunch of drugs to deal with my pain, that was all, after charging me with X amount of dollars they send me home with the same unbearable pain, they also told me to contact a urologist and I did , only to find out that in order for them to begin the treatment to dissolve the kidney stone they need it $100.00 just for the appointment and them approximately between $7.000 and $9.000 dollars to try to dissolve the stone, since I did not have insurance I started to look for answers on the internet and that was how I find out about this website. I tried the mix of lemons and olive oil in the morning, I drank 2 oz of lemons juice mixed with 2oz of Olive Oil at 10:30am, I waited and try again at 4:30pm the same day, the next day at 8:30am the stone was out of my body. I think you guys are doing an excellent public service providing this kind of information. Thanks so much ..."

[NAY]  12/30/2007: Patrick from Swindon, England: "[QUESTION] re: LEMON JUICE AND OLIVE OIL VITAMIN C -- The RDA for vitamin C in adults is 60 mg per day. Large doses of vitamin C are considered to be toxic in persons with a family history of or tendency to form kidney stones or gallbladder stones. Kidney and gallbladder stones usually consist of calcium oxalate. Oxalate occurs in high concentrations in foods such as cocoa, chocolate, rhubarb, and spinach. A fraction of the vitamin C in the body is normally broken down in the body to produce oxalate. A daily supplement of 3.0 grams of vitamin C has been found to double the level of oxalate that passes through the kidneys and is excreted into the urine. with this above, would it not add to your problems by drinking high vit c lime or lemon?"

[YEA]  12/28/2007: Malhar from Auckland, NZ: "Hi all, The Olive Oil and Lemon Juice remedy is magic for kidney stones. After rolling on the floor in pain, and a few pain killer injections and pills later, this was a life saver. Having gone through lithotripsy last year, I did not really want to go through that again. Fortunately, the specialist was away during the holidays, so did not get an appointment. I decided to give this a shot since I had nothing to lose. 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice thrice in 24 hours did the trick for me. The' stone passed with my urine 24 within hours of the last dose. I have to admit that it is not the best taste, but heaps better than the pain. Perhaps the other thing that must have helped is the half litre water I was drinking every one hour and passing urine regularly. There was a time when there was a bit of blood in the urine, but i suppose that's when the stone was making its way down. "Clink" against the porcelin sounded musinc to the ears. I don't know how to thank the creators of this web site and the remedy."

[NAY]  12/15/2007: Susan from Dallas, USA: "I've had a kidney stone for over two weeks now. I read this information on-line and decided to try it since drinking large amounts of water has not helped it to pass. The pain has been absolutely unbearable and I have been taking upwards of 80 mg of codeine a day. I tried this remedy for two days and as I am used to the taste of Olive Oil, it did not taste bad for me but I was only able to keep it on my stomach for about 3 hours - (tried 4 times) before throwing it up. I don't know if that's the pain, the codeine or what, but the pain was never releived and the kidney stone is still there a week after trying this. I've tried the Apple Cider and drinking Lemon Juice with Hot Water also and no relief. This rememdy must be for small kidney stones and as I have a tendency to have large ones, this is not going to help it "slide out". I have calcium oxalyte stones and anything acidic will not help them to dissolve - mine is the most common type but this rememdy is for those that have the other three types of stones so for those of you with oxalyte stones - I'd say, don't waste your time. If anyone knows of anything for oxalyte stones, please let me know. I am currently trying (started yesterday) on Uriflow - we'll see how that works since I have no insurance."

[YEA]  12/14/2007: Russ from Abbotsford, BC: "After searching the internet for kidney stone remedies, I came across this Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon Juice remedy. I had been dealing with a kidney stone for about a week and was getting impatient waiting for it to pass (I know some of you have been dealing with kidney stones alot longer!) I have to admit I was quite skeptical of the remedy, but certainly willing to try anything that might help. I drank the mixture at 10:00 in the evening, and drank lots of water before bed. At noon the next day I passed the stone without pain. I was so excited it basically brought me to tears. If I ever have to deal with another kidney stone, this remedy will definitely be the first one tried."

[YEA]  12/13/2007: Sadik Khan from Porbandar, India: "First of all, I am sorry for being a little late to update you guys. So, I had the kidney stone problem and the doctor advised me for immediate operation. The stone was 7.2mm and got stuck in the uterus (I hope this is what it was, I just forgot by now, thanks to Earth Clinic Community). This was in march 2007. I had undergone the operation and the problem got sorted out, for a while. All of sudden the stone re-emerged (may be reformed) within one month. I was so disappointed and had no liking going for another round at the doctors operation table. And then I found yoursite, earth clinic. I tried the above mentioned remedy. I was quite hopefull that it will dissolve the stone. But nothing noticiable happened during the first time. So I thought of trying it again on weekend. This time, I could feel the difference. The stone started to move. I went to office and had to come home in the middle of severe pain. I took the pain killer for the day and went to sleep. The next morning, to my surprise, I had passed the stone. I am so glad, thanks to everybody. Though I am a software enginee, I had never believed internet so much before, but I can assure you now, I am a real person who had gone through the pain all the time and I am very happy now."

[YEA]  12/12/2007: kasibhatta srishanth from visakhapatnam, india: "hi fellas, i am glad to say that i have used oilve oil and lomon juice remedy' which worked well in my case, also i had used corn silk tea earlier to (oliveoil+lomonjuice ) remedy, both worked for me i used a herbal drug name d cystone by himalaya drug company from india which also helped me to pass my kidney stones.with cystone i have passed out a stone in the size of 11mm. also i have tried fennel seeds (saunf) tea to dissolve and pass out my kidneystones. all the above remedies worked for me and am sure will work for many people."

[NAY]  12/11/2007: James from London, UK: "I note that most of the naysayers gave up after trying the remedy just once or twice or only once a day or every other day, whereas most of those who were successful tried it several times a day initially. I also note that the naysayers mostly tried the smaller 2 ounce dosage and a good few complained about the taste, whereas the yeasayers were less put off by the taste and many who tried the 2 ounce dosage went on to try the 3 ounce one (something most of the naysayers apparently failed to do).

I also note that several of the naysayers had adverse reactions to the remedy, suggesting that their insides were in a worse state than others, and perhaps too acidic for the remedy to work quickly.

The naysayers were also more skepticla on the whole. Many had stuck stones. A couple or so conjectured that this might have been the reason the remedy didn't work. However there were also yeasayers who had stuck stones. One naysayer said a stone he had actually grew in size even though he had taken the remedy over a long period, suggesting that some other factor was at work that was nullifying the effect of the remedy. Was he also on medication, for example? What was his diet like? He doesn't say. I would suggest then that in general the naysayers did not try a large enough dose at sufficiently frequent intervals for a stuck stone or for stones forming in environments where they were growing and/or multiplying rapidly to be dissolved."

[NAY]  12/10/2007: Kelly from Toronto, Canada: "re Kidney Stones (Olive Oil & Lemon) -- So far, this is a "Nay" for me. I tried it for 2 days then went to just squeezing lemons into a large glass of water every couple of hours. The 3rd day spent drinking hot water with apple cider vinegar, to no avail. My stomach got so acidic I had to stop. I even drank a whole beer. And I HATE beer! ' I tend to have kidney pain for a couple of months before they try to pass so I'm due for an ER visit within the next week or so. Exact same thing happened last year - spent Xmas and NY in the hospital, finally having 2 surgically removed (1 in Jan and 1 in Feb, missing a couple of months of work). The problem is that I am going to Mexico in a week and am terrified to spend the trip in the hospital (or worse, have an attack on the plane!). Don't even know if there is a hospital near the resort. Maybe I did something wrong when I tried the remedy or my type of stone is different than the success stories? My questions are: Should the remedy be done on an empty stomach? Should you rest or exercise? Is it just for stones already travelling? Mine are just sitting in my kidney with gradually increasing discomfort for over 3 mos and haven't yet attempted to leave. That's when the real fun begins! For the last week I can't sleep at night because the pain is getting worse. That's how I know it will be soon. I will try anything not to have to go through that agony EVER again! I was in ER so many times last year all the staff knew me by name and the only relief was morphine. Thank you for your time."

06/02/2008: Robin from Chicago, Illinois replies: "When doing olive oil and lemon juice it would be a good idea to also do a heavy metal cleanse, take whey protein isolate everyday and do not use sugar in your diet while you are getting rid of stones. Sugar creates and feeds stones, also while taking no sugar take the herb Chanca piedra everyday and a lot of gallstones and kidney stones will come out with ease, when you flush."

[YEA]  12/07/2007: Jason from Geneva, Switzerland: "The olive oil and lemon juice remedy works. I had a kidney stone that would not pass for three+ months. Out of desperation I found the olive oil and lemon juice suggestion. I mixed 2 oz of both EVOO and Lemon Juice. I won't lie, it's gross to drink. I felt some movement, but nothing passed. The next morning I tried 3 oz of both the olive oil and lemon juice and after about three hours it passed. It really was unimaginable that this actually would work. No doubt that this will be my first option next time."

[YEA]  12/06/2007: Mont from Stockton, CA: "12/5/07 I went in for a third procedure in 20 years yesterday and was shocked to hear the urologist say there were no stones in my left ureter after I woke from the procedure. Three weeks ago we had looked at the CT scan and the four stones I had. Two in the right kidney and on the left side were two big stones stacked on each other above the bladder and the doctor said they would not pass, too big, must take them out. I have passed six stones without surgery before, so I remained hopeful waiting for surgery. But even after getting some relief from' herbal pills I had more pain than I could take, begging the E.R. to take me right then three different days. during the first consultation after the scan the urologist told me of a study at SF with lemon juice to acidify the urine and was having good results. I searched this site and made lemonade with a small amount of sugar and 6 lemons, then ate French bread soaked in olive oil. That night I must have dissolved the stones because my urine flow was back the next morning and I thought maybe the sharp edges have been smoothed but still had the stones. Little did I know that the stones would be gone when the doctor was to blast them with the laser yesterday. Kidney stones are the worst pain ever and with my family history, I was getting discouraged. Being in such agony I was sure I would suffer a heart attack one day. Now I have hopes for lemon juice. I drink juice from half a lemon and boiling water each morning, afternoon and night. It does not bother my stomach and even smoothed out my appetite. I have lost 60 lbs. this last year and now will try to cut out the peanut butter, cola, chocolate and other foods that on the list of things that produce my type of stones. I have a follow up appointment next week and will keep posting the progress on my other two small stones on the right side. With any luck they have exited my body also. I will have a urinalysis and hope that this natural remedy will be the answer to my prayers. Thank you Earth Clinic for providing information that inspired me to follow up on the doctors recommendation to drink the lemon juice three times a day."

[YEA]  12/04/2007: Pierre from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada: "Lemon juice and olive oil flushed out my 8mm. stone after weeks of constant pain. I was slightly skeptical but had nothing to lose. So I tried it following an ultrasound which determined the kidney stone was stuck at the bottom of my ureter. I squeezed 5 lemons mixed with 3 tbsps. of olive in around a quart of water. I drank half that evening and the other half the next day. The stone flushed out the second day-I was stunned at how quickly the remedy worked. All the pain is gone and I won't be needing surgery."

[YEA]  11/30/2007: Mel Sparks from Manteca, Ca: "I had a Stone start giving me excruciating pain this week. Although skeptical, I used "THE RECIPE" submitted by Rose of Wyoming and Cindi from North Carolina. (Olive Oil, Lemon Juice and water)I downed my first glass at 3 P.M. Thursday afternoon and by 9 A.M. Friday morning 18 hrs later the stone was passed thanks to your sharing of the info. It may not work for everyone but "The Recepie gets 100% in my book. Have a great day."

[YEA]  11/23/2007: Donnie from Louisville, KY: "re: Xtra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon Juice:This worked for my large, stuck stone. This is a Yea for me. And delightfully so. I was in the hospital four times in 2004 and had three procedures; two lithotripsies and one Laser device with the basket retrieval method. As you can imagine, I have been terrified of a recurrence of that BS!!! So, I made sure to make a good multivitamin and drink very few sodas.

Early this past summer I had some pain that was very bothersome but not something I had to go to the hospital. Not to play down the pain, but in 2004 I would get to the point where I would vomit and dry heave to no end and would end up in the ER. Yes, the drug Delotid is frigging awesome baby!!! Man, that stuff sorta saved my life. Took all pain away. So, I have been trying to avoid that stuff again.

Anyway, I have had symptoms off and on, but I didn't see a doctor about them. You either need surgery or you don't, you know?? I never found the pain meds to be very useful for kidney stones. I mean all the way to oxycotin: not applicable to this kind of pain. Well, it got bad enough that I HAD to see someone. So I did. CT showed two stones: one in the upper right quadrant of the right kidney, and one stuck in the right ureter above the bladder. Since I had had symptoms for months, the urologist figured that this stuck stone had been causing all my problems. The one in the kidney was 5mm, and I never heard what size the one was in the ureter. I figure it was pretty big. They wanted me to have a doctor use a cytoscope to snatch it out. I found this out right before going to Los Angeles for a seminar. I began taking Flomax, and spent the night in LA not sleeping and vomiting again, so I said no more Flomax. Get home and find this website, and figure anything is preferable to what I knew I would be facing. So, Wednesday evening I took one dose of stuff: 2 ounces Olive Oil, and two ounces of fresh lemon juice. And wait.

Went to the movies Thanksgiving night. Went to the bathroom prior to the movie and it felt "weird". Really weird. I had to go after the movie, and I felt something happening, a very odd sensation, and out comes a frigging humongous stone. Good gawd!!! It was bigger around than a pea, and sort of longer too. BUT, although it felt odd, it really did not hurt. It went into the urinal and I couldn't snatch it out. If it was a toiled bowl, public or not, I would have reached in and got it. Sort of like a trophy, eh? I feel deprived.

Now I will use the lemon juice to try to dissolve the one in the kidney, and pray. Monday I will call the doctor's office and see how big that stone was. And my stones are always the calcium ones, the most common kind. I figure I will get the magnesium and zinc supplement and see about the baking soda too. Thanks for the information guys."



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